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Zera, Irken Albino half sister of Xixon.

She's a mercenary, as well as a researcher on the Scarb species.

She's capable in hand to hand combat and handling various weaponry, and medicine.  She even sometimes tinkers to improve her gear.

Despite not having powers she's strong, and is feared as one of the coldest females around, expect to those who's close to her.

Recently she and Xixon became members of Organization Keyblade when they are fighting the Von Draco family.

She lives with Xixon and Revan, at Revan's Irken made home.

Revan Shadow returned from gathering information on a new world he's been meaning to go to when he saw that Zera was In the training room with Xanatos, whom she gotten close to besides Revan.

He saw Xixon in the base lab where she tinkers from time to time on random experiments.  He snuck behind her and out his hands in front of her eyes saying, "Peek a boo...I see you!"

Xixon giggled and glomped Revan kissing him hard. He leaned into her kiss making out with her moaning.

After a while they separated panting.  "How are you doing hun?" Asked Revan.  "Im great! Thank you, but I have a favor to ask you."

"Of course baby anything."

"I need your help to make Zera stronger."

"Oh? Why is that?"

"Because I want to protect her...she maybe a strong willed woman with a fit body and a skilled and sharp mind, but in the end she's still fragile and weak as a mortal.  With all the Enemies we been making, she's liable to be a target.  I was a target of the Von Dracos, what happens if they decide to target her to get to me? I can't lose her...if I do..."

"Hey no problem, I can unlock her heart using my Keyblade and-"

"Thank you Revan but I wanna do it my way."

"Oh really? What way is that?"

"I want to make her a demon like me."

Revan got a little worried hearing that, he himself once shared a body with a Symbiote and a Hollow when he had given himself extra powers to be stronger, but later gave them up when he realized they weren't him and as result unlocked Union Mode for showing his strength of heart being true to his real self.

However he knew how difficult it was to handle such creatures, and while he knew what Xixon and her demon other are doing, he can't help but feel worried for Zera.

"Are you sure? That's a risky path to take," said Revan in reply.

"Zera and I can from the same father, only I was truly a demon when he bonded my demon to me when I was born.  Zera may not be demon or have a demon, but our father's blood flows in her veins.  She is built to take it. Trust me, binding her with a demon would make her more stronger than by any other means.  She might even become stronger than me.  I know you have a good reason to be worried baby, but please trust me...the both of us," Xixi said referring to her other, the demon inside her.

"Ok...if that's what you want than I support you. What must be done?"

"Thank you baby," she said kissing his cheek.  "First I do this," she said kissing his neck before she bit so hard it drew blood.  The taste of blood brought out her demon, who took over control of the body.  Xixi's eyes became black with yellow silts, horns, purple demon tail, and her fanged teeth even longer and jagged.  Xixi's demon have a taste of flesh and blood, was attracted to Revan's blood especially the blood of she and Xixon's declared Mate, full of spirit and strength.

When she makes love with him, the demon devours large quantities of blood from Revan to feast and draw strength from, which isn't a problem for him, as his Kurokage Wolf Healing Factor heals the blood that's lost, giving her even more to drink, and his wolf drive during mating turns pain into pleasure and even enjoys it.

The demon clasps his hands as she wags her demon tail, happily sucking the blood out of him until she was satisfied.

She got up allowing Revan to heal and herself wipe leftover blood at her mouth.  "Ok," said the darkened voice of the demon using Xixi's mouth.  "To summon the demon to this world, Zera has to summon the souls of the dead who hate and hate all who live."

"So you must teach this to her?"

"Yes.. but we have to hunt for bones and corpses of those who's lives were taken before their time..."

" other words we must summon a soul of a malevolent evil person who was murdered am I right?  We have to do some digging at a graveyard or something?"

"Some yes, but we need to dig up specific bodys who's souls are still attached. I can search for them for you. Come let's find the body, one soul should be sufficient if it's strong enough."

"Lead the way babe."  Revan said as he followed her outside the house.

Demon Xixon drew her black angel like wings and took to the air. Revan flew after her with his own flying power.

They flew until they reached a nearby forest and landed near a broken dead tree.  As she brought her wings back into her, the Demon asked, "Can you dig?"

"I know some Earth magic, so here goes," he said drawing his Keyblade, utilizing Earth magic to cause the earth and dirt at the base of the tree to rise up little by little as if by a telekinetic power.

Soon a hole formed where the earth was, Revan dropped the pile of Earth and looked inside.

He saw buried inside was a corpse but had some flesh attached to it, and senses malevolent dark energy within the bones of the husk.

"Is that the one we are looking for?"

"Yah he'll do perfectly, we don't need any more offerings, bring him to our room, we'll fetch Zera," said the demon as she have Xixi walked into the air over the hole as if there was still ground over it.

"Wait, how are you gonna convince Zera to-" he started saying before Demon Xixon drew her wings and took flight again.

"Sigh great I'm left with the dirty work," he said looking at the corpse.

Ten minutes later he was in his room, with the corpse laid carefully on the floor near his bed.

He was able to levitate it out of he hole with his Keyblade, and carried it as he flew back home.

He saw Xixon came into the room with her demon still in control.  And Zera following afterwards.  She seemed to know what's going on and didn't seemed angry nor scared but calm.  Indeed Zera walked in knowing exactly what Xixion was planning.  She stripped Zera,she  stood before her, a sliver sharpend pipe in hand, she stabs it through her throat, black demons blood poors onto zera, as it dose zera neals down srinking it as it pours into her mouth, the souls formed together creating enough energy to to pull the demons spirt into their realm. The blood stopped, Xixion stepped aside, the demons ash like appendages wrapped around zera and morphed into her, zeras body began transforming.

Revan blushed watching the entire ritual with an arousal and half worried.

He saw Zera grew a dark black tail
And grew horns like Xixon and her eyes became silited blue.

Black and blue energy burned around her asthm ritual completed.

Revan walked to Zera, "Hello? Are U in there welcome to Earth. I'm Revan Shadow it is nice to meet you."  He said offering his hand to her.

Zera looked at her new body clamping her hands, "This is not a human body..."  her feminine demon voice echoing, she spread out two huge bat like wings, she streched and they morphed back into her body. She glomped her own white boobs examining them. She looked over to Xixion. In a split second they were face to face telepathically communicating.  Zera and Xixion turned to him, a evil smile creeping up on there faces.

Revan blinked thinking they are gonna prey on him, but to his surprise  
They instead fell to
The ground making out moaning softly.

It was no surprise to him, seeing the real Zera and Xixon do such kinky stuff before to eachother sometimes with him but he had the feeling the demons knew eachother.

" can you tell me what's going on?"

"This is my sister! My sister! By chance we summoned her!" Said the demon possessing Xixon.  "I thought we lost her when I joined with Xixon long ago."

"You were lost to me Sis," said the demon possessing Zera, licking demon Xixi's neck.  "So you are Revan thank you for taking care of my sister, can see why she likes you so much...mmmm your blood smell so good~" she said lunging at him and pinned him down and buy his neck while pulling his owns down and rubbing her pussy against  his cock.

Demon Xixon rubes her sister's boobs from behind smirking as her sister feasts on her and her host's shared mate's blood.

She grinded Revan until he came 
And both girls licked his cock dry.

"Now sis do it," said Demon Xixon.

"Right!" Said Demon Zera as her eyes and Demon Xixi's eyes glowed activating a spell.

Before even knew it he was standing behind Demon Zera looking down at himself on the ground.

He looked at himself realizing he was in Xixon's body.  The demons used their powers to such Xixon's  body with Revan's.

 The demon within Xixon is still inside Xixon's body.  In fact in his now switched mind, he found himself in a mental world that is Xixi's inner world where she interacts with her other selves, namingly her Demon and her wolf self.

In this world he is still his male self, but Is surrounded by Demon Xixon and Wolf Xixon.

While Demon Xixon is aggressive, literally bloodthirsty, and sex crazy.  Wolf Xixon is playful, kind, affectionate like a puppy, but also sex crazy and hungers for battle like the demon.

She willingly played along with demon Xixon as they pinned the male Revan down and stripped him, 

Demon Xixon made Revan ate her pussy, while wolf Xixon rode his cock.

In the real world, Revan in Xixon's body was sweating and rubbing what's now his own boobs 

Xixi was throwing off Revan's coat examining her new medium build body. "Nice I like this," she smirks before activating Revan's wolf form examining her hulking build.

Xixi can't access his Keyblade because it belongs to Revan's heart, but can access his wolf powers.

She prepared to ram her new wolf cock into what's now Revan's pussy. When suddenly Demon Zera grabbed Xixon from behind and pinned him down.

Revan was too incapacitated by the mind fucking of demon and wolf Xixi to interfere.  

"Another reason why I agree to
Help Sister to switch Bodies with you and Revan is because I don't wanna harm your body, because Sister is in there." She said drawing Zera's blaster pistol brining it close to Xixi's wolf face.

"On the other hand I don't wanna hurt Revan's body neither but mostly I want to get your attention.  All these years I have lost my sister because of you.  I blame you for losing her. just as you took what's precious to me, I make you lose something too, starting with your status as this team's alpha female.  The bitch is dead long live the bitch." She smirked.

"That's what you think
You demonic hussy!" Growled Xixi as she reached for her own body and her eyes glowed.

Before Revan knew it he was back in his own body. And Xixi in hers 

She activated her demon form with her control.  " training room now!" She growled at Demon Zera.
"You are on!"  

As the girls got dressed.  Revan as himself tried to stop them  but Xixon suddenly spilt in two, her wolf self in a body of her own.

Xixon could split her other selves into temporary separate bodies, which they could only exist in close proximity of Xixon, and when separate she can't access their power, meaning she can only use her demon powers 

"What?! She can do that?! Let me go!"

"Nope!" Giggled Wolf Xixi as she sat on his chest. "Let's watch the fun!"
She said as she  got up and lifted Revan over her shoulder and carried him to training room.

At one side, Xixon was holding knives in each hand.  At the other side Demon Zera, wielding the blaster pistol she threatened with before in one hand, and a knife in another hand.

Zera made first move, firing not laser blasts but energy blasts generated from her own power.

Xixon pulled out her wings to fly into the air go avoid the blasts. As she dashed toward Demon Zera.

As she got close she threw one of her knives at demon Zera.

Demon Zera blocked the knife throw with her wing, Xixi enhanced the knife with energy, yet it still couldn't pierce the wing, for Demon Zera hardened the wings with her own power to resist the knife and block it out.

Xixi growled in frustration as she charger energy at her palm and fired at Demon Zera.

Demon Zera blocked the Attack with her wing and deflected it.  But the Attack was also a distraction for Xixi to get near Demon Zera.  When she did she used her demon power to cause a smog of acidic gas to come out of her mouth.

To her surprise Demon Zera was unaffected.  "You think you can harm me with that shit? Haha! Grow up! What you been thinking I've been doing in the netherworld all these years?! I been training and gathering strength, refusing to find a host until I find your whereabouts so I can fight you to get my sister back. Plus I was stronger than my sister to begin with, though I admit she's alot stronger  now with you.  When I found out you were on Earth I was preparing to take a human vessel to track you down.  But this is even better!  Your sister is the perfect vessel for me! Your blood, your father's blood flows in her veins, plus she has a strong will and a strong body, and her heart is strong too!  I can access her heart's power and add it to my own! We perfect for eachother a match made in hell don't you think? Now I can beat the crap out of you with your sister's own body!"

"Grrr don't underestimate me I have more power than you think!  Return Wolf Xixon!" Growled Xixon as she recalled Wolf Xixon  to return to her.  She was at the middle  pinning Reven  down and playfully nibble at his neck.  When she heard the order she nodded with a woof and disappeared and rejoin her body.  With Wolf Xixon back she can access her wolf powers and combine with her demon powers.  Her wolf and demon tails, and her wolf ears and demon horns were all out at once.

She used her combined power to summon her various blades weapons into her hand and threw them At Demon Zera.

Demon Zera, huffed as her bat wings swatted the weapons away like flies.

But it was a trick to get her guard down.

Xixon dashed forward, drawing a Kurokage Spirit Energy blade around her arm.  Normally it is blue, but mixed with demon power it's colored Red.

While Demon Xixon got her guard down. Xixi slashed her blade against Demon Zera's wing, it cut through it and grazed her arm.

Demon Zera hissed in pain and surprise that Xixon could now harm her.  "Oh I see you required another power haven't you?  I did sensed another other inside you besides my sis.  I can sense now our powers are compatible now...but it won't make any difference," she said as her wounds started to heal and her wing regenerate thanks to her demon healing factor.

"I'm gonna kill you and free my sister from your vessel. I might keep this body for a while before returning with my sister to the netherworld though. I like it."

"Well I'm gonna separate you from Zera's body and kill you and summon another demon to replace you." Said Xixon summoning a katana in her hand.

"Heh, nice try half breed!" Retorts Demon Zera as she drew both blaster pistols and fired demon energy blasts from them.

Xixon blocked the barrage With an demon spirit energy barrier.

When Demon Zera saw her barrage foiled, she switched tactics by sheathing her guns, and drawing Zera's knife before transforming it into Demon Scythe.

Xixon channeled her wolf/demon energy into her blade as she dashed toward Demon Zera.  As they clashed their energies unleashed a shockwave that ravaged the training room.

Xanatos after training with Zera passed out in another room from exhaustion, he came to to hear the fighting and entered to training room to see it partly destroyed and with fire all over the place, giving the room a hellish looking environment.

He looked and saw the girls fighting in the air, and saw Zera's new demon form for the first time.  "Aw man...not her too...I can barely survive her when she's just Zera..."

He looked and saw Revan watching the battle calmly im front of him.

"H-hey Revan aren't you gonna stop them?"

"For one thing they'll turn on me if I do, not sure even I can stand a chance against their combined strength.  Secondly, I have a feeling this fight needs to be waged.  Sometimes fights between equal powers create bonds as they learn to understand eachother.  Just watch and see."

At this point, the girls switched to distance fighting.  Demon Zera created energy slashes from swipes of her scythe. Xixi blocked them with her energy enhanced katana blade.

Seeing it didn't work, Demon Zera dismissed her scythe for a moment and drew both of Zera's blaster pistols and fired demon blasts from them.

Xixi summoned blaster pistols of her own and mimicked Demon Zera's technique.

Their blasts collided at eachother exploding at the space between them.

They flew around the room as they kept firing at eachother.

Soon they gave up realizing they'll only keep countering the other's Attack and put away their guns.

"Bitch you copied my technique," groaned Demon Zera.

"Nah I adapted your technique as my own and used it." Winked Xixon smugly.

"Oh really? Well then it seems we are at an impasse.  We aren't going anywhere using powers or weapons, then instead let's fight old school hand to hand."

"Agreed I'll rip you to shred bitch!" Roared Xixon as ran toward Demon Zera fists ready.

"Not if I devour you first!" Roared Demon Zera as she ran toward Xixon, her own fists at the ready, ready to use her host's fighting experience against her.

But before they reached eachother they suddenly froze.

Demon Xixon was suddenly fighting for control, and the real Zera was fighting for control as well.

At one half of Xixon's face the demon was in control, as it was with Zera.

"That's enough," they both said.

"Hey!" Said Demon Zera using her half of Zera's mouth.

"Don't interfere!  This is between me and her!" Said Xixon using her half of her own mouth.

"Now that I have demon powers I can communicate with Xixon's demon in our mental world.  We been talking as we watched you fight and we agree we never wanted it like this," said Zera.

"I did the ritual with full intention to bring my sister back.  But I never wanted my host to come to harm,"'said Demon Xixon.

"And I never agreed to this to fight my sister, at least not like this. I gained this power to protect her for a change."

"Sister please! Im doing this for you!  Once I kill your prison of flesh we can be together again!" Said Demon Zera.

"Sister we are together again.  Don't you see?  I don't wanted go back to the netherworld anyway not while he rules there...besides we have a home here now.  I came to like this new life here and I can see it's starting to grow on you too.  So please sister don't make me fight you, you are hurting me when you hurt her anyway."


"Xixon I want to keep this demon I accepted her for a reason, she's strong, and she loves her sister as much as I love mine.  when we fight together we will fight for both our sisters.  so please..." Said Zera.

"...Don't make me fight my sister." Said Zera and Demon Xixon in unison.

Xixon and Demon Zera's eyes started to tear as they cried and hugged the bodies of their mutual sisters.

"See they are in it together now," said Revan as he walked out of training room toward Xanatos.

"Let's leave them alone, it is a family reunion after all, everything is fine now." smiled Revan as he left the room, now feeling his own family growing bigger and stronger than ever.


Short: Demon Family Reunion
Happy Palm Sunday, enjoy!
This story inspired by an rp with my buddy :iconwingless1raven:
Revan Shadow, Xanatos, the Von Dracos, Organization Keyblade by me.
Xixon, Zera, Doctor Doom by :iconwingless1raven:
Invader Zim Themes and Characters by Jhonen Vasquez
Kingdom Hearts themes and characters owned by Square Enix created by Teysuya Nomura

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes, violence/gore and strong language)
The Tardis, a living Time Machine of an alien race called the Time Lords of the planet Gallifrey, capable of traveling virtually anywhere in time and space.

It can come in any shape or size, but no matter what it looks like it has an infinite mass of space on the inside.

The Tardis of the Doctor looks like a blue police telephone box, as it was its first intended disguise that sticked.

The Doctor is one of the most infamous Time Lords that ever lived.  He started out as a rogue joyrider, picking up a variety of companions.  Then he became an unwitting hero and savior to s variety of alien races, especially to the humans of Earth.

 After countless years and lives of traveling, the Doctor found himself regenerated as a pony of Equestria, known as Doctor Whoves, with his Tardis inoperative for a time.

During the Reign of Princess Twilight Sparkle, the Doctor finally got his Tardis working, and recruited his Equestrian friend Derpy Hooves, to be his latest companion, who became a Keyblade Wielder. 

In their adventures they gained humanoid Anthro forms and were captured by the Purge, anti-nonhuman pawns of the Von Draco family.

Then Organization Keyblade freed them.  The Doctor became an honorary member of the Organization, and had members Willow, Marcy, and Emily to travel with him and Derpy, and recently met a new friend, Skye a resident of a world where humans are an endangered species, hunted by a mysterious race of monsters called Titans.  Skye was a member of the Scout Regimemt, a group of elite humans equipped with the equipment and skills to patrol the edge of Titan Territory to observe and when necessary take down Titans they encounter.

Skye wasn't an ordinary human, inside her was a demon of nightmares named Akumu, their bond gives Skye special powers, though they tend to fight eachother for control of their shared body.

Skye besides being close friends with the girls is also friends with Revan, and Okami Uchihia, who saw a bit of his lost friend Hana Hyuga.

Now Revan Shadow appeared on the Tardis with Willow to ask the Doctor for a favor.  He's now currently traveling with Marcy, Serenity, Emily, Skye, and Okami who went with him.

Skye was patrolling the corridors of the Tardis when Revan appeared out of a Corridor of Darkness with Willow.

She blinked seeing Revan smiling at her.  "Hey Skye, see you on duty as always, may I see the Doctor? I'm here to ask him a favor."

"Oh um...right this way." Said Skye with a blush feeling Akumu stirring inside her anxiously, as Revan was one of the few people to befriend the demon inside her, and she seems anxious to come out to greet him.

Skye stubbornly fought control with her as she led Revan and Willow to the control room where the Doctor was with Marcy and Derpy in the control room of the Tardis.  The Doctor despite still looking like an anthro Equestrian was wearing his suit and bow tie.  "Now ladies who's up for going to the age of the Lunar Human Empire-oh Revan, and dear Willow, what a pleasant surprise."

"Hey Doctor," smiled Revan.
"H-hello," said Willow shyly with a smile.

"What brings the great and powerful Revan Shadow to my humble abode?"

"I'm here to ask you for a favor may we be in private?

"Of course," nodded the Doctor.  "Excuse us ladies, I'll be right back."

Revan and the Doctor left the control room to talk privately in the hallway 

"So you know what it's about?" Asked Marcy.

"Yah" nodded Willow.  "But I'm not telling." She giggled. 
"Awww please tell us," asked werewolf girl Emily.

Willow giggled and shook her head no.

Suddenly Akumu took over Skye, showing their shared body turned completely black with yellow eyes resembling a naked black Heartless girl, with a scrawny body with shadow flowing like a veil at her back, with feral black ears on the top of her head.  

Despite being a demon, Akumu is actually a nice girl, shy even, like most of girls here.  Most of them were found by Revan or members of his Organization and brought them in.

Marcy was a normal girl before a Heartless Attack made her part Heartless, and was captured by Organization Replica as an experiment. 

 Serenity was also a normal girl with a tragic past until the Keyblade choose her as a wielder and she became a lonely wanderer across world's unable to control the power that was given to her, until she too joined Marcy in captivity under Organization Replica.

The girls teamed up to free themselves and also freed the captive Okami Uchiha and wandered to Hollow Bastion until Revan's group going them and recruited them.

Emily was a werewolf girl who lived a normal supernatural life as a loner until her world got under Von Draco Oppression as all supernatural creatures are expected to serve them.

She was captured by them and was about to possessed along with the other recent captives to be forced to serve the Von Dracos as minions until Organization Keyblade led a raid at the factory she was kept.  The Attack was led by Mira Kurokage before she went rogue to join Shadow.

Emily was close to Mira until she betrayed the Organization and left with Shadow the Heartless.  Emily herself punched her in anger to save Revan from her.

Willow was an Alicorn loner, the unofficial fifth Alicorn Princess.  Despite having a blank flank, she possess powerful magic, magic of an unknown element.

Celestia discovered that Willow's Magic is connected to the bonds she make with others and when performing acts of passion with them her magic increases.

She had Revan bond with Willow, and he himself introduce Willow to the other girls, whom she formed bonds with too.  Revan concluded that her blank flank is her cutie mark, as it's meant to represent the unlimited potential she has, which can't be defined by a Cutie Mark alone. she adopted the form as a big breasted Anthro Alicorn and wore a Black Coat like Revan to clothe herself.

After joining each of the girls became roommates under the adult Gaz Membranes home, which they still live in when not traveling with the Doctor.

The normally shy girls found they are kindred spirits and became close like sisters.  Each of them is bisexual, which isn't a problem for Organization Keyblade as they welcome beings of any sexual backgrounds and fetishes, and sexual relationships as long as it's treated with respect.

The Doctor met the girls, when he and Derpy were captured by Karl Cardinal Wayward, a robotics entrepreneur who's associated with the Von Dracos, who turned Dib Membrane to his side, captured him and Derpy.

Organization Keyblade led a raid that rescued a number of individuals including the Doctor and Derpy.  The girls themselves helped save them both, and upon meeting him they went to travel with him at their extra time.

Skye joined the group when the Doctor  and the girls had a misadventure and came to Skye's world by chance.  They appeared in a forest deep in Titan territory, as Skye amongst the last of her squad, tried to survive the Titans.  The girls and Skye teamed up to take them down, and Skye reluctantly went with them, and met Revan afterward.

Skye was born a normal girl but was taken part of an experiment, same as humans that gained Titan powers was part of.  Except instead of gaining Titan powers, the mysterious experiment have Skye bond with the demon Akumu.  She stubbornly fought for control with Akumu her entire life afterward, and joining the Scout Regiment was her hope in doing something good.

When she met Revan, he used his powers to meet Akumu inside her mind, and befriended the lonely demon, which caused hostilities between Skye and Akumu to lessen.

Serenity is now versed with the Keyblade from learning from Revan and her other new friends, and Shadow before he defected taught Marcy how to get the hang of her Heartless powers. Willow in full control of her magic, espiecally now she has bonds with multiple friends.  And Skye and Akumu while still quarreled, made compromises in sharing control of their body.

All of them are members of the Organization, only the Doctor wasn't a member, preferring the title honorary member suitable for himself.

When they are with the Organization they go with either Revan or Gaz to fight Heartless, unleashed by Organization XIII and lately Shadow.

They also do mission against the Von Dracos, usually recon or raids against them.

They began to gain a nickname being a team within the Organization, Team Emo. Marcy takes the role of leader but at times quarreled with Serenity, and Akumu for leadership roles, they mostly get along when Revan, Gaz, or the Doctor leads them.

"Willow...tell us what this is about ..." Said Marcy.

Willow saw the impatient serious look in her face, but teased and giggled shaking her head no.

"You....tell" Said Marcy poking Willow's nose with each word.

Willow blushed as she covered her nose, and shook her head.

"Willow Cmon tell us now!" she growled  as and began wrestling Willow to pull her hands away from her nose.
"H-hey If Willow says no, then Revan Wants it!  Leave her alone!" Says Emily piling on Marcy from behind trying to pull her off Willow.

"But I wanna find out too!" Said Serenity and Akumu in unison as they joined the dogpile of catfighting girls.

They were fighting eachother, punching, growling, biting, and wrestling.  Until Revan, the Doctor, and Okami who went with thrm returned to the control room.

"Ladies!" Shouted the Doctor with authority.

They all stopped to look up at him, and Revan who looked calmly with a smile at his side, and Okami behind them feeling akward over the situation.

"Get up all of you!" Ordered the Doctor. The girls whimpered and whined like pets who shamed their master as they obeyed. "Actually let them keep going," joked Revan. "It's getting kinky."  "Control yourself wolf man," replied the Doctor. "Now girls explain yourselves."

All the girls started yelling at once like silly children, each trying to get their point across first.

Revan silenced them all by simply raising his finger, as soon as they stopped and looked at him he said.  "There's no need to raise your voices girls. I think I understand what this is about.  Doctor don't be too hard on them." He said walking toward them.

"They are girls, they are just being girls," he said putting his hands down on Emily's and Akumu's heads petting them. They leaned toward bid touch closing their eyes purring.  He stroked their ears and the hair on their heads. He moved on to Willow and Serenity, then Marcy, doing the same to all of them.  They each leaned at his touch purring happily momentarily forgetting their shame.

"They realized their mistake and while its likely they will do it again, they will try at least try to suppress their chances to do it again. Right girls?"

"Right Revan!" The girls giggled.
 "You spoiling them rotten you know that?" Sighed the Doctor.

"Anyway girls. I never asked Willow to keep why I come here a secret.  I was gonna tell you all anyway. I'll start by asking you all this you remember Xixon?"

Some of the girls flinched at the sound of her name.  Xixon or Xixi is an anthro Irken with demon powers.  Recently she has herself cursed into being a Kurokage Werewolf as well.

She was born not on Irk, but on a distant planet. Her origins and past is still a mystery to Revan but he's learning more of her each day, in fact it is because he acquired some recent information is the reason why he arranged this get together.

Her mother was an ordinary Irken, her father a mysterious demonic Irken named Doctor Doom (no relation to the Marvel Latvian Dictator supervillian). 
The reason why the girls were scared of her is because while Xixon is generally a sweet and kind girl, her tragic past, as well as her homicidal demonic side, has given her a cruel side of herself.

When Shadow the Heartless betrayed the Organization, Xixion took the chance to increase her grip on the Organization, claiming Revan as his mate, and shows hostility to virtually every female in the Organization she feels is a threat to her claim as the Alpha female, and led a campaign to subjugate the females to recognize her rule as alpha through torturing and/or sexual means.

She has almost all the females in her control now, it is the girls of Team Emo, that remain out of her reach mostly.

The girls are scared of her and which is why they are usually either bear Revan, the Doctor, or eachother for protection.

"Well Xixi recently told me of a secret of her past.  You see when Xixon was a child, she was unloved by her mother, she tried everything to get her attention and love.  One time she wrote a letter of kind and loving words for her mother, and was only received by cruel and hateful words. 

"Xixi left her home crying and at an alley near her home she encountered a man in a Black Coat who comforted her.  She said she never saw his face.  I believe that man is me, and thus I must go back in time to fulfill history. 

"I came to you all for two reasons, one because I need the Tardis to get there, two I dunno what to expect in Xixi's home planet so I need you as back up in case we encounter any danger.  Please try to be discreet on your true identifies don't wanna do anything unnessary to timeline.  You all don't have to go if you want to."

"W-we will come..." Said Willow shyly. The other girls nodded slowly.

"Awesome," smiled Revan.  "Let's get to it."

Revan did not know the name of the planet Xixi and her albino half-sister Zera grew up in, only its population is mixed in various alien species , and mostly made up of neighborhood slums and apartments where crime is rampant.  It seemed to be during the days of Tallest Miyuki, when Irk broke from its isolated  militaristic policy for the first time under her reformed rule.

The Control Brains, guided by their cold logic, saw Miyuki secretly as a defective for implanting such individualistic decisions, and need to see her removed to replace her with a more suitable candidate and return Irk to the status quo.  That's why they arranged Irken defective Zim to be part of the Massive Project and accidentally killed Miyuki when she visited the Vort scientists she entrusted the project, Lard Nar, the future leader of the Resisty amongst them.  The Control Brains used her death to scapegoat the Vorts and have it as an excuse for Irk to return to its militaristic ways and invade the Vort planet as the first victims in the Irken Empires invasion of the Universe.

Miyuki's reform policies later became the blueprint of the Reformed Irken Empire of the future.

 But at this point the Tardis appeared in the era when Miyuki is still alive, and Irkens have settled to various places in the galaxy before the reverting of their militaristic culture would draft every Irken to military service.

The Tardis appeared at an alley not far from Xixi's apartment.

Revan came out of the Tardis hooded while everyone else watched from the Tardis door.

Revan stood near the stairwell as he heard a yell from a female adult and a child, it sounded like they were fighting in their kitchen.

Revan saw that it wasn't Xixon who was doing the fighting, as a child Xixon slipped out of the kitchen window and came running down the stairwell with tears in her eyes.

Revan concluded that it was child Zera who was defending her half sister from her mother's abuse, as he recalled that Zera was always protective of Xixon as she wasn't trustful of him at first.

Revan hid under the stairwell as Xixon came to the bottom floor, hunched to a corner and cried holding what looked like a card.

Revan came out of his hiding spot and went behind the crying Irken child and patted her shoulder.  "Excuse me Miss?"

Xixi turned around with tear stained eyes over her cute child face. She saw Revan's black hooded imposing figure standing over him.

"Ahhhh!!! The grim reaper! Please don't, I don't wanna die yet!" She cried hiding behind her card.

"I'm not that Grim Reaper, I'm a friend."

"What are you exactly?"

"I'm...your guardian angel."

"Guardian...angel? Why would you come to me? I'm part demon..."

"You are a demon so what?  There's nothing damning about that by simply being one.  It's what you do with your life that determines whether you are good or bad.  I don't see a bad girl here, I see a nice and sweet girl who's heart is full of love."

"T-tell that to my mom...she hates me...I tried everything...even made her this note..." She opened the paper revealing it was a card that said in pink letters: I love you mommy, you are the best mommy ever.  At the end it had a pink heart.

Revan pulled her into a hug.  "Xixon...never blame yourself for your mom's current heart.  You never done anything wrong, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.  She merely blames you for what your father did to her, and because he can't hurt him she settled with you, for to her you are a reminder of what your dad did to her.  But don't blame yourself you aren't a mistake you are here for a reason.  Keep that card, keep it close to you so that you can remember the Fantasy your heart yearns for.  It strives for love, for unconditional love.  It yearns for a family. If your mom can never see that, then make a family of your own. Look for people who love you for you, and will one day say 'I love you Xixon. You are the best Xixon ever.'"

Xixon's eyes widened hearing those words as she hugged Revan and put her face against his chest crying.

"You know you do already have someone in your family that loves you for you, and had already said those words in her heart."

"W-who..." Said Xixon as she lifted her head from his chest.

"Your sister Zera, she maybe your half sister and not from same mother, she does however love you more than a sister would.  Look she's fighting for you upstairs because your mom refused to acknowledge your kind words."

"I-I gotta help..." She said starting to walk from him.  Revan hugged her from behind to stop her.  "No Xixon you know that happens to your other if you get too excited. Interfering would make things worse than better, you know better than anyone Zera can take care of herself, she's a fighter.  You can help by cleaning her wounds later and giving her a hug thank you.

"As soon as you can, leave this planet, you and Zera must leave this planet.  Many things are gonna happen soon, and you and Zera have to go underground before all hell breaks loose, a war is coming and it'll cause your people the Irkens to force all their people to service.  If they find out about you, they'll cut you open and use you as an experiment, or use you as a weapon of war and destruction.  If you desire your and your sister's freedom, leave this planet and make a life your yourselves while you still got the chance.  I Understand if you can't make sense of this but I ask you to trust me."

"I-I do...I know you aren't a real guardian angel...Angels and Demons don't usually have a physical shape on this world, they gotta either possess a body or be perceived by a person with high spirit energy.  I can feel you are a physical being and in your own body, are like the guardian angel I always wanted...thank you..." Said the child Xixon as she hugged Revan close and tight closing her eyes on a relaxed smile. Revan kisses her head and hugged her back.

The girls watched from the Tardis, seeing Xixon before she became her half nice and half cruel modern self.  They saw Xixon really was like them and was glad they made the trip.

Marcy and Serenity felt that way especially.  Serenity grew up in an abusive home before being chosen by the Keyblade. Marcy had a rough childhood too, with only her brother to love her until he died in the Heartless Attack.

They saw Xixon a sweet and shy girl like them despite the hell they were all forced to endure, and were suddenly less afraid of her.

"W-will I see you again?" Asked Xixon.

"What does your heart tell you?"

"Then we will see eachother again someday. And I look forward to it." He smiled as he kissed her forehead before using a sleeping spell to put her under.

He laid her comfortably against the wall, and folded the cars into her pocket.  He smiled as he dried what's left of the wetness in her face and turned back to the Tardis, suddenly multiple pillars of light appeared behind the Tardis.  Revan ran behind it to see 4 armored caped Knights, with their longswords drawn and embedded on the ground as they kneeled in a saluting position.

Revan realized its the Klinge, the magical powered Knights of the Von Dracos.  Behind them was a fifth person, a man hooded in a red cloak. Revan realized he's a Von Draco family member, and could have been the one who summoned himself and the Knights to here.

"So...are you guys from the present? Are you here for Xixon?" Asked Revan.  When he first met Xixon, the Von Dracos used Irken crime bosses to invade the planet she was hiding in to kidnap her and sent an Irken Ex Dominion member as insurance.  The Von Dracos wanted to use her as a minion in their supernatural army.

"You guys are here to kidnap her in the past while she's weak, and defenseless aren't you?"

"Well right on both counts, I'm surprised that you found out about this and beat us come here," said the hooded Von Draco, who has sky blue eyes, a dark goatee and sideburns.

"Actually we came here by chance.  It's sheer luck we came here when you did.  So you guys can time travel?"

"We can only travel to an era when one of our family already exist.  Meaning a relative must be alive in this world and era.  Our family migrated to a variety of world's long ago and breeded many relatives.  We mostly time travel To make sure our relatives of the past obtain places of power and breed new generation of relatives.  The more relatives are born in the past, the more entry points in the past we gain.  Of course If a relative died in the past, then we lose our entry point in the era. However, the Klinge aren't the only ones With longevity.  We Von Dracos can last hundreds of years without aging, so in this era Serena Von Draco, the woman you killed months ago, is making her start creating her power base in pre modern Earth."

"Fascinating Time Travelers from alternative realities  fabricating reality just a little to benefit them while not making major chances to timeline itself.  Seems you are careful little meddlers," said the Doctor.

"Don't level with us with you horse man.  We aren't mere time travelers, we are a noble family of sorcerers. We have a destiny to fulfill to take our rightful place at the top. By the way the name is Julian, Julian Von Draco. Im sent by my father to what is now Tristan Von Draco's territory to do this mission. Stay out of our way and we leave you in peace."

"Well I leave my answer to the ladies here," replied Revan, turning to the girls.  they looked at eachother and replied in unison: HELL NO!

They went forward to charge at the Knights. Willow took on one knight with Emily. Akumu/Skye took on another alone. Marcy teamed up with Serenity to take on  the third, Okami took the fourth alone.  The Doctor, lacking combat abilities returned to the Tardis to bring backup.

Revan took on Julian.  This was the first time the girls fought Klinge knights and the second time Revan fought a Von Draco.

Before the battle began, Revan asked Tristain to change locations, as they are too close to a residential neighborhood and the fighting would attract unwanted attention, Julian agreed and the fighters came to an abandoned warehouse not far from Xixi's neighborhood.

They set a perimeter barrier to ensure the noise of the battle is contained in their area, and their attacks won't hit anyone innocent.

Revan summoned his keyblade and dashed toward Julian who floated high over the warehouse.

To his surprise, instead of resorting to magic for defense, Jian used his power to create a black longsword that resemblances Revan's Keyblade, without the keychain. As they clashed blades, Julian smirked.

"What you think? That I was like Serena and the majority of the Family they are spoiled businessmen with magic powers that rely on their minions to fight for them? Wrong! The high class family members have taught themselves to fight for if their minions or magic fail them.  That's why I'm chosen for this mission, I'm the best choice to back up the Klinge I spent 200 years of my 500 year life learning from instructors how to wield the sword." Julian smirked as he kicked  Revan away from him.

Revan air screeched as he made an aerial recovery, then looked down at the girls fighting before flying back to fight Julian.

Marcy and Serenity were fighting a Kilnge Squad Lieutenant the second most powerful member of the squad.

Serenity having a Keyblade fought her close range, Marcy in her Heartless form fought with long range energy Attacks and her claws.  The lieutenant was skilled enough to take them both on at once, and block their moves almost at the same time.

Serenity was kicked to the ground, leaving Marcy alone to fight him.  Marcy growled as she ferally unleashed a barrage of claw strikes, which the lieutenant blocked expertly.

Serenity got up and saw her friend struggling.  She knew their opponent is strong and skilled.  A frontal assault wouldn't work.  Instead she put her Keyblade to the ground, unleashing ice magic causing  the ground to freeze in front of her, including the knight's feet.

The lieutenant saw his feet frozen, and attempted to force his feet out of the ice, it distracted him enough for Marcy to focus power into her claws, and delivered a claw strike strong enough to hit the chest armor off him exposing his chest.

Serenity was behind the knight as he was struck by Marcy. Serenity focused her strength to fire a full powered fireball  at his back.  The blast blown him out of his patch of frozen ice and was blown toward Marcy.  Marcy japped her clawed hand  into his exposed chest as mr flown at her, stabbing through his heart.

He died before the healing spell could save him and his body burned into fire then ash, Marcy who's hand was still in his chest, noticed the fire didn't hurt and realized that's how his kind die like how Heartless, Unversed, and Nobodies fade into Darkness when they die.

She smiled as Serenity as she reverted to human form and gave her a thumbs up for a job well done making her blush.

Willow and Emily fought the Klinge captain. Willow fired powerful blasts of magic while erecting a barrier around her and Emily.

The Klinge squad captain blocked her magic blasts it's his blade.  "Impressive, your magical prowess is magnificent it could rival that of a Von Draco at its current level, but you must do better than that if you are to overcome me." He said as he fired a powerful blast of magic from the point of his sword.  Willow's barrier held, but the impact of the hit knocked her and Emily to the ground on top of eachother.

The captain walked toward them, preparing to strike them down.

Suddenly he saw Emily and Willow embraced and began making out, as he heard the girls moaning he stepped back in repulsion.

As they kissed Willow's horn glowed and reformed the barrier around them, which moved like a shockwave, when the shield reached the knight it repelled him to the ground.  He laid on the ground setting up groaning, "What...what perversion is this?"

He looked as Willow glowed in magic energy floating in the air above him, carrying Emily.  Her magic is linked to passionate love, and when she makes love with one close to her, her magic's power increases.

"The only perverted thing here is your heart full of hate," growled Willow as she gestured her hand forward casing magic to surround the captain and lift him telekinetically into the air.

She then made a crushing gesture with her hand and the armor surrounding the captain crushed inward at his body until his body burst like a can being crushed open, spraying blood everywhere, the knight's body faded into fire.

Skye and Akumu's fight was in their favor from the start, skye was in a form resembling Marcy's.  Her body was black with yellow eyes while still in shape of her body.  It was a form when Skye and Akumu's control was equal.  She Wielded the twin flexible blades of her 3D gear, now colored black with the rest of her form, striking the longsword of her knight opponent with great strength.

The knight could only block the barrage of strikes, overwhelmed by Skye and Akumu's combined strength.

The knight tried to counterattack by unleashing an energy wave summoned by his sword strike.

Akumu/Skye jumped back to avoid the strike, while releasing the grappling cables of the 3D gear, using to grabble buildings in other high altitude objects in order to swing the user for fast travel.

As the twin cables went toward the knight he raised his arm to block them, confident that the armor enhanced by magic was strong enough to block them.  But Skye/Akumu, channeled their power into the cables enhancing it. It went through the armor,  severing the arm, and even sliced through the chest of the knight and attached to the ground behind him.

Skye/Akumu, then grabbled forward, and as they went past the knight they slashed through him, Diagonally cutting him in two, causing his body to fade into fire and ash.  Skye/Akumu landed on the ground with a pose.

Okami was having more trouble than the others to his own surprise. He couldn't use Susanoo at risk of its size and sheer power could shatter the barrier and attract unwanted attention, so he resorted to fighting mainly with ninjutsu and his twin swords.

He clashed swords with the knight before pulling away and sheathed one of his blades to keep a hand free to use the Uchiha Fireball Jutsu .

The knight blocked the fireball with his sword. As Okami landed at the ground, he sheathed his other blade, and fired two hands full of Shruiken, invading them in fire, using the Uchiha Phoenix flame Jutsu. 

But the weapon and Attack was ineffective against the armor, as it was mostly a conventional weapon with fire around it.

Okami fought the Klinge before when they invaded Organization Keyblade's base a few weeks before.  But that was when he was holding nothing back, and this one was stronger and more skilled than the ones he fought before.

He's now using standard Sharingan to track and analyze his movements and skills but realized that the Klinge sensed his eyes powers attempting to predict his movements and used magic to nullify its ability, so Okami can't use Genjutsu or predict and track his movements.  He was at a disadvantage.

He drew his twin blades and crossed them in a slash, creating an X-shaped energy slash of chakra.

The knight blocked the slash with his blade and began lifting Okami in the air with telekinesis.

A Klinge knight basically have the same healing, physical, and magical abilities, but some of them develop different abilities.

This knight besides having the basic Klinge powers, have the power of telekinesis and other psychic powers which he had been using to nullify is ocular abilities. Okami tried to summon his Rinnegan, but the Knights, psychic powers even nullify that as well, his eyes are normal onyx. 

The knight smirked and was about to drive the helpless Okami into his blade to impale him. When suddenly a blast of energy stunned him, causing Okami to fall to the ground freed.

The knight saw a robotic dog, wearing a Scottish stripped collar floating off the ground.

It is K9 the Doctor's pet and partner.

The original K9 sacrificed himself for the Doctor and his friends in a past life of the Doctors, but recently the Doctor discovered the Tardis copied and preserved K9's memory within her systems.

The Doctor used the Tardis' capacity to create anything within its infinite space, to make a new upgraded body for K9 and downloaded his memory into it.

When the Doctor saw the Klinge he returned do the Tardis to activate K9.

He can observe what K9 sees at a computer screen in the Tardis, and type new orders to K9 via keyboard.

Traveling many worlds and realities and timelines have the Doctor many ideas, it was only when he met Organization Keyblade and Revan, who suggested the Doctor to adapt with the times and use his new ideas into practice.

The Doctor through K9 observed the fights, and when he saw Okami needed the most help he came to assist.

He knew that the magic armor would protect the knight from lethal attacks weaker than he is, so he went to stun him instead which seemed to work.

K9 as floating in the air with similar levitation technology as the Daleks.

"Damed iron mongrel!" Growled the knight. "Disappear!" He yelled as he unleashed his full power in a blast of magic energy from his sword.

But to his surprise K9's body absorbed the Attack.

The Doctor's voice came out of K9 as he explained.  "Haha! Amazing isn't it?  When I as freed by Organization Keyblade, I heard your masters were the ones responsible for my capture.  So after being freed I took it on myself to travel to other worlds and observe the occupied world's of the Von Dracos and the capabilities of their resources.  I knew about you Klinge before you attacked my friends.  So you see, after I revived K9 I included in his upgraded weapons and equipment specially made to take you lot on.  His armor for example is specially made to insulate magic energy Attacks and absorb it.  Right now he's amplifying it with his own power and is gonna give it back to you.  Have a nice day!"

"Commencing Attack now Master," chimed K9 in his own voice as he fired the redirected and amplified magic blast back at the knight.

The blast knocked him off his feet and sent him falling on his back.

While the Attack wasn't strong enough to kill him, it did pierce the armor and exposed his chest, revealing the skin slightly burned.

The knight started to get up when suddenly out of the ground a giant flaming gray sword pierced through his back and chest lifting him up.

It was Okami's Susanno, freed from the knight's psychic power he can access his full Occular prowess again. As he had the Rinnegan drawn.

He  used wood style ninjutsu to form roots underground , so he can form a wood clone underneth the knight to impale him with its Susanno's blade when he activated Susanno's first skeletal stage, forming the ribcage and arm, at the arm its flaming chakra sword is drawn, which he just used to impale him.

The girls just came to assist Okami seeing the battle was over then looked up to see Revan's battle with Tristan.

The battle between Revan and Julian seemed even. Julian experience gave him a slight edge over Revan. As he parried Revan's attack, he smacked him with his blade's hilt then kicked him away before firing a red blast of magic energy at him. Revan recovered and erected a Relega barrier to protect himself from the Attack.

He had some cuts and gashes at his arms.  He was getting frustrated, this guy was world's apart from Serena, and if he is to defeat others like him he must do better.

He activated his first form, Dark Mode, which his Dark Powers are augmented, physical abilities enhanced, and his signature Attack Dark Zero is at its true power.  Also as result of the transformation his wounds are healed.

Revan started to move around Julian so fast multiple Afterimages of Revan appeared dashing around him.  Revan and his images dashed toward  Julian, attacking Julian at all sides.

Julian was able to block most of the Attacks with his blade, but received gashes at multiple spots of his body.

While the Afterimages still attacked, the real Revan delivered a dashing kick at his chest, smashing him out of the sky, and sent him crashing through the roof of the abandoned warehouse and fell at the ground inside.

Revan floated inside the warehouse.  And began encasing Dark Zero energy around his blade, enhancing its strength and causing it to unleash shockwaves with each swing.

He ran forward and delivered a series of Dark Zero enhanced blows, while Tristan was able to block the Attacks his blade began to break under the intense Attacks.

Revan soon jumped away and unleashed the stored black energy in his blade as a crescent energy wave.

Julian blocked the Attack, and skid against the ground as the Attack pushed against him.  The blade however soon shattered and Tristan had to erect as red energy barrier to protect himself.  The barrier held but he was thrown into the air.  He levitated to stop falling.

Revan pointed his finger forward and fired a Dark Mode enhanced Dark Zero at Julian.

It struck him, exploding. When the dust cleared it showed that the barrier shattered  but held long enough to Reduced the damage.  His cloak was partly blown away and his arm and right side of chest burned.

Julian panted and smirked saying "well seems I had underestimated the leader of the Organization.  Seems I have no choice  but to reveal my trump card." He said as he said a German incantation for a spell and Suddenly Xixi appeared In his arms.

Her demon self took over and woke up and apparently followed Revan  and the others to the warehouse to watchthe battles.

"See I can summon any target I want all I need is to sense or see them.  This girl besides your companion is the only one I sense With demonic power, so it is child's play to Summon her.  It'll take time for me to say the incantation to sent my back to the present, so let me go or your precious friend won't have a future." He said creating a new blade with his magic and pressed it against Xixi's neck.

Suddenly blasts fired at his back, which was protected by an invisible Barrier.

He turned around and saw the girls, Okami and K9 at other side of warehouse.

"This girl is one of us," growled Willow. "We won't let you take her."

"Yeah!" Echoed all the girls in agreement.

"You...annoying brats don't interfere or I'll gak!" He yelled as suddenly he turned back to Revan, who erected lightning energy around his outsrrched arm, forming a long blade of lightning energy long enough to seemingly stab Xixon and himself through the chest.

"You....gut through me hostage and all?!" Gasped Julian in disbelief.

But he didn't.  For Revan formed two tiny dark portals to appear at Xixi's chest and back.  When the growing blade reached Xixi's chest it went into the portal and came out at the other side.  The blade didn't go through her at all, it went around her.

Revan used it once before, to save Xixon when he first met her.

" clever bastard..." Coughed Julian as he dropped his blade as it disappeared with him near death.  He held onto Xixi however so she wouldn't escape.

Revan used his power to telekinetically pull Xixi out of Julian's grip and sent him flying towards him, as he disappeared in a blur of speed.
He reappeared behind Julian, carrying Xixon in his arms and in a finishing pose.

Blood gashed out of the wound, Revan gave him, and Julian choked out, "Unbelievable..." He said before he  wailed in agony as his body burst into fire and ash in his death.

Revan reverted to normal form as he put demon Xixon to the ground.  "Are you both alright?"

The demon within Xixon blinked in surprise, it was the first time anyone has shown concern to her, especially a human, whose species usually show the most hatred to her kind.

She couldn't think of any other response to his question but to give a slight nod.

"Good, head home before your host is missed. And please surpress the memories of what you saw here, as far as she is concerned she would be waking up from a nap."

"Who...are you?" Asked the dark voice of the female demon currently controlling Xixon's body.

"Im someone who's gonna be important in both you and her future's, we'll see eachother again soon enough. Just take care of eachother." He said kissing her forehead making demon Xixon blinked and gave a blush but with a purr. 

Demon Xixon watched as Revan and his friends left the warehouse to return to Tardis.

That night Xixon indeed woke up at the alley to hear the voice of her sister waking her up. She realized her sister was carrying her up the stairs to her room.

She saw Zera was cut and bruised and bandaged all over.

"There you are sleepy head. You gave me a shit of a time, I was looking everywhere for you and you you are crying to sleep under the stairwell."

"W-where's the man?"

"What man? You been dreaming?"

"Maybe I dunno...but Zera?"


"Thank sorry for being a pain in the ass..." She said hugging her from behind.

Zera blinked and looked down before replying.  "Your my pain of the butt, the bitch won't look after you...someone should..."

"I love you..."

Worlds and time periods apart the Von Dracos sensed the deaths of Julian and his  Klinge escort, but didn't know the cause of it. They only could guess that Xixon was cause of it, and is deemed too dangerous to pursue anymore.

In the present adult Xixon woke up from a nap suddenly remembering things from the past she thought she had forgotten.  She sit up seeing not only Revan but the girls around her.

"W-what's going on?"

"The members of Team Emo have a gift for you."

Xixon blinked as Willow gave Xixon a card, in it it says "We love you Xixon. You are the best Xixon ever."

Suddenly Xixon remembered the hooded man meeting her promising her she'll meet friends who'll write those words to her.  She also remembered what her demonic self saw and seeing the same girls declaring she's one of them when she was captive by Julian.

To this day she kept the card she made for her mom and it's at her dresser.

Tears formed in her eyes as the girls suddenly glomped her and hugged her from all sides. She remembered how mean she was to them and yet they still defended her.  She hugged them back, realizing that they aren't competition at all but friends. Part of the extended family she always wanted


Short: Friends Forever
To :iconwingless1raven: , for being my inspiration, my conscience, my companion, my irreplaceable friend, thank you for being you.

Never had a friend like you and Never will.

And to :iconTheEmoLostGirl: thank you for being the wolf sister, insperation, and faithful friend I'll always have.  

Im fortunate to have friends like U both. Let's continue our adventure together.

This pic by :iconwingless1raven: is the inspiration for this story.…

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Hueco Mundo the world of the demons known as the Hollows.

Hollows were human souls corrupted into demonic monsters with supernatural powers, usually when they fail to pass on to the Soul Society or have unfinished buisness.  Hollows come in various shapes and sizes and various abilities.  Their skeletal masks are the physical manifestation of their heart, carved out and turned into the mask. They usually also have a hole on their chest or another part of their body to represent the hollowing of their heart.  The mask protects a Hollow's naked instinct and obscures the original identity of the Hollow.  They can be cracked and temporarily allow the Hollow to retain their human individuality but usually regenerates in time.

The heart of a human defines the abilities the Hollow would gain.

All Hollows feel an emptiness which causes them to hunt and devour souls, sometimes their own kind, which is why the Soul Reapers exist to keep them in check and destroy them in order to purify the spirit making them human again and have them cross over into the Soul Society.

Some Hollows when they crack their masks gain Soul Reaper powers, turning them into the humanoid Arrancars.  But it's rare that a complete Arrancar to develop naturally and be a threat to the Soul Society, that was until Sosuke Aizen defected from the Soul Society with - method to turn Hollows into complete Arrancars with Zanpakuto swords, which seals the nuclei of their true abilities, which can be manifested when the sword unlocks their true power in a transformation called Resurrección. Their humanoid beastly form would resemble their former form as a Hollow.  The ten most powerful of them, are known as the Espada.
Until Aizen came to power the ruler of Hueco Mundo was Barragan Louisenbairn, who ruled as King, letting Hollows live under a feral law of the jungle way of life.

Then Aizen took over offering Hollows salvation, by giving them power compatible to that of Soul Reapers, restoring their human reason, and purpose as he turned a number of Hollows into Arrancars.

He also offered Hollows and Arrancars alike haven from the Soul Reapers, and retribution against them when he Attacks the Soul Society.

He rebuild Barragan's wallless, ceiling-less palace of Las Noches into a grand and vast fortress, a fitting powerbase for himself and the Espada who served him.

Many Hollows and Arrancars saw Aizen as their messiah from their damnation and from the Soul Reapers and accepted his rule as Lord of Hueco Mundo.

But then at the time of his Attack, it was revealed Aizen was using them all and willingly sacrificed them for his goal. 

After Aizen's fall, Hueco Mundo was left leaderless again.  Until the former Espada, Tier Harribel, reluctantly decided to come to power as the new de facto ruler of Hueco Mundo to maintain order and preventing the Hollows and remaining Arrancars from destroying eachother.

Organization Keyblade had relations with Aizen when their enemy the Dominion invaded Hueco Mundo turning Hollows, into Heartless Hollow Hybrids.  Thus was an alliance between them until the Dominion's near decline, when Aizen attacked Revan personally in a seemingly even battle.

Revan later realized the fight was a fake as Aizen was holding back for an entertaining fight.

Revan, after Aizen's fall returned to Hueco Mundo to restore former Espada, Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck's power and recruit her to his Organization. He encountered Harribel's subordinates and took him as an intruder, never having met him when he was Aizen's ally.  Harribel came to their aid, and fought Revan to defend her subordinates, while Nel fought them to get the hang of her restored power.

The battle ended evenly and Harribel allowed Revan and Nel to leave in peace.

Now Revan returned to Hueco Mundo yet again with Gaz, Xixon, former Espada Ulquiorra Cifer, Nel, Loly Aivirrne, Willow, and Vanitas.

They appeared at the throne room entrance of Las Noches via Corridor of Darkness portal.

Greeting them was Tier's subordinate Cyan Sun-Sung.  "Greetings Lord Revan, Lady Harribel is expecting you. Come right this way."

She lead the group to Aizen's main throne room which the throne itself seemed vacant.

"The rest of you stay here, Lord Revan, Lady Harribel would meet with you alone on the balcony throne room. Follow me."

"The hell I won't I'm coming too!" growled Xixi.

"Xixi please I can handle this.  Trust me behave yourself," said Revan as be followed the female Arrancar.  Xixi pouted grumpily watching them leave.

At the entrance to the balcony stood  Harribel's other subordinates Franceska Mila Rose and Emilou Apacchi. Guarding the door.  They watched Revan cautiously as he entered the balcony.

Harribel wasn't sitting on the throne but staring outside into the sandy landscape of Hueco Mundo.

"Revan it's been a while." Said the former third Espada, after dismissing her subordinates to guard inside behind sealed doors so she can be alone with Revan.  "Indeed it does, Harribel. So I heard your operation was a failure."

"That doesn't come to you as a surprise doesn't it? Strange you put it up after we met again after you recruited Nelliel." Asked Harribel as she turned to him.

"I know but I feel it needs to be discussed.  Anyway I knew Aizen's plan was doomed for failure that's why I didn't interfere. I knew the 13 Court Guard Squads and Their dark horse Ichigo Kurosaki would defeat him.  Even if they couldn't there was another factor, which was why Aizen betrayed you."

"What is it?" Asked Harribel calmly but a hint of restrained anger was in her voice at the mention of Aizen's betrayal.

"There's a Squad 0, a group of Soul Reapers even more powerful than the 13 other squads.  They are the elite guard of the Soul King, which Aizen tried to usurp.

"When he saw that you Espada could only be equal to the Captains of the main 13, he realized you couldn't stand a chance against Squad 0.  So he cut his losses and thought himself would be enough now that he fused with the Hōgyoku, gaining immortality and god-like power, making himself in his own eyes as the Soul King's replacement.  But his arrogance led to his downfall and is now sealed away."

"I that's how it is...Tell me how can I expect to trust you? You may have been trustworthy in our temporary alliance but I see much of Aizen in you.  How do I expect that you won't use us Hollows like he did?"

"The truth is you can't.  You have to observe me and decide with your heart for yourself whether Im deserving of it Harribel.  I can tell you this, unlike Aizen I don't wish to be a God.  I want to be strong yes but not to rule.  That's why I gave up my artificial Hollow powers because  it wasn't me.  I really was becoming like Aizen being someone Im not.  Upon giving those fake powers up, I gained an even greater power.  That aside I'm not as smart as him, I'm actually an idiot with power.  And finally unlike him I never wanted to rule, I only wanted to be strong and defend what matters to me."

"I see...I saw Ulquiorra and the third Espada before me, and one of Aizen's aides with you. You must be special if they joined your side. I did noticed that you were special when you led us against the Dominion back then."

"I noticed something special about you too. Of all the Espada besides Nel you possessed the strongest and purest heart.  I can't see anyone better as the suitable ruler of Hueco Mundo than you." 

"Those are kind words for you to say.  I know not all of your members are there but whatever became of that black imp that was your second in command?"

"Shadow went rogue and defected,  because of the subject of this meeting, our new mutual enemy the Von Dracos."

"Von Draco?"

"They are a family of powerful human dark sorcerers.  They live a double life of human businessmen.  They set up powerbases throughout various worlds, creating a secret empire within their business enterprises.  They have humans, and various supernatural creatures under their command.  While the Dominion wanted to conquer all worlds, the Von Dracos seemed to wish to own it from behind the scenes.  Their true intentions are unknown nevertheless.

"Lately we been trying to shut down their operations one world at a time.  They struck back by placing an unwitting sleeper agent, a girl named Rain who possess great darkness. They altered her without her knowing to make her want Shadow to become her King.  She seduced him to betray us, and upon failing their coup left with their few supporters to the Monster Realm, a realm not unlike Hueco Mundo, which they begun turning the monster residents into Heartless.

"It's no surprise that Hueco Mundo might be Shadow's next target.  He witnessed first hand the power of a Hollow Heartless or Arrancar Heartless hybrids created by the Dominion before we destroyed them. He might desire some of his own and wish to invade Hueco Mundo sooner or later.

"That's the first reason why I wish for us to renew relations.  The second reason is the Von Dracos themselves, we confirmed a family member has a powerbase in the Human World that's parallel to your world.  They might know about Soul Reapers and Hollows and might desire to acquire some of their own to turn into minions.

"They resurrected Ulquiorra, and few other fallen Espadas and enhanced their strength, as well as Gin and Tosen.  I liberated Ulquiorra from their control, which is why he stands with me now."

"So that's how Yammy returned stronger then ever before and tried to abducted me recently. It took everything we had to take him down. So you are trying to tell me these Von Dracos were responsible behind this and seemed to want to set up interests in Hueco Mundo for themselves.  If that's true then I guess you are right we do have mutual foes.  I'll consider to renew our alliance if you can answer me a question truthfully," said Harribel.

"Yes? What is it?" Asked Revan.

"Aizen said your weapon is a Keyblade, a weapon that can unlock anything even hearts.  Can your power allow you to touch the heart of even a Hollow?"

"Yes I used it to free Ulquiorra, gave your predecessor Nel her power back, and made her and Loly stronger by unlocking the latent power in their hearts."

"Then I would like you to commit a gesture of good faith for our new alliance and use your power to turn Hollows into Arrancars.  If I am to rule Hueco Mundo I need more Arrancars to defend our world."

"I never done that before, I'll have to experiment it to see if it works.  I suppose my Keyblade can unlock spirit power within a Hollow's Heart, giving them Soul Reaper powers, turning them into Arrancars.  But again it's something I must test out.  Even if it does work, I wouldn't do it if you plan to use your new military to invade the Soul Society.  I may never be allied with them, but as a Keyblade Master, I wouldn't do an act that leaves a world unbalanced."

"Have no fear Revan Shadow, I plan only for the creation of new Arrancars to defend this world.  They would act like the 13 Court Guard squads defending the citizens of the Soul Society, the new Arrancars would defend the Hollow citizens of Hueco Mundo from any threat.  Soul Reapers would be allowed to engage Hollows in only the World of the Living, any who dares to invade Hueco Mundo would face the wrath of the New Generation of Arrancars.  They would also help defend this world from threats like Shadow and the Von Dracos.  I would also personally screen the Hollows for the most worthy candidates, just so that power wouldn't go to waste."

"I see in that case to honor our renewed friendship I accept your request if it's within my power.  Now about the Espadas are you going to make a new generation of them?"

"Actually Im-"

"Harribel!" Yelled a voice above them.

Revan looked up on the roof of Las Noches above them, to see the former 6th Espada Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez, standing on it.

"Grimmjow...since I came to power he been trying to usurp power from me, seeing himself as Las Noches worthy ruler.  Seems he's getting bolder now," said Harribel calmly.

"I am the King! The next ruler of Hueco Mundo is me!" He shouted as he jumped off the roof and dashed toward the balcony drawing his sword.

Harribel began drawing the sword sheathed at her back when Revan dashed toward him and summoned his Keyblade.

He collided blades with Grimmjow in midair before separating and landing at the ground, Revan landed in front of Harribel and Grimmjow between Revan and the balcony entrance to Las Noches a Distance away.

Grimmjow turned around and saw Harribel's subordinates who were guarding the door come running out to aide their mistress.

"Get out of my way!" Yelled Grimmjow as he charged a Cero and fired at the three Arrancar girls.

As he fired, Revan extended his arm forward to summon a barrier wall between the Cero's path and the girls.

The barrier held as the Cero exploded against it.

Grimmjow growled looking at Revan, "It's you...stay out of my way human!" He declared while lunging toward him, clashing blades with him.

He then jumped away charging another Cero, and fired at Revan while still in midair.

Revan deflected it with a flick of his wrist, pieces of the blast flew into the sandy landscape of Hueco Mundo, crashing at the ground.

Grimmjow looked at Revan in amazement that he deflected his Cero with his bare hand so easily.

"I see you improved slightly Grimmjow, but you still have the strength compatible when you were the 6th Espada.  You can't beat me, who survived a battle with Aizen and grew even stronger since then.  And to be honest you haven't a prayer against Harribel neither, who was your superior as the former 3rd Espada anyway.  So in a sense Ive saved your life."

"Shut up!"

"Actually Grimmjow you being here is perfect for me.  I would like to ask if you wish to join my team.  I'll offer you more power and the chance for you to protect your world from threats that are equivalent to the Dominion.  What do you say?" Asked Revan extending his hand in offer.

"Hell no! I'll never follow anyone again but my own path!  I am destined to be the king and if you are not with me then you are my prey! Shouted Grimmjow stubbornly as he dashed toward Revan.

"I would like to fight you but I'm in the middle of an negotiation.  Vanitas take care of him. Subdue but don't kill." Sighed Revan as he snapped his fingers.

As is answering his call, Vanitas lunged from a newly formed dark portal approve Revan and dashed toward Grimmjow.  He collided into him and kicked him into another portal before disappearing with him inside it.

"Thank you," said Harribel.  "He was getting annoying. You also have my gratitude for protecting my subordinates. Where did your subordinate take him?"

"The Keyblade Graveyard a place of history to Keyblade Wielders like me. It's a desert wasteland like Hueco Mundo perfect for them to fight undisturbed.  Now where were we? Oh yes we were closing the terms of our new alliance."

"Before we continue I must ask you something.  We fought when you recruited Nel, and I know you are even stronger now.  It's no surprise Grimmjow is nothing to you, so why did you hold back while fighting him, why not down him in one blow?"

"I hunger for two things battle and...more intimate pleasures.  The wolf and warrior in me hungered for a fight, and couldn't resist but hold back to have an extended battle.  That aside I didn't want to kill him, even if he didn't join me I see him more useful Alive.  

"For whatever his reasons he helped saved Ichigo Kurosaki from death when Ulquiorra mortally wounded him in their first fight.  Because of that Ichigo survived to defeat Aizen and saved us all.  Grimmjow's Destiny is linked with his.  I'm not surprised if Ichigo is needed for something else and when he does go out to save the day, Grimmjow might be needed for something.

"I'm a Keyblade Master, my job is to bring balance to the world's and maintain the balance.  That's why I see our renewed alliance fall into that category.  The Soul Society doesn't need help from an outsider like me yet.  But Hueco Mundo does if it's threatened to fall prey by outside forces like Shadow and the Von Dracos."

"I see truth in your words and thus see your offer sincere, and decided to accept your offer if you do one other request for me, aside from the aforementioned terms you already agreed to do."

"What is it?" Asked Revan.

"I want you to battle me again.  When two warriors of compatible powers cross blades, their feelings are poured from their blades, and flow into their hearts. As they fight they come to understand one another more than if they talked.  I never truly understood Aizen, partly because I never fought him.  I relied on my blind faith and gratitude to him for giving me power and a safe haven for me and my comrades as an Espada.  I won't make the same mistake twice I want to truly understand you Revan Shadow.  You are the wolf, I am the Shark, kindrerd predators from the land and sea, we should be comrades. So I ask you to fight me for that sake...and to sate my own hunger." Said Harribel making a rare smirk underneath her hollow mask covering her Breasts and face.

"In that case I accept your challenge sister Shark, come and dance with your brother wolf," smirked Revan as he drew his Keyblade at the ready.

Harribel drew her Zanpakuto, which was a short yet wide curved blade, with a hollow middle, only the edges of the sword make up the blade.

She drew it and dashed toward Revan and crossed blades with him.  "Last we fought you barely kept up with me in my base form, let's see if anything changed.  You are not the only one who became stronger." She said as yellow spirit energy Enveloped around the blade.

She swung the blade against Revan's while unleashing the stored energy as as an energy wave.

The energy wave caused Revan to be pushed against the ground slightky until his own blade glowed in energy and he push the energy wave off him, redirecting it to collide against Las Noches roof.

"Yes you have gotten stronger now let's see how much you have improved," said Harribel as she took flight into the air giving her distance and altitude between the balcony and herself.

She pointed her blade toward Revan below and said "Ola Azul." (Spanish for blue wave)

Yellow energy surrounded the blade, and it fired as an energy ribbon projectile with powerful thrusting power. 

In his last fight with Harribel the Attack was too strong for him to block and difficult to evade.  This time he was able to deflect them with his blade enhanced with energy.

She kept her barrage until she realized her technique is now ineffective against him.

"That's it keep it up," said Harribel as she dashed at Revan.

As she and he clashed blades again. Sun-Sung, Mila Rose, and Apache watched as their mistress fight Her renewed ally.

They looked behind him to see Revan's group members entering the balcony to watch.

"Hey! We said you guys aren't allowed over here! You were supposed to Walt in the throne room!" Shouted Appachi.

"It was gettin' Boring here. We sensed things were getting interesting here," said Gaz Membrane.

"Grrr how dare that hussy fight my mate I'll tear her apart..." Growled Xixi.

"Calm down Xixon, it's a sparring battle.  It's how high leveled warriors like Revan have fun and get to know others.  You who like to battle yourself should understand," said Rena.

"Ok...but I'm bored and wanna tear something apart." Pouted Xixon.

"Hueco Mundo is full of wild Hollows you can always sate your bloodlust by fighting them," said Ulquiorra.

"Hey aren't you dead Master Ulquiorra?" Asked Apache.

"No, Im not anymore and I serve Lord Revan now.  Lady Xixon here's an idea why not spar with these girls here.  You can take on Apache, Loly against  Mila Rose, and Gaz Sun-Sung.  But refrain from killing them if you can."

"Mmm...I love your idea Ulquiorra but I can't make any promises.  I knew I'll like you Ulquiorra you make a good adviser.  You coming?"

"No I'll stay with Nelliel, Willow, and Rena and make sure Lord Revan's...negotiations go without incident."

"Good I'll leave it to you Ulquiorra," nodded Xixon as she, Loly, and Gaz followed Mila Rose, Sun-Sung, and Apacchi inside Las Noches where they'll fight in the inside desert areas where the Espada had palaces within it.

Ulquiorra turned to Nel, who was wearing the Black Coat as her uniform over her green rags, unlike himself who still wore his white Arrancar robes.

"Nelliel, you are not joining them?"

"I rather watch Revan, I prefer not to be engaged in meaningless battles Master Ulquiorra,"  replied the former Third Espada, referring Ulauiorra by the title all non-Espada Arrancars and Hollows refer the Espadas by. Nel who once lost her memory and power, reverting into a child Arrancar called all Espada by the title.  Even when Revan gave back her power and she fully remembered her past, the urge to call Ulquiorra "master" sticks.

"I too rather not drag myself to meaningless fights against weak people.  But you don't have to call me Master, for one thing You too were once an Espada, and the Espada is no more."

"Oh sorry, it kinda came out didn't it," chuckled Nel nervously putting hand behind. Head.

"You remind me of that annoying girl Orihme Inohe," said Ulquiorra.

"Whys that?"
"Because you are annoying like she was." He said turning away closing his eyes almost snobblishly as Nel whined and cried like the child she used to be.

"Anyway Ulquiorra," said Nel once she snapped  out of it.  "About us no longer being Espada i don't think its  true.  I think we all are always Espada.  And once you think
About it, We are simply no longer Aizen's Espada, we are Revan's Espada now, even if it isn't ten of of yet, it's enough."

"Hm an interesting notion.  Perhaps it's true.  Loly was never an Espada but she now has power compatible to one now, perhaps we should teach her the Gren Rey Cero and the Cero Oscuras so she can be better suited as one."

"You know I think our Espada number has gone up to four.  Harribel might join is as an honorary member of the Organization," said Nel.


"Hey Ulquiorra check this out I found a way for us to gain a human disguise," she said drawing her Zanpakuto.

"Human disguise? I fail to see the usefulness  of that. We are spiritual beings. Normal humans can't see us, only those with abnormal levels of spirit energy can see us, which is why everyone in the Organization can see us."

"I know but every world is different, like Equestria every denizen there would see us."

"The citizens of Equestria are ponies Nelliel. Like Willow here."

"I know~. Now anyway check this." She said holding her blade upside down. Suddenly her hollow mask on her head became spirit energy and flowed into her blade being sealed inside. Without her mask she had a more human appearance. Rena didn't watch at all, Willow blinked seeing Nel's change.

"See I learned that we can use our Zanpakuto to seal our Hollow mask, Hollow Holes, and appearance into the blade, doing so seal away our powers too though, however it's useful in disguising ourselves in worlds that are used to see humans, with citizens With the ability to see us.  Can't hurt to be prepared," she winked as she unsealed her power from her blade and energy flowed back into her head forming her mask. 

"Hm, perhaps you have a point, each world does have its own laws.  I'll keep such a use age in mind," said Ulquiorra as he, Nel, Willow, and Rena went back to watching Revan.
As they watched Willow, wandered her gaze seeing Hueco Mundo's crescent moon, and the eternal night sky, before looking out to see Hueco Mundo's desert landscape.

"Admiring the view?" Asked Rena standing near Willow, making the Anthro Alicorn dressed in a Black Coat blink and blushed shyly before nodding.

"It might not seem much but Hueco Mundo really is an interesting world. It may seem lifeless and empty at the surface, but if one looks closely its full of life, and wonder.  The Hollows populating it may seem like monsters like the Heartless, but at least they have human like emotions and desires.  Look at this palace they build and rebuild, it's amazing.  In the end they are not that different from humans.  Save for their beastly hunger, they all have the heart to desire to live with the existence they have.  Perhaps it's why Revan is so interested in this world slightly more than the Soul Society."

"Y-yah but i-it's still kinda scary..." Said Willow shyly.

"It's scary because it's different Willow, tell me is Nel scary? She's our mutual closest Arrancar friend, despite originally being a Hollow and being from this world.  Her heart shines brightly and she's one of the most gentlest creatures that ever come to be."

"Y-yah think Revan will get what he wants today?" Asked Willow.

"Yah I think this deal is good as Game Set and Match," smirked Rena as she and Willow came back to watch the battle.

At that moment Harribel and Revan are high in the air clashing at eachother before separating.

"You still holding power alback against me, it seems there's one way for me to draw it out and that's being serious myself.  It's a good thing we are fighting out here, I maintain Aizen's law to be foribben for Espada of Ulquiorra, Nel, and my level to unleash their Resurrección.  Last time we fought was before I brought back that policy, and we tore Las Noches apart in our fighting."  She said holding her blade upside down before saying,  "Hunt, Tiburón."

Meanwhile rogue Keyblade Master, Shadow the Heartless made a visit of his own In the world of Bleach. Not Hueco Mundo, but Hell.

Just as there are countless world's there are countless versions of the afterlife where the dead of each world would reside.

In the world of Bleach, humans who died would cross over into the Soul Society, which is this world's equivalent of Heaven.

Hueco Mundo despite being populated by demons and being a brutal place to live isn't Hell, as good and evil souls alike could become Hollows, also it's environment isn't necessarily a place of suffering as Arrancar's and Hollows are capable of forming Organized communities.  And there's a chance that a soul that became as Hollow could go to the Soul Society or Hell upon being defeated by a Soul Reaper which could be this world's equivalent to Purgatory.

Hell, in this world is a prison where evil Souls are imprisoned and punished for all eternity.  The Soul Reapers only oversee Hell, as the guards of Hell, the skeletal golems the Kushinada truly watch day to day activities in Hell as both the prison guards and the tormentors of the damned.

The residents of Hell are Sinners, evil souls that commit heinous deeds when they are alive.  Sometimes the evil soul becomes a Hollow and get a reprieve from their punishment until a Soul Reaper kills them and purifies their soul. Only then would their soul descend into hell.

A Sinner would then don a white outfit with vertical black stripes, and their bodies would have chains impeded in it.  The chains would bind them to Hell, making them unable to leave.

Some Sinners would develop powers manifested by the power of their hate and will from their heart which would grant them defense from eachother or their Kushinada tormentors.  Their powers would even grant them the ability to cross over into the World of the Living provided they wear black cloaks and masks that prevent them from being seen by the Kushinada, while suppressing their powers.  If their mask or enough of the cloak is off then the Kushinada would use their chains to pull them back into hell while running them through with their blades.

The abilities of a Sinner like a Hollow depends on a person's Heart, some Sinners are so strong they are compatible to lower level Espadas or even stronger.  Sinners that were once Hollows maintain the Hollow abilities while being enhanced by being a Sinner.  While in Hell all Sinners are immortal, when killed their bodies reform in time only to suffer again.

Of Aizen's Espada only two former members were known to be sent to Hell after Aizen's defeat,  Szayel Apporo Granz, and Arraoniero Arruruerie, former Espadas 8 and 9, amomgst the weakest of the group.

They were easily brought down by the Sinner Shuren and his group of followers.

Amomgst the Sinners, one of the strongest is Kokuto.

As a human he was a beloved older brother who loved his sister more than anything in the world.  When she was nude reed, he became mad with revenge and killed her murderers.  But it didn't made his emptiness go away, and he committed many more heinous crimes in effort to make the world feel as he did.  When he died, he was condemned to hell where he remained until he sensed his salvation.

He witnessed when Ichigo Kurosaki in his Hollow form fight Ulquiorra Cifer in their final fight. The sheer power of that form gave Kokuto an idea that the power of that form might be enough to shatter the unbreakable chains that bind him to hell.

He tried using both Shuren and his group and Ichigo to free himself from Hell. Hell gave Ichigo the power to save his friends and seal Kokuto to the deepest depths of Hell, where he is now suffering for both the sins of the past and present.

Shadow came to see Kokuto, with his apprentice and lover Rain the Hedgehog at his side. They appeared  from a Corridor of Darkness portal in front of Kokuto who was bound in a multitude of chains in a underground chamber with skulls and lava around him.  The lava spews at him while bound in chains, eating his flesh to the bone, and it regrows for him to suffer again.

Shadow and Rain appeared just as Kokuto regenerated, giving them some time before the lava spews at him again. 

" are Kokuto huh?" Asked Shadow.  "Who the hell are you," panted Kokuto still enduring his suffering from the chains and being regenerated.

"I'm Shadow the Heartless and this is my girl Rain, we are here to bust you out."

"Are you serious? Even if I believe you can achieve such a feat what's the catch?"

"I want yah to work for me."

"Like hell I will."

"Think of your position buddy.  We might be your only chance for freedom.  Refuse us and you'll never be free...or have a chance of revenge on those who wronged you," said Shadow smugly.

"What....what do you mean? What you got to offer me? Can you even break these chains?"

"Glad to see you aren't a total meathead. See truth is at my current level I can't shatter your chain.  But I can unlock it.  See I'm a Keyblade Master. We have some similarities to Soul Reapers.  We like them are supposed to maintain balance and order to the people we are to protect.  We hunt creatures called Heartless, like Soul Reapers hunt Hollows.  Our Weapon the Keyblade is our Zanpakuto.

"Only Im kinda like an Arrancar, Im a Heartless yet I have powers of a Keyblade Wielder, and Im a Master which is like a Soul Reaper Captain or an Espada.  I tried to be like a Keyblade Master and be a goodie two shoes, but I can no longer deny my true instinct as a Heartless.  Which is why I left my group and started one of my own, Organization Shadow.  For too long I been fighting for a balance in favor for the light when I should be fighting for my kind.  I'm gonna bring darkness to a new world with me as the King.  To do that I need more followers, and I'm starting with you Kokuto.  One of the most dangerous beings in this world is you Sinners and you are one of the strongest, I wish to recruit you and others at your level to my side in exchange for your freedom and giving you even more power, and revenge on the ones that got you in this predicament."

"Say....I'll consider what you have said.  How can you free me if you don't have the power to break those chains?"

"Well there's something I forgot to mention about my weapon the Keyblade.  It has the power to unlock anything, doors, locks, hearts, maybe even barriers.  I think it's a small matter to unlock the chains that bind you. Let's find out shall we?"  He said while tapping Keyblade against the mass of chains binding him.

The chains glowed and disappeared, Kokuto fell to the solid ground and pulled himself up before the next lava spew came out to consume hun again.  Just as he stood up Shadow went forward and stabbed his chest with his Keyblade.

He unlocked Kokuto's Heart to unlock his Heart's latent power and the Power of Darkness within him.

Kokuto laughed manically feeling the immense power rising within him.

"Yah welcome to Organization Shadow show me the other Sinners at your level..."

Shadow and Rain freed about a dozen powerful Sinners, including Szayel Aporro Granz,  Arraoniero Arruruerie, who grew stronger after becoming full Sinners, though their appearance didn't change save for the chains they had in their bodies.

Turned out a third Espada was in Hell too, Nnoitra Gilga, the former 5th Espada, one rank behind Ulquiorra, who boasts in possessing the strongest Hierro, meaning he has the strongest skin in the Espada.  He too was freed and became stronger as a Sinner.

Shadow further enhanced thier powers by unlocking the latent power of their hearts.

Shadow made a base at the Monster Realm, a world created by the founders of the Purge, a group of anti-nonhuman paranoid humans that was one of the Von Dracos pawns, sealed away a majority of the Doom World's supernatural inhabitants.

When Shadow defected he settled here and used Heartless to invade and turn those that get in his way into Heartless, now a majority of the world is under his control with a pocket of resistance left over.

Some monsters were spared to serve Shadow in exchange of keeping thier individuality or spare their loved ones.

Mira Kurokage, one of the defectors that joined Shadow finally got revenge on her clan and became its new leader.  Though she she's still bothered by the brand curse Mark Xixi put on her.

Now with Kokuto, and the Sinners, and three Espada at his side, his fighting force has grown even greater.

Shadow lives in a base carved in rock  within the which he claims as his palace.

He made Kokuto leader of the Sinners in his group and his enforcer.

Szayel Apporo became the team's scientist, as he was given a lab within the base.

Once his new members settled in he announced his plan.

He sat on a stone throne with Rain draped on his side lying on him.

"Glad to see you guys all settled in nicely. Welcome to my kingdom and Organization Shadow.  Now that we are all gathered it's time to tell you what you signed up for.  Here at Organization Shadow our goal is to realize your true goals and instincts.

"You want power? We give it to you. A world to rule? We can make it happen.  Revenge? Oh you come to right place.  Mira here wanted to rule her clan and have vengeance, we gave it to her.  My baby here wanted to be Queen of her own world, I made her mine.  Now you Sinners and Espada want power and revenge on one mutual enemy, the Soul Society, who killed you and/or condemned you to suffer in Hell.  I've made you all stronger, now I'll tell you my plan for revenge."

"Let me find Ichigo Kurosaki, so I can have my revenge on him!" Growled Kokuto.

"Now now let's not be hasty Kokuto.  For one thing since facing you Ichigo lost his power. While of course it would be so simple to take him while he's weak, it won't be the proper way to do it.  You wanna crush not only his body and family but his whole world.  What I have in mind can do just that.  Ichigo maybe powerless but he has many allies that keeps an eye on him that could get in the way.  The Soul Society is such an ally, and what I plan is to turn them inside out.

"The first key of the plan is our three Espadas." Said Shadow pointing to Three liberated Espada.

"They being complete Arrancars possess Soul Reaper powers including a Zanpakuto. This should give them the ability to purify Hollows when they kill them. Though it turns out mine and Rain's Keyblade's can do that too."

"And what good is that?" Asked Nnoitra.  "I want you there to kill powerful Hollows in Hueco Mundo with evil souls, so that when they are purified they go to Hell as Sinners.  We liberate them and add them to our  ranks.

"That's part one of the plan, part two is to abduct Arrancars so I can turn them into Arrancar Heartless Hybrids.  If Arrancars are rare to find then I'll use my Keyblade to turn Hollows into Arrancars.

"In time we'll grow an army of them.  Then we strike first at Hueco Mundo to overthrow the current regime there do that we can conquer the realm as I did here, adding many Hollows to turn into Heartless in our ranks.  Then finally with our army is Sinners, Arrancar Heartless, and Heartless we invade the Soul Society itself.  But the invasion itself would be a diversion for me to go to the World of the Living and seek out the World's Heart and unleash darkness to consume all three worlds to turn into one world of darkness.  All who oppose use would be turn into Heartless to serve us.  Then you all will have your vengeance, while having that world to rule as you see fit.  All I ask is for you all to answer to me, recognizing me as the King of all the World's we'll conquer with you ruling at my side as my vassals and Lords."

"Heh I must admit it sounds like something worth trying, and if you deliver what you promised we all will follow you. For me there's one condition.  If we suceed and as the world falls to darkness I'll have Ichigo for myself.  I'll let him see what a failure he's become as the world crumbles around him before killing him, with no Soul Society, Hueco Mundo, or Hell his soul would be lost to the darkness," said Kokuto.

"Done and what you said gives me an idea for a backup plan.  Before the invasion starts, me and Rain will open the Gates of Hell,  from inside then outside.  We may lack the power to destroy them, but our Keyblades would have us open them and leave them open.  The chaos caused as Hell would come to Earth would divide the Soul Reapers attention as we attacked the Soul Society insuring none would get in my way as I unseal the World's Heart to darkness.

"The time is perfect, Organization Keyblade is busy fighting the Von Dracos, and preparing to fight Organization XIII next.  The Soul Reapers resting in their cradle of power, as they are still recovering from Aizen's invasion, thinking they are safe.  And Hueco Mundo busy restabilizing their new regime and struggling to bring Order.  The Time of Light is done, time for Darkness to rule, starting with the world of the Soul Reapers, Hollows and Humans..."

Meanwhile Revan was still fighting Harribel, he was now at full power at his base form, which he can keep up with Harribel in her released state but with herself at a slight advantage in strength.

Revan was pushed back in the air as Harribel dashed towards him charging a Yellow Cero at her long shark Broadsword arm.

When charged she slashed her blade while releasing the Cero, giving it a wide arc, making it difficult to dodge.

Revan teleported behind her to avoid the blast, while striking behind her.  She saw the Attack coming and spun around to use her blade to block it and push Revan back with her strength.  Revan air braked and stopped panting slightly.

"You know I'm confused. I thought in their released state an Espada level Arrancar can discharge the more powerful Black Cero, Cero Oscuras, yet you used an Ordinary Cero to use agsinst me."

"I simply thought doing that would overdo it. We are sparring after all," replied Harribel.

"I thank you for the concern, but I'm curious to see what yours look like. I only saw Ulquiorra's Cero Oscuras. Please show me it I can handle it."

"Very well, prepare yourself, Cero Oscuras," said Harribel as she charged at Revan using the same manuver she did when she fired the ordinary Cero.  However this time, the blast was black with yellow outline.  She slashed her blade-arm unleashing the black Cero.  It was indeed more powerful.  Revan was unable to evade this time, despite seeing it coming, he had to erect s Reflect Barrier to protect himself.  The impact of the blast knocked him to the ceiling city sized dome of Las Noches.

Revan laid on the ground groaning as Harribel landed in front of him. "Looks like this is the folly of your cockiness. Now stop holding back and show me your real power, bring out your wolf."

"As you wish Harribel," said Revan as he body was enveloped in spirit energy as his human body became muscular and grey furred werewolf with yellow eyes.

He was furry nude but still have his Keyblade, which seemed to have grown slightly to fit in his larger clawed hands.

"Impressive form, it reminds me of an Arrancar's Resurrección.  You really aren't that different from us.  Now let's test this power of yours shall we?" She said as she raised her blade over her head, before saying, "Cascada."  She brought her blade down as she used her power over water to summon a large waterfall to fall over Revan. 

Revan made no move to dodge it, instead he extended his arm forward and when the water reached him it was absorbed into his hand.  The water was enough to fill city blocks, but it was all absorbed by Revan.

Harribel looked at Revan in surprise as he didn't possess such an ability before.

"I've become a Kurokage Werewolf.  They are a breed of Werewolves with the power to manipulate and absorb spirit energy from their bodies and the environment around them.  The water you created is merely spirit energy converted into water.  Anything with spirit energy I can absorb and add to my strength, understand?" He said as he went forward and swung his blade.   Harribel blocked it but with his enhanced strength, Harribel was knocked back by the impact.

She recovered and decided to change tactics.  If spirit energy attacks can't work on him then she'll attempt physical attacks.

She spun her body, along with her blade around like a top while dashing toward Revan, becoming like a spinning buzzsaw.
Revan caught the blade with his hand  then spun around rapidly a few times before letting her go, sending her flying to a pillar on the Las Noches Dome.

"You showed me your Cero Oscuras, now let me return the favor of showing you my Wolf Form's version of Dark Zero.  Here's Spirit Zero."

He pointed his blade forward and charged whitish blue Spirit energy into a sphere at the tip.  He fired it like a Cero.

Harribel was barely able dodge the blast  shot through the pillar, and sent on to explode somewhere far away in the sand landscape of Hueco Mundo.

She turned to face Revan and both he and she disappeared in a blur of speed to clash against one another yet again.

Meanwhile the blue skied ceiling of Las Noches, Xixi was putting hug dress back on, before her were the beaten up and tattered bodies of Mila Rose, Sun-Sung, and Apacchi.  Xixi licked her lips stroking the semi-unconscious face of Appachi who shivered and whimpered at her touch.

All the girls left arms were gone, as they were used in their technique to summon their giant Chimera pet Ayon, whose body laid on the ground nearby.

"Mmm...that was delicious, those bitches were weak but entertaining.  And their pet was so cute and loyal too bad he broke easily. Ulquiorra was right, they were more fun being kept alive. I might have a use for them that could turn this alliance in my favor heh..."

Nearby her were the panting naked bodies of Loly and Gaz, as it seemed that Xixi turned on all five of them, enemy and ally at the end of the fight to be part of an all girl orgy, with Xixion the dominant force in it.

Xixi blinked looking up feeling a shockwave caused by Revan and Harribel's fight.

"Hmm looks like Revan is almost done up there. He's in his wolf form huh? Then this fight is as good as over. Hmm better use our bond to keep his wolf side under control, don't want him to go crazy on a girl I don't even know...he's mine after" She turned to see a Corridor of Darkness opened and saw Vanitas carrying the unconscious body of Grimmjow.

He places him on the sand.

"So your fun is done already Vany?" Asked Xixi.

"He was interesting but this loser even in his released form is no match for me. I didn't even need to use Negative Mode.  But it was fun holding back to see what he got.  He was weak but skilled, I actually learned a thing or two by analyzing his skills.  Still I can see why the Master ordered me not to kill him, he wasn't worth killing. I see you had some fun too, you better not let the Master or Harribel find out what you did to them it could sour their chances for an alliance."

"Trust me they won't blab anything, I made them understand what would happen if they cross me. As for that dark big breasted shark chick she better know her place too or I'll teach her a lesson too."

"Well let's get above ground and see what's going on huh?"

"Right," Xixi said dusting herself off as she got up. "Open the door Van." 

Vanitas nodded and opened a Corridor of Darkness and went inside with Xixon.  They appeared on top of out of one of Las Noches dome pillars, with Ulquiorra, Nel, and Rena, watching Revan's fight with Harribel seemingly coming to an end.

Revan stood over Harribel who laid on a crater in the Las Noches dome, and her blade, arm shattered, showing her real arm underneath.

She panted looking at Revan as he pointed his blade at her neck.  "Do you concede?" He asked in a serious, calm voice.

"I...concede, you have destroyed my sword." replied Harribel with her calm composure unaffected.

Revan reverted to human form and offered his hand to help her up. She looked at it but got up by herself.

"So...does this fight shown you?"

"That you are strong not like Aizen after all. What Aizen had was an illusion of strength, an illusion as convincing as his Zanpakuto's power.  But that strength was hollow and false. Ichigo Kurosaki had real strength, and that's the kind of strength you have.  Because of that I agree to accept you as my comrade...and friend."

"And I you Harribel, and consider yourself an honorary member of Organization Keyblade as well."

"Thank you Revan. May the relations between Hueco Mundo and Organization Keyblade begin anew."


Short: the Shark and the Wolf
Well I finished it close after Friday the 13th, so yay!

Revan Shadow, Shadow the Heartless, Rena the Renamon, Rain the Hedgehog, Mira Kurokage, the Von Dracos, the Purge, the Kurokage Wolf Species,  the Dominion, Organization Keyblade, Organization Shadow by me
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while there's a good chance I'll have library job at May I still apply to other jobs to keep options open, last week I applied to Barnes and Nobles Bookstore, at a position whose responsibilities isn't unlike that of my former duties as a library page.

my job agenxy offered to compensate the job that hires m, but the Bookstore pointed out that they are looking for peoole With retail experience, which while I have none of that I did have experience in duties similar to this position which I pointed out in cover letter,

but it tonight I got email from them saying while they appreciate my interest they politely rejected me in favor for applicants with retail experience.

im a little down over the fact my best interested job has rejected me.  While there's hope for library im still a little sad.

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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and violence/gore)
Organization Keyblade has been split in two.

Shadow the Heartless, Revan's blood brother and former right hand man had been seduced by an unstable Rain the Hedgehog to betray the Organization and formed a group of his own with few supporters and slaves; Organization Shadow.

Meanwhile an honorary member of the Organization, Tasogare Shadow was on a mission of his own.

Tasogare and Revan's family the Shadows were from Hollow Shadow until a distant ancestor who's a scientist took the family on a pleasure trip to another world which was the Star Wars universe during the time of the Ancient Sith Empire and their defeat of the Great Hyperspace War.

The ancestors were captured and enslaved by the fleeing Sith forces and were sent to help rebuild their Empire on Dromund Kaas, led by the newly christened Sith Emperor.

The Shadow family were Slaves slowly dying out from abuse until Tasogare was born.  By the time he developed his powers of the Force he was the last of his family.  He became a Sith Lord, eventually under the title Darth Shadow, and fought in the Galactic War when the Sith Empire returned and fought against the Old Republic.

Tasogare was a loyal Sith Patriot, but wasn't an abusive Sith like most.  He saw the flaws of the Sith, and gained an interest of the Light Side of the Force.  He soon became a member of the Revanites, a cult of Sith who followed the ways of Darth Revan, a Jedi turned Sith, then redeemed as a Jedi again who mastered both dark and light side and obtained immense strength.

He was an insperation to Jedi and Sith alike, and his teachings encouraged Tasogare to master both sides of the Force and obtained a unique strength from it.

He became friends with Darth Malgus who also saw the flaws of the Empire and see reform as its only salvation.

During the Cold War, when Sith and Republic declared peace, the friends tried to gain power and influence to make their goal a reality.

Tasogare also took the time to increase his knowledge and strength and seeked a path to immortality.  He learned rituals to preserve and extend his youth while he was still young to extend his lifespan but knew it was only temporary.

He knew that the only true immortality was that the Sith Emperor possesses. 

Meanwhile Tasogare utilized Rakata technology in a plan to save the Empire.

Soon war resparked and Malgus defected when the Emperor apparently died.  Tasogare didn't go with it knowing it'll only divide and hurt the Empire and instead focused on his plan.

He found the Emperor and told him his plan to save the Empire.

In exchange the Emperor gave him the gift of immortality.  Tasogare added the Light Side to the ritual, and became immortal without losing his sanity or feelings which was the price the Emperor suffered.

He saved Malgus from death and convinced the Emperor to make him immortal as well.

They waited until the Sith Empire suffered a fatal defeat, and the Emperor made a return and feigned defeat when the Empire and Republic united against him.

Tasogare who was long though dead revealed himself to the remnants of the Sith Empire and led them to an exodus to a hidden planet where he would rebuild the Empire with his creation the Star Foundry.

The Sith he didn't made the exodus became the modern Sith the Jedi are familiar with thinking the True Sith Empire gone.

Tasogare became the Emperor's right hand and learned from his feet.  He and Malgus reformed the Empire and Sith Order with their New Empire and Revanite ideals.

The new Sith Empire was reformed and different from what it used to be, and the Sith Order learned Dark and Light side together.

The Sith Emperor allowed those reforms not caring the condition of the Empire as long as they serve their purpose when they reveal themselves to the rest of the Galaxy.

Tasogare developed a transportation Force technique that allowed him to return to Hollow Shadow and sired a new generation of his family before returning to his home universe.  That family line was that Revan Shadow descended from.

When Revan was born, it was Tasogare in disguise who Force persuaded his parents to name him after the Jedi Hero upon sensing the power of his heart 

As Revan grew up and soon founded Organization Keyblade, Tasogare led his Empire against the Alien Invaders the Yuuzhan Vong.  It was during that conflict Tasogare finally resolved to overthrow the Sith Empire long realizing his mad ambition to destroy life in the galaxy.

Tasogare came to Revan and made him immortal in his perfected Immortality ritual and asked his last living relative's help to take down the Sith Emperor before he can declare war on the Galaxy ruled by the Galactic Empire at the time. 

Together Revan and Tasogare and the members of Organization Keyblade Defeated the Emperor permanently.  Tasogare had Malgus rule as Emperor while remaining to be the power behind the throne.

He couldn't join the Organization full time as he was managing to stabilize the Empire.  Revan's member Darth Maul, whom Revan saved and made his body while again, left the Organization to join Tasogare's Sith Empire.

At this time Tasogare was preparing for war.  The Jedi were gone, and the Galactic Empire was ruled by the remnant of the Sith Order that followed the old ways and thus are enemies in the reformed Sith Empire's eyes, that aside of being the Remains of the Old Republic that doomed them in the first place.

At this time the Sith Empire was fully recovered from their Vong War and the Galactic Empire was at war with the Rebel Alliance.

Tasogare's plan was to unite with the Alliance against the Galactic Empire.  He knew that despite his reforms they'll always be people who'll favor a democracy, and in addition he knew that the Jedi would never truly disappear.

So to prevent further wars, he find it necessary to ally with the faction that'll form a New Republic and New Jedi Order.  He can make his ideals influence the development of both, and having them as allies would realize his dream of Galactic Peace once the Galactic Empire is out of the way.

He never wanted Galactic Conquest and would be content of expanding the Empire to the territory it used to have in the Cold War, which was almost half the known Galaxy.  As long as there's peace and prosperity for his people he would rather have it that way.

Before the Sith Emperor's demise he and Tasogare sent Sith agents to the known Galaxy and infiltrated the development of the Galactic Empire.

Sith scientists who helped formed the Clone Army, implanted a hidden toxin in their DNA.  When a curtain frequency was sent out throughout the Galaxy the clones would all die out as the toxin is activated when exposed to the frequency.

In addition the Droid Armies of the CIS were reactivated via codes given by Sith Agents who infiltrated the CIS, and were massed produced along with the tech adapted from the CIS and Old Republic by the Star Foundry.

The Sith Empire were ready for war, they just need the right opportunity to come in and gain the trust of the Rebel Alliance.

They handled themselves fine at Yavin 4 with the destruction of the Death Star.

The circumstances leading to the battle of Hoth however was the opportunity the Sith Empire had been looking for.

The Galactic Empire's forces led by Darth Vader, invaded the Rebel Alliance current secret base on Hoth, which ironically was a world Tasogare was familiar with in his days in the Old Republic, when the Republic and Empire fought in the frozen wastelands With pirates in effort to salvage Advanced technology stranded there.

Sith Agents in Vader's fleet provided the Sith Forces when Vader Would strike upon finding the base by a probe droid's chance encounter.

As the Imperial Forces besieged Hoth, the Sith Imperial Forces converged and prepared for their surprise attack a sector away.

The Sith fleet were mostly made up of Harrowers and other Sith ships that existed during the time of the Old Republic but were retrofitted with the advanced technology of modern times, also ships of the Clone War Era bearing Sith the black and red  colors and even Imperial Star Destroyers painted in Sith Colors.

Before the Vong War the Star Foundry massed produced ships and weapons of any design, but after the war it was damaged beyond function, a reason want the Sith Empire needed to expand territory and obtain much needed resources to support its people.

Tasogare sent ahead a Star Foundry made Harrower dreadnaught, fitted with a Cloaking Device and a giant Ion Cannon, strapped to its front over its dual hanger bays.

It appeared out of Hyperspave behind Vader's Star Destroyer Armada, it decloaked and fired its Ion Cannon, firing a giant wave that struck the Imperial ships and disabled them.

The giant ion cannon's design is based on the CIS weapon the Malevolence.
Even Vader's Super Star Destroyer the Executor was disabled.

The rest of the Sith fleet came out of Hyperspace and began attacking the disabled Imperial Ships and heralded the evacuating Rebel Ships to safety.

Tasogare was at the helm of the bridge of his Harrower flagship the Wolf Fang II.  He closed his eyes and focused in the force and mentally saw Luke Skywalker about to board an X-Wing fighter to escape the planet.

He used force Telapathy to call out to Luke in the Force.

"Go back to the main hangar."

"What who are you? Ben?"

"A friend. Vader is in the base and is about to capture your friends. If you don't go back to stop him it'll be too late," said Tasogare in reply.

What Taso says was true. Vader indeed was in the base. And had appeared in the hanger just as the Millennium Falcon attempted to escape.  But Vader was able to stop it from escaping with the Force and forced it to land, and have his troops capture Leia Organa, Han Solo, Chewbacca, and C3PO and R2D2.

He lined them up. As he stood in front of Leia.  "This day marks the beginning of the end of the Rebellion Princess.  Your capture will ensure that.  You are more valuable alive Princess, your friends however," he turned to Han and Chewbacca with their hands over heads.  "They are expendable." The Dark Lord said raising his blade over his head to strike them down.

"No Vader wait!" Begged Leia, as a snowtrooper grabbed her from behind to hold her back.

Suddenly Luke's X-Wing flew into the hanger, and he jumped from mid-air out of the cockpit drawing Vader's former Jedi blade. Vader turned around to parry Luke's aerial Attack.  "Skywalker," said Vader to Luke in acknowledgement as he and his son crossed blades.  "Finally we meet."

"Your time is done Vader. You will see justice for your crimes today." Said Luke as he separated from Vader.

Vader signaled his troops not to interfere.  "Is that so? If that's my destiny then so be it.  But I highly doubt it's likely to happen you are strong.  The Force is with you Skywalker,  and seemed to learned some things from Obi-Wan but your training isn't complete, you are not a Jedi yet."

Luke yelled as he ran forward delivering strike after strike against Vader's guard.  Vader simply stood and blocked his Attacks effortlessly.

Luke grew frustrated and without any Jedi training gave into his anger easily and his Attacks grew stronger as the dark side flowed into him.

"Good, your anger gives you strength.  But it isn't enough.  I don't have time to play with you.  The Emperor longs to meet you. It's time to face your destiny." Moving his saved so fast in moved in a red arc be severed Luke's hand.  Luke fell on the ground gripping his wound yelling.

Vader kicked Luke to his back and turned to his friends.  "You have yet to unlock your true potential let loss be your teacher," said Vader as he raises his blade to strike them down.

Suddenly a flash filled the hanger. Vader turned and saw someone standing meters behind him.

It was Tasogare Shadow who utilized his Force Transportation technique to teleport from his ship from space to appear in the Hanger.

"While I agree this could be the beginning of the making of the boy, I'm afraid I have the need to interfere."

"Who are you?" Asked Vader.

"I am a shadow of the past.  You may call me Darth Shadow, Dark Lord of the Sith."

"Shadow? My master once told me of an ancient Sith of the Sith Empire who served with Malgus as a patriot for the Sith Emperor in the Galactic War.  He was a mere Darth of conservative ideals and a suspected Revanite.  He's long one with the Force."

"So you been told. Believe what you will, however the fact is that the boy is right when he said your time is done. The time of the Old Sith is over, the time the True Sith begins now."

"You do not know the power of the Dark Side Acolyte." Said Vader as he went towards the interloper blade ready to strike him down.

Taso drew his Saberstaff and activated one of its rare black blade with red outline colored saber blades to parry it.

"It's you who has much to learn youngster. Don't be so smug you black tin man."

Vader decided to not underestimate this mysterious foe as he unleashed the full poweess of his swordsmanship. Enhanced by his cyborg body his strikes were fast and strong.

Tasogare however blocked the Attacks with equal strength and speed enhancing his physical capabilities with his immense force power.

Vader attempted a few strikes until Taso was suddenly gone and Vader struck thin air.  He turned and saw Tasogare meters away dashing toward him across the the ground moving like a phantom. 

Vader blocked Taso's Attack but was knocked into the ground by the impact and was hit against cargo boxes. Vader was barely able to move out of the way as Taso struck the ground where he laid.

Vader was up beginning to realize Taso wasn't an initiate, he wasn't just strong but also have a reserve of experience.

Vader couldn't sense Taso's full power as he was suppressing it to confuse Vader.

As Taso drew the second blade of his Saberstaff, Vader knew he was getting serious.

Taso swung his blade staff with immense skill and speed and delivered a barrage of attacks against Vader.  Vader was forced on the defensive, as he found himself barely able to keep up.

Taso took advantage of Vader's clunky body, to keep attacking with swift Attacks to spread Vader's defense thin.

At one point one end of Taso's weapon crossed blades with Vader.  Taso smirked under the mask and in a refined arc, the other end of his weapon slashed against Vader's chest.

Vader fell on his knees groaning.

Taso then struck again to hit Vader's mask off him, and kicked his blade off of his hand.

The Snowtroopers began to prepare to fire on the interloper to save Vader, but Taso raised his arm and conjured of a Force Storm of Lightning to appear over the Troopers heads and struck them down.  Their bodies exploded from the power of the lightning.

Only Luke and his friends were unharmed.  Tasogare walked to Luke and took his stumped arm, and used Sith Sorcery in the form of healing Force Lightning to revive his lost hand.  Luke looked at his hand in amazement, as Taso handed him his father's former Jedi weapon. 

He lifted the weakened Vader behind him with a Force Grip, as he stood in front of Leia.  

"Princess Organa. I represent the True Sith Empire and we would like to discuss terms of an alliance against a mutual enemy..."

Vader was imprisoned, and the Battle of Hoth ended in victory as Sith Forces after defeating Vader's fleet, landed and assisted Rebel Forces in defeating the Imperial Forces that invaded Echo Base.

Hours later Tasogare arranged a meeting with Mon Mothma and other Alliance leaders at the Rebel Fleet.

They were skeptical that their possible new allies called themselves Sith, and after being oppressed by the Sith rule of Palpatine, they are hesitant to accept this civilization as an ally.

They were even more skeptical when Taso told that in exchange of the Sith Empire's help, they seek territory that would span almost half the known Galaxy, the same territory the Empire once had at the Cold War.

Talks began to fell apart, until Tasogare gave them this food for thought.  If the Alliance wishes to make the Sith Empire their enemy then they'll have two Empire's to deal with.  At least by allying themselves with the Sith Empire now they can deal with one Empire and Possibly worry about the other later.

Rebel leaders decided to take this alliance as a chance to observe and learn about the Sith Empire's true intentions and learn about their capabilities should things go south.

An alliance between the Sith Empire and the Rebel Alliance was made, a union not seen since the uneasy truces and cooperations is the Sith Empire and Old Repuplic during the Cold War and Second Galactic War.

Luke, who seemed to trusted Tasogare for what he Did to save him and his friends, soon learned the truth about Vader and that Leia was his sister.

Tasogare offered to teach Luke and/or Leia the true ways of the Force should he want to be more than a Jedi.

Luke left for Dagobah to train under Yoda saying he'll think about the offer.

Meanwhile news of the Sith Empire's reappearance as the Rebel Alliance's allies shook the core of the Galactic Empire.  It disturbed Emperor Palpatine greatly.

He went deep in a Force Trance in the presence of Sith Holocrons to consult the spirits of the Ancient Sith Lords who had followed the traditional ways of the Sith and from them he learned about Tasogare.

"Darth Shadow is not worthy of his title as Dark Lord of the Sith, he is a hypocrite who blasphemed by embracing the Light Side as well as the Dark.  He took advantage of Lord Vitiate's madness to become immortal and learn from his feet," said the blackened shroud of one Sith Spirit.

"Yet he is cunning like a Sith should be.  He is no ordinary individual. Even With Immortality a fool wouldn't have succeeded as much as he had,"
Said another.

"It matter of the fact isn't in his intelligence nor his strength.  It's the fact he's threatening to make our traditions go extinct.  He turned the True Sith that directly descended from the the Order and Empire the Founders created, into an abomination. An order of false Sith utilizing the Light Side and Dark Side in equal shares. And follow Jedi as well as Sith doctrine.  He must be eliminated!" Stated another Shade.

"We do not know his strength. If he was the one who defeated Lord Vitiate, he must be formidable.  With Lord Vader compromised, Lord Sidious is the last of us."

"Then we must-"

"Hey am I interrupting anything or can anyone join this chat room?"

Sidious and all shades looked behind them and saw Tasogare standing behind them.

"Lord Sidious! You must allow us to take your body as a vessel! Our collective power would-"

"Begone shades your time is over to Chaos with the Lot of you," said Tasogare as he extended his palm forward and summoned a powerful flash of white light.  The shades screeched as they were repelled away by the light.  Sidious covered his face with his arms by the intensity of the light.  He was forced out of the trance and returned to the real world.
He was on Coruscant in his chambers in his throne room, with Sith Holocrons standing in pedestals in front of him.  While in his trance he surged force lightning into them.

Sidious gasped to see the real Tasogare standing in front of him and behind him through the doors leading to his throne room bodies of Royal Guards littered the Throne Room.

"Hail Galactic Emperor and brother Dark Lord of the Sith the Force us with you," bowed Tasogare respectfully.

Sidious stood up to look at the intruder.

"Darth Shadow I presume?"

"And you must be Darth Sidious.  Your accomplishments precede you."

"And they you as well at Least some of them. My colleagues don't know much about you since your days in the Old Republic and only a few things during  your exile."

"For all his faults the Sith Emperor was strong and skilled.  He was a good teacher.  Amongst his skills was the ability to keep Sith Spirits out of our part of the Galaxy, one which I inherited when I learned from him."

"So what do I owe for this intrusion?"

"Your demise."

"Why act so hostile we are both Sith and should get along with eachother. Together we can unite the Galaxy in peace and order."

"Peace is a lie. You know it better than anyone. It can only exist in dreams of many.  That aside Im determined to put an end to the Old ways of the Sith.  I've existed for millennia and seen the old ways fail again And again.  I'm tired of it.  You are what's left of the old ways.  With your demise the Sith, the True Sith that displays complete mastery of the Force will have their time.  Your era is over."

"Is that so! Don't underestimate me! I am the Dark Side Incarnate! I am the next Sith Emperor!  You are nothing but a deluded relic! Feel the true power of the Dark Side!" Shouted Palpatine as fired bolts of purple Force Lighting from his hands.

Tasogare deflected the barrage of lighting with the flick of his wrist before crossing his hands smugly. The deflected bolts struck the wall near the ceiling and exploded.

Palpatine blinked in surprise before he bellowed and attempted again.  The Attack was deflected again in the same manner.

Palpatine fired again and this time Taso held back the blast of lighting with a single hand.

Palpatine poured all his strength in an effort to tear through Taso's defenses.  Taso pushed forward and sent the blast of lighting back at Palpatine.  It struck him and he fell back to the ground.

He floated telekinetically back on his feet.
To see Tasogare standing over him brining his  blade down to strike him down.

Palpatine was barely able to step backward to avoid a fatal blow.

He gripped the wound on his chest hissing in hate.

He drew a blade hidden at his sleeve. Despite his legendary skill in Lightsaber combat, he really doesn't care for it, preferring to overpower his foes with his great Force Powers.

He and Taso swung their blades so fast it seemed that multiple blades were striking eachother.

The melee lasted for about a minute when Tado suddenly drew his, blade's other end and slashed Palpatine with it.

He kicked Palpatine's saber out of his hand, and Repelled him with a blast of force energy to the wall.

Palpatine got up, looking at Taso in amazement.

"I've build up my power and knowledge for millennia you only existed for a few decades.  You are a child to me.  I've learned at the Sith Emperor's feet and was the only person who got close to him in strength.  I returned from death with my power multiplied in my duel with him, and discovered the Valley of the Jedi which supercharged my strength making me reborn in the Force.   You are no Sith Emperor but to be fair to you posses a significant fraction of his former power.  Let me show you power, the power of a Sith who truly mastered the Force."  His eyes unused his golden mask glowed purple as his body closed in a purplish aura.  The entire room filled with purplish energy, the very air became heavy in it.

Palpatine gasped as he fell on all fours feeling the power like immense pressure bearing down on him like Gravity.

"I never imagined there something that existed such as you...very well if I can't crush your power I'll assimilate it!" Said Palpatine as he prepped to use his ability Essence Transfer to transfer hid spirit into Tasogare's body and took it over.

Tasogare countered it using  Force Walk, the ability for a Sith to bind spirits to their will.

Tasogare used it to bind Palpatine's spirit to his will and kept it bound to his flesh while taking his strength and adding it to his own.

Palpatine gasped collapsing on all Fours.

"You think I'm not familiar with that technique? The Sith Emperor used that to insure his immortality.  I know it myself but prefer to stay in my original vessel.  I know the technique well and I know how to counter it.  With help from a relative we binded the Sith Emperor to his vessel and took him to Chaos when he died with it.  Now you are bound to your flesh unable to escape.  Dark Side incarnate indeed you are like me just a man gifted in power. Only unlike me you failed to Acknowledge it and allowed your own power to control you.  Now begone and with you the flawed order of the Sith."

He charged his full strength and unleashed Force Lightning to the bound Palpatine.

The building of the throne room surged in lightning as Palpatine was vaporized by the Attack.

With him gone Tasogare pressed the a Remote button to activate the toxins within the Imperial Clone Solders throughout the Galaxy and killed them from the inside out.

With Palpatine gone and a significant portion of their solders gone, the Galactic Empire will split into chaos making it easier for the Sith Empire and Rebel Alliance to push forward against them.

While he would like to see how things turn out he must leave his world briefly to pay his relative Revan Shadow a visit to pay his respects upon hearing about Shadow's rebellion and he used his force technique to disappear.

Meanwhile at the Doom World Revan Shadow was having fun.

Zera, Xixi's half sister, was fucking Revan riding him rapidly, as Xixi stood before them nude fingering hersrlf.

Zera unlike Xixi is an albino Irken Mercenary with no powers but formidable skills. And while Xixi is sweet in the surface yet horny and homicidal at inside, Zera is a cold and hard bitch at outside yet deep down she can be sweet to only those close to her.

Besides being a mercenary Zera is also doing research of the scab species, one whom is Xixi's pet Tom.

When Xixi joined the Organization to be with Revan, Zera followed originally to keep an eye on her sister and also take advantage of the pay Revan offers for doing missions for him.

But recently she became interested in taking a noncombatant role in the Organization.  She asked Revan to be in charge of first aide as a nurse and a Chief.  She also wishes to make use of the Organization's resources to further her research.

Revan gladly allowed her to do as she sees fit.

At first Zera didn't trust Revan as she hardly trusts anyone, but she came to respect him upon seeing how he takes care of Xixi.

She also grown to bond with Xanatos, the first Irken Mercenary member whom had become her partner in and out of the Organization.

Xixi, recently decided to hand Zera cut loose and chemically drugged Zera and Revan to go at eachother.
Zera became one  of the few females she approved to have fun with Revan, mostly for the purpose to entertain her dirty fetishes.

Zera moaned softly as she lifted herself and brought herself back down using her full weight to bring his cock deeper inside her.

Xixi kept her and Revan horny for eachother with her demonic power, creating an aphrodisiac effect With her power.  She watched moaning  softly as she fingered herself.

Zera was beginning to become addicted to this activity as she went harder while rubbing her Breasts still inside her blouse.

Xixi fingered faster as she heard them getting close.

Finally they both yelled as they came.

As Zera collapsed on Revan panting, Xixi moved forward to kiss Revan roughly, before putting her wet pussy on his mouth, desiring for him to eat it as she grinds.

She was about to start when suddenly in a flash of force energy, Tasogare Shadow appeared in the room.

He stood at the side of the bed looking down at Revan and his bedmates.

They all stopped and stared at him.

After a while he said, "Don't stop on my account please keep going."

Xixi smirked and  happily said, "Ok!" As she started to pussy fuck Revan's mouth before he pulled her off.

A few minutes later they got cleaned and dressed up and met with Taso and living room.

"So Revan these are your recent members? Friends with benefits huh?" Taso said referring to the last time he caught Revan in his room with a lady.

"Oh Im not, Im his mate, and she's my sister whom I guess counts as his friend with benefit under my approval, I'm Xixon," she said smiling pleasantly making Revan blush.

"Ah you have the personality of a leader. And the heart of a lovely kind person.  I approve of you.  I am Tasogare Shadow, Revan's last living relative," he said taking off his hood and mask revealing himself to look like Revan only with yellow eyes like when his wolf Powers are active.

Xixi and Zera looked at Taso in surprise at the resemblance.

"I heard of you loss and came to offer my condolences.  But I'm happy that some happy things also result from recent events. I welcome you to the Shadow family."

"Thank you Mr. Taso you are nice, " said Xixi pleasantly.

Suddenly a shockwave shook the house. At the tv the image of Zerg came into focus.  "Boss the underground base is being attacked by what I believe are Von Draco forces. They are knights enhanced by magical abilities Calling themselves-"

The transmission was suddenly cut off as armored figures tore through the ground.  About five armored Knights came stood before them drawing long swords.

"Identify yourselves." Asked Revan calmly.

"We are the elite blades of the Von Dracos the Klinge. You are our masters sworn enemies we shall fight you in their name," said the captain of the group his face hidden in his helmet like the others.

"Is that right? Then I regret to inform you it won't be easy," said Revan as he was about to dash toward the captain when Tasogare stopped him. "I'll deal with him you deal with the others." He said as he put his mask and hood back on, and drew his Saberstaff and dashed toward the captain.

Revan blocked the sword strike of a knight that crashed him through the floor into the lower levels of the house.

Xixi took on two at once taunting them by shaking her butt seductively before disappearing in super speed with them chasing her.

Zera ran away drawing her gun while her Knight pursuer chased behind her firing fire and Ice based magic Attacks at her.

Tasogare and his opponent the Klinge squad Captain remained in the living room for a moment.

"Let's take this battle elsewhere," said Taso, as the captain nodded in agreement before they both disappeared in super speed via force speed and magically enhanced speed.

Meanwhile downstairs, Zera ran to the house's training room. Unlike her companions she has no powers, armed only with her weapons and skills.  As she was running she discovered that both were ineffective.  The armor of the knight was tough, apparently magically enhanced to increase durability even against blaster shots.

Upon realizing that she ran to the training room where she'll make use of another weapon to change the tide.

As she entered the room, The Knight threw ice needles at her as he entered room, with a wave of his arm.

She got cut on both arms by being grazed by the ice projectiles. The impact of the hits caused her to fall to the ground.

The knight walked toward her, his blade ablaze with fire energy. He raised it about to strike her down.

Cut and bloodied, Zera seemed helpless.  But she smirked as she said suddenly, "Computer, activate program Absent Silhouette, initiate Zera training regiment defense mode, at max difficult setting."

Absent Silhouette was a program made by Zerg.  It gives the Organizations computers the ability to create data-l replicas of others for the purpose of training.

Usually they are replicas of opponents Organization Keyblade fought in the past.  But Zera had a special data replica in mind.  Xanatos, her closest partner and friend in the Organization.

The real Xanatos returned from another mission at the main base about to visit Zera when the other squads of the Klinge attacked the base.  He is at the moment helping the rest of the team fight off the main invasion force, therefore can't physically be there to help Zera.

However this data based facsimile of Xan is programmed to be stronger than the original by Zera just now.  And thus will stand more of a challenge to bed opponent. The data replica of Xanatos dashed forward at speeds exceeding beyond the original, and swung it's electro-katanas at the knight with unreal strength beyond the capabilities of the real Xan.

The impact of the strikes were blocked by the Knight's blade but was knocked back by the recoil and skid across the ground.

The knight fired an energy slash of fire energy at the Xanatos. Who dashed through the flames using a whirlwind dashing blade Attack and clashed blades with the knight.

While the Xanatos data replica held back the knight, Zera jumped on the knight's shoulders and took out a syringe and stabbed it at his neck where the armor was weakest.

The knight unleashed a surge of  magic energy to repel Zera off him and into the ground.

He pushed away the Xan data replica, the data replica lunged at the knight swords at the ready.

The knight dashed forward and  slashed the data replica, defeating it while it was still in mid-air.

As the Xan data replica faded away in a swirl of data and numbers, the knight turned to Zera and raised his blade to strike her down.

She was hurt and unable to move in time to evade the Attack.  But despite her predicament she smirked and chuckled causing the knight to stop and grunted, "Hm?"

"Heh strong silent type huh. Well works for me.  You know what i injected inside you? Nano bombs, right now they are being pumped to almost everywhere in your body.  Your armor is stuff but what about your insides?" She asked as she took out a remote and pressed the button.

Popping sounds  were heard as the knight stood still in shock as the nano-sized bombs exploded inside him.

He collapsed to the ground dead before his armored body burned away into ash.

Xixi's battle took place at the underground portion of the house in its Voot/Gummi Ship hanger bay.

She was at her demon/wolf form, gracefully dodging their sword strkes.

After ducking a strike she drew her demonic red spirit energy blade, striking at the knight's chest. The strike exposed the skin of his armor.

She spat out acid at the opening. He yelled as the acid ate at his flesh.

The other knight swung his sword at her.  She caught it with her bare hand and jabbed Her other clawed hand through the armor and chest of the other Kmight.  She transferred her demonic wolf power into the wound.  The knight's body disentegrated into nothing from the inside out.

Xixi turned around to see the first Knight she wounded healed to her surprise and swung at her again, grazing her cheek.
She snarled as she jabbed her palm at the knight's helmet shattering it.

She slammed the knight to the ground and began bashing his head in, then before his body burned away with his death she ate his flesh.

Meanwhile Revan was fighting his opponent in the lap area of the base where Zera and Xixi do their experiments.  Zera for her research on Tom's species, and Xixi for her random quirks.

Before they moved in, that part of the base was hardly used since Revan and his former second in command Shadow hardly are one of scientific. Minds. Thus when the girls moves in, the labs became more active.
Most of the Organization's lab work happens in the main underground base where Zim, Tak, and other scientist members work under Zerg, the director of the R and D department.

Houses like Zim's, Revan's, and Gaz's homes made from Irken Tech are equipped with labs and other identical facilities.

Revan came to see his opponent's physical abilities is compatible to his own, making the battle even so far.  Until Revan decided to change tactics and surround his blade in Dark Zero energy without releasing it, creating shockwaves with each swing.  This maneuver surprised the knight as each strike knocked back her guard.

He succeeded in striking her head and hit her helmet off.  It revealed she was a young looking female with hazel eyes and brown hair in a ponytail.

After striking her so hard she slid against the ground, Revan jumper backward and unleashed the Stored Dark Zero Energy as an energy wave.

The female knight, Gaia, blocked the blast with her blade.

While she was still blocking the blast, Revan teleported at her side and fired Dark Zero as an energy blast from his finger.  Her armor protected her but the blast knocked her into the wall.

He was about to stab her against the wall, when an arm grabbed his hand, and the person responsible kicked him to the ground.

Revan looked up to see it was Ulquiorra Cifer the former 4th Espada of Aizen's Arrancar Army.

Revan was surprised to see him, he knew that he died fighting Ichigo Kurosaki.

Revan personally knew him when Organization Keyblade and Hueco Mundo has a temporary alliance against the Dominion.

" that you?"

"Yes Revan Shadow. It's really me."

"I thought you died."

"I did but my new masters the Von Dracos used their power to resurrect me.  After using their ritual to revive Larxene and Marluxia, they decided to revive more of your former foes,  and acquaintances to make use of, while enhancing us all with their magic.

"I'm not alone, they also revived Zommari Rureaux, Coyote Starrk, Yammy Llargo, Gin Ichimaru, and Kaname Tosen.  U and Zommari were revived because we were amongst the loyal of the Espada.

"Starrk was killed when he refused to serve anyone else.  Yammy got himself killed when he sent to subdue our former comrade Tier Harribiel.

"Only Zommari, Gin, Tosen, and I remain in the Von Dracos service. More could have been revived but the resurrection ritual takes a lot of power, and our masters were content to have us for now."

"So now your masters sent you to help kill me."

"No this invasion is mostly to test your team's abilities against their elite while having any members killed is a bonus.  I volunteered for this mission upon knowing it was about you.  You will die by my sword," said Ulquiorra as he drew his sword.

"You lowly minion!" shouted Gaia as she got up.  "Know your place! The honor for this mission belong to the Klinge alone! This man is my prey! Don't interfere!"

"It is our masters will for me to be here now. To hinder me is to hinder them.  That aside you are no match against this man.  I fought at his side before and know what he's capable of.  If you wish to die go ahead, if not stay out of my sword's path," said Ulquiorra calmly without turning to face her. She flinched at the reply and said nothing.

"Ulquiorra...there's something different about you I can see it in your eyes...let me see..." Said Revan as he got up and dashed toward him abs crossed blades with him.

"Oh I Keyblade is touching your blade and through it your feelings are flowing into my blade.  I can feel and see the moments leading to your death...I see finally understand and accepted the significance and existence of a Heart.  In that case Im puzzled if guy accepted the Heart than why allow the Von Dracos to use you like a pawn.  At least with Aizen he allowed you all to think for yourselves while he used you all. I just don't understand...unless you knew that if there was anyone who can feed your heart from their control its me.  Which is why you volunteered to confront me to have me free you from their spell that they used to bind you to them."

Ulquiorra stared blankly at him as he didn't make a denial but said in reply. "Identify this however you like.  Still...if you do liberate me from this servitude I will freely follow you as o had followed Lord Aizen to the end of my days only if you proven yourself worthy.  Show me the strength of your heart Revan Shadow."

Meanwhile in the sky high above the town Tasogare Shadow was engaged in his duel with the Klinge squad captain.

 Tasogare fired a  barrage of lighting laser blasts similar the light technique Ragarok from one end of his saberstaff.

The captain moved in a blur of speed avoiding the blasts.

Taso then charged a giant projectile of lightning at one end of his Saberstaff and launched it at the captain.

The captain fired a powerful bolt of magic energy from his palm to deflect the projectile causing it to explode.

The captain saw Tasogare standing there and asked," why aren't you fighting seriously?

"It wouldn't do much good to simply kill you without learning the capabilities of your kind.  I dragged this fight on to observe and analyze your abilities so it could be an asset to me and my relative's team in future battles.  I can see that you Knights are magically enhanced by The same power source. 

"It seems that your powers vary in each knight.  I observed earlier that the knight who attacked Zera used fire and ice magic.  You haven't used it so far because either you haven't have a chance to use it yet, not interested in using it, saving it for a counter move, or you baby use it.  However you all seem to share the  Universal abilities of enhanced physical prowess and the ability to manipulate magic energy.  And lastly your ability to heal isn't absolute it seems to kick in moments after you. I can only assume your ability isn't your own it comes from your masters.  They heal you with some spell which take moments to heal because of the distance."

"You are a wise opponent it's almost a shame you are my enemy.  You are correct in almost every aspect.  Expect that we have one other universal ability, longevity.  To be a Klinge is an eternity of servitude.  We can't even be allowed to die by natural causes.  I am 200 years old," he said taking off his helmet showing he appeared to bring a white haired blue eyed middle aged man.

"That's nothing a multiple millennia old but I can see you too are a man of experience. So you and your subordinates are older than you look."  

"Yes Gaia my second in command is over 80."

"Interesting, but now it's time  to
End things."

"Agreed! Let this battle end in glory!"  Said the captain as he dashed toward Taso and impaled him with his lomgswords through the chest.

But it was an illusion made by Taso's Sith Sorcery.  The real Taso was behind the captain impaling him through the back and armored chest with his saber enhanced with force lightning.

The captain fell to Earth as his body faded into ash and fire.

Meanwhile, Revan was fighting Ulquiorra.  He was now in his Released form  and Revan in his second form Light Mode, clashing with Keyblade against lance of spirit energy.

They moved in super speed, making it appear that are at multiple places at once clashing against eachother.

They separated and charged their moves.  Ulquiorra charged his move Cero Oscuras and Revan's Cero Blanco.

Revan's signature move Dark Zero was developed by Revan and Shadow when they first went to Hueco Mundo years ago before finding the Organization.  It was after the wars in Revan's Homeworld allowing him some freedom to travel to other worlds before leaving completely to find Organization Keyblade.

Hueco Mundo was One of the first world's Revan and Shadow explored.  It was before Aizen defected from the Soul Society and fully settled in Hueco Mundo.

Revan and Shadow explored Hueco Mundo and fought Hollows and pseudo-Arrancars they encountered. Upon seeing their move, the Cero.  Revan and Shadow developed the Dark Zero based on that technique.

Upon unlocking his first form Dark Mode, he fully developed the move.

When he developed his second firm Light Mode, he developed the light version of Dark Zero, Cero Blanco, which he used to deflect Ulquiorra's Cero Oscuras.

As the dust cleared Revan said, "you have gotten stronger. As you are now you would really give Ichigo a challenge."

"What became of Ichigo Kurosaki?"

"He defeated Aizen at the price of his power.  Aizen himself is immortal now but powerless and sealed away in the Soul Society.  Ichigo has been living as a normal human ever since."

"I see...tell me Revan is it your full power or can you get stronger?"

"I have another form as backup."

"Then show me your true strength if you see yourself worthy to liberate me." He said as black and green energy surrounded him as he unleashed his final form.

Ulquiorra is the only known Arrancar who can unleash a second released form, making him even more stronger than before.  He was in that form when he died,

Now this form is even more powerful now that he's enhanced with Von Draco magic.

"Resurrección: Segunda Etapa," said Ulquiorra describing the name of his form.

 "Guess it's my turn then," said Revan as a mixture of black and white energy surrounded him. When dust cleared. It showed Revan in a black and whited colored Black Coat, with crosses in the design.  This was his final human form, Union Mode, the combination of both his previous forms and when his dark and light powers are at strongest.

Ulquiorra drew his energy weapon a green lance of spirit energy, with energy burning like flames at each end. The Lanzla del Relampago.  Besides being used as a melee weapon, it can be thrown as a javelin like his energy lance in his previous form. However when this powered up energy weapon hits a target it unleashes an explosion so powerful it can be nearly the size of a city. 

However Ulquiorra have no intention to unleash such a power in an  enclosed space at least not now.

They moved in super speed clashing again.  With each clash, they unleashed a shockwave.

Gaia watched them fight in shock.  She can't believe the man she fought have such power backed up.  She realized Ulquiorra was right she would have been killed by now I'd she kept fighting him.  She never felt so powerless before.

She turned Around to see Xixi behind her.  She stared at Ulquiorra's wings and former her own from her back only they are angelic wings with black feathers.  Giving her an appearance of a fallen Irken angel with demonic features.

She watched as Revan and Ulquiorra fought.  Gaia gasped and turned around and swung her blade at her.  Xixi smirked and effortlessly blocked the blade with her bare hand.  She put her other hand near her mouth and pointed her finger near her mouth  and made a shushing sound.

She than out her finger near Gaia's chest and charged a perfect imitation of Revan's Dark Zero at her finger.

She fired it point blank at Gaia's chest.  The armor held and knocked her into the wall as the blast exploded against it.  When dust cleared it showed Gaia still alive but her upper armor blown off with herself partly burned and wounded and wearing a t-shirt blouse.

She held her blade which was partly burned away by the blast.

"Now what can I do to you," she said in a darkened voice.  " many things I can do to you while I wait for my baby to finish mopping up here. I can't wait to get started!~"

Gaia knew she can't win, and resorted to her only option: retreat.  She sensed she's the last of her squad, her captain and teammates are gone.  Her mission is a failure and her only choice now is return home while she can.

She knelt down, and placed her broken blade against the ground like a warrior doing a kneeling salute.  Xixi blinked thinking at first this was doing a gesture of surrender.  Suddenly a magic symbol formed underneth Gaia and a barrier of light surrounded Gaia. 

Xixi blinked than snarled trying to slash at her.  She was repelled to the ground by the barrier.

She whimpered clutching her burned hand. And watched as Gaia glowed in light and disappeared.

She growled getting up and looked up to observe Revan and Ulquiorra's fight.

Ulquiorra separated from a clash with Revan and charged a Segunda Etapa enhanced Cero Oscuras.

Revan charged his Union Mode's version of Dark Zero, which is called Amanecer Zero.  It's a combination of Cero Blanco and Dark Zero.  It's a blast in a mixture of black and white energy charged as a sphere of condensed energy at the Palm.  He made it seem he was about to fire to clash with Ulquiorra's Cero Oscuras.

But when Ulquiorra fired he instead  kept the blast in his hand and charged a Union Mode enhanced Reflect Barrier and let Ulquiorra's blast be deflected by it.

Just as the Cero Oscuras was blocked Revan fired his Amanecer Zero.  Ulquiorra had no time to charge another Cero Oscuras to deflect it and was forced to spin hid lance around rapidly to use it to block Revan's blast.

It exploded, almost sending fire throughout the  entire hanger.  Xixi used her wings to shield herself from the shockwave.

When dust cleared it showed Ulquiorra with his right arm, right wing, and part of chest missing.  The lance only reduced the damage of the strike.

Ulquiorra used his ability, High Speed Regeneration, to regenerate his wounds.

"Very impressive.  But you need more than that to defeat me."

"I'm enjoying this battle.  But I must put an end to things in order to save you.  I have at least one more form up my sleeve.  Like Ichigo I became more than human." He said as he unleashed his full wolf form.

Despite no longer having clothes, Revan was still in Union Mode combined with his wolf form.

When Xixi saw his wolf out and used Her connection to him to mentally communicate with him.  "Baby this bat demon dude is an Arrancar like Loly right?  They use spirit energy. Our kind absorbs and manipulates spirit energy.  Drain the dude dry of his power, make it your own, and win this one for me baby."

Revan nodded as Ulquiorra dashed toward him with another Lanzla Del Relampago drawn.

Revan caught the energy lance with nod bare hand and absorbed the energy like Xixi suggested.  Before Ulquiorra could react. Revan grabbed him by throat and drained his power, soon he reverted to his normal form unconscious.

Revan places him at the ground and drew his Keyblade while reverting to his normal human form.

He pointed over the Hollow Hole in Ulquiorra's chest.  "Ulquiorra," said Revan.  "Contrary to what you are led to believe you Hollows are not Heartless.  You see your Hollow masks are actually the physical manifestation of your hearts.  All your powers and abilities are all because of the strength of your heart.  The fact you are only Arrancar to be able to achieve a second stage released state is testament of your heart's strength.  Now through your heart's power i release you from your chains of servitude and welcome you as my newest comrade."  He said as he fired a beam of light into the Hollow Hole.  Within the space within the hole an orb of light formed within it representing Ulquiorra's Heart.  Revan through this act used his Keyblade to unlock Ulquiorra's heart and freed him from the spell that binded him to the Von Dracos.

The Klinge invasion ended in Organization Keyblade victory.  There were no casualties on their side only wounded. And there was more collateral damage than physical, as the underground bass was demolished from the fighting.  But the advanced custom made Irken tech is self repairing and wouldn't take long for things to be back to normal.

Xanatos was amongst the wounded, and was sent to bath in a tube of liquid that would heal his wounds. Zera stayed at his side watching him as he healed inside it.

Tasogare gave his report of analysis to Revan before returning to his Homeworld.

Xixi spent the rest of the day and night using countless ways to "celebrate" with Revan for his victory.

Ulquiorra joined the Organization as promised and shared Intel on what he learned when he was in the Von Draco servitude.

Meanwhile, Gaia in a new suit of armor was kneeling before Vlad Von Draco making her report she was the only one who returned to base.  The rest of her comrades rather died fighting than suffer the indignity of failure.  Gaia has always been more independent and different than the average Klinge, which made her a deviant in her superiors eyes  all except to her fallen captain who treated her like a daughter, who saw her potential in power more suiting as his second in command.

When she was done with her report, she looked down expecting retribution for her failure of returning alive.

"I apologize for my failure...I know I deserve punishment...but I felt I must live to serve the Von Draco family by living to report what happened.  Organization Keyblade's members are...monsters we can't beat them...I can only imagine that our elite could-"
"Spare me your groveling," said Vlad who was staring out of his  office window his back turned on her.

"But in this case you are right there.  In fact you have done the Von Dracos a great service.  You are to be commended. As a reward for your service.  You are to be put in a new squad as a captain.  Continue to serve well and you'll have a chance to join the elite."

"T-thank you my Lord..." Gasped Gaia. Surprised of this turn of events.

"You may leave," said Vlad waving his arm without turning around.

She bowed and left the room.

Vlad smirked.  Despite the failure of the invasion of did serve the purpose.  He figured that Organization Keyblade would be hard to defeat that's why in truth he sent standard class warriors of the Klinge to fight.   They were expendable, and expected to lose. The fact that Gaia is alive proves she's more than expendable and is worthy of greater things.  The only significant loss was Ulquiorra, a lot was invested in his resurrection.  He was sent originally to help observe and scout, due to his ability to share Intel by crushing his eye.  But Ulquiorra was able to resist their influence enough to challenge Revan to a fight instead Which resulted in his liberation. He was assumed dead when his connection to them was severed.  But there still others like him elite resurrected minions left to be used.

The operation's main objective was to observe the capabilities of the Organization.  He plans not to have them destroyed at least not yet.  He wish to use them for an end.  A plan that would have the Von Dracos ascend to their true destiny in the multiverse.

And it's coming soon...

COH Book 7 Ch. 7 The Von Draco's blades
First post of March whooooo!!!! ^^
Enjoy :3
The Von Draco Knights the Klinge is German for Blade.

Revan Shadow, Tasogare Shadow, Shadow the Heartless, Xanatos, the Von Draco Family, the Kurokage Species, the Klinge by me
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Zera, Xixon by :iconwingless1raven: 
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Zim themes and characters by Jhonen Vasquez
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but it tonight I got email from them saying while they appreciate my interest they politely rejected me in favor for applicants with retail experience.

im a little down over the fact my best interested job has rejected me.  While there's hope for library im still a little sad.

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