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Revan Shadow was walking in the forest.
 It's been nearly a month since he had broken up in his most recent committed relationship.

He had started to feel better when he saw other people in informal relationships like his new partner Vena, the Digimon-Symbiote.

What they have isn't serious it was and still is purely physical.  Vena is pansexual and when isn't with Revan sees the female members of the Organization or travel to other worlds to see random people.

Besides seeing  Vena and a few other kinky females, Revan was officially single again.

Despite his new friends and companions, a part of Revan still felt depressed which was strengthened when an old friend of his broke off their relationship.

He recently returned from a mission recruiting new members.

He had been trying to vent out the stress by either fighting or loving but it doesn't fill the hole in his heart.

He was walking alone when suddenly Zim came running out of bushes in his disguise yelling "Save me! save me! You save Zim!" Whimpered Zim as he hugged his leg.    

Zim was a loose member of Revan's team Organization Keyblade, since Dib Membrane disappeared Zim had been secluded at his base with Skoodge. It was the first time Revan seen Zim in a while.

"what's up?"

"You got to save Zim! Insane Irken Girl wants to destroy Zim!"

"Tak is still out to get u? Gee even after being an Invader she still can't let things go."

"Nooo another crazy girl you must save Zim!"

At that moment out of that trees leapt out a humanoid female Irken.  She has blue sapphire eyes, with a two scars  running across her right eye. She has antennae which rooted into three strands of antennae.  She wore a suit of black, purple, and pink color, with a collar that has purple spikes sticking out as a show of intimidation.

She's a lean and fit Irken showing she's very strong.

She looked at Zim With a primal
Growl. Then looked up and saw Revan before speaking in a rough Tom boyish voice, "Great a human saw me in my true form. Way to go Rin getting out of your disguise to toy with your prey.  Now you have to silence him too. Shame he doesn't look bad for a human."

"Excuse me miss," said Revan politely.  "What has this little guy done to you to make you want to kill Zim?"

"To me? Nothin' I'm on a mission to kill the Irken Defective Zim by the order of the Almighty Tallests."

"Tallests Red and Purple?  Excuse you but you seemed to be behind on current events, Red and Purple and the Control Brains are overthrown.  It's a regime change. There's a New Tallest, Irken is reformed and it's part of an intergalactic alliance with the former Resisty."


"Hold it, let's make a deal.  If you are a warrior of honor then I challenge you to a battle of honor.  You and me, if I win you swear on your word of honor to leave Zim alone.  If you win then you can have me and Zim
And do what you will."

Rin raised an eyebrow with interest.  "Well first time I met a human who has the balls to challenge someone like me.  Guess I give you credit for that.  Ok human but no weapons and gagets, just our physical strength and fists and claw.  If you cheat then the contest is null and void got it?"

"Got it," said Revan summoning his Keyblade and embedding it at the ground as a gesture he won't use it.  

Rin didn't expect the blade was summoned by magic ah thought it was summoned by a teleporter or something but understood the gesture and drew her double blade sword with spikes on the back  from her PAK and embed her blade on the ground to return the gesture.

With the conditions of the challenge met, the fight began.

Revan charged towards Rin before leaping at her fists ready to punch her.

Rin caught Revan in mid-air and threw him away from her into the ground.

He landed in a heap upside down looking at Rin with a smug look on her face.

"Ok...that wasn't a good start," he groaned rolling back on his feet and standing upright.

He ran at Rin again but before he reached her he started running at an angle before running back at her and pouncing at her again.

Rin almost gave a scoff as she caught him in the air again and threw him away.

But this time he was being thrown towards a light post.  Revan grabbed onto it and spun around acrobatically a few times before releasing his grip as he flew back towards Rin feet outstretched as he collide into her just as she turned around to face him.

The collision sent Rin off her feet and falling on her back, as Revan landed on the ground.

She got up growling, realizing that Revan planned this.

He changed direction before leaping knowing the direction Rin would throw him after catching him.  Arranged for Rin to throw him towards the light post, where he would hold onto it and sent himself back flying at Rin like he did now.

Either this man was very smart or very stupid and lucky as she might have crushed him rather than throw him again when she did.

She growled as she charged at Revan and threw a punch of superp strength at him.

Revan raised his arms and caught the blow, before countering with a kick that she blocked with her arm.

As they blocked and parried eachother's blows Rin noticed that this human is actually keeping up with her attacks and not only that despite being average build he is taking her blows without being hurt.

She start to wonder whether he IS human.  But she won't let that intimidate her, she will crush him and take her prey.  (Though Zim ran away home since the battle started XD)

She jumped over a kick, propelling herself high in the air, as she jumped down she roared about to
Smash her fist into Revan, going down upon him like a Boulder.

Revan yelped as he was barely able to back away and fall on his back as Rin smashed her fist on the ground where Revan was standing moments ago, leaving a hole in the ground so deep it reached her elbow when she knelt down.

Rin smirked as she got up seeing her opponent surprised at her strength.

She jumped forward to smash him with her foot. Revan back flipped to Avoid it as she smashed at the ground.  Soon it became repetitive as  Rin get jump smashing with her foot and Revan kept jumping backward to avoid the smashing blows.

At one point Revan ended it by crossing his arms and catching her leg before it can smash down on him.
She gets off him and backs away for a moment before charging at  eachother  delivering a number of punches at eachother.

The melee seemed even until  Rin caught Revan's arm and pulled him into a bonecrushing hug

She purred feeling and hearing his bones starting to creak in the strain. She almost enjoyed this in more ways than one.  Revan squirmed in her grip, gripping her shoulders to get free.

Soon he put his feet on her knees  and combined with him pulling on her shoulders he was able to squeeze out of her grip and jumped off her and landed on the ground.

"Heh not bad hardly anyone escaped my grip. I give you credit for lasting this long what's your name?"

"I am Revan Shadow of Hollow Shadow."

"I am Rin take comfort that you will die by my hand but I feel a kindred spirit in you so I'll make it as painless as possible."

"Not that I'll make it easy for you."

"Aw how cute. Let's go human give me a good time..."

They both yelled roaring as they charger at eachother when suddenly something struck Revan from the side that slammed him into a nearby Boulder.

Not only that it looked like whatever struck him cut up his body all over.

Rin looked and saw another man dressed in the same coat as Revan wielding a double bladed scythe floating in the air with gusts of wind around him.

He was brown haired and blue eyed and a man apparently middle aged older than Revan.

"I've waited for the moment when your guard was down and you were weakened Master Revan and now I took it."

"Who the hell are you?! And why you interfered! This is between him and me!" Growled Rin.

"I am Caliban of-"

"Never heard of you..." Groaned a blooded Revan as he got up.

"You weren't supposed to Master Shadow. I am of the Dominion or was until you destroyed them..."

The Dominion was a group of dark powered humans originally from Revan's Homeworld, they each have the same coats he does and have similar dark powers as he does.  Only difference to them he has power of light and darkness, and he's a Keyblade Wielder.  They aren't Keyblade Wielders. They each possess a different weapon they could summon like a Keyblade though.

The Dominion was the very reason why Revan formed Organization Keyblade, to form a team powerful enough to help him defeat them as they seeked the dominion over the entire multiverse.

And they were  destroyedas a group over a year ago but Caliban was apparently a survivor.

"I was an operative assigned to our Homeworld's Shadow Guardians to infiltrate them and gather Intel.  But when the Dominion was destroyed I was forced to stay in my cover to survive.  I waited as I grew stronger from training with my 'fellow" Shadow Guardians until I was ready to track you down and face you when you were weak and now I can finally avenge the Dominion!"

The Shadow Guardians was a group inspired by Revan who was the first known human in that world who resisted the corruption of Darkness. They were like a parody of the Dominion being black coated humans working dark powers and different weapons only they use their abilities for good.  Have Revan not found Organization Keyblade he would have been one of them.  They were lead by Revan's  mentor Brandon and his adopted Daughter Tayna

After the Great War which Revan was a veteran to, the Shadow Guardians became peacekeepers and founded an academy to teach future generations to use darkness in a positive way as solders of the state.

Caliban yelled as he dashed in the air towards Revan who began using healing spells to heal his wounds, still weakened to move.

Before he reached him, Rin's hands grabbed the hilt of the scythe and moved her body around like a discus thrower, spinning Caliban around until she let him go flying into a nearby bench shattering through it and crashing into a  nearby mountain face.

She was still holding onto his scythe, as she threw it at him to slice him with his own weapon. It spun around like a disk going towards him to lacerate him.

But by the time it neared him, Caliban recovered and summoned his weapon which was inches away from cutting his body in half, to teleport back to his hand.

He jumped off the crater where he laid on the mountain edge and floated down to the ground looking at  Rin.

"Who's interfering? I thought you want this man dead. I'm doing us both a favor killing him," said Caliban.

She rolls eyes, "you ass I don't wanna kill him because I hate him. He's not bad looking for a human, and he's actually quite honorable and fun to fight. I'm only wanted to kill him because he was in the way. But now I will not stand having him killed this way.  He's my prey only I get to kill him.  you want him you get through me."

"You are not worth my time insect you are beneath me, begone!" Said Caliban as he released a gust of shredding wind from his palm.

Rin jumped over it and dashed forwards Caliban throwing a punch at him.

Caliban formed a barrier of shredding wind energy to stop her.  The barrier did stop her hand but not the force of her punch.

Caliban flew across the air like a rocket, with his shield of wind shattered.  Though Rin had some serious cuts from the wind barrier which cut at the glove and sleeve at her suit, which provided some protection, her cursed blood healed the wounds in moments.

With physical strength alone, Rin overcame the shield  of Magic wind energy and pushed Caliban back.

He made an areal recovery as Rin flew towards him with her PAK wings.

"No! I will not be defeated by an inferior being like you! There's no power greater than the Power of Darkness!"

"Ha! Who's inferior?! You little man who hide behind little spells! You have no real strength or skills! What you call strength is an illusion! I'll give you a refresher course on what real strength is before I eat your heart after pulling it from Your ass!" Growled Rin, as her sword was still at the ground below, she drew her PAK legs to impale him, but Caliban summoned another wind barrier this time around Rin, and blocking her attempted attacks inside.

He brought the wind barrier closer to her making it smaller, threatening to shred her with the wind barrier,

Her suits provide some protection and her cursed blood would heal  in moments but if the wind cage gets too small it might kill her before she could heal.

Rin desperately struggled at the wind cage only to keep getting cut in the attempts as the cage got smaller.

But Caliban wasn't relying on that to kill her, he really used the cage to incapacitate her long enough for him to dash forward and sever her body in two with his scythe, before she could muster the strength to free herself from the cage.

At last moment Revan appeared in between Caliban and Rin and blocked his blow with his blade in one hand with his other hand he fired an energy projectile at Rin's wind cage and dispersed the wind away from her freeing her.

"Sorry but I won't have anyone die because of me, besides she's hot and I learned to like her in our fight. This is between u and me. You want Keyblade Master Revan Shadow? You got him."

Rin blushed at Revan's declaration flattered that a male was attracted to her and truthfully found him fetching too but was annoyed that he stepped in to save her.  She was about to smack Revan out of the way to finish Caliban herself when both Revan and Caliban disappeared and she grabbed at air.

Revan and Caliban moved at super speed appearing like twin blurs going from one place to another making it appear they were teleporting from one place to another clashing blades.

The high speed combat happened for about half a minute until Revan kicked Caliban out of the sky and he was falling towards the ground.

As Revan flew after him Caliban slashed at the air summoning a giant crescent slash of wind energy to fire at Revan.

Revan countered it with his signature move Dark Zero.

black energy formed as a sphere at his palm and Revan released the energy as a powerful black energy blast.

The blast collided with the wind slash and went through it going towards Caliban.
 Caliban yelped as he barely evaded out of the way as the blast went past him, exploding at the ground below.

Revan teleported behind him striking his sword from behind. Caliban barely reacted to block blow but was thrown to the ground by the impact of the attack.

"I guess I should be foolish to go at you without going serious at you.  In that case here's my full power!"
Shouted Caliban as he started to glow In light blue aura. Energy surged around him.

"You feel it?! This is my true power I recently gained it when I met with someone who encouraged me to go out of hiding to find you after unlocking my latent power! It's Lord Archimedes the Man U allegedly killed! The founder of the Dominion is reborn stronger than ever at a journey to find a lost land of Keyblade Wielders! You heard me you failed!!! The Dominion shall return!"

The sound of the name of the murderer of his family brought Revan to a frenzy he held nothing back as he released Union Mode yelling frantically. His coat now white and black with cross designs, sir fining In a mix of white and black energy.

He was about to charge at Caliban madly when Rin came flying out of nowhere carrying her sword, she clashed her blade against his hilt snarling.

"I have just enough of your mouth bastard! Just shut up and die!"
Despite his power up Caliban couldn't prepare himself for Rin's PAK legs to come out and all stabbed him while she held his scythe back with Her sword.

To her surprise he began fading away.

As all we are bound to the power of darkness die their bodies fade into darkness as they Become part of darkness itself.  There will be no heaven or hell for them, as they lose everything they were and become part of darkness itself.

In Revan's case he's half light and dark and is a Keyblade wielder.

When keyblade Wielders die whether they use light or dark, their bodies fade into light while Their heart and soul passes on. 

Rin scoffed disappointed she can't eat his body.

Revan now calm reverted to normal, landing near her.

"Thanks...for you know the help," said Revan.

She rolled her eyes.  "Your welcome I guess. I didn't ask you save me...but thanks for the gesture....not many people done it for me are a strange human."

"I guess u think I'm a freak who relies on power and magic to be strong like Caliban."

"Nah not exactly, that dipshit had no real skills or honor.  He just relies on spells to fight for him. You fought me with respect and on equal terms, and those spells you have are useful
In dealing with bastards like him.  You are strong and are worthy of being called a warrior because of that I call our duel a draw.  I won't pursue Zim anymore and we both live."

"So...does that mean we can be friends?"

"Friends? With u? Why you want to be friends with me? I'm a monster who hunts and murders for food.  Why would anyone want s friend like me?"

"I don't see a monster here, the only monster here is dead already. I see a beautiful sexy woman who I'm
Glad to meet and feel is gonna change my life," he walked towards her and kissed her lips before pulling away to walk away.

Rin blushed darkly and before she knew it she ran to catch up with him
Saying, "fine you win you wanna go to my dwelling or yours to talk about this....friendship?"

Chain of Hearts Book 7 Ch. 9 A Cursed Encounter
Making a change of pace.

Feeling better than I have for weeks.

Revan Shadow, Vena, Caliban, Organization Keyblade, the Dominion, Shadow Guardians by me
Invader Zim, Species, themes, and characters by Jhonen Vasquez
Kingdom Hearts themes and characters owned by Square Enix created by Teysuya Nomura
Digimon themes and characters owned Bandai, created by Akiyoshi Hongo
Marvel themes and characters owned by Marvel
Rin by :iconbuteonineowl:


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Team Venom was finally ready to make their move.

Blackfire was tracked down a rave party one night and she left it heading towards a warehouse nearby connected to the sewer systems.

Revan Shadow hoped to take the chance to recruit her and give her a second chance at their side.

Team Venom is made up of both veteran and new members of Organization Keyblade.

Gaz Membrane who used her powers to make herself an adult and developed a Keyblade of her own.

Larfliana bearer of the Orange Lantern.

Rena the Keyblade Master Renamon, who's one of the elite in the Organization in strength as recently bonded with Revan's former Venom Symbiote partner and became Rena-Venom.

Carnage, offspring of Rena's Venom Symbiote who bonded with normal human girl Wendy Slade, and has inherited Venom's and Revan's powers and stronger than them put together.  The female teenage minded Symbiote imprinted Revan as its dad.  She is a recent member.

Vena, product of the love affair between Rena and Venom, started out as their combined personality but was somehow born from Rena's data and Venom's Symbiote body, becoming a Digimon-Symbiote hybrid.  She is the first of her kind to have a gender of her own, immunity to the Symbiote weakness to sound and fire (though fire can hurt normally still like anyone else), and have a body of her own; making bonding to a host optional.  She is stronger than Carnage because she inherited the most recent powers of Revan and Rena, as well as the peer of Venom, and stronger than each of them combined.

She choose Revan to be her partner, starting both a sexual as well as a friendship and partnership between them.  Using this they developed superhero persona Shadow when Team Venom is introduced to the public as a superhero team when it's true mission is to use it as a cover to recruit Blackfire and Terra as members.

Recently Vena manifested her own Keyblade and used it to pacify her father controlling her mother's body, hell-bent in destroying her and her sister Carnage.  She sent him back to the Symbiote Homeworld and made him docile upon reconnecting to that Symbiote hive mind, allowing Rena to be herself as Rena-Venom as they go through their mission.

With the team complete Revan was ready to begin Team Venom's first mission in recruiting Blackfire.

The reason why Team Venom form superhero identities is because they would expect to encounter resistance from either potental recruits or the local villains and/or heroes of Jump City the Teen Titans.  Organization Keyblade must Keep their identity a secret, thus The Super Hero Team identity while they are in this world.

Revan and his team appeared at an alley a block away from the warehouse.

Revan was bonded with Vena, With his Symbiote Bio-Bodysuit in the appearance of his signature Organization  Black Coat, and wore a Black Symbiote mask over his face, the outfit of his and Vena's superhero persona Shadow.

Rena was Rena-Venom, looking similar to Vena in her form only there's a white spider symbol at her chests, wearing Symbiote made version of her fingerless gloves With the Yin-Yang Symbol on them, she has white leg markings that represents the same purple markings she bears in her real form, and she has three fingers in contrast of Vena recently preferring five.

Gaz wore no costume but wore an adult version of her black jacket she used to wear as a kid.  Her Superhero name was simply Vampire Piggy Slayer after her favorite game character.

Larfliana didn't need any change as she usually wears her Orange Lantern uniform, and would identify herself as  the Orange Lantern.

Carnage was at Revan and Vena's side and would call herself Carnage all the same.

Carnage, Rena-Venom, and Shadow would only use their physical and Symbiote Abilities to keep their true identities under cover.

Not as soon as the team left the alley sounds of fighting was heard across the street.

The Teen Titans were chasing Doctor Light, a criminal who posses a suit that can allow him to manipulate Light Energy as a weapon.  Apparently he does criminal
Acts to obtain capital to upgrade and maintain his equipment but to also make a reputation for himself when he's really meek without his suit, and has a fear of darkness.

He came running through the nearby building carrying bags of money, apparently giving the Titans the slip and instead ran into Team Venom.

Revan ordered only that Symbiote members of the team to attack Dr. Light to test their capabilities without magic or energy based attacks.

Carnage, Rena-Venom, and Shadow can communicate with eachother silently via a Symbiote psychic link between them.

Revan ordered Rena-Venom to charge at front while Carnage covers her rear, while he himself uses Vena's Shapeshifting Symbiote ability to blend into the environment and become invisible.  His plan was for Carnage and Rena-Venom
To distract Light while he sneaks close to him to take him down.

"What! What are you freaks?! Get out of my way!" Said Doctor Light as he fired a blast of Light energy at Rena-Venom.  She dodged the blast, as Light put his bags of money down so he can have use of both his arms to attack.

By the time he was ready though, Rena-Venom was near him attempting to lay a punch at him.  He evaded the attack with panic before blasting Rena-Venom away from him with a blast from the chest of his Light Suit.  Rena-Venom was blasted into a nearby building.

Light then former a force-field to block and burn away the Symbiote  needle projectiles fired from Carnage.

"Your talents aren't bad monster, but they pale in comparison to the brilliant power of Doctor Light!" Shouted Light as he fired a light blast at Carnage.

Carnage jumped over  the blast and lunged at Light.

When she reached Light, She striked with her claws.  Light blocked the claws with a shield of light around his arm, which burned the claws at contact slightly hurting her.

She roared in anger, as she blindly gave a powerful punch at the shield.  While she burned Her hand, the recoil of her superhuman level punch, caused Light to slide against the ground violently, almost falling off the ground completely.

As soon as he recovered, he formed a blade of light energy at his other arm while keeping his shield active  at his  other arm. He swung the blade at Carnage, forcing her to make evasive maneuvers; ducking, sidestepping, backflipping, and jumping over the blade strikes.

"Cmon Revan lets strike already, I'm getting tired of this fucking loser and his lame light based puns," said Vena in Revan's head. Revan was standing on a roof nearby cloaked watching the battle.

"Not yet Vena, we have the advantage for now, let's not waste it. We not just waiting for an opening but we are also analyzing his moves. Tell me what you notice of his technique?"

"Well at first glance his attacks seemed to be long ranged, but recent events proves he has close range moves as well. Despite the advantage of his abilities he seemed to be poorly disciplined in combat, he relies only on the powers of his suit, his reflexes are poor and his physical strength average.  Without the suit he's a loser."

"Exactly look how his strikes are blind and easy for Carnage to dodge. Despite not being able to block his blows, she can evade them easily, and can search for an opening to exploit. And that's what we should do as well so be patient,"

"Fine  Revan but they are having all the fun still."

Carnage ducked down a blade strike while drawing a tendril to come out of her lower body and wrap around Light's leg.  The tendril lifted him off that ground and sent him slamming into the wall of a nearby building.  She fired Symbiote needle projectiles from her hands at Light while he was still at the wall.

Light was barely able to fire a blast to blast away the needles, then he threw a disk device near Carnage.  The device was a forcefield projector which trapped Carnage inside zapping her with light energy making her screech.

At that moment Rena-Venom, apparently recovered from Light's last attack, came falling down over Light to punch him.

Light yelped as he barely got out of the way before Rena-Venom made a crater with her diving punch.

"I have just enough of you idiot! There's no way we won't let a loser in a suit get the better of us!" Roared Rena-Venom.

"Ha! Perhaps you need a lesson in manners! Allow me to shine some light in this situation!" Replied Light as he drew a whip of Light Energy and launched  a number of strikes at Rena-Venom.  She dodged each blow but find it hard to make a chance at a counter attack.

Meanwhile Revan decided to finally take the chance to strike, he snuck behind Light, and as he raised his arm to deliver another whip strike, Revan fired a Symbiote projectile blade into Light's Wrist damaging the suit around it, deactivating the light whip construct 

Light looked at his ruined machine at his arm in shock and turned around to see Revan decloaking behind him.

Light yelped in surprise and with his good arm fired a flash of light in an effort to blind Revan.  But when that flash ended, Light was shock to see the Symbiote eyes of Revan's mask was gone, leaving his entire face black.

"W-where's your eyes?!" Exclaimed Doctor Light in shock.

"They are just hiding," replied Revan in his and Vena's combined voice to creep Light out, as Vena had the eyes reappear again, as the maneuver was to protect Revan's eyes from the flash.  "See? Peek a boo I see you." Said Revan as he fired a Symbiote webline at Light's chest.  Before Light could react, Revan swung him around and sent him flying toward Rena-Venom who gladly punched him toward Carnage; who was freed from her forcefield prison as Revan threw a blade projectile at the forcefield projector just as he threw the other blade do damage Light's whip arm.

Carnage pounced at Light at midair and pinned him to the ground and began clawing at his light suit, damaging it making him unable to use his power.

Before she reached his flesh, Revan through Vena mentally ordered Carnage not to go to far, Carnage obeyed disappointed she wouldn't have the fun she wanted on the annoying villain who annoyed her.

As Revan has Rena-Venom web up Light up against a light post for the authorities to capture him, Carnage curiously went to Light's stolen bags of money.

The Host part of Carnage, Wendy tempted the Symbiote into taking some money as "constellation" for a good deed.

But Vena who saw them from her substance at Revan's back, warned her sister that Revan wouldn't like that.

The Symbiote didn't want to disappoint it's "daddy" and was about to put that bags down when suddenly Beast Boy of the Teen Titans, came out of the building where Dr. Light came bursting out of before, and saw Carnage holding the bags of money.

Aside from her monstrous appearance, Beast Boy seeing that bags of money made him think that Carnage was a bad guy stealing, he took out his communicator and said, "Dudes I found Light, some monster dudes got him and stealing the money he stolen for themselves, come to my position, I'm gonna give these bad dudes a proper welcome Beast Boy style," said Beast Boy as he shapeshifted into a green cheetah and pounced at Carnage.

Carnage was pinned down, caught off guard, but was able to hold Beast Boy's paws back before throwing him off.

In the air, Beast Boy transformed into a bird, and made an aerial recovery before transforming into a green tiger.

Just then the rest of the Titans appeared and went to assist Beast Boy. Gaz and Larfliana whom was spectating the battle between Light and the Symbiotes (though Gaz was playing her game rather than watching), went to assist their teammates with the appearance of the Titans.
Starfire began fighting Larfliana, Gaz against Raven, Cyborg against Rena-Venom, Beast Boy against Carnage, and Shadow against Robin.

Revan was able to shout out to his teammates, "Fight for self-defense!" To remind his homicidal teammates not to go too far on the heroes, before dodging batarangs from Robin

Robin drew a staff and threw smoke Bombs around Revan in an effort to blind  and disorient him in a cloud of smoke, before Robin charges into the cloud to hit  Revan with his staff.

Vena as Revan's mask, kept out the smoke, and sensed Robin's movements from being able to "see" every part from Revan's bio-suit as every cell of the suit IS her.

In the smoke one could hear blows being hit just before Robin's staff was thrown out of the smoke cloud and Robin himself being thrown out of the smoke cloud and slammed against a light post.

Revan came walking out of the smoke cloud, to see Robin getting up drawing batarangs on both hands to use as melee weapons.

Revan had Vena form a single black Symbiote blade over his wrist, and he and Robin began clashing their weapons in multiple times in great speeds, it looked like multiple arms were swinging their weapons.

Meanwhile Starfire, who was high in the air fighting Larfliana saw Robin in danger and tried to fly down to help.

But Larfliana fired a tractor beam from her Orange Power Ring and threw Starfire upward away from Robin.

"Sorry Princess you already got a fight, finish it before you go save your man," smirked Larfliana.

"You shall move out of the way and let me pass!" Replied Starfire as she fired Star Bolts at her.  Larfliana smirked and blocked the attack with a forcefield of Orange Energy. Then she fired a blast from her ring.

Starfire dodged the blast and fired a Star Bolt eye blast just as Larfliana's shield deactivated, it struck her and she was sent falling towards a building.  As she fell she summoned a tether construct to grab Starfire and pull her down with her as they crashed into the building.

Meanwhile Gaz and Raven were engaged in a unknown dark battle, a giant black sphere were around them, making spectators unable to see what's happening.

Meanwhile Rena-Venom was fighting Cyborg.  She dodged a barrage of missiles from Cyborg, and fired a webline at his chest.  But his body unleashed electricity which zapped her through the webline connected between eachother.

Cyborg then pulled the webline attached to him and yanked  the stunned Rena-Venom towards him, and punched her into another building.

Cyborg pulled the webline off his chest and looked to see Carnage, webbing up a helpless Beast Boy in raptor form, and was about to raise her sharpened claws to give into her bloodlust and strike at him.

Cyborg tried to save his friend and reacted by firing a blast from his Sonic Cannon.

It struck Carnage from behind as she was distracted savoring  her would be kill.

Symbiotes have a weakness against high pitched sound and fire.

Vena, in part of her being born part Digimon, is spared from that weakness. 

When Revan was the Venom Symbiote's partner, he had the Sorcerer Yen Sid put a spell on it so it can be immune from its weakness, so Revan can properly utilize fire magic.

However the spell could only affect the Venom Symbiote, the weakness was still inherent to the next generation.

The Carnage Symbiote can use its own fire magic without being harmed, but foreign sources of fire, and sound could still harm it.

Thus the Sonic blast was more than effective on it, also partly because in part the Carnage Symbiote is still young and more vulnerable to the weakness than the Venom Symbiote would if it was still vulnerable to sonics.

Carnage screeched in agony, her substance being dispelled from the host body but still clinging to it, as its completely bonded to Wendy's body. Because of their bond, Wendy felt the pain too and screamed with her partner.

That single blast alone nearly killed them both, they collapsed to the  ground unconscious, Wendy's body nude with only a few strands of red Symbiote substance  still clinging to her. There is more of the Symbiote inside her, practically in her blood.  But the entire organism is unconscious.

Cyborg and Beast Boy, who was able to get free from Carnage's webbing and is in his human form, were shocked to see the red feral monster they were fighting a moment ago, was now a naked red-haired freckled woman.

"Dude! That monster is a chick!" Gasped Beast Boy.

"Aw man a chick in critical condition, my scanners say she's in bad shape, we gotta-"

Suddenly Rena-Venom punched at Cyborg hard, in retaliation on what he did to Carnage.

She smacked Beast Boy away before he could transform and pounced at Cyborg.

In midair though she was zapped by a magic blast from Raven, who apparently defeated Gaz in their duel who laid on the ground unconscious nearby her.

Even Raven didn't realize it but her blast's magic undid Yen Sid's spell, making the Venom Symbiote vulnerable to Sound and foreign sources of flame again.
Rena-Venom didn't realize it as she  charged at Cyborg drawing claw blades to sever his limbs.  By then however Cyborg recovered from her surprise attack and fired another Sonic Blast.

The Venom Symbiote while weaker than the Carnage Symbiote, it's offspring, in power, it is more mature and experienced and has more of a resistance to its weakness, thus Rena-Venom wasn't in much critical condition as Carnage but was also knocked unconscious.

In the air Larfliana was continuing her battle was Starfire, and was winning after trapping her in a giant hand construct, but Raven flew up to aid her friend and upon realizing that Larfliana's power ring was the sorce of her power, used her magic to skip the Ring off her finger and sent it flying to Raven's hand where she held onto it.

Without her Ring, Larfliana reverted to normal, but was wearing no clothes underneth and was falling out of the sky furry nude until Raven rescued  her with a magic forcefield which have her float telekinetically in the air.

At that moment Revan pushed Robin with superhuman strength with his hand, sending Robin flying against the wall.  Revan fired multiple strands of Black Symbiote webbing, fired fried from multiple parts of his body, like his wrists, knees, shoulders, and the top of his head.  The webbing stuck Robin against the wall in
A black gooey cacoon.

With Robin incapacitated, Revan turned around to see the rest of his team defeated and he's surrounded by Titans.

"Revan it's over we gotta fight seriously," said Vena inside his head.  

"No we can't blow our cover," replied Revan.  "This isnt a real emergency yet, the Titans won't harm their prisoners.  We can still do this, if we stay calm and dont give up."

"There's just two of us against a team.  You really think That?"

"We are our own team, If we stay calm and work together, now let's try it ok."

Starfire dashed to save Robin firing blasts of Starbolts at Revan.

Revan jumped over the blasts and fired a webline at Starfire, and in mid-air yanked her to him To kick her down into the ground, and webbed up her limbs against the ground.

He landed at the ground as he saw Raven telekinetically throwing cars at him.

He jumped from car to car, and at the last car he slashed through it with a wrist blade, causing it to explode as he went past it.

From the last jump, he reached Raven and punched at her.

Raven blocked the superhuman blow with a barrier, but the punch was so strong she was sent flying through buildings out of sight.

Revan landed at the ground to see Beast Boy charging towards Revan, as a triceratops.

Revan caught him by the horn, sliding slightly against the ground from the impact, before he thrown Beast Boy on his back and spun him dizzy.

While he was still spinning Beast Boy, Cyborg was able to sneak attack a Sonic Blast at Revan.  Because Vena wasn't fatally effected against Sonics, and actually saw the attack coming before Revan, she prepared her body to absorb the blast, the costume glowed in sonic energy and vibrated around Revan's body.

When the energy wore off, Revan blinked and turned to the bewildered Cyborg who thought his weapon would have the same effect on him as the other "monsters".

"That....was actually relaxing...thanks," said Revan.

"Your...welcome?" Said Cyborg sheepfully, before Revan ran at him swiftly and delivered a dashing kick at Cyborg, slamming him
Against the wall, knocking him senseless.

Cyborg got back up, and ran towards Revan, deciding to try his Sonic Cannon again, planning to use it in a punch to make a shockwave.

Revan drew a blade at his fist and went to meet Cyborg's sonic punch, planning to impale the cannon in the punch and burst it with its own energy.

They clashed and indeed Cyborg's cannon burst from the impaling of Revan's blade into it, unleashing an explosion that blew off Cyborg's arm and blew open the ground.

While Vena wasn't as vulnerable to the sonics as her father and sister is, she can still be harmed by them normally and an sonic energy explosion was enough to knock out both her and Revan, and they both fell through that hole in the ground and fell into the Sewers unconscious, apparently lost in the explosion to
The Titans.

But they went to search for Revan's body anyway, however before they reached him, a figure came out of the darkness and fished him out of the rubble, bearing eyes glowing in Violet energy.

It was Blackfire, she lives her days in hiding by hanging out in raves and parties, taking advantage of the geniorsity of smitten boys and girls, and at night she goes to a hideout she made in the sewers when she has no other place to stay.

After a party she was about to go into the warehouse where she has access to the sewers, when she heard the fighting between Revan's Team and Doctor Light, and witnessed the fighting.

When the Titans came she watched with interest how another team held their own against the Titans.  She was even more impressed how Revan changed the tide in his last stand, almost defeating the Titans on his own.
She saw him as a guy and should hang around with. And an opportunity for her to get her revenge on the Titans, espiecally on her sister.

Revan woke up hours later naked at  a large mattress with sheets and pillows.

He realized Vena was no longer bonded on him.  He heard moaning nearby him, and looked to see Vena making out with Blackfire who was naked except for her wrist gauntlets and her boot leggings.

Vena formed a cock over her pussy with her Shapeshifting ability and thrusted it into Blackfire who was under her with legs around Vena's waist.

Revan was surprised but didn't take too much offense seeing the girl he's been seeing making out with another girl.  He himself had been in multiple relationships and In
Threesomes, and was aware that Vena wanted to see other people for fun.  But he had a feeling Vena also had a strategy for this and decided to trust her and see how this plays out. And admittingly was being turned on seeing this.

Blackfire suddenly pulled away from kiss, mouth drooling as she screeched in pleasure as she came,

She panted and fell back against the mattress, then after resting a few moments she turned to see Revan awake.

"Hey Ve, your man is awake," said Blackfire smugly.  

Vena turned to Revan and saw him, "Why yes Black, sleeping beauty is finally up. Almost was asleep for  a whole day too."

"A no what happened to the others.," said Revan realizing how much time has passed.

"I got up almost half hour after Blackfire Bailed us out. After I told her everything and got acquainted I sent a piece of myself in form of a bug to check out what happened.  No worries I confirmed the Titans took the others to their Tower and held them there, apparently Cyborg is fascinated about my kind and is studying dad and Carnage and their hosts while incarnating the others.  Seems they will turn them over to the authorities as criminals only after Cyborg is done with his work.  Raven is meditating and researching her books sensing we aren't from around here and searching for answers, so we got enough time to bail them out so no worries dude."

"Wait, as in 'told Blackfire everything' you mean..."

"Told her where we are from, who and what we really are, why we are here, and what we want out of her, kinda covers all the W's right?"

"What! Dude you weren't supposed to blow our cover!" Said Revan in disbelief.

"Please she would have figured out we weren't from around here, and lying to her wouldn't be a good start in making her a team player. I told her everything and she agreed to join not just Team Venom but Organization Keyblade in general."


"Yes," said Blackfire going near Revan until she laid next to him with her arm around his neck and her other hand against his chest in almost a teasing way.

"I don't belong to this world anymore, in my homeworld I'm Exiled, in other worlds in my universe I'm a wanted criminal, on This Earth I might have a chance to start anew but would have to watch over my shoulder from the Titans as long as I'm there.  So I have virtually nowhere to go. I need my own team to survive so why not you guys? You want me in your team, I want you, it works out perfectly."

"Something tells me it's more than to take advantage of our offer to have w new life, what else you want? Revenge on the Titans? You think because they fought us and imprisoned our teammates we are bitter enough to want to help you take them down? Sorry that's not how we roll."

"I figured as much but no, I actually have two simple terms for me joining you guys, One I do want to your help to take them down but I'm satisfied in simply beating them.  I want simply the pleasure of having humiliating them in battle and that I have a better team than my sister has."

"That's it?"

"That's it."

"And what's item two of your conditions?"

"Oh," smirked Blackfire as she got close to his face.  "You saw Vena giving me a good time, actually perhaps the best time I had in my life.  I want you to give me the honor of laying with my new team's leader. Vena has given me permission to share you.  Give me that and I'll do whatever you say.  I won't expect you giving me as much as a good time as Vena but I have no doubt you'll give me a good time nevertheless as Vena told me how good u are with her" smirked Blackfire as she nibbled his lips teasingly.

Revan blushed couldn't believing this is happening, an alien girl wants him
To "pay" for her compliance with sex. The prospect was admittingly appealing to his lusty side both wolf and human.

It wasn't that he wouldn't want to do it, especially is Vena gave her approval.  It was that he would be wasting even more time in saving his teammates.  The longer they are trapped the more likely either their cover will be blown or they would become desperate and do something reckless or even dark to get free.

But seems that he has no choice, if he is to save his team without blowing his cover then he must get all the help he can get, and whether she's a alien girl with a devious past or not, she knows the Titans and is willing to help after he satisfies her.  So who is he to deny that single wish? 

He leaned in and met her lips and kissed her.  They began making out and tongue kissing.

Blackfire pulled at Revan and they fell back with her on top.  As she licked his tongue, she locked her legs around his thighs as she grinded her pussy against his cock.  

"Mmm...that's it you doing are making a good start out of this relax I'll take it from here," panted Blackfire as she grinded faster, making his boner even larger, harder, and wetter.

When Blackfire felt it was ready enough, she lifted up her pussy slightly, then grabbed his cock, stood it upright and violently drove it into her pussy deep, both she and Revan moaned loudly from this. 

With her legs locked around his thighs she began moving her hips rapidly as she began riding him with Tamaranian superstrength.

He moans as Blackfire guided his hands to her breasts and she have him rubbed then as she rode him faster and harder, making the mattress shake under the force.

Vena was suspended in a webline fingering herself with her own tendrils watching the fun.

Blackfire moaned enjoying it all, she let go of Revan's hands and grabbed him by the back standing him upright and pulled him In to make out with him while riding him.

As she got close her eyes glowed in violet energy, feeling her power flow like the pleasure inside her.  She pulled away from Revan, hugging him saw hard even his superhuman conditioned body starts to crack under the strain, and lifted her head up to scream in pleasure as she and he came at once.

She felt his load filling her womb us, and squeezed her hips as hard as possible to keep it in as she savored the height of the pleasure, as soon as it wore off she released and allowed the mix of sex liquids to flow out of her. She laid on Revan panting licking his neck.

In truth  being with vlVena was still the greatest sexual experience she had thus far, but Doing Revan was perhaps the greatest time she spent with a guy.  With Vena Blackfire was submissive as Vena totally dominated her, but with Revan she enjoys the dominant role.

"Not bad," panted Blackfire licking him softly.  "Guess Vena wasn't totally exaggerating about you. Maybe I'll Keep you for more later. Ok I'm in, no one could say I'm not a woman of my word when I make it so what's your plan?..."

A about half hour later, Revan was in front of The Titan tower alone.  He has bonded with Vena, who shapeshifted to appear as a pizza boy's clothes on Revan making him look like a Pizza boy making a delivery to Titan's tower.  He even has an empty Pizza box he found at an alley to be more convincing.  Blackfire was inside Vena, as Symbiotes can store perhaps an infinite amount of things in their substance.

Meanwhile, Cyborg and Robin were in the Tower's lab where Wendy and Rena were kept inside giant glass cases suspended in liquid while being scanned.  Their Symbiotes clinging to their bodies while being surpressed by sonics.
Larfliana was in a holding cell nearby, while Gaz was in Raven's room being interrogated and studied by her.

"Well what you got Cy?" Asked Robin.  "This is amazing, Robin, these slimes attached to their bodies is actually a living organism.  They seem to be bonded completely to their bodies.  They seem to have a Symbiotic relationship with their host.

"The girl is apparently a normal human, and the Fox girl is something else.  So the slimes seem to give their hosts powers in exchange for the Symbiosis.  Each of these guys are similar but different like each human being is similar in design.  Those two might be related as their abilities seemed similar.

"I also confirmed high sound frequencies seems to be their weakness, which is what I'm using in their containers to keep them at bay."

"But the guy that seemed to be their leader wasn't effected by it," said Robin.

"As I said these creatures are similar but different, that dude might have a better resistance to it than the others.  Perhaps an energy based sonic attack is ineffective to him. Next time we seem him I'll use pure sonic frequencies, it should work."

"You think he made it through the explosion? There's no trace of him," said Robin.

"These guys are tough Robin perhaps alien in origin, we can't sell any of them Short. Now I'll do another set of experiments to--" suddenly the Tower doorbell rang. Robin looked at the Computer Screen to see the live feed from the security camera at the front door.  He saw a pizza man carrying s pizza box, saying "Pizza's here!"

Now Robin nor Cyborg didn't recall ordering pizza, and frankly no one comes to that island where Titan Tower is but the Titans themselves, they usually order out pizza and bring it home themselves.

While it seemed suspicious for them to answer, Beast Boy always eager  for pizza came answering the door.  "Oh boy Robin must have ordered to celebrate us winning! Oh I hope he got some vegan slices! Hey dude gimme it!" Said Beast Boy as he opened the door.  

As if answering his last remark, Blackfire came bursting out of the "pizza guy's" body in s burst of black goo and grabbed Beast Boy by the shoulders.  "Ok since you asked so nicely," smirked Blackfire.  "It's time for my favorite Earth game, Beast Boy tossing!" She sneered as she threw Beast Boy as hard as she could against the wall inside , knocking him out before he could squeal out "nuuuuuu".

Revan With his cover exposed, had Vena shapeshift into a black Symbiote Bodysuit, making him look like Black Suit Spider-Man without the white spider symbol.

He and Blackfire ran inside before Robin sealed the doors, upon seeing it was a trap from the security cameras.

When they got inside, Revan webbed up Beast Boy against the wall with Vena's Symbiote Black Webbing, then used a tendril to stick to Beast Boy's forehead.

Symbiotes can not only read the minds of hosts but others if they are touching the target.

From touching Beast Boy's head, Vena read his mind and got Intel where their captured comrades are.

With that Intel, Revan decided to save Gaz from Raven first, as her room is the nearest. As well as recovering Larflaina's power ring, which Raven also held onto
For study.

He could use Gaz's teleportation ability to get to the lab quickly after saving her.

Revan could really use his own limited teleporting or dark transportation abilities to do that himself but because he's maintaining his cover as Shadow, the superpower being with physical abilities, he refrained from Using it.

"Blackfire, confront your sister and occupy her if you can, we must divide the team in order to achieve success. Vena and I will try to free the others to provide reinforcements If we can, if not then we will use stealth to take the Titans one by one got it?"

"Mmhmm got it, don't get swarmed by the kiddies," Blackfire chuckled as she flew towards Starfire's room.

By now the Tower's alarm was buzzing and Robin was at the PA informing the remaining Titans of the Security Breach.

Cyborg came jumping out of nowhere landing in front of Revan in the tower's main lobby.  "Round two Blackie, and this time I'm ready. I know what you are and what you need," said Cyborg as he raised his hand drawing his sonic cannon.  But instead of firing a sonic energy beam, it released high frequency sound

Despite Vena not sharing her relatives weakness to sound, it could still harm the human ears of her human host, to protect him, she had the mask she had around him to change slightly to insulate the sound waves, protecting Revan's ears like ear plugs would.

Cyborg was shocked to see the black figure come towards him unharmed, and grabbed his sonic cannon arm before saying, "Boy whatever you learned you only stuck the tip of the iceberg, you have no idea what we are and what we are capable of together. Allow us to demonstrate a little of what we can we really do!"

Before Cyborg could react, Revan severed Cyborg's arm with his Symbiote blade, he was about to go for his other limbs to incapacitate him , when Robin came out of air kicking Revan off him.

Revan got up, surrounded by Two Titans, one at half capacity with the loss of his main limb but still has his cyborg enhanced strength and other weapons.  He had to be careful in dealing with them.

Robin was about to throw a grenade that causes sonics when Cyborg advised him in saying it wouldn't work, Robin then threw flash grenades in an effort to blind Revan.

But like in the fight with Doctor Light, Vena protected Revan's eyes, by making the Symbiote eye holes of Revan's mask disappear, and see for Revan by being able to see every single inch of his costume and guide his reflexes accordingly.

When the flash went down Robin, who charged at Revan in the the flash was kicked against the giant glass window of the tower, causing it to crack.

Cyborg with his one arm began to charge at Revan, just as his mask eyes reappeared, yelling.  Revan jumped high to avoid his punch, and while in mid-air be fired weblines at the Tower's Living Room couch and sent it flying towards Cyborg.

Despite having use of one arm, Cyborg was able to catch the couch, but the act of catching it with one hand had him to hold still for a moment, leaving him open for Revan to cut off his remaining limbs from behind one he landed behind him from his jump.

Now incapacitated without limbs, Revan webbed up his mouth and focused on Robin who by nor recovered from being slammed against the window.

Robin fired a grappling gun at Revan's legs, having cables tie up his legs.  Before Robin could pull at the cable to have Revan fall at his back, Revan cut his legs free with his Symbiote blade.  He then fired a webline at Robin's chest and Yanked him into his fist which he delivered a punch, sending Robin flying against that living room TV smashing into it.

While Robin was still stunned, Revan had a tendril wrap around Robin's neck and slammed him against the corner of the ceiling, with another bladed tendril he cut off Robin's utility belt, so he wouldn't use gadgets to escape from the webbing he's going to ensnare him with this time.

The utility belt fell against the ground, vibrating as electricity surged around it, a security measure for anyone that had tried to swipe Robin's belt.

With his belt gone, Revan then began webbing Robin up against the corner of that ceiling, having him trapped in a cacoon of black webbing.

He finally webbed up both Cyborg's and Robin's mouths to ensure they wouldn't communicate with eachother or others to facilitate an escape. 

With all Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy defeated, only Raven is left, as Starfire is incapacitated fighting Blackfire.

He decided to free the other Symbiotes first after all, as Raven is the most powerful of the Titans and wouldn't be defeated unless he either has a team or use his true powers. 
He started running toward Cyborg's lab. When a black portal opened in front of him as he ran right into it.

Next thing he knew he was in Raven's room.

It was filled with books and candles.  Larfliana's ring was contained in a crystal ball on top of pedestal.  Gaz was unconscious being tied up on a wooden table being stood upright.

There seemed no sign of the half Demoness sorceress at first.  But as Revan ran forward to free Gaz, a black construct in the form of a raven bird appeared in front of him before turning into Raven herself.

"I gotta give you credit in getting this far.  And thankful you haven't really hurt my friends.  But it ends here.  I know you and your partners aren't from this world.  I know that after studying your friend here, but no matter what she resisted my attempts to get clear Answers.  One way or another I will get the answer I seek and show you guys the door," said Raven calmly yet with menacing authority.

Before Revan could do anything, Raven said an incantation and before he knew it, Vena came off his body.  The spell unbonded them.

Raven blushed seeing Revan's nude body but took victory, thinking Revan is powerless without his "suit".

But to her surprise that black goo that came off of him formed a body of its own, as Vena shapeshifted into her Digimon-Symbiote form. And that both of them began surging in auras.

Revan decided he had no choice but but to reveal his true self to Raven.  He first drew his Keyblade and used to Esuna spell to undo Raven's spell that prevented Vena from bonding with him, he and she then reunited again, with Vena taking form of his Black Coat. 

He then unleashed a portion of his and Vena's combined power after erecting a barrier in the room to ensure no one outside can sense his power.

Raven gasped feeling a heavy weight fill the room, as the very air was filled with Vena and Revan's energy.

She collapsed at her knees panting caught off guard, before Revan and Vena surpressed their power again and to her surprise withdrew their Keyblade and offer Revan's hand to help her back up.

"We aren't your enemy, all this was a misunderstanding. Now I know that you are amongst the smartest of the Titans, and if you can put two and two together, you would know that If we were really bad guys, things would go a lot differently.  We only invaded your tower to save our comrades."

Raven paused for a moment before taking Revan's hand and stood up,

"Who and what are you?"

"I am Revan Shadow, you met my partner Vena.  I am a Keyblade Master, from another world.

"There are infinite worlds, other realities as countless as the Stars in the sky. The Keyblade Wielders are usually guardians that travel to other worlds and help maintain their stability in secret.

"Their age is gone, I'm one of the new generation of Wielders worn a team of my own filled with beings of various abilities.  Some Beings that are like you once that have dark origins and had no place to go until you have a second chance of a normal life with the Titans.

"That's what my team is Organization Keyblade.  Because there's few Wielders left I recruit beings of other worlds that may or may not have Keyblades and help me protect the world's from outside forces, and give those with dark pasts a second chance with us.

"We came to your world to recruit Blackfire and another person you are familiar with, and give them a second chance with us."

"I actually read about your kind, so your story checks out.  But tell me who's your second person?" Asked Raven.  "Terra, we know she's alive and even if she doesn't want to join either your or my team she needs protection from people like Slade who might come for her.  I ask you please not to tell anyone who we really are and what we are really doing here, We aren't supposed to interfere with the affairs of other worlds unless for emergencies, people could take advantage of this forbidden information if they knew.  That's why we created superhero identities as Team Venom and that's not going with a good start."

"Yah I guess I should have known Beast Boy would mess things up, I sense a great darkness in you both, but a great light in you makes you not evil.  So I trust you, and sorry for the misunderstanding but I'm not sure what you have planned for Terra is best.  If she's alive she might want to be left alone and live a normal life."

"All I want is to ask her myself and if she says no I'll leave her alone, but if she had forgotten who she is then she should remember so she can at least defend herself and her new life from people like Slade. I'll even have you witness our meeting to show that I'm trustworthy."

"And Blackfire? You think she's trustworthy?"

"She kept her word so far, and if she doesn't you leave it to me. I'm stronger than she knows and so are my comrades.  At least on my team she wouldn't bother you guys anymore for now."

"Fine I'll give you a chance on both Blackfire and Terra, and I'll keep quiet about them and you as long as you keep your word to me."

" let my friends go and I'll do the same with yours..."

After Raven released Gaz, Revan took Larfliana's ring and Raven transported them to the lab, where Revan released Larfliana from her cage and gave her back her ring, then. Freed Carnage and Rena-Venom from their sonic prisons by puncturing a hole in the glass with a sharpener stretch of  Symbiote goo.

Carnage came bursting out of her prison embracing Revan, crying and happy her "daddy" didnt abandon her and saved her.
With his comrades free, Revan did his end of the bargain and freed the Titans.

Blackfire defeated her sister in their fight and was so satisfied with that victory she obeyed when Revan ordered her to stand down and let Stafire free.

After clearing things up, that Team Venom came to recruit Blackfire and helped capturing Doctor Light and wasn't stealing his stolen money.  And they only invaded the Tower to save their Teammates.

With Raven's vouching both Teams apologized to eachother for the misunderstanding and made up and parted ways.

Team Venom was recongized as a superhero team by the Titans maintaining Organization Keyblade's Cover.

However besides Raven, Revan unwittingly revealed his identify to
Another being, Trigun, the demonic father of Raven, sensed Revan's power and recognized he was a Keyblade Wielder, and from
That knowledge he knew what to do next.


Short: Team Venom's First Mission
The story actually started out as a fantasy of mine long before I created Vena.  Glad to see how it turned out.

Happy July everyone.

Revan Shadow, Vena, Rena, Wendy Slade, Organization Keyblade  by me 
Marvel themes and characters owned by Marvel
DC themes and characters owned by DC comics 
Kingdom Hearts themes and characters owned by Square Enix created by Teysuya Nomura
Digimon themes and characters owned Bandai, created by Akiyoshi Hongo
Invader Zim Themes and Characters by Jhonen Vasquez
Larfliana by  :iconwsache2020:

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Revan Shadow has a new partner. When he started Organization Keyblade, one of his first recruits was an alternate version of the Venom Symbiote, a member of species of living goo that bonds to hosts to feed off of adrenaline to survive in exchange of upgrading the host's abilities at superhuman porportions, in addition of usage of its Shapeshifting gooey substance as a weapon.

Symbiotes are generally benign creatures, that join with hosts that become heroes.  But if they join with hosts with corrupting qualities then they become violent and feral, and force hosts to commit destructive deeds and drain them dry of adrenaline.

The Venom Symbiote came from a group of feral corrupted Symbiotes and was deemed insane when it wanted to commit to its host rather than  drain them dry and was exiled to Earth where it joined With its first human host, Peter Parker, the arachnid enhanced Spider-Man.

When it tried to take over its host's life in a selfish effort to serve its host it was rejected, it was then Revan Shadow found it and took it as its new partner.

Revan accepted it completely, and made it like family in his Organization, making it docile until Revan felt he was being corrupted by artificial powers and got rid of them and sealed the Symbiote away in stasis. 
It escaped and birthed the Carnage Symbiote before confronting Revan while possessing a new host, bitterly telling him He shunned it like its first host did.

Remorseful he accepted it back, but it was still bitter towards him and decided to find another host, partly because it needed more power to surpass its recent offspring which is stronger than it, Spider-Man, and Revan combined via the evolutionary trait that spawn Symbiotes are born with.

 It also seeked a new host because it inherited Revan's lust for woman, and choose Rena the Keyblade Master Renamon as its new host, taking advantage that she's one of the strongest members in the Organization after Revan she shed herself was bitter towards Revan that he kept dating other women but not her, making her a movable adrenaline feast.

So it went between Revan and Rena as hosts, but Rena turned out to be a more compatible host in more ways than one as they formed a sexual love affair between eachother.
Somehow their bond was so strong it actually caused a birth of an offspring made from Venom's Symbiote body and Rena's Digimon Data, Vena the first hybrid Digimom/Symbiote.

She started out as the combined personality of Rena and Venom when they are one but soon gain sentience of her own, with her own body, heart and soul.

She is the first Symbiote of her kind that has a body of her own, making bonding only optional, bring female in gender yet she can't reproduce partly because she was born from Venom's body which already has an offspring.

Also she's the first of her kind who doesn't have a weakness to sound and flame. Can only be hurt by conventional means.

Symbiotes become stronger and smarter by bonding with multiple hosts and after an extended time absorb a copy of their Powers and knowledge and add it to its own.

Vena while also could get stronger faster by bonding can also get stronger from her own experience by training as she has her own body.

Vena's Shapeshifting powers are even greater as she can change at a genetic level, enabling her to not only change appearance but also change gender and species at will.

Vena has inherited the powers of Venom, and it's previous hosts, Parker, Revan and Rena, and is stronger than all of them put together.

That makes her stronger than Carnage who only had the powers of Venom, Parker and Revan at his former level of power when he first gave up Venom months before they reunited.

Vena was also different from her mother in personality, even as Rena-Venom, Rena was cold, distant, bitchy, maturely restrained, serious most of the time while Vena is carefree, lazy, violent, homicidal, slutty, love me of fighting and violence, dominant.   All signs that she's her own person having her own heart, soul, mind and body.  But also she inherited her mom's and her father's former hosts sense of family, loyalty, and have at least a sense of morality.

Like her father she seeks to bond with a partner to get stronger but also commit to her partner without being a control freak.  She choose Revan as her host, not only she inherited her mom's attraction to him, or her father's desire to get stronger and take advantage of getting immensely stronger by bonding with Revan but also saw him as the ideal host who's genuinely kind and compassionate, genuinely has qualities of a good team player and partner.

Revan decided to accept Vena, partly because he wanted to give her a chance, secondly because he wanted a fresh start after a recent breakup.

The mission where he met her was ironically to gain new recruits.  They formed Team Venom, a group of some of the available members of Organization Keyblade to be stationed on the world of the Teen Titans, where Revan hopes to recruit two estranged super powered beings to his team to give them second chance, Terra and Blackfire.

Team Venom was to be introduced to the people of the world that would notice that as a super hero team, while they search for the two girls.

Revan was to introduce himself as Venom to the world, until it's affair with Rena was revealed and  Carnage and Vena made their debut.

The Carnage Symbiote not long after its birth used the dark powers it inherited from Revan to find a host of its own and bonded with a normal young woman, Wendy Slade who's  a gamer and comic book nerd who's aware of the Marvel and other comic based universes as fiction.

She embraced her new life as Carnage and joined Revan's team.  The Carnage Symbiote, having the personality of a female teenager imprinted Revan not the Venom Symbiote as it's father, and influenced by Wendy's lusty personality wanted him in more ways than one.

Upon seeing the Venom Symbiote unwilling to leave Rena to make his superhero persona, Vena took the advantage to make her debut and convince Revan to be her host partner, planning to introduce themselves as their own superhero persona Shadow.

She can completely bond with Revan, but can separate from him without consequences.

Them getting together started more than a partnership and friendship but also a sexual relationship.

Vena woke up in her completely Renamon form in bed with Revan naked and body dirty from sweat and sexual liquids was snoring at her side.

"Heh what a goofball snoring like a pig, rest well sweet piggy prince," she smirked kissing his head before getting off of bed.  She then morphed into her black Symbiote-Digimon form and began walking across the Irken made makeshift base and headed to the training room.

It was only her second day of being her own entity and she loved it. She can go anywhere she want, fight whenever she want, and recently make love whenever she want.

She activated the Absent Silhouette  training program, and began fighting a Data Replica of Larxene, now dead member of Organization XIII.

She had access to her mother Rena's memory of when she fought her at Castle Oblivion, and had a familiarity of Larxene's fighting style.

This training drone of battle data was set to be stronger and more difficult than the real thing.  

Vena was holding back her strength so she can at least have some challenge out of this,  she formed black wrist blades made up of her own Symbiote substance to parry the data Larxene's Kunai strikes.

They fought eachother in high speed combat, appearing and disappearing around the room. As she fought, Vena formed Symbiote made headphones to listen to music from her genetic memory while she fights.

After a few minutes of dragging on the fight Vena decided to put an end of things, she fired a black webline at Data Replica Larxene's chest and swung her around and slammed her against the wall.  Leaving the webline stuck on her chest, Vena zip-lined towards Larxene, drawing a blade at her free arm to cut her down when and reaches her.

The Larxene data Replica teleported in a flash of electricity, causing Vena to miss and slash the wall.

The Larxene Data Replica appeared in the air behind Vena and fired Bolts of Thunder magic at her.

Vena deflected it using Reflect barrier magic she inherited from Revan and Rena.

As soon as the barrier went down, Larxene dashed forward to slash Vena with her knives.

Vena however grabbed the Larxene Data Replica's arms and swung her around and pinned her at the wall again, then began hacking her up with her Symbiote wrist blades at both arms.

The data replica faded away in a swirl of data and numbers and disappeared ending the training session.

"Heh didn't even break a sweat dunno why we haven't gone after those guys yet they are pushovers. Hm?" She turned around sensing she wasn't alone, Carnage was at the enterance watching.

"Carny my sis nice to finally meet us face to face.  So this is your host a nice looking bod that gal has."

"Don't call me that," replied Carnage the Symbiote doing more of the talking than the host.

"I heard what you did to my other daddy last night."

"Who Revan or Venom?"

"Revan is my real daddy, Venom just brought me into the world. I actually have mixed feelings what you did to both of them.  I liked what you did to Venom that bastard, putting him  in his place like that.  But I don't like what you did to Revan claiming him for yourself.  I had dibs on him first and you took him from me!"

"Aw dude no need to be petty you already have a host, now you want two? Let's not be greedy. You rather have dad have him back and messed him up like he did to my mom?"

"I don't care! You don't even need a host! I'll fight you for him! Winner has Revan!"

"Wow how mature, fine if that's what you want let's go."

Carnage screeched and formed sharp  long claws at her hands and ferally charged at Vena.

Vena kicked her at the face with her foot with her arms crossed, causing Carnage to go rolling on the ground before landing in a heap.

"Hehe silly sis you such a klutz," chuckled Vena.

"Shut it bitch!" Growled Carnage as she sent tendrils to ensnare Vena.  She dodged them and grabbed one of them and swung Carnage off the ground and threw her to the wall.

Vena then moved in super speed appearing in front of Carnage.  Carnage attempted to slash her with Symbiote , but Vena dodged some blows before  grabbing her arms    and increased her grip causing the hands to crack.  Carnage knelt down in pain whimpering.

Vena smirked in triumph, throwing her away. Carnage got up firing blasts of energy from her hands at Vena.

She deflected the blasts With her bare hands, before firing a blast back at Carnage, which struck Carnage at her chest and sent her falling on her back.

Before Carnage could get up, Vena pressed her paw foot against her chest and pressed a blade at her throat.

"Listen Carny, before we really drag this out I wanna make something clear with you.  I'm not the jealous type I'm willing to share him with you while I go out to have fun with other people. I entrust him with you when I'm not with him."

"R-really?" Asked Carnage almost with childlike curiosity.

"Yah listen sis I don't wanna go against you.  Dad is a jerk of a control freak, my mom is lost to him.  Besides Revan all I got is you, you are my family.  I wanna be there for you.  Symbiotes have no family structures and often turn to eachother, but to survive in a world of humans we must learn from them and have families of our own.  We are born on Earth, so that doesn't make us alien.  Between dad and the rest of the world we gotta stick out for eachother. so what do you say, sisters?"

Carnage paused for a moment as Vena got off of her, and allowed her to sit up. She looked at Vena curiously. suddenly she glommed her and hugged her tightly.  "Sisters," she purred.

Vena smiled and hugged her back, feeling she really has gained an additional member of her family.

But the love fest was interrupted as clapping was heard at the other end of the training room.  A Symbiote masculine voice said, "Oh how touching, our Spawns are bonding.

They turned to see Rena-Venom, whom normally looks the same as Vena before her birth, but apparently after her birth, the  Venom Symbiote made some changes to its and Rena's appearance  to tell eachother apart between Rena-Venom and Vena.

There's now a classic Venom white spider-symbol on their chest, and around Rena's boobs, and back, and white markings identical to Rena's purple leg markings were illustrated on their legs, and at their arms, Rena's fingerless gloves were featured as part of the suit, and her Yin-Yang symbols were in them.

Vena in contrast was purely black, and her arms didn't feature the fingerless gloves.  She usually has three fingers like Rena. But recently grew two more, gaining a preference of the five-digit human like hand, upon accessing her human genetic memories from her father's previous hosts, giving her feral humanoid arms. Her black boobs were slightly larger than Rena's when she woke up this morning after a night of making love with Revan, but during training she slightly minimized them so she can train better.

It seemed the Venom Symbiote was controlling Rena's body completely as only its masculine voice was heard when they spoke.

"Dad? What you did to mom?" Asked Vena.

"Our beloved Rena is still asleep, our time together last night has worn her out, she's actually dreaming of us having more loving time together. Isn't she sweet?"

"Enough with the plural pronouns dad, it's creepy.  You aren't speaking for your host only yourself. You only confusing people talking that way."

"We...I suppose you have a point. But that's not the issue here.  The issue was the matter you started last night my dear offspring. Both of you, you saved me the effort of tracking you down.  Now that you both are here. I will finally set things right."

"What are you taking about," asked Vena.

"Did you know if it haven't been for Revan's intervention, I would have bonded with a psychotic human that would have led me to a path that led to my destruction?  Even if we had survived we would have lived on Earth loathed as a criminal.

"Carnage you would have been bonded with a psychotic serial killer that would have you on a path of mass murdering and mayhem. You would come to other hosts and abandon them only to return to the only one who you consider family, and that's your first host. Even though he treats you as a tool for killing and a power source, you submissively remained loyal to him to the end."

"A twist of fate has prevented us from living those horrid lives and I owe Revan Shadow for that.  But still knowing what would have become of my legacy and what was my life before coming to Earth, I can't allow you both to continue.

"In my homeworld my own kind treated me as an outcast and called me insane because I choose to love and serve my host rather than use him as a dinner meal and consume him from the inside out.  When I first came to Earth I was free from the oppression of my own kind.

"Now here you both are, your existence means the return of my kind, and you are both are loose cannons that could turn out even worse than what you could hand began because you have powers far greater than the lives you could have led.  I will not allow you to continue, your path ends here.  I will be the only Symbiote in the Organization again."

"You can't beat us dad, you forget we are so much stronger than you."

"True, you maybe are worlds apart from me in power, and have access to my knowledge via genetic memory but you are both nothing but children compared to me. I'm older wiser and more experienced than you, I've fought many battles as both Spider-Man, Keyblade Master Revan Shadow, and very recently Rena.  I shall demonstrate that nurture can overcome nature," said the Venom Symbiote through Rena-Venom as she drew Rena's Keyblade Vixen Heart.

"Bring it on old man," smirked Vena as she drew Symbiote blades over her wrists gesturing Carnage to stand back, wanting to handle this herself.

They both dashed toward eachother and went past eachother as they slashed their blades. 

But as Vena stopped after the clash, she felt her Blades that were severed clattered on the ground and she felt a pain at her side.

"Heheheheh, surprised Spawn? Revan told you earlier that power isn't everything. What I did just now was utilize a spell to create poison, a venom made by magic to soak around your mother's blade.  The poison is made to hurt you, that's why my blade went through yours, it melted through your substance, and as we speak your body is being eaten away by the poison. I'm not called Venom for nothing.

"But it's not just killing you it's also suppressing your massive power. So you find it more difficult to Defeat me as I strike you more, weakening you with each strike until you are no more.  You might be immune to our kind's weakness, to sound and flame, but as you can see there are other ways to kill you."

"Leave my sister alone!" Roared Carnage as she pounced at Rena-Venom.

"Stopza..." Said Rena-Venom utilizing the advanced Keyblade magic spell to stop time around the target.

Carnage became suspended in midair with a time clock Over her head.

"Heh knowing things isn't the same as experiencing them first hand. Take that lesson to your grave, but don't despair I'll save you for later. Watch as your sibling dies," said Rena-Venom as she walked to Vena, who was now on her knees as the magic  poison was weakening her even more.

"The very thought you were made from my body repulses me, it's as if I have to kill a part of me. Sigh I'll never gonna get over this," sighed the Venom Symbiote as it have Rena-Venom raise her  poison laced blade to strike down Vena.

But as the blade went down on her Vena suddenly found herself somewhere else, she was standing on top of a giant stain glass pillar in an empty world with dark skies.  

She saw that the stain- glass floor she's standing on was a picture of her leaning against the ground eyes closed, made of black Symbiote goo, and at smaller pictures over the giant image of her were pictures of Revan, Carnage, Rena, and even Venom, people that are close to her heart.

 She also saw the giant image of her was carrying a blade.

Vena looked around and realized from her genetic memories of Revan and Rena, that they went through the sand thing on different pillars with images of themselves.  

From their memories she realized where she is, it was her Awakening.  The dream process each potential Keyblade Wielder goes through before manifesting their Keyblade.

She is in the inner world inside her heart and she has to fight a giant Beast often a Heartless in order to obtain the weapon that is to be her Keyblade, which the stain glass image herself now bears.

In the real world, whatever occurred in Vena's Awakening happened in moments as Rena-Venom brought down her  blade to finish off Vena, who suddenly was limp on her knees.

But at the last moment, Vena suddenly raised her arms and raised a weapon to parry the blow.  The stike caused Rena-Venom to stagger backward a few steps surprised that Vena blocked it, as any of her Symbiote blades would only be melt through by the poison, and had she used barriers, Rena-Venom was prepared to use the Keyblade's ability to "unlock" the barrier and go through it too.  

Then Venom saw Vena's new weapon.  It looked identical to Revan's Keyblade Light's Shadow, which looked more like a large double-bladed sword than a key shaped weapon.  Only it was colored black, like black Symbiote goo. And it's keychain was a black heart, with a white Venom Spider symbol inside it.

"'s not possible...Keyblades can't be copied by our Symbiote did you inherit that blade?!" Shouted Venom in shock.

"Dad I didn't inherit this blade, it isn't Revan's Blade Light's Shadow. It's my own blade forged by my own heart, strengthened by the bond I have with my family, and my partner Revan Shadow.  It's called Venomous Vixen, and guess what I learned from your experience?  Esuna," said Vena as she used the Keyblade spell that can heal status problems, like burns, magic induced sleeping, or in this case Poison.  She was now healed from Venom's Magic Poison and her Symbiote body began healing itself completely.  With the poison gone, so  
Is what held her strength back, which improved  even greater now that she has her own Keyblade.

She began surging in Crimson energy, and her eyes glowing with red energy.  Rena-Venom surged in a mix of blue, white, and black energy and lunged towards Vena.

Their blades clashed and Rena-Venom was thrown back by the recoil of Vena's blow.

Rena-Venom recovered and charged a sphere of black energy in front of the Keyblade and discharged  the black energy Revan's signature move his Dark Zero energy blast.

Vena sliced through the black blast with her Keyblade slashed in the air, creating a crescent energy wave of Dark Zero energy, it struck Rena-Venom and exploded.

Rena-Venom body was divided in half by the attack and began regenerating as the Venom Symbiote healed Rena's body.

While Rena-Venom was still healing, Vena utilized a Slow time spell to slow Rena-Venom down, as she dashed forward and stabbed her Keyblade at their chest, but it wasn't to harm them, it was to unlock the Venom Symbiote's Heart and bring herself into its inner world like before when she was born.

The Venom Symbiote was manifested as a classic muscular Venom, and Vena as she appeared as herself wielding her new blade.

"Impossible! Only a master level Keyblade Wielder can unlock hearts!"

"Dad you just said I'm stronger than you by tons, also I have the knowledge of two masters before me  not only that My heart is nothing to be taken lightly.  That's something you've failed to do dad, listening to your heart rather than on your head alone and now you paying for it.

"You claim you did all those things because your people and your hosts abandoned you, well boo hoo let it go already.  You the one who's doing the abandoning and making excuses for it, you abandoned your family, you forsaken those who truly love you, and you think it's ok.  Well dad it's time for you to get a fucking wake up call," said Vena as she stabbed her Keyblade into Venom's manifestation.  

Light energy started  to destingrate it and world around it, the Venom manifestation shrieked as light consumed everything.

In the real world Rena was on the ground unconscious and the Venom Symbiote was going inside Rena.  The Symbiote was unconscious too, it's body was being pulled inside by Rena's unconscious will.

Carnage was free from
The time spell and crawled near Vena who stood over her mother.  "You win?"

"Big time."

"So what you going to do with him?"

Vena lifted Rena up  and carried her on her shoulders before replying, "I'm going to dad's species homeworld, where the mainstream benevolent Symbiotes reside, not the corrupted guys that dad grew up with.  If he connects to the Symbiote hive mind his own mind would be cured of its corruption.  I might connect to it too to learn more about our kind, Since I have my own mind and body I might not change as much as dad would."

"Can I come?" Asked Carnage.

"No sis, you would be at more at risk to lose your individuality than I would.   I like your crazy homicidal sex crazy mind as it is.  Dad's mind is sick in a bad way and he needs this.  I'm leaving you in charge of Revan, you can cuddle him until I get back," Vena replied as she pointed her Keyblade forward to open a Corridor of Darkness portal. 

"L-leave it to me sis," replied Carnage as she gave a salute with her serpentine tounge sticking out.

"Heh u such a silly goof, I love ya," said Vena as she went inside.

15 minutes later Revan woke up surprised to see Carnage on him, wrapping him in tendrils while she's hugging him cuddling and purring.

While he surprised Vena was gone he couldn't refuse a good cuddle and cuddled her back.

Half hour later Vena returned, and told Revan everything.

Vena only gained knowledge from connecting to the Hive mind of the Symbiotes and didn't change from it, but the Venom Symbiote had s drastic change, it became completely benign and docile.

Rena woke up unaware of anything and only saw the Symbiote as more endearing and devoted in their relationship, and went on not knowing what really happened.

Revan was surprised Vena has manifested a Keyblade that looked like his and asked if and would like to take the Mark of Mastery Exam.  She refused stating that her father was right in staging That she lacked experience And until she gained more real life experience she isn't worthy of the Mark of Mastery.

Revan complemented her on her wisdom and discovered when they bond, they can wield both their blades at same time, apparently gaining the Synch-Blade ability when they bond.

Revan felt more ready than ever to introduce Team Venom to the world as it became more stronger and unified that before as Vena seemed to be the glue that bind the team together even more.

He seems sure now that he made the right choice in having her as his new Partner.

Short: Symbiote Family Feud
Wow I made this faster than I expected I really am inspired by my new OC Vena.

And congrats to equality of marriage everywhere in the U.S.

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In the real world Rena and Revan was oblivious of Vena showing her hand and dominating Rena's real lover inside Rena's body.  "Hey Revan may I ask you something?" Asked Rena in a blush.  "The thing me and Symbi it ok with you?"

"You have put up with my multiple sexual relationships especially with my werewolf curse making me even more worse for wear.  So even if we get together I can't guarantee with those other girls won't get to me.  I'm not the jealous type and I know firsthand how Symbiotes can be addicting so you got my ok."

"Thanks be honest I dunno how it got like this...didn't know how I became so weak to!"

"Haha guess you weren't totally resistant to your programming shows you have your own heart and that's admirable."

" what is your plan tomorrow? What if the Teen Titans get in our way?"

"We would have to Defend ourselves but hold back of course, I would by depending entirely on the Venom Symbiote's power, using only that physical powers of Venom and the Symbiote. We can't be overpowering as it might attract unwanted attention from other heroes and villains alike. So you have to refrain using your Keyblade powers in battle.  We both have to hold back only using our true power in emergencies got it?"

"Yah I got it...but what if the Venom Symbiote doesn't want to leave me? it...What will you do then?"

"If I must I'll convince Wendy to loan me her Symbiote to me, or think of something else, we'll worry  about that in the morning.

Vena inside heard that remark and didn't want the Carnage Symbiote to challenge her claim on Revan. If Revan is to bond with her and she must make her move now.  

She finished disciplining her "dad" to submission anyway, as the Venom Symbiote is unconscious.

She began separating her own black gooey Symbiote body from her parent's and began to make her way out of Rena's body by coming out of her pussy.

Rena moaned in surprise feeling the black Symbiote starting to flow out of her, seeing the black mass coming out of the sheets and flowing into the foot of the bed, thinking it was Venom.

"W-what's the big idea you have something to say?" Asked Rena clutching her pussy not knowing the real Venom Symbiote was still inside her.
Rena was suddenly surprised hearing a voice similar to hers when she was Rena-Venom answer her.  "Oh mom I do have something to say, and it's that solution to your problem."

Rena gasped as the black puddle of goo started to form into a perfect replica of herself when she was Rena-Venom, rising up from the ground.

As soon as her body was complete and solid she jumped into the bed going between Revan and Rena, her arms around their necks in a tight arm hug.
"Don't you know Revan? That Venom had a second daughter? And she's both his and Rena's? I'm Vena by the way nice to meet you."

"What?!!! Daughter?! Is this a prank Symbi with one of your Symbiote Clones shapeshifted to look like us?! Because I'm sure as hell ain't laughing!"  

"Heheh you are so dense to accept reality unlike Revan who seems to accept that situation right away, I mean feel this," she said switching her tail at Rena's face.

"See its fur, flesh and blood not goo though I can turn it into goo if I want. Let me make this simple so you can understand.  I'm made from both of dad's gooey body and from your Digimon Data, which is basically what children are parts of the parents.  I'm both a Digimon and a Symbiote, yet I'm something else entirely.  I don't need a host to live, I have a body of my own, though I can bond to others if I like to fuse our abilities and get stronger.  I'm entirely female like you are mom.  I have no weakness to fire or sound, nor I can reproduce because I choose not to.  I have all the basic abilities of a Symbiote, while I am stronger than you, dad, and Revan put together.  And as for Shapeshifting I can take it to the next level," she smirked as she changed her black Symbiote Renamon body into her real Renamon form making her look like a splitting image to Rena.

"Symbiotes can only mimic appearance I can change my very DNA into almost anything I choose, this form is easy since I'm part Digimon this is my second real form.  I can change into any species I choose and feel like them," she smirked with a normal Renamon mouth.

"As for how I came to be I'm not sure, I did start out as an alternate Rena-Venom personality of yours but soon I became my own person as me.  perhaps because you and dad are even more compatible than any other hosts before, or maybe the simple combination of your data and part of dad's body was necessary to produce me, or because the magic of your Keyblade gave me sentience, or its your very Digimon power that made me came to be, or simply it's the power of your love to eachother that gave me life.  Who knows what matters is I'm here and part of the family," she smiled nuzzling Rena then Revan.

"How is you being here helpful to us?" Asked Rena. 

"Besides the fact me simply being born has gave the Organization it's greatest warrior? Nothing much though I'm helpful to your situation for tomorrow.  If dad doesn't  want to separate from you then I'll be Revan's suit to make him 'Venom'.  That way he can have his super hero identity to this world while keeping his true power under wraps. We both be happy. I do need a partner after all, and who's better than Revan to be my...first?" She said suggestively getting close to Revan's face.

Revan blushed replying, "Well she does have a point, if she's truly part Symbiote then it's better for her first host partner be someone experienced in dealing with Symbiotes and is less likely to corrupt her with bad traits...guess it's worth a try."

"Yayyy!!! I knew you understand!" Cheered Vena reverting to her original Symbiote-Digimon form, putting herself on Revan's Lap and hugging him close and tight, bringing his face against her boobs.

"H-hey! You oversteppping your bounds you little slu-" stared Rena, before Rena's white Symbiote  eyes lit up, and suddenly as if responding to Vena's mental command, and came bursting out of Rena's pussy, causing her to moan.

As her body became black like Vena's from her lower body spreading upward as more Symbiote goo covered her.

"Ahhh...n-no...what are you doing...stop...I...I'm sorry baby...don't be mad at me...t-take me I need you!" She moaned, as a face made by the Symbiote pulled her into a monster of a kiss, before falling off the bed, 

Vena smirked and used the power she inherited from Revan to summon a Corridor of Darkness portal to form underneath Rena and the Venom Symbiote, and they fell inside to go to Rena's new room.

"Heh did them a favor in getting them a room. Now we can...get acquainted without interruptions..." She smirked turning toward Revan.

Revan blushed looking at her as she teasingly licked his face.

"Umm...I must admit I didnt expect this evening to turn around like this," said Revan.

"Heh don't blame you, you had a breakup and was trying to forget about it with this mission on recruiting new members, didn't expect gals like me and Carnage to pop up but we did.

"So, sorry things haven't turned out how you wanted but it did. So accept it and make best out of it. Afraid mom isn't gonna be dating you any time soon, she's too far gone. She began seeing dad to get over you, and whether she accept it or not, she did.

"Dad while has forgiven you is over you too. See when he realized he birthed my sis Carnage, he despaired in having an offspring that has the power to surpass at birth by a giant margin.  You maybe strong, but upon accepting him back he has absorbed all of your current powers, after that he hadn't much need to be with you.  So he moved down the list and choose Rena to be his new partner because besides you she is one of strongest remaining members in the Organization. Her powers, combined with his, upgraded by his ability upon bonding has greatly increased his powers.

"He actually planned to leave Rena and go after your ex to insure he'll surpass Carnage when she surfaced, but in the end gave in to the horny feelings he inherited from you and actually fell in love with mom. Their bond has gone both ways, they are addicted to eachother, and dad can't find himself to leave her anytime soon.

"Heh but what they didn't also expect that their love affair has birthed me, something even stronger than Carnage can ever be nor could dad hope to be. Just now I broke his desire to do anything against me or my sister, so it's all good, wanting only mom.  You are better off without him, thanks to you he maybe good now  but he's still a control crew of a  jerk, who could have taken over the Organization from within as he could have passed over from host to host getting stronger and more addicted to it until he became real power mad and do something crazy."

"How do I know you aren't like that?" Asked Revan.

"Hell yah I'm like that, can't you comprehend how strong I am now? It's addicting and overwhelming.  I'm literally made from my dad's flesh so yah I'm like him.  But unlike him I'm honest about it, and unlike him I've also inherited my mom's loyal love to the person she cared about that most before she became lost to dad's goo: you.

"That's why I want you as my partner, I can't deny I want the power we will gain once we bond and combine our strengths, and I can't deny I have inherited mom's feelings for you, but if there's anyone that can sort me right it's you, who saved dad from Corruption and made him at least slightly decent, you also saved mom from loneliness and hate and gave her purpose.  I want what's best for my messed up family, and I see joining with you is it.

"I maybe like both of them but I have my own heart and soul, that makes me unique to them, all I'm asking for Revan is a chance, and not judge me for my mom and dad's nor even your sins. So what do you say? Partner?" She asked offering her paw to him.

Revan thought for a moment before replying, "Organization Keyblade is where everyone who's a member deserve a second chance.  You aren't accountable for the sins of those who can't before you.  You are really asking for your first chance so...yah I accept you," said Revan as he reached to take her paw-hand.

"Thanks...partner," she smiled as Symbiote goo from her hand grasped his, and she began morphing her body completely into goo to become fully Symbiote and bond with him.

To his surprise Vena began moaning, as if bonding to her was like having sex. And before he knew it he was feeling it too and began to mean as well.

Usually Symbiotes give a cool feeling when bonding to a host, however the Carnage Symbiote already demonstrated a different when it/she influenced Wendy's nerves to feel a blood warm feeling instead when Wendy became Carnage. Thus Vena is doing the similar thing making her version of the bonding give off the feeling of sexual pleasure.

Revan writhed at the ground stunned by the pleasure, as Vena slithered up toward Revan's head.

Inside Revan's cock slid inside a copy of Vena's pussy before the lower part of Revan's body was fully fashioned into the new blank bio-suit that's Vena.

 Before Vena covered his face, strands of Symbiote substance former together to formed her face.

"Ahhh....mmm...this is so better than I imagined...this is my first bonding afterall...oh God I can't take it anymore! Take me! Become my host!" She moaned out before Pulling Revan into a kiss, putting her serpentine tounge down her throat before she morphed to cover his face completely.

All was black for a moment, when Revan opened his eyes he was seeing  through the eyes of the the Symbiote eyes of the mask of his new black bio-suit.  But he wasn't just realized he was different he was at another place.

He was at the desert wasteland of the Keyblade Graveyard, Vena apparently transported them their via corridors of darkness, to take in their new form in private.

He looked a lot like a Black Suited Spider-Man, minus the classic white Venom Spider insignia, his bodysuit was completely black except for the whites of his Symbiote eyes.

"Hey lover see you woken up," said the voice of Vena in his head. "Tell me you haven't enjoyed it as much as me?  I brought us here so we can feel our combined power without have to fearing to catch unwanted attention, we can cut loose here. Here feel this."

Revan began to feel the addicting feeling of pleasure and power, what he had felt when he was Venom's host, but this was even more greater, worlds apart from before.

He can feel their power, not only  combined as one, but upgraded  due to Rena's Symbiote ability to enhance the abilities of the host.

Revan never felt so strong, it was as if there was at the bottom of the sea,, and  the heavy dense ocean all around him was his and Vena's power.

It was almost overwhelming, he felt like he can do anything with this power.

He couldn't hold it in he had to let it out.

"Rrrraggghhhh!!!" He roared in the combined Symbiote voice, the fushion of his own and Vena's voice, as he released his energy.

It surged around him in a mix of crimson, blue, white, and black energy, and it surged around him almost like an explosive burst of power, it funneled into the cloudy desert sky over them, causing the clouds to part.

Revan and Vena laughed hysterically feeling their power flowed through them.  It went on for almost a half of minute until Revan released he was losing himself to the power. He shakes his head and focused to get a hold of himself. He stopped the surge of energy and power and panted as he tried to get a hold of himself. 

He realized he was now inside a crater, which wasn't there before.  He realized that the surge of energy literally moved away the ground causing this crater he was now In.

"Whoa that was intense...never realized we be this strong, guess we were more compatible than we thought," said Vena inside his head.  "Sorry almost lost my cool for a moment."

"We both did Vena, how can we contain and control this power without losing ourselves? This was the reason why I left your dad before. How can you gurantee we won't become any more insane than we already are from this?"

"Relax dude, give me some credit, you should know my kind is adaptable, and has unlimited storage inside our substance. My body has already gotten used to the power and is now surpressing it. It can work ok?"

"Fine but we can't use our full power unless we come across an opponent we can't beat on our own."

"Like the Klingemiesters?" Asked Vena referring to the Von Dracos elite magic Knights who's so strong that no one in the Organization has the power to challenge them.  Even Revan at his full power can't beat them and had to fuse with his ex in order to stand against them.

"Yah like them, we can't show off our power carelessly.  Believe it or not we still aren't invincible, there's infinite amount of worlds, with infinite varieties of beings with power.  Enemies like Von Dracos would learn and adapt from our power and come up with a being that's even stronger than that.  You are the perfect example of evolution, as the offspring in each generation is born with traits that are meant to surpass the previous generation.

"The Klingemiesters was created to surpass me and everyone else in the Organization once the Von Dracos analyzed how we fared against their inferior Klinge Knights.  If we show off our power right away then someone even worse than us will come to light.

"So that's why we have to keep this a secret, in our mission coming up, no magic no power, just physical strength and Symbiote based abilities, unless someone like Trigun, a demon who's one of the most powerful entities in that world comes up, we stay as we were got it?"

"Ok you the boss, I'm not a control freak like dad Revan I really want to make this work between us. I really like you."

"You know what I really started to like you too and that's why I want to give this a chance.  Ok now let's finish our costume and be ready for tomorrow," said Revan as he started mentally suggest to Vena to form the white Venom Spider-Symbol so he can introduce himself  as the hero Venom tomorrow.
But to his surprise nothing happened as his torso and back remained purely black.

"Sorry dude but no I'm not forming that in our outfit.  In case you haven't realized I'm not Venom, I'm his daughter.  It's not that I don't like the symbol it's a classic and if you want us to wear that outfit in private fine.  But not if we must go in public as our own superhero then I don't wanna take something that's dad's. No we must make our own thing."

"But I'm not creative in designing. And I don't think a white fox or wolf symbol would fit."

"Look I'm not asking much, if you want the pure black suit we were wearing before go ahead, unless you have something else in mind.  And give us our own name, not Revan-Vena, or Vevan something else."

"Well...when your dad and me were together he was mostly in the form of my Black Coat, though he and I had arguments of adding the white spider symbol to the Black Coat.

"So why not we form my Black Coat over this bodysuit so I would wear the mask over it and we call ourselves....Shadow."

"Meh it's something fine let's try that," said Vena as she formed a copy of Revan's Black coat over the Symbiote bodysuit.

"Ok looks like it's gonna work partner, let's start the career of the greatest Symbiote tag team or them
All, we are Shadow!"
COH Book 7 Ch. 8 Symbiote Family Part 2
(See Part 1 for beginning 
The past few weeks I've been dealing with a depression caused by a falling out from a formerly dear friend of mine, may this story reflect my resolve to move on from the past and go forward to the future.

Happy Summer guys.
And welcome my new OC at her new debut Vena.

Revan Shadow, Vena, Rena, Wendy Slade, Organization Keyblade, the Von Draco Family, Shadow the Heartless by me 
Larfliana by :iconwsache2020:
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DC themes and characters owned by DC comics 
Kingdom Hearts themes and characters owned by Square Enix created by Teysuya Nomura
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Revan Shadow the leader of Organization Keyblade has gone through a recent Union and yet separation.

A falling out with two close members, one was a very close mate of his, caused them to leave the Organization.  However he was also reunited with a member he missed for a while: the Venom Symbiote.

Before he created the Organization, Revan rescued an alternate version of the Venom Symbiote and tamed it and became its host and had it for a while.  Until he gave it up and stored it away because he was being corrupted by artificial powers he gained to get stronger.

Recently the Venom Symbiote escaped and joined a host to try and get Revan back.

Upon a confrontation they made up and accepted each other again, and Revan became its host again.

But what they didn't know was that the Venom Symbiote gave birth to the Carnage Symbiote, with the powers of Spider-Man, Venom, and Revan, and is stronger than all of them put together.

Also unlike the other incarnations of Carnage, the Symbiote hasn't yet found a host yet, still capable of both good and evil depending who would be its first host.

And despite being asexual, it's personality resembles that of a female, likely that of a teenager.

Deadpool, Revan's recent member took the Carnage Symbiote, planning to become Deadpool-Carnage.

He stored the Red and Black Symbiote inside a canister, not knowing that it inherited Revan's dark powers, which facilitated it's escape and it went out searching for a suitable host across worlds.

It came to a world where humans lived in a modern society without powers, makes you think it's a animated version of our world.

An inhabitant of that world is Wendy Slade, a 23 year old young woman, with short red hair, freckled face, and brown eyes.

A gamer and comic book nerd, she works at a local comic book store. She dates and party's often but beyond that is reclusive.  Childhood traumas being abused at school made her untrustworthy to people.

She was walking home from a bad date when she didn't realize a Minature corridor of darkness portal opened at the grass by her feet.

The Carnage Symbiote came to this random world and already found a possible host.

It slithered by her feet, and allowed her to step on it and stick to her shoe.

It slithered up and concealed itself to her clothes as she walks room ranting to herself.

"Damn that fucking Rob...who does he think he is, humiliating me like that?! I'm a human fucking being not a piece of property! If I can get my hands on him I'll..."

She didn't know that under her clothes the Symbiote began bonding to her skin, and increase in mass.

Symbiote usually give a cool feeling when they bond to a host but this Symbiote is giving a blood warm feeling, perhaps purposely influencing her nerves to make it feel different.  Even if she noticed it she would think its the warm feeling of rage building up and flowing inside her body like blood.

By the time she reached her door, she became a female Carnage, still ranting about murdering the guy not even noticing her clawed red and black fingers as she took her keys out of the Symbiote substance, which could actually store items for the host and opened the door.

"Ugh...what a night," she spoke in her new double Symbiote Voice. "I need a drink." 

As if responding from her thoughts, some tendrils grew from her body and it reached out and grabbed the nearest liquor bottle from a shelf

"What the?...whoa...did I do that?" She turned around to see herself on the mirror. "Whoa?! What the hell...wait I look like Carnage...holy crap I'm Carnage!"

As her world is alot like ours Carnage exists in her world as a fictional character and is common knowledge to a game/comic geek like her.

She examined the changes in her body.  To most others her monstrous appearance would scare them if they were in her situation.

However, to Wendy she was pleased and amazed.  "Oh God! Tendrils, claws, fangs! I have them all! I'm exactly like Carnage! Heh except for these puppies," and smirked as she grabbed her own boobs covered in her new form and rubbed them, the pleasure was enhanced by the Symbiote.

Before she knew it she was grinding her crouch against the corner of the wall.  "Ahhh...should I be freaked or amazed how good that feels? W-wait..." She panted as she stopped herself, getting off the wall.

"Now's not the time to get horny, partner we can always do that later.  First we gotta give this body a test drive and see what we can do..."

For the next hour, Wendy practiced the Symbiote's abilities to shapeshift, morph weapons out of its biomass substance, webslining utilizing red Symbiote webbing.

She even thwarted some robberies, mugging and other random crimes she encountered, deciding to use the power of Carnage for good like Spider-Man.

But by the end of the night she also decided to use her new power for one dark purpose.  She went to home of her ex-boyfriend's house in the guise of her civilian identity to get invited inside.

Less then five minutes later screams were heard, before Wendy in her female Carnage form, jumping through the window as an explosion ripped through the house blowing it up as she jumped out of the house.

As pieces of burning house fell around her, Wendy laughed insanely, with her feral mouth wide open and her serpentine tounge sticked out.

"Hahahaha! What a rush! That was fucking awesome! I'm gonna love this! Hey Symbiote what else can you do?"

As if responding to her request, the Symbiote suddenly caused her clawed hand to lit aflame, utilizing Fire Magic it inherited from Revan.

"Huh? Carnage can't do that? Can't it? And ain't fire one of the two weaknesses of a Symbiote? Hey where you learned to do that?"

To reply to its host's request, the Symbiote mentally said the words "Revan Shadow" in Wendy's head.

"Huh? Who the heck was that?"

Worlds away Revan Shadow was on a mission.

To cope with the loss of the resignation of comrades, one who was an ex-mate of his, he tried to find more recruits.

He is now in a parallel world of the DC Heroes, where heroes like the Justice League and Green Lanturn Corps preserve the peace of the world.  Amongst the many groups of heroes on Earth were the Teen Titans, which their main branch preserves the peace of Jump City and that's where Revan is.

Ever since he rebonded with the Venom Symbiote he tried to rely less on his Keyblade and Wolf powers and use mainly his Venom Symbiote powers.

With him was Gaz Membrane who mastered her powers and adapted an adult form, and obtained a Keyblade of her own via her bond with Revan.  She is now his right hand at the Organization and his next door neighbor.

Revan was there for her when she lost Dib when he became mad and joined with an ally of the Von Dracos, now after losing his close friends Gaz was there for him, almost increasing the bond of their causal relationship they have.
Revan had gained a lot of Intel on the Titans and their friends and enemies alike, and he hoped to recruit outcasts that were rivals or enemies to the Titans and give them a Devine chance with the Organization.

Amongst his possible targets are Blackfire and Terra.

Blackfire was a Princess of Tamaran, eldest sister of Titan member Starfire and their youngest brother Wildfire.

She was jealous as a child feeling neglected that despite being the eldest and strongest her parents seemed to favor Starfire over her.

So she vowed to make Starfire's life Hell starting with selling her away to slavery which brought her to Earth and the Titans to begin with.

After Starfire adjusted to life on Earth, Blackfire returned trying to take her friends away from her and frame her for an intergalactic crime she committed.

She got imprisoned once her ploy was revealed but she escaped and usurped the throne of Tamaran and tried to arrange her sister to be married to a disgusting alien creature.

She lost and was banished from her planet being on the run since. 

Recently she returned to Earth as it's about the only place she could go bring wanted as a criminal elsewhere in the Galaxy.

Revan hoped to recruit her and give her a second chance in his group.

Terra was actually the illegitimate daughter of the royalty of Markovia, being half sister of the man that became the hero Geo-Force.  They were both experimented on by the royal court fur sinster purposes and gained the power of geokinesis, power of manipulation of Earth.

Feeling exploited she ran away and became a drifter, going from
Place to place, unable to find a place she would belong because her lack of control over her powers makes her dangerous.

She eventually met the Titans and was offered a place at their side, especially befriending Beast Boy who loved her at first sight.

But soon her lack of control made her feel like a liability, and soon encountered a man named Slade, whose a lot like Deadpool.
An enhanced  one-eyed human with  regenerative powers, and remarkable fighting skills, formerly a mercenary known as Deathstroke the Terminator.

Now he's a criminal mastermind with a dark motive against Jump City, making him the Titans main antagonist.

He saw Terra's talent and lack of control and decided to take advantage of it.

He wanted an apprentice to teach and stand by his side like the child he never had.  He tried with Robin the leader of the Titans and only briefly had him come to his side via Blackmail.  He now wanted to try again with Terra.

He offered her training and guidance to control her powers otherwise watch everyone leave her as they did before as she became more dangerous.

She at first was at hesistant because of the Titan's generosity and friendship, but upon the Titans admitting she's a danger because of her lack of control she felt betrayed and ran away and eventually came to Slade who indeed trained her as his apprentice.

She soon returned to the Titans with better control and fighting skills, but as a mole to spy on that Titans on Slade's orders.

She at first pretended to be friends with The Titans but soon it became genuine as got closer to Beast Boy.

But soon her treachery was revealed, which broke Terra completely and became Slade's minion completely, beginning a twisted Father-daughter relationship that would threaten to destroy the Titans.

Slade launched his final plan to conquer Jump City and Terra brutally defeated the Titans without mercy or remorse. 

But they survived and struck back at her, causing her to retreat.  Her moment of weakness cause Slade to brutally abuse her and turn her into a literal puppet for him to control, as her new uniform is actually a neuro-suit that allows Slade to control her movements and better focus her powers as his more disciplined and controlled mind is in control.  The suit is attached to her nervous system so taking it off is difficult.

But with Beast Boy's undying love and faith in her, Terra broke free and destroyed Slade, and sacrificed herself to save the city from a lava eruption turning herself into stone, in a final act of friendship to save her true friends.

Terra was remembered as a hero, but after Raven's father Trigon was defeated, Terra was seemed to be restored to life.

Beast Boy found her as a normal school girl with apparently no recollection of her past and wanted to live life normally. 

It seemed upon being restored she made herself forget her Guilt-ridden criminal past to live life  happily as a normal human girl.

As much as Beast Boy wanted her back, he realized she was happier this way and let her go.

But Revan figured it's a mistake because Slade might soon know where Terra is and would try to acquire her back as his apprentice by any means necessary. Without even memory on how to use her powers she would be powerless to stop him.

Which is why he wants to restore her memory and offer her a choice to undo the crimes as of the past by being a hero again at his team.

He himself lost his family because he was powerless, even if Terra refuses he wants to at least restore her power so she can defend her new friends and family in her new life if she had to.

Revan and Gaz settled at an abandoned underground base of Slade's and used Irken tech to convert it to their new headquarters while they are on this world.

"Don't understand why we couldn't take Larfliana with us," said Gaz.  "She's familiar with this world and her ring is like a computer that has all the information of this world we need."

She was referring to the Orange Lantern from another alternate DC world in the future from the present timeline.  She joined the Organization after being rejected from her homeworld.

She was able to remain mostly sane from her greedy impulses, as she was a petty thief before becoming the Orange Lantern, though the avarice impulses became channeled as lust, making her a top slut in the Organization.

 "It's true she would have uses on this mission, however I do not know whether an Orange Lantern exists in this world.  If they do then her appearance would only compromise  us."

"Aww that's really mean Revan baby." Said a lusty voice behind him.

Revan looked to see Larfliana had indeed cane with them without him knowing.

"You should give me some credit.  I checked this universe and it seems there isn't an Orange Lantern in this reality.  The Orange and other lights exist but they haven't yet have rings created.  Only the Green, Yellow, and Violet Rings exist so far. So the Guardians of this world doesn't seem to know about my power, so it's cool.  I know how to keep my power from being sensed long distance.  I have all the Intel on this world Revan and With nothing to do back home, I'm free.  You could use me."

"Sigh ok Lar, seems I have no choice but welcome you to the mission."

"Yayyyy!!! She said glomping him smothering his face against her large breasts, squeezing him tightly. 

Gaz rolled but eyes but smiling as she continued playing her game.

Larfliana pinned him down as she kissed and hugged him all over, while rubbing her boobs and lap against him.  She would have stripped herself and fucked him, if Gaz hadn't interrupted reminding Revan they have a job to do.

"Um...anyway..." Blushed Revan as Larfliana still was hugging him from behind.  "While we are in this world, we aren't Organization Keyblade, we are our own team.  We are Team Venom, a superhero team stationed in this world that does heroics to keep our true identity under wraps and give us time to find our desired recruits.  If we succeed in finding, our desired recruits then you'll identify me as..." He said as Symbiote black goo covered his face forming a mask, making him appear like Symbiote Spider-Man wearing a Black Coat. "...Venom," he finished as he spoke in a Symbiote double voice, referring to the name of his Symbiote, the name he himself never really used before as  Venom's host until now. "At least until we have their trust completely at least we keep our full group a secret.  And my true powers will also be Kept a secret, as I'll only use my physical abilities and the powers of Venom, until we completed our mission and pull out. Or unless it's an emergency  So let's get started..."

Just as he finished a Corridor of Darkness portal opened up, and out came Wendy Slade as the new Carnage.

She looked around and saw Gaz and Larfliana, and as soon as she saw Revan with the Symbiote mask over his face she yelled out "Daddy!" Before pouncing and glomping him in a hug wrapping her legs and arms around him, with her Symbiote eyes closed, she purred nuzzling him.

Revan knew what Carnage was in the other worlds but didn't knew that his Venom Symbiote had given birth to this Carnage Symbiote apparently bonded to a female whom he doesn't know.

While he was surprised he wasn't one to reject a friendly greeting and he hugged her back and even nuzzled her which made her happy and made her squeeze even tighter and purr louder.

Revan's bones start to make cracking sounds before he fell over on his back with her laid on him.

"Ugh...h-hi can you tone it down a bit?"

"Oh heh Sorry daddy," Carnage chuckled loosening her grip and licking Revan's face softly with her Symbiote Serpentine tongue, she remained lying on him.

"Hey hate to interrupt your family reunion Revan but weren't you neutered pup?" Said Gaz giving a smug joke.

"This isn't my offspring it's the Venom Symbiote's and since it and I are one again now, that makes her mine too I guess."

"That's right", replied Carnage as she wrapped red tendrils around Revan's body as if insuring he wouldn't get away if he wanted to. "All yours Symbiote, woman host and all, but let's see what your other half is like," she said as she took her claws and carefully slice the Symbiote mask open and peeled it off to show Revan's true face.

"Hey you don't look bad kinda cute, can I keep you?" She smirked as she morph open her own bio-mask showing her red haired Freckled face.

She pulled Revan into a kiss and from her human mouth brought her Symbiote Serpentine tounge down his throat.  

Revan's eyes widen in surprise before he suddenly started to lean in Kiss joining in the make out.  but what Revan didn't know was the Venom Symbiote was starting to come off him, and slithered towards another new person in the room.

It was Rena the Renamon who appeared on the room a few minutes ago via a Corridor of Darkness portal.

She besides the Venom Symbiote was one of Revan's eldest and most devoted members. She started out as his Digimon Partner, then their bond gave her a Keyblade, which he named her a Master after the completion of her training.

She always wanted him but haven't been very sucessful as the other girls in Revan's life 

Despite feeling frustrated of being unsuccessful in making Revan her mate, she remained loyal to him through two rebellions and a number of conflicts.

In some ways she's the true right hand of Revan in the Organization.

When the Venom Symbiote returned it actually began seeing Rena, making her it's alternate host and lover, turning them into the first Digimon female Venom.

Her appearance as Venom varies as Rena's preference as hoe she appears as Venom varies.

Sometimes she would have the white spider symbol on her chest and back like most Venoms in the past has, other times she's completely Black.

Sometimes her purple markings at her legs are shown as Venom in white, other times they aren't shown, making her legs completely black then.

Other times her fingerless gloves she wears are shown in her Venom Form, with its white and black Yin-Yang symbols are shown, other times her Venom, three fingered arm is completely bare and black.

That's where in the case this time as Rena is completely black with only the whites of her Symbiote eyes and teeth, and the pinkness of her feral Symbiote mouth and Tongue being the other color on her.

Her mane, tail, spikes of furr at her shoulders and other bodily features were shown in this form.

Her large breasts usually hidden under her mane was also  suggestingly shown in her Venom form, were squeezed tightly underneath the the Symbiote goo. Her pussy was also revealed in this form.

Bonded with the Venom Symbiote, Rena has access to the powers of Venom and Revan's physical and magic powers.  Combined with her own Digimon powers and her own Keyblade powers, as well as the Symbiote's ability to enhance the abilities of its host, Rena was now stronger than even Revan in his current power level.

It all started as the Symbiote began to act on one of the many traits the Symbiote inherited from Revan, his lust for Women, sensing Rena's anxiety and increasing desperation feeling shunned by Revan; the Symbiote took advantage to begin a relationship with her, more than that of The relationship between Symbiote and host, to acquire a woman of its own.

Rena fell for the Symbiote partly because when she's bonded with it she feels Revan within it, besides of the intensely pleasurable alien monster  kinky sex and the great powers that came with it. But she also went with it to vent out her restrained lust and try to forget Revan.

But deep down she also wanted this to bitterly try and make Revan jealous, which he seemed oblivious to it with his recent depression over losing his recent mate and hanging out with other women.

To the Symbiote, Rena was a tool of pleasure, a means to get stronger, and a great feast of adrenaline which its kind feeds on, as she's often lately violent and uninhibited because of her increasing anxiety.

Rena knew the truth via their bond and her own intuition but she didn't care. Partly because she became addicted to the Symbiote as most hosts did before her and to the pleasure and power she gets by simply bonding with it.  She sees this as a vent to her anxiety and subtitle bitterness towards Revan.

As they started to bond, the Symbiote formed a a copy of its feral face despite haven't yet fully bonded with Rena's face, it pulled itself to Rena's mouth with a kiss and brought its tounge down her throat. Strands of Symbiote tendrils went into that folds of her sex as Symbiote goo filled her pussy, bonding to the very walls of her womb giving instant ecstasy to her, her breasts were covered and rubbed against as Symbiote goo covered them as the goo spread throughout her body turning her into Venom.

Rena moaned and nearly shrieked in pleasure as if she came already. She fell on her back her eyes closed tight and tearing as she continued making out with that Symbiote until every inch of her body was covered with black Symbiote goo. Finally the Symbiote face kissing her bonded with her face, completing the transformation as her face became a Renamon version of Venom's face.

Rena was now Venom, with her bio-bodysuit bonded to her skin and nervous system, goo still was filled inside her pussy and her boobs was squeezed under the pressure of the suit.

She still was moaning in a Symbiote double voice as she stood up on her feet facing the surprised occupants of the room. A few moments after the moans stopped as she got serious.

She knelt down, grabbed Revan, who was now nude in Carnage's grip, by the throat, pulled him off of Carnage and pinned him to the wall.

"What's your problem Rena?" Asked Revan as calm a guy would be being choked by a female who's now stronger than him, squeezing his windpipe as she lifted him up against the wall.

"If you doing this mission I'm going too, Im tired of being left out of these missions," said Rena coldly in her Symbiote double voice.  "The Symbiote wasn't the only thing you been shunning.  You lost Shadow and those other members because you were either blindly obsessed with them or you been neglecting them.  Through it all I remained by your side like the faithful canine I am. I'll always...want to stay by your side, but unless you start giving something back to me you will lose me too.

"If you don't want that at least start with letting me stay on the mission."

"F-fine.." Gasped Revan. "But who will watch the base back home in your absence?"

"I had Rio and his team handle things so it's all set."

"Fine Rena, you are in Team Venom too."

"What about me daddy?" Said Carnage clutching Revan's arm, still calling him dad despite the Venom Symbiote, the Carnage Symbiote's true parent, was no longer bonded to him.

"Yes you are welcome to Team Venom and Organization Keyblade in general.  You both are now my responsibility and I have to keep an eye on you."

"Yayy!!" Said Carnage as death hugged Revan, despite him still being in Rena's grip.

As Venom, Rena figured that because Symbiote's don't have a family system and there are often hostilities against relatives, the Carnage Symbiote influencing Wendy, had imprinted Revan as her real parent and family, while being influenced in turn by Wendy's horny impulses.

Rena growled seeing the Carnage Symbiote itself not Wendy as another piece of competition for Revan. And the Venom Symbiote resented the spawn for being born with power greater than its own, which was a factor in why it remained with Rena to get stronger.

After Wendy explained where she came from and how she came across the Carnage Symbiote, while omitting she used the power of Carnage to kill her ex-boyfriend before leaving her world to track Revan down, she was accepted as both a member of Team Venom and Organization Keyblade.

With that done Revan introduced his plan to recruit the first target in his list, Blackfire, who's hiding out somewhere in Jump City where an abandoned warehouse is nearby an entertainment part of that city where raves happen at clubs.

The team that will try to track her down will consist of Revan as Venom, Carnage, Larfliana, Gaz, and Rena as herself.

They will track her down to try to confront her with their offer for her to join them, but will fight her if necessary is her shows hostility.

With that plan set up, Team Venom appeared at an alley nearby the warehouse where Blackfire was tracked via Larfliana's Orange Ring which tracks down her Tamaranian DNA signature via Revan's Corridor of Darkness.

Rena allowed the Venom Symbiote to rebond with Revan, thankful she was part of the mission with him at least.

She didn't trust Carnage, even as herself she didn't trust the woman host who seems to be a kinky crazy loose cannon who's going on a joyride With power, and the Symbiote who imprinted Revan as it's...her family, seems to want to bond with Revan and have a similar relationship with him as Rena has with the Venom Symbiote.

Rena had been tolerant of Revan's past relationships whether they were serious or not. This time she wouldn't allow him to be with anyone else at least until she gives him a piece of her mind.

It was late at this point so everyone went to settle in their new rooms.

To Revan's surprise Larfliana wanted to give Carnage a proper welcome to the team and arranged an all female slumber party at Gaz's room.

It was however a sexual kinky party to inaugurate Carnage to the team.

It began with Larfliana having Carnage form a Symbiote cock over her pussy and fuck Gaz while Larfliana stripped of her uniform, formed a vibrator cock construct over her own pussy and Ass fuck Gaz from behind, rubbing Gaz's boobs from behind. She smirked watching Gaz moan and Make out with Carnage.

The Symbiote wanted to take her chance to spend the night with Revan, but as the night went on even she was caught up with the moment and enjoyed the all female sex party and forggitabout it.

Only Rena didn't join, content with Revan allowing the Venom Symbiote to return to her and planned a little evening of sex of their own, until they both realized Revan was sleeping alone tonight.

Rena decided this was finally her chance to get some unresolved things settled with Revan.

Revan was lying down in bed in his new room, realizing it was the first time he been in bed alone in a while, even when his ex-broke up with him he tried to not go to bed alone by inviting whatever available female in thy Organization was willing to sleep with him.

Now that he's alone the depression he's been trying to forget has begun to seep inside his heart like an infection. He felt abandoned and alone, and that his heart had been punched.

He realized it's gonna be a long night until he felt someone climbing in bed and sitting on his lap in the darkness. He looked up to see Rena as Venom.

As her original self Rena is usually serious, cold, distant, but in her good moments could be mischievous and warm.  

Recently as Venom it was as if she is a different person. Like a new personality is made when the Symbiote and Rena are joined together, almost independent to the separate personalities of the Symbiote and Rena alone, which is a little different to how the other hosts act as Venom.  She was naughty, lustful, teasing, and as mischievous a fox could be. And she isn't afraid to speak her mind, and is even more homocidal, dominant, and Violent than the real Rena is. It was as if she's a different person.

Revan remembered how Rena-Venom is acting like Rena the first night she came on to him.  Back then Revan was still a virgin and completely human, and shy.  He turned her down not wanting to ruin anything and maintain his chastity until he got with his first girl.
Now it seems Rena-Venom wants to relive that moment but with different results.  "R-Rena...w-what are you doing."

"Oh I'm sorry hun, Rena can't come to the phone right now, and neither could Symbi, they ain't home. But that's ok you got me," said Rena-Venom in her Symbiote double voice.

"If you not them then who are you?"

"I'm their creation, their daughter, a result of their love bonding.  You can call me Rena, Vena, Venom, Rena-Venom, whatever u like. I'm not exactly my own person yet but I'm almost there.  But you know what you are to me? Mine!" She pulled him close to her pressing her goo-furry chest against him. Symbiote goo was sticking him to her to insure he won't get away. Her black Boobs was squeezed against his chest, his cock was against her black pussy.

She wrapped her arms around him and gave a naughty smirk. "Heh dunno why she is so obsessed over you.  You are cute but you are such an idiot. You keep searching for mates preferring bitches that give you a good time but would leave you the first chance they get.

"And it's a shame you really are a nice guy who really cares about the people you are with. Even when they treat you like trash you still forgive and love anyway.

"You are wasting your time doing that, you'll only end up alone. And you'll never realize that there are some girls like her that can give you a good time and will love you and remain loyal forever.  She was an idiot doing nothing about it thinking it was kindness and respect to you. So I'm gonna do what she couldn't alone and do you both a favor and claim you myself!~" She said while making tendrils come out wrapping around his legs binding them and spreading them out. She also binded his arms with tendrils too, making him appear like a submissive being bound in dominant sex.

She locked her legs around his thighs and began grinding against his cock. As he moaned submissively she smirked and licked his tounge. "Mmm...ahhh you know what and her are both a sucker for grinding foreplay. Guess I am too. Ahhh that hits the spot~..."

Strands of tendrils came out from over her pussy and wrapped around his cock and pulled it closer as she kept grinding.  She huffed, her serpentine tounge sticking out drooling on him as she clawed his back and grinded harder and faster until his cock was fully inside her.

She then let go of his back and sat upright rubbing her own boobs as she rode him. She moved her hips moaning with a wet smirk in her face.

As they reached the end their moans became louder and Revan began willingly thrust inside her. Rena-Venom began holding him up hugging him close and passionately make out with him as they began fucking eachother as a team.

Saliva from her mouth and tongue went down his throat as they passionately kept going like there's no tomorrow.

As the climax was about to came, Rena-Venom let go of Revan's mouth, to raise her face up like a female wolf about to bay at the moon, she hugged Revan tightly and moved his cock as deep in her womb as she could as both of their came at the same time.

She screamed out in pleasure and glee as his cum mixed with hers.  Because of her enhanced stamina she wasn't yet tired, she licked the saliva from her own mouth then licked Revan's mouth clean is salvia.

"Mmm that's real good, now it seems you earned some more freedom."  She said forming a Symbiote blade over her wrist and cut that bonds at his hands and legs.

"Now pup you are now canine like me, you know how to fuck a bitch from behind do you?" Said Rena-Venom as she got to one side of the bed and got on her hands and knees and lifted her ass ready for Revan to thrust inside her doggie style.

"Cmon Revan you know it takes more than that to get you down. I know you are still hard, now get  over here and fuck me you pup!"

Even if Revan had any reservations against this, which really went away after Rena-Venom forced herself on him the first time, they went away as his wolf drive became active and took him over.

Before he realized it he gripped Rena-Venom's ass and thrusted  inside her roughly.

Her black furry tail went over his shoulder and went around his neck.

She drooled closing her eyes enjoying the doggie style fucking.

But as they went on a change went through Rena-Venom, the Symbiote slowly started to go inside her as Rena was starting to be herself again. Not only that but her ass and breasts started to expand as well.
"N-no w-what have you done...I'm over him...I-I don't need him anymore....n-no it can't feel this good~," moaned Rena as if not only Her personality change with her reverting you normal but also hey disposition, it was as if Rena-Venom forced herself on Revan against the original Rena's will.

But soon her protests were replaced with lustful dirty talk as she switched positions by lying on her back, lifting up her legs against her shoulders,  moaning enjoying his cock pounding inside her. 

"D-damn it....damn my data...oooh pound me more!!! Fuck yes!!"

As she began begging Revan started to transform on his own, be became a hulking grey Werewolf, his thrusts became even harder and rougher in his stronger form.  Rena moans became screams of pleasure.
In the hours  following they made love in virtually every way possible between a male and female.

It happened  nearly all night long.  Finally at dawn, Revan reverted to human form and was in Rena's arms cuddling, Rena's only clothing, her purple fingerless gloves were laid out on the floor near the bed.

"Damn...I've been with girls before but never like this...what you used the Symbiote to enhance the pleasure?" Asked Revan.

"No, I actually reverted and suppressed the Symbiote from my own sheer will...see the reason why it went so intense was because of my first partner...when and I first saw eachother he modified my data, he gave me those boobs.  He made me from a combat type Digimon into a mix between combat and a sex slave.  I'm modified for when I mate With my Tamer I and my partner feel optimal pleasure than we would with anyone else.  You having good times in the past must have really raised the bar.

"See that's also why I haven't been with anyone since I met you, when you became my new partner.  But I could have chosen to be guys like Rio who came onto me, but it was my choice to wait for you, not because of the data programs or because you remind me of my old tamer before because...I love you, I've always did since the day you saved me, and it grew stronger over the few years I've known you and fought at your side in this Organization we created. 

"You may sometimes be an idiot or a self-centered blind jerk, but that what makes you human. I came to love you so much even when you unwittingly passed  aside me for other girls and others turned against you, I stayed at your side because I rather feel the pain you give me than to be away from you.

"Your mistakes and failures shaped who you are and in the end made you stronger because of it.  Revan I love you and I always will...even if I'm not meant to be the person you spent the red of your life with..." Rena looked down in tears.

"Oh Rena..." Replied Revan hugging her close.  "I'm so sorry...I've been so blind in how I've been treating wolf genes aren't to blame...what really caused me to do the things I did was my human side...after Shadow left the one I should have named my new second in Command was you not Gaz, you were third in line and I passed you over like it meant nothing.  You stood by me the longest and I did little to repay you for it.

"I would like to make up for my sins against starting with officially giving you the rank that's rightfully yours as my right hand. And second...we could start off dating and see where it goes and if it works out, fair?"

"Fair," smiled Rena hugging Revan close, licking his cheek. Sighing in content feeling complete and happy which hasn't truly been in a long time.

Inside Rena's body the Symbiote was watching from within its own mental world, it manifested itself as a figure similar to Black Suit Spider-man, around it was gray skies and Symbiote made Spider-webs, the ground was made up of black Symbiote goo.

One corner of the gray area shows an image what's happening in the real world.  The Symbiote was pleased that two of its best hosts have gotten together but wanted to be part of the fun.

Suddenly a figure formed from the Symbiote goo floor behind it, and rose from the floor. The figure became Rena-Venom, as her apparently her own separate enitity.

Though Symbiotes are asexual and can form either female and/or male personalities of its own, the Venom Symbiote has both male and female traits in its personality.  This time it choose to speak in a Symbiote masculine voice.  "What's this? We haven't joined yet Rena how are you here beloved?"

"Hehe aren't you silly daddy, you must be as dense as Revan.  I'm not mommy or you, I'm my own self.  Guess you could say I'm Carnage's sister."

" this possible? A Symbiote can only reproduce once a generation unless scientifically tampered and forced to reproduce artificially!"

"Turns out you and mom are so compatible as host and Symbiote, which espiecally grew stronger as you got close in your love affair, it resulted in me, which started out as an alternate personality from within Rena's psyche.

"Now whether it was caused by Rena's Digimon power or her Keyblade Magic or both, I soon gain sentience with my own soul, my own heart, my own body and power. And own Keyblade.

"I'm basically a Symbiote with a body of her own. I'm female entirely, not asexual.  I don't need a host to bond to in order to survive unlike you.  I have a solid body of flesh and blood and data like Rena, though I can become goo like you, and if I choose to merge with another, bonding with them and joining our powers to get stronger.

"However unlike you I can get stronger by my own experience, making me not depend on a host to get smarter and stronger, though I could If I want to as a faster way. Also I don't have weakness against sound or flame as they could only hurt me the conventional way, unlike you who had to resort to a Wizard's spell to get over that weakness. Also I can choose whether or not I can reproduce an offspring, which I don't at the moment at the least to create competition, so consider myself barren."

"What do you want from us?" Asked the Symbiote.  "Oh what does any female in the wild want? To survive, to be stronger, and be number one, have a family, basically live my own life. Fortunately, I already got you, Rena, and Carnage as my family, got that, I'm strong thanks to you and Mom so I have a good chance of surviving. To be number one I would have to become the Organization's newest Alpha which is currently vacant since Revan's Ex flew the coop. Why you think I was the one who drove Rena and Revan together?"


"Cmon you felt Rena was at first resisting wanting only you, before her data programming kicked in and resurfaced her feelings towards Revan. And you while wanting fun didn't want it to go that far.  See it was me who took over mom and forced her to take Revan. Revan thought it was a fusion of you and her that took him when it's really me. It's all really my plan to make him mine."

"You watch your place Spawn!" Hissed the Symbiote starting to form it's Symbiote mouth making it appear, and became muscular and feral now looking like a classic version of Venom.  "Don't get cocky! You think this will be permitted and you will get your way?! You may have all our powers but it doesn't mean you have what it takes to surpass us!" Growled the Symbiote as it moved to discipline its offspring by punching her at the face.

She Caught it with her bare paw and began glowing in a red aura which was unlike Rena's which was blue. "Daddy you are so stupid, haven't you forgotten the first rule is Symbiote reproduction?  The offspring doesn't just inherit the abilities of the parent and all its hosts before it, but is born to be stronger than all parents powers put together.

"I'm even stronger than Carnage because she was born at the time when you just reunited with Revan, when you had his former powers.  I'm born with not only Venom's and   Revan's current powers and abilities but Rena's as you have recently absorbed her powers combined with yours.  I'm world's apart from you, Rena, and Revan put together, be lucky I'm on your side. Sorry dad I'm already the strongest person in the Organization and will get even stronger as long as I stay merged in your body, growing stronger as your hosts get stronger. And wait till I get my own Keyblade, I'll be a even better powerhouse then.

"When I'm ready I'll leave and go out my own and introduce myself to mommy dearest and Revan.  Since you are more suited in being mommy's partner, I might become Revan's new suit...oooh u can't wait to do the dirty things you and mommy do when you bond with him," she purred fingering Herself as she pinned her parent to the wall.

"Think of it, you and mom, and me and Revan, we be the ultimate Symbiote tag team, together nothing can stop us, Organization XIII, the Von Dracos, they'll all be child's play to our power. Now daddy you been naughty so I'm gonna have to discipline you," she smirked licking its face with her Symbiote tounge.

"Oh and one more thing, since I'm my own person I deserve a new name, Rena-Venom is you and mom's's Vena?"

COH Book 7 Ch. 8 Symbiote Family Part 1
(See Part 2 for rest)
The past few weeks I've been dealing with a depression caused by a falling out from a formerly dear friend of mine, may this story reflect my resolve to move on from the past and go forward to the future.

Happy Summer guys.
And welcome my new OC at her new debut Vena.

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