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I wanna thank all my friends here 

each of u made me have something to be thankful for this year.  By chatting, rping, or simply supporting my work you each give me something to be happy about.

nearly three years ago I joined DA to look
At mature art as a loner with no attention to make friends here.  But one thing led to another and here I am now author of various fan-fic series in here and FA , a veteran rper, and friend to numerous people I can't be without.

i had good and bad times here, some bad times almost made me want to leave but my true friends never gave up on me and in their own way encouraged me to keep going.

many of u are very far away with little hope to actually meet me in RL, but to those I call friends I tell u I love u and your OCs I interact with in my stories and rps as family and see always welcome at my table.

God Bless u all and thank U for allowing me to be myself and loving me

Happy Thanksgiving to u all <3
I'm willing to do adventure, smut, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, anime based, simply OC
I'm bored if u willing or know others who are 
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Revan, and his newest member Willow the Alicorn, stood side by side as they were introduced to Emily, a werewolf girl, Mira Kurokage discovered on a mission.

"You see Revan," said Mira in her werewolf form.  "I was investigating a group called the Purge.  They are the group That hunter that attacked me when we met, belonged to.

"The Purge existed since the Dark Ages and dedicated themselves in preserving Humanity's claim as the dominant species of the world by hunting any species that threaten that claim.  It's because of them My clan and a majority of the paranormal species of the world is sealed away.

"I discovered however they don't act alone all those years ago, to ensure the captive and sealing away of my kind, was made possible when the early members of the Purge joined forces with a family of Sorcerers called the Von Draco family.

"They were never truly members of the Purge but they did call the shots, and provided them with magically enhanced weapons to help hunt down my kind, and Intel when they appeared.

"In modern times the Von Draco family adapted with the times and became wealthy as the head of their own corporate Enterprise.  Not only that they expanded, went to other worlds and set up shop in their own corporate power bases.

"Since then however they no longer rely on the Purge to do their bidding, they have human PMC mercenaries on their employ, as well as paranormal creatures that serve as both employees in disguise working alongside humans, and enforcers to back up the Mercs.

"Those guys have become a real family of magical kingpins, that live in multiple world's, including this one.  The family member with her own power base in this world's name is Serena Von Draco, who's mostly quiet on her end.

"Anyway, I was investigating the Power base world of a Family Member named Tobias Von Draco when I found Emily being among the Paranormal Creatures being press-ganged to join Tobias' Workforce.  I saw she had talent and didn't deserve such treatment and helped beak her out, while kinda having Tobias' Workforce revolt and got me and Emily out before the fighting really hot tough.  She has no home so I decided to sent her here to join us."

"Wow," replied Revan. "Sounded like you had quite an adventure. Hi Emily nice to meet you my name is Revan Shadow, I'm a Werewolf too, well half werewolf by curse anyway." He said offering his hand to the shy werewolf girl.

She looked at it shyly, and slowly moved her furry hand forward to shake it softly.

"This is Willow, she's my newest partner," said Revan as he gestured to Willow who looked shyly at her but gave a friendly wave hello and smile.

Emily said nothing and waved hello back.

He saw how shy his newest member is and came with an idea to open up. "Emily how would you like to have a slumber party?"

Most members of the Organization lived in the United underground base, others like the Mane 6 live in their own worlds and commute across worlds for missions, others yet have their own homes connected to the main base, like Revan and Gaz Membrane.

Revan wanting privacy made his own home connected to the main base, living with him is Shadow the Heartless, his pet Xena the Xenomorph and sometimes female members he's dating sleep over.

Right now Willow lives with him as his recent bedmate.

Gaz Membrane, upon finding out of her origins, used her powers to become a mature young adult  with powers, left Skool, and made a home of her own nearby Revan's.  Her day job is that of a video game tester. She and Revan had a bond with eachother as friends when she was a girl, as an adult it got mature.  While she and Revan don't formally date they do sometimes when Revan isn't dating anyone in the Organization have a night stand.

Revan thought that his new members, Marcy, Serenity, and Emily could become Gaz's new roommates, and would commerate with a sleep over.

"Roomates huh?" Gaz said after Revan asked her his proposal.  "Better them then stupid boys I guess, I'll check em out at the Sleepover and if they are cool with me they can stay."

"Thank you Gaz," said Revan.

"No problem neighbor, but there's something I gotta tell you come inside," she said as she went into her house. They sat next to eachother on the couch in her living room. 

"It's about Dib," Gaz said.  "He's been seeing members of his stupid Swollen Eyeball Network,  he seen a rich guy named Karl Cardinal Wayward.  I dunno what they are talking about but it's suspicious.  I think it has something to do with those Purge Jerks."

"I see..." Replied Revan.  "Keep doing your thing and keep an eye on him, I noticed he's becoming distant to the Organization.  Heard he even showed off his superior intelligence to graduate Skool early, with intentions he would want a real job.  Act nothing against him until you are sure what he's intending to do and whether his actions are treasonous or not, I understand you see him as a stupid jerk but I can guess it still sucks to you when you suspect your own brother..."

Hours later, Marcy, Serenity, and Emily, came to the front door of Gaz's houses, with sleeping bags and snacks underfoot.

Willow was there too, while she had a place to live, Revan thought she should socialize with girls like herself and attend the sleepover for the night, and if she likes them would move in there too.

Marcy being the most mature of the quartet of shy emo girls, knocked on the door. Gaz looked out and saw them,  "So you the chicks Revan dumped on me.  I got only one rule, don't act stupid, don't ask me to do girly things, get out of my way, and we get Along fine.  Any questions?"

"Just one," replied Marcy pointing towards her TV in her living room.  "Is that a game console?  Bet I can beat you at the scariest game you got."

Gaz looked at her and smirked, "now you talking my language girl..."

Meanwhile at the base of Organization Replica, the Vexen and Riku Replica stood with the Kaname and Madara Replicas, before them all 10 Replicas of the former Akatsuki members stood before them, plus an extra.

"Well done, Madara," said the Vexen Replica.  "Now our set is complete once more.  Now the time has come to put them to the test."

"The entire set?" Asked the Riku Replica.  "We haven't done that before.  Why sent an entire set which they'll be at risk of all being wiped out?"

"It's merely an experiment.  If they succeed, we be rid of our enemies, if they fail then surely they'll at least take a few with them.  We can always make more.  Madara you'll lead the attack."

"As you wish," smirked the Madara Replica, opening a Corridor of Darkness Portal and went inside with the Akatsuki Replicas.

As soon as they left, the Riku Replica looked at the Vexen Replica and said, "What you did that for? For all we know we wasted a perfectly good set of Replicas."

"We know where to make more out of Obito Uchiha and Kabuto  Yakushi's memories.  That aside I sincerely meant for it to be a test.  To test Organization Keyblade and their capabilities against some of our strongest current Replicas, and to test whether a possible traitor in my midst have what it takes to continue to serve us."

"Madara?" Asked the Riku Replica.

"When I realized his original was such a loose cannon I had to create him to be downgraded, but he somehow seemed to work on himself and remade himself an enhanced Replica, stronger then his original.  While he can be such a great asset he's also a liability.  So I'm putting him to good use in leading this Attack, and destroy as many of our enemies as possible.  However if this Attack is a failure then we are rid of one who might betray well as the Akatsuki Replicas that might have been reprogrammed by him to obey him.  So you see my friend we will lose nothing on this."

At this moment Okami Uchiha was meditating in his room, when Obito Uchiha appeared behind him.  In the guise of Tobi, donned in his battle made Rinnegan mask, Uchiha clansman outfit, and Gumbai (Uchiha War Fan) attached to his back with a Chain so it can be used as a frail weapon as much as a melee weapon.

"Well well, I'm surprised to see yet another survivor of the Uchiha Massacre, still alive and well. Even more surprised to see you have the same visual prowess as the Sage of Six Paths. Guess I should call you the Fourth Sage of Six Paths. A title I once gave to Your superior Revan, until he gave it up."

Okami turned around and looks at Obito Sharingan drawn.  "Who are you?"

"I am Madara Uchiha", replied Obito.

"No," Okami replied, after .  "You are not him, you are an imposter."

"Now what makes you say that?" Asked Obito maintaining his claim.

"I can tell by my Sharingan that only your left eye is your real eye, as it has only your chakra inside it.  While the other left Rinnegan eye has traces of someone else's chakra inside it, suggesting your Rinnegan is a transplant.  That eye isn't truly yours you won't access it's full power not having the other or not being the original owner.

"I know now the Rinnegan is the progression of the Sharingan.  I know Madara Uchiha was last seen with the Eternal Mangekyo.  I only have these eyes because I was a guinea pig for an experiment.  If there's anyome who can unlock the Rinnegan from his own volition, it's Madara if he survived the Final Battle with the First Hokage and took his DNA. Your Sharingan is just the standard Mangekyo. From those facts I can tell you are a fake.  But I see First Hokage chakra in you too, it must means you are Madara's subordinate, groomed to carry out his will in his death. So who are you really? "

"Well aren't you a smart mouth.  I'm not confirming or denying anything, However I will say that's a pretty good analysis."

"What are you doing here?" Asked Okami.  "I'm here to talk to your leader Revan Shadow.  About our mutual Enemy the Replicas."

"I heard about them, I'm new here I didn't really fight them yet. I have heard my new group has been doing the heavy lifting, a lot more then you guys in fighting them."

"Well not anymore," replied Obito.  "We been attacked by them, and I believe they will strike here."

"Oh you don't know how right you are Mr. Fake," said a voice behind him.  It's the Replica of Kisame Hoshigaki, behind him was the Corridor of Darkness portal he just came out of.

"Looks like you have your hands full,I'll leave for you to deal with him.  You can feel it he's not alone, you gonna need all the help you get," said Obito as he used his Mangekyo Sharingan Ability Kamui to escape.

Revan meanwhile was hanging out with his new pokemon members when other members of the Akatsuki appeared.

They appeared throughout the entire base ambushing each of the available members at the base.

The Hidan and  Kakuzu Replicas appeared before Xanatos training with Rena.

The Deidara and Sasori Replicas appeared before the Shadow the Heartless, who was dating Larfliana (in a masculine muscular anthro form done by shapeshifting).

The Orochimaru Replica appeared before Zerg.

Paper Clones of the Konan Replica teamed up with the Zetsu Replica  attacked members of Team Nakama.

The Itachi Uchiha Replica, teamed up with a Sasuke Uchiha Replica (original wasn't an official Akatsuki member but was sent to assist the Akatsuki members)  appeared before Vanitas and Riku.

A Replica of Obito when he was an Akatsuki member named Tobi, bearing an orange one eyed mask and wearing an Akatsuki robe, was sent to spy behind the scenes examining each battle and was planned to intervene when any of his brethren need assistance.

And a Replica of Pain, is actually in another world with the Madara Replica, sending one of his Six Paths of Pain Replicas confront Revan when he was training with Mira Kurokage, and  Rio the leader of Team Nakama.

Chikushodo, the Rinnegan ability to summon powerful animal allies without the need of letting blood, also the ability to summon human allies, was also the name of the Pain that wields this power.  

So when Ningendo, the Pain that possess the ability to gain Intel by extracting the victim's soul, was sent to confront Revan, Chikushodo saw what  Ningendo saw  via Rinnegan visual link and used his summoning power to summon Revan, Ningendo, and Mira and Rio to the world where the other Paths of Pain, the Nagato Replica the controller of Pain, The Konan Replica, And the Madara Replica awaited them.

It was the Keyblade Graveyard. The Madara Replica saw this as a fitting place to finish off the leader of Organization Keyblade in an epic fight rather then fight him in the base cramped with the battles of his breathern.

It was also a good location for the Nagato Replica to hide himself within a plateau guarded by the real Konan Replica, and control the Pains from afar.

"So this is the great Master Revan Shadow, would expect someone of your reputation to be older," said the Madara Replica with a smirk.

"Oh I can say the same for you, man out of time," replied Revan returning the smirk.

"Heh good joke, I like you. I think I'll enjoy the entertainment you'll provide.  Nagato, take care of his subordinates summoned with him.  I'll deal with him myself."

"Understood," replied the Tendo Pain, the main Pain Controlled by the Nagato Replica. As he and his 5 others dashed towards Mira and Rio.

"Come Revan let's take this dance elsewhere," Said Madara as he began dashing and jumping away from the battle between The Pain Replica, and Mira and Rio.

Meanwhile Okami faced off The Kisame Replica alone.  He chuckled at Okami pointing his massive bandaged sword Samehada at him.
"Heheheh, you have good chakra.  My Samehada is gonna have a good feeding off of you."

He chuckled as he swung the blade at him. Okami caught the blade with his hand. His Rinnegan is drawn and he used the ability Shurado to turn his organic body into mech armor, protecting himself from the blade.

"Even though I'm a new member, I researched all the Intel the Organization has on the Akatsuki and the members and their abilities.  I know how to deal with you Mr. Tailess Tailed Beast."  He said as he used the Gaikido ability to absorb all the Chakra within the Samehada Replica.  The Kisame Replica looked surprised as his living sword faded into darkness once all its Chakra has been siphoned.

"I can see why they call your original the Tailess Tailed Beast, there's so much Chakra within that blade.  And you are supposed to be better then your original huh?" Okami said as he used his Shurado ability to separate his hand from his arm, extending his reach with mechanical tendrils connecting the separated arm and  grabbed The Kisame Replica and lifted him into the air.

He transformed his other hand into a mech Chakra Cannon, and began charging it while absorbing Chakra from Kisame.

"You and your blade have so much Chakra I dunno what to do with it all. Maybe I should give some of it back to you," Okami smirked as moments later he fired a blast of chakra so strong it blasted through the Kisame Replica's chest, blast through his bedroom door and blew past a few room before unleashing an explosion that shook the base.

He dropped the Kisame Replica's body as it faded into darkness.

Okami looked at the damage he caused and said, "hope the guys got it covered." Before running out to assist his allies.

Meanwhile Obito tracked down his Replica and confronted him in an empty room.

"My nice mask you got there," said the Tobi Replica.

"Thank you," replied Obito.  "I did always like that mask you wore, though now I got a different accessory

"Heh," chuckled the Tobi Replica as he took off the mask revealing he had two Sharingan eyes.

"There's one difference between you and me.  My creators saw my original
Was missing an accessory.  So when they modified me to be better then you, they remade the eye you gave away to Kakashi. Unlike you, my eyes have their true power realized, while your eye is divided and the other in your socket isn't yours even if it's the Rinnegan."

"Perhaps," replied Obito, Unsheathing his Gumbai and pointed it at his Replica in challenge.  "But it doesn't matter whether your Kamui is greater then mine or not, U know it doesn't work on  either us, so why waste the Chakra using it?"

"Then face me in the dimension world of Kamui, and we'll settle this properly." Said the Tobi Replica as he started using his right eye to suck himself into his dimension.  Obito did the same, and they appeared in their dimension standing before eachother.

"I forgot to mention, I received a something else besides unlocking Kamui's true power," said the Tobi Replica as he activated the Mangekyo Sharingan in both eyes and summoned his Susanoo in its perfect form.

"What do you think?  Think you can defeat me now Obito?" Asked the Tobi Replica.

Obito gave a look of surprise under his mask before regaining his composure.  "Oh I think I'll take my chances..."

Meanwhile Okami came to a chamber  where he saw the Hidan Replica clashing blades with Xanatos, and  the Kakuzu Replica fighting against Rena.

Okami came up with a plan and reverted his Rinnegan eyes into Sharingan eyes and watched the battle.

The Hidan Replica fights with his three-bladed Scythe, while Xanatos Wielded his dual electro-Katanas.

Rena kept her distance as the Kakuzu  Replica and his Hearts attacked her with Jutsu of various natures.

At one point, the Hidan slashed near Xanatos' face and his green blood was on the Hidan Replica's weapon.

He licked it, then began drawing blood and making a pentagram symbol out of it, as his skin became black with white markings resembling that of a skeleton.  Giving him a Grim Reaper like appearance

The Hidan Replica's original was immortal. And has this unique Jutsu that allows himself to become a living Voodoo doll.  It works by having himself ingest the blood of his victim, which creates a link between him
And his victim, evidenced by his change of appearance.

In order to complete the technique he must stand in the pentagram he drew on the ground with his own blood in order for it to work.  Then when he wounds himself, his victim receives the same injury he gets, what he gets in exchange is pleasure of feeling his opponent's pain and death when the wounds are fatal.

Now it seems Xanatos got cursed and is now subject to be the Hidan Replica's victim.  At first he drew a retractable spear he usually uses in these sort of rituals, however he thought for a moment and dropped it.

"Hey Kakuzu hit me with everything you got! You want my rituals to go faster then do it!"

The Kakuzu Replica's original was an ancient ninja that stolen a Jutsu that allows him to steal the  physical hearts of others which allows him to extend his lifespan indefinitely being up to store at least five Hearts at a time, and steal the chakra nature of the victim and being able to use their Jutsu.

4 of 5 Kakuzu's hearts can separate into four bodies of blackish gray tendrils, which holds his main body together like a rag doll and allows him to separate body parts at will to Attack foes, wearing a mask on front of their faces Each creature can perform s Jutsu according to the chakra nature the original victim of the heart within them possesses.  When one gets destroyed Kakuzu can simply replace it by killing another ninja and take their heart.

When the Kakuzu Replica fought Rena, he separated his hearts to attack her while observing from afar awaiting for a good chance to trap her, though he got a small cut on face from Rena's strike before he can use an Earth style technique to harden his skin.

Now upon hearing his partner's suggestion, the Kakuzu Replica ordered all his Hearts to join with him, recreating his body into a joined mass of grey tendrils above his real body.  The masked faces each charged up their Attacks and fired, combining their chakra natures to create a stronger  mutual Attack,
The combined blast of air, Earth, Lightning, Water, and Fire shot toward the Hidan Replica.  Just before it struck him, the Hidan Repljca gave a manic look sighing, "Now I can feel that pain..."

The attack exploded at him, and with the curse it means would the victim would suffer the damage The Hidan Replica does.

But instead of Xanatos being like he exploded, it was the Kakuzu Replica that went like he got incinerated for no apparent reason.  All of his Hearts got incinerated at once leaving him an instant death.

What really happened was that as soon as Okami saw the Hidan and Kakuzu Replicas, he put them both under a Sharingan Genjutsu.  

He made eachother appear as their opponents and they fought eachother.  For insurance, Okami made himself not seen in the illusion, so he wouldn't give himself away to either of them.

So when the Hidan Replica saw himself slashing Xanatos he really Slashed The Kakuzu Replica, and the Kakuzu Replica saw Rena being the one who slashed him.

The real Rena and Xanatos caught on  early as soon as they saw their opponents began fighting eachother and saw Okami casting the Genjutsu and got back and watched their foes fight eachother.

When the dust cleared The Hidan Replica laughed in glee thinking the death he felt was his intended victim but when he saw Xanatos still standing and the Kakuzu Replica nowhere to be found he knew something was wrong.

But he didn't have time to think, Okami with his Rinnegan drawn used Bansho Tenin (Universal Pull ) to sent the Hidan Replica flying forward into his outstretched arm.

In his grasp he used Ningendo to extract the soul of the Hidan Replica out of his immortal body.  Without the soul the body faded to darkness.  "It doesn't matter if your body can't die or not it still needs a soul to function."

Meanwhile in the Kamui dimension. The battle between the Tobi Replica and The masked Obito Uchiha continues.

To combat his Replica's Perfect Susanoo, Obito summoned Gedo Mazou (Gedo Statue), the Ten Tails Husk which contains all the Tailed Beasts but the Nine and Eight Tails, and their power contained and combined within it.

It was now wrestling with The Tobi Replica's Perfect Susannoo.  Obito meanwhile was at the ground creating Chakra Receiver Stakes and implanting one set of them At the ground nearby, all around Susannoo In a circle.

Finally Obito ended the deal by summoning Chakra Chains to form between  and connecting the stakes together, creating a large net around Susanoo.  The chains are capable of binding a tailed Beast.

The Tobi Replica's Susanoo struggled under the stars of chakrachains, giving the Gedo Statue a chance to punch  Susanoo to the ground. Then the Statue  charged chakra at the protrusions at its back and blasts of Chakra rained down on Susanoo like giant lightning strikes.

The blasts blew away Susanoo and as the dust cleared  The Tobi Replica was standing on the ground panting.
Obito threw the Gumbai like a frail and slammed his Replica against the ground.

He drew a chakra receiver blade at his palm dashed forward thinking to himself, "I will not let a fake like you deter my plans. Not after im so be with Rin again...I will not let you have your way!"

Meanwhile at the lab portion of the base, the Orochimaru Replica faced off against Zerg.
He had his blade of Kusanagi drawn and was crossing against Zerg's Keyblade.

"What an interesting creature you are," said the Orochimaru Replica.  "I look forward in dissecting your body when this is over."
"I should say the same for you, Ya slippery varmint.  I figured out your ability.  It ain't Inmortality it's something like fission regeneration.  When your body is  damaged you use a part of yourself to make a snake appear which contains a new body within it.  It's kinda like a reptile version of a phoenix reviewing itself.  However there's a price to you renewing yourself.  Each time Ya use that technique I sense your chakra decrease.  It's takin' a lot out of Ya. So to beat you I just gonna have to force U to Renew yourself again and again until you have nothin' left in your tank and finish ya off," she said teleporting herself above his face and gave it a strong kick, breaking his neck.

A snake came out of his mouth and regurgitated a fresh Orochimaru Replica out of its mouth.  As he got up he picked up the blade from his discarded body before it faded to darkness and smirked. "My aren't you troublesome. Your theory is sound but it only works with the hypothesis that you could last that long. I'm so sorry to disappoint you that this shall end soon enough!"
She snarled as he dashed towards her.

Meanwhile at the Keyblade  Graveyard, Rio and Mira found the Tendo and Gaikido Pains, the other 4 were already dealt with.

Mira started the fight by using a spell to summon tendrils of spirit energy to Attach to the Chakra Recivers Pierced throughout the Pains bodies and pull them out.  She succeeded to pull out the chakra Recivers of all the pains except for Tendo and Gaikido Pain, which Tendo deflected the Tendrils using Shira Tensei And Gaikido absorbed the energy tendrils using its Chakra Absorption ability.

With those two left, Mira fought Tendo and Rio fought Gaikido in hand to hand combat.

Meanwhile Revan was fighting the Madara Replica clashing Keyblade with Gumbai.  The Madara Replica after partying an attack from Rrvan kicked him To the ground and smirked, "I must admit you aren't half bad. But maybe we should up the ante a little.  But before we get to that I must introduce you to someone,  Summoning Jutsu!"

The Madara Replica placed his hand at the ground and performed the Summoning Jutsu.  Out of the smoke came Kurama, the Nine Tailed Demon Fox, only she's female.

"Meet Nine Tails, and no this isn't a Replica she's real. Yes the Nine Tails you know as a Jinchuriki and is male, however in an alternate world, this Kurama exists with no current Jinchuriki.  I took her and ensnared her with my Sharingan Genjutsu spell.

"I took her as backup to insure I'll get power.  You are worthy in becoming her Jinchuriki.  You once have the Sharingan and Rinnegan, and while you gave them both up, the power of Chakra you gained by obtaining them still remains within you, that combined with your Keyblade and Light/Dark Powers make you a worthy candidate. I'll weaken you and seal the female Nine-Tails within you to be her Jinchruiki and through my Sharingan spell keeping  her in control You to serve me.  A Jinchuriki Keyblade Master could be a useful ally to me in the battles to come.  And when I'm done with you I'll absorb both of you to become part of my power."

"Like I'll let you capture me and do that."

"I'm not gonna capture you, your new partner is." Smirked the Madara Replica as he snapped his fingers and the Female Giant Fox, which sent one of her tails underground, grabbed Revan from underneth.

"You two have fun, there's something I must check out," said the Madara Replica as he formed a Corridor of Darkness portal and went inside.

He appeared in the Kamui dimension where Obito defeated his Replica and saw him fade to darkness panting, the Gedo statue is behind him.

"So this is where the Statue is," said the Madara Replica.

Obito gasped as he turned to see the Madara Replica meters away from him.

"How did you get here?!" An enraged Obito demanded.

"I'm a Replica, I possess the ability to summon the Corridors of Darkness I can go anywhere I want, even here.  Hm as I feared even when I possess the Rinnegan I can't control the statue, my eyes like me are fake.  Only an authentic Rinnegan can control it, like the one you have in your left eye..."

"You will not touch the statue!" Resolved Obito getting into an offensive position standing between the Replica and the statue.

"Oh not now but I will. Once I have the Nine Tails Jinchuriki under my control..."

"You have Naruto?!"

"No don't be foolish, going after that boy is a foolish enterprise.  He has too many powerful friends and he's so strong now he could be a challenge to my original.  No, you made a mistake when you openly declared war on the world. It would have been better keeping it quiet but you gained too much notice by the world.  So no, I have another way of completing the statue.  I as a Replica can go to other worlds and I found a world where a female Nine Tails roams free.  I sent Heartless to destroy the world and ensnared the female Nine Tails with my Sharingan to follow me.  Now I plan to make Revan Shadow her Jinchruiki and through her control him, before sealing Nine Tails in the Gedo Statue."

"Why bother making Revan a Jinchruiki? The Statue would only remove her from him And kill him

"Tailed Beasts are at their strongest and smartest when sealed first in a Jinchruiki as a human intellect focuses their massive power.  Sealing her first in Revan then removing her from him would produce better results.  I only came here to confirm  where the statue is, so when Revan is a Jinchruiki under my control, I know where get the Statue. Then once the Statue is complete and Ten Tails is revived I'll make myself it's Jinchruiki and use the godlike power I gain to destroy and create whenever I please, cya soon." He chuckled as he left in darkness.

Meanwhile Revan, after escaping from Being in snared was in his final form Union Mode to combat the female Nine Tails, who's even stronger then the Naruto's Male Nine Tails as he was split in two as is his power while she's still whole and complete.  Union Mode is the only power Revan possesses to combat such a large massive power the female Kurama possesses and still he's having trouble keeping up. 

Kurama screeched as she summoned a shockwave, which blew away everything around her.  

Revan summoned a Union Mode enhanced Reflect barrier to deflect the attack, only to be slammed to the ground with  Kurama's claw strike.

He was able to avoid damage because he still has Reflect Barrier on. He was still dazed though.

He couldn't believe it, Union Mode was his strongest form and he still can't overpower the female Nine Tails.

He needs more power...and has a theory how to get it.  But on other hand, even if he does defeat Nine-Tails what good would it do, she's a living reserve of Chakra and would only reform if dead.

That aside the Nine Tails isn't really guilty of her actions, she's being controlled by the Madara Replica's Sharingan.  It's better to free her from his control and maybe even have her fight for him.

First he must stun her.

He slammed his blade at the ground channeling all his available power to Earth magic.  Enhanced by Union Mode  the Earth Magic spell caused the ground under the Nine Tails to cave in.

While she was stunned By falling in, Revan teleported under her and fired a beam of light from his Keyblade, which struck her chest.  Suddenly her entire body transformed into a giant orb of light and went into Revan's chest and merged with his body and disappeared.

What he did first was unlock Kurama's Heart to free her from Madara's Spell and then transport the massive body of chakra into the creature's heart and sent the heart into his body.  Her heart is now joined with his.

Next thing he knew he was in his normal form in a dreamscape world in his head.

He was in a giant chamber with a greenish light shining on him.  The floor under him was liquid like water. Because it's his world within his mind, aside from the fact he developed a technique that allows him to stand on water a lot like Ninja can,  he can stand on it.  In front of him was a cage with a paper on a lock.

On the other side was Kurama the female Nine Tailed Demon Fox. She was as big as she was in reality.  She growled at Revan softly.  "I suppose you think I should thank you for freeing me from the Genjutsu huh? But I bet you only did that to become my new Jinchruiki and have my power huh?"

"I'm not your Jinchuriki. Not yet at least.  I haven't the skill to seal you in my body, so instead I sent you go my heart.  I'm not a true Jinchuriki, in fact only you can lend me the power you possess.  I can seperate you anytime I want without fearing death like a Jinchruiki would if they are separated from Their Tailed Beast."

"I see," replied Kurama.  "But really you think I just give my power like that? Besides I already have a Jinchruiki."

"What? The Madara Replica didn't mention about that." Revan blinked in surprise.

"That's because he doesn't know.  When he hunted me, I know my host would be in danger too.  To save my host she and I switched bodies.  She allowed my body to fully manifest and I sealed her away in my body.  As she had me contained in my body All her life,  she got contained in my body."

"She?" Asked Revan, knowing that the male Nine Tails Jinchuriki in the original Shinobi World was a 16 year old boy named Naruto Uzumaki.  He never met him yet but gained as much info as he could about him like he did on the Akatsuki.

Kurama went silent and stepped aside, showing nearby her laying on the ground was a blond girl.  She looked exactly like Naruto when he uses his Sexy Harem Technique and she wears a jacket similar to his, only she wore ninja black shorts and her belly is exposed in the design of the outfit. She wore her Ninja Headband at her sleeve.

"Her name is Naruko Uzumaki and she's all I have left.  That fake Madara bastard destroyed our world. We are all that's left. I'll make that bastard pay!"

It made sense to Revan, the female Kurama and Naruko came from an alternate world, where some of the same people that exists in the Shinobi World are the opposite gender and slightly different people.

"I see, I know where you are coming from actually. I lost everything too, twice actually.  I dunno what I could say to make you trust me, but you gotta admit we have a mutual enemy.  If you can't lent me your power then fight with me. Only together we can defeat Madara, you if all people know what he's capable of, and he's more dangerous then his original." 

Kurama looked at Revan for a moment then scoffed.  "You have a point...between the two of you I hate Madara more real or fake! Naruko can't wake up yet, so I'll let you have full control of my power...for now."

"Ok partner let's do this then," said Revan as he summoned his Keyblade ans used it to unlock the cage.

She went forward to reach Revan and  suddenly made a fist over him.

"I'm not a beast, my name is Kurama, remember that.  Now Bump fists with me. It's...something me and Naruko used to go ahead and do it already!"

Revan smiled and happily bumped fists against her massive fist chucking. She gave a small smirk in reply.

In the real world, Revan suddenly changed.  His body was colored orange as a shourd of chakra illuminated his body.

While this mode is active, the user gains a chakra shroud with six magatama markings around his neck, two distinctive pieces of hair-like horns resembling the horns of the Sage of Six Parhs, and swirl designs that resemble the Uzumaki symbol. The patterns on the shroud usually extend partway down his arms and legs, though in some instances they can extend further along the body.  

His eyes become orange when in this mode and the shroud is yellow and releases chakra as flickering flames.  

All that designed in the shape of his Black Coat now colored yellowish orange with the rest of his body.

Just as he transformed in Nine tails Chakra Mode, the Madara Replica appeared in a Corridor of darkness looking surprised.  

"I didn't expect you to not only free the Nine Tails but also master its power.  I underestimated the power of the Keyblade it seems.  Guess you'll be a formidable challenge now. Feh seems I have no choice," He said as he formed Wood Clones of himself. And performed a Rinnegan summoning Jutsu  summoning the surviving Akatsuki Replica members.

Besides the Kakuza and Hidan Replicas, the Sasori, Deidara, and Zetsu Replicas are dead.  Even the Orochimaru Replica was defeated when Obito reappeared from the Kamui dimension and decided to help Zerg by ensnaring the Orochimaru Replica in a Genjutsu illusion and took his soul from his immortal body while he's paralyze with Ningendo.

The Itachi, Sasuke, Nagato, Konan Were still alive and was summoned to   The Madara Replica's location.

"Madara? What is it? We are in the middle of our own battles," said the Nagato Replica attached to his Chakra Receiver machine.

"Oh there's a change of plan," the Madara Replica smirked, as his wood clones grabbed each of the survivors and used the Replica ability to absorb Life Force of each of them.

Revan and Kurama inside him watched in shock as each of the Replicas faded into darkness and merged back into the Madara Replica giving him the power they absorbed.  His own power increased drastically as chakra charged around him.

He also unleashed his full power now enhanced with the power he absorbed, before activating his Perfect Susanoo.

Revan  responded in kind by activating Tailed Beast Mode, forming a  full-scale replicas of Kurama in her Tailed Beast form. However, instead of the flesh-and-blood construct she was in before , his Tailed Beast Mode is more chakra-based. His shroud's chakra enlarges into a translucent recreation of Kurama's overall form, which has markings similar to those present on their bodies. His eyes become slitted now.  It is also translucent, as Revan can be seen inside the replica's head for the duration of the transformation, the markings on their backs trailing off into a pattern resembling a skeletal structure.

Revan began forming a Tailed Beast Bomb in Kurama's Mouth, and fired it.

The Madara Replica smirked as his Susanoo smacked away the Bomb with a flick of its wrist, which later exploded miles away.

"Damn he's stronger then ever..." Groaned Kurama in his head.

"I got a way to counter that time to do a summoning of my own," said Revan as he formed an orb of energy at his hand.

When he was dubbed Keyblade Master he learned a number of things from Yen Sid. One of them was the ability to summon the true Kingdom Hearts.

But Revan didn't summon it to attempt to access it's power, only the x-Blade can do that, he used it because it takes form of a heart shaped moon.  When a full moon is out a Kurokage Werewolf's true power is revealed.  Revan being half Werewolf by being cursed by Mira, would be affected by the Full Moon.

So as the Kingdom Hearts moon appeared on the sky, Revan expected for himself to become Werewolf with Spirit Mode activated, hoping to combine it with his Nine Tails Power to give him a better chance against the Ultra Powered Madara Replica.

But soon he realized nothing happened.  "Um...something is wrong my Werewolf Power isn't working..."

"Oh I'm suppressing it," replied Kurama with a lazy yawn.  "You don't need any other power but mine partner."

Revan blushed a little from the gesture but also laughed nervously realizing he's screwed at his current level of power.

"um Kurama we are a team, we need more power then this  just let me..."

"No way! I will not have a wolf energy contaminating my Chakra! I'm a fox! And as long as you are stuck with me so are you idoit!"

"Dammit I have no time to argue with you," he groaned as he saw Susanoo lifting up its massive flaming katana blade to attack.  Revan began charging another Tailed Beast Bomb, and jumped forward, deciding to launch it close range to counter the attack.

But it was a fake out. Just as Kurama jumped forward Susanoo had its foot ready to kick Revan and Kurama back into the ground. The Tailed Beast bomb flew out of Kurama's mouth and exploded when it hit against a nearby plateau.

The Madara Replica smirked as he utilized Wood Style to create a giant tree to form around them, threatening to seal them within the bark of the tree.  Besides the Sharingan, Wood Style is made to surpress Tailed Beast Power.  When In contact with the Wood, it absorbs Tailed Beast Chakra and restrains the Beast.  If Kurama gets sealed within the Tree she'll be in deep trouble.

Revan knew that and to save his partner from being sealed, he summoned his Keyblade and stabbed himself at the chest and use his Keyblade to separate Kurama's Heart from his.  

Inside Revan's psyche, Kurama saw Revan fading away. "Revan?! What have you done to yourself?! What are you doing?!"

Revan looked back at her smiling.  "I'm saving a comrade. It's up to you now Fox Girl." He said as he faded away completely 

As the orb that was Kurama's Heart separated from Revan's body, his body reverted to Union Mode.  The orb was able to fly away before the tree closed on Revan.

The orb landed at the ground and formed Kurama in her natural flesh and blood tailed Beast form.  She looked at the tree that formed around Revan and looked shocked at what a human did for her. Only Naruko showed concern for her before.

She growled softly and said, "idiot...I gotta do everything myself..."

She said as she suddenly transformed her body into her chakra Tailed Beast form.  In her head was Naruko or at least Kurama possessing Naruko's body as she was still sleeping.

She transformed Naruko's body into a human version of herself.  She was nude, and had orange hair the same color as her fur.  Fox ears stick out of her head, and her eyes the same demonic red slitted eyes as her demonic fox form. No chakra cloak went on her yet as she is not the host of her power and there's no need for it.

She charged a Tailed Beast Bomb and fired it at the tree.  But Susanoo stood in the way and blocked the bomb with its bare hand and crushed it within it.

But the attack was a diversion as. Kurama put her arms of chakra underground and took it out at the other side of the tree.  Giant Rasengan was formed in both arms.  It collided at the tree grinding it at Impact until it reached Revan who was knocked out and energy deprived as the tree was siphoning his energy, and was now in normal form.  One of the chakra arms grabbed Revan and tore him free from the tree and went back to the main body and put Revan inside the head of Kurama's Chakra body.

The human transformed Kurama held Revan carefully in her arms as her Chakra revitalized him.  He opened his eyes to see the naked demon girl holding him.

"Gah...K-Kurama..." He blushed as he was near her chest.

She slapped him snarling.  "You idoit you could have gotten yourself killed why you did something so stupid?!"

"Because I promised you U wouldn't allow him to control you again," replied Revan which made her look at him dumbstruck.

"Wood Style is espiecally made to take you down besides Sharingan. If we were both trapped in there we were done for.  My saving you I have you a chance to live to fight another day.  Though I didn't expect you would actually rescue me to be honest."

"Feh I would not have myself owing a human," pouted Kurama with a blush.

"Where did you get this human body?" Asked Revan.  "It's really me processing Naruko's body, I figured my chakra beast state at more preferable to rescue you, and in order to do that I needed Naruko as a medium to manifest my Chakra Beast state.  But I didn't wanna look like her so I transformed her body to a human form more suitable to my tastes. And I don't like clothes so that's why I'm like this. What do I look so hideous as a naked demon human girl to you?"

"Nah you actually look for hot,bet you'll even look a hot in an anthro version of yourself." replied Revan with a smirk.

Kurama gave a hissing snarl but suddenly transformed to a human sized anthro version of herself with breasts at her chest. "Like this you mean?" She asked with a blush.

" that..." Smirked Revan with a wink. Kurama came back to her vixen human form and pouted but have a slight purr.

"Whatever, we have a jerk to destroy first and we no better then before any ideas?"

"Just one which you interrupted before now I can do this." Revan said as he jumped out of Kurama's Chakra body, and allowed the Kingdom Hearts moon to shine on him, after transforming into Union Mode.

It caused him to get into his Werewolf Form, in his Spirit Mode the power unlocked by the Full Moon.  While he was furry nude in this form he's still also in Union Mode, thus his Wolf Power is combined with Union Mode's power.

He then used Keyblade to unlock his Heart to immediately Unlock Spirit Mode's full power, and formed a construct of Spirit Energy to form a giant Wolf a lot like Kurama's construct of Chakra forming a replica of her Nine Tailed Fox form in her Tailed Beast Mode.  It is his Spirit Wolf.

And like the human Kurama rides her construct in her head, Revan rides his Spirit Wolf in its head.

Kurama was repulsed at first at the thought of Revan becoming a wolf but now upon seeing his muscular Werewolf form she can't help but think he looks...good.  She shook her head trying to focus on the battle.

"Ok Kurama, we need to stun him do we can combine our strongest Attacks to give a direct hit I'm open for ideas."

"Just one go forward and distract him I'll do the rest.

Revan nodded and charged his Spirit Wolf forward.  When he got close to the Madara Replica's Susanoo he transformed Spirit Wolf into its Anthro Werewolf Form and charged forward with a punch.

Susanoo grabbed the punch in its hand.  The Madara Replica chuckled and said, "Oh please your current level of power is no better when you were with the Nine Tails state. You actually believe you can stop me now?"

"Actually if all going to plan yes." Replied Revan as Susanoo suddenly fell back on its back, as Revan began his charged Kurama put her Chakra Arms under ground and grabbed Susanoo by the feet and dragged it under partially into the ground.

Both Revan and Kurama jumped into the Air Over The fallen Susanoo, Revan charged Spirit Wolf's strongest Attack Spirit Howl, which charges spirit energy into a sphere in the mouth like a Tailed Beast Bomb then released the energy from the sphere as a blast.

Revan suggested Kurama to follow his lead and do they same as they would combine both released blasts as one to strike against Susanoo.  Both their blasts combined and struck against Susanoo at the chest while still at the ground and exploded.

When they landed on the ground and waited for the dust to clear.  When it did to their despair Susanoo was still standing with a denting hole on its chest, which got repaired once the Chakra making up its body stabilized.  "I must admit haven't it been for the power I absorbed from my former allies you could have pierced through Susanoo and done some damage. You are strong, but I am beyond Strength.  I am your end and I come for you Revan Shadow and Nine-Tails!" Yelled the Madara Replica as he dashed Susanoo toward them with both its Katanas drawn.

But before it reached them it suddenly stopped in its tracks then was blown away  backwards as if something repelled it.  It crashed through nearby plateaus and rock formations and was blown out of sight.

Revan and Kurama looked down and saw Okami standing in front of where Susanoo last stood.  It became clear that Okami used the Rinnegan technique Shinra Tensei (Almighty Push) to repel The Madara Replica's Susanoo Away.

Standing near Okami was Willow. It became clear she teleported him here.

"W-Willow? What are you doing here. I thought you were at the sleepover at Gaz's."

"Turned out Gaz's house has an alarm system which went off when the base was attacked. Gaz and the girls joined the battle. Gaz took down the Deidara Replica, Marcy took down the  Zetsu Replica, and the others helped held back the Sasori Replicas puppets while Gaz delivered the finishing blow on him.  When Willow heard you got transported away from base she got worried and I went with her as she used her magic to teleport us where you are so we can help," said Okami.

Willow purred as she teleport into Revan's sprit Wolf head and wrapped her arms around him and kissed him in greeting.

Kurama blinked in surprise then snarled in jealousy with a blush . "H-hey I saw him first he's mine! Get one of your own...or at least wait your turn!"

Her protests stopped when she felt Willow's Magic rubbed her breasts which caused her to moan for a moment then blinked in surprise when it stopped, and looked at Willow smirking at her.

"Um ladies lets settle this later right now we have a fight to finish. Listen us four being here gives me an idea. Kurama, Okami join me at my Spirit Wolf."

Kurama and Okami did as Revan said. As Willow was at one side holding his hand, Kurama was at Revan's other side with her arm around his neck.

"So what's the plan boss," said Kurama in a lusty tone teasing his chest.

Revan realized he tamed the fox in more ways then one which made him blush and interested but he focused on the here and now and replied, "Kurama, Willow, combine your powers with mine, and Okami, form your perfect Susanoo around the construct like armor, go!"

Kurama obeyed and Spirit Wolf Grew Nine more tails, with its first wolf tail makes ten and its wolf ears became more fox-like, other then that there was no other change in the design of the construct. Next Willow used her magic, upgrading the Spirit Wolf/Fox's power, and the construct changed again into a human like being, then Okami formed Susanoo around the construct, making the being look like a human samurai wearing Grey Armor, holding a single grey katana in its hand.

By now the Madara Replica came back and looked in shock at his opponent's new form.  Inside the giant warrior's head Revan still in his wolf form holding Willow's and Kurama's hands at each side, and Okami stood near them.

"Madara," said Revan.  "You are proud of your strength, but what you have isn't strength, it's an illusion of power that's as fake as a Genjutsu or you really are.  This power you see here isn't fake, isn't stolen from others like yours is, it's from the Heart of not just mine but the comrades that are drawn to me by our bonds. Prepare yourself for we are coming for you!" He yelled with the others as the giant warrior construct charged drawing its katana which glowed white with power.

The Madara Replica swung both of his Susanoos Katanas as Revan, Kurama, Willow, and Okami's Spirit Warrior guardian stabbed it's blade forward.

The single powered up blade cut through the twin Katanas and stabbed at Susanoo's chest and through its body, before unleashing a giant shockwave of white energy that covered the battlefield.

When the  smoke and dust cleared, the Madara Replica was standing on the ground, unscathed but exhausted and stripped of Susanoo as it was blown away.

Revan, Kurama, Okami, and Willow were also standing on the ground in front of Madara, Revan back in his human form in normal mode. Normally a Kurokage Werewolf would remain in wolf form and Spirit Mode under the full moon as long as the moon continues to shine.  The Kingdom Hearts moon only started to disappear after the final clash, but Revan spent so much power channeling into the final Attack it caused him to revert to human more. They all gave up so much power in the final Attack  that it caused the Spirit Warrior to disappear.

Revan only had a little power left, and had his Keyblade drawn.  The others also have only some power left in their reserves but enough for a few Attacks like Revan.

The Madara Replica panted looking at them. " are like Obito...gifted but naive thinking the little power you possess will change your destiny.  But there's only one fate for him to fade into the darkness once his usefulness is at an end...and you will share that fate are nothing to me...I am a God!"

"It is you who's nothing Madara, now it's time for you to disappear," replied Revan.

"Heh, don't talk as if you can defeat me. I'm as strong as I ever was!" Yelled the Madara Replica as he ran toward the group and prepared his Gumbai to attack.

"Kurama," said Revan. "With pleasure," smirked the Vixen as she used some of her remaining power to create an arm of Chakra to smack  back to the ground the Madara Replica as he pounced at them. The Madara Replica slid against the ground before he recovered and ran toward them again.

Revan ran forward to intercept him and crossed Keyblade against Gumbai.  Revan held his blade one handed, parrying blows while charging his remaining energy at his free hand to prepare an energy blast. After making an upward parry, which forced the Madara Replica's weapon to be held upwards, Revan released the blast of energy to strike against the Gumbai'a handle. Causing the weapon to be blown out if the Madara Replica's hand.  The weapon was embedded on the ground meters away from its owner.

Before the Madara replica could react to losing his weapon, Revan threw his Keyblade at him, forcing the Madara Replica to sacrifice some the little Chakra he has left to use Shinra Tensei to repel the Keyblade so it won't stab him.

With five seconds before he could use the Jutsu again, the Madara Replica pounced on the air to attack the unarmed Revan.

But as he leapt toward him, Revan said, "Willow cut his power." And with that Willow's horn released a ray of energy from it as she released a spell, which struck the Madara Replica while he's still in midair.

When the spell was cast, the Madara Replica fell to the ground seemingly unharmed, but when he got up, the first sign of change was that his eyes are normal onyx, as if he was forced out of the Rinnegan.  But it wasn't the only change.  The First Hokage Cells implanted on his chest is gone too, as well as the Sharingan in his eyes.  In fact his eyes are normal eyes no longer able to summon the Sharingan or Rinnegan, in addition he no longer has the power of chakra at all nor he has his abilities as a Replica.  Willow's spell turned him into a normal human man in ability.

He looked at himself in shock, couldn't believing all the power he had is gone. He Yelled in frustration and despair At the top of his lungs.

As he bellowed over his loss, Kurama went near Revan and said, "Revan when our hearts and powers were fused I 'taught' your body Naruko's techniques. Put your hand with mine and let's combine our remaining power to end him with the Rasengan, the legacy of Naruko's father which he developed based on the Tailed Beast Bomb. It's a similar principle and you should now do it with me. Now follow my lead."

By then the Madara Replica recovered from his shock and pounced at his enemies determined to tear them Limb from limb.

By then, Revan and Kurama Finshed forming the blue sphere of heavy rotating chakra between their hands and moved it forward to drive it into the Madara Replica's chest.  It grinded through his armor and into his flesh before sending him flying, with his body spinning as it flew into it slammed into a nearby tower of rock before falling to the ground.

Even with no powers he was still a Replica and with his body fatally broken he faded into darkness ending the battle.

Meanwhile the Vexen, Riku, and Kaname Replica were observing the battle through a partly opened portal in The Realm of Darkness.  "The operation failed Lord Vexen," said the Kaneme Replica.  "Not even one casualty at their side."

"That's because we underestimated the abilities of their newest members and that aside the Madara Replica turned on the others before they really had a chance to defeat their targets.  Also I admit I didn't expect them to have such abilities, but the operation wasn't a total waste, as we anticipated, the Madara Replica was defective and had his own agenda which truly ruined the operation.  Orgsnization Keyblade served us in destroying that traitor for us. And we were able to observe their new members and their level of abilities they possess.  Such knowledge will serve us in the battle for tomorrow.  For now we'll go back underground and rebuild our forces until we are ready to move forward with the plan."

After the battle Naruko Uzumaki awakened inside Kurama, and she allowed her host to take control of their body again.  She was saddened with the loss of her world and her comrades. She was however surprised Kurama formed a bond with Revan, and even share power with him.

When Revan offered a place in the team with Kurama's urging Naruko accepted, seeing Okami Uchiha as a kindred spirit in while being from an alternate version of her Homeworld, they were both ninja from a version of Konoha that now have a new home here.

Some of Kurama's chakra remained in Revan and from it she can visit him in his mind for...quality time besides her possessing forming a body construct of chakra in her human vixen or anthro demon fox form which she can interact in seperate from Naruko's body at least from a short distance.

Meanwhile while Naruko and Kurama accepted their place in Organization Keyblade  another person was at his own inauguration in another group.

Dib Membrane wasn't present at the battle at the base because he made a decision to be somewhere else.

Upon meeting with Karl Cardinal Wayward, he was introduced into the Purge, a group of fantastical humans that had infiltrated the Swollen Eyeball Network protect the world from the paranormal regardless of their intent.

While Dib isn't fanatical into thinking all paranormal beings are bad, he did believe the world should be prepared for them.  Wayward offered Dib a job in his company as a consultant on expeditions to seize Alien Technology.

He also offered Dib a private lab and resources where he can do his own paranormal Studies.  While being in the Organization gave him access to resources he wouldn't get by himself, he grew tired being forced to work with Zim and being forced to defend other worlds when his priority is to defend his Earth and improve it, rather then not interfering.

He decided to accept Wayward's offer to see what it's like.

Dib like Gaz, after learning about her origins, mastered his powers and adopted an adult form.

He stood before Karl as he shook his hand, accepting the offer, with other members of the Purge Present around them.

Suddenly a Whoosing sound was heard in the meeting room as a blue telephone box appeared.  Out came Doctor Whoves, who's really the pony regenerated Doctor, in an anthro form

Wearing a suit and bow tie, he looked around the room and saw humans staring back at him.  "Um hello there,excuse me can you point me to the right direction to the John?"  


Short: Replica Invasion

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Crazy Sister: :icondoomedsavy:
Good Foreign Exchange Sis: :iconemilytf:
Older Sis: :iconrainbow-acey:
Sis and good friend: :iconallstar12:
Sister and a fun pal to know: :iconninjaanimehero:
DA Sis: :iconkristinthehuman:
KH and Poke Sis: :iconk3ri1:
IZ and DA Sis: :iconzadrfreak912:
Wolf-Sister: :iconblueraini:
Crazy Werewolf Sister: :iconrayramador:
Annoying Little Brother: :iconyyyy356:
a Pretty good Big Brother: :iconec-darkmatter:
Bro: :iconthevulkanator1337:
Cousin: :icondinowolf0049056:
Cousin and bro :iconsomeoneelsek2:
Cool British Cousin: :iconbrokencreation:
Freedom Fighter Cousin: :iconjohntherebelleader:
Younger Bro: :iconaccarrio:
DA Cuz, Fellow KH Nerd and Sis, best Science Officer and cool artist and best pal: :iconzergarikiaka:
Little Sis and good pal: :iconamukinaku:
My Foreign Sis: :iconspicy-tangerine:
A Good Friend: :iconkoala-sam:
Mentally Unstable Friend: :iconhalfinane-halfmental:
Creepy Neighbor Who Never Returns My Gardening Equipment (and DA bro): :iconcrimsonvulpine:
Brony Sis: :iconcybertronikpony:
MLP Sis and Friend Forever: IconAsk-Jinx-thepony:
Good friend and DA Sis: :iconjinxee:
Evil Twin: :iconmazeomonic:
Weapon Master and Comrade at arms: :icondarkfox98:
Cool wonderful Best friend forever and comrade at arms: :iconthil-galel:
my Sonic pal: :iconraindiederichtw:
my IZ/Avatar Friend: :iconz4f-08:
Pet Pikachu (and cool Poke pal ^^): :iconcilandpfangirl:
Pet Sableye: :iconsniperking12:
Pet Cat (and a good poke pal): :iconpokefreak01:
Pet Zombie Cat: :iconzombiechihuahuas13:
Pet Fox and good pal: :iconrenamonrox:
Pet Umbreon: :iconscarlet-fumes:
The Pet bunny under the table eating a cookie and shouting random dirty comments on everything (and awesome friend ^^): :iconomgir:
My Big Fat Hamster: :iconaudiffred:
Pet Platypus: :iconwallie98:
My beautiful Dragoness Friend :icondarkaalyssa:
my comrade and best wolfdra sister ever: :iconshardianofwhitefire:
My good pal, fav Furry artist, and wolf brother: :iconwsache007:
Very wise and reliable pet Coyote, and BSBFF: :iconthecoyotefeather:
My Best Furry Friend: :iconmelizasharpclaw:
Pet Cobra and BFF: :iconinvader-star-irken:
A Demonic Comrade: :iconladyrenatear:
A Foxy, beautiful, demonic, awesome BFF now and forever :iconfox-shadow92: :icongreeneyed-fox:
My Nakama, Ni-San, and DA sister and sister I never had and good friend and comrade :icondemonic-stickfigures:

Artists that inispired me and are favs of mine, some who I have the honor of being acquainted too:

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