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Organization Replica, made and led by the Vexen Replica and the Riku Replica.  Both with their separate agendas they create enhanced Replicas of others to do their bidding.

Replicas are artificial Nobodies created from data of an orginal person which can be obtained by recording data of a person  when they are battling or data obtained from the actual memories of a person.

The Riku Replica was made by the original Vexen of Organization XIII as a weapon against Marluxia's revolt but was betrayed and used by his creators and was ultimately defeated by the original Riku.

But he was saved by the Vexen Replica who was one of a small army of Replicas created by Vexen as experiments to improve his ability to create Replicas and to preserve himself for prosperity.  This Vexen Replica was one of the prime subjects of his work, which have the improved ability to create Replicas.
When Revan and his Organization Keyblade raided Castle Oblivion after its downfall they discovered Vexen's lab and the Replicas and destroyed them all and claiming anything valuable of the lab as spoils.  Only the enhanced Vexen Replica escaped and later somehow saved the Riku Replica from death and made him a new body, an enhanced body making him stronger then before.  The Riku Replica also discovered he now has Zexion's illusion abilities after absorbing him.

The Vexen Replica made a hidden lab base in The mountains of Hollow Bastion and created Organization Replica with himself and the Riku Replica as the leaders.

The Vexen Replica wanted to continue his creator's work of studying the mysteries of the Heart while desiring revenge against Organization Keyblade for the destruction of his brethren.

The Riku Replica while having no ill will at the Organization Keyblade, was willing to follow the Vexen Replica out of gratitude and wanted revenge on Organization XIII.

The Riku Replica acts as the Vexen Replica's enforcer and scout searching new worlds, gathering data to make new kinds of Replicas.

The Vexen Replica then sent the prototype Replicas to search other worlds to gather more Replica data or gather research about the Heart or sent them to fight others namely Organization Keyblade to test the capabilities of his creations.

He ultimately wished to create an army of powerful Replicas to destroy Organization Keyblade and maybe even join forces with Organization XIII to honor his creator's memory and to use their resources to further his studies of the Heart.

The Replicas of his creation are enhanced to be stronger then the originals and programmed to obey the Vexen and Riku Replicas, and whether their original host had the ability or not was given the ability to summon Corridors of Darkness. 

There are some Replicas however that are born from very powerful beings so powerful The Vexen Replica feared enhancing them would make them dangerous for if they resist their programming and revolt.  Thus he instead slightly downgraded those Replicas so they'll be only as strong as the original hosts, which still makes them dangerous then the rest.
One day the Riku Replica examined the stasis tubes where new or inactive Replicas are stored. Amongst them was the sleeping form of Genesis Rhapsodos, a powerful warrior which can summon a single black angelic like wing to fly and has a mysterious link to the past of a man named Sephorioth.

He attacked members Organization Keyblade months ago in an attempt to gain a Keyblade by slaying one of the Keyblade Wielders of the group, but was defeated and secretly saved by the Vexen and Riku Replicas.

While healing him in the stasis pod, the Vexen Replica also purged Genesis' mind of whatever recent memories and reprogram his mind to serve Organization Replica, as a Somebody member of the Organization.

He's still asleep and has yet to be awaken.

The Riku Repica looked and noticed two new occupants in the stasis tubes nearby Genesis, but the Riku Replica sensed they aren't Replicas they are Somebodies, real humans.

There are two girls, one with blond hair with a ponytail and bangs, in a school female student dress, with a short sleeved black jacket around her.

The other was dark long haired, slightly dyed red, wearing a dress.

 They both seem to be slightly older the Riku Replica's physical age as them seem to be in their late teens practically young adults.

The Riku Replica was only aware of Genesis as the only Somebody here, but seeing these two girls asleep in stasis pods startled him.  He ran around looking for the Vexen Replica until he found him at the base computer.

"Hey! I need to talk with you!" Demanded the Riku Replica.

"Hm? Yes? Oh there you are I was about to ask you about our asset, what did he report?" Asked the Vexen Replica as he kept typing at the computer without turning around.

"I don't care about that! I need to talk to you about those two girls in the Stasis Tubes!"

"My dear boy, we have very few female Replicas currently in stock, you need to be more specific," replied the Vexen Replica still typing.

"They aren't Replicas! You know what I'm talking about the human girls in the Stasis Tubes! What are human girls doing in there?!"

"They are assets," the Vexen Replica said, in a matter of fact tone.

"Not good enough! Tell me who are they and why are they here or im letting them out now!"

The Vexen Replica sighed and turned to look at him.

"The blond woman is named Marcy, she was an ordinary girl living a normal life until Heartless attacked her.  She lost her brother but instead of having her Heart stolen she somehow became a Human Heartless hybrid.

The other woman's name is Serenity, she had an abusive family life until the Keyblade chosen her and went on her own wandering across worlds currently unable to control her power due to lack of instruction.

"Our scouts found them wandering alone with no homes, so I took it upon myself to steal them away from their former homeless lives and give them a home here.

"I also took it upon myself to study them and see if they are of good use. Remember one of our goals is to obtain knowledge of the Heart, as half Heartless girl and a Keyblade Wielder would provide us with such answers.

"We doing them a favor my brother. They now are safe for their former destitute lives and upon studying them we might help them, namely the Heartless girl in either curing of her affliction or teaching her and her colleague how to control their power.

"If we leave them alone they'll either destroy themselves or be captured and used by our foes, namely Organization XIII, would you want them to suffer as you did?"

The Riku Replica looked  down and said nothing.

"Then it's settled," said the Vexen Replica after a short amount of time.  "They'll start their training tomorrow.  If we succeed we'll have a Keyblade Wielder at our side as well as a girl who can potentially control any Heartless and has abilities of one. Now excuse me I must finish my report..."

The girl Marcy woke up in a chamber Disoriented. She didn't know how long she's been asleep.

She looked around and saw she's in a chamber with four walls with no apparent exit.

Across from her she saw Serenity still asleep.

Marcy couldn't understand what's  happening. One moment she was walking home from school, next moment a shadow came over her and there she is months later waking up in this room.

Serenity's case was similar.  She was wandering in Hollow Bastion one moment and next moment when she was in an alley a shadow came over her and all she knew is darkness after that.

As Marcy tried looking around she saw Serenity starting to wake up.

"Mmm...what...what the..." Said Serenity in an Australian accent as she looked around at her surroundings.

She looked at Marcy and she assumed she might have something to do with her being here.  "Hey...What are you doing kidnapping me like that girl!" Growled Serenity lashing out with a punch

Marcy ducked and the punch slammed at the wall.

Marcy then lunged and and pinned the other girl to the ground.  They both seemed to have some experience in fighting.

They rolled on the ground in a Catfight until Marcy pinned Serenity under her. Each were messed up and had some scratches and bruises all over eachother.  

"Ok time out, Miss Outback," said Marcy as Serenity growled and struggled under her.  "I didn't kidnap you, I'm kidnapped too we are on the same boat. Why else am I trapped in this room with you? So instead of fighting one another, why not we help eachother find a way out alright?"

"Grrrr...fine ok mate, now get offa me woulda?" Replied Serenity.

Marcy nodded and got off.

"My name is Marcy," she said helping Serenity up.

"My name Is Serenity," nodded Serenity in reply.

"What was the last thing you remember?" Asked Marcy.

"I've been on my own since this blooming Key sword appeared on my hand.  That crazy thing comes and goes like it has a mind of its own.  It seems to come to me when I needed it the most like when I'm in danger.  And that's been happening a lot lately since these black critters kept coming at me like a boomerang doesn't know when to stop."

Marcy whines at the sound of "black critters", knowing she might have meant Heartless, she knowed them too well and what trouble they can bring.

"This key sword seemed to be the only thing that can really put the hurt on those blooming black imps.  And it seemed to be able to open doorways of light that transports me to another world.

"That's how it had been for me, I try to make a living in the world the Key sword takes me too, the black monsters come out and try to attack me, the sword appears and I fight them, then sooner or later the blade appears and opens a doorway to another world.  It was like that until I came to a place called Hollow Bastion and well here I am now.

"So how are we gonna get outta here Marcy?"

"I actually have-"

"Ah awake now aren't we?" Boomed the Vexen Replica's voice in a PA system.

"Welcome ladies you are now part of an interesting experiment.  Each of you are stricken with a unique affliction.  Me and my wards took it on ourselves to take you away from your former lives and quarantine you here in this facility where we will help treat your condition starting with trail tests.  May I introduce your caretakers," said the Vexen Replica as with the snap of his fingers summoned Heartless to appear in the room in front of the girls.

Marcy growled at the sight of them clutched her fists ready to fight.

Suddenly a flash of golden light flashed at Serenity's have as her Keyblade revealed itself.
The blade is cylinder in shape like most Keyblades, golden in color.

 The hilt has a cross guard which one half of it is a angelic wing, the other half a black demonic wing. At the center between the wings is an insignia of a winged heart which one half is demonic other half angelic.

The blade's tip has teeth at one side one set of teeth black the other white. The gap between the each of the teeth is in shape of a heart

The Keychain is in shape of if a heart, one half of it white the other half black, at both sides it has angelic wings in the color of the side it's at. On top of the Heart is a Kingdom Key Crown golden in color.

With her Keyblade drawn it seemed to have a mind of its own as it moved for her in her hands and slain the nearest Heartless.

"See? It has cruise control until I swing the blade myself," said Serenity as she held the blade upright in her hands.  "Is there anything you can do besides use your fists?"

"Yah sometimes I become...something else when I'm frustrated or at a corner. Though other times when I really concentrate I-" said Marcy as she extended her hand forward and a fireball suddenly fired from her hand and struck a group of advancing Heartless.

"Sometimes I can do magic Attacks like this, because condition..."

"Crikey  girl you a pack a wallop.  Let's take those blokes down!"

As the two girls began attacking the Heartless, the Vexen Replica watched from a screen at his command center.    At his side is a Replica of Kaname Tosen.

The real Kaname Tosen is dead but he amongst others of his world were Replicated.

While the Riku Replica was officially recognized as the Vexen Replica's second in command, the Vexen Replica saw that the Riku Replica's moral conscience and his independence made him a potential liability.

He had the Tosen Replica be his unofficial right hand, to be at his defense should the Riku Replica turns on him or proven too much a liability to continue.

Until further notice the Tosen Replica's official position in Organization Replica is as the Vexen Replica's bodyguard.

"These girls are a fascinating pair wouldn't you say Tosen?" Said the Vexen Replica as he he watched Serenity slay Heartless with her Keyblade and Marcy utilizing different forms of magic spells to back up Serenity. 

Despite being blind like his original, the Tosen Replica possess a sensory sixth sense that allows him to make his way around as if he could see.  "Indeed Lord Vexen, these women are quite gifted.  The Keyblade Wielder female is inexperienced but has potential and at least could slay Heartless and harvest Hearts. We could make our own Kingdom Hearts with her.  And the other female, who has yet to show her true Heartless Prowess, seemed to have the ability to use her Heartless powers to channel magic into Attacks like a Keyblade Wielder does."

"Yes I foresee if the Heartless girl Marcy masters her abilities she can control any Heartless at will and process immense strength.  And having Serenity means having a true Keyblade Wielder at our side, something we can't truly Replicate. All that these girls need is experience, and who better provide them that than us."

Meanwhile Marcy was panting, using magic is taking a lot out of her.  

She and Serenity organized a team strategy, Marcy Attacks with magic long range and Serenity slashes Heartless that gets too close.  

A logical strategy that seemed effective at first. Until Marcy can no longer use Magic Attacks.  Without Marcy, Heartless swarmed around Serenity, as she is their primary target being a Keyblade Wielder.

Serenity is exhausted too and can barely hold up her blade.

"D-damn can't end like this..." Panted Serenity.

Marcy looked up tiredly at Serenity about to be swarmed by Heartless.

She saw Serenity and she saw someone else, someone she once knew and loved who was surrounded by Heartless before, the day she gained her Heartless powers.

That moment was engraved in her mind and heart forever. Seeing this relived in Serenity's situation was too much for her to bare.  She can't allow Serenity to die...not like her brother did, allowing that would be like watching him die again.

Marcy roared and shouted "STOP!!!" Suddenly the Heartless did just that as if they were obeying their orders.  But it wasn't the only thing that changed.  Marcy looked at herself and she is completely black in color.

Her hair, skin, clothes, every inch of her is now jet black and her eyes are yellow dots like that of a Heartless.  Her new form resembles that of an Anti-Heartless a Heartless copy of a human person, only she has a fanged mouth.

She only recall this happening once before, when her brother died and she in grief adapted this form and laid waste to everything around her.  But this time she still has her reason and can control herself in this form.

She went on all fours and snarled at the Heartless.  Despite  them now taking orders from her she either doesn't notice or doesn't care, they are still her targets.

She moved in a blur of black as she moved in superhuman speeds.

She dashed past the Heartless and Serenity before stopping behind her.  As she stopped the Heartless disappeared into Darkness.

As she dashed past the Heartless she slashed them and they are now disappearing.

"Marvelous..." Uttered the Vexen Replica as he saw what Marcy in her Heartless form has done.  "Such raw power focused by human reason.  Just as hypothesized the Heartless obeyed her, but I haven't foreseen she can take this form Or possess such strength. We have just obtained a valuable asset indeed..."

"Lord Vexen look!" Repiled Tosen as he pointed to the screen.  Marcy was having her hands outreached channeling Dark Energy in front of it forming a large black sphere.

She released the large sphere of dark energy and it collided at the wall of the training room.  It released an explosion so powerful the whole base shook.

Marcy protected herself and Serenity with a Dark Reflect Barrier.  But as the dust cleared Marcy reverted to normal.  She was at her limit using this powerful Attack.  However at least in normal form now She wasn't exhausted as her transformation had some power left over enough for her to use some normal magic again.

She and Serenity went through the hole breach and entered a hallway, at the end of the hallway were double doors that led elsewhere in the base. To the girls those doors might be a way out and started to run toward it, enen the doors suddenly opened and a figure exited from them And stood in their way.

"You will go no further, girls. You will turn back and return to the training room where you'll be put to sleep and back at stasis.  It is not a statement or a request, it's an order," said the figure who was revealed to be a Replica of Ulquiorra Cifer, Replica of the Fourth Espada, now dead and was from the original Tosen's Homeworld.  But like the original Tosen, Ulquiorra was also replicated and was made a Replica which stands before Marcy and Serenity now.

"Oy! We ain't going back mate! You better stay out of our way before we put the hurt on you!" Said Serenity as she pointed her Keyblade at him.

"You are confused, girl," replied the Ulquiorra Replica.  "You talk as if you could pass by me at any time.  That is ridiculous.  You can't get past me.  Allow me to prove it," he said as he dashed forward using the Arrancar speed enhancing Technique Sonido.

He didn't draw his blade, not just because of his orders not to harm the girls but it was because they in his point of view haven't proven a worthy foe for it, and he can take them with his bare hand.

With his hand outstretched he dashed toward them in a white blur of super speed.

He was so fast the girls couldn't move their feet, but Serenity she reacted by instinctively using her Keyblade to summon Reflect Barrier around them.  She never has done magic before, but after watching Marcy done the Dark Enhanced Reflect Barrier to protect them before and seeing themselves in danger now; she reacted by thinking of the barrier  protecting them from the Ulquiorra Replica and the Keyblade responded by summoning  it.

The Ulquiorra Replica collided into the barrier, trying to reach for the girls and was repelled by the barrier.  He was thrown across the hallway flipping and collided at the double doors at the other side.

The Ulquiorra Replica fell to the ground dazed.  He couldn't believe it, he was created and modified to be stronger then his original  and yet he couldn't penetrate a magic barrier.

He couldn't comprehend how a human girl could stop him Like that.

He shook his head got back up and decided to crush her defenses with raw power.  He pointed his finger forward and fired a Green Cero from it.  The Arrancar/Hollow Energy Blast fired and flown across the hallway toward the girls.

Serenity who still had the barrier up focused on keeping it at full strength with all her concentration. The Cero hit the Barrier.

The blast shattered the barrier, but the barrier held enough to block the blast and protect the girls from it.  But it left Serenity exhausted. In her weakened state she tried to erect the barrier again, which she did but it was much weaker then before and might not last long.

Seeing the girls attempt in the same defensive tactic again, the Ulquiorra Replica decided to get serious and fire his Cero at full power.  He might risk destroying the girls in the process but he can't risk holding back neither and allow them to escape by underestimating them.

He fired his Cero, as Serenity whined doubting the barrier would hold.  But before the Cero reached them, Marcy extended her arms forward and a Corridor of Darkness portal formed and the Cero went into the Portal.

Marcy never used it before, however she saw Heartless using Corridors of Darkness before to travel, and upon realizing she now has the abilities of a Heartless she decided to wing it and summon a Corridor of Darkness to sent away the Cero.

And she already have a place in mind to sent it. As Serenity blocked the Ulquiorra Replica's first Cero, Marcy's new Heartless powers allowed her to sense the "scent" of the Ulquiorra Replica.  She also sense many similar scents nearby grouped together.  She sensed the other Replicas in their stasis pods in the base's lab awaiting to be awakened like the Tosen and Ulquiorra Replicas were.

Upon realizing there are many more like the Ulquiorra Replica in this base she knew they must be stopped, so when she used the Corridor of Darkness to sent away the Cero, she sent it to the lab where the Stasis Pods were stored.

When the Cero finally came out, it came out of a portal that was at the center of the Stasis Pod room.  When the Cero struck the ground it released a powerful explosion that incinerated anything within blast radius.

Many of the Replicas in those Stasis Pods were strong and could easily defend themselves from such a explosion.  However asleep in their Stasis Pods they were helpless as the explosion blew many apart.

Many Replicas were destroyed in the explosion. To Serenity and Marvy they simply felt the ground shake from the explosion.  Marcy smirked as she felt many of the scents disappeared.  The Ulquiorra Replica's eyes widened as he sensed the deaths of his brethren caused by his own Attack. "Impossible..." He uttered looking at the direction toward the Stasis Pod Room.

He then glared back at the girls and dashed forward.  Serenity's barrier is down now and he's going to try to catch them at full speed before they could escape.

But as the Ulquiorra Replica got close to Them, Serenity reacted as if she saw him coming and dashed forward slashing at the air.

Suddenly the Ulquiorra Replica appeared in front of her staggering a few steps backward with a gash across his chest and his shirt tattered.

He couldn't believe it, his Hierro, the Arrancar technique to harden one's skin using their spirit energy, was pierced  like it was nothing, weaker beings are supposed to be unable to cut through it.

Serenity's Keyblade either really was able cut through the Hierro with power, or it used its magic to nullify the Hierro and cut at the skin as if it was normal skin.  In either case the Ulquiorra  Replica was dumbfounded that a human girl got past his defenses.

As he staggers backward, Marcy began forming another portal, a portal formed with the purpose for them to escape this time.

"Serenity hurry get in! We getting out of this place!" 

Serenity nods and began running toward the portal. "No stop!" Shout the Ulquiorra Replica, recovered from his shock, began running towards them.
 As Serenity jumped into the portal, Marcy remained behind and extended her arms forward and repelled the Ulquiorra Replica with a burst of dark energy.  As the Ulquiorra Replica fell to the ground, Marcy ran into the portal and closed it

When the girls came out of it they appeared in a alley

"Where did you take us?" Asked Serenity. "I dunno I just wanted to take us anywhere but there, it's my first time doing this and I dunno many places we could go, I haven't traveled much like you did.

"Oh wait I recognize this place," said Serenity looking around.  "We are in Hollow Bastion, this is the kind of alley where I was before those blokes kidnapped me."

"So we are safe here?" Asked Marcy. "Yah, for now at least, Those black monsters occasionally appear but the town is protected by a group of strong people. I think we are safe."

"Heartless..." Uttered Marcy looking down.  "Those things are called Heartless and I'm one of least partly..."

"You aren't like them Marcy, you still have a Heart And that's what makes you better then them.  If it haven't been for you those guys would have gotten me.  You make a proper mate Marcy."

"Thanks..." She gave a small smile hugging her.

Meanwhile back at Organization Replica, whose base is ironically in a mountain range nearby the town of Hollow Bastion, the Vexen, Tosen, and Riku Replicas examined the smoldering ruins of the Stasis Pod Room.

"What is the damage?" Asked the Vexen Replica calmly.

"Dozens of Replicas were destroyed in the  explosion Lord Vexen.  Including the all of the Kage stock, the 13 Court Guard Squad Stock, and a number of the Espada and Akatsuki stick.

"Besides the Ulquiorra Replica here only the Replicas of Espadas 6, and 5 are still alive, as well as the Replica of Ichigo Kurosaki.  And of the Shinobi World Stock stock only Pain, Itachi, and Sasuke Replicas are still alive, plus our best asset of that world is still alive as well."

"Well at least the best of our stock is still alive..." Sighed the Vexen Replica.

"What about Replicas of the 13 my original tried to complete?" Asked the Vexen Replica.  "They are secure in the secured storage area you sent them in when we constructed the base. Unfortunately besides the girls another  Somebody asset was lost.

"Who, the Uchiha?" Asked the Vexen Replica.  "Yes sir, while he was stored in stasis in the examination room, the explosion caused the power to fail in numerous areas including the Stasis Pod keeping him asleep.  He awakened and broke out in the chaos.

"Nyyyaarrrghhh!!!!" Yelled the Vexen Replica as he punched the nearby wall.

The Riku Replica said nothing but smirked at his partner's frustration, secretly glad Marcy and Serenity escaped.

"It is because of this one's incompetence we lost so much,"
The Tosen Replica glanced toward the Ulquiorra Replica, his clothes still tattered from the fight but his wounds were healed by High Speed Regeneration, on his knees near their presence.

"Lord Vexen please allow me to execute this traitor," the Tosen Replica said as he drew his blade.  The Ulquiorra Replica made no protest or resistance.  He failed and he deserves death.  He quietly lowered his head and went on all fours accepting his punishment.

"No stop!" Shouted the Vexen Replica before the Tosen Replica could swing down his blade.  "No! We lost too many Replicas already!  Many of the originals are either dead or can no longer be reached without compromising ourselves. The original Ulquiorra Cifer is dead we can no longer Replicate him by recording his battle data, and there's few people alive that has  the necessary data of him in their memories.  The only person to know to reach  that can give me the necessary data to Replicate another Ulquiorra Cifer and the other Espada and too dangerous to contact...and is in too much a secure location to try and reach without compromising ourselves.

"This Replica can be forgiven for his error, he's not entirely at fault, we all underestimated the girls abilities we have escaped as a result.  We should be grateful they haven't seen us or know where we truly are, for even if Organization XIII or Keyblade finds them we are safe from being identified.  Now we need to create new Replicas to replace what is lost sent him and the survivors to work."

"Thank you Lord Vexen," the Ulquiorra Replica bowed his head in gratitude and stood up as the Tosen Replica sheathed his sword.

"Allow me to be of an assistance to regain the data necessary to Replicate the lost Akatsuki members," said a voice from the doorway.

It is the Replica of Madara Uchiha one of the most powerful Ninja in the Shinobi World.  The original died a long time ago, but was revived as a modified Edo Tensei Zombie by Kabuto Yakushi.  

Kabuto planned to use the revived Madara as his trump card in the Fourth Great Ninja War.  But because of Organization Replica interfering by creating Replicas out of individuals of his world, they stand in the way is his and Tobi's way and thus delayed their plan to commence the Great Ninja War.  Which is why the Akatsuki formed an alliance with Organization Keyblade to combat the Replicas created by Organization Replica.

Even though they do not know the true identity of Organization Replica or where they came from, they so far thwarted away the Replicas sent to raid them the last few months.

"How did you get out of your stasis pod?" Asked the Vexen Replica.  Madara was the reason why he didn't Replicate beings like Sosuke Aizen.  He was too strong and possess a will too strong he might be able to resist his programming and act independently.

It's for those reasons the Madara Replica while modified to summon Corridors of Darkness like the other enhanced Replicas, he was downgraded to be slightly weaker then he would be.  He was modified to be young as his original was in his prime and can summon the Rinnegan like his original before he died.
"Oh the stasis pod that kept me asleep malfunctioned in the explosion and woke me up.  It's good to be awake now.  And now that Im awake I wish to be of service, for I know where to get the data you seek to relinquish the Akatsuki Replica members you lost...."

Okami Uchiha, was once a Konoha Jonin. Aged physically 24, and with short cut darkened hair, donning the robes Uchiha Clansmen wore in the past, similar to the robes Tobi wears now.

Before the Uchiha Massacre he was an active and loyal Jonin of the Village.  Unlike most of his clansmen he was against their plot of a Coup against the Village while still being a proud Uchiha.  Because of him being in the gray, his family kept him Distant from their planning.

His best friend was Hana Hyuga, while being born to serve the main family, her mother has her to be raised by Main Family nobleman so she wouldn't be cursed with the Branch Famiky Curse Mark like the rest of the Branch Family bred to serve the Main Family.

Hana grew up and became a jonin herself. She and Okami grew up together both while being proud of being in their respective clans were outcasts.  And both served in the same Squad after graduating from the Academy.

Meanwhile Okami witnessed the death of another friend, a former squad mate with his brother Usagi, which unlocked the power of the Mangekyo Sharingan for both of them.

They kept their power a secret of their clansmen.

As jonin Usagi became an instructor of the Ninja Academy, while Okami became a lone wolf serving missions for the village, though occasionally works with others, his favorite teamate Hana whom he secretly developed feelings for her over the years.

But then the Uchiha Massacre happened.  As Itachi Uchiha the pride of the clan, was ordered by the Foundation to terminate the clan to preserve peace for the village, sparing only his brother.  Tobi aided Itachi in making it happen.

Okami was walking home from walking Hana home from a mission when it happened.  He came back to the Uchiha Settlement to see his brother dead at Itachi's feet.  At this point he was nearly done sanitizing the Village of the Uchiha.

Okami in rage summoned his Susanoo for the first time and fought Itachi with all he got.  But even with that Itachi defeated him and left him for dead.

But Okami survived his wounds and would have been retrieved by Anbu scouts investigating the Uchiha Settlement if the Foundation didn't find him first.  They originally came to the Settlement to collect Uchiha corpses for Danzo to make use of their eyes, and to take as much as possible before Anbu and other Konoha Ninja interferes.

Finding a live Uchiha caused them to bring Okami to Danzo, who In turn handed him over to Orochimaru, who despite being rogue kept in close ties with Danzo.

Orochimaru, who recently left the Akatsuki after Itachi joined up and after Orochimaru's futile attempt to take his body, saw Okami as a great asset.  

Okami received grevious wounds from his fight with Itachi and Orochimaru's decided to act on a hypothesis and implant the First Hokage's cells into Okami's wounds.

Okami's body accepted them, and he could now perform the rare Wood Style.

Orochimaru also decided to transplant Usagi's eyes, whose cadaver was provided by the Foundation,  into Okami's to test another hypothesis of a theory of the Mangekyo Sharingan and the Rinnegan.  Doing that gave Okami the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan.

Orochimaru kept Okami under stasis, bringing him to a near death state, preserving his body to its exact age.

Although he sees Okami as a good candidate to be his next vessel, his sights are first on Itachi and Sasuke.  He'll keep Okami under stasis as a backup.

Soon however Orochimaru was forced to abandon his base where Okami was kept when Konoha Shinobi raided and left the base in ruins.

Okami was left forgotten asleep in a near death sleep for years.  Over the years, him being physically near death and processing the full power of the Uchiha in his Eternal Mangekyo, and the power of Senju with the First Hokage's cells implanted in his body, caused a further progression within  his Sharingan, giving him the power of the Rinnegan,the ultimate ocular power of the Shinobi World.

He could have been asleep forever if the damaged machines of the base haven't finally failed, causing him to wake over six years later when Konoha went on a manhunt for the Akatsuki.

Okami awoken haven't aged a day past 24 and found his old clothes and gear stored in the base armory.  Now awaken and freed he decided to hunt for Itachi to avenge his clan before returning to Konoha.

In his journey he became aware of his new powers and learned to master them as he used the against Rogue Ninja he encounters and to protect innocent he encounters.

But soon he somehow been found out that he was still alive by the Foundation and sent agents to hunt him down.

It was in one such encounter, he used his Rinnegan to extract info From a fallen Foundation ninja and discovered the true reason why he's been hunted and the true reason why Itachi killed his clan.

His objective changed from hunting Itachi to hunting Danzo.  At that point Itachi was already dead in his duel with Sasuke and later Pain, another Rinnegan user who leads the Akatsuki, attacked Konoha.

Which lead to the Kage Summit, in response for the Akatsuki's aggression.  Danzo being the replacement Hokage went to the Summit.

By the time he returned to the village incognito, Danzo already had left the village.

Upon finding out Danzo was gone Okami decided to find and reunite with Hana, who hasn't changed much since the Uchiha Clan Massacre.

She never fully accepted that Okami was dead, especially upon finding out his body was never officially recovered from the Uchiha settlement  and faithfully waited to hear any word about him.

She became an Academy Instructor, to honor Okami's brother Usagi's memory.  And constantly trained in hopes to spar with Okami again.

Upon a passionate reunion, and learning what happened to Okami the last six plus years  he's been away, Hana begged Okami to stay and abandon his quest to avenge his clan.

Okami stated that he wasn't just avenging his clan, he was serving the Leaf, by targeting the true enemies of the Leaf.  He promised to return once Danzo was dead.

He then left and then visit the Uchiha Nakano Shrine, and used his new ocular powers to fully decipher the Nakano Shrine Tablet of the Sage of Six Paths.  From that he fully understood the Akatsuki's plans and they became his target too.

He left the Village and hunted for Danzo, but by the time he reached the Land of Iron where the Kage Summit had taken place, the Summit was over, Danzo was dead, the Akatsuki declared war on the Shinobi World, and the Ninja Villages are uniting into a Allied Shinobi Alliance.

Okami would have joined the war if he hadn't discovered that some elements of the Foundation lived on after Danzo's death and are trying to live on his wish to protect the Leaf with any dirty means necessary.

Before his death, Danzo made plans to capture the Tailed Beasts using his Wood Style and implanted Sharingan, and store them inside a replica of the Akatsuki's Gedo Statue created by Danzo's Wood Style Jutsu.

With his death, one of his subordinates in the Foundation, another survivor of the Uchiha Clan Massacre due to being brainwashed to serve the Foundation, Kagerosa Uchiha, implanted the First Hokage cells in himself, planning to steal the Tail Beasts and combine them
Together within the artificial replica of the Gedo Statue and make himself their Jinchuriki, and use their power to subdue the Akatsuki and other villages to submission to serve the Leaf.

Okami discovered this when Foundation members, searching for Danzo's corpse, ambushed him.  Upon defeating them he used his Rinnegan to gather Intel and discovered Kagerosa's plot.

He was heading toward one of Orochimaru's former bases now being used by Kagerosa's Foundation as their secret base, when he encountered Hana who tracked him Down since leaving the Village to try to bring him back.

Upon discovering Okami's new objective she decided to allow him to do as he wish, since what he's doing really is protecting the Leaf without Revenge on the Condition she comes with him.

She brought with her Usagi's Katana, which she recovered at the day of the Uchiha Clan massacre, and kept for Okami all these years, now giving it to him to use in his brother's memory.

Using it with his own katana, he now fights dual wield style.

They fought against the agents of the Foundation at their secret base, ending with a final duel with Kagerosa now sporting Rinnegan of his own.

The duel ended in a standstill as the artificial Gedo Statue had proven unstable and exploded destroying the base.

Okami lost Hana in the explosion and woken up in the Vexen Replica's Lab.  Apparently he was found unconscious in the ruins of the base by the Vexen Replica's agents and was brought back to Orgsnization Replica to become their newest pawn.

Okami escaped captivity of one lab only to be trapped in another.  But it was thanks to Marcy and Serenity's interference Okami broke free again, only to find himself in a strange new world and unable to return his Homeworld to find out became of Hana.

He wandered for days in the mountains fending off wild Heartless Attacks until he came to the Town of Hollow Bastion.

At that point Marcy and Serenity found a job working in Scoorge McDuck's Ice Cream Shop, where they were able to Support themselves  and live in a rental apartment together as roommates.

They were walking home from work when they saw a raggedy Okami wandering into town.  Marcy recognized his scent from when they were in the lab.  She knew he was human like them, which was why she redirected the Ulquiorra Replica's Cero as far away from him as possible.  She felt guilty not trying to meet up with him to make sure he escaped safely too, but she was desperate to escape and with the Ulquorra Replica at her heels and reinforcements closing in, she didn't have a choice.

Seeing Okami out of the lab and freed gave her comfort.  She decided to run up to him.

"Hey Marcy where you going?" Asked Serenity as Marcy suddenly ran toward the wandering Okami.

"Hey you escaped from the lab to didn't you?" Asked Marcy when she caught up with Okami.

"Lab? were captives too?" Asked Okami.

"Yah whoever is behind this is abducting strong people like us from other worlds and cloning them or something to make an army.  They tried to make me and Serenity weapons but we escaped i
I'm  glad you did too."

"Another world?...that's where I have to go back to Konoha to Hana...." Groaned Okami holding his head as if he had a Headache.

"Hey calm down, me and Serenity can help, I got this ability I've been working on that can sent us to other worlds.  I haven't got the full hang of it, but with practice I could sent you back home," said Marcy.

"You' that for me?" Asked Okami.  "Yah we in this together aren't we," Marcy replied with a smile."

"Thank name is Okami Uchiha of Konoha, it's an honor to meet you Miss?"

"Marcy," smiled Marcy.  "And this is Serenity," she said while shoving her friend in front of her.

Serenity only gave out a shy wave of hello.

"Ok so tell me where are we now?" Asked Okami.  "Oh we are in the town of Hollow- " started Marcy as wild Heartless attracted to Serenity's Keyblade appeared.

Serenity still wasn't able to fully control summoning her Keyblade but got used to It summoning itself in situations like this.

Marcy on other hand is now more in control of her Heartless powers, and used her powers of shapeshifting to grew wolf ears and a tail. She always loved wolves and wanted to be one, and developed this form as a form in between human and full Heartless form, which she can summon greater magic then normal human form.

Okami summoned the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, which the design is a cross combined with an X, and used it to manifest his Susanno.  It is  dark gray in color.  And in its full unarmored humanoid form, has two limbs with two  hands at each joint of the arm.  The face of the Susanno resembled a humanoid with canine featurs.

At each arm, he summoned two gray flaming chakra swords for each hand of each arm.  As Serenity slashed down Heartless with her Keyblade, Marcy blast down Heartless with magic, and Okami smashing Heartless with Susanoo.

They proved an effective team as all Heartless was defeated in no time.  

With the small fry defeated, the Heartless boss appeared which was the Armored Heartless Guard Armor.

The giant Heartless threw its fists toward its opponets.  Okami's Susanoo blocked the fists with its forehands.

As it held back the Heartless.  Okami performed hand signs in order to use his clan's signature jutsu.  "Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu!" Yelled Okami as a giant fireball fired from his mouth.  It being his own Attack went through Susanoo and struck the Heartless' chest.  The attack caused the Heartless to fall on its back on the ground.  

With its arms free, Okami's Susanoo two gray flaming Chakra swords on each of its forehands.   It struck down its blades to strike down the Heartless.

With massive force it struck the torso of the Heartless, but the rest of its body parts, it's head, arms, and legs separated from the main body and flew around, surrounding Okami and the girls.

While still manifesting Susanno, Okami's summoned his Rinnegan.  He raised his arms and yelled, "Shinra Tensei (Almighty Push)!"

With that he used his Rinnegan's power to repel the flying body parts of the Guard Heart in various directions, slamming each of them against nearby walls.

Marcy went after the hands, going into her Heartless form, now slightly different after keeping the wolf ears and tail of her previous form. Energy claws formed around her hands as she clawed at the armored hands of the Heartless, destroying them.

Okami went after the legs, slamming down his Susanno's flaming sword just as the armored feet recovered from being repelled.

Serenity went after the head, which by now recovered and started to fly to evade Attacks and swung itself to Attack.  Serenity growled in frustration as she kept missing her Attacks and was forced to block the swinging Attacks of the flying helmeted head.

She still doesn't know that the Keyblade could do the long range magic spells Marcy could do too.

After a miss she growled pointing her blade at the head flying away, wishing her Keyblade was a gun that can blast away the Head. As if obeying her wish, a focused beam of light fired from her Keyblade and struck the head destroying it, and with the final piece of its body destroyed by the Keyblade the captive Heart within the Heartless was freed.

Turned out Serenity was essential for completely destroying the Heartless.  Heartless if they are destroyed by conventional means they'll only reform in the Realm of Darkness and return.  Only a Keyblade, or powerful light magic can permanently destroy Heartless and free the captive Hearts within them.

Serenity, Marcy, and Okami looked up at awe as the giant freed Heart ascended to the sky before disappearing.

Okami, discard Susanoo and looked at the girls smiling, they smiled back, realizing they make a good team.

Suddenly one of the town's guardians, Leon jumped down from nowhere and pointed his gun-blade at them.

"Ok guys you are making a loud ruckus, I don't tolerate freaks in my town.  Stand down now."

Their fighting must have taken notice by others and they are misinterpreted as those disturbing the peace rather then protecting themselves.

Okami said nothing, as he drew one of his Katanas, summoned his Sharingan, and ran toward Leon crossing blades with him.

Leon looked at Okami's now red eyes and said, "You have crazy eyes freak."

"These eyes are your undoing," replied Okami as his Sharingan unleashed a Genjutsu illusion at Leon to disorient him.

While Leon was distracted, Okami punched Leon at the face, causing him to slide into the ground.

Okami then released a Fireball Jutsu at him.  Leon while at the ground fired a blast from his gun-sword, which deflected the Attack.

He got up and was ready to continue fight but before he did he saw Serenity's Keyblade

"You are one of them?, asked Leon.

"One of who?" Asked Serenity in reply. 

"A wielder of the Keyblade.  It means you, and your friends are welcome in this town."

"So you admit you made a mistake," said the Ninja Yuffie as she jumped from s nearby roof.

"You left so quickly before Cid's security cameras seen that girl's Keyblade.  Aereith already called him, he's coming."

"Who's coming?" Asked Marcy.

As if to answer her question a Corridor of Darkness portal, and a man in a hooded Black Coat came out of it.

He put down his hood revealing himself to be Keyblade Master Revan Shadow, leader and founder or Organization Keyblade.

He looked at all three of them and smiled.  "Hi there name's Revan Shadow would you consider to come with me? I have a feeling  we'll be good friends."

Short: Captives of Replicas
Got it done in time before Halloween ^^

this story tells more of Organization Keyblade's enemies, and debut's new characters of mine and my friends, including those belonging to one of my best online friends and wolf sis :iconthelostemogirl:

hope u all like. And more to come  Happy Early Halloween ^^

Revan Shadow, Okami Uchiha, Hana Hyuga, Usagi Uchiha, Kagerosa Uchiha, Organization Keyblade, Organization Replica by me.
Marcy, Serenity by :iconthelostemogirl:
All Bleach Themes and Characters by Tite Kubo
All Kingdom Hearts Themes and Characters owned by Square Enix, by Tetsuya Nomura
All Naruto Themes and Characters by Masashi Kishimoto
All Final Fantasy Themes and Characters owned by Square Enix, by Hironobu Sakaguchi
Hi came home 

and the trip was far better then I thought

we stayed at a Ski Lodge hotel for the weekend 
 Our room was like an apartment.
vermont itself was cold and the weather changes as often as a guy changes clothes, it also had many farms around it saw fields of corn, and cows and horses in our drive there and back

The stars are untainted with light pollution and was so Many in the sky at night
first night we celebrated the 100th Bday of the brides grandfather at a pub
second night we missed breakfast and had to go commando until after wedding 

wedding was great 

after wedding was a cocktail reception at the same pub we were at First Night.  Sis had to do HW and we went to room and missed the dinner party, we did have dinner at the hotel resteraunt later though

today we made it for breakfast then packed and here I am now :D

amomgst the food I ate was maple syrup sugar cookies it was so sweet it's unbelievable!

Well good oof to be back :) hope u all had a good weekend  
This weekend im going to a wedding in Vermont

ill be gone from Friday to Sunday, we'll be staying at a hotel where it's gonna be taken place.  

I rather not go but have little say in that matter 

I'll be active if it has Internet over there if not I'll cya Sunday

well have Thursday still so let's make it count

hope u all well have a good weekend 
Back from my workshop

Today I went to the Bronx at a religious high school with my religion school to attend a catechist workshop to enrich my religious knowledge.

First workshop i chosen was about how professional catechists in groups perform
In atrium classroom environments.

Then came lunch, afterward I found out the gym had a sale of products there so I went there and found a book about St.Francis prayer in a children's book.

But the cashier wasn't there so I had to wait.
I also got time mixed up and missed the second workshop session while I was waiting.

Finally the cashier came and I bought the book, intending to use it for my own use and to read to my students next time I have class.

After a third workshop which a priest who's doing a book signing spoke out, came w final prayer and we went home.

I met with mom and visited grandma and came home and here I am.

Good to be back!!!!
While I was waiting for the job search to bare fruit after losing my holiday seasonal job last holidays I took a volunteer job as s Kingergarten Religion Teacher at Saturdays.

tomorrow while classes are canceled I amomgst any other available teachers would have to attend a workshop in the Bronx learning things.  I'll be gone all day perhaps done by three in afternoon.

so will rP and chat while I can today, and would try to keep in the loop in any spare time I might have and if they have wi-fi.

well will miss u all, me no wanna go! Lol

This weekend im going to a wedding in Vermont

ill be gone from Friday to Sunday, we'll be staying at a hotel where it's gonna be taken place.  

I rather not go but have little say in that matter 

I'll be active if it has Internet over there if not I'll cya Sunday

well have Thursday still so let's make it count

hope u all well have a good weekend 


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