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Today while on the job at uPS I got bitten by a dog.

i encountered many dogs in my current route some friendly others territorial but harmless and others not so friendly

i know how to deal with dogs when they are set loose in their yards, I hold still and slowly walk forward and if they come up to me, I hold still and let them sniff me

this tactic served me well so far, and many dogs turned out to be friendly or simply have bark worse then bite 

but today I encountered a situation when my tactic failed me.

theres this black furred poodle mix breed I see every day when I go to a certain neighborhood in my route, and HE barks and chases van as it passes by

i don't usually make deliveries to that house, but today we had to stop there before our break. My partner upon seeing the dog out in the yard acting aggressive asked if he could do the house, I said no thinking I can handle it.

i walked slowly up the yard as the dog barked loudly and ran around me. I made one step at a time trying to get around the dog's path.  Then he suddenly jumped at me at the side snd bite me, I moved around trying to get out of way as he bit me other places, as the owner came out and yelled at the dog as I finally ran back to Van 

I was bitten at left arm, leg and right leg

i had layers on to protect me from cold so I haven't had direct contact with the dog's teeth , and my wounds felt like stings thinking it wasn't serious I thought I was fine and went back to route, but after doing next house we decided to check my wounds and I saw gashes at arm and leg and a minor bite mark all though the skin

after making a report about the incident to headquarters and going back to owners to ask about dog and it's medical history, I finally got home to get cleaned and patched up and here I am now at home  
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: sexual themes, violence/gore and strong language)
Zera and Xanatos are now partners in a bounty hunting/mercenary team.  They been on a few missions together since they met along with Revan meeting Xixon.

Their missions mostly involve assassinations  and mercenary work against the Irken Crime Lords, once Irken warlords of the old Irken Empire now exiled when the reformed government came to power and formed criminal Empires to take on the Unity the Alliance of intergalactic governments including the Reformed Irken Empire and the former factions of the Resisty.

Recently they took down the Warlord Naman, when they infiltrated a penthouse party and disguised themselves as guests  and took him out in his room before making a daring escape.

They now landed at a space station to collect payment for the Bounty and see what other work is there.

Xan watched the ship as Zera went ahead to collection office.

At that moment a cargo ship boarded the station, as the storage compartment opened a man sneaked out and went up a ventilation shaft.

Zera was just leaving the collection office when suddenly the vent in front of her opened and a man popped out and landed in front of her.

The man was dressed in a red and black spandex suit, having an array of guns, ammo dispensers and weapons attached to his utility belt and chest canisters, his most notable weaponry are two katanas sheathed at his back.

It was Deadpool! Wade Wilson, The infamous Merc with the Mouth somehow crossed over into the Doom World from the Marvel Universe.

He looked at Zera smirking under his mask, "well hello there big white and beautiful going my way?"

Zera blinked at him and before she could reply, Xanatos was behind him pressing a blaster pistol against the back of his head.

"Step away from the girl jerk," growled Xanatos.  Deadpool barely blinked as he activated his teleporter device and teleported behind Xanatos with his pistol gun drawn and pressed at his head.  "Amateur," he chuckled.

Xanatos quickly  reacted by  performing a sweeping kick knocking the gun out of his hand.

Deadpool reacted by drawing one of his Katana blades and slashed at Xanatos.

Xanatos ducked the slash before drawing two katana hilts from compartments at his PAK and pressed buttons to draw the contracted katana blades, and used them to parry Wade's Attack.

Wade flipped backwards to avoid a downbeat slash toward his chin, then charged and crossed Blades with Xanatos.

They clashed blade to blade for a few minutes before Wade drew his second blade and locked his blades against Xan's.

Wade teleported out of the way, causing Xan, who was pressing his weight against Wade a moment ago, to fall the ground.

Wade teleported at Xan's side and kicked at his rubs, the kick sent Xan flying to the wall nearby.

He groaned trying to get up before feeling Deadpool's gun pressed against his head.

"You are one ugly little Green man you know that? Only you aren't so little, what's up with that?" Chuckled Desdpool.

Before Wade knew it, Xan's PAK leg was out and impaled through Wade's chest before being lifted into the air, he was then thrown off the leg and was slammed to the wall.

"Heh bet you don't look so hot yourself buster," smirked Xanatos thinking he won, he bent down to pick up was dropped blades, when suddenly he felt his antennae vibrate with movement and turned to look behind him.

"SHORIUKEN!" Yelled Deadpool as he ran behind Xanatos and punched him at the face, sending him off his feet, falling forward to the ground.

Xanatos groaned looking up to see Wade fully healed standing triumphantly in front of him with his wound closed up and healed like it never happened.

Deadpool is a skilled assassin well versed in armed and unarmed combat, his main power is his Healing Factor, the ability to heal almost any wound, and granting him longevity, making him nearly immortal.  It also enhanced his physical attributes making him faster and stronger to near superhuman levels.

The only negative of his ability is that it also strengthens the cancer he had when he first got this ability via experimentation.  While the cancer can't kill him, the cancerous tissue scarring spread and disfigured his body's appearance, making him rely on wearing his costume often.

It also accelerated his mental instability making him insane.  But on bright side it also made him immune to telepathic Attacks, and seem to grant him an awareness most people in his world doesn't.

As a result his insanity also made him develop a multi personality complex.  He has two voices in his head that represents a part of his personality.  One voice represents his insane side. {that's me hey readers! Got any chimichangas?!}  The other voice, represents what remains of his logic and reasoning. [Thats me yo there readers, the literal voice of reason here, let's get to it]

Wade smirked under his mask about to fire at Xan when Zera, who stood back to watch the fight, stood between himself and Xanatos.

She smiled at him and said, "Sorry he's mine to maim and kill, but see you are talented, what's your name Mr?"

Wade sheathed his gun, and walked to her and put his arm around her as he replied in a saucy tone, "Wilson, Wade Wilson, AKA Deadpool, Earth's awesomnest, sexist, and available Mercenary."

Zera chuckled softly before replying, "So you are a human from Earth?"

"Ye-ah but not this Earth, I'm from another Earth, brought here mainly because this story's author has nothing better to do then work late at night and write stories for himself and his friends on stuff that don't matter in real life, yah! I'm talking to you Mr. LightsShadow! Think you so cool writing me into existence in your crappy stories would make you cooler?! Nah just kidding, you have good taste buddy inviting the most impressive Marvel Anti-Hero in your story.  You a dude after my own heart.  Keep up the good work Buddy, now write about me winning a Billion Dollars and get to make out with that Alien Chick there, cmon I'll be your best friend~" 

He stopped blabbering after Zera smacked his face. "Get ahold of yourself dude and answer my question in plain Sane if you please?"

"Fine," groaned Wade almost forgetting only he can break through the fourth wall.  "I'll say it in terms you understand.  I was chilling when guys in red robes appeared out of nowhere and took me away from my world and came to this reality.  They handed me over to alien warlords that  used their science and technology to see what makes me tick. Seems the red robe guys wanted my healing factor and put it into pawn solders used in their command.  I escaped and snuck on a cargo ship, which boarded to this station.  I think I'm gave them the slip now and-"

Suddenly alarms rang as alien thugs boarded the space station from transports With guns blazing. A Group of aliens looked at Deadpool and called to the others to intercept him.

"Ah crap," he yelled as he drew gun pistols to Attack the alien thugs sent to capture him.  Zera drew her own blaster pistol and began shooting at Deadpool's attackers.

"Xan take out a gun and fire at them!" Yelled Zera.

"Like hell I-"

"These are the same guys that tried to take Xixon away and tried to kill us before, killing them Would help us.  Letting them do what they want would have Haunt us again later. So shut up and fight already!"

Xanatos groaned as he drew his blaster pistols and fired at the thugs.

They put down a nearby table from s vendor and hid behind  it for Cover.

Soon the remaining thugs hid behind vendors and doorways for cover.

Seeing he has more help now, Deadpool sheathed his guns and drew his Katanas.  He used his teleporter device to warp from one foe to another stabbing or slicing them from Behind.

Soon all foes in the area were dead before them.

"We gotta get outta here before more come, to the ship!," Yelled Xanatos.

"Hey that's my line!" Protested Deadpool.  "You actually own a ship?"  "Well no...but I could but...I'm the star! I take the lead!"

"The star of what?! The Lunatic Asylum?!  It's my ship!  It only works  for me, it's verbally and DNA locked! Now shut up and-"

At that moment Zera smacked the back of both their heads.  "Shut up dumbasses and listen up, I'll take lead you Cover me, ok?"

"Yes Mamn!" Both Boys said at the same time.

"That's Miss Zera to you now hop to it!"

They made a run for the hanger, guns blazing, and reached the Voot and flew out of the hanger. And left to see the station boarded by warships at many sides.  And as they left the area they saw ships of the Unity, namely Vort and Irken ships, appeared and began attacking the criminal ships.

As soon as they reached open space, Zera put the ship on autopilot and relaxed.

"Ok so what's next?" asked Zera laying back comfortably.

{sit back and make out with us? Please Mr. LightsShadow?}

Would you please stop breaking the Fourth Wall? Im trying to tell a story here.

{then can you at least tell me why you  aren't telling the story more from our point of view? We are the star!}

[because it's a Story  told from
Third person, meaning it's a story told from an unbiased source, meaning the dialogue tells what happens to most or all characters involved internally and externally.  He could write what's really going on in our head but all the time.  Doing so would  take time]

Not just time, space Im allowed only to post with a certain amount of data space. And I'm bad at summarizing but I try to put as much as I can while lessening things as much as possible.  Now look guys this is your debut in my story series Take that as your victory now, as you just said you are the star and I'm doing my best to put you guys in the spotlight, so please bare with me hm?

{ok fine}
[you the boss ]
"As long as you do the job right that is, don't screw this up kid," said Deadpool, randomly talking out of the  Voot cockpit window.

"Who you talking to?" Asked Zera knocking his head.  "I was asking what should we do next?"

"Well if the red hood guy that kidnapped spandex face, is the same guys the people in my team is saying then I Suggest we see them on Earth, with their help we'll have a better chance at least," said Xanatos.

"Hm good point, ok let's try it," nodded Zera.

Meanwhile on Earth Revan and Xixon have gotten closer then ever. When her homicidal urges are low, Revan allows her to interact with other members in the Organization.

She especially got along with Zanna, the female Predator member of the group, in fact she took Xixi and her beloved pet Tom on hunting trips with her to game preserve planets.

Today she has a gift for Xixi, she invited her to her room and showed Xixi her trophy collection.  It had more then just the remains of prey but also a collection of weapons.

Amongst her collection, was an array of human blades, amongst them a modified katana she uses as a preferred weapon in her hunts.  She was gonna allow Xixi pick one of her extra blades to keep as her own.

Xixi squealed like a child at a toy story not knowing where to start.

After looking at Zanna with her katana sheathed at her back she decided to take a katana as her own to match hers.

"Excellent choice," nodded Zanna.  "The human katana is a balanced weapon, with great speed and cutting power if handled right. May it bring you victory Xixi."

"Thank you," she held her new weapon as she hugged Zanna.

Later she was at Revan's home sharpening her new weapon
With a cutting laser. When Revan came home.  "Hey Xixi, I'm back heard you been given a weapon by Zanna."

"Mmhmm, wanna see it? It needs some testing anyway."

"Huh?" Asked Revan as Xixi suddenly took her blade and dashed towards him.

He drew his own Keyblade to parry the attack.  She continued striking with a blank look at her face.

After a while, Xixi made a slash at his feet which made Revan jumped into the air to avoid the cut, as soon as he done that she made a kick in midair, sending Revan sliding against the ground on his back.

Xixi landed on top of him on his lap and pressed the blade at his throat. Revan laid frozen for a moment calmly waiting for Xixi's next move.

She smirked and dropped blade then wrapped arms around his neck kissing him deeply.  She grinded her lap against his as they kissed.

She grinded faster, soon she separated her mouth with his to release a small moan as her soaking panties. She grabbed his arms and guided them to her breasts.

She gasps, moaning as Revan  began taking over the rubbing. In return Xixi began grinding her lap against Revan's, her moans getting louder as she rubbed faster.

Soon she got off him and lifted her dress to show her soaked panties, she blushed pulling them down. Then laid on fours lifting up her hips showing her wanting wet pussy.

"Mmm...Please...fuck me..." She begged.

Revan pulled down his pants and thrusted into her doggy style.

She gasped moaning as his thrusts got faster and harder with each thrust, until finally he came.

He leaned against her panting, before she pushed him to the ground.

She threw off her dress smirking, "That was good but it left me even more hungry," she said as she sat at his lap clawing his skin as she kissed him biting his lip.

As they were about to continue when suddenly Xixi's comm device activated and showed Zera on screen. "Hey Xixi how-ohmygosh! Get some clothes on!" She yelled before hiding her face.

"Um cya at base boss, there's something we gotta discuss," said Xanatos.

"Holy mama...I would normally be jealous now but I like how you think LightsShadow so that's what I'm to be looking forward-" said Deadpool before Zera turned down comms connection.

Xixi blushed when she saw them watching in and even hid her face in Revan's chest, but as soon the connection went down she began laughing, "Hahahaha! That was priceless Revan! The looks at their faces! Hehehe now where were we? I think we have time for one more quick round...." She purred as she pulled his hair as she dragged him back into her mouth to kiss and began to ride him....

Ten minutes later, Xan's ship landed at the hanger of Organization Keyblade's base and met with the now clothed Revan and Xixi at s conference room of the base.

Revan traveled to the Marvel Universe World before and heard about Deadpool.  He couldn't believe he's meeting him face to face. He listened carefully as Deadpool repeated his tale to Revan and Xixi.

"...I see," said Revan.  "The red robed people that kidnapped you seem to be the Von Draco Family, a family of Dark Sorcerers which live a dual life of entrepreneur businessmen, and their true selves as Dark Wizards.  Their resources are both normal
And paranormal based.  They have an army of  human mercenary PMCs, various paranormal creatures, and other resources.  We dunno what they want but-"

"Blah blah blah boring!  Point is what you suggest we do about it!," shouted Wade.

"Well here's what I suggest, looking for a job? You can work for us Mr. Mercenary.  How about it? We offer you our aid and protection, and we can pay you well enough for you to return  home super wealthy," said Revan as he took out a gem from his pocket and threw at him for Wade to catch.

"We have advanced technology, technology that could say accelerate the development of Rich minerals like say rubies and diamonds, and perhaps gold that can be cut into coins per se? And that's just one way we could pay you."

[clever, trying to use our greed to put us in your circle of influence huh? Well I must say it won't-]
"I'm in!" Yelled Deadpool.
{me too! Let's go home with a ship full of money!}
[sigh if you can't beat them join them]

"Yes but remember you
Work for me foremost big boy, as newest member of Team Zera, which I get a portion of the take." said Zera behind him stroking his shoulders making him sigh in pleasure.  "Yes my white alien goddess."

Xanatos growled through his teeth clutching his fists.

"Heh welcome to the team," said Revan.

Meanwhile world's Away at the skyscraper executive tower of Vlad Von Draco, the patriarch of the Von Draco Family, was behind his desk doing work when the door opened showing Tobias Von Draco, one of his children in command of a power base of his own in another world, came in.

"You called for me father?" Asked Tobias.

"Yes son, I'm told that your sister, Serena's asset that you gave Her escaped and your former pawns failed in retrieving him.  It seems he's in the hands of Organization Keyblade, and your sister is taking on herself to retrieve her asset to reclaim him.

"And what made me wander is that why you have her such an asset to begin with.  Only To have him taken away so easily by the same people that defied your plans before, and only to have her lured to that said people.

"I think you wanted her to go to them
To try and take him back only to fail
And die.  You wanted to take her power base in the Doom World as you own.  The mercenary Deadpool was bait all along so you can have her world for yourself.  You and your obsession with those aliens..."

"Oh I'm not obsessed with the aliens in that world father, it's the assets they have, advanced technology and extraordinary abilities.  Serena only focused on Earth and the humans there  and only used the same paranormal assets the majority of the family has been using for centuries.  I'm simply looking forward father, planning to put the world in full optimal use.  Serena failed in using that world to full effiencey, I can," said Tobias with a smirk.

"I do see your point son, and I for one am for progress, and the advancement of our assets.  But this plan results the loss of a family member, Tobias. We can't have that."

"Serena has always been the weak link of the chain, consider her predicament a test.  If she survives or even returns with Deadpool to use his healing factor to enhance our minions then she's worthy of her position in keeping the Doom World, if she fails then it's a regrettable tragedy, she'll be killed by foes not by the family  and not me, and she'll have a worthy successor in me who'll watch over her territory in her stead."

"Heh, you are cunning I give you that son," chuckled Vlad Von Draco.  "Very well we'll give your 'test' a chance..."

Meanwhile back at Earth a portal opened in front of Revan and the others,

Out came a woman dressed in a red sorceress robe and hood.  It was Serena Von Draco, leader of the Von Draco operations at the Doom World.

With her are five men  in suits that make them look like human mob enforcers.

She unhooded herself showing herself to be a blond haired woman with green eyes.  "An honor to meet the members of  Organization Keyblade.  You been a thorn at my family's side but I'm not here about you today.  I'm simply here to take back what's mine, give me back the one called Deadpool."

"Sorry he's just joined up, he's under my protection now, if you want him you must go through all of us," replied Revan.

"Then face the full fury of the Von Draco Family," replied Serena as red energy surged around her hand as she casted a spell.

Red energy surged around her enforcer minions as they started to transform into Werewolves, Serena used a spell that activated their curse without a full moon.

Each of them are from different breeds of werewolf, some can transform at will, others needed full moon to Transform which is why Serena used her spell to make them transform.  Some could retain their consciousness when transformed, others lose their reason, making Serena cast another spell that made her control them to remain loyal to her.

What they all have in common is that they are cursed to be werewolf and they possess a healing factor in their curse, preventing them to die unless exposed to a common weakness to most werewolves.

[and to you supernatural enthusiasts out there you should know what that weakness is, hint hint]

{oooohh is it kryptonite?}
[ maybe w crossover series but wrong franchise anyway, just wait and see]

Revan is Werewolf too, half werewolf by being cursed of a unique breed called the Kurokage Werewolf clan.  They are living conductors of spirit energy, that used it to enhance their physical attributes, use as energy weapons or energy blasts, barriers, to heal in their own brand of healing factor by gathering spirit energy into the wounds, or use in various spells.

Unlike most werewolves they can transform at will and retain their reason until they are exposed to their greatest strength and weakness: the full moon itself.  Under the full moon they have a fight or mate response, if they are battling when the full moon shines, their true power is unlocked at the cost of them unable to use their healing factor, when not battling when the moon shines their mating drive is active, leaving them able to mate as long as the moon is out.  Which is why they should have mates to help them treat the cursed desire to mate, otherwise they would rape any able creature.

[whoa while most werewolves are homicidal and aggressive, that kind is-]
{so damn lucky, we should get ourselves cursed by them}
[we kinda are cursed already with our own healing factor you know]
{yah I guess but-}
[you are interrupting the story again, let LightsShadow continue so we can see what happens next]
{oh this is the part we kill all the bad guys}

"Yep time to get it on," said Wade as he drew his katanas and charged At the-

[wait we charging at a hulking beast with blades? That's not gonna end well]
Who's interrupting now? I ask you to bare with me, would you? 
[ok ok fine, but still saying it's not a good idea]

Sigh everyone is a critic. Anyway, when Wade got near the werewolf he teleported on top of his shoulders and slit his throat.  But upon seeing him start to heal the wound off he jumped off and landed at the ground in front of his opponent. The werewolf  roared arms raised to smash him.  Wade dodge rolled under his legs and got behind him.

The werewolf turned around but before countering he roared in pain, and looked down to see a his leg caught in a bear trap.

{ohhh bear with me haha! Good one!}
[oooohhh someone has been playing our game, we approve ]

Meanwhile Zera was trying to deal with the Werewolf that faced her.  She back flipped to avoid a punch by his massive arms, and fired her gun at him.  She growled in frustration as the  Wounds she gave him only healed.  

She ducked a claw slash and stabbed him with a needle, injecting something into him.  It wasn't poison or a sedative, it was an experimental toxin that targets the cells and breaks them down.

The wolf looked in horror as his arm and the side of his chest began to disintegrate into dust.  It soon stopped as the curse keeping him alive kicked in and stopped the disintegration, by then the left upper side of his body was gone, which would take time for his curse to heal what's gone.

It shocked the wolf to stillness, giving Zera a chance to go forward and put her gun underneth the wolf's chin and   Fired blowing off most of head.

" gotta be kidding me,"she groaned as she watched his head started to regenerate.  Suddenly the fist of another wolf, who stood back up till now waiting patiently for a chance to Attack.  The punch was so strong it slammed her into the wall meters away.

She groaned in pain feeling like something is broken, and looked up as that same wood charged at her fist ready to punch through her guts and the wall behind her.

At that moment Wade, who was admiring his work of catching his opponent in a bear trap saw Zera in trouble and quickly went to his utility belt and threw a wave of shruiken at him, just as he prep for the finishing blow.

They imbedded at the wolf's arm, and exploded.  For the shruiken had bombs attached to them, pre set by a small timer to explode after being thrown.

It didn't just take out some of the wolf's flesh but also sent him flying into the nearby wall stunning him..

Deadpool waved to Zera before barely dodging a claw slash from his wolf he caught in a bear trap, who was able to hobble close to him.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk.  Oh low blow Fido," tsked Deadpool.  "Guess it's time to put an end to things, the only guy here with healing factor who wins the day should be me anyway," he said as he drew ammo dispensers and exchanged ammo into his guns.

[wait are you saying you have it?]

"Yep," said Deadpool to himself.  [you just happened to have those kind of bullets on you?]
"We hunted Vampires before, I like being prepared, only got four bullets for each gun so gotta make it count."

[Well there's four werewolves to begin with so that makes it 8 chances for you to kill them anyway]
{8 bullets four chances to kill, I like those odds }
[you idiot you mixed up the statistics again]
{did I? Aww we bad at math anyway}

"Fuck it, we gonna kill em anyway," said Deadpool as he teleported in front of the wolf he caught at the bear trap and pressed his guns against his chest before firing two silver Bullets through the heart.

Silver is the weakness of most werewolves except Kurokage Wolves who's weakness it to be unable to heal At full moon and cursed with unnatural desire to mate, it's like poison to them burning at contact and shuts down their ability to heal.

So when the bullets shot through the heart it didn't heal and killed him.

Deadpool then teleported in front of the wolf he pinned to the wall with his shruiken bombs and fired two more rounds at his chest.

With his teleport device needed time to recharge, he ran forward to the werewolf that's still recovering the head shots Zera gave him and pressed his guns at the wolf's regenerating head and fired two more bullets through the regrowing brain.

He looked at Xanatos still fighting the last werewolf. He lost one of his Katanas, and his other one is broken in half, holding gun at other hand. Xixi was fighting with him. At beginning she hurt and carved up the wolf good with her new weapon, but upon seeing he only healed up and hit pissed she kept her distance and let Xan do the fighting while thinking of what to do next.

"Hmm should we help the two bit alien jerk face, or let him die and let us have Zera to ourselves?"

{screw him Let him die, we the hero let us get the girl in the end}
[if we see the hero, won't letting him die be unheroic? Besides if we do save him, Zera's teammate , we could be at her good side and win good points on her]

"Good point, fine we'll help him, and make him look bad having him need us to save him," said Deadpool as he  jumped behind the werewolf, distracted with trying to hit Xanatos, and shot from behind his chest.  Xanatos gulped as the two bullets shot through the wolf and grazed his cheeks and hit the wall behind him.

"Never speak of this," said Xanatos, clutching his wounded cheeks.

"Like I need to boast buster, all I need is to look at you alive to remember this moment and how you owe me," smirked Deadpool under his mask.  "Besides I don't want you dead to hang out with my main girl Death before me, I got dibs on her." 

They looked and saw Revan standing in front of Serena, who summoned a Darkside Heartless and stood on
It's head.

Revan jumped back as the giant heartless slammed it's fist at the ground he stood.  He jumped up on its outstretched arm, and ran up, as he did he sliced at the arm
With his Keyblade. Running up until he reached the head, he jumped up and punched Serena at the face, throwing her off her perch, then did a downward slash to cut the Heartless in two vertically, causing it to fade into darkness.

Serena groaned getting up seeing herself alone surrounded by enemies.

"This is men can't die..."

"All things have weaknesses Sorcereress, your weakness is obsessing over one ability.  While a healing factor is a useful thing to have its weakness for one thing is to make the user less cautious and vulnerable to counter strikes. There's no such thing as true Immortality in the world of mortals, even if there is there's always a way to defeat them if you know where to look.

"The point is to have an able team you must have members of various abilities to balance the other out of their individual strengths and weaknesses. Your team only basically the same abilities and weaknesses and were doomed the moment we found out how to exploit them.  And now it's over surrender yourself and make it easy in giving us the Intel we need on your family.  They abandoned you to die, submitting I your only choice now," said Revan.

"A Von Draco does not submit so easily!" She roared as she fired twin bolts of red energy from her hands.

Revan blocked it with a thin beam of light fired from his Keyblade. The two Attacks pressed against eachother in deadlock for a moment then Revan's Attack started to dominate hers.

" are strong Keyblade Master...can see why my family has been wary of your kind up until now...but don't underestimate-Gah!" She Yelled as she suddenly have a katana blade stabbed through her back and the side of her chest.

It seemed for a moment that Deadpool had teleported behind her, but Deadpool was still where he was, looking as surprised as everyone else.

It was Xixi that stabbed Serena, during Revan's fight With the Darkside Heartless, Xixi pickpocketed  Deadpool and swiped his teleporter device.

When Serena seemed vulnerable when she was busy locking energy Attacks with Revan, she teleporter behind Serena and stabbed her with her new blade.

Her voice was cold and full of hate.  "You red robed bastards tried to capture me and use me like a weapon.  Now you come waltzing back in here to mess up with my life again? No way, this time I'm gonna take a bite out of you, or should I say Tom is, he is after all hungry," she smirked before teleporting both her and herself to Tom's pen, and let her go from her blade allowing Tom the grab her into his mouth and crunched Her and swallowed her down his throat.

However while the meal was tasty to him, it wasn't filling, when Von Draco Sorcerers die, their bodies burn into fire and disintegrate into ash.

Tom wasn't harmed by it, but whimpered when he felt his tummy got empty again. Xixi hugged him thinking the bad lady gave him a tummy ache.

Meanwhile, back at Vlad Von Draco's office he blinked feeling Serena's death across realities.  Every member of the family felt it.  A Von Draco death is a liability as much as its a tragedy.

He felt his wife, Regina Von Draco having a telepathic conversation with him, wailing the lose of their daughter.

As much as he himself was saddened by the loss,  he saw Serena's death as Also necessary.  Most of the family like Serena are started to be closed minded and unable to progress much as they used to.

Her death would show the other family members change is needed. Tobias was seen as an outcast with his interest with aliens and other unorthodox resources that would actually be useful to the Family.

As for Deadpool it doesn't matter if he got away, there are other resources with similar healing abilities they could exploit if the need comes for it.

He has his fill of failures and successes, and he learned in his youth to take in both to move forward in life.  It was his patience and will, aside of his strength that had himself gain the position as head of the Family to Begin With.  In the end the Family shall prevail.

And so Deadpool became a member of Organization Keyblade and a member of Team Zera and...

"He gets the girl gets wealthy and lives happly ever after right? Ok? Ok! Roll credits we done here!"

[um technically it's a story it has no credits just the end]

{Ah ok then:  THE END!}

No guys, yes it's almost the end, and no it doesn't end this way, your story is just beginning, they'll be more stories after this one

"Ah ok, I guess that's ok I always hated cliffhangers anyway. Ok good job LightsShadow, not bad. I've seen better stories made by better fans  but yours is pretty good. I gotta say it does leave me desiring more. We make a good team.  I think it's the  beginning of a beautiful-"


She and Xan and Wade are now in Xixi's lair which they settled as their base while she's on Earth, Wade was in his room talking to a mirror.

"Oh coming my albino goddess! Gotta go guys! I'm Wade Wilson and I approve this story!"


Short: Enter The Merc With The Mouth
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I can't wait! 

Well introducing Wade Wilson, the amazing Deadpool, in his debut in my series, hope u like fellow Deadpool fans hope I captured his personality ok.

Hope u all like

More to come Happy Holidays

Revan Shadow, Xanatos, Zanna, Tobias Von Draco, Serena Von Draco, Regina Von Draco, Von Draco Family, Kurokage Werewolf Species, Organization Keyblade, Unity by me
Xixon, Zera, Tom by :iconwingless1raven:
Deadpool owned by Marvel
Deadpool Game owned by Marvel developed by Highmoon Studios
Invader Zim themes and characters by Jhonen Vasquez
Kingdom Hearts, themes and characters owned by Square Enix, created by Tetsuya Nomura
Twilight Town a world that exists naturally in between Light and Darkness.

It is the world where Sora's Nobody Roxas is born, and now the world DiZ the exiled Ansem the Wise resides keeping the Slumbering Sora safe while he regains his memories.

Sora was mentored to Revan Shadow and worked with his members of Organization Keyblade in his first adventure as a Keyblade Wielder.

Melody the Hedgehog volunteered to station herself in DiZ's base at the abandoned mansion to keep an eye on Sora.

Meanwhile Roxas, Sora's Nobody continued to serve Organization XIII in  harvesting hearts from Heartless, along with his counterpart Xion, Sora's incomplete female Replica.

Vanitas was sent by Revan to check on Melody. But decided to make a pit stop to check on someone else.

As Riku, who's also Vanitas' teammate in the Organization, fought and visited Xion, Vanitas fought and checked on the progress of Roxas.

He found out from Revan, that his other half Ventus, after sacrificing himself to destroy the x-blade, his heart settled and merged with the Heart of Sora, making it partly the reason why Sora became capable to become the Kingdom Key's Keyblade Wielder after Riku it's Original intended wielder proved unworthy.  In addition their fushion of Hearts made it also the reason why Roxas looked exactly like Ventus.

It's because of those facts Vanitas was curious over Roxas' development, and fought with him from time to time in secret while masked in his helmet.

He found Roxas at his usual place sitting on the train Clock Tower, waiting for Axel and Xion.

Vanitas smirked under his mask as teleported near Roxas and sat near him lazily.  "How you been doing, idiot?" 

Roxas almost fell off the tower startled. "You!" Growled Roxas as he drew his Keyblade and slashed at where Vanitas was sitting.

But he slashed air, Vanitas already jumped off his perch and stopped falling in midair like he was floating then landed on the air like he's standing on invisible ground.

"Your reflexes gotten better to say at least," said Vanitas cooly.

"You again?! Why you keep coming to me? Why you keep messing with me!" Growled Roxas in a fighting position.

"Heh you have the same clueless look he used to have it's uncanny ," smirked Vanitas under his helmet.

"Huh what do you mean?!"

"Oh nothing, anyway how have the Organization been treating you? Have they done more then throw Heartless at you?"

"What are u talking about?" Demanded Roxas.  "Heh nothing you understand idiot,at least at the moment," Vanitas said turning as if to walk away."

"Hey don't ignore me!" Yelled Roxas as he jumped into the air, despite jumping off the clock tower, raising his blade as to strike him down.

But at last moment Vanitas turned back around and formed a  corridor of darkness portal in front of him as Roxas lunged at him, causing Roxas to fall inside it.

The next thing Roxas knew he was falling on a desert ground, as he fell out of another portal.

He got up seeing he was in the Keyblade Graveyard.  It was his first time in this world.

He turned around to see Vanitas landing on the ground near him.  "This world is called the Keyblade Graveyard, a world where legendary battles between the chosen people of the Keyblade are waged.  Even in modern times Keyblade Wielders still choose this ancient battlefield as a place to settle their differences.  What do you think? Gives you a sense of de'ja vu doesn't it?"

Actually Roxas does have a sense he's been here before, not realizing it's because of his connection to Sora which contains Ventus's heart, who has been to the Keyblade Graveyard before.

"I...don't get it I never been here but I got this feeling that..."

"That's it Roxas let your heart guide you to the truth," said Vanitas.

"What are you talking about! I'm a Nobody! I have no Heart! Stop trying to fool me with your lies!" he yelled.

"So you choose to continue to believe what they tell you when the truth is staring at you at the Face."

"What?" Said Roxas puzzled.

"Tell me Roxas has your buddies in your Organization ever told you why both you and that girl Xion wield the Keyblade?  Why they only want you both at their side? What is the true purpose of their Kingdom Hearts?

"You think they'll ever tell you? Even the red haired guy Axel? The truth is idiot they want you both to remain in the dark, as long as that happens they'll always control you both.  But if you want answers and break free from The shackles they bind you with come with me. My side has all the answers you seek and has a place for not just you but all your friends as well."  He said moving his hand forward offering it to Roxas.

Roxas looked at the hand and paused for a moment, then said, "Like I'll come with you, you creep! I'll never betray the Organization it's my home!"  As he said that he ran toward Vanitas and slashed at him.  He jumped back to avoid the attack and as he landed at the ground he drew his Keyblade Void Gear.

"What a Keyblade?" Gasped Roxas in awe, as Vanitas in their previous encounters used his Unversed to test him, or ambushed him with magic based Attacks, and haven't used his Keyblade against him Until now.

"Guess we aren't that different after all, now Roxas I'll be honest with you I would have been disappointed if you have agreed to join me so easily. If you did I wouldn't Be fighting you right now.  Cmon show me what you Are made of."

Meanwhile Melody the Hedgehog was out shopping in Twilight Town for herself, DiZ, Naminé, and Riku. She held the bags of groceries underarm as she walked around town dressed in a Black Coat hooded.

She stopped seeing Hayner, Pence, and Orlette running past her as they head somewhere. 

She kept an eye on Sora's two others, Roxas and Xion when they appear in Twilight Town.
She had a close bond with both Sora and Riku in their last adventures, and she found herself not helping but want to keep a close eye on them
When she could.

She sighed wondering where is Roxas thinking he should be here already to meet with Axel and Xion as they do almost every day.

She head back to the Mansion and put away groceries in the base kitchen.  She saw DiZ working at his computer.  "Have you gotten the tea as I asked?" Asked DiZ without turning.

"Yes..." Said Melody hardly paying him any mind as her mind is somewhere else.

"Good, check on Naminè on her progress if you please.  The restoration progress isn't getting much ground lately."

"What are  you doing?" Asked Melody.  "Creating a virtual realistic environment as an alternate to jog Sora's memory by putting his mind in a simulation replaying the events of his life. Like Naminè, however this seemed to be a dead end."

"You think Sora can ever wake up?" Asked Melody.

"I think you lot should take my advise and eliminate the puppet. As long as she exists Sora will have more of himself stolen and won't wake up."

"But Xion never ask for that and never had a choice..."

"It's the fate of a Replica not unlike a Nobody, now please get to your duties..."

Later Melody was looking at the sleeping Sora when Riku came to check on him and saw Mel.

"I hope he wakes up Soon..." Sighed Melody pressing her hand against the  hibernation pod where Sora rests inside.

"Me too," said Riku standing behind her.  "I'll do anything to see him awake again."

"Even kill Xion?" Asked Mel.  "DiZ says it might be the only choice...I don't want that to happen I want to help her..."

"I know, and I would like to help Xion...but how can I choose between her and my best friend?"

"Who said you have to Riku?" Asked Melody, as the statement made Riku silent.

"You know it isn't simple Mel," said Riku when he finally replied. He then tried to change the subject. "I heard Revan is sending Vanitas to report how things going on here, since after those Replicas invaded, he wanted to see how things have been."

"You know how things have been Riku you practically stay here when not training back at the Organization, dunno why he wants to sent Vanitas when you can do it yourself," said Melody.

"Because when I'm Here im
Assigned to guard with you and to help keep an eye on DiZ to make sure  he behaved.  Sending Vanitas is a formality, to get a report from a third party to keep DiZ on his toes."

"Revan doesn't trust him?" Asked Melody.  "He's wary of him, he knows his hate to Organization XIII and the Nobodies has warped him and could make him a reliability," said Riku.  "Just be aware of him."

"You must be more wary of Vanitas," said DiZ as he entered the pod chamber.  It was unknown how long he's been standing there.

"My surveillance system has found young Vanitas confronting Roxas in town and sent him away in the darkness to fight him.  I'm sure he's only testing the young Nobody but if he pushes too far he may break him."

"Roxas!" Yelled melody as he opened a Corridor of Darkness and ran inside. Riku was about to follow her when DiZ sealed the portal himself.  "Now let's not be hasty my dear boy let the girl spread her wings and deal this matter herself.  That aside she doesn't know where Vanitas sent himself and Roxas, but Revan paired you with him in the Organization and should know am I right?"

Riku knew he was right, since Darth Maul, Vanitas' former frequent partner, left the Organization to join Tasogare Shadow's new Dark Council in his Reformed Sith Empire in the Star Wars world, Revan had Vanitas worked more closely with Riku, to teach him how to control the darkness of his heart and deal with Xehanort's Heartless sealed and suppressed inside him.

Riku knew that as Roxas is drawn to visit Twilight Town often because it's his Homeworld, Vanitas is drawn to visit  often the world he was created in, the Keyblade Graveyard.

With that knowledge Riku formed his own dark portal to find Melody and leave to the Keyblade Graveyard.

Meanwhile Roxas was avoiding Shards of ice fired from Vanita's Ksyblade. He dodge rolled and upon getting back to his feet fired a fireball from his Keyblade.

Vanitas lazily deflected the fireball with a flick of his wrist.  "C'mon is that all you got? You can do better then that."

Roxas yelled as he With great effort fired another but more stronger fire blast. Vanitas jumped over the attack and dashed toward Roxas. Roxas yelled as he stabbed his Keyblade forward to intercept him.  It seemed he stabbed through his chest just as he reached him.  But it was an afterimage as Vanitas teleported out of the way and reappeared behind Roxas to strike him from behind.

Roxas was able to see it coming and deflect his sneak attack by swinging his Keyblade behind him to block Vanitas' strike at his back.  The impact sent Vanitas flipping backward to the ground.

"Hey not bad, you are getting better, guess all you truly needed was to Face a real enemy besides heartless. Let's see how far you can go," said Vanitas as he charged his strongest Attack, Dark Cannon.  Three dark crystals of energy rotates around his Keyblade and body vertically releasing energy focused at the Keyblade's tip, before firing it as a focused dark blast of energy.

It fired and struck Roxas and exploded.

When the dust cleared Roxas was still standing panting, with his Keyblade glowing with light energy, which he used the enhanced blade to deflect the attack.

Roxas might not have realized what he did as he seemed to be acting on instinct. He panted looking half surprised but continued to glare at Vanitas.

"Wow you are getting better, bet you'll surpass the losers in your team in no time," said Vanitas, nodding in approval.

"Let's up yet ante shall we?" He said as he channeled energy into his own blade, creating an energy blade of his own around his Keyblade.

They dashed from one place to another clashing blades, releasing a shockwave with each clash.

After a few minutes of this epic melee, they separated.  Roxas was panting for he was slowing down near the end.

"Heh looks like you might not cut it after all.  Not as you are at least. Guess you need more fine tuning," he smirked as he dashed toward him to continue the battle.

Suddenly a teal streak flew out of nowhere and slammed into Vanitas' chest sending him flying against a nearby rock pillar.  The streak moved to Roxas and pressed against him sending him and it flying into a nearby portal, which closed behind them.

Vanitas got up to see Riku in front of him.  "Now what you do that for? I was only testing his limits."

"You were going too far, you were gonna break him," said Riku.  "Oh please I know when to stop, was only taking the training wheels off him.  He has his look you know," said Vanitas.

"Who Sora?" Asked Riku.

"He and someone else I know fondly," smiled Vanitas referring to Ventus.

Meanwhile another portal opener and Roxas flew out of it and fell to the ground.

He got up to see the source of the teal streak coming out of the portal, it was Melody.  

"Are you ok?" Asked the Hedegehog with a smile.

"Yah," said Roxas looking around realizing they are in an alley in Twilight Town.  "You saved me didn't you?"

"Oh it was nothing," replied Melody with a shy chuckle.  "Just thought that guy was rough on you that's all."

"Hey why are you dressed as one of us?"

"There is no copyright reserved for your group to wear the Black Coat alone, a whole bunch of people Nobodies and humans alike wear them for fashion sense and to protect themselves when traveling in the darkness.  I'm kinda wearing it for both reasons.  I'm Melody by the way."

"Roxas," replied Roxas taking her hand to shake.  "Hey I'm late! I gotta RTC!"  He started running out of the alley, as he referred to the Code word for "return to castle" to the World that Never Was, the Homeworld of the Nobodies and the base world of Organization XIII.

"You be here tomorrow?!" Called Roxas after Mel.  "Meet me at the station clock tower, I'll be with friends to have sea salt ice cream!"

Melody smiled and called back, "Sure I love too! Cya soon!"

Melody later came to Sora in the pod chamber and said to him, "I met Roxas today, he's a lot like you he has your eyes full of hope and wanting friendship and love...but they are also more vulnerable to pain, and sadness. But he seems to have friends like you do that keeps him happy, but they might be taken away from him.  That's why I hope to be Roxas' friend and be there for him
If the worst happens.  Well sleep well Sora cya later."

Vanitas at this moment was meeting with Revan at the base, reporting what he  learned from his encounter from Roxas.  "...Roxas is getting stronger but if he is then so is Xion, I felt their connection with Sora as I fought him.  They each are dividing parts of his power within eachother.  It seems he has the desire to know what he truly is and why the Keyblade chosen him, he was tempted to come with me and join us to get answers but the Organization clearly trapped him Well having friends like Xion and Axel as reasons for him To Stay.  Him being with them makes him forget those doubts and are the main reason why he's still with the Organization.  But another thing that interests me is his reaction, when I crossed blades with him, I felt the reactions he gave me were geniune emotions, something not possible by a Nobody."

"Sora still exists as an individual person and still had his heart. He and Roxas Co-exist, because of that they have a bond which allows him to
Wield Sora's Keyblade, he's not just getting power from Sora, but he's also having a "wireless" connection to Sora's heart as his own, because  of that he can truly feel like a human," said Revan.

"Riku reports that Xion, also has a bond with Sora but the Keyblade she wields is a fake, but she's unwittingly siphoning more power from Sora, and might make her Keyblade real in no time.  Also however she seems to be taking more then strength from him, she's a replica made from the data of Sora's memories, and thus is absorbing Sora's memories like a sponge as she gets stronger.  I talked to Yen Sid and he and I believed that the Organization is using her to use Sora's memories and power to turn her into a true Keyblade Wielder."

"So they would have two Keyblade Wielders in their ranks," mused Vsnitas.

"No, they both are connected to Sora's power, if Xion fulfills her purpose there might be nothing left to share Sora and Roxas. A Replica can absorb the life force of others to get stronger, so it's logical to assume that Roxas  would be absorbed by Xion to turn her into a true Keyblade Wielder and Complete Replica of Sora. However if Roxas proved the stronger then he would be forced to Absorb her.  In either case the Organization would claim a valuable asset.

"But Xion seems to be the logical candidate because Replicas are more easier to alter and manipulate then Nobodies.  That's why Xion is a better for them."

"Then you want us to get rid of Xion?" Asked Vanitas.

"That's what DiZ wants but no not yet. According, to both Melody and Riku, Xion is a sweet girl, and seems to have genuine emotions  like Roxas due to her connection to Sora.  She didn't ask to be what she is, but yes she is a problem nevertheless.

"However there might be other ways, like having her willingly reunite with Sora.  In either case if we strike against Xion too hastily we would make an act of war against Organization XIII.  We aren't ready for them yet. We are dealing with whoever sent those Replicas against us, and possibly the Von Draco Family and the Purge we are not ready yet for a full scale war against a possible third enemy.  For now we let them do what they want while binding our time, you understand?"

"Yah boss gotcha," replied Vanitas as he turned away to leave but left with a smirk secretly planning to meet with Roxas again or even Xion sometime soon.


Short: Friend with a Nobody
First story of the month, hope you all like and a long waited request finally fulfilled for my friend :iconyamixyugifangirl109:  hope u enjoy.

More to come Happy Holidays

Revan Shadow, Tasogare Shadow, Organization Keyblade, Organization Replica, the Purge, the Von Draco Family by me
Melody the Hedgehog by iconyamixyugifangirl109:
Kingdom Hearts, themes and characters owned by Square Enix, created by Tetsuya Nomura
Star Wars Themes and Characters owned by Lucasarts 
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and violence/gore)
They followed Zera until they reached a door hidden in rocks, she knocked on the door.

Xanatos being his cautious self drew his blaster pistols ready for anything.

Door opened showing an Irken female inside.  Like Xanatos and Zera she's an Anthro human sized Irken with human anatomy like Breasts.  She wore a yellow and black dress, with no sleeves and yellow boots reachimg up her legs.  She has yellow eyes and tounge, and straightened antennae curling downward.

She looked like a sweet fun loving random young woman.

When she saw Xanatos with her guns out she squealed and hid in her dress. "A-are you gonna shoot me?" She asked innocently in a scared voice.

Revan was smitten at the look of Xixi at first sight kneeled down near her saying kindly, "we aren't here to hurt you we are your friends. See there's your friend Zera she sent us to help you, my name is Revan Shadow and I like to be your friend, you are Xixon right?"

She giggled and hug him. "Friends call me Xixi." She said before licking him from neck, lips, to nose. "Now I know what you taste like," she giggled before running into her lair.

"Wow...I like her." Said Revan with a grin before following her inside.

Zera shook her head and said, "He shouldn't waste his time with her, I can smell the hormones from here."

"Revan is human with powers but recently got cursed by a special  breed of Werewolf. He's sexually compulsive before but becoming a half blood Kurokage werewolf made things worse. He dates the members of the Organization to both deal with his drive and because he enjoys it. He has no mate yet, he was close a few times but things happened...he's still looking for Miss right despite his addiction and compulsion to sex."

"Xixi has a similar compulsion but it's worse a lot worse. She would rape and kill him if given the chance," said Zera.

"Heh, if she moved on him
It won't be rape he'll die happy at least. I would hehe...well anyway-" he started before hearing roaring in the lair.

"What the hell!?" He yelled as he ran inside with Zera following. They came to chamber where Xixi was standing near Revan, and in front of them was Xixi's pet scrab, a Carnivorous crustacean-like alien monster,  Tom.

Tom screeched his way into the room running forward his mouth gapping open.

Xixi jumped into the air and landed on his head and zapped him with a taser. He made a displeased screeching sound and knelt down on his crab like stubby legs.

"Hehe Tom is hungry," Xixi giggled hugging his head before hopping off and head to a nearby fridge that contained preserved Irken corpses and she gave them to Tom to eat.

"Ah I see," said Revan, watching him gobble up his meal.   "May I suggest giving him seconds," Revan smirked as he opened a Corridor of Darkness portal to outside to where the bodies of the criminals he, Zan, and Zera killed before.

Tom ran through the portal and began devouring the cadavers.

Xixi squealed and hugged Revan, "Thank you! Thank you! You so sweet!"

"Thank you Xixi, you are sweet. I like you."

She blushed at his reply, held his face near hers, then she let go of him turned around and knelt down putting her face over her dress as if to hide.

As she did, her dress lifted up showing her panties.

"Whoa me likey..." He uttered.

Zera blushed hearing it and suddenly ran forward and gripped him by the balls squeezing tightly.  Her words became as harsh as her grip.  "I'm gonna end you. I'm gonna wipe you out from the face of the Galaxy...bastard I'll kill you before I see you breeding with her..."

Xixi blushed in embarrassment and covered her mouth as she slowly walked out of room 
Revan's eyes glowed yellow as he stares back at her calmly replying. "In the first place, You would find im not easy to breed, I had my tubes tied when I realized my compulsion. And they'll remain that way until I'm sure who to settle with.  In the second place Xixi can speak for herself whether she doesn't want my attention or not, and thirdly I do care for her and wouldn't do anything she wouldn't want, I ask you one more time to please let me go while I still feel civil."

Zera's eyes widen at his reply then let him go.

As Revan walked away to find Xixi, Zera said, "damn I just don't believe him..."

"I can tell you for all his faults Revan is truthful to those he care about and I can see he truly cares for Xixi.  If I was in his place I'll be the liar."

"It wasn't for her sake im worried about its him, if he pursues her she'll kill him...she isn't good...he doesn't understand..."

"Then make me understand," said a Shadowclone of Revan as he came out from a corner.  "I'm a clone made by Revan to gain Intel, if you have something to tell the real me say it."

Revan went from room to room looking for Xixi until she jumped out of nowhere latching onto his back like a leech squeezing tightly.

"Hehe sorry Zera is being such a grumpy," said Xixi.

"I-it's the one who should be sorry for embrassesim game you like that..."

"Aw it's ok you only being sweet." She purred nuzzling the back of his neck.  "Mmm...sorry you are so warm..." She purred as she licked him before nuzzling.

He blushed red.  "You don't say..."

"You know we females can sense human pheromones do you?" She said as she began rubbing his chest suggestingly.

"Y-yes...I do..." He blushed.

"Hmmhmm we know what guys really want by just smelling them...mmm you smell you taste good..." She smirked as she put her hands down her pants and grabbed his cock beginning to rub it.

 Revan knelt down biting lip as she rested her head closing her eyes as she still jerks him.  "Mmm...never met a human are so sweet...I think I'll keep you..."

Suddenly Revan saw she was sitting right in front of him licking the precum from her hand. "You ARE sweet.." She said with a blush as she wrapped her arms around him and brought her face near hers. He moved forward and pressed his lips on hers kissing her.

She pulled Revan with her as she fell on her back taking Revan with her as they kept kissing.

"Before you tell me anything let me tell you what I do understand," said the Revan Shadowclone.  "Xixi got hurt doesn't she?"

Zera blinked surprised. "How do you know that?"

"I knew when I laid eyes on her I knew  she's not just a sweet girl.  When I saw her I saw the pain in her eyes hidden behind a smile. I can read the hearts of others too, and I can sense the immense strength of the darkness of her heart, and her mental instability.

"I know what kind of girl she is, most of the time she's random and sweet yet crazy. But there's another side of her that thirsts for sex and blood, as you say.  And from knowing this I can tell she's the kind of girl who's originally as sweet as she is now but got hurt and ended up as this."

" got that right she's actually been hurt her entire life slowly becoming what she was now.  But no matter what a part of her remained random yet sweet and loving.  What really sent her over the edge was when she had a mate.  She had a mate that made her happy, until she realized something that's rare in our species, she'd pregnant with smeet.  She was happy and rushed to her mate telling him what happened...but when she did he was like disgusted and expressed his disgust to her for allowing it to happen.

"He left and she was heartbroken. So bad that one night she...voluntarily caused a miscarriage on herself and willingly lost the child she prepared to pour all her love on.  She regretted it to this very day, and the pain was part of making her what she is now.

"So you see? She's too dangerous for you. Open yourself to her and she'll devour you like she did to the others. She doesn't deserve happiness, she can only stay here in this desolate planet where she can be of no harm to others.  So you think you wanna stay with her now?"

"Absolutely," replied the Revan Shadowclone. "What?" Blinked Zera in surprise.

"As I said to someone earlier, there are two kinds of bad people.  One of them is the people that were once good until they had a bad day.  Xixi never wanted this to happen to her, all she wanted was to love and be loved.  I too was hurt, my parents were killed in front of me just so i can become a weapon under someime's control.  I almost went over the edge and became a monster entirely.  Until I met others who saved me and had me used the Powers I gained from my loss to help others.  That is why I founded Organization Keyblade, to give people like Xixi and me a second chance.  I dealt with people like her before, I admit her case is quite severe though."

"You actually believe you can save her?" Asked Zera giving a serious look.
"No I know I might fail, I know Xixi in The end might kill me.  In the end it's up to her if she wants to meet me halfway at least.  But if there's anyone who's her best chance it's me, because I understand her and is a man who'll stare right into her without looking away.  Because when I see her I see me, what I might have become if it haven't been for those I love. I care about Xixi and I want to at least try, all I ask you is give me a Chance. If I survive her the next day, it's proof Im  her best chance." Said the Shadowclone before disappearing and transferring all its experience to Revan.

"Sigh fine I give him one chance but don't blame me if he's dead tomorrow," sighed Zera.

"He's sometimes a ham that's for sure but he does know what he's doing.  Still IF he does die I gonna need a new team.  Think maybe we can team up sometime?"

"Maybe, you maybe an ass but you are really good at what you do and we do seem like a good team.  I maybe think about it. Meanwhile I'm hungry wanna get some meat..."

At first glance one would assume Irkens cant have meat, let alone water, upon hearing it causes their skin to burn or even have meat fuse to their skin.

As it turns out though, it's only the case of the meat and water from Earth.  For its usually contaminated with pollutants which is what really the case for the burns.  Therefore it's really safe for Irkens to have water and meat as long as it's clean of Earth Pollutants.

Upon realizing it, Organization Keyblade use their technology and resources  to cultivate meat cleansed of pollutants so The Irken members can enjoy meat freely. Same for water, allowing them to drink water and take baths.

Xanatos since then acquired a taste for meat of all kinds since settling on Earth and has become an expert lover of meat.

As it turns out Zera adores meat and is a superb cook in preparing all kinds of meat.

Xanatos took out a cube from a compartment at his PAK, the cube was an invention from the Organization's Department of Research and Development, which is an infinite storage container.  Inside contains numerous items, amomgst then is a cooler. He took it out of the cube and placed it on the kitchen table, he opened it and showed off an array of meat of various kinds both alien and Earth varieties of meat.

Zera drooled at the sight of them.  "Oh God...where do we start..."

Meanwhile Revan and Xixi were still making out, what Revan learned from his Shadowclone only increased his resolve.

Xixi suddenly stopped when she saw a wolf Pawprint  tattoo appeared at his neck.
"What's that?" Asked Xixi as she pointed at his neck.  "It's my curse Mark , it contains the power of the other half of myself.  I got cursed by a werewolf, and in doing  so she gave me this.  At times when it's not needed I can make it disappear, but when I'm with a girl I acts up and appear on its own...and I really like you..."

She replied by licking his curse Mark on his neck before saying. "Cool!" Then smirked at him before pulling him back into his lips to kiss, going slightly rougher.

As they kissed Revan began tounge kissing her, and clasping his hands against hers then started  grinding between her legs, making Xixi blush and moan in his mouth.  She lifted her dress revealing she's soaking through her panties eagerly.

She blushed as she grabbed Revan's arms and guided them to help her strip herself of clothing as they kept kissing. Soon she was nude except for her soaking wet panties.  Revan then grabbed her hands guiding them to strip himself which she did only roughly tearing them off, until only his own undies remain also wet from arousal.

She blushed looking at him and herself before going to his undies and biting them by the elastic, then pulled until she tore them off from his body. She laid on her back spreading her legs seductively as she pulled down her own panties  begging weakly, "P-Please...fuck me..." 

"Yes...I-I want you Xixi...ah crap really do love you...." He whined as he slipped his cock into her pussy, uniting their sexes.

Xixi gasped gripping him as his cock slide into her womb. Suddenly before he started thrusting in her, her sweet yellow eyes became hollow and black.

She pinned him under her, and climbed on top of him and began to roughly ride him, while gripping his throat tightly as if to choke him.

But as she began to go rough on him, he to started to change, his dark brown eyes became yellow, as he began lending strength from his cursed Mark. It made his body more strong and durable and able to take more punishment, making him
Still able to breath mostly.

He enjoyed the position of being rode to submission and stayed under her to enjoy it as she gotten rougher.

As she kept rinding she finally let go of his neck and instead bit it hard, drawing blood.  The taste of his blood sent her over the edge, greatly enjoying the taste of it, it was her first time drinking human blood, and it was so tasty and warm, it was intoxicating to her.  Her body shook in pleasure hardly able to stand it not expecting for it to be this good.

She slammed her hand as hard as she could at his shoulder cracking it.  The sound of the crack was the final
Straw, it sent waves of pleasure throughout her body, causing it to shake even more in rapture.  She screamed in pleasure as if she had an orgasm.

To Revan though, he's now entered a state of mating, his Kurokage wolf drive turned pain into pleasure.  When she bit him it was like the tenderest love bite to him, his own body trembled in ecstasy as she drank his blood.  When she cracked his shoulder, it sent waves of pleasure instead of pain.  His Kurokage ability to use spirit energy to heal wounds kicked in and already repaired the damages caused by her. When she screamed in pleasure he did with her, their joined screams echoed throughout the lair.

Xixi blinked in surprise, as her eyes became partly yellow again, while still mostly black. She didn't expect her sex partner to actually enjoy it as much as she did. Most of her victims in the past have had expired by now. On other handle hardly anyone ever succeeded in giving her as much sheer pleasure as Revan neither, her near orgasm over breaking his shoulder and drinking his blood made her weak and desiring more from him.

She got up in her knees and switched positions, she turned around then sat back down on his cock, now sitting on him in the reverse cowgirl position.

Revan loved both the original cowgirl position she did earlier and the reverse cowgirl position equally.

He grabbed her breasts and rubbed them hard and licked her hot sweaty neck tenderly with a feral purr.

Xixi gasped moaning at his touch, as he whispered "very few girls got me this excited without the full moon...God Xixi you are so addicting im getting hooked on you...p-please let me have more..."

She looked back at him in a desperate whimper, and held him close to her.  She put her arm around his neck gripping the Top of his head gripping his hair.  She panted weakly saying, "P-please stay alive...please stay alive and fucking fuck my pussy!"

She drove her mouth at his neck and bit as hard as she could while gripping his hair, while moving her hips rapidly riding him.

As he he gripped and rubbed her breasts he thrusted in her more roughly and harder, going deeper into her womb causing her belly to buldge slightky.

The pleasure and pain became so intense tears rolled out of her eyes. It was becoming so much for her she barely she kept riding, pulling and biting more greedily enjoying it all.  She bit so hard she reached the bone, gulping down his addicting warm blood.

At this point he himself can't hold back anymore, he transformed into his full grey werewolf form as spirit energy burned like fire around his body turning him into a hulking muscular grey Werewolf, his human cock began a large humanoid canine, as it bulged inside Xixi's pussy, locking them together.

Xixi let go of his neck gasping as his cock grew inside her, and screamed in ecstasy  with her tongue sticking out as he began thrusting it hard in her.

At this point she finally submitted to him allowing him to dominate her.

As he had used spirit energy to heal the wounds Xixi inflict on him he transferred some of it inside her body,  enhancing her body so his massive cock and enhanced strength won't break her.  In addition his spirit energy made her feel on fire in the inside, only the heat was sexual heat and the burning felt good.

Xixi kept screaming as he went on, soon finally nearing her end.

" much...I-im gonna cum...please keep going, don't stop! Please don't stop!"

Revan smirked as he obliged, pulling At her breasts with his massive furry arms.  She came hard on his cock screaming in pleasure. Cage the cumming finally stopped she became limb at his grip unable to move, moaning softly whimpering for more.

And Revan did gave her more for a half hour without stop until they finally came together.  He howled as his cock filled her womb and mixed with her own juices.  She howled with him, as they climaxed together.

Finally Revan sat down, as he felt his canine cock loosen in her allowing them to separate. But he didn't imstead reverting to human form lying back with her still on him.  He licked her panting saying.  "You're of the best girls I ever been with thank you!" he said kissing her lips.

She gigging turning herself around and hugging him back licking in to show him her rare expression of genuine affection.  Up till now she only lured him to her so she can rape and kill him.  But as the mating  went on she grew to truly like him, as she started to when he helped her fed Tom.  She still couldn't believe it was this good.

"W-was I good?" Asked Revan.  She giggled and hugged and kissed him
 Replying.  "The best! And the only one who stayed alive!"

"Haha glad I set a record," he chucked rubbing the back of his head before she hugged him close and cuddled him.  He blushed hugging her back and cuddled as well.

Meanwhile in deep space the Irken Crime Lord Dak, who had awaited for his men to report back to him Never did.  He figured out that they were all wiped out presumably by Xixi.

This was bad.  He was actually directed to abduct Xixi by a third party, who had ordered crime lords like him capture and abduct, paranormal Irkens, from Mutants, to science experiments gone wrong, from super solder or super powered Irkens to something different entirely.

Suddenly he saw a portal appear as his benefactor appeared before him.  He was dressed in a red sorcerers robe, his face shrouded in a hood.  It was he who provided Dak with the location of the planet to find Xixi.

"Have you acquired the girl?" Asked the hodded man.  "N-no my Liege  my expedition team has yet to report back to me."

"Then we must assume they have failed...I will have to set things under my own matters."
"M-my lord it's not necessary..."

"But it is you have no idea what Xixon is capable of, she alone can purge an entire world of life if left unchecked.  Why else had she have to live on a desolate planet? So she can't put others to harm.  This planet is both her prison and santurary.  Only someone extraordinary can tame her...or capture her.  Which is why I'm sending an asset to deal with her," gestured the hooded man as a figure wearing a Black Coat like Revan appeared from the portal the hooded man entered.

"This asset of ours was once part of a group called the Dominion, until another group wiped it out .  He is one of the survivors. He shall lead an assault team of our design, you recongize some of them don't you?"

Out of the portal came a group of Irkens, they were the captive Irkens, crime lords like Dak Helper captured already, only they are broken with their minds reprogrammed to serve. 

There are four Irkens, one male, and three female.

The male had power to draw blades at any point of his body, making him a living physical weapon.

One female is a Pyrokinetic.  The second had power to summon ice, the  third had power over telekinesis and summon energy blasts from her wrists.

Each and others like them were products of the Irken War machine by chance or design during the days of the corrupt Irken Empire.  The Irken Crime Lords were once warlords in the former regime and are aware of the existence of such Irkens.

In this case however, Dak didn't know about Xixi until his benefactor appeared to him promising him the power to overcome the Unity and make an Empire of his own, as he promised to the other crime lords.  

Capturing these Irkens were costly and were handed over to the hooded man who used means to break and reprogram them to be willing servants.

This would be Xixi's fate of she's captured, if she can actually be controlled that is.

"My asset will lead the team and acquire the girl.  She's strong and dangerous but even she isn't likely to stand a chance against all of them.  Have no fear Lord Dak, you
Get what's coming to you.  I'll take it from here." Said the hooded man turning away and leaving in the portal.

As soon as his portal closed the figure in a Black Coat opened a Corridor of Darkness having himself and his teamates go inside.
Meanwhile Xanatos and Zera were having their own dinner party, eating large quantities of meat, Sealing the deal with drinking Wine.

Xanatos was surprised how drunk Zera became as she sat on his lap teasing him.

"Hee hee, your scar is very cool you know?, she giggled poking at it with her claw.

"R-really," blushed Xanatos.

"Yep I really like you but keep it a secret shhh!!!" She said putting her hand at her mouth shushing.

"Let's make cake!"

"C-cake..." He blushed not understanding her meaning.

When she hopped off him he discovered she literally meant baking cake. He got up and went to help her bake, realizing he's been missed with again even with herself drunk.

Meanwhile Revan and Xixi were taking a nap cuddling at eachother's side and snoring softly when suddenly Xixi woke up, her antennas perking up at alert.

She poked Revan awake.  "There's people here..."

Revan got up closing his eyes in focus.  "I sense them too...foul scents of darkness in their hearts...we gotta get going." He said as he pulled her off him, gushing out cum, and causing them to moan slightly.

His discarded clothes was in tatters but it wasn't a problem for him.  He summoned black smoke to form around his body forming a new Black Coat.  When he saw Xixi blushing holding up her discarded dress, he knew they don't have much time to change so he summoned more black smoke to surround her and formed a Black Coat of her own.

"Oooo~," she looked at her new look liking the feel of the black leather cloak on her.

"Feels good doesn't it, it's a magic coat, it protects you from the Darkness, it also prevents you from being tracked by dark users, and it protects you from the elements such as cold making you unable to feel it.  You can also wear your normal clothes underneth, as the magic of the coat, transforms it into the black underclothes such as the pants shoes and gloves you are wearing now, when you take it off your normal clothes appear again.  You can keep it if you want to have as an alternate wear of clothing in situations like this.  "Cool thanks!" She squealed hugging him.  "Here hun," he said as he formed a sword blade of ice from his ice magic and gave it to her.

"Thanks I like blades," she smirked, but never had a blade like this before, the coat protects her from the coldness of the blade, it's lightweight, and it's sharpened at a high degree.

"I like em too, better then guns, " Revan smirked back. "Let's go."

At the kitchen, Xanatos and Zera faced off two of the first intruders, the male bio-blade Irken, and the female telekinetic.

Zera faced off the female being forced to dodge energy blasts and objects being thrown by her foe's mind.  Xanatos had his both bladed drawn clashing blades of his enemy which are formed at his wrists.

Xanatos realized his enemy is a living weapon and normal swords can't pierce him, when Xan does get passed his guard, the Irken caused more blades to form at the spot where Xan is about to strike, blocking it and at times scratching Xan when he couldn't dodge in time.  This ability gives the Irken the appearance of a porcupine of blades, which he soon really did as the fight went on.  Xan's own body is riddled with cuts, as he Panted tiredly looking at Zera as she dodge rolled thrown items blasting back at her foe with her blaster gun.

The male Irken threw blades at Xanatos, forcing him to spin his blade rapidly in his wrist, causing the blade to spin so fast it became a shield deflecting the projectiles.

Xanatos ran toward the bladed Irken, and as she slashed both his katana blades at his foe, he activated a special feature of his bladed weapons.  They aren't ordinary katana blades, at the hilts they contain electrical generators at the core, when activated the blades become enveloped with electricity enhancing their sharpness.  Making Xanatos not just able to cut through steel but melt through it.

So when he struck his electricity enhanced blades against the bio-blade irken, it sliced and burned through his blades protecting his skin and wounded his flesh.

Xanatos smirked as his foe for looked at him awestruck  as if he never really got hurt before by blades.

Xanatos threw one of his electricity enhanced katana blades at his enemy, impaling  through his chest and PAK killing him.

Xan looked and saw Zera still struggling against her foe, each time she tried to fire at the telekinetic Irken she shield herself with the objects she was about to throw at Zera.

Xan saw Zera needed help
And came with an idea.

He took out a plasma grenade from his utility belt and threw it toward the Irken, shouting, "Zera! Go long!"

The Irken stopped the grenade before it reached with with her mind and planned to use it by throwing the grenade back at Xan before it exploded.

But Zera caught onto the plan, as soon as the Irken stopped the grenade with her mind, Zera fired her gun at the grenade, causing it to explode at the Irken's face. The explosion blew off the Irken's upper body completely.

Zera ran to Xan seeing him Riddled with cuts. She took out the same syringe she used to knock him out, but the drug she injected contained a healing agent that rapidly healing Xan's wounds  as it spread throughout his body as his body pumps it in his blood.

"Thanks Zera haha we really do make a good team."

"Yah," she smiled.  "We really do have a good flow going."

"Yah I think we should really be a team. In fact Because you are the dominant of the two of us I think we should call ourselves Team Zera."

"Haha I like how you think
Partner," she smirked.  "Hope Xixi is ok."

Meanwhile Revan and Xixi were ambushed by Heartless, they stood back to back hacking down Heartless with such teamwork and synergy as if they are doing a corporate dance.

At one point they clasped hands and spun their bodies around, as Revan unleashed wind magic to form a twister that sucked the remaining Heartless into it.  Revan then went under his twister and lifted his hand over his head.  He unleashed his signature move Dark Zero, gathering dark energy into a sphere of black energy at his palm, then discharging the black energy as a powerful energy blast that filled the twister and vaporized the Heartless trapped inside it.

When the last of the Heartless was taken down. Two more corridors of darkness opened revealing the remaining two Irken females, the Irken females with power over fire and ice.

Revan realized they are basically mindless living weapons as they showed no desire to talk, and without warning attacked Xixi their main target with ice needles and fire lances.

It happened so fast Revan  could barely react by erecting a Reflect barrier around Xixi deflecting the projectiles that would have greviously wound her.

"There are certain things I will not allow, you will not touch Xixi!" Revan growled at them.

Xixi blinked hardly anyone  ever defended her before besides Zera and Tom. She looked at him in awe.

"Xixi the girl in left is a Pyrokinetic she has power over fire.  It won't end well for your ice blade if you clash with her. Go after the the other one who has power over ice.  I'll assist you as soon as I can." Said Revan before charging toward the fire girl.

Xixi nodded and ran toward the ice girl swinging her blade.

Revan blocked the fire Attacks of his opponent with his Keyblade, while firing energy blasts back at her, which she dodged or block with barriers of fire energy. She jumped toward Revan drawing blades of fire energy crossing blades with him.

They clashed weapons a few times before The fire Irken girl jumped back to avoid a slash at her legs and crossed both blades of fire to summon an X-shaped Energy slash of fire.  Revan deflected the attack firing Dark Zero at it and canceling it out and causing both Attacks to explode.

Revan saw that his opponent's magic is strong, a logical move is to counter her fire magic with ice magic.  But he figured they'll only cancel eachother out.  He decided to use a less obvious solution.  He used Wind Magic to make a twister of wind energy to surround the fire Irken girl.

The move seemed crazy as wind would only amplify the fire. When she fired fire energy at it though, the twister sucked up the fire like a vacuum, and turning the twister of air into a fire twister, in addition, the twister wasn't just sucking up fire but air as well.  As fire Takes up oxygen to keep itself alive, her own fire magic was exhausting the air supply around her, causing her to start to Suffocate herself as she attempt to use more fire magic to break free from the twister.

As she started gasping for air, Revan smirked seeing it as his chance.  From his sleeve came out  a giant icicle formed by ice magic, he threw it like a javelin at her while she was still stunned from gasping for air.  It went through the twister and impaled her at the chest.  The impact sent her off her feet.  While in midair, Revan did a handsign, and the icicle formed more spikes within it, which struck out Her back like sprouted roots.

By the time her body hit the ground she was dead.

By the Time Revan started his battle, Xixi began with hers.

When she ran toward the ice Irken girl, she deflected the ice projectiles she threw at her with her blade.

When she got close to her she swing with all her might.  But the ice Irken girl made no move to dodge, instead she stuck out her finger and blocked Xixi's ice blade with her bare finger, proving with her power over ice, other ice can't hurt her.

"Aw it didn't cut you? You are no fun," groaned Xixi in mock disappointment. "You really need to lighten up, here!" She said as she drew a taser from her sleeves.  It's the same one she used to discipline Tom before, she kept it among some of her other tools hidden in a storage compartment in her PAK which contained most of her tools and weapons while the rest of her usual stuff is hidden in her dress back at the spot where she and Revan mated and made love.  Just as the Irkens appeared before Revan and herself, she drew her taser from her PAK and hid it in her sleeves in case she needed it. Now up close and personal she can use her taser as a weapon.  She drove it into the Ice Irken's eye and turned it on.

She reveled in the agony of her foe, hearing the Irken scream in agony for both her ruined eye and the electricity of the taser surging through her.  As if it wasn't bad enough, Xixi turned on the voltage, the intensity of the voltage was now meant to stun large creatures like Tom, to a mere Irken eye it got fired and popped like bubble, spewing it's mass and blood all over Xixi which she enjoyed 

She now pinned down her ruined for under her drawing a knife she also kept for backup in her PAK and giggled happily as she stabbed her victim to death and kept stabbing postmortem.

By then Revan finished off his opponent.  Xixi looked up and liked how Revan killed his opponent by turning her into a pincushion of ice needles.

Xixi stood up and wiped herself from the blood as best as she could.

"Wow you arent just strong, but smart too like me," said Xixi, complimenting Revan as she glimpsed him using his wind vacuum twister move to use his foe's own fire power against her and cut off her air supply to leave her open for he finishing blow.

"I noticed you are wily too, tricking your foe in a false sense of security using a seemingly pointless move to actually draw yourself close to her and leave her open to your true wounding move. You aren't just a pretty face, you really are a special girl," said Revan stroking her face.

She giggled and hugged him close and cuddled him.  "Aww you so sweet Revan."

"You are too, don't let anyone else say otherwise.  And by the way," said Revan smirking licking her from neck to lips then nose like she did to him before in greeting him.  "I know what you taste like too," he winked at her.

She blushed remembering it was the same thing she did to him. She shoved her face into his neck as if to
Hide her face.

"You are delicious you know that..." Said Xixi in a serious voice while still pressing her face against him.  "You are so sweet you are too good to be true maybe you should go while you got a chance before your sweetness goes away..." She said talking as if she's no longer talking about the sweet taste of his flesh and rather about something else about him entirely.

"Aw Xixi," replied Revan hugging her, not saying anything else as if letting the hug say all he wants to for him.

Suddenly she pulled away from him, suddenly her old random sweet self again.  "Let's celebrate by having cake!"

"Not yet Xixi I still smell at least one more dark presence. We can have cake after we finish him."

She nodded holding her knife at the ready as she left her melting ice weapon near the body of her defeated foe.

Suddenly they heard bellowing, it was Tom as if someone is torturing him.  "Tom?! Where are you!?" Yelled Xixi tears filling her eyes as she ran in the direction of the screeches.

"Xixi! Wait it could be a trap!" Yelled Revan as he ran after  her.  They soon came to a room where Tom was being zapped in a net of lightning cast by multiple Heartless.

Xixi snarled running to rescue Tom.  Revan ran behind her to try and stop her until s blast of energy suddenly pierced through his chest from behind.  The shot whizzed by Xixi and hit the wall behind Tom.

She stopped turning around to see Revan fallen on the ground behind her.  For some reason he can't use either his wolf power or Keyblade magic to heal, as if something is surpressing that power.

Xixi looked at Revan with shocked widened eyes suddenly finding herself worried about him.

"My target was the girl, but when you entered the picture Revan Shadow she became unimportant."  Out of the shadows came the cloaked figure in the Black Coat who led the attack.  He brandished a smoking blaster pistol that can fire energy blasts.  He unhooded himself to reveal he was actually an humanoid Irken enhanced with the Power of Darkness.

Revan clutched his wound groaning.  "Who-who are you..."

"My name is of no importance but all you need to know is that I was an Irken Solder, to be cannon fodder until I was found and recruited by the Dominion."

"Impossible...the Dominion is gone I
Saw to It..." Moaned Revan.  "And that aside the Dominion was only made up of humans..."

"Before you Ruined their plans for this world, the dominion tried to replenish the their Ranks by recruiting Irkens like me. I finished my training when the Dominion fell.  Thier goal was to unite all the worlds under their rule.  They could have brought order to chaotic world's like mine but you ruined it in destroying them.

"After the Dominion's fall I was forced to live as one of my people until I discovered the Von Draco family an ally of the Dominion."

Revan heard of them before from Mira, they are a family of sorcerers that became rich corporate business people and spread their each to various world's, using both human and paranormal creatures as mercenaries to serve them.  They manipulated the human anti-paranormal group the Purge to serve them, and now it seemed they had the Dominion wrapped around their finger too when it was alive.

"I'm not the only my Dominion survivor to find work with them a few others did too," Said the Black Coat Irken.  "I'm here because the Von Dracos have found use of this world., they are curious about My species the Irkens and sought to
Make good use of them, espiecally those that are enhanced like me, the Irkens you killed...and her.  That's why they are used the Irken Criminal Warlords to provide them for them.

"And now their sights is in this girl, this monster. She's quite magnificent isn't she.  Even if she can't be controlled they could always unleash her like a mad dog on their foes."

"Y-you will not use Xixi...she's not a weapon or a monster...she's just a girl wanting to be loved!" Yelled Revan with a groan.

"Heh in only telling you this because you'll be gone soon enough. You must be wondering why you can't heal. The blast I pierced you with has a spell that surpresses your healing abilities as well as your powers.  I knew your greatest weakness is your comrades. That's why I targeted the beast. When the girl rushed to danger you couldn't think much else but protect her. That left you wide open.  You are too strong for a direct battle Keyblade Master that's why this way was practical.

"Frankly I'm surprised you care so much about her.  I can understand you might feel some kindred spirit since you were once a weapon used by your people after the Dominion liberated you from your former life by killing your parents in front of you."

"But let me tell you that you are wasting your time.  This girl is nothing but a beast.  Any show of love and affection is nothing more then a facade, she's only using you to get to her goal as she used everyone else and will only kill you in the end.  She is death.  She doesn't deserve your kindness and love, you should have done your duty as a Keyblade Master and wiped her out to bring balance to the world.

"But she no longer interest me, right now you are my mission, to avenge the Dominion I'll kill you, leaving you to curse yourself for wasting your time for her sake," he said pointing both guns at him.

Xixi's eyes were widened and vacant all while she heard what the Irken in the Black Coat said about her and Revan.

"I will not curse anything if I die, I regret nothing in the time I spent with her," said Revan causing Xixi to stare back at him.

"I'm not naive I know about her and what she's capable of.  And I know that everything she did for me might have been an act...but so what it was real to me...Xixi never asked to become this I know this much about her...she had a bad day that made her lose the light of her life and made her see the world as a pitch black hell...and as she traveled the world it only confirmed what she saw and changed to be as cold as the world around her is to survive...

"I know this because that's what I saw when my parents died...and I almost went over the edge too and became the monster the Dominion wanted me to become...but then I met friends who gathered around me and became the new light of my life and I saw the world was half a pitch black hell, and the other half a wonderful place to be...

"That's why I choose to love Xixi, because hardly anyone else choose to...deep down in her heart she's crying in the dark asking someone anyone to help her...Zera and Tom helped her so far...and they are the twin dim lights of her heart that preserved what good remained in her...that's why when I was with Xixi I saw not everything about her is an act...

"So that's why I choose to stand with her to shine more light in her heart with the love and friendship I offer, in hope to  help bring her old self back home...

"So what if she's a monster that's not entirely a bad kinda what I like about her besides her sweetness geniune or not...fact is I am too but I learned how to turn that dark part of me as a good thing by killing bastards like you...Xixi too could be a positive influence if she learned how to use her monster self to kill bastards like you instead of the innocent...

"Point is everyone gave up on her before giving her a chance to be anything more then she seemed to be...But I don't care what she is...she's like me someone forsaken by the world who need to be rescued not of shunned or my book she's my precious friend and I will defend her to my last breath..."

"You talk to much Revan and are spewing only nonsense.  I'll put you out of your misery!" Yelled the Black Coat Irken as he fired energy blasts from both guns.

When the dust cleared, Revan saw he was alright and Xixi was in front of him blocking him with her body which was smoking and Slightly burned from the blast.

"St...stay away from him...I love him..." She panted, with tears have shown to have dropped from her face as if she shed tears after hearing Revan's speech.

"I must say you are stronger then I thought able to take such damage," said the Irken as he dismissed his guns and drew twin blades of energy. "But this work fine with me either way!" He yelled dashing toward her as if to go through her to reach Revan.

Xixi whimpered in pain but stayed still spreading out her arms to shield Revan with a look of resolve at her face.

"Xixi..." Uttered Revan looking at her and saw her about to be cut down for his sake. "No!!!" He yelled as he used his last of his strength to push forward.

Suddenly it looked like he stabbed through Xixi in order to stab at the Black Coat Irken in front of her with his Keyblade, as he was about to bring both blades down to strike her down.
But in reality Revan used the last of his available power to summon to dark portals, one behind Xixi and the other in front of her.  So when he stabbed his Keyblade it went through the portal around her body, allowing him To stab the Irken without harming Xixi

Thr Irken coughed out blood and fell to the ground.   Xixi ran to Revan and cradled him at her arms seeing the hole at the side of his chest.

"You ok..." She said worried.

"I've gotten worse from you remember?" Joked Revan with a cough.  "I'll be fine once he's gone...his power is what's preventing me to heal..."

Xixi looked at the fallen Irken seeing he was still alive.  She went to him and broke his neck.

She looked at Revan as he gathered spirit energy to his wound healing it and while using a Keyblade Healing spell to heal Xixi as well.

Seeing herself and Revan better made her squeal. "Yay! I helped!"

Revan playfully tackled her to the ground and kissed her.  "You a hero Xixi you saved me. Now you can help yourself to that guy."

"No I don't want his death to have a purpose let him Rot."

"People like him die in a special
Way, they fade into darkness. If you not gonna use him there he goes," he said pointing to the corpse as it fades away to darkness.

"Ooo..." Said Xixi thinking it was cool.

"I Dunno about you Xixi but I feel like...celabrating..." He said with a smirk.  Xixi returned the smirk and pulled him Into a kiss.

Five minutes later Xanatos and Zera were roaming the base looking for Xixi and Revan, they saw Tom was asleep at his pin, freed  from the Heartless after Revan and Xixi rescued him.

Zera held some cake she and Xan baked together.

They heard sounds of moaning and went to a room where they saw a pile. Of torn up black coats. Then they saw Xixi in the nude on her hands and knees being fucked Doggy style by Revan in werewolf form.

When they entered, Revan and Xixi stopped and looked like deer in headlights.

"Xixi...with that guy...oh gosh! Wait...he's still alive?!..." Gasped Zera with an awestruck look on her face before leaving the room almost dropping the cake going "ewwww..."

Xanatos went after her saying after closing the door behind him saying, "told you he ain't normal."

Revan and Xixi looked back at eachother.  Revan was about to apologize for any embrassment when she suddenly burst out laughing.

"Hahahaha! You saw the look on her face priceless!" She laughed.

Suddenly Revan couldn't help but laugh with her. "Hey! Why don't we pose a selfie with us doing this and sentit to her she'll really get a kick outta that."

"Hahahaha! I wish I can look at her face for that! I like how you think Revan."

"What can I say you inspire me Xixi," winked Revan.

"You too Revan now fuck me," she said as they continued where they left off.

Meanwhile at another world, the red cloak man appeared in the top floor of a skyscraper of a corporate office building in an executive office.

At the desk was a man in a red executive suit, with s goatee, short black hair with some hanging at the sides and has red eyes.

"You are late Tobias, report," said the executive man as he continued with his office work.

The man unhooded himself snowing to be Handsome young man, with black hair and red eyes. He looked like a Millionare playboy.

He took off his robe shoeing he wore a similar suit. "I'm Sorry father was checking on the progress on the Doom World," said Tobias.

"The Doom world is your sister, Serena's territory, stay focused on your own world affairs," said the father.

"My world will take care of itself and Serena is busy manipulating the Purge. And I found an asset worthy of my interest."

"The Irken race is nothing more then one of many commodities we can use, don't obsess over one thing, it cause you to lose focus on your goal.  You have enough Irken servants, you lost enough assets in this endeavor, go and return to your world affairs that's an order," said the father.

"as you wish father," said Tobias holding his robe underarm about to leave in the front door when a female secretary entered.  "Mr. Von Draco I'm Sorry to interrupt, your two O Clock is here."  She said as Karl Cardinal Wayward came through the door smiling.

"Thank you Marcy I'll take it from here, Tobias you know your way out," said the father as he got up.

As soon as Tobias left, the father Shook Wayward's hand and said, "Cardinal welcome, I'm sure you have some things to share with me."

"Oh Vlad I just found something that would change everything,"  said Wayward with a smirk.

Meanwhile back in the Doom World on Revan and Xixi were dressed again, he in his Black Coat and in human form and Xixi in her dress keeping her new Black Coat stored away for later.  They were eating cake in the kitchen with Zera and Xan.

"So a group of powerful humans is using the criminal empires of my world to capture Irkens like Xixi to use as weapons...don't wanna know what happened if they breed her," she whispered to herself.

"And they know where her lair is making this no longer safe for her to be at least not all the time," said Revan.

"What you suggest then," asked Zera.

"Why not join my group Organization Keyblade. We can protect you and working together we have a better chance in defeating the Von Dracos at their game and the pawns they are using.  You don't necessarily have to live with us, you can come and go as you please, like using Earth as a place to commute for work."

"I must admit after seeing you and Xan in action, I just might consider that," she sighed.  "You guys are freaks but strong once and if there's a whole group of you then I guess I can at least stick around to see if you guys can deliver on your promise...but what about Xixi?"

"When her homicidal urges are calm she can stay with me, we have ways for her to safely vent her urge to kill without putting others at risk.  And with the enemies we meet she can surely take her pick on who to consume. When she's out of control I'll sent her back here where she won't harm anyone else it's a simple matter for me.  All I ask is to give it a try," asked Revan, holding Xixi's hand.

Zera looked at him and sighed.  "I admit you are not any normal guy and Xixi doesn't bond with just anyone, let alone risking her life to save just anyone...I can see you can truly handle some of the things about her, but I'm no longer worried just about you or her it's the people you expose her too especially when you have her stay on Earth.  There's still things you don't know about her espiecally in her mating season and what is required of her when she's in it..."

"I know it's gonna be easy but it's not impossible, up till now you have it on yourself as responsible on her, but right now you aren't alone, let us share that burden with you, and make it better for all of us especially Xixi."

Zera looked at Xixi looking blank yet hopeful at Revan's side.  "Ok I'll give it a chance but if you miss up I'll end you."

"Fair enough Zera, welcome to Organization Keyblade," Revan said taking her hand and shook it.

After sending them all to Earth and having Xixi settle in her alternate quarters at Revan's house and Tom given a new pen at his home and was introduced to his new playmate, Xena the Xenomorph Revan's own pet along with his recent new pet Huntress the Predalien; Xanatos and Zera left Earth to do some jobs alone together as their own merc team.

"I gotta admit that's a pretty good set up Revan has there, a good secure base and strong people he has at his side.  I can understand how they can take Xixi on if she gets crazy. But when she gets her mating season  and fails to conceive she becomes monstrous and goes on a rampage that kills many people.  That's why I have her live in that planet so when her spring fever kicks in and she fails to find a proper mate to conceive with she can rampage all she wants on that world and I feed her Irkens out of my bounties.  She needs  irken flesh otherwise she consumes herself and her blood is toxic and she would kill herself.  And during her monsterous rampage she needs hundreds of them to satisfy I'm worried what will happen next time she gets into her mating season on Earth..."

"I have an idea about that.  Why not set her loose on the Irken Criminal Planst and have her help herself on the jerks that tried to take us out, and we you and me would get paid for each criminal head by the Unity. We make a fortune.  With Revan's ability it's simple to transport her there.  It's a whole planet of criminals she can go back every time she gets into her monster mode, and fill our pockets at the same time, and no innocent would be hurt" said Xanatos with a dark smirk.

"Hey...I like this idea...I like how you think partner..." Smirked Zera.

"Heh I picked a few things from being in Revan's wing putting outcasts like us to good use.  As he would say there's a solution to everything and any negative can be used as a positive if thought hard enough.  Let's in the meantime start where we left off when we first met, hunting the crime bosses one by one."

"Yah..." Smirked Zera. "As she cocked her gun. "Let's get started..."

Short: comrades of heart (part 2 )
(Second part of previous post)
Story partly based on rps between me and my buddy :iconwingless1raven:

Hope u like it buddy ^^ and to my recent favorite Irkens Xixi and Zera thanks for being for love U all <3

Might noticed by now I'm crossing over the Villian's of my Wolf Heart story, the  into my Chain of Hearts story 
More to come ^^

Revan Shadow, Xanatos, Rena, Mira Kurokage, Xena the Xenomorph, Huntress the Predalien, Organization Keyblade, the Dominion, the Purge, the Von Draco family, the Unity by me.
Xixon, Zera, Tom by :iconwingless1raven:
Invader Zim themes and characters by Jhonen Vasquez
Kingdom Hearts, themes and characters owned by Square Enix, created by Tetsuya Nomura

Naruto themes by Masashi Kishimoto

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes, violence/gore and strong language)
The Doom World, the Reality world where the Irkens exist.  After the Operation Impending Doom 2 war, the Galaxy was united by an alliance of Galactic Nations called the Unity.
While the war has ended peace wasn't absolute. Crime grew to replace the power vacuum as the Irken Empire was downsized and reformed, ruled by mostly Irken Warlords of the former regime.

The heart of the galactic criminal Empires is Criminalia, the Crime Infested Planet, a metroplois world ruled by various crime families and syndicates too fortified and secure for the UNITY to interfere short for ordering a bombardment of the planet risking the lives of billions of citizens which may or may not be innocent.

Instead the Unity decided to be discreet sending Mercenaries and Bounty Hunters to go after the heads of various crime leaders and have them removed in hopes creating a power vacuum for the crime empires to turn on eachother.

Xanatos a member of Organization Keyblade was once a mercenary before joining up.  In between battling for the Organization Xanatos yearned the excitement of the old days and decided to go and hire himself as a merc again at his spare time.

He took his modified Voot and head to the nearest Intergalactic Space Station to see the job listings of a good job.

He stood looking at the listings when someone stood by him.

It was a rare albino Irken that has a human like body. She wore a black jumpsuit lace pants, with black and blue boots with a black blouse covering her white Breasts. At her neck is an emo collar.  She has blue eyes,  with eye shadow, pink tounge, and antennae laced together in a ponytail connected by a heart shaped buckle.
She looked at him as if she been checking him out.  "See you been checking the listings I suggest to take that one, the one about the price of Warlord Dak's Head, wanted Dead with 300,000 munnies as the reward.  It's high risk but the pay is worth it."

"Seems you know what you saying. A professional huh?" Said Xanatos. "Yah I'm a bounty hunter mostly but I do merc work sometimes, you wanna team up? We can pull this off together."

"Oh I think we could make good killings together, I'm willing to try you can take most of the reward im really doing this for the thrill."

"Fair enough and I like your generosity. Friends call me Zera, what's yours?" Said the Albino Irken female offering a handshake.

He took her hand and shook it.  "Names Xanatos, friends call me Xan, such an honor to meet you girl," he smirked at her.

"Heh, you got a ship?" Asked Zera.

"Yep a custom modified Voot. Gotta warn you its cramped...can only fit us two..." He said with a smirk. "Ah it's ok lead on..."

Ten minutes later they are in the ship and left the station's hanger into deep space.

Zera sat at her side of the front seat lazily she looked at Xanatos as soon as he put ship on autopilot.

"There in about an hour we'll arrive at Criminalia.  I however have something that make us go faster but would like to take the extra time to know eachother."

"Ok. So tell me about yourself, I been reading up on you how you were a great Merc during the first war, doing jobs mostly by yourself. Also heard you were a renegade."

"Yah I was an Irken Elite under Miyuki I served her proudly before her death. Then when she got replaced by idiots who dishonored Miyuki's legacy i defected after killing my team and freeing the alien Slaves.  This X shaped scar you see on my head I gave myself after having my Elite tattoo removed.  I was captured and sent to a super solder program that gave me this body...and other things..."

"Wow so why you left the job in the midst of the war?"

"I was on the run from Irken authorities when I encountered a human man who knew about me like you and showed me that Miyuki died for a reason and the Control Brains were responsible,  they were responsible for the war too manipulated by a certain group.  I joined that man's group and found my purpose again and had comrades again.  Even after the war, I stayed with them, they are my home.  But I come back here from time to time to moonlight extra munnies and thrills of the old life of a merc. So what about you?"

"Oh not much to tell, besides im a killer and Bounty Hunter.  Frankly right now I wanna get something from  you," she said as she scoot over to him.  To his surprise she sat on his lap seductively.

He wanted her as soon as he met her, but he still couldn't believe how easy it was.  In his past he only rarely got lucky with girls as his perversive attitude usually gets him beat up.

He bit his lip as she rubbed his chest and grinded against his lap. His Irken cock grew aroused in his pants.

"Oh and what is it you want exactly?" He smirked with a nervous blush.

"You'll see~" she said with a giggle as she moved her lips near his cheek...only to distract him as she injected his neck with a needle.

He was at first so dazed with lust he thought the pain he felt was her claws piercing his skin in rough foreplay.  But then he started to feel droozy and realized something is wrong.

"W-what are you...why you..."
"Shhh...sorry I need you to sleep now I need you to trust me though."

Despite his nervousness he's obviously feeling in this situation, deep down he was compulsed to trust her, as if his Heart told him everything will be ok.  Besides that he thought she has something kinky in store for him, besides thinking she might be a Black Widow.

As he fell asleep, Zera blindfolded and tied him up, she was stealing control of his ship, and changed course to another planet.

Meanwhile in the Corridors of Darkness, passageways of darkness which cross between all the world's in the Multiverse allowing those with the Power of Darkness to freely, Revan Shadow walks within them heading towards a destination.

When Nobodies use the Corridors of Darkness the dimension they travel
Within looks like a rainbowy colored dimension with Nobody symbols flying around. But when humans like Revan use it it's simply black everywhere.

After Organization Replica's failed attack on Organization Ksyblade's base they went underground and went back to gathering strength in the shadows.

Since then Organization Keyblade enjoyed some peace and focused on other things, some like Xanatos did their own thing, others trained and patrolled other worlds.

Today was a quiet day for Revan, everyone is busy with their own thing, it's during those times Revan would usually travel anywhere to have adventures.

In fact upon hearing Xanatos is on a trip alone he decided to spent time with him as he felt they haven't been hanging out as often.

He opens a portal partly to see Xan in his situation but decided to not interfere yet and wait and see.

About half hour later, Xanatos woke up, he was still tied up and blindfolded.

"What's going on Zera you still there baby?" asked Xanatos.

"Yah," she said as she took off the blindfold and unbound him.

Xanatos looked around and said, "where are we we are in the middle of nowhere."

"I actually came to you because I need your help. I heard you are good, yet have a weakness for hot girls. I need help rescuing a friend."

"You know," said Xanatos calmly.  "You could have asked me to help you, I'm well provided at my main job and only do this for the thrills, munnies are a secondary concern to me now.  While I still have use for it Im more willing to help others in need, so all of this was Unnecessary tricking me the way you did...though I actually enjoyed with you messing with me though..." He blushed.

Zera blinked and facepalmed herself couldn't be living it could have been simpler.

"Who's your friend anyway and why you need my help?"

"Her name is Xixon, Xixi for short...she's one of my best friends...and well she's different...and dangerous...because of that the Empire hunted her to be used as a weapon. After the war though a number of the exiled Warlords now crime lords are hunting her again, and one of them located the planet she's hiding and has sent a shop full of Mercs and criminal flunkies to find her hiding place.  They haven't seem to find her lair yet which is why I need your help, I need you to occupy the guards while I put a bomb on their ship and destroy it, and deal with the survivors.  That's why I kidnapped you, it's a near impossible mission that usually requires a lot of munnies to hire someone skilled to do it.  And because I don't want to part with my munnies or can afford it, I needed to bring you here by any means necessary."

"Is that all? No problem. I actually dealt with tougher jobs espiecally  in my group Im now in."

"Organization Keyblade? Asked Zera raising an eyebrow. I heard of them, heard they were the reason why the Resisty succeeded in Invading Irk and help reformed the Empire to what it is now. I wasn't sure whether to believe a team of strong freaks  exist until I see them for myself. Xixi is a freak too so if someone like her exist I wouldn't be surprised if others did too.  Still I had to see for myself.  Didn't know you were part of them..."

"Well trust me they exist and because of them this job is on the house for that reason and that we are friends after all,"
He winked.  "Let's go lead on..."

They left the Voot hidden and walked around what seemed a deserty rocky wasteland. Until they came to a valley between two cliffs, In the small valley, a big armed transport ship was set down in a small encampment.

Populating it are aliens of various species, some mercenaries others are criminal flunkies working for the Warlord who hired them in the expedition to capture Xixi.

"Looks like they haven't found her yet ...her lair is lair is way over that way hidden behind rocks they are at the wrong spot."

"Look again," said Xanatos.  "They have mining equipment and are digging a mine in the direction you pointed.  "You got me here in time."

"Be careful last time I was here they set a minefield, around the encampment," said Zera.

"Really, in that case..." Xanatos went to his utility belt and grabbed a sphere from it and threw it into the air. It floated high in the air, and the sphere began scanning the ground ahead.

"No you idiot! They have-" started Zera, when a missile flew into the air and destroyer the probe. 

The ship have automated defenses and detected an airborne enemy.  It explains why Zera landed the ship beforehand.

The alien mercs and thugs began converging toward them firing weapons.

Xanatos and Zera hid behind a rock, Zera with s blaster pistol and Xanatos with his twin blasters , they fired back but they are outnumbered and outgunned.

"Crap we can't fight them we gotta surrender," said Zera.

"Hell no do you realize what those kind of guys do to girls like you? No here's the plan I'll hold them off you escape on the Voot and get help go to Earth my group will help I'll be fine."

Zera blinked at Xanatos' willingness to sacrifice for her sake.  "Don't boss me around I can take care of my-"

"Zera even if we do escape capture by then they will be likely to find your friend Xixi by then and capture her. I'm not just thinking about you but also the whole picture entirely.  There's still a chance of one of us escaped, and that might as well be you. Now don't argue and go!" He yelled grabbing a handful of Grenades from his utility belt and threw them toward the enemy over the rock Cover.

Zera stares at him for a moment the. growled and instead of surrendering,  or running away, she continued fighting. "You shut your mouth, I lead this mission and I don't run away, the only one who can kill you Is me. Now shut up and keep fighting.

Xanatos sighed she reminds him of Rena his Renamon teamate back at base.  "You the boss," he sighed with a smile as he prepared for the worst.

Suddenly energy blasts pelted down on the group's of enemies like rain blowing them up.

They looked up and saw a man floating high in the air hooded in a Black Coat.

"What the hell is this!?" Gasped Zera thinking she's dreaming.

"It's ok Zera it's only my boss Revan Shadow," said Xanatos.

Revan unhooded himself and erected a Reflect Barrier as the criminals opened fired at him.  He saw the cannons of the ship were turning toward him Which had heavier firepower then the weapons already firing at him.

He drew his Keyblade Light's Shadow and charged a giant sphere of light energy at the blade's tip.

He raised his blade over his head and released the energy sphere hurling it toward the ship blowing it up.

He looked down and saw the remaining enemies attacking him while protected by his barrier.

He smirked and teleported from one place to another hacking down his foes with his Keyblade.

Xanatos took his chance and shot at some of the minions that were closer to him While they were occupied with Revan.  He put down one blaster and drew one of his electro-Katanas from his PAK, so he can have a gun in one hand as his blade at the other.  He ran forward shooting enemies from a distance while striking enemies close range with his blade.

Zera looked awestruck for a moment before shrugging and left the cover of her rock to join the battle.

Suddenly out of the ground a burly hulking gray alien came out of the ground, grabbing her by the neck.  He has superb strength as if he can break her spine like a twig if he could.

But Zera calmly smirked despite gasping for air.  She drew a vial of perfume from her utility belt and spray it at the thug's eyes.  The liquid was actually acid and it was effective in causing the alien to let her go.
When she landed on the ground, she climbed up his back and put her gun into the open mouth of the alien while he's still screaming in agony.

His skin is tough like rock making him durable against conventional Attacks, however the inside of his mouth is as soft as the flesh of any humanoid.  So when she unloaded her blaster gun into his mouth, it left a gapping hole at the back of his head and he fell down like a fallen tree dead.

The remnants of the alien Gang now huddled around the ruins of the ship, were fortifying themselves to make a stand.

Revan appeared in the midst of them slamming his hand at the ground, causing spikes of ice to Pop out impaling the  aliens. The ruins of the ship became a field of ice with icicles carrying up bodied staining the ground with multi-colored blood decorating the scenery.

One Irken thug remained alive, while the gang was made up of diverse species Irkens made up of the majority of them.  The male thug dropped his gun whimpering against a rock as Revan walked to him.

"P-please spare me, I-I'll pay you whatever you want!"

"There's something you should know about me, there's two sides of me.  One side of me is a nice guy if you get to know me the kind of guy who wouldn't hurt a fly.  The other side of me, my dark side is capable of doing horrors as this when forced my hand.

"Another thing you should know about me is that I'm Actually a merciful person.  But I'm not naive to give it up freely.

"The way I see it there are two kinds of bad people, one kind is a person that's formerly good that knew love and had a productive life.  Until they had one bad day, which someone hurt them and the pain transformed them into a monster.

"I am a monster I may not look it but I am for I had a bad day, caused by people like you, who do bad things not because they were hurt, because they want to, because they are greedy and take pleasure for the  things they do.

"I can read the hearts of others I can sense that almost everyone in your group have foul hearts bought buy money and the pleasure of crushing the weak underfoot.

"I save my mercy for the innocent and those who have done bad things because they were hurt for daring to have hopes and dreams, for daring to love and have the selfish desire to protect it and failed and lost everything, for daring to once believe life can be fair, and now hate life and want to burn everything that caused them pain. They never asked to be monsters, they never wanted to become the thing they hate it caused them to be what they are now, and deep down they might regret what they did and carry the memory of what they once love deep in their wounded heart.

"I especially save my mercy for those kind of people because they are me. Because they need my love and mercy and they deserve a second chance to perhaps become something more then they are now.

"But trash like you," Revan growled as he lifted his blade to strike him down. "Would be a waste of that mercy and would only bite me back later, so stop wasting your time begging and prepare for hell." He said as brought the blade down to decapitate the Irken.

He then walked back to Zera and Xanatos, dismissing his Keyblade.

"Wow that was messed up, I haven't seen shit like this since Xixi's rampages...I guess I can thank you for saving our butts Revan is it?"

"Nice to meet you, any friend of Xanatos is a friend of mine and I must say he has a good taste in friends", he smiled looking at her.

"Why aren't you sweet," giggled Zera as she stroked his cheek In a flirtatious way kneeing him
In the groin before walking away still looking pleasent.

"W-what I did wrong?" Groaned Revan clutching between his legs, while being cursed with a sexual compulsive mating wolf drive he tried his best to be a gentlemen to the ladies and at least I his experience hardly ever have trouble with them
Save for those who were his foes and his childhood friend Tanya.

"It's not what you said Revan, see what you sould know about female Irkens is their ability to sense pheromones with their antennae  even humans. While what you said was a compliment, what she smelled from you was as dirty as your mating rituals wolf boy," chuckled Xanatos. "Sorry not all girls say yes you know come on let's go.  Cheer up you may have better luck later. We both might."
Short: Comrades of Heart (part 1 )
(Note dev info gonna be same in next few posts, as they are parts of same story hope u enjoy)Story partly based on rps between me and my buddy :iconwingless1raven:

Hope u like it buddy ^^ and to my recent favorite Irkens Xixi and Zera thanks for being for love U all <3

Might noticed by now I'm crossing over the Villian's of my Wolf Heart story, the  into my Chain of Hearts story 
More to come ^^

Revan Shadow, Xanatos, Rena, Mira Kurokage, Xena the Xenomorph, Huntress the Predalien, Organization Keyblade, the Dominion, the Purge, the Von Draco family, the Unity by me.
Xixon, Zera, Tom by :iconwingless1raven:
Invader Zim themes and characters by Jhonen Vasquez
Kingdom Hearts, themes and characters owned by Square Enix, created by Tetsuya Nomura

Naruto themes by Masashi Kishimoto

Today while on the job at uPS I got bitten by a dog.

i encountered many dogs in my current route some friendly others territorial but harmless and others not so friendly

i know how to deal with dogs when they are set loose in their yards, I hold still and slowly walk forward and if they come up to me, I hold still and let them sniff me

this tactic served me well so far, and many dogs turned out to be friendly or simply have bark worse then bite 

but today I encountered a situation when my tactic failed me.

theres this black furred poodle mix breed I see every day when I go to a certain neighborhood in my route, and HE barks and chases van as it passes by

i don't usually make deliveries to that house, but today we had to stop there before our break. My partner upon seeing the dog out in the yard acting aggressive asked if he could do the house, I said no thinking I can handle it.

i walked slowly up the yard as the dog barked loudly and ran around me. I made one step at a time trying to get around the dog's path.  Then he suddenly jumped at me at the side snd bite me, I moved around trying to get out of way as he bit me other places, as the owner came out and yelled at the dog as I finally ran back to Van 

I was bitten at left arm, leg and right leg

i had layers on to protect me from cold so I haven't had direct contact with the dog's teeth , and my wounds felt like stings thinking it wasn't serious I thought I was fine and went back to route, but after doing next house we decided to check my wounds and I saw gashes at arm and leg and a minor bite mark all though the skin

after making a report about the incident to headquarters and going back to owners to ask about dog and it's medical history, I finally got home to get cleaned and patched up and here I am now at home  


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My name is of no importance, but my message is. I'm nobody, I don't want to be anybody, nobody but me. I am LightsShadow03, I am Revan Shadow, but friends call me Chris. I'm the Mastermind, behind the creation of Chain of Hearts and Organization Keyblade. The rest is irrelevant. I'm a man who has learned and understood the light and darkness of this world and of my own heart. I'm trying to find my place in this world, and discover who I am. Being here is a start.

But after being here for a while I feel as if Im getting closer in being a somebody everyday thanks to these people

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Good Foreign Exchange Sis: :iconemilytf:
Older Sis: :iconrainbow-acey:
Sis and good friend: :iconallstar12:
Sister and a fun pal to know: :iconninjaanimehero:
DA Sis: :iconkristinthehuman:
KH and Poke Sis: :iconk3ri1:
IZ and DA Sis: :iconzadrfreak912:
Wolf-Sister: :iconblueraini:
Crazy Werewolf Sister: :iconrayramador:
Annoying Little Brother: :iconyyyy356:
a Pretty good Big Brother: :iconec-darkmatter:
Bro: :iconthevulkanator1337:
Cousin: :icondinowolf0049056:
Cousin and bro :iconsomeoneelsek2:
Cool British Cousin: :iconbrokencreation:
Freedom Fighter Cousin: :iconjohntherebelleader:
Younger Bro: :iconaccarrio:
DA Cuz, Fellow KH Nerd and Sis, best Science Officer and cool artist and best pal: :iconzergarikiaka:
Little Sis and good pal: :iconamukinaku:
My Foreign Sis: :iconspicy-tangerine:
A Good Friend: :iconkoala-sam:
Mentally Unstable Friend: :iconhalfinane-halfmental:
Creepy Neighbor Who Never Returns My Gardening Equipment (and DA bro): :iconcrimsonvulpine:
Brony Sis: :iconcybertronikpony:
MLP Sis and Friend Forever: IconAsk-Jinx-thepony:
Good friend and DA Sis: :iconjinxee:
Evil Twin: :iconmazeomonic:
Weapon Master and Comrade at arms: :icondarkfox98:
Cool wonderful Best friend forever and comrade at arms: :iconthil-galel:
my Sonic pal: :iconraindiederichtw:
my IZ/Avatar Friend: :iconz4f-08:
Pet Pikachu (and cool Poke pal ^^): :iconcilandpfangirl:
Pet Sableye: :iconsniperking12:
Pet Cat (and a good poke pal): :iconpokefreak01:
Pet Zombie Cat: :iconzombiechihuahuas13:
Pet Fox and good pal: :iconrenamonrox:
Pet Umbreon: :iconscarlet-fumes:
The Pet bunny under the table eating a cookie and shouting random dirty comments on everything (and awesome friend ^^): :iconomgir:
My Big Fat Hamster: :iconaudiffred:
Pet Platypus: :iconwallie98:
My beautiful Dragoness Friend :icondarkaalyssa:
my comrade and best wolfdra sister ever: :iconshardianofwhitefire:
My good pal, fav Furry artist, and wolf brother: :iconwsache007:
Very wise and reliable pet Coyote, and BSBFF: :iconthecoyotefeather:
My Best Furry Friend: :iconmelizasharpclaw:
Pet Cobra and BFF: :iconinvader-star-irken:
A Demonic Comrade: :iconladyrenatear:
A Foxy, beautiful, demonic, awesome BFF now and forever :iconfox-shadow92: :icongreeneyed-fox:
My Nakama, Ni-San, and DA sister and sister I never had and good friend and comrade :icondemonic-stickfigures:

Artists that inispired me and are favs of mine, some who I have the honor of being acquainted too:

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