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Organization Keyblade has been split in two.

Shadow the Heartless, Revan's blood brother and former right hand man had been seduced by an unstable Rain the Hedgehog to betray the Organization and formed a group of his own with few supporters and slaves; Organization Shadow.

Meanwhile an honorary member of the Organization, Tasogare Shadow was on a mission of his own.

Tasogare and Revan's family the Shadows were from Hollow Shadow until a distant ancestor who's a scientist took the family on a pleasure trip to another world which was the Star Wars universe during the time of the Ancient Sith Empire and their defeat of the Great Hyperspace War.

The ancestors were captured and enslaved by the fleeing Sith forces and were sent to help rebuild their Empire on Dromund Kaas, led by the newly christened Sith Emperor.

The Shadow family were Slaves slowly dying out from abuse until Tasogare was born.  By the time he developed his powers of the Force he was the last of his family.  He became a Sith Lord, eventually under the title Darth Shadow, and fought in the Galactic War when the Sith Empire returned and fought against the Old Republic.

Tasogare was a loyal Sith Patriot, but wasn't an abusive Sith like most.  He saw the flaws of the Sith, and gained an interest of the Light Side of the Force.  He soon became a member of the Revanites, a cult of Sith who followed the ways of Darth Revan, a Jedi turned Sith, then redeemed as a Jedi again who mastered both dark and light side and obtained immense strength.

He was an insperation to Jedi and Sith alike, and his teachings encouraged Tasogare to master both sides of the Force and obtained a unique strength from it.

He became friends with Darth Malgus who also saw the flaws of the Empire and see reform as its only salvation.

During the Cold War, when Sith and Republic declared peace, the friends tried to gain power and influence to make their goal a reality.

Tasogare also took the time to increase his knowledge and strength and seeked a path to immortality.  He learned rituals to preserve and extend his youth while he was still young to extend his lifespan but knew it was only temporary.

He knew that the only true immortality was that the Sith Emperor possesses. 

Meanwhile Tasogare utilized Rakata technology in a plan to save the Empire.

Soon war resparked and Malgus defected when the Emperor apparently died.  Tasogare didn't go with it knowing it'll only divide and hurt the Empire and instead focused on his plan.

He found the Emperor and told him his plan to save the Empire.

In exchange the Emperor gave him the gift of immortality.  Tasogare added the Light Side to the ritual, and became immortal without losing his sanity or feelings which was the price the Emperor suffered.

He saved Malgus from death and convinced the Emperor to make him immortal as well.

They waited until the Sith Empire suffered a fatal defeat, and the Emperor made a return and feigned defeat when the Empire and Republic united against him.

Tasogare who was long though dead revealed himself to the remnants of the Sith Empire and led them to an exodus to a hidden planet where he would rebuild the Empire with his creation the Star Foundry.

The Sith he didn't made the exodus became the modern Sith the Jedi are familiar with thinking the True Sith Empire gone.

Tasogare became the Emperor's right hand and learned from his feet.  He and Malgus reformed the Empire and Sith Order with their New Empire and Revanite ideals.

The new Sith Empire was reformed and different from what it used to be, and the Sith Order learned Dark and Light side together.

The Sith Emperor allowed those reforms not caring the condition of the Empire as long as they serve their purpose when they reveal themselves to the rest of the Galaxy.

Tasogare developed a transportation Force technique that allowed him to return to Hollow Shadow and sired a new generation of his family before returning to his home universe.  That family line was that Revan Shadow descended from.

When Revan was born, it was Tasogare in disguise who Force persuaded his parents to name him after the Jedi Hero upon sensing the power of his heart 

As Revan grew up and soon founded Organization Keyblade, Tasogare led his Empire against the Alien Invaders the Yuuzhan Vong.  It was during that conflict Tasogare finally resolved to overthrow the Sith Empire long realizing his mad ambition to destroy life in the galaxy.

Tasogare came to Revan and made him immortal in his perfected Immortality ritual and asked his last living relative's help to take down the Sith Emperor before he can declare war on the Galaxy ruled by the Galactic Empire at the time. 

Together Revan and Tasogare and the members of Organization Keyblade Defeated the Emperor permanently.  Tasogare had Malgus rule as Emperor while remaining to be the power behind the throne.

He couldn't join the Organization full time as he was managing to stabilize the Empire.  Revan's member Darth Maul, whom Revan saved and made his body while again, left the Organization to join Tasogare's Sith Empire.

At this time Tasogare was preparing for war.  The Jedi were gone, and the Galactic Empire was ruled by the remnant of the Sith Order that followed the old ways and thus are enemies in the reformed Sith Empire's eyes, that aside of being the Remains of the Old Republic that doomed them in the first place.

At this time the Sith Empire was fully recovered from their Vong War and the Galactic Empire was at war with the Rebel Alliance.

Tasogare's plan was to unite with the Alliance against the Galactic Empire.  He knew that despite his reforms they'll always be people who'll favor a democracy, and in addition he knew that the Jedi would never truly disappear.

So to prevent further wars, he find it necessary to ally with the faction that'll form a New Republic and New Jedi Order.  He can make his ideals influence the development of both, and having them as allies would realize his dream of Galactic Peace once the Galactic Empire is out of the way.

He never wanted Galactic Conquest and would be content of expanding the Empire to the territory it used to have in the Cold War, which was almost half the known Galaxy.  As long as there's peace and prosperity for his people he would rather have it that way.

Before the Sith Emperor's demise he and Tasogare sent Sith agents to the known Galaxy and infiltrated the development of the Galactic Empire.

Sith scientists who helped formed the Clone Army, implanted a hidden toxin in their DNA.  When a curtain frequency was sent out throughout the Galaxy the clones would all die out as the toxin is activated when exposed to the frequency.

In addition the Droid Armies of the CIS were reactivated via codes given by Sith Agents who infiltrated the CIS, and were massed produced along with the tech adapted from the CIS and Old Republic by the Star Foundry.

The Sith Empire were ready for war, they just need the right opportunity to come in and gain the trust of the Rebel Alliance.

They handled themselves fine at Yavin 4 with the destruction of the Death Star.

The circumstances leading to the battle of Hoth however was the opportunity the Sith Empire had been looking for.

The Galactic Empire's forces led by Darth Vader, invaded the Rebel Alliance current secret base on Hoth, which ironically was a world Tasogare was familiar with in his days in the Old Republic, when the Republic and Empire fought in the frozen wastelands With pirates in effort to salvage Advanced technology stranded there.

Sith Agents in Vader's fleet provided the Sith Forces when Vader Would strike upon finding the base by a probe droid's chance encounter.

As the Imperial Forces besieged Hoth, the Sith Imperial Forces converged and prepared for their surprise attack a sector away.

The Sith fleet were mostly made up of Harrowers and other Sith ships that existed during the time of the Old Republic but were retrofitted with the advanced technology of modern times, also ships of the Clone War Era bearing Sith the black and red  colors and even Imperial Star Destroyers painted in Sith Colors.

Before the Vong War the Star Foundry massed produced ships and weapons of any design, but after the war it was damaged beyond function, a reason want the Sith Empire needed to expand territory and obtain much needed resources to support its people.

Tasogare sent ahead a Star Foundry made Harrower dreadnaught, fitted with a Cloaking Device and a giant Ion Cannon, strapped to its front over its dual hanger bays.

It appeared out of Hyperspave behind Vader's Star Destroyer Armada, it decloaked and fired its Ion Cannon, firing a giant wave that struck the Imperial ships and disabled them.

The giant ion cannon's design is based on the CIS weapon the Malevolence.
Even Vader's Super Star Destroyer the Executor was disabled.

The rest of the Sith fleet came out of Hyperspace and began attacking the disabled Imperial Ships and heralded the evacuating Rebel Ships to safety.

Tasogare was at the helm of the bridge of his Harrower flagship the Wolf Fang II.  He closed his eyes and focused in the force and mentally saw Luke Skywalker about to board an X-Wing fighter to escape the planet.

He used force Telapathy to call out to Luke in the Force.

"Go back to the main hangar."

"What who are you? Ben?"

"A friend. Vader is in the base and is about to capture your friends. If you don't go back to stop him it'll be too late," said Tasogare in reply.

What Taso says was true. Vader indeed was in the base. And had appeared in the hanger just as the Millennium Falcon attempted to escape.  But Vader was able to stop it from escaping with the Force and forced it to land, and have his troops capture Leia Organa, Han Solo, Chewbacca, and C3PO and R2D2.

He lined them up. As he stood in front of Leia.  "This day marks the beginning of the end of the Rebellion Princess.  Your capture will ensure that.  You are more valuable alive Princess, your friends however," he turned to Han and Chewbacca with their hands over heads.  "They are expendable." The Dark Lord said raising his blade over his head to strike them down.

"No Vader wait!" Begged Leia, as a snowtrooper grabbed her from behind to hold her back.

Suddenly Luke's X-Wing flew into the hanger, and he jumped from mid-air out of the cockpit drawing Vader's former Jedi blade. Vader turned around to parry Luke's aerial Attack.  "Skywalker," said Vader to Luke in acknowledgement as he and his son crossed blades.  "Finally we meet."

"Your time is done Vader. You will see justice for your crimes today." Said Luke as he separated from Vader.

Vader signaled his troops not to interfere.  "Is that so? If that's my destiny then so be it.  But I highly doubt it's likely to happen you are strong.  The Force is with you Skywalker,  and seemed to learned some things from Obi-Wan but your training isn't complete, you are not a Jedi yet."

Luke yelled as he ran forward delivering strike after strike against Vader's guard.  Vader simply stood and blocked his Attacks effortlessly.

Luke grew frustrated and without any Jedi training gave into his anger easily and his Attacks grew stronger as the dark side flowed into him.

"Good, your anger gives you strength.  But it isn't enough.  I don't have time to play with you.  The Emperor longs to meet you. It's time to face your destiny." Moving his saved so fast in moved in a red arc be severed Luke's hand.  Luke fell on the ground gripping his wound yelling.

Vader kicked Luke to his back and turned to his friends.  "You have yet to unlock your true potential let loss be your teacher," said Vader as he raises his blade to strike them down.

Suddenly a flash filled the hanger. Vader turned and saw someone standing meters behind him.

It was Tasogare Shadow who utilized his Force Transportation technique to teleport from his ship from space to appear in the Hanger.

"While I agree this could be the beginning of the making of the boy, I'm afraid I have the need to interfere."

"Who are you?" Asked Vader.

"I am a shadow of the past.  You may call me Darth Shadow, Dark Lord of the Sith."

"Shadow? My master once told me of an ancient Sith of the Sith Empire who served with Malgus as a patriot for the Sith Emperor in the Galactic War.  He was a mere Darth of conservative ideals and a suspected Revanite.  He's long one with the Force."

"So you been told. Believe what you will, however the fact is that the boy is right when he said your time is done. The time of the Old Sith is over, the time the True Sith begins now."

"You do not know the power of the Dark Side Acolyte." Said Vader as he went towards the interloper blade ready to strike him down.

Taso drew his Saberstaff and activated one of its rare black blade with red outline colored saber blades to parry it.

"It's you who has much to learn youngster. Don't be so smug you black tin man."

Vader decided to not underestimate this mysterious foe as he unleashed the full poweess of his swordsmanship. Enhanced by his cyborg body his strikes were fast and strong.

Tasogare however blocked the Attacks with equal strength and speed enhancing his physical capabilities with his immense force power.

Vader attempted a few strikes until Taso was suddenly gone and Vader struck thin air.  He turned and saw Tasogare meters away dashing toward him across the the ground moving like a phantom. 

Vader blocked Taso's Attack but was knocked into the ground by the impact and was hit against cargo boxes. Vader was barely able to move out of the way as Taso struck the ground where he laid.

Vader was up beginning to realize Taso wasn't an initiate, he wasn't just strong but also have a reserve of experience.

Vader couldn't sense Taso's full power as he was suppressing it to confuse Vader.

As Taso drew the second blade of his Saberstaff, Vader knew he was getting serious.

Taso swung his blade staff with immense skill and speed and delivered a barrage of attacks against Vader.  Vader was forced on the defensive, as he found himself barely able to keep up.

Taso took advantage of Vader's clunky body, to keep attacking with swift Attacks to spread Vader's defense thin.

At one point one end of Taso's weapon crossed blades with Vader.  Taso smirked under the mask and in a refined arc, the other end of his weapon slashed against Vader's chest.

Vader fell on his knees groaning.

Taso then struck again to hit Vader's mask off him, and kicked his blade off of his hand.

The Snowtroopers began to prepare to fire on the interloper to save Vader, but Taso raised his arm and conjured of a Force Storm of Lightning to appear over the Troopers heads and struck them down.  Their bodies exploded from the power of the lightning.

Only Luke and his friends were unharmed.  Tasogare walked to Luke and took his stumped arm, and used Sith Sorcery in the form of healing Force Lightning to revive his lost hand.  Luke looked at his hand in amazement, as Taso handed him his father's former Jedi weapon. 

He lifted the weakened Vader behind him with a Force Grip, as he stood in front of Leia.  

"Princess Organa. I represent the True Sith Empire and we would like to discuss terms of an alliance against a mutual enemy..."

Vader was imprisoned, and the Battle of Hoth ended in victory as Sith Forces after defeating Vader's fleet, landed and assisted Rebel Forces in defeating the Imperial Forces that invaded Echo Base.

Hours later Tasogare arranged a meeting with Mon Mothma and other Alliance leaders at the Rebel Fleet.

They were skeptical that their possible new allies called themselves Sith, and after being oppressed by the Sith rule of Palpatine, they are hesitant to accept this civilization as an ally.

They were even more skeptical when Taso told that in exchange of the Sith Empire's help, they seek territory that would span almost half the known Galaxy, the same territory the Empire once had at the Cold War.

Talks began to fell apart, until Tasogare gave them this food for thought.  If the Alliance wishes to make the Sith Empire their enemy then they'll have two Empire's to deal with.  At least by allying themselves with the Sith Empire now they can deal with one Empire and Possibly worry about the other later.

Rebel leaders decided to take this alliance as a chance to observe and learn about the Sith Empire's true intentions and learn about their capabilities should things go south.

An alliance between the Sith Empire and the Rebel Alliance was made, a union not seen since the uneasy truces and cooperations is the Sith Empire and Old Repuplic during the Cold War and Second Galactic War.

Luke, who seemed to trusted Tasogare for what he Did to save him and his friends, soon learned the truth about Vader and that Leia was his sister.

Tasogare offered to teach Luke and/or Leia the true ways of the Force should he want to be more than a Jedi.

Luke left for Dagobah to train under Yoda saying he'll think about the offer.

Meanwhile news of the Sith Empire's reappearance as the Rebel Alliance's allies shook the core of the Galactic Empire.  It disturbed Emperor Palpatine greatly.

He went deep in a Force Trance in the presence of Sith Holocrons to consult the spirits of the Ancient Sith Lords who had followed the traditional ways of the Sith and from them he learned about Tasogare.

"Darth Shadow is not worthy of his title as Dark Lord of the Sith, he is a hypocrite who blasphemed by embracing the Light Side as well as the Dark.  He took advantage of Lord Vitiate's madness to become immortal and learn from his feet," said the blackened shroud of one Sith Spirit.

"Yet he is cunning like a Sith should be.  He is no ordinary individual. Even With Immortality a fool wouldn't have succeeded as much as he had,"
Said another.

"It matter of the fact isn't in his intelligence nor his strength.  It's the fact he's threatening to make our traditions go extinct.  He turned the True Sith that directly descended from the the Order and Empire the Founders created, into an abomination. An order of false Sith utilizing the Light Side and Dark Side in equal shares. And follow Jedi as well as Sith doctrine.  He must be eliminated!" Stated another Shade.

"We do not know his strength. If he was the one who defeated Lord Vitiate, he must be formidable.  With Lord Vader compromised, Lord Sidious is the last of us."

"Then we must-"

"Hey am I interrupting anything or can anyone join this chat room?"

Sidious and all shades looked behind them and saw Tasogare standing behind them.

"Lord Sidious! You must allow us to take your body as a vessel! Our collective power would-"

"Begone shades your time is over to Chaos with the Lot of you," said Tasogare as he extended his palm forward and summoned a powerful flash of white light.  The shades screeched as they were repelled away by the light.  Sidious covered his face with his arms by the intensity of the light.  He was forced out of the trance and returned to the real world.
He was on Coruscant in his chambers in his throne room, with Sith Holocrons standing in pedestals in front of him.  While in his trance he surged force lightning into them.

Sidious gasped to see the real Tasogare standing in front of him and behind him through the doors leading to his throne room bodies of Royal Guards littered the Throne Room.

"Hail Galactic Emperor and brother Dark Lord of the Sith the Force us with you," bowed Tasogare respectfully.

Sidious stood up to look at the intruder.

"Darth Shadow I presume?"

"And you must be Darth Sidious.  Your accomplishments precede you."

"And they you as well at Least some of them. My colleagues don't know much about you since your days in the Old Republic and only a few things during  your exile."

"For all his faults the Sith Emperor was strong and skilled.  He was a good teacher.  Amongst his skills was the ability to keep Sith Spirits out of our part of the Galaxy, one which I inherited when I learned from him."

"So what do I owe for this intrusion?"

"Your demise."

"Why act so hostile we are both Sith and should get along with eachother. Together we can unite the Galaxy in peace and order."

"Peace is a lie. You know it better than anyone. It can only exist in dreams of many.  That aside Im determined to put an end to the Old ways of the Sith.  I've existed for millennia and seen the old ways fail again And again.  I'm tired of it.  You are what's left of the old ways.  With your demise the Sith, the True Sith that displays complete mastery of the Force will have their time.  Your era is over."

"Is that so! Don't underestimate me! I am the Dark Side Incarnate! I am the next Sith Emperor!  You are nothing but a deluded relic! Feel the true power of the Dark Side!" Shouted Palpatine as fired bolts of purple Force Lighting from his hands.

Tasogare deflected the barrage of lighting with the flick of his wrist before crossing his hands smugly. The deflected bolts struck the wall near the ceiling and exploded.

Palpatine blinked in surprise before he bellowed and attempted again.  The Attack was deflected again in the same manner.

Palpatine fired again and this time Taso held back the blast of lighting with a single hand.

Palpatine poured all his strength in an effort to tear through Taso's defenses.  Taso pushed forward and sent the blast of lighting back at Palpatine.  It struck him and he fell back to the ground.

He floated telekinetically back on his feet.
To see Tasogare standing over him brining his  blade down to strike him down.

Palpatine was barely able to step backward to avoid a fatal blow.

He gripped the wound on his chest hissing in hate.

He drew a blade hidden at his sleeve. Despite his legendary skill in Lightsaber combat, he really doesn't care for it, preferring to overpower his foes with his great Force Powers.

He and Taso swung their blades so fast it seemed that multiple blades were striking eachother.

The melee lasted for about a minute when Tado suddenly drew his, blade's other end and slashed Palpatine with it.

He kicked Palpatine's saber out of his hand, and Repelled him with a blast of force energy to the wall.

Palpatine got up, looking at Taso in amazement.

"I've build up my power and knowledge for millennia you only existed for a few decades.  You are a child to me.  I've learned at the Sith Emperor's feet and was the only person who got close to him in strength.  I returned from death with my power multiplied in my duel with him, and discovered the Valley of the Jedi which supercharged my strength making me reborn in the Force.   You are no Sith Emperor but to be fair to you posses a significant fraction of his former power.  Let me show you power, the power of a Sith who truly mastered the Force."  His eyes unused his golden mask glowed purple as his body closed in a purplish aura.  The entire room filled with purplish energy, the very air became heavy in it.

Palpatine gasped as he fell on all fours feeling the power like immense pressure bearing down on him like Gravity.

"I never imagined there something that existed such as you...very well if I can't crush your power I'll assimilate it!" Said Palpatine as he prepped to use his ability Essence Transfer to transfer hid spirit into Tasogare's body and took it over.

Tasogare countered it using  Force Walk, the ability for a Sith to bind spirits to their will.

Tasogare used it to bind Palpatine's spirit to his will and kept it bound to his flesh while taking his strength and adding it to his own.

Palpatine gasped collapsing on all Fours.

"You think I'm not familiar with that technique? The Sith Emperor used that to insure his immortality.  I know it myself but prefer to stay in my original vessel.  I know the technique well and I know how to counter it.  With help from a relative we binded the Sith Emperor to his vessel and took him to Chaos when he died with it.  Now you are bound to your flesh unable to escape.  Dark Side incarnate indeed you are like me just a man gifted in power. Only unlike me you failed to Acknowledge it and allowed your own power to control you.  Now begone and with you the flawed order of the Sith."

He charged his full strength and unleashed Force Lightning to the bound Palpatine.

The building of the throne room surged in lightning as Palpatine was vaporized by the Attack.

With him gone Tasogare pressed the a Remote button to activate the toxins within the Imperial Clone Solders throughout the Galaxy and killed them from the inside out.

With Palpatine gone and a significant portion of their solders gone, the Galactic Empire will split into chaos making it easier for the Sith Empire and Rebel Alliance to push forward against them.

While he would like to see how things turn out he must leave his world briefly to pay his relative Revan Shadow a visit to pay his respects upon hearing about Shadow's rebellion and he used his force technique to disappear.

Meanwhile at the Doom World Revan Shadow was having fun.

Zera, Xixi's half sister, was fucking Revan riding him rapidly, as Xixi stood before them nude fingering hersrlf.

Zera unlike Xixi is an albino Irken Mercenary with no powers but formidable skills. And while Xixi is sweet in the surface yet horny and homicidal at inside, Zera is a cold and hard bitch at outside yet deep down she can be sweet to only those close to her.

Besides being a mercenary Zera is also doing research of the scab species, one whom is Xixi's pet Tom.

When Xixi joined the Organization to be with Revan, Zera followed originally to keep an eye on her sister and also take advantage of the pay Revan offers for doing missions for him.

But recently she became interested in taking a noncombatant role in the Organization.  She asked Revan to be in charge of first aide as a nurse and a Chief.  She also wishes to make use of the Organization's resources to further her research.

Revan gladly allowed her to do as she sees fit.

At first Zera didn't trust Revan as she hardly trusts anyone, but she came to respect him upon seeing how he takes care of Xixi.

She also grown to bond with Xanatos, the first Irken Mercenary member whom had become her partner in and out of the Organization.

Xixi, recently decided to hand Zera cut loose and chemically drugged Zera and Revan to go at eachother.
Zera became one  of the few females she approved to have fun with Revan, mostly for the purpose to entertain her dirty fetishes.

Zera moaned softly as she lifted herself and brought herself back down using her full weight to bring his cock deeper inside her.

Xixi kept her and Revan horny for eachother with her demonic power, creating an aphrodisiac effect With her power.  She watched moaning  softly as she fingered herself.

Zera was beginning to become addicted to this activity as she went harder while rubbing her Breasts still inside her blouse.

Xixi fingered faster as she heard them getting close.

Finally they both yelled as they came.

As Zera collapsed on Revan panting, Xixi moved forward to kiss Revan roughly, before putting her wet pussy on his mouth, desiring for him to eat it as she grinds.

She was about to start when suddenly in a flash of force energy, Tasogare Shadow appeared in the room.

He stood at the side of the bed looking down at Revan and his bedmates.

They all stopped and stared at him.

After a while he said, "Don't stop on my account please keep going."

Xixi smirked and  happily said, "Ok!" As she started to pussy fuck Revan's mouth before he pulled her off.

A few minutes later they got cleaned and dressed up and met with Taso and living room.

"So Revan these are your recent members? Friends with benefits huh?" Taso said referring to the last time he caught Revan in his room with a lady.

"Oh Im not, Im his mate, and she's my sister whom I guess counts as his friend with benefit under my approval, I'm Xixon," she said smiling pleasantly making Revan blush.

"Ah you have the personality of a leader. And the heart of a lovely kind person.  I approve of you.  I am Tasogare Shadow, Revan's last living relative," he said taking off his hood and mask revealing himself to look like Revan only with yellow eyes like when his wolf Powers are active.

Xixi and Zera looked at Taso in surprise at the resemblance.

"I heard of you loss and came to offer my condolences.  But I'm happy that some happy things also result from recent events. I welcome you to the Shadow family."

"Thank you Mr. Taso you are nice, " said Xixi pleasantly.

Suddenly a shockwave shook the house. At the tv the image of Zerg came into focus.  "Boss the underground base is being attacked by what I believe are Von Draco forces. They are knights enhanced by magical abilities Calling themselves-"

The transmission was suddenly cut off as armored figures tore through the ground.  About five armored Knights came stood before them drawing long swords.

"Identify yourselves." Asked Revan calmly.

"We are the elite blades of the Von Dracos the Klinge. You are our masters sworn enemies we shall fight you in their name," said the captain of the group his face hidden in his helmet like the others.

"Is that right? Then I regret to inform you it won't be easy," said Revan as he was about to dash toward the captain when Tasogare stopped him. "I'll deal with him you deal with the others." He said as he put his mask and hood back on, and drew his Saberstaff and dashed toward the captain.

Revan blocked the sword strike of a knight that crashed him through the floor into the lower levels of the house.

Xixi took on two at once taunting them by shaking her butt seductively before disappearing in super speed with them chasing her.

Zera ran away drawing her gun while her Knight pursuer chased behind her firing fire and Ice based magic Attacks at her.

Tasogare and his opponent the Klinge squad Captain remained in the living room for a moment.

"Let's take this battle elsewhere," said Taso, as the captain nodded in agreement before they both disappeared in super speed via force speed and magically enhanced speed.

Meanwhile downstairs, Zera ran to the house's training room. Unlike her companions she has no powers, armed only with her weapons and skills.  As she was running she discovered that both were ineffective.  The armor of the knight was tough, apparently magically enhanced to increase durability even against blaster shots.

Upon realizing that she ran to the training room where she'll make use of another weapon to change the tide.

As she entered the room, The Knight threw ice needles at her as he entered room, with a wave of his arm.

She got cut on both arms by being grazed by the ice projectiles. The impact of the hits caused her to fall to the ground.

The knight walked toward her, his blade ablaze with fire energy. He raised it about to strike her down.

Cut and bloodied, Zera seemed helpless.  But she smirked as she said suddenly, "Computer, activate program Absent Silhouette, initiate Zera training regiment defense mode, at max difficult setting."

Absent Silhouette was a program made by Zerg.  It gives the Organizations computers the ability to create data-l replicas of others for the purpose of training.

Usually they are replicas of opponents Organization Keyblade fought in the past.  But Zera had a special data replica in mind.  Xanatos, her closest partner and friend in the Organization.

The real Xanatos returned from another mission at the main base about to visit Zera when the other squads of the Klinge attacked the base.  He is at the moment helping the rest of the team fight off the main invasion force, therefore can't physically be there to help Zera.

However this data based facsimile of Xan is programmed to be stronger than the original by Zera just now.  And thus will stand more of a challenge to bed opponent. The data replica of Xanatos dashed forward at speeds exceeding beyond the original, and swung it's electro-katanas at the knight with unreal strength beyond the capabilities of the real Xan.

The impact of the strikes were blocked by the Knight's blade but was knocked back by the recoil and skid across the ground.

The knight fired an energy slash of fire energy at the Xanatos. Who dashed through the flames using a whirlwind dashing blade Attack and clashed blades with the knight.

While the Xanatos data replica held back the knight, Zera jumped on the knight's shoulders and took out a syringe and stabbed it at his neck where the armor was weakest.

The knight unleashed a surge of  magic energy to repel Zera off him and into the ground.

He pushed away the Xan data replica, the data replica lunged at the knight swords at the ready.

The knight dashed forward and  slashed the data replica, defeating it while it was still in mid-air.

As the Xan data replica faded away in a swirl of data and numbers, the knight turned to Zera and raised his blade to strike her down.

She was hurt and unable to move in time to evade the Attack.  But despite her predicament she smirked and chuckled causing the knight to stop and grunted, "Hm?"

"Heh strong silent type huh. Well works for me.  You know what i injected inside you? Nano bombs, right now they are being pumped to almost everywhere in your body.  Your armor is stuff but what about your insides?" She asked as she took out a remote and pressed the button.

Popping sounds  were heard as the knight stood still in shock as the nano-sized bombs exploded inside him.

He collapsed to the ground dead before his armored body burned away into ash.

Xixi's battle took place at the underground portion of the house in its Voot/Gummi Ship hanger bay.

She was at her demon/wolf form, gracefully dodging their sword strkes.

After ducking a strike she drew her demonic red spirit energy blade, striking at the knight's chest. The strike exposed the skin of his armor.

She spat out acid at the opening. He yelled as the acid ate at his flesh.

The other knight swung his sword at her.  She caught it with her bare hand and jabbed Her other clawed hand through the armor and chest of the other Kmight.  She transferred her demonic wolf power into the wound.  The knight's body disentegrated into nothing from the inside out.

Xixi turned around to see the first Knight she wounded healed to her surprise and swung at her again, grazing her cheek.
She snarled as she jabbed her palm at the knight's helmet shattering it.

She slammed the knight to the ground and began bashing his head in, then before his body burned away with his death she ate his flesh.

Meanwhile Revan was fighting his opponent in the lap area of the base where Zera and Xixi do their experiments.  Zera for her research on Tom's species, and Xixi for her random quirks.

Before they moved in, that part of the base was hardly used since Revan and his former second in command Shadow hardly are one of scientific. Minds. Thus when the girls moves in, the labs became more active.
Most of the Organization's lab work happens in the main underground base where Zim, Tak, and other scientist members work under Zerg, the director of the R and D department.

Houses like Zim's, Revan's, and Gaz's homes made from Irken Tech are equipped with labs and other identical facilities.

Revan came to see his opponent's physical abilities is compatible to his own, making the battle even so far.  Until Revan decided to change tactics and surround his blade in Dark Zero energy without releasing it, creating shockwaves with each swing.  This maneuver surprised the knight as each strike knocked back her guard.

He succeeded in striking her head and hit her helmet off.  It revealed she was a young looking female with hazel eyes and brown hair in a ponytail.

After striking her so hard she slid against the ground, Revan jumper backward and unleashed the Stored Dark Zero Energy as an energy wave.

The female knight, Gaia, blocked the blast with her blade.

While she was still blocking the blast, Revan teleported at her side and fired Dark Zero as an energy blast from his finger.  Her armor protected her but the blast knocked her into the wall.

He was about to stab her against the wall, when an arm grabbed his hand, and the person responsible kicked him to the ground.

Revan looked up to see it was Ulquiorra Cifer the former 4th Espada of Aizen's Arrancar Army.

Revan was surprised to see him, he knew that he died fighting Ichigo Kurosaki.

Revan personally knew him when Organization Keyblade and Hueco Mundo has a temporary alliance against the Dominion.

" that you?"

"Yes Revan Shadow. It's really me."

"I thought you died."

"I did but my new masters the Von Dracos used their power to resurrect me.  After using their ritual to revive Larxene and Marluxia, they decided to revive more of your former foes,  and acquaintances to make use of, while enhancing us all with their magic.

"I'm not alone, they also revived Zommari Rureaux, Coyote Starrk, Yammy Llargo, Gin Ichimaru, and Kaname Tosen.  U and Zommari were revived because we were amongst the loyal of the Espada.

"Starrk was killed when he refused to serve anyone else.  Yammy got himself killed when he sent to subdue our former comrade Tier Harribiel.

"Only Zommari, Gin, Tosen, and I remain in the Von Dracos service. More could have been revived but the resurrection ritual takes a lot of power, and our masters were content to have us for now."

"So now your masters sent you to help kill me."

"No this invasion is mostly to test your team's abilities against their elite while having any members killed is a bonus.  I volunteered for this mission upon knowing it was about you.  You will die by my sword," said Ulquiorra as he drew his sword.

"You lowly minion!" shouted Gaia as she got up.  "Know your place! The honor for this mission belong to the Klinge alone! This man is my prey! Don't interfere!"

"It is our masters will for me to be here now. To hinder me is to hinder them.  That aside you are no match against this man.  I fought at his side before and know what he's capable of.  If you wish to die go ahead, if not stay out of my sword's path," said Ulquiorra calmly without turning to face her. She flinched at the reply and said nothing.

"Ulquiorra...there's something different about you I can see it in your eyes...let me see..." Said Revan as he got up and dashed toward him abs crossed blades with him.

"Oh I Keyblade is touching your blade and through it your feelings are flowing into my blade.  I can feel and see the moments leading to your death...I see finally understand and accepted the significance and existence of a Heart.  In that case Im puzzled if guy accepted the Heart than why allow the Von Dracos to use you like a pawn.  At least with Aizen he allowed you all to think for yourselves while he used you all. I just don't understand...unless you knew that if there was anyone who can feed your heart from their control its me.  Which is why you volunteered to confront me to have me free you from their spell that they used to bind you to them."

Ulquiorra stared blankly at him as he didn't make a denial but said in reply. "Identify this however you like.  Still...if you do liberate me from this servitude I will freely follow you as o had followed Lord Aizen to the end of my days only if you proven yourself worthy.  Show me the strength of your heart Revan Shadow."

Meanwhile in the sky high above the town Tasogare Shadow was engaged in his duel with the Klinge squad captain.

 Tasogare fired a  barrage of lighting laser blasts similar the light technique Ragarok from one end of his saberstaff.

The captain moved in a blur of speed avoiding the blasts.

Taso then charged a giant projectile of lightning at one end of his Saberstaff and launched it at the captain.

The captain fired a powerful bolt of magic energy from his palm to deflect the projectile causing it to explode.

The captain saw Tasogare standing there and asked," why aren't you fighting seriously?

"It wouldn't do much good to simply kill you without learning the capabilities of your kind.  I dragged this fight on to observe and analyze your abilities so it could be an asset to me and my relative's team in future battles.  I can see that you Knights are magically enhanced by The same power source. 

"It seems that your powers vary in each knight.  I observed earlier that the knight who attacked Zera used fire and ice magic.  You haven't used it so far because either you haven't have a chance to use it yet, not interested in using it, saving it for a counter move, or you baby use it.  However you all seem to share the  Universal abilities of enhanced physical prowess and the ability to manipulate magic energy.  And lastly your ability to heal isn't absolute it seems to kick in moments after you. I can only assume your ability isn't your own it comes from your masters.  They heal you with some spell which take moments to heal because of the distance."

"You are a wise opponent it's almost a shame you are my enemy.  You are correct in almost every aspect.  Expect that we have one other universal ability, longevity.  To be a Klinge is an eternity of servitude.  We can't even be allowed to die by natural causes.  I am 200 years old," he said taking off his helmet showing he appeared to bring a white haired blue eyed middle aged man.

"That's nothing a multiple millennia old but I can see you too are a man of experience. So you and your subordinates are older than you look."  

"Yes Gaia my second in command is over 80."

"Interesting, but now it's time  to
End things."

"Agreed! Let this battle end in glory!"  Said the captain as he dashed toward Taso and impaled him with his lomgswords through the chest.

But it was an illusion made by Taso's Sith Sorcery.  The real Taso was behind the captain impaling him through the back and armored chest with his saber enhanced with force lightning.

The captain fell to Earth as his body faded into ash and fire.

Meanwhile, Revan was fighting Ulquiorra.  He was now in his Released form  and Revan in his second form Light Mode, clashing with Keyblade against lance of spirit energy.

They moved in super speed, making it appear that are at multiple places at once clashing against eachother.

They separated and charged their moves.  Ulquiorra charged his move Cero Oscuras and Revan's Cero Blanco.

Revan's signature move Dark Zero was developed by Revan and Shadow when they first went to Hueco Mundo years ago before finding the Organization.  It was after the wars in Revan's Homeworld allowing him some freedom to travel to other worlds before leaving completely to find Organization Keyblade.

Hueco Mundo was One of the first world's Revan and Shadow explored.  It was before Aizen defected from the Soul Society and fully settled in Hueco Mundo.

Revan and Shadow explored Hueco Mundo and fought Hollows and pseudo-Arrancars they encountered. Upon seeing their move, the Cero.  Revan and Shadow developed the Dark Zero based on that technique.

Upon unlocking his first form Dark Mode, he fully developed the move.

When he developed his second firm Light Mode, he developed the light version of Dark Zero, Cero Blanco, which he used to deflect Ulquiorra's Cero Oscuras.

As the dust cleared Revan said, "you have gotten stronger. As you are now you would really give Ichigo a challenge."

"What became of Ichigo Kurosaki?"

"He defeated Aizen at the price of his power.  Aizen himself is immortal now but powerless and sealed away in the Soul Society.  Ichigo has been living as a normal human ever since."

"I see...tell me Revan is it your full power or can you get stronger?"

"I have another form as backup."

"Then show me your true strength if you see yourself worthy to liberate me." He said as black and green energy surrounded him as he unleashed his final form.

Ulquiorra is the only known Arrancar who can unleash a second released form, making him even more stronger than before.  He was in that form when he died,

Now this form is even more powerful now that he's enhanced with Von Draco magic.

"Resurrección: Segunda Etapa," said Ulquiorra describing the name of his form.

 "Guess it's my turn then," said Revan as a mixture of black and white energy surrounded him. When dust cleared. It showed Revan in a black and whited colored Black Coat, with crosses in the design.  This was his final human form, Union Mode, the combination of both his previous forms and when his dark and light powers are at strongest.

Ulquiorra drew his energy weapon a green lance of spirit energy, with energy burning like flames at each end. The Lanzla del Relampago.  Besides being used as a melee weapon, it can be thrown as a javelin like his energy lance in his previous form. However when this powered up energy weapon hits a target it unleashes an explosion so powerful it can be nearly the size of a city. 

However Ulquiorra have no intention to unleash such a power in an  enclosed space at least not now.

They moved in super speed clashing again.  With each clash, they unleashed a shockwave.

Gaia watched them fight in shock.  She can't believe the man she fought have such power backed up.  She realized Ulquiorra was right she would have been killed by now I'd she kept fighting him.  She never felt so powerless before.

She turned Around to see Xixi behind her.  She stared at Ulquiorra's wings and former her own from her back only they are angelic wings with black feathers.  Giving her an appearance of a fallen Irken angel with demonic features.

She watched as Revan and Ulquiorra fought.  Gaia gasped and turned around and swung her blade at her.  Xixi smirked and effortlessly blocked the blade with her bare hand.  She put her other hand near her mouth and pointed her finger near her mouth  and made a shushing sound.

She than out her finger near Gaia's chest and charged a perfect imitation of Revan's Dark Zero at her finger.

She fired it point blank at Gaia's chest.  The armor held and knocked her into the wall as the blast exploded against it.  When dust cleared it showed Gaia still alive but her upper armor blown off with herself partly burned and wounded and wearing a t-shirt blouse.

She held her blade which was partly burned away by the blast.

"Now what can I do to you," she said in a darkened voice.  " many things I can do to you while I wait for my baby to finish mopping up here. I can't wait to get started!~"

Gaia knew she can't win, and resorted to her only option: retreat.  She sensed she's the last of her squad, her captain and teammates are gone.  Her mission is a failure and her only choice now is return home while she can.

She knelt down, and placed her broken blade against the ground like a warrior doing a kneeling salute.  Xixi blinked thinking at first this was doing a gesture of surrender.  Suddenly a magic symbol formed underneth Gaia and a barrier of light surrounded Gaia. 

Xixi blinked than snarled trying to slash at her.  She was repelled to the ground by the barrier.

She whimpered clutching her burned hand. And watched as Gaia glowed in light and disappeared.

She growled getting up and looked up to observe Revan and Ulquiorra's fight.

Ulquiorra separated from a clash with Revan and charged a Segunda Etapa enhanced Cero Oscuras.

Revan charged his Union Mode's version of Dark Zero, which is called Amanecer Zero.  It's a combination of Cero Blanco and Dark Zero.  It's a blast in a mixture of black and white energy charged as a sphere of condensed energy at the Palm.  He made it seem he was about to fire to clash with Ulquiorra's Cero Oscuras.

But when Ulquiorra fired he instead  kept the blast in his hand and charged a Union Mode enhanced Reflect Barrier and let Ulquiorra's blast be deflected by it.

Just as the Cero Oscuras was blocked Revan fired his Amanecer Zero.  Ulquiorra had no time to charge another Cero Oscuras to deflect it and was forced to spin hid lance around rapidly to use it to block Revan's blast.

It exploded, almost sending fire throughout the  entire hanger.  Xixi used her wings to shield herself from the shockwave.

When dust cleared it showed Ulquiorra with his right arm, right wing, and part of chest missing.  The lance only reduced the damage of the strike.

Ulquiorra used his ability, High Speed Regeneration, to regenerate his wounds.

"Very impressive.  But you need more than that to defeat me."

"I'm enjoying this battle.  But I must put an end to things in order to save you.  I have at least one more form up my sleeve.  Like Ichigo I became more than human." He said as he unleashed his full wolf form.

Despite no longer having clothes, Revan was still in Union Mode combined with his wolf form.

When Xixi saw his wolf out and used Her connection to him to mentally communicate with him.  "Baby this bat demon dude is an Arrancar like Loly right?  They use spirit energy. Our kind absorbs and manipulates spirit energy.  Drain the dude dry of his power, make it your own, and win this one for me baby."

Revan nodded as Ulquiorra dashed toward him with another Lanzla Del Relampago drawn.

Revan caught the energy lance with nod bare hand and absorbed the energy like Xixi suggested.  Before Ulquiorra could react. Revan grabbed him by throat and drained his power, soon he reverted to his normal form unconscious.

Revan places him at the ground and drew his Keyblade while reverting to his normal human form.

He pointed over the Hollow Hole in Ulquiorra's chest.  "Ulquiorra," said Revan.  "Contrary to what you are led to believe you Hollows are not Heartless.  You see your Hollow masks are actually the physical manifestation of your hearts.  All your powers and abilities are all because of the strength of your heart.  The fact you are only Arrancar to be able to achieve a second stage released state is testament of your heart's strength.  Now through your heart's power i release you from your chains of servitude and welcome you as my newest comrade."  He said as he fired a beam of light into the Hollow Hole.  Within the space within the hole an orb of light formed within it representing Ulquiorra's Heart.  Revan through this act used his Keyblade to unlock Ulquiorra's heart and freed him from the spell that binded him to the Von Dracos.

The Klinge invasion ended in Organization Keyblade victory.  There were no casualties on their side only wounded. And there was more collateral damage than physical, as the underground bass was demolished from the fighting.  But the advanced custom made Irken tech is self repairing and wouldn't take long for things to be back to normal.

Xanatos was amongst the wounded, and was sent to bath in a tube of liquid that would heal his wounds. Zera stayed at his side watching him as he healed inside it.

Tasogare gave his report of analysis to Revan before returning to his Homeworld.

Xixi spent the rest of the day and night using countless ways to "celebrate" with Revan for his victory.

Ulquiorra joined the Organization as promised and shared Intel on what he learned when he was in the Von Draco servitude.

Meanwhile, Gaia in a new suit of armor was kneeling before Vlad Von Draco making her report she was the only one who returned to base.  The rest of her comrades rather died fighting than suffer the indignity of failure.  Gaia has always been more independent and different than the average Klinge, which made her a deviant in her superiors eyes  all except to her fallen captain who treated her like a daughter, who saw her potential in power more suiting as his second in command.

When she was done with her report, she looked down expecting retribution for her failure of returning alive.

"I apologize for my failure...I know I deserve punishment...but I felt I must live to serve the Von Draco family by living to report what happened.  Organization Keyblade's members are...monsters we can't beat them...I can only imagine that our elite could-"
"Spare me your groveling," said Vlad who was staring out of his  office window his back turned on her.

"But in this case you are right there.  In fact you have done the Von Dracos a great service.  You are to be commended. As a reward for your service.  You are to be put in a new squad as a captain.  Continue to serve well and you'll have a chance to join the elite."

"T-thank you my Lord..." Gasped Gaia. Surprised of this turn of events.

"You may leave," said Vlad waving his arm without turning around.

She bowed and left the room.

Vlad smirked.  Despite the failure of the invasion of did serve the purpose.  He figured that Organization Keyblade would be hard to defeat that's why in truth he sent standard class warriors of the Klinge to fight.   They were expendable, and expected to lose. The fact that Gaia is alive proves she's more than expendable and is worthy of greater things.  The only significant loss was Ulquiorra, a lot was invested in his resurrection.  He was sent originally to help observe and scout, due to his ability to share Intel by crushing his eye.  But Ulquiorra was able to resist their influence enough to challenge Revan to a fight instead Which resulted in his liberation. He was assumed dead when his connection to them was severed.  But there still others like him elite resurrected minions left to be used.

The operation's main objective was to observe the capabilities of the Organization.  He plans not to have them destroyed at least not yet.  He wish to use them for an end.  A plan that would have the Von Dracos ascend to their true destiny in the multiverse.

And it's coming soon...

COH Book 7 Ch. 7 The Von Draco's blades
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The Von Draco Knights the Klinge is German for Blade.

Revan Shadow, Tasogare Shadow, Shadow the Heartless, Xanatos, the Von Draco Family, the Kurokage Species, the Klinge by me
Zerg by :icondalektrep:
Zera, Xixon by :iconwingless1raven: 
Bleach Themes and characters by Tite Kubo
Zim themes and characters by Jhonen Vasquez
Kingdom Hearts themes and characters owned by Square Enix created by Teysuya Nomura
Star Wars themes and characters by Lucasarts
I returned home from job agency to learn the Great  Leonard Nimoy is gone.

i was preparing brunch when dad got a text or something saying "oh the actor from Star Trek is gone"

i thought oh oh no is it William Shatner (Captain Kirk), well at least it's not Nimoy

but then dad went to computer and confirmed it was Nimoy...

ive only been a Star Trek Fan for two years thanks to the recommendation of my close buddy here, I of course been a fan of KH longer 

but never knew the actor of Xehanort until I got into Star Trek.

he was an insperation for me and his characters an insperation to the development of my own characters and philosophy on life.

on the recent years I lost heroes like Sherman Hemsley of the Jeffersons and Amen, Robin Williams, and now Nimoy

ironically weeks ago my buddy notified me for the death of Xehanort's  actor and got a scare thinking it was Nimoy at first, when it turned out his japanese dub actor died which was still a loss to KH fans everywhere, but now his English dub actor is gone too

 Nimoy was more than an actor, he was a philosopher, a role model, a friend we can count on

now he's gone to where no living man has gone before.  The world is much smaller without him...May his Soul Live Eternal and Prosper...forever
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Shadow the Heartless betrayed  Organization Keyblade,  it had negative  consequences  on the group.

Revan Shadow suffered a brief depression, which Xixi helped he got over by mating with him and got closer than ever with him.

She put it on himself to enforce her willed as the team's alpha.

She decided to avenge Revan, as well as satisfy the growing bloodlust within her demon. It's either what she have in mind or go on a homicidal rampage.

She waited until Revan was gone visiting Equestria to gather a select number of female members, those she felt need reminding who's the alpha here.

She was careful however not to invite members she feel have indomitable wills and wouldn't be scared so easily.

She took Loly Aivirrne, Revan's recent Arrancar aide, whom Xixi sexually broke into serving her.

The adult Gaz Membrane, whom Xixi agreed to allow her to become the official second in command, so Xixi herself can take control from the shadows.

Rena the Renamon, senior member and now besides Revan is the only other Keyblade Master in the Organization after Shadow's defection.

Sni the Weavile, a Shadow Guardian  and a member of Team Nakama who recently became a member full time.  She too once another Xixi sexually broken to serve her.

Zanna the female Predator. whom shares Xixi's desire for bloodlust in hunts and didn't take much convincing to go with her plan.

Larfliana, the female Orange Lantern from another world who joined the Organization after being rejected as an outcast.  She was the bitch of the Organization before Xixi and Zera made, and thus felt she needed education of who's the bitch here.

Draca the shapeshifting Red Dragoness Keyblade Wielder from the Monster Realm, who once betrayed the Organization before but proved her loyalty in the recent rebellion and stayed at the loyalists side.  Xixi wanted her here to insure she'll remain loyal,

And finally her half sister Zera, who was willing to do whatever she can to help her without being pressed.

There were other females, but she decided to start with these girls to have her fun with and subjugate them to her will.

Normally she would make an example on one of them and kill them in front of the others.

But after getting so close to Revan and didn't want draw him away by killing off his comrades and members and make him mad.

So instead she'll take a step backward in being discreet and take control of the group's most vulnerable females to ensure they'll be no further treachery in the future.

She gathered them to an underground basement, with Loly, Gaz and Zera standing at her side.

She sat smugly on a chair like it was a throne, before the small group of women.

"I thank you so much for you all to take your time to come here.  Our beloved leader Revan has suffered a terrible loss. It's out Duty as his friends and loved ones to avenge him.  Unfortunately the traitors responsible have escaped and for now out of our reach.  I feel however we can go after other threats of the Organization. As you know the Von Draco  family has been our most recent enemies.  It's time to strike back at them.

"We found a minor operation of theirs in a nearby world the job is to blow it up and kill their Assets.  Gaz will sent you there now let's go."

The Attack took place at a simple industrial factory, creating weapons and supernatural goods for the Von Draco's human and paranormal mercenary armies. The mission was simple blow everything up and kill whoever gets in way.

The group of women attacked ether guards which were mostly made up of human solders with a few werewolf minions.

Sni used her Ice beam to freeze up the machinery and shatter them with her claws.

Zanna fired Plasma blasts from her dual shoulder cannons at the machinery while hunting down the human solders that came to
Defend the factory.

Draca, cut down the human solders that got  in the way with her Keyblade will burning up the rest with her fire magic.

Gaz used all sorts of dark Powers on her victims, shrouding the area where she's at in a Forcefield of darkness.  None could see what she done to them but can hear their screams,

Zera shot down the human solders with her pistols.

Loly used her Arrancar abilities to suck the souls of the low powered victims and devoured them.

Xixi stood on an upper walkway at an upper floor taking on the werewolves defending the factory herself. Tanking on three at once.

Both of her demon and Wolf powers were active, her horns, wolf ears, wolf tail, demon  black eyes with yellow slits.

She summoned an energy blade of spirit energy around her arm.  Usually when Kurokage Wolves use their spirit energy based arras is its colored blue.  With Xixi's demon powers mixed with her wolf, the spirit blade is colored red.

One of the wolves lunged at her.

She moved forward in enhanced speed and cut the wolf down in midair.  In the cut she cursed the wolf with her demon power to be unable to heal and killed him before his body hit the ground.

The other wolf prepared to pounce at her when Xixi appeared behind him carrying his severed arm in her mouth.

Thr creature yelled and slashed his remaining arm behind him to get Xixi.

Xixi while still carrying the severed arm in mouth did a somersault back flip and landed behind the wolf.

He moved his jaws forward to snap at Jeff but Xixi with both hands grabbed the mouth and with her enhanced strength she broke open the jaws out of their socket, and brought her hand down the mouth and grabbed the tounge and tore it off.

The wolf died gurgling in blood.

The last wolf a female unlike her companions was from a breed that can control her reason in her wolf state. She felt fear in the horrible manner her comrades died. She took a step back considering retreat.

Xixi appeared at the wolf's shoulders, holding the severed arm at one hand under arm and was nibbling the tongue  in her mouth.

"Oh don't worry you aren't gonna die yet...not before we have some fun..."

Rena fought the last remaining wolf.

And Larfliana leisurely have her constructs do the work for her in fighting the opposition.

At Xixi's command Zanna activated her wrist bracer bomb, as Gaz teleported the team back to base in the Doom World.

The factory workers were left go, as only those that resisted were engaged and killed in the operation.

But not all were spared.

10 minutes after the operation, Xixi called her makeshift team to return to their meeting hall basement.  The girls saw about four captives hanging from chains from the ceiling, they were all female.

One was a factory worker, the other three mercenaries.

A fifth captive was the female wolf Xixi captured.

Each of the human females had their clothes torn and their bodies sweaty and dirty as if Xixi had her fun on them.

Xixi herself was fully in demon form sitting on her throne holding a knife licking her lips, Zera, Gaz, and Loly were at her side.  Loly especially had a psychotic smile at her face.

"What's all this?" Asked Rena.

"Ah team welcome back, it's time for the celebration."

"These women are defenseless.  One of them is a noncombatant. This isn't right Xixon." Said Rena.

"Defenseless hardly. Each of them fought us at the battle, and this woman isn't s factory worker she's really the administrator of the factory. An acolyte in magic of the Von Dracos.  During the attack she disguises herself as a factory worker and attempting to flee when we caught her upon sending her weak yet significant magic power. And as it turned out she possessed significant info which she blabbed upon....being persuaded by interrogation.  You see she confessed that the Von Dracos orchestrated Shadow's rebellion and are preparing to strike against U.S. thinking us weakened by it.

"You see Rain was captured by them and was tampered by them and was purposely let go to escape for Revan to recruit her.  They made her unstable and through it led her desire to seduce Shadow and convince him to led the coup against Revan.

"The Von Dracos was the real cause of the rebellion and they must pay.  Until we killed the last of their family we'll make an example of their employees as revenge.

"Consider this a test of your loyalty and dedication to the Organization.  Revan is too kind to do such a test so it's up to me to do what's necessary.

"Four of you come up and kill these enemies.  I'll pick. Zanna, Loly, Draca, and Rena, step right up please.

"I refuse you overstep your bounds Xixi it's not right.  No one is gonna listen," said Rena as she turned and saw Zanna coming up to the nearest mercenary and gutted her with her wristblades. As blood dropped on the chains binding her and the floor Zanba coldly replied, "Xixi is right they are our foes and thus are prey.  I'll do anything for Revan and our Orgsnization.  We must be united and strong."

"Atta girl Zanna I knew I'll count on you my sister of the hunt."

Loly giggled and cut open her victim like a pig with her dagger like Zanpakuto. She laughed as blood and guts fell on the floor.

"Heh I knew after some training Loly and I got along nicely.  Now you Draca, do this and your memory as a traitor is forever erased."

"In the monster realm it's s dog eat dog world. This is nothing.  I don't need to do this to prove my loyalty." She said as she unleashed fire burning her victim alive.

"Mmmm...I love the smell of Barbecued meat. Nice work Draca your sins are forgiven. Now Rena you. You can even do it cleanly execution style, Zera please?" She said snapping her fingers as Zera three her blaster pistol at Rena did her to catch.

Rena looked at the gun and the frightened tear stained face of the disguised factory admin, who was gagged by a bondage gag.

"I'm a Keyblade Master I answer to no one but Revan. Go have your fun I'm not doing it.

She was about to drop gun when Gaz appeared clutching her paw, keeping the gun cupped in her grip.

"G-Gaz?" Uttered Rena in surprise looking into her cold silent brown eyes.

Suddenly she felt a blow at her stomach as Xixi gut punched her. Rena fell on her knees as she fell over she unwittingly leaned into Xixi's lips and began making out with her.

She poured her demon power in the kiss, making Rena be turned on and go crazy. Rena struggled as Gaz held one of her arms and Loly the other.

Soon Rena gave in and didn't need to be restrained freely kissing her.  Xixi pulled down her undies.

Gaz put a dildo between their pussies and Xixi pulled it into them as she began pussy fucking Rena.

As the two moaned, Xizi grabbed Rena's paw still holding the gun and guided it to aim at the woman's head.

Rena despise giving into the fucking, with tears falling her eyes she tried to to the gun away from the victim. Xixi's strength was greater and she kept brining it closer to the victim.  Finally the gun was aimed arthritis victim. Xixi pussy fucked harder and tried to force Rena's finger to press trigger. As they got close, Zera helped Xixi by founding near Rena and pressed her finger against her, causing the gun to discharged and blow the brains of the victim, just as Xixi and Rena came.

Rena collapsed to the ground panting with tear stained eyes.

"There not so bad wasn't it?" Said Xixi pleasantly as she kissed Rena who panted silently.

She got up with her pussy dripping as she got to her prepared victim, climbing on the wolf's shoulders.

"Thank you girls for your dedication, we did what Revan himself couldn't do because he's too sweet and kind. We avenged the Organization.  We select few through our union shall preserve the unity and order of the Orgsnization. Now leave me..." She said as she slit the throat of the wolf then from the wound tore the head off of the neck.

"...the alpha is hungry..." She said as she put the head over her and frank the blood gushing down on her sating her demons thrust for fresh flesh and blood...


Short: Dark Consequences
Uh oh Xixi is firming her control over the Organization one person at a time. It's really getting dark here. All hail the alpha bitch.

Well hope U enjoy.
And to a my dear close friend who's feeling down, I hope sincerely this helps make you feel better.

Revan Shadow, Shadow the Heartless, Rena the Renamon, Rain the Hedgehog, Draca,  Zanna, the Von Draco Family, the Kurokage Werewolf species  Team Nakama, Sni the Weavile by me.
Larfliana by :iconwsache007:
Xixon, Zera by :iconwingless1raven:
Bleach Themes and characters by Tite Kubo
Sonic the Hedgehog themes and characters owned by Sega
Pokemon themes and characters owned by the Pokemon Company, created by Satoshi Tajiri
Aliens vs Predator  themes and characters owned by 20th century Fox
My Little Pony Themes and characters owned by Hasbro, created by Lauren Faust
Invader Zim themes and characters by Jhonen Vasquez
Kingdom Hearts themes and characters owned by Square Enix created by Teysuya Nomura

Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes, violence/gore and strong language)
A meeting at Organization Keyblade, was commencing between the three senior members of Organization that are Keyblade Masters.  Revan Shadow the founder and leader, Shadow the Heartless the second in comnand, And Rena the Renamon Revan's Digimon partner who mostly takes the duty as head training instructor.

Each of them were together by the time Revan founded the Organization and their bond together gave them Keyblades.

Each of them are the three main leaders of the Organization, Revan aside as the main leader.

Revan called the meeting when he learned from the Arrancar Loly Arivirnne, that Shadow has been saving girls for the purpose of collecting them for his personal use.

Sex lives are very open in the Organization as long as it's treated with respect.  But Shadow's secret activities is more than disrespectful. It's more or less sex slavery,  which is why Revan confided Rena with this and agreed to confront him in this meeting.

They met at main meeting room in the Irken made underground base, made from Tak and Zim's Irken technology. The big three sat at one end of the large rectangular table in the room.

Revan brought his new aide, Loly who escaped from Shadow's captivity and offered to join Revan's side as his aide, in this case she's now a body guard. Sni the Weavile of Team Nakama also volunteered to guard Revan.

Rena brought her own bodyguards too, the Yautja Huntress Zanna and Mira Kurokage the Werewolf who bit Revan.

Shadow came with the Arrancar Menoly Mallia, Loly's best friend who willingly remained with Shadow after she escaped.  She was with Shadow as his bodyguard.

At his side, Rain the Hedgehog, now a Keyblade Wielder, stood as Shadow's new Apprentice and secondary bodyguard.

Meetings don't usually have such additional security as they up to now have no reason to distrust one another.

"Yo guys been a while since we met like this, you know Rain, our recent Member now my newest Apprentice. Ah you have my dear Loly at you side now eh bro?" A fanged smile formed at his mouth less face making the Arrancar girl blush and look away.

"Shadow we are here to discuss something that's come to our attention."

"And what would that be man?" Asked Shadow leaning back lazily on his chair.

"We know of your...activities taking in girls like Loly and Menoly and pressed them into...servitude to you."

"Oh my...where ever have you heard it from.  My dear Loly? I'm so disappointed in you," he said smirking seemingly unconcerned.

"So you admit it?" Asked Rena.  "Shadow what are done is a disgrace to the Organization."

"Spare me your high and mighty speech, Rena.  Our leader, Master Casanova is no different."

"You know that's not true Shadow.  Revan dates and maybe spends evenings with girls, but he doesn't collect or force females to do as he wishes. He wins then over with respect,kindness, and love not subjugation."

"Thank you, I can speak for myself Rena." Said Revan.  "Shadow I don't deny the curse I have is one I enjoy more than suffer. I was horny before the curse I admit it.  But what you and I have been doing are completely different things.  I date with girls for the benefit of both of us not just me. The act is always done With love, fellowship, and bonding. What you are doing benefits only you, and only love expressed is to yourself.  

"Organization Keyblade exists to give those who are gifted or rejected by the world a second chance to do something good while having the freedom to be themselves.  We have no restrictions when it comes to love and sex as long there's respect and love.  We have members of various sexual orientations which we encourage them to express it freely.  If what you were doing was simply a sex game or a simple harem which the girls are treated fairly it's cool, but it doesn't seem to be neither, what you are doing is slavery, and it's been done at the expense of others.  I as leader of the Organization will not stand for it.  Shadow the Heartless I will not have the Organization used this way and I order you to knock it off!"

"Knock it off Ya say? Man would you knock it off Mr. boss man. Frankly im sick and tired getting to live under your shadow, Mr. Revan.  I think it's time for some new leadership here."

"What has gotten into you man."

"Nothing just have the scales fallen from my eyes.  I just think it's time for a career change man. I want to be my own man now.  I'm a Keyblade Master too, but I'm a Heartless as well I belong to the darkness.  Xehanort had the right idea, you realize by now his goal is to balance the worlds of light and darkness in favor of darkness.  But the way he's doing it is wrong.  You had a better idea balancing the world's one heart at a time. But in the end light is dominant in the world of the living. The time of the light has lasted for too long.  Time for darkness to reign. I've been thinking about it for a long time, and meeting Rain my dark lovely angel has encouraged me to accept what I've been telling myself to do in my heart all along," he said while putting his arm around Rain nuzzling her.

"Bro I'm asking you to step down and make me take over, do so and I'll let you stay on as an advisor.  The right hand woman position is already promised to Rain.

"Rena you've pined for Revan the longest and he hardly ever return your affection besides a hot evening or a few.  Why serve a guy who'll never give you truly want, just like your first master did.  Join me I'll make you third in command."

"You...idiot..." Growled Rena her claws tearing against the table under her grip. "Revan and my former master are nothing alike! So what if he and I are never mates, he gave me happiness, purpose, a home, a family, and never have abandoned me like my former master did.  You have no right to speak such things! You know nothing you ungrateful imp! I never did like you you jerk, what you have done to those girls is no surprise at all.  However...never in my dreams I never thought you are actually capable of this treachery.  For all your faults I always thought your bond and loyalty to Revan would keep you on right path.  When Zim betrayed us, you kept the group together in Revan's absence. After what you did then I thought we can always depend on you...but now I never thought you actually want to usurp him."

Rena was referring to Organization Keyblade's first Schism. When Archimedes Val of the Dominion corrupted Zim, Tak, and Mimi with dark power, Gir was turned when Zim and Tak reprogrammed him. The Dragoness Draca also joined the betrayal but repented after Revan's sacrifice and came back.

They betrayed the Organization and Revan seemingly sacrificed himself to stop a dark weapon of their creation from firing on Earth, when he was really teleported and powerless to Equestria. With their plan failed and the Dominion abandoned them, the rogue quartet left Earth and seized control of the Irken Empire and declared war on factions of the Irken Empire that opposed them. Draca moved by Revan's sacrifice remained behind in shame and was eventually accepted back in the Organization.

Shadow took over the Organization and kept it together, confining the group to Earth and patrol the worlds from the Dominion and Maleficent's Villian's Council, while looking for Revan.  When Revan reclaimed his power and returned to the Doom World with his new Equestrian friends after killing Archimedes, Shadow and the other members  welcomed him home in open arms and accepted him back as leader.

Revan then confronted and purged the dark power driving Tak, Zim, Mimi, and Gir mad and accepted them back in open forgiving arms.

A good thing about Zim and co's betrayal was that their dividing the Irken Empire made it easier for the Resisty with Irken Rebels to invade Irk and reform it, and later found the Unity, the intergalactic alliance between reformed Irk, the former Resisty and other intergalactic powers.

"You acting like I want to kill my bro and take over. Nah I don't want that, I still love him, I just think he's been up on the sun for too long, it's his turn to live in someone's Shadow."

"You petty little..." Started Rena before Revan raised his hand to stop her, before saying, "Shadow is this a coup?"

"It doesn't have to be.  It can all be peaceful if you just abdicate and turn your position as leader to me. We can all continue business as usual if you just do as I asked."

"No," Revan said as matter of factly.

"Revan think real carefully. Our group is at conflict with the Von Draco family, we have been until months ago been attacked by an unknown faction that's sending Replicas at us, and our uneasy neutrality with Organization XIII will end sooner the later.  We are liable to have a two if not three front war on our hands.  A inner conflict isn't in our best interest. Just abdicate and we'll continue peacefully, come on man don't be selfish and think of your beloved members."

"I am, Shadow and that's why I say no.  I will not leave my friends, my family under the care of someone selfish and petty as you have become.  I'm afraid I have no choice but ask YOU to abdicate as second in command of the Organization and place you under house arrest until you repent for your deeds. That isn't a request that's an order."

"Tch, so that's how it has to be huh? Oh Mira?" He said snapping his fingers.

Mira who was standing next to Zanna suddenly suckered punched her unconscious.  "Sorry Zanna," she said to her former comrade.

Rena turned around in shock, and summoned her Keyblade and swung it.  Mira caught it in her hand and smashed her fist into Rena's face slamming her to wall senseless.

"Shadow!" Yelled Revan, in a rare fit of rage Revan drew his Keyblade and lunged over the table toward the rogue Heartless Keyblade Master.

Suddenly he felt a pain on his neck and he started falling.

Shadow jumped out of his chair and kicked Revan in midair sending him flying against the wall.

Loly was clashing blades with her former friend Menoly who seemed hesitant yet indifferent, each fighting for a different master.

Revan tried to get up but fell to his knee as another jolt of pain on his neck, so great it stunned him.

He began to realize it's from his cursed Mark wolf Pawprint tattoo on his neck, which was where Mira bit him and cursed him into becoming a half Kurokage werewolf, bounding him To her.

Kurokage werewolves curse humans for the purpose as sexual playthings and sometimes as a mate.  But Revan was able to use his Keyblade to partly resist his curse, not having been bound fully as a mate, giving him freedom to choose who he wants to be with.  The rest of the curse is permanent only Mira could release it.

She's now using that bond to harm him, an ability Kurokages use to discipline their human playthings.  Up to now Mira never used it against him.

Shadow stood at Mira's side, with Rain fighting Sni, as he said, "The one good thing about being number 2 is that I know all the strengths and weak points of the Organization." He said as he snapped his fingers forming a perimeter barrier around the room, preventing reinforcements from entering the room unless they have a Keyblade.

Shadow picked a good day for his coup. He sent most available members on missions to take down Heartless he unleashed, Especially the Keyblade members.  For the few that remained he put the barrier up so none could interfere in the coup.

"Look at you so naive unaware your actions have consequences, despite your good intentions. Mira is Unsatisfied that you rejected her desire to be hers only.  It's true that Kurokages have open relationships having to go with more then one partner, however she wanted you the alpha male of this clan for herself.

"But it isn't just that Revan, you see she's also Unsatisfied on how you lead this clan.  All you do is protect, not conquer and expand the clans territories beyond this world.  It's true we have members in Equestria, Mobius, and who knows where next, but it isn't enough.  She wants you to free her kind sealed away by the Purge in the Monster Realm, and take dominion over her former clan and all the monsters there.  But you left them sealed away thinking in your infinite wisdom that it was what she wanted as she was treated as an outcast there before being freed.

"She wanted revenge on her clan by taking it over and commanding it and saw you as her best chance to make it happen.  But you and your pacifistic policies favoring the balance of light and dark has denied her that wish.  When that came to my attention I recruited her, promising her you, and to use my Keyblade to unseal the monster realm and have the monsters unleashed in this world.  As I said the time of light has been for too long, it's darkness' turn to reign.  I with my control over the Heartless will subjugate the monsters under my command and we will take this world and return it to it's true state of darkness, with me ruling it as King Shadow the first the last and only."

"T-thank goodness," gasped Revan with a defiant smirk.

Shadow snapped fingers and Mira's eyes glowed as she increased the pain making Revan yell and writhe at the ground in agony.

"Heh once she's through with you you'll be nothing more like a tame puppy with yourself in wolf form all the time.  And you'll spent your days serving and satisfying her mating needs.  Not a bad fate ain't it you horny bastard?  I told you they'll be a place for you in my side one way or another, but this case you'll be the family pet.

"Oh and that's not all who I recruited," continued Shadow as he snapped his fingers summoning a Corridor of Darkness to form behind him.

Out came three more people. Vanitas, Xehanort's former Keyblade apprentice now Revan's...or was apparently, Draca the Keyblade Wielding red dragoness, another former resident of the Monster Realm and former traitor in the last Organization schism, and the adult Gaz Membrane, Revan's closest friend in the Doom World and current next door neighbor whom he dated from time to time.

"Don't look so surprised," said Shadow, as Gaz stared at Revan blankly with her brown eyes.  "Each of them are children of the dark, their fate was always with us.  They believe in my vision and after today others will too.  Rio the Lucario, leader of Team Nakama, is Mira's current squeeze, she has him wrapped around his finger.  It won't be hard to have the pokemon members of Team Nakama come to our side. 

"This fate is fitting to you anyway.  That's what You get for being too close to the darkness.  No matter how much Darkness you put in your heart and whether you can master it or not, you are still human. You will never be one of us creatures of the dark.  You should have known befriending us will come to something like this.  We only followed you till now because you are strong and has the right idea creating a haven for us in the realm of Light.  But you only kept us satisfied for so long, doesn't matter if you are half dark or half monster, your heart is always human, and the moment you show weakness we are liable to betray you as darkness only follows the strongest.  It's time for new leadership Revan your time, like the age of light is at an end.  I hereby claim this Organization and rename it Organization Shadow."

"'ve always have gotten ahead of yourself you actually believe I would  not come at you unprepared?!"

Suddenly Draca, Vanitas, and Gaz whom in reality came to Revan after Shadow came to them, revealing his intentions to recruit them, dropped their act as traitors and attacked.

Draca drew her Keyblade and Fired a fireball at Rain while she was still fighting Sni, blowing her to the ground senseless.

Vanitas drew his Keyblade and clashed with Shadow drawing him away from Revan.

Gaz used her power to teleport reinforcements into the room.  She summoned her roommates, Emily, Serenity, Marcy, and Willow into the room.  She also summoned Kurama, Xixon, The Arrancar Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck Vanitas' partner, and Rio and a number of Team Nakama members.

Emily was close to Mira considering she was the one who saved her from Von Draco captivity and  the fact they are both wolves. Seeing her betray her friends like this made her angry.

She snarled as she ran forward punching Mira on the face with enhanced strength making her stagger.

Willow teleported in front of Mira and growled defending Revan, repelling her with a blast of magic.

With her knocked down senseless, Revan was freed from her restraint and got up.  Mira was about to get up when Xixon lunged at her and bit her neck.  She used her demonic power to absorb wolf power and the Kurokage curse from her, infecting herself to become a Kurokage Irken demon hybrid. A wolf Pawprint tattoo formed at her pelvis over her butt.  Despite the curse Mark she has the powess of a pureblooded Kurokage Werewolf bound to no one. She greatly weakened Mira, but couldn't strip her from her power completely, as its bred to her.   Finally Mira was able to push Xixon off and collapse to the ground panting, clutching her wound on her neck.

"What...did you do..." Gasped Mira.

"I've become what I should be the alpha female of the clan you rejected bitch.  Long live the alpha." She smirked as she used her new abilities to form a blade of spirit energy.

A benefit is that her new wolf powers combines with her already strong demon prowess making her a even greater force to be reckoned with.

Mira weakened tried to draw her own spirit blade to deflect Xixi's Attack. But Xixi's blade went through it and slashed Mira's chest. Mira collasped to her knee trying to muster spirit energery to heal herself, but found out to her horror she can't.  When Xixi bit her she cursed her as well, and slashing her adding her new wolf power to the curse completed it.  The curse gave Xixi power over Mira, unlike the mating Kurokage curse bond it was more of a demonic curse between a tormentor and her victim.  With a thought she can shut down Mira's powers or even cause agonizing pain or even kill her.  Such control Mira never had over Revan, as she can merely harm to discipline him.

A curse Mark burned painfully into Mira's back like a brand forming a X, for Xixon's name.  She laughed over Mira as her yellow eyes glowed and she mentally tortured her victim like she did Revan before.

She lunged at her and began torturing her physically as well, biting and cutting her up.

Xixi's curse also helped Revan as well as he was now freed from Mira's control.  While he's still cursed as a werewolf, he's now bound to no one. With his strength fully recovered he got up ready to join the fight.

Shadow was firing Dark Zero from his Keyblade to deflect Vanitas' Dark Cannon when he saw Mira fall and Revan getting up.  He realized his strategy failed and time to initiate his back up plan.

He used took down his beam Attack and used Dark Reflect to block Vanitas' Attack so he can focus and use his ability to control Heartless to summon a horde of Heartless to appear throughout the base and Attack members whether they are in the meeting room fighting or elsewhere.

The Heartless that was summoned in the meeting room were mostly shadow Heartless like Shadow, only nonsentient and far weaker than he was.  But Shadow summoned them to make use of their ability to transform.  Each shadow Heartless came to one of Revan's supporters and shapeshift into a heartless copy of them called Anti-Heartless.

Anti-Heartless don't have the abilities of the originals, but they can imitate their weapons and moves as best they can.

Revan saw his Anti-Heartless dashed at him.  He was not willing to waste much time.  He parried it's blade strike, and while holding his foe's blade back be erected a blade of lightning energy around his free arm, and used it to cut down his Anti-Heartless. As it disappeared in two pieces into darkness, Revan dashed toward Shadow.

As he did, he summoned a Corridor of Darkness portal to appear behind Shadow.  Shadow blinked and looked behind him to see it briefly before turning back to see Revan dashing at him.  Revan tackled him and they went inside the portal.

They appeared in the Dark Margin, an in between world at the border close to the Realm of Darkness and the Between Worlds.  It is basically a dark beach, under a darkened sky.

It was the very first world Revan and Shadow visited after their fateful meeting in the Realm of Darkness 12 years ago, after Revan's parents death.

Afterward they returned to that world when they can to train, which Shadow taught Revan how to master the power of darkness.  It was also where Revan willingly had Shadow take his heart to turn him into a Heartless and Nobody, so he can fully master darkness and gained full ability to command Heartless and Nobodies then reunite to be human again.

Since then, Revan visited this world often when he wanted to be alone.  Even after finding the Organization he still comes here, which sometimes Shadow joins him to talk.

Revan brought them here, thinking it fitting for them to settle things here.

"Remember this place Shadow?" Asked Revan getting up.  "it's where we became Blood Brothers.  Where else is more fitting for us to settle things."

"Just wish you shut up for once!" Growled Shadow as he got up on his feet, he used his dark powers to shapeshift his body into a humanoid adult form, similar to Revan's own body. Having feet in black shoes, and hands in human five-digits in black gloves, and wore leather pants at his legs.

He's technically Revan's splitting bodily image with black skin and his head that of a shadow Heartless.  Even his Keyblade Dark Heart grew in size to accommodate his new form.
Shadow usually prefers to fight in his original form, but sometimes used this humanoid form when training with Revan or fighting with other human sized opponents.

He pointed his Keyblade at a Challenging gesture. Revan dashed forward and swung blade at him.  Shadow parried it and swing around for a counter.

Revan jumped away and fired a barrage of fireballs at Shadow.

Shadow fired Dark Zero, as the technique was developed by Revan and Shadow together, from his palm. They went through the fireballs and went toward Revan

Revan fire his own Dark Zero, both black blasts of dark energy collided, causing a shock wave that caused the waters of the beach nearby to part away.  The blasts cancelled eachother out and exploded.

Shadow dashed through the smoke and fired shards of ice from his Keyblade.

Revan blocked with his Keyblade but one shard got passed him and wounded his arm.

Shadow pressed the Attack unleashing s flurry of strikes while Revan was stunned by the wound, he was able to parry the strikes while being forced to take steps back.

He then jumped into the air to gain distance. Shadow warped near him to intercept him. Revan used the technique Reversal to move in a blur and swirl behind Shadow as a counter maneuver to avoid being struck, Revan slashed at Shadow's back. Shadow teleported again.

They warped from one place to another in the air, attempting to slash one another.  At one at one point they appeared in front of eachother and dashed forward slashing at eachother. Shadow wounded Revan with a slash at the shoulder. Revan gripped his shoulder in pain.

Shadow took the advantage to appear in front of Revan and bunted him on the top of his head with his blade's hilt, then kicked him, sending him falling from the sky.

Shadow slashed at the air summoning a projectile of dark energy projectile to hurl towards the falling Revan.

Revan looked up and was able to muster strength to aerial dodge out of the way.

He then saw Shadow meters in front of himcharging a Dark Zero blast at his Keyblade's tip. Revan barely was able to dash out of the way as the Dark Zero blast fired at him.

Shadow warped to intercept Revan meters away to slash at the air repeatedly to summon a barrage of dark projectiles at Revan.

Revan moved in a mix of super  speed and teleporting to avoid the barrage of projectiles. As Revan dodged and evaded, Shadow taunted  shouting, "Haha cmon! You can do better then this Revan! Cmon! Show me what you really got!"

As he was evading he formed dark energy between his hands and unleashed a pulse of dark energy similar to Sni's Pokemon move Dark Pulse to deflect the projectiles and go through them and reached Shadow, making him Stop summoning more projectiles and formed a Dark Reflect Barrier to block the Dark Pulse Attack.

While Shadow was blocking the Attack. Revan appeared over him and  charged Dark Zero energy at his blade and unleashed it as a crescent black energy wave, the shield held but the impact knocked him down toward the water.  The shield deactivated as he skipped across the water like a skipping stone until he crashed against a pillar of rock in the water.

Shadow was senseless as debris of rock fell on him burying him into the water.

Revan was still at the air charging a Dark Zero blast at his Keyblade's tip, stronger and more focused then it was fired from the palm. He fired it while Shadow was still in the water blowing up the pillar of rock he was against into pieces.

But Shadow seemed to have evaded the Attack as he teleported to the beach unharmed yet wet. He stood there waiting for Revan to land from the air and join him.

"Heh you don't disappoint bro. Guess warm up time is over. I'll go at you seriously now." He said as black energy surged around him in a burst of energy.

Shadow has the ability to turn into a Darkside Heartless the largest and strongest of all Pureblood Heartless, but he prefers to be small yet strong. When he obtained his Keyblade he learned how to access the physical power of his form without transforming greatly increasing his strength and speed.

He recently call this form Darkside Mode.

To combat Shadow's power up, Revan accessed with second form Light Mode, which augments his light powers and physical abilities.  His black coat is turned white in this form. And transforming also healed his former wounds.

The two combatants disappeared in a blur of speed, clashing high in the air causing shockwaves of dark and light energy to emit with each clash.

Meanwhile back at Organization Keyblade's base, Revan's science officer and Director of Research Development of the Organization Zerg was facing off her Anti-Heartless, it was the only thing standing in her way to reach the computer, which is essential for her to execute her plan to draw away the Heartless invaders summoned by Shadow. 

She dashed toward her Anti-Heartless swinging her Keyblade Logic Heart against her Heartless copy's blade.  The main difference between them is that The Anti-Heartless can't replicate Zerg's blade's ability to unleash Bomb explosions with each strike which destroyed it.

With it out of the way, Zerg was able to go to the computer and enact her plan.  First she unleashed the Xenomorphs that she bred from their area of the base, using her telepathic powers to communicate with Queenie the Xenomorph Queen to order her children to take down the Heartless, with their numbers it's likely they'll take them on and make things easier for the Organization members.

Part 2 of her plan was to initiate the Absent Silhouette program in her computer, creating Data-Replicas of various opponents that Organization Keyblade faced in its past.  They include members of the Dominion, Organization XIII, Aizen's Espada and Arrancar Army, the Shinobi World's Akatsuki, and a number of others.

With these unexpected allies commonly used for training sessions, the battle has truly turned in Organization Keyblade's favor.

Meanwhile back at the Dark Margin, Revan and Shadow's battle continues.

They were in mid-air, clashing against one another, releasing Light and Dark energy as they clash.
They separated, Shadow began charging a Darkside Mode enhanced Dark Zero from Keyblade.

To counter, Revan used Light Mode's version of Dark Zero, Cero Blanco.  The White blast of Light Energy fired and collided against Shadow's Dark Zero.

They exploded knocking Shadow and Revan to the ground.

The recovered and landed to ground.

Shadow still glowing in black energy panted. "Heh should have known we'll be matched...guess I gotta use my back up plan." He said when he took his Keyblade and stabbed his chest with it, using it to unlock his Heart and unleash his hidden power of darkness deep inside it.

"Shadow don't tamper your heart so recklessly. You'll hurt yourself." He teased with the truth as he unleashed his final form Union Mode, the combination of Dark Mode and Light Mode augmenting both Dark and Light Powers.  His Black Coat became Black and White with crosses in the design.

"Enough let's end this in one move," said Revan.

"Yah enough fun and games!" Said Shadow gathering strength and channeling it into his Keyblade, making it glow.

Revan also channeled all his remaining strength into his pen Keyblade making it glow in energy.

They flew at eachother blades at the ready.  As they went past eachother they slashed. 

As they stopped, Shadow, who was struck, had his arm fell to the ground.

Turned out Revan at last moment lent strength from his wolf curse mark to ensure he was the stronger.

Shadow gripped his severed arm and turned at Revan who's eyes are now yellow.  "Should have known you'll cheat. No matter I have cheats of my own."

Shadow being a Heartless, when he dies he reforms in the Realm of Darkness he can come back.  Being a sentient Heartless, he can even revive if slain by Keyblade because his heart is his own. 

Shadow being clumsy and prone to make others mad, tends to die quite often.

Shadow revealed he taken his ability to revive to the next level, as dark energy gathered around his severed arm, reviving it.

"There's secrets you don't know about me bro, in this world we are close to the darkness and I can now gather darkness from the environment to heal my wounds.  Here I'm immortal, more than ever.  You can't win."

"You forget my Kurokage Wolf Healing Factor.  So we gonna keep going forever a battle of immortals?  Kind of sounds epic if you think about it," mused Revan in thought.

"Kinda does, but I'm getting bored of this.  I'll put an end to this by powering up again," said Shado's as He stabbed his Keyblade at his heart again to force more hidden power to be unlocked from his heart.

But he fell on his knees panting gripping his chest, reverting to his normal small Heartless form.

"Told you Shadow, tamper your heart too much you'll hurt yourself. It's over Shadow you lost."

"No bro this is just the beginning.  Go and take your place in the world of light, I'll rule the Dark, cya on the flip side man," said Shadow as he surround himself in darkness escaping.

In the Organization Keyblade base dark portals formed from under Menoly, Mira, and Rain's bodies and they sunk inside.

Shadow's Rebellion was at end, while Shadow failed to take over the Organization he succeeded in taking some supporters in Mira, and Rain, and the girls he's taken so far.

Shadow decided to take his few supporters to the Monster Realm, where he'll create a new Empire for himself a king.

Already he was sitting on a throne on top of a mountain overlooking a valley where his armies of Heartless are swarming against the hordes of monsters in his campaign of conquest.  At his side was Mira lying on the ground still weak from being assaulted by Xixi.  Even across world's her new brand curse Mark burns, at least less due to distance. On his other side was Rain hugging him close watching the conquest.

Shadow smirked loving his new gig.  "All hail the King baby..."

Meanwhile at Twilight Town, at least two members of Organization Keyblade were kept in the dark of Shadow's failed coup, Riku and Melody the Hedgehog who was assigned to guard Sora slumbering at DiZ's base at the Old Mansion.

Revan came to the mansion to tell what happened, but he carried someone in his hands as he appeared in the front of the mansion.

He was carrying Angela, Rain's daughter.  Upon seeing Rain's true nature, he saw her unfit as a mother for her.  He took Angela from Mobius to be under the care of one person he trusts to be fit as her temporary guardian.

He first told Mel about what happened at the Coup.

"Oh my gosh...that's terrible Revan is everyone ok!" 

"Yah we are fine Just shaken up...we are hurt more emotionally then physically..."

"Is that Angela?" Asked Mel, recognizing the baby as she once babysitted her on Mobius never really met Rain other than a client until she joined the Organization before her betrayal.

"Yah in light of Rain's true nature she doesn't seem fit to be Angela's mother.  So until further notice you'll take care of her as her temporal guardian."

"It doesn't seem right to take her away from her mom though..."

"Nothing seems simple anymore...we can only go forward and do what we know is right.  And I think the best thing for Angela is for you to take care of her away from the conflict."

"'re right...", she said looking down on the sleeping hedgehog babe.  "But Revan what about you..." She turned back to Revan seeing he was gone.

With Shadow gone, Revan looked which person would be a suitable replacement as the Organization's right hand man.  It didn't have to be a  Keyblade Wielder simply someone organized capable to deal with the day to day affairs of the Organization, while being amongst one of the strongest  and more trusting to the  position.

Rena while strong and loyal is more of a warrior and instructor then secondary leader.

Zerg is more of a scientist and computer technician, and more suited to remain as director of R and D.

Tasogare Shadow, Revan's immortal
Sith Lord Ancestor would  have been perfect if he wasn't too busy leading the Sith Empire of his world.

Xixi while he loves and trusts, he wouldn't think such a position is compatible with her, that aside her loose cannon tendencies might make her dangerous in such a position of authority. Zera was more capable mentally, while lacking the strength.

That aside when he asked Xixi she declined. She saw herself as Revan's true alpha female, but wouldn't want to do menial work.  that aside being in an official position would get her unwanted attention. She sees the real power behind the scenes.  No matter who's chosen as the new second in command she'll always be the real power behind Revan as his alpha female.

Finally, he decided on Gaz Membrane.  She proved her loyalty at the coup, she's his cloest friend in this world, and has proven capable in keeping the home Marcy, Willow, and Emily live in organized.  She is as smart as she is strong, despite being lazy.  Out of everyone he can't think of anyone more suitable for the  position.

He came to Gaz With the news of his decision 3 days after the Coup.  He came knocking on her door.

"Huh? Whatdoyawant Revan?" Said Gaz as it seemed she was in a
The middle of playing video games, a hobby that became more of his own since she moved next door.

"I just wanna let you be the first to know Im giving you Shadow's job."

"Why you wanna give me that?"

"Because you are the I trust most with this position, and you are the most capable.  Your laxness aside, you are smart and strong. Capable of organizing the Organization better than Shadow did. And that aside you being a non-Keyblade Wielder would give our non-Keyblade members better representation."

"Actually I been meaning to talk to you about that," said Gaz as she summoned her weapon into her hand.  Before she uses a blade similar to the main character in her game Vampire Piggy Hunter.

The blade was the same only at the hilt it had a tip In shape of a pig like it was stabbing through it.  The hilt  now has has a guard  around it like most Keyblades do. At center of hilt was a crest in shape of a Game Slave Console.  The keychain of the Keyblade is a skull a lot like the goth skull and wears at her clothes.

It is called the Demonic Goth Gamer.

"When...did you get this?"

"Since Dib left and we gotten closer guess this is the result of our bond." She looked down with a blush.

"Vanitas has been teaching me how to use it.  I was waiting for the right time to show you."

"Guess that's more reason for you to accept My offer."

"Sigh ok I'll tell you what I'll give it a try if It's too boring or stupid I'll quit."

"Ok you got a deal," he said shaking her hand before pulling her into a hug.  She hesitated before hugging him back.

He left to return home later.  But about a few moments after he left Gaz had another knock on the door.

The sounds of the Knocks was in a rhyme resembling the tune "Shave and a Haircut".  The person Knocked the first half of the tune as Gaz opened the door.  When Gaz opened the door, it revealed to be Xixi who finished the tune shouting cheerfully, "Two bits!" While waving open her hands.

"Xixi, what you doing here you goofball?" Asked Gaz.

"Oh Im here to congratulate you on your promotion," said Xixi innocently.

"News travel fast huh? Thanks I guess. I actually thought you would want it."

"Oh I don't care about titles, they give unwanted attention and responsibilities. I rather have others do the menial work for me."

"Me too dunno why I said yes. I have enough work as it is on my day job and as a normal member in the Organization, wanna spent my free time having fun, not doin' more work."

"Oh because you are more gifted than you credit yourself.  Shadow had a lot of free time on his hands despite his position, how else he has time for the things he did?"

"Yah I guess...guess it's the least I can do for him.  He was there for me when Dib left."

"All our hearts go to Revan at his time of sorrow. Mine Espeically.  That's why I think we should work together," she said standing beside her putting her arm around her.  "I never doubted you as a traitor for a moment.  You can lead the group  as Revan's right hand from the front. I'll watch at the shadows making sure everything is in order from behind. We watch eachother's backs and lighten the load. What do you say?"

"Um I guess it'll work. Sure we can give it a try."

"Yay!!" she squealed clapping her hands. She suddenly grabbed Gaz and pulled Her into a kiss.  Gaz's  brown eyes widened as she blushed red at the cheeks.  Xixon closed eyes kissing her roughly.

She kissed for almost half a minute before pulling away.  She smirked at Gaz saying, "Just remember who's Revan's real female.  Remember your place and we'll get along fine. Have a nice day!~" she squealed suddenly in a  cheerful  mood as she skipped toward Revan's house leaving Gaz bewildered.
Xixi came inside to see Revan sitting on end recliner chair watching TV.

Ever since Shadow's coup, Revan was in a depressed mood.  He spent less time on missions, and even training.  He spent most of his time at home watching TV and playing vid games.

Shadow already moved out before his coup, after his coup however all his remaining stuff was gone.

Besides Revan's pet Xena, only Xixon remains as Revan's main occupant of his home.

Xixi was saddened over Revan's depression and been trying to urge him for days to snap out of it.  She decided that words of encouragement isn't enough.  She feels the time has come for her to use other methods of persuasion.

"Revan...are you ok?" Asked the golden eyed anthro Irken.  "You seem to be moping for days."

"Moping? Don't be silly hun I'm just trying to get back on the horse."

"Oh really? Sounds like you need a ride then," she said suddenly taking off her panties, using her demon/wolf magic to pull down Revan's pants and undies and immediately mounted him and began giving him a ride.

He moaned biting lip as her legs kneeled against the chair, each of her knees her pressed against his thighs.

She moved against him with her legs and hips, moaning softly as she rode him faster and faster by the moment. He moans slowly forgetting about his sorrow as gripped her hips pulling at them as he began thrusting inside her.

"Mmm...yes Revan fuck me...give me your love...I need you...ahhh...ahh yes!" She moaned gripping his shoulders as they went faster and harder, moving like two dancers doing a dance of love.

This was the first time they are making love since Xixi obtained werewolf powers like Revan but greater due to the fact she took Mira's power, a Pureblood Kurokage Werewolf, and that her demon powers are combined and enhancing it.

Soon her new wolf curse mark appeared at her back, and her wolf ears popped out on the top of her head, and her new tail popped out under the curse Mark over her butt.

Revan noticed it for first time, seeing first her ears. He heard she bit Mira and took her power but didn't expect she became wolf too.  But he didn't care to ask anything right now.  He didn't care about anything but the moment, and Xixi...

As they kept going Xixi became more rougher and harder.
Reven didn't realize that Xixi's new curse is bonding him too her, and is activating his own wolf powers as his eyes turned yellow and his own ears and tail popped out of his body.

Xixi could become full werewolf but preferred to be in her anthro Irken form, so learned  to Access her full werewolf powers without getting into her full bulky form.

Revan however as his wolf powers became more to the surface he be and more wolf in appearance, soon the chair creaked under his massive weight of his fully werewolf form.

His now canine cock bulged inside her pussy, locking them together.

Xixi moaned throwing off her dress, with only her legging boots on.  She couldn't take it anymore. She rode him with all her strength. Despite her still nimble size she was overpowering him. Going at him so hard moaning and drooling from Jeff mouth.

It felt so good and not just the sex, it was her new wolf blood flowing within her, pounding from this intense activity.

She never felt more alive! And she wanted more!

As she kept riding Her power flowed within Revan cementing their bond. Not like the one Mira had with him, it was a spiritual bond connecting them together as mates.

Tears came out of her eyes not just from the rough sex but because she can't contain her joy.  She felt as if they are truly becoming one.

She grabbed his massive muscular arms and guided them to her Breasts.

She pressed her entire weight on his cock riding him as she had Revan rubbed her Breasts hard in circular motions.

"Mmm...yes baby fuck your mate!  Ahhh...ahhh...ahhh!!! This is so good...mmm...yaaaahhh!!!" She moaned out as she and Revan kept going.

Soon the chair collapsed under their weight and yet they still kept going.

Soon another transformation occurred within Xixi,  she had the powers of a demon first before becoming a Wolf.  A demon tail popped out right over her wolf tail. Her sweet yellow eyes became black with yellow slits in them.  And Her curse Mark tattoo had s slight change.  Around the wolf Pawprint Mark there's two black angel wings spread out.

This change of the Curse Mark signified the Union of her wolf and demon powers.

It made her feel even more good and horny. Normally she would get in a trance as her demon side takes over. Right now a new personality within her is created that represented her wolf side.  For now both of her others are at bay enjoying this as much as she does but are liable to take over at any moment. 

She grabbed onto Revan's arms still rubbing her Breasts Her claws digging into his flesh, as he pulled at his arms.  She rode so fast she was nearly a blur.  Sweat and drool ran  down her body.

Her belly bulged slightly as his big  wolf cock went as deep as possible in her womb.

She went as hard as she cold until finally he came inside her.  Her eyes rolled back tearing as her belly Bulged even more as the hot sticky Liquid squirted out filling up her womb and sold came out of it dripping on herself and Revan.

Xixi moaned softly  closing her eyes feeling the pleasure of the climax and her mate's cum inside her.  She felt Revan still hard in her, and they are still attached about half hour more.

Having Revan cum in her made her crazy for More, her new form gave her vast amount of stamina and wasn't tired yet.

She was about to keep going when and felt her demon self start to take over.  Her wolf tail And ears went back inside, leaving only the horns and demon tail out.

Revan looked at Her panting.  "Xixi?"

The possessed Xixi spoke in a darker tone of voice. "Xixi isn't home right now but her better half is here for you baby...mmm...We gonna have some fun love..."

An hour later. They finally unattached.  In the first 30 minutes Xixi's demon self made Revan and herself cum together, and then her wolf self took over and took a turn At him, bearing wolf ears, normal yellow eyes, and tail in place of demon horns and tail.

After cumming again a few more times in the last half hour and finally unattached, Xix's original personality  returned and her body reverted to normal. Finally exhasuted she panted against her mate.

"Mmm...that was so great...t-the best ever...mmm I love you baby..." She panted kissing his chest.

Revan panted as he reverted to human form, hugging her close.  "I love you too Xixi...all of you....thank you I need that...I feel much better now."

Xixi kissed his neck softly.  "Revan you have no reason go be sad.  I'm sorry you lost your brother...believe 
Me I know how you feel to be betrayed by someone you care so deeply.  But I survived it and eventually realized how lucky I was to have Zera and Tom as those I have left back then to give me the will to live and hope that someday I'll find someone that can bring back the dead part of my heart.  And you are that person Revan you made me alive again.  That's why I'll stay at your side forever.

"Shadow was right when he pointed out your flaws.  But so what we all have them. No one is perfect and neither are you.  You can't have it all.

"We all love you because of your pros and cons alike they what make you.  With all your faults there's one thing even the traitors like about you.  It's your indomitable will to love and never give up no matter what.  Your love to those like us isn't a weakness it's what made you strong.  It's what make you understand us and also drawn us to you.

"Your dream does work
It just no longer appealed to Shadow and those who went with him.  You are the right leader for us.  You done the right thing.  Now you must move on from this loss, those that remain still need you to lead us to a better tomorrow.  And I'll go wherever you go, just as long as you remain at my side."

Revan's eyes teared slightly as he hugged Xixi close.  "Thank you just said what I would have said if the situation was reversed.  You are family is still here and they still need me.  I can't let their love and faith for me be out to waste it only makes Shadow right.  I'm not giving up on him I know he's still in there somewhere, I know sooner or later he'll wake up and come back to us.  And when he does after beating him senseless we'll welcome them all back in open arms.  I'm glad to have you Xixi...thank you for being you.

Xixi smiled sweetly and rested her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes softly sighing happily and feeling complete.

Meanwhile at the main world of the Von Draco Family, Vlad was meeting  with his son Tobias.

Tobias was the one who helped captured Rain before she escaped and joined Organization Keyblade for a brief time before her betrayal.

"I trust our contingency is complete?" Asked Vlad. "Yes father the Trojan completed her work. The group is split in two now, even if the opposing faction was much smaller then we suspect it served its purpose."

What even Rain didn't know was that her escape was intentional.  When she was put to sleep, Tobias awakened her heart's inner darkness and have it cast a heavier influence more than usual.

They allowed her to escape so she can join the Organization and have her unstable heart seek out Shadow, attracted to his pure darkness.  Influenced by her instability she would seek a conquering mate and seduced Shadow to want to betray Revan and carve out his own kingdom with her at his side as his queen.

The Von Dracos wanted the Coup to distract the Organization from focusing on their conflict on them.  With them distracted, the Von Dracos would continue their plans without interference.

"Still now that the opposing faction went away to do their own thing it won't be long until the Organization would continue their focus on us," said Tobias.

"Yes but their will would be lessened from their loss, which would give us an advantage if so slight.  The purpose at most was to buy time for out next stage of our plan to commence. And that would be very soon..."


COH Book 7 Ch. 6 The Second Great Schism
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Twilight Town, an in between world of Light and Darkness, home to Nobodies like Roxas Sora's Nobody.

At this point, Xion, Sora's incomplete Nobody became aware of her origins and started to wish to leave Organization XIII.

She began getting closer to Riku, who offered her answers, while becoming distant to her friends, namely Axel and Roxas.

Sora himself is asleep, in slumber to reclaim the memories he lost at Castle Oblivion.

He is kept at the abandoned mansion, where DiZ, formerly Ansem the Wise, kept his base.  He had Naminé, Kairi's Nobody stay and use her power to revive Sora's memories.  Riku also stays at the mansion more often to watch his friend.

Aside from him, Melody the Hedgehog is also staying, sent by Revan Shadow of Organization Keyblade to watch Sora, Naminè, Riku and Diz for him.  Once she met and befriended Roxas, it became her mission to watch him too.
Now DiZ had  been requested for a meeting with Revan.

He waited for him in the dinning room of the Haunted Mansion sitting on a chair, with another chair across him vacant.

Soon a Corridor of Darkness formed at the wall behind him, and a trail of black smoke came out and flew towards the chair. It struck the chair and out of the black smoke was a hooded Revan Shadow sitting on the chair.

"Master Shadow an honor have you grant an audience with me."

"I've come to check on your progress. How fares Sora. It's more then half a year now."

"Oh at the first months of his rehabilitation he's been recovering slowly yet steadily.  And in Health he's growing quite nicely as well.  However at a certain point his process started to slow down, very soon it'll halt completely.  It has become clear that the Organization stolen significant memories of Sora to create their puppet, and it has been siphoning more of then just a few memories.  It has become clear that this Xion must be eliminated if we are to complete Sora's recovery."

"That's not an option to consider as of now.  Xion is still with them.  If we assassinate her while she's still a member, we would be declaring War on the Organization.  We are currently dealing with replicas and a family of evil entrepreneur sorcerers. Having  three front war wouldn't be in our best interest.

"The best we can do is wait until Xion leaves the Organization to make a move on her, and her increasing visits with Riku is the key to make that defection happen."

"Yes I do see the merit in that logic," said DiZ stroking his hand at his masked chin.  "However, I do wonder. When the time comes would you do what's necessary?"

"I-we will utilize all options, and if terminating Xion is the only possible option then yes we will do what's necessary. But that isn't our only option, it's because Xion has a part of Sora it's vital we have to deal with her with caution.

"That aside, how is your little pet project going? Mel told me about it."

"Hm, that little girl can't keep her nose out of her business eh? Well I cannot resist her brining such exquisite meals to me while I work. Very well, yes I'm commencing a project I've been working on for years, to build a virtual world.  Namely a copy of this town as a prototype.  The completion of this work would confirm various hypothesis of mine.

"Of late it has a secondary function a place to hide Sora should the Organization discover our location."

"You should allow my science officer Zerg come and look at that project she would love to help out and learn from you as she did in her previous visits here."

DiZ suddenly laughed and looked at Revan. "My it reminds me of the elder days when others used to seek my counsel. Very well I could use her help, she does seem quite brilliant."

Meanwhile world's away, Tobias Von Draco, head of the Family operations of the Doom World and another world, has acquired a new asset.

A cousin of his brought a certain world to his attention.  The world of Planet Mobius, Melody's Homeworld, where a race of intelligent anthromorphic animals reside.

They are intellect, some processing various powers and abilities.  Melody and the Infamous Sonic the Hedgehog is amongst them.

Hearing about Sonic and other gifted Mobians interested Tobias and encouraged him to sent a covert team to kidnap a citizen of Mobius and turn them into useful pawn.

His minions brought back a Hedgehog girl named Rain.

Rain like Gaz Membrane possess demonic dark powers, powers that enhance her speed, strength, durability, and grant her other various abilities.

How she possess this dark power is unknown to anyone but her.

She has a baby daughter named Angela who possess telekinetic powers, but is currently a single mom.

She works in various odd jobs to support herself and child  but mostly as a mercenary to sate her thirst for violence and hurting bad guys who deserve it.

She was on a mission when Tobias' team made up of the resurrected Larxene and Marluxia kidnapped Rain and brought her to him.
 He entered the labs of his building seeing a Black Furred female hedgehog strapped to the table.  She was wearing a black leather jacket and a red blouse covering her large perky chest . A white and black striped dress skirt, and long sleeved stocking boots.  And at Her hands is black fingerless gloves.

After a while, she opened her golden yellow eyes and stared at her captor with a smirk.

"I guess I'm a long way from home now aren't I Mr. business man?"

"Defiant I like that. You would learn To serve me well."

"Sorry while I been knoWn to lent My services to guys I like or with money.  And considering that you treated a girl disrespectfully Im gonna say no."

"I'm afraid you no longer have a say in that matter my dear. These bounds suppresses your abilities you can't get out."

"Heh I've been in worse prisons this is surprisingly comfy...and enticing. I'll get out soon enough.  I always get my way."

"Hmph, we'll see about that once your will is broken. You aren't the first defiant pawn that needs breaking nor you be the last," said Tobias as he turned to leave the room and summon the tools necessary to carry out the threat.

In that other room Larxene and Marluxia were talking.

"Why are still doing their dirty work like errand boys leader?  They promised we can go at our way to do what we want to do.  But when pretty boy money bags asked you a favor you come to his beck and call."

"A major reason is because working for them gives us opportunities to see other worlds we don't normally see, and meet people we don't normally encounter like the Hedgehog girl we were asked to retrieve.  These variables find me a new avenue of possibilities for me to use to our advantage.  It has already given me an idea how to get revenge on Sora and his friends."

"Really what is the plan then?" Asked Larxene.

"It starts with knowing where Sora is. If he truly had join forces with Naminé then I believe she hidden him somewhere where she can recover his memories.  It stands to reason that Sora would be where Roxas is born, Twilight Town.  And with Roxas and Xion still alive, it means Naminè is still struggling to recover Sora's memory.  And now all our debts is paid we go there," said Marluxia forming a Corridor of Darkness portal for them to leave.

In the lab room Tobias was returning with a team of scientists which are hurling a cart full of surgical looking tools.  He saw at Rain's table she was gone and a mercenary guard unconscious near it.

It became clear that Rain tricked thr guard to free her perhaps using her feminine wiles to trick him.

Tobias sighed as he blasted the human solder into ash for his uselessness and incompetence.

Rain had left the world.  She has the ability to teleport, but it was the first time she attempted to use it to travel to other worlds.  It took all of her concentration and available power to even make such an attempt.

Her attempt was partly successful, but instead of being all the way home she teleported to an Between World, and lucky for her it was Twilight Town insted but of the World that Never Was Organization XIII's base world.

At that moment Revan was visiting Naminè at her room.  He was sitting at a chair at one end of the table, Naminè sat at other end of table. She had her drawing materials near her.

"I heard you talked to DiZ about Roxas and Xion," said the Nobody girl.

"Yeah, I'm also heard you been treated fairly here yet with contempt from DiZ, because of his hate to Nobodies.  After all it was the 6 founding Nobodies of Organization XIII that reduced him As he is today."

"I'm fine really, though it's nice for you to be concerned.  Though what you should be worried about Sora. You know what's been happening I told Riku earlier, that Roxas and Xion are becoming their own people.  Xion had a blank face at the beginning, but soon had her current face and developed her own personality as time went on."

"Is it not to be expected that Roxas is supposed to be his own person he is a Nobody, the only reason why he wasn't complete because Sora didn't spent enough time as a Heartless," replied Revan.

"Yes but Roxas and Xion together need a part of Sora to be complete.  The more they took from Sora the stronger they become and the more individual they become too.  The more they take from Sora the longer it'll take to recover his memories.  It has become clear the only way to complete Sora is for Roxas and Xion not to be around anymore."

"You been hanging out with DiZ for too long.  You know I was both a Heartless and Nobody when I experimented to find ways to revive people from losing hearts.  When my Nobody and Heartless united again I became myself again, with power over heartless and nobodies an ability Im now wary to use nowadays with the Organization in power and watching, now mostly using my nobodies and Heartless as spies to get info on other worlds.

"I believe an alternative is to have Sora and Roxas and Xion unite together. Not have them destroyed."

"Revan they might as well disappear at least to them.  They would give up their individuality for Sora to wake up and be complete."

"No not true, my Nobody Naverx is me, and exists within me.  Because of that he'll never fade like the other nobodies when they die.  Xion and Roxas need Sora to be whole and To have a life beyond death.  They are Sora and yet they are themselves.  Uniting with Sora Won't change that. Should you unite with your original you will know what I mean Naminè."

Revan was walking in the hallways of the mansion preparing to leave when a portal opened, a Garganta, the portals Arrancars used open.

Since Sosuke Aizen's fall Organization Keyblade saved and took in three Arrancars.  Revan saved and restored Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck's power and made her a member.  She became Vanitas' rival and constant partner at missions after Vanita's former partner Darth Maul left the Organization  to join Tasogare Shadow's Sith Empire .

Revan's second in. Command and Blood Brother, Shadow the Heartless Saved two Arrancars himself, Loly Aivirrne and Menoly Mallia, whom he saved for his personal use. He recently moved out of Revan's home to have settlement elsewhere where he keeps the girls.  He saved other girls like Tayuya from the Shinobi world and a number of others Revan doesn't know about yet.

Out of the Garganta came Loly Aivirrne, kneeling in front of Revan.

"Lord Revan please take me into your service," Loly said with a flushed face.

Not many in the Organization addressed Revan by that title, as he encourages members to be casual and call them whatever they like, most formally they call him boss or Master Revan to refer to his Keyblade master title.  Only Darth Maul called him Lord.

"Why you wish to Serve me? I haven't saved your life Shadow did you don't owe me anything."

"I...don't care! Shadow is an impish jerk! He rubs the fact he saved our lives in our faces often!  And have us do...things for him..." She said with a blush.  "I heard you aren't only strong as the leader but you know not like him. Treat girls with respect.  So please let me serve you."

"Are you asking me to take you in because I'm strong like Aizen?  Aizen was bad news.  You know he and I had an alliance when the Dominion invaded Hueco Mundo.  I came to understand what kind of man he is, even when he betrayed me he lied by holding back making it seemed we were matched.  I'm not as smart or calculating as he is, but he and I do have some similarities.

"I can't deny Im strong but you must be sure who align with more then that otherwise you'll be used again.  For your sake you must think it carefully."

"I know what I decided, I knew Shadow wasn't lying when he told me about Aizen betraying us Arrancars in the end. I know after hearing so much about you I know I wish to serve you."

"Even if I'm a human?"


"Very well I'll give you a chance," said Revan as he put his gloved hand on Loly's hair stroking it making her blush.

"However you must understand im not gullible I heard of your behavior at Hueco Mundo. If you harm any of my comrades even if it's in my name unless there's a true just cause, I'll kill you and your friend myself.  Don't mistake my kindness for weakness, you understand?" Said Revan coldly as he unleashed his energy which Loly collasped to ground gasping feeling his power like pressure.

"Y-yes I'll do whatever you ask..." Whimpered Loly.

"Good", l replied Revan as he suddenly went down and hugged the arrancar girl.  "Then we are becoming more then master and servant but friends."

Loly wasn't used to such kindness and feels his strength like warmth, she looked at him dumbfounded hugging him back yet with slight possession.

"What about Menoly is she coming?"

"No she's one of the few who willingly serve him and refuse to come with me."

"I see no worries I deal with him another day, in the meantime," he said snapping his fingers causing black smoke to surround Loly forming  a Black Coat around her revealing Arrancar uniform.

"You be doing more then just what Shadow have you do at the bed, at my side you be doing field work like a real member.  So you might as well dress for it. It's not mandatory, I actually like your outfit, simply a suggestion. You are free to wear whatever you desire. Either this or the other suits me. Now come, I'll deal with Shadow soon, for now I have other matters to deal with."

"Y-yes sir!" Said Loly.

"Before we go I have one final gift for you," said Revan as he summoned his Keyblade and pointed it at her Arrancar eye mask.  

When a human becomes a hollow or Arrancar, their heart becomes their hollow mask which contains their true power.

Revan used his Keyblade to unlock her heart residing there and unlock Loly's hidden power and the power of darkness.

It wasn't actually the first time it happened to her, Shadow upon liberating the girls used his Keyblade the same way.

Her body glowed in pink energy as she felt immense strength rising within her.

"What...what's this power...I thought Shadow unlocked it when he saved me and Menoly..."

"Shadow only unlocked a small portion and made it feel like a lot to
Satisfy you apparently. He doesn't seem to intend to use you in battle much. In addition I have given you the power of darkness to further enhance your strength and give you the power to use the Corridors of Darkness.

Before Loly couldn't have the power to even stand against the 10th Espada, being merely an Arracanar aide.  Now though she felt she can take on some of the Espada. She grinned and laughed manically as the power felt like ecstasy and almost over whelming.

"With this strength no one can ever get in my way again! HAHAHAHAHA!"

"Calm down and don't get lost to the power. Having strength is one thing but controlling it is another.  The reason why the Espada fell is because they were too proud and unable to control themselves. Don't suffer their fate."

Loly giggled as she looked manically at him tempted to Attack and prove her dominance.  But she saw his eyes under his hood, his kind yet stern eyes. It reminded her of what he said earlier of not mistaking his kindness for weakness.  He wouldn't give her this strength so gullibly. And she felt his strength before, her current strength is now compatible to his, but  heard he can surpress his true strength to deceive enemies and can be even stronger in his forms.

That aside she wanted him, not wanting to really hurt him, and was grateful for his kindness.  She did wanted to serve him and please him, and decided to obey...mostly.

She smirked giggling as she put her  hands around him.  "Ok Master don't worry I won't be like those dumb screw ups. I serve you and only~..." She said pulling him into a dark passionate kiss.

When they separated even Revan was panting and sweating his wolf side riled up. It took willpower to restrain himself.

"Save that...for later, for now I have other duties for you. Come."

"Yes...MY Lord."

They were leaving the mansion when they saw a flash of purple light in the nearby forest.

They saw an unconscious Rain.

"Loly help me get her up she might meed medical attention."

She nodded as she started to help the girl up.

Suddenly Rain's eyes opened and she jumped into the air out of Loly's grip and landed at a nearby tree.
 She thought seeing The human like Revan and Loly were with the Von Dracos.

She growled as she summoned a lance of dark energy in her hands and dashed at Revan.  Loly fired an enhanced Bala, a arrancar projectile of spiritual energy, blasting Rain at the side and blowing her into
A nearby tree.

"Heheheh Im really liking this...what happens when I use a Cero now?" She said looking at her hand cackling with Crimson Bala energy.  She extended her palm forward charging a sphere of Crimson energy and fired it as a powerful energy wave.

Such a blast would blowup a number of trees in the forest.  However Rain was able to get up and spin her energy lance rapidly to block the blast.  While the maneuver held back the blast, the blast wore away the lance.

By the time the blast was done, Rain was unarmed. Loly giggled as she dashed toward Rain her arm ready to smack her.  Her Zanpakuto, Escolopendra, is basically a dagger she keeps concealed in her clothes. Like most Arrancars she prefer to fight hand to hand. Mostly using her blade as a last resort or  unleash Her released state. 

She swung her arm, Rain caught the blow and smacked her on the face with a punch sending her sliding on the ground senseless.

Revan held his Keyblade at the ready as Rain dashed toward him.

They both disappeared in a blur of speed appearing and disappearing in a blur of speed clashing against eachother.

At some point as they approached to clash again, Revan delivered a strong kick at her stomach sending her flying to the ground.

She got up wiping her mouth smirking.  "Now this is getting interesting you are better then the common Von Draco goons I went up against before.  She dashed forward eager to continue when suddenly a beam of ice struck her from above and froze her to shoulders down.

Revan looked up to see Sni the Weavile above watching from the higher tree canopy.  She's member of Rio the Lucario's  Pokemon Rescue Team Nakama, who was exiled after their would was lost to darkness.

She's also a Shadow Guardian an organization of Dark Pokemon who can access the power of darkness and use it to protect others.

She's one of the few pokemon on the team that took a liking of Revan and do stuff for him at spare time like spying and gathering Intel on other worlds.

She landed on the ground near Revan.  "Sorry if I was interrupting anything Revs."

"I got this Sni," said Revan.  "Yah I know but thought to speed things up," said Sni with a smirk.

"Hey!" Shouted Loly getting up.  "I had this! It was my job to help Lord Revan myself!"

"Hey girl I dunno how things operate in your old job but in this one we are a team.  Don't like it leave you just dead weight hun."

Before Loly can respond, Rain broke through the ice, and dashed toward Revan.

Revan quickly used Time Keyblade Magic spell Slow to literally slow Rain down in time.  Revan simply side stepped out of the way and gut punched her in midair and then elbow slammed her to the ground.

"We're not with the Von Dracos, they are our enemy too.  I am Revan Shadow leader of Organization Keyblade. We are their enemy.  Let me guess, you are from Mobius and they kidnapped you to make you one of their pawns.  You escaped trying to return to your Homeworld but got to here, am I right?"

"Yah that's right.  But how am I to expect what you say is true handsome?" Rain asked in a smirk.

"If I could down you like that, you would realize I wouldn't need go waste time convincing you when I would have just taken you down."

"Ok you have a point. So tell me about your group and how you guys plan to deal with the Von Jerkos."

As Revan talked to Rain, Sni went near Loly.

"Hey girl let me give you a piece of advise about Revan. You know he has a condition?"

"What sort of condition?" Asked Loly.

"He's half werewolf you know of a special breed called Kurokage.  Amomgst the gifts he gained he's cursed with a mating drive that's espiecally active in the full moon when mating rituals are known to last all night.

"So he goes with the girls of the Organization to...treat his condition to keep him sane.  Unlike Shadow who collects girls, Revan while enjoys his condition goes out with one girl at a time while still being offically single.  If you want to help him that's your business.  But that won't mean he's yours, at the moment he belongs to no one. At most you would be his friend with benefits. He's of course a horny wolf in more ways then one but he has respect at least which is a major reason why he's well liked by members and suitors alike, besides his strength and other qualities. Just lettin' you know what you getting yourself into. And for one more piece of advise is that lately he's getting closer to a certain few girls. One of their names a Xixon who really has a claim on him, treatment aside she would literally try to eat you if she finds out what your intentions are.  Welcome to Organization Keyblade, think you'll fit in fine if you stay at everyone's good side..."

Soon Revan, Rain, Loly, and Sni left and returned to base. About ten minutes later another Corridor of Darkness opened revealing the hooded Marluxia, and Larxene.

"We searched everywhere in town what makes you think Sora would be around here?" Asked Larxene.

"Sora would be hidden away from the public. We tried the tunnel system, we tried abandoned sections of the train station.  It stands to reason he would be hidden in the abandoned mansion, where the denizens of this town dismiss the place as Haunted and likely to leave it alone; a perfect location go hide someone.  Incidentally it's where Xemnas found Roxas to begin with, right there at the gate ahead it's perhaps fitting now you think about it."

They approached the Gates of the mansion, when Marluxia stopped.

"What is it?" Asked Larxene.

"There's a perimeter barrier in the area.  Once we cross it, whoever is inside would be alerted. We gotta act fast once we get inside."

"Who you think you are talking too?" Smirked Larxene as she disappeared in a jolt of electricity.
Marluxia smiled as he disappeared in a blur and in a flicker of Sakura petals.

DiZ the exiled Ansem the Wise, was sitting at his computer.  Marluxia appeared  behind him.

"I'm surprised you were able to find this place, I'm surprised more that you are still in the world of the living," said DiZ without turning to look at him, still typing at the computer.

"You seem to know about me, I'm anxious to see what's behind your mask, so I can learn about you," replied Marluxia drawing his scythe.

"I understand you are rouge from the Organization is that right?"

"What of it?" Asked Marluxia as he was getting closer to DiZ.

"It makes it more convenient for me if I'm only dealing with you.  That aside, I ought to thank Organization Keyblade member Zerg for her contribution for my project, and partly to my former apprentice Even for making this possible."

Even's Nobody Vexen, the scientist member of Organization XIII, perfected the technique to create Replica, artificial nobodies that are sentient copies of an original person made from their data or memories.  When Organization Keyblade raided Castle Oblivion after its fall, Zerg obtained Vexen's notes and data at his lab, and made use of them.  She was able to use the data to create data based replicas from computers which she used for the Organization Keyblade's base for training simulations or even for defense.  The only difference between the data replicas and the Replicas is that, Replicas are sentient and behave independently, and when they die fade to darkness. Data replicas are purely an artificial computer program made of data, with no will of their own but fight as much potency as their original.  Data replicas are much easier to make and control than Replicas

When Zerg met with DiZ to help him at his projects, she upgraded his computer and gave it the function to create data based replicas, which Riku and Melody who's living with DiZ and Naminè at the mansion with DiZ, for training.

DiZ have a surveillance system throughout Twilight  Town, he knew Marluxia and Larxene was in town since they appeared and already  started looking for Sora in Town.

Since then DiZ was preparing a program at his computer.  And when Marluxia and Larxene entered the Mansion, DiZ's computer has been scanning then and copied their data to create data replicas.

With Marluxia the closest, DiZ just now ordered his computer to materialize the data replica of Marluxia to appear from the the pad, where DiZ can fire a beam  sending one between the the real world and the data world where the Simulated Twilight Town would be when its completed. The replica materialized from the beam with the scythe drawn.

Marluxia turned and looked at his look alike in shock.

The replica charged at it's original and clashed blades with him. Moments later the Larxene data-replica appeared next and went in search for its original.

The real Larxene appeared in Naminè's room starling her in shock.  Larxene used to abuse her  when Naminè was captive in Castle Oblivion. Seeing her alive again was like herself seeing a ghost from s nightmare.

"Oh Naminè.~ who wants to play a game?" Larxene said in a sing song voice, drawing her Kunai Knives.

She walked slowly toward the Nobody girl who lacked combat ability.

Before she got too close a blur of teal slammed into her and sent her flying into the wall of Naminè's room.

She grunted looking up to see a corridor of darkness portal at the other side of the room. And standing in front of Naminè was Melody the Hedgehog with her Keyblade drawn.

"Pick on someone your own size..." Growled Melody.

"Ha that's the understatement of the century furball! You don't scare me!"
Larxene laughed dashing toward the girls.

Suddenly someone grabbed her neck in midair and gave her a powerful kick, slamming her to the ground and the wall.

She looked up in surprise to see her data-replica before her helping Melody.  

"DiZ..." Breathed Melody in relief as she stood with her unexpected ally.

"The Absent Silhouette program," muttered DiZ as he monitored  the data replicas from his computer, referring to the name of the program Zerg gave referring to its function to create data replicas.  "A program that can turn your foes into useful assets even after they are gone.  You are a woman after my own heart Zerg, If only we have met a decade or more ago then maybe..."

Meanwhile at the basement room, a large room which Riku and Mel usually use to train, Marluxia fought his data replica anxiously.

They warped from one place to another clashing blows. Their strength and skills are identical, it seemed neither will get anywhere.

Marluxia realizes this and he knew in order to defeat his copy he had to do something unexpected.

When they advanced go clash again, instead of moving his blade to parry it, he moved his blade past his foe's toward the data replica's body.

Doing so left his own body exposed, but unlike his foe he was prepared, he summoned a layer of hardened Petals to act as an armor and cushion to reduce the damage.

Marluxia and the data replica  slashed eachother at the chest.  Marluxia's petal armor did cushion the damage but still received a deep graze.  The data replica received a much worse wound and began disappearing in a swirl of data and numbers.

Marluxia fell on his knees panting, supporting himself with his scythe.  He began using his flower magic to utilize his own version of Curaga.  He healed his wound, at the cost of some stamina and available magic energy,  and stood back up.

He started running towards the door that lead back to DiZ's computer room.  As he ran he fired an energy slash to blast the room with DiZ in it.  However DiZ already erected a barrier around the door, blocking the Attack and preventing Marluxia from getting back inside.

It was at that moment he sensed Sora nearby in the direction of the second door in the room.

Marluxia quickly fired another energy slash to distract DiZ into focusing strength to keep the barrier active and for him to loose focus on the possible idea to set up another barrier for him 

He ran towards the door leading to the pod room and was able to get in just before DiZ.  He was able to get in before DiZ erected another barrier to block his way.

Marluxia followed a hallway seeing other pods in storage.  He saw Donald and Goofy asleep in two of them.  He was tempted to finish them off, but he realized he doesn't have much time before DiZ sent reinforcements to further hinder him.  If there's anyone he should destroy it's Sora first.

He entered the chamber where Sora's pod is, he saw the young Keyblade Wielder slumber inside peacefully.

"Even asleep you appear magnificent Sora.  To think once I've tried to take your power as my own.  But I learned I can't control you.  I won't make the same mistake twice in assuming I can.  Least I can do is hinder both Xemnas and Revan's plans for you and put you to sleep permanently.  I'll find another way to overthrow the Organization and my new friends maybe be able to provide it.  Good night Sora fade into the ever blooming Darkness!"  He yelled as he dashed to slice through Sora in his pod like a reaper slicing through wheat with his scythe.

As he got nearer.  A Corridor of Darkness opened at Marluxia's side, Riku came out and dashed at him.

Marluxia barely had time to parry Riku's strike, then separated and landed at the ground.

" you aren't the Replica you are the real Riku and have changed a lot apparently.  The coat suits you."

"Sorry, I ain't allow you to get closer to Sora. Kinda impolite to disrupt a person napping."

"Oh I promise you, he won't need to wake up...ever again once Im done with him." Smirked Marluxia.  "This is perfect.  Once I make you and Sora disappear it would ruin Revan and Xemnas' plans further."

"That is if you can," replied Riku as he dashed toward the man, clashing scythe with dragon wing blade.

Meanwhile Larxene's battle with the Data replica was at stalemate.  Melody mostly stayed out of way firing long range Attacks, not really specified in hand to hand combat.

The fight was moved to the Mansion's main hall, where Larxene and her replica fought in the air at high speeds, fighting like superpowered Kunai wielding ninja.

As they kept fighting Melody saw a data replica of DiZ appear before her.

"Melody there isn't time, you must exploit Larxene's weakness to change the tide."

"She has a weakness?"

"Her power is Thunder.  She's more or less a living electric generator.  Apply water and she'll over charge."

"But I don't know any water magic." Said Melody with a sad look.

"You don't need to, combine your fire with Ice magic to make water.  The water alone won't need to destroy her. Just stun her enough to leave her open for the final blow.  Hurry before she destroys her Absent Silhouette.

At that moment, Larxene and her data replica threw their knives at eachother.  Each knife collided at eachother in midair.  Both summoned their weapons back at their hands.

They each created a cabal of clones which clashed against one another before disappearing.

They then erected barriers of eleceticity around one another before firing blasts of lighting energy against their opponent's barrier, which blocked and absorbed the energy of the Attack, since Thunder magic is Larxene's power and is ineffective against her or her data replica.

When she realized using lighting magic had no effect on her data 
replica because she's her copy, she resumed fighting it physically.

DiZ at his computer decided to take manual control of the data Replica and have it restrain Larxene to leave  her open for Melody to put melted water on her.

He had the data replica throw its knives at Larxene, encouraging her to throw her own to deflect them.

Just as the knives collided, the data replica teleported in front of Larxene and grabbed her arms before she could summon her Kunai back to her hands.

"Hey let go of me!" Growled Larxene as she struggled against her doppelgänger.  While she was stronger by Von Draco magic, her data replica is equal to her new strength and was able to restrain her.

Through the data replica, DiZ spoke his voice through it, startling Larxene hearing a male voice through her look a like.  "Melody now's your chance, Spread it on both of them!"

"Huh who are you dirty pervert?! Talking through my body like that!" Growled Larxene.

DiZ only responded by causing the data replica discharge lightning energy on it and Larxene's bodies. While it's harmless to them it's necessary to have electricity present so the water can overcharge it when applied.

Melody jumped from the second floor and from the tip of her keyblade discharged fire and ice magic simultaneously, causing water to spill out of it like a hose.

The water indeed cause the discharged lightning coursing Larxene and the data replica's bodies to overcharge.  Larxene yelled as the very energy that's usually harmless to her started to harm her as the water cause it to overcharge.  The data replica, not alive to begin with, continued to discharged electricity as Melody applied more water, but was forced to stand back as the field of electricity grew around Larxene and her double.

Larxene in her agonized frustration tried to use her own Thunder power to repel the energy of the data replica but it was only adding fuel to the fire.

Both Larxene and her data replica are now like a pair of wet electric generators malfunctioning with the presence of water. As more water and electricity is added it made it worse until finally like any electric equipment drenched by water it gives in.

Larxene and her replica exploded like bombs.  Melody had to erect a reflect barrier to protect herself.

Larxene's final Thoughts leading to her demise was her stubbornly refusing to be defeated by those she deemed weaklings like she did Sora, Donald, and Goofy.  She saw Melody and DiZ weaklings as well and couldn't believe she was backed to a corner with all her new power.  She stubbornly tried to show off more power when it lead to her killing herself.

With Larxene gone, DiZ, in the form of his own data replica, asked Melody to return to Naminé's room and watch her. Riku has protecting Sora under control. 

At that moment in Sora's pod room, Riku was jumping back repeatedly, avoiding the blows of Marluxia, who was spinning his blade horizontally so fast it was like a pink buzz saw. Soon Riku backed up to the wall, with Marluxia closing in.

Riku jumped up and bounced off the wall giving him the momentum to jump over Marluxia.

But Marluxia was already jumping up with enhanced strength and speed to rise in front of Riku and hit him out of the air with the hilt of his scythe.

As Marluxia landed on the ground his body illuminated in pink aura. "My my Riku you really have grown.  But as you can see my own power has blossomed as well. With my current power I can take on Xemnas myself."

"Don't get ahead of yourself," replied Riku as he took off his blindfold over his eyes, activating Xehanort's Heartless' power within him and transformed into him.

Marluxia's eyes widened as me saw a splitting image of Xemnas only in darker skin and  with a different style of silver hair, stand before him.

Riku bearing Xehanort's Heartless' visage  disappeared in a blur of speed and slashed through Marluxia's scythe  and his own body and dashed passed him.

Marluxia groaned as he surrounded himself in darkness and disappeared, making it seem he died.  If Riku kept the blindfold on he would have not relied on his eyes and sensed that Marluxia was only grievously  wounded.  But it was victory enough that Larxene was dead and Marluxia failed in his assassination attempt on Sora.

Marluxia appeared in the World that Never Was, at an alley of the dark city nearby the castle HQ of Organization XIII.  He thought to lick his wounds before seeking an audience with Xemnas, he decided to rejoin the Organization using his knowledge on Sora's whereabouts as his gift of good faith to have himself forgiven of his treachery at Castle Oblivion.

"Damn that Riku...what was he how can he have that power...his power and command over the darkness so
Effortlessly...Revan, Xemnas, Riku...they are the is it possible they have such strength!" He growled as he leaned against the wall slamming his fist against it.

"For starters we think the impossible possible and we tread where no one else dare to go," said a deep calm voice behind him.

Marluxia looked behind him and saw Xemnas behind him.  He gasped pressing his body against the wall in shock.


"I'm the Superior, I know all one need to know.  I know of your resurrection from its inception. And I knew you'll come here sooner or later to see me"

"I...L-Lord Xemnas listen I knew where Sora is...let me join your ranks again and I'll personally lead the Attack to bring him down."

"I know where he is all along," said Xemnas calmly.

"Y-you knew?  Why haven't you done anything about it.  As long as he exists Roxas or Xion would have a chance to lose their individuality, his existence is a threat to your plans."

"Don't assume you know what my plans are.  Sora is useful Alive, and I expect if Roxas and/or Xion fail he'll awake to rise against us."

"And you would allow this?"

"Allow it? I've foreseen it. As I've foreseen your treachery, which was why I made you Lord of Castle Oblivion to begin with.  Through Saïx I assigned Axel to observe you to confirm your treachery, then aid Sora and Organization Keyblade in purging the castle of all members, treacherous or not, that are deemed a liability."

Marluxia realized he was referring to Vexen who was killed by Axel as a ruse to gain Marluxia's trust. At least up till now he thought that was the reason. Hearing it confirmed that Lexeasus and Zexion, loyal senior members of Organization XIII were gone too.

"What...are you plotting...what you have to gain to purge the Organization's ranks like that?...."

"Marluxia is that fear i hint in your voice? That's unbecoming of you, the man who tried so much to imitate me.  Nobodies can't feel fear, we can't feel anything, you are only reacting this way because you remember what it's like to feel fear and your body is responding accordingly activating its natural fight or flight physical response.  But to answer your question, I simply know the future via an outside source yet my own.  And I foreseen that Castle Oblivion was to be a test, and you and those that perished have done so because they, you were weak of will, weak of strength, or weak of trust.  There's only currently few in the Organization that's proven to be adequate, according to my outside source.

"I admit Marluxia you have proven to be a strong, and willful individual.  If it haven't been for your treachery you would have a place at Kingdom Hearts, sadly you have proven inadequate.  Thus it's my solemn duty to inform you that your service is no longer required.  You're terminated."

Marluxia, by now was able to muster the strength to heal from his heavy wounds from Riku, surging in his new power, redrawing his Scythe whole again. He yelled as he ran forward to cut down Xemnas.  As he advanced he used his Flower magic to make giant flowers and thorn vines come out of the walls around Xemnas and advanced at him to ensnare and impale him while Marluxia  goes for the kill.

Xemnas caught the scythe blade with his bare hand, and erected a barrier around him and Marluxia.  When Marluxia's plants touched the barrier they withered away and disintegrated.  In Xemnas' grip, Marluxia's scythe blade crumbled and disintegrated, the rest of the blade followed like a wilted flower rapidly rotting.  As the weapon disintegrated, Xemnas ran Marluxia through one of his Ethereal Energy blades. 

"A Sakura blossom is a beautiful yet fleeting thing.  You've gone past your time of blooming, now go the way of the Sakura and go away with the wind," said Xemnas as he hurled Marluxia into the air and fired a powerful blast of energy from his hand which blown Marluxia away into darkness.

"Now Kingdom Hearts," said Xemnas as he walked out of the alley seeing his copy of Kingdom Hearts floating high in the darkened sky above the castle.  "We can continue forward with our our new world without interlopers..."

Meanwhile back at the Doom World, Loly was settling in her new lodgings.  Snd intends to prove herself as an alpha female to the other members.  She was out of the black coat revan gave her, exploring her new dwelling. Her quarters is at the main underground base but she's prepared to move into Revan's personal  house once she makes her move on him.

Suddenly and felt a tap on her shoulder, she looked behind him and saw Xixon behind her.

"Hiya," said Xixi in a pleasant voice and With a sweet smile on Her face.  "I'm the welcome wagon, it's very nice to meet a new face."

"Huh who the hell are you, hey let go of me!"  Protested Loly as Xixi held onto Her left arm.

"That's a pretty arm you got there, bet it's tasty too," she said calmly stroking her arm.

"What get the hell off you freak!" Growled Loly as she tried to get her arm Loose but Xixi Increased her grip with unreal strength.

"Hehe what's wrong skull eye girl? I just wanna get it a hug," replied Xixi giggling breaking in an evil grin. Her yellow eyes glowing, and her fanged teeth became sharper.

Loly despite her new strength was shocked as Xixi screamed in pleasure as she tore off her arm from its socket.

Loly can't believe it with all her new power Revan gave her, this Irken off her arm off like she's a normal girl.

Loly held her wound growling, then drew her concealed blade and slashed at her.

Xixi still held Loly's arm at one hand while she drew her knife at the other hand and parried Lola's slash.  While blocking Loly's blade, she brutally smacked her with her own severed arm.

Loly took a few steps back and felt her blooded mouth, she growled as she pointed her blade forward and roared, "Poison! Escolopendra!"

Violet energy burst around her as she got into her released state, she got into the form of a centipede-like creature.  Her eye mask grows and covers both cheeks.  She has bone like armor covering her limbs, Breasts and neck.  One result of Unleashing Resurrección, is the ability to heal the user of previous wounds.  Her arm was healed and grown back.  Both arms take the form of two long centipede-like creatures with the body but no head.

Her form's special ability besides having her physical abilities enhanced is that anything her centipede arms gets eroded away by poison secreted form Her arms.

"I'm gonna melt you away you green bitch!" Yelled Loly as she swung her arms at Xixi.

Xixi smirked as she jumped up the  swings and landed at the ground away from her.

"Hmmmhmm, aren't you an overgrown creepy crawly. Nope he wouldn't do to have you.  You too disgusting." Said Xixi as she swung the severed arm in her hand in a pinwheel motion.

Irritated with what she's doing to her former arm, Loly yelled saying, "Shut up! Freak! Shut up and die already!" She opened her mouth as she charged a Resurrección enhanced Cero in her mouth.  She fired it and it struck Xixi, who made no move to get out of the way.

When the dust cleared Loly was shocked to see she changed.  Her antennae Were like demonic horns now. And her eyes were now demonic black with yellow slits.  And her teeth more sharper and longer then Before.

As she growled drool came out of her mouth.  She dashed forward with enhanced speed punched through Loly's centipede arms and slammed her to the ground.

She pulled her by one of  her ponytails, hurling her violently against the wall.  He grabbed Loly by the throat and grinned as and began beating up with her own severed arm, using it like s club. She laughed as she swung at her repeatedly.

Suddenly Lory opened her mouth and discharged a Bala from it, surprising Xixi as it blown her to the ground.

As Xixi got up, Loly charged another Cero and fired at Xixi. Xixi by now got up and blocked the Attack with her bare hand.

She dashed forward and slammed Loly against the wall so hard It made an impression on the wall.

She grinned at Loly's scared face and resumed beating her by biting her teeth on her neck. Then went about scratching her with her claws, clubbing her with Loly's own severed arm, and punched her brutally.  Loly's screams and Xixi's laughter echoed the halls.

Ten minutes later, Xixi reverted to normal standing over the half dead Loly, all cut up, nearly bleeded out, and bruised all over. She already reverted to normal for being near death.

"Mmmmmmm you are tasty girl," said  Xixi as she nibbled at Loly's severed arm.  "And fun too...been a while since I can have fun like this...I guess it's fair to give you the name of your welcome wagon, name's Xixon, friends call me Xixi.  Heard Revan found you and brought you here to join our little club.

"I have no objection of you being here, in fact I might have truly welcomed you warmly if you haven't done one teeny tiny thing...see I know that you only did kiss him but all but declare yourself to him.  When I smelled your pheromones just know I knew infatuation when I smell it.

"I don't blame you for wanting him," she said kneeling down over her. "You aren't alone. He is after all the alpha male.  But fact is it its not just infatuation I smelled on you its ambition. I smelled that you want to be alpha female behind our alpha male leader. The other girls who wanted him didnt have that at least and that's why you are here beneath me now.

"The other girls are actually nice and arent the kind of girls who wouldn't be a real threat to me. Some I actually get along well.  I can understand Revan trying to deal with his curse and is hesitant to commit and trying to keep his Options open.

"But I'll be the one who'll stand at his side as his one and true mate once he finally comes out of his shell.  There's only one alpha female at the top and that's me.

"Normally I'll have killed you by now, but I feel generous, you being tough to kill and giving me so much fun I'll let you consider this as a fair warning. Besides I don't want to anger Revan for if I killed you right? You are adter all a dear new comrade," she said stroking her ruined face. "Heheheh, now keep this quiet between the two of us ok?  I made sure the base security systems wouldn't pick up on this incident.  And if you think you should run to your 'master' and tell him about this thinking he'll avenge you go ahead.  Just know I'll be back for seconds next time. And that aside, with your history do you think Revan would take your word over mine?  He maybe a tolerant, trusting, and patient guy, he isn't gullible...entirely. And those girls I mentioned that im friends with, and other members would be on my side.  Unlike you I've already made my place in the Organization, you a newbie have yet to prove yourself more then Aizen's former aide.

"So keep it under your mask ok?" Xixi pats her head  With a friendly smile.   Upon hearing her whimper in pain. She squealed and hugged her pained body.  "good girl! I knew we'll understand each other!  So here's what you'll do." She said taking out a syringe from a dress, containing a liquid drug inside it.

"It originally was from off world, but upon me and my associate joining the Organization...," Xixi said referring to her sister Zera who really brought the drug but kept her relationship and name with her anonymous in case Loly is vengeful and would go after her for revenge.  "...the R and D of the Organization synthesized it and made it standard issue for the medical supplies for our nonmagic members.  All you need to do is inject it and all your wounds are healed.

"In taking this though it means you accept the following conditions.  One you'll work for the Organization as Revan's aide as you wish.  Two You would not have any contact especially the physical kind without my permission. And three you'll behave like a good girl and won't get in my way or won't do anything to misplace Revan's trust in you.

"Follow these rules and we get along fine." Said Xixi as she turned to walk away but then stopped.

"You know there's another reason why I didn't want you with him, it's because you aren't right for him.  You are infatuated with him but you don't know him nor truly care for him.  You just like the fact he's the alpha male.  You don't know his hopes and dreams, you don't know his heart.  You never spent time with him before today.  So you aren't right for him.

"Revan's heart is like mine in so many ways...I need him...and he needs me...We can save wouldn't understand bye."

With that Xixi left Loly alone to lay there staring at the syringe with the choice Xixi left her.

After having a stop at the bathroom to clean herself up of Loly's sweat and blood, and ate her arm, she left the underground base and head to Revan's house who was relaxing after today's mission by playing video games.

She came through the door and sat next to him at the couch watching him play.

"Oh hi Xixi hope you have a fun day today?," said Revan slightly looking at her before focusing on his game.

"Mmhmm great fun," she said putting her arm around him brushing against his thigh.  As he blushed being slightly distracted from the game she said in a seductively cute voice, "I missed you so much. I hope U didn't hurt yourself today."

"N-no it went fine today, recruited new friends today if you have heard."

"Oh you know me baby I find myself too busy for such trivial things.  I prefer to have fun at my spare time.  Just glad you're home," she breathed as she licked his neck and kissed it.

Revan's wolf side was aroused by this and  bit his lip trying to surpress it.

Suddenly she sat on his lap, and put her hands on his chest roughly slamming him against the couch and smacking his game remote out of his hands.

"H-hey I'm the middle of something I'm gonna lose..."

" can always play a silly game.  Right now you gonna play something more fun, with a more fun playmate then a silly computer, mmmhmm~," she purred as she rose up her dress revealing her panties and bare belly, raising it as high as her Breasts.

Revan's dark brown eyes turned yellow, and his Pawprint curse Mark  as his wolf side started to surface. Xixi wrapped her legs around his waist and put one hand at his shoulder  the other at his hair pulling at it as she pulled him into a passionate kiss.  

She pulled at him as they kissed, pulled at him down to the couch until he was laid down on his back and she laid on him.  Before she gave into the sexual haze completely she glanced at his wolf curse Mark and knew his curse is the key for her to make him hers.  She knew of Mira Kurokage's failed attempt to bound Revan to her, and how a Kurokage curse Mark bounds the biter and victim together as Mates, and can only breed with eachother.  In order to achieve her goal she must have Revan curse her too.

She panted looking down at him as pressed her claws on his shirt. She's tempted to bite down on his curse Mark and absorb its power and curse for herself.  But she decided to take it one step at a time, she already won herself a victory today let her enjoy another victory tomorrow, for now the alpha female will have fun with her alpha male....

Meanwhile Rain was settled into her new job, but was free to return home to Mobius to care from her child, Angela.

Some members like the Mane 6 of Equestria live in their Homeworld's while reporting for duty in the Organization whenever they are available.

As Rain entered her apartment, she saw someone sitting on her recliner chair in the dark.  It wasn't the baby sitter she left behind but Shadow the Heartless.  His yellow eyes glowed in the dark.

"Shhh that baby is sleeping Miss Rain, allow me to introduce myself.  I'm Shadow the Heartless, one of the three current Master ranked Keyblade Wielders of the Organization. I'm
Also the second in command of the group.  Miss Rain I have a proposition for you.  But first catch," he said after drawing his Keyblade Dark Heart and thrown it at Rain.

Rain caught it and looked at the black blade.  "Why you give me this?"

"It's a test called the Keyblade Inheritance Ceremony, the fact it stays in your hands is proof that you are passed the test.  Soon you'll have a blade forged from your heart like  mine and Revan's, making you even stronger.  You have a bright future ahead of you, let's talk about it shall we?"

Rain smelled a great darkness within Shado's him being a rare sentient Heartless.  To Her it's an intoxicating smell.  She smelled a similar scent from Revan but to her it was tainted by him being half light and half dark.

But Shadow is pure dark a more attracting smell to her.  She smirked as she closed the door and walked toward Shadow undoing her dress....


Short: Dark Relationships
 More KH themes and new members, getting more and more interesting. Let us welcome my new OC Rain the Hedgehog to our ranks.  Enjoy!

Revan Shadow, Shadow the Heartless, Mira Kurokage, Kurokage Werwolf species, Sni the Weavile, Team Nakama, Rio the Lucario, Rain the Hedgehog, the Von Draco family
Naruto themes and characters by Masashi Kishimoto
Bleach Themes and characters by Tite Kubo
Sonic the Hedgehog themes and characters owned by Sega
My Little Pony Themes and characters owned by Hasbro, created by Lauren Faust
Invader Zim themes and characters by Jhonen Vasquez
Zerg by :icondalektrep:
Xixon, Zera by :iconwingless1raven:
Melody the Hedgehog by :iconyamixyugifangirl109:
Kingdom Hearts themes and characters owned by Square Enix created by Teysuya Nomura

I returned home from job agency to learn the Great  Leonard Nimoy is gone.

i was preparing brunch when dad got a text or something saying "oh the actor from Star Trek is gone"

i thought oh oh no is it William Shatner (Captain Kirk), well at least it's not Nimoy

but then dad went to computer and confirmed it was Nimoy...

ive only been a Star Trek Fan for two years thanks to the recommendation of my close buddy here, I of course been a fan of KH longer 

but never knew the actor of Xehanort until I got into Star Trek.

he was an insperation for me and his characters an insperation to the development of my own characters and philosophy on life.

on the recent years I lost heroes like Sherman Hemsley of the Jeffersons and Amen, Robin Williams, and now Nimoy

ironically weeks ago my buddy notified me for the death of Xehanort's  actor and got a scare thinking it was Nimoy at first, when it turned out his japanese dub actor died which was still a loss to KH fans everywhere, but now his English dub actor is gone too

 Nimoy was more than an actor, he was a philosopher, a role model, a friend we can count on

now he's gone to where no living man has gone before.  The world is much smaller without him...May his Soul Live Eternal and Prosper...forever


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Chris/Tasogare/Revan Shadow
Artist | Literature
My name is of no importance, but my message is. I'm nobody, I don't want to be anybody, nobody but me. I am LightsShadow03, I am Revan Shadow, but friends call me Chris. I'm the Mastermind, behind the creation of Chain of Hearts and Organization Keyblade. The rest is irrelevant. I'm a man who has learned and understood the light and darkness of this world and of my own heart. I'm trying to find my place in this world, and discover who I am. Being here is a start.

But after being here for a while I feel as if Im getting closer in being a somebody everyday thanks to these people

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