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Revan Shadow went to visit his beloved Xixon.

She was sick and her half sister Zera was away on a mercenary mission.

He was almost ready with an operation to overthrow the Von Draco Family and needed the girls ready for it.

He appeared out of a Corridor of Darkness inside the pen where Xixon's pet Scrab Tom and her family were kept.

They ran up to his familiar scent and nuzzled him with happy purrs.

After cuddling and feeding them Revan went on to Xixon's bedroom.

She was slumped in blankets in bed groaning, to Revan even in her sick state she looked beautiful and sexy and cute in his eyes. Even cuter with her surrounded by blankets and her head popped out of them like she was a overgrown cute girl in bed. 

"R-Revan is that you?" Groaned Xixon with flushed cheeks but gave a small smile glad to see him.

Revamp was holding a basket of goodies on him.  "Hey My dear sweet Xixi it's wonderful to see you again."

"Revan I'm sick," she whined reaching out her  grabby hands for help.

She expected food, goodies, or something to help make her sickly feeling go away.

But to her surprise Revan went forward to hug her and snuggled her neck.

"W-what you doing you might get sick too."

"I Always did have strong immunity, and besides I would rather be sick with you then leave you to be sick alone."

Her eyes teared as she hugged Revan tightly and kissed his cheek. "T-thank you Revan I'm so scared of being sick I don't wanna die."

He boldly kissed her hot lips softly and said, "you too strong to die I would rather give up my life so you would live. I love you Xixon and would want u to remain in my life happy and safe."

Xixon's eyes teared as she pulled Revan into a desperate kiss squeezing him tightly against her sickly hot body no longer caring he might get sick, she wanted him in her arms with her where she feels safe.  

Revan blushed feeling her wrap her legs and arms around him, pressing her body against him with uncanny strength. Even if he wanted to leave she would no longer allow him.

"Don't leave me ok? Stay until I'm better ok?" She said feverishly as she rubs her panty covered lap against him.

"O-ok I ain't leave this room without your permission I'll be your bedmate until you feel better. But no sex at least not now u too weak doing it would kill you, save your strength...but I won't mind resting with u naked, you feel so hot it feels nice, if I get sick with you I want to feel your flesh with mine."

Xixon smiled and began throwing off her dress leaving only her panties and long sleeved yellow socks on, she also tore open his coat and strips him and the off his  pants leaving only his black underwear on.

"As long as I'm not alone I be brave enough to face this, protect me with your love," she almost demanded as she heaved her breasts against his bare chest and kissed his mouth as if affection and love would be medicine to heal her.

Her dominant affection didn't last long as fatigue sets in and she went limb on him.

Revan smiled and took over as he licked her feverish neck and cheek to ferally groom her whole massaging her back.

Xixon closed eyes purring hugging him close and Since Zera left she felt safe and calmer no longer panicking and scared she might die.

Soon they both fell asleep In
Their embrace.

However as they rested a portal of fire opened.  A portal
That led to the underworld.  Out came three female demons.

One had a body of orange and fire with black demon tail, With orange dot eyes and a wreath of black horns at a short hair in the form
Of fire.  Her very body seemed on fire at various parts of it.  Nude and big boobed. With a fanged mouth she have orange fiery dots for eyes.

The second was more human like perhaps having a human host, she has snowy white hair dark light skin, nude with big boobs as well.  She had a purple demon tail and short purple shoulder wings, and had silted golden eyes.  She had no Horns but feral black ears on top of her head.

The last was a mix between the other two sisters between humanoid and demon, having red skin a  long reptilian tail, two horns sticking  at sides of her long red hair and having human like silted red eyes.  She was medium in breast size but nude as well.

They were all demons from the same underworld where Xinhua and Zinhua, the demon sisters which bonded with Xixon and Zera respectively, had come from.

And they seemed to have stalked Xinhua's host for a while waiting for her to be at her weakest.

It was they who gave her the sickness that weakened her host body.

Xinhua was one of the strongest known demons in the underworld, now stronger from her time being with Xixon and sharing a body with her new wolf self.

The three demon sisters wanted to weaken Xixon so they can devour her flesh, spirit,  and power and devour Xinhua's strength as well, each seeing to replace her as the alpha female of the Underworld.

"Look sister she's at her weakest now," said the fire demon Pyrina.

"She's ripe for the harvest," said the dark skinned human demon Erwa licking her lips with both lust and hunger. 

"We can't underestimate her sisters," said the red skinned demon Kira. "She is housing one of our strongest.  She's even stronger than I remember now.  But with our combined talents we could succeed and achieve our goal.

"What about the human male?" Asked Pyrina.  "He seems strong too, could be a challenge to us."

"I sense his weakness, lust. As most males share.  Use the same seal curse Mark we'll use on Xinhua's host to surpress his power to be careful."

"Let's devour him too....mmmm his flesh and blood and spirit all smell good~!" Drooled Erwa rubbing her own boobs.

"Xinhua seemed to keep him alive for a reason otherwise she would have devoured him already,  he could have a use being kept alive for entertainment if nothing else.  Besides he seems cute for a human~," giggled Kira with a pink blush at cheeks.  

"You can keep the boy as a pet if you want but let me do Xin first!" Slurped Erwa as purple tendrils came out of her humanlike back.  They threw off the covers and wrapped around Xixon's body pulling her away from Revan.

Before Revan could wake up Pyrina and Kira placed their hands at the backside of Xixon and Revan and formed a demon curse Mark
At their back which sealed their powers and strength.

Xixon being sick had little strength to begin with, but the seal prevented Xinhua to separate from her host to defend her nor give Xixon power to defend herself.

The curse made Revan a normal human in strength unable to stop the superpowered demons from having their way.

Xixon woke up screaming as she was suspended in the air by the tendrils, as tendrils with mouth openings latched to her boobs and sucked at them, another tendril tore her panties off and two tendrils jammed into her ass and pussy.

Erwa Giggled drooling and slurping from her mouth as her tendrils began sucking strength from Xixon's boobs and pussy, which Xixon gagged squirmed and screeched with blushed cheeks.

Before Revan could do anything Kira and Pyrina pinned him down.

"Heh don't worry we'll make her comfortable as possible. We are here for Xinhua really. Behave and maybe we'll keep you alive~," chuckled Kira as she wrapped her red tail around his chest and body and legs binding him.  She herself mounted her pussy over his member and began riding him.

Pyrina was torn between helping Kira have fun with her human prey or help Erwa devour Xixon's strength before they all devour Xinhua together.

She then decided to help Erwa as if Revan is kept alive she can always play with him later.

She ungagged Xixon's mouth who
Was still resisting Erwa in tears but in panting moans, before using her power to form a futa cock over her female pussy and thrusted it into Xixon's mouth.

As her cock thrusts in Xixon's mouth, it also absorbed her strength inside her flesh to help Erwa drain Xixon dry while sexually torturing her for their pleasure and amusement.

Xixon groaned and moaned in tears feeling herself getting weaker, the stress alone might kill her if the demons raping her keep it up.  Despite a part of her really did feel good but her fear of dying prevented her from enjoying it and squirmed helplessly in their grip.

Erwa laughed manically as her tendrils raped her victim and felt herself getting stronger from absorbing Xinhua and Xixon's strength, she drooled with her mouth open feeling her hunger getting sated. She wanted more as she pulled on Xixon's legs and ungagged her pussy and put her own humanlike pussy against Xixon's grinding it against hers.

Xixon blushed squeezing eyes shut moaned at Pyrina's cock feeling hard to resist being grinded.  Soon she even gave out some ecstatic moans that proven she even forgotten her fear, and even stopped squirming  for a few moments almost relaxing to enjoy the waves of pleasure she's feeling all over her body.

But it was the demons trap of enchantment to pleasure their victim to submission and even have them spend their last moments enjoying the moment before dying, as it's preferable than having the victim resist at the very end.

It was all a sexual enchantment that literally lulled their victim to death.

Before she knew it, Xixon began willingly suck at Pyrina's cock and heaved her body Erwa's pussy to grind with her, making Erwa cry tears of hungry lust as she began to become overcome with female sexual pleasure.

Revan squirmed at the tail around him, in a different situation he would willingly mate with the demon girl on him, but he couldn't this way If it means allowing Xixon to die.

But he has no strength against the grip of the tail around him nor could he pry off the demon girl latched onto him.  True he was enjoying it and almost want to stop resisting but he looked at Xixon suspended over him and knew he had to keep fighting.

"Aww don't be a spoilsport human, said Kira keeping him pinned down and riding him.  "I know you like it stop fighting.  See she isn't suffering anymore don't let her spend her last moments in worry let her enjoy herself before we free Xinhua from her vessel."

"P-please kill me in her place...I can't let Xixon die..." He panted in resistance.

"Such sweet noble loyalty.  But no can do human we need Xinhua to be the new alphas back home and as for u you are too much fun to kill I'm gonna keep you and have you whenever I want...until you lose your luster at least~" shr chuckled licking his chin with her long demon tounge and forced him into a kiss.

"But tell you what to show you I'm a good sport I'll allow you to say goodbye to Xinhua's vessel it won't be long now so go ahead."

At that moment Pyrina overcame by demon lust put away her shapeshifted cock and climbed onto Xinhua's chest and rubbed Erwa's boobs as she made out with her.

Erwa kissed he back as she violently grinded against Xixon.  The rough demon love on her made Xixon's body thrash violently and snap out of her own lust and remembered the danger and shrieked resisting and squirming under them.  She looked down to see Revan in a similar predicament as she is.

"R-Revan..." She panted 


"H-help me...I'm
Getting weak...I can't last...I'm so scared..." She panted with half closed tearing eyes.

"Don't be...calm down...don't give them satisfaction." He grunted wiggling his hand free and reached for her tear stained face.

"At least you aren't alone I'm here with you and if worst comes worst at least I'm comforted I'll face the end with you. Stay close to me you aren't dead yet, stay alive as long as you can and don't give up, we can win this yet."

"T-thank you Revan for right I'm glad to have you here it's better than being alone and forgotten..."

"How can I forget you Xixi? I loved you then and will always will no matter what that way you will never die."

Xixon gave a weak smile and leaned her face forward to
Give him a kiss.

Revan kissed her back and kissed her with all feeling and love.

 At that moment Xinhua while trapped and powerless inside her body because of the curse Mark, she was able to take advantage of Xixon touching Revan to have her suck strength from Revan.

 The curse Mark only made Revan's power inactive it didn't take it away.

Revan blushed surprised that he's feeling weaker and Xixon was getting stronger.  Soon she wiggled her arms free from tendrils and  pulled Revan deeper in a stronger kiss as she moaned enjoying it not noticing she isn't dying anymore, not only that Xinhua began using Revan's strength to regain enough power to undo the demon Curse Mark on Xixon's body to Regain the rest of her remaining strength.

Suddenly the tendrils wrapped around and latching to Xixon's body withered like dying flowers and burst into flames. Xixon was also briefly taken over by Xinhua only her eyes became silted, the only change in her body unlike before.

She threw Erwa and  Pyrina off her body then grabbed Kira by throat and pulled her off Revan's body before hissing out the word, "Mine." And threw Kira into
Her sisters.

Xinhua then separated from Xixon morphing into her own body looking like Xixon in her demon form, with her tail, horns, and silted eyes drawn. She also grew an extra wolf tail
And ears to shown Wolf Xixon's power is also activated and combined with hers.

"Protect Xixon I'll take it from here." Xinhua said in a cold demon voice as she pushed her host into Revan's body.

"How you free us from the curse? And why I suddenly feel better?" Asked Xixon as she snuggled Revan.

"I devour flesh and blood, and physical mass in general," replied Xinhua.  "The curse confined me into your body, but I was still free to act within it as I will. I made myself into parts your antibodies and devoured and fed on the demon made germs in your body.  They were only a snack to me but the meal was enough for me to gain and hide away strength the bitches can't steal.  But it wasn't enough for me to undo  the curse seal I needed some extra help from Revan and his strength was sufficient in getting what I need to get us free."

"I see but you can't beat them on your own. Let me help," said Revan.

"No you still have the curse Mark in you and I don't have the time and energy to release it from you yet so protect Xixon. And as for being alone don't worry I already called for reinforcements."

As Xinhua finished talking A corridor of Darkness portal opened showing Zinhua alone with Revan's partner Vena the the Renamon Symbiote. 

Vena being a Keyblade wielder and inheriting Revan's abilities, was also cursed by Xixon to obey her.

When Xinhua was combatting the sickness in Xixon she contacted Vena telepathically and have her go to Zera who was still on her mission at a distant world to get Zinhua who separated from her host in a morphed body to help her sister.

Zinhua from the beginning desired to "free" her sister from Xixon's fleshy prison and have her for herself.  She secretly planned to free both herself and Xinhua from their hosts and devour them.

But Xinhua grown attached to her host and refused to allow Zinhua to harm her.  Out of respect for her sister Zinhua obeyed both Xixon and Xinhua's orders...most of the time.

Zinhua would go from plots that involve harming Xixon to childish pranks and hijinks to annoy her.  Despite that she didn't welcome those demons and their plot to devour Xixon of it meant Xinhua being devoured too.

She hissed as she drew her demon scythe. And then saw Revan in Xixon's arms and saw him still binded by curse Mark.
 She slashed her scythe at him but instead of cutting him the action destroyed the curse and his power was back.  Also Revan was also becoming infected from Xixon's sickness without him knowing so Zinhua purged him of it too with her slash.
"Thanks," said Revan.

"You owe me," smirked Zinhua In a demonic naughty voice brushing her demon tail at his face with a tease.

Vena could have bonded with Revan for extra strength but Xinhua preferred strength in numbers, having Revan as a last line of defense in case the others fall.

Xixon pressed Revan to the ground hugging him close and tight to protect her. "Please stay with me," she begged in a whiny voice heaving her now enlarged boobs at his face.

"But Xixon...the danger...." He blushed.

"I'm safe as long as you with me silly besides they got this."

Revan looked to see the room was now empty with just them in it. "Well...if you insist who am I to refuse you..."

"Yay!" She squealed  pulling into a rough kiss as she grinds her pussy agsinst his member and rubs her boobs at his chest.  Revan still aroused from Kira's attempt to seduce him, Xixon's kiss from before, and Zinhua's teasing gave into her as he waited months to make love with her again. Soon the room was filled with moans and Xixon's dirty begging for more as the love reminded her she's alive.

Meanwhile the six fighters left the room In super speed, pairing up in three different teams, appearing in three different locations.

Zinhua and Erwa appeared in Tom's den.  Zinhua closed the pen cages so Tom and her brood won't interfere or get hurt.
"You know that wasn't a bad plan you bitches had, but the only thing I won't allow is you to harm my sister. So sorry gotta tell ya you gonna die bitch and give me back what you stolen from sis."

"Ohhhh such fire such passion," slurped Erwa licking her lips.  "So you are Xinhua's sister huh? I haven't heard of you but you seem almost as strong as Xinhua, perfect if I devour you and take your power Xinhua won't stand a chance.  And once I take her power I'll be the strongest demon back home."

"Again Not a bad plan, but what you stolen won't be enough," said Zinhua preparing her scythe as she surged in dark blue energy.

Erwa laughed and sprouted Tendrils from back to ensnare her.  Zinhua slashed with demon scythe to cut then with swift precision.

As Erwa formed more tendrils to replace the ones that are cut the cut tendrils were burned into ash.  The destroyed tendrils burned like a lit fuse going back to Erwa's back their source.  When the burning reached her she shirked in pain and stopped creating new tendrils as more burned at her back.  When all the tendrils were gone, she was on her knees growling and fired a projectile of violet energy at Zinhua with her hand.

Zinhua smirked and simply slashed the projectile into nothing and dashed towards Erwa and smacked her with the shaft of her scythe, stunning her. Them smashed her to the ground with under her foot.

She then bit her neck. Unlike Xinhua, Zinhua preferred to feed on souls instead of flesh and blood.  And she realized that Erwa indeed is a demon spirit pocessding a human body from apparently a willing victim.

Zinhua was disgusted that even though Erwa absorbed the most from Xixon and Xinhua she's still too weak to be a challenge.  She then concluded that the demon spirit is a gluttonous parasite that's more suited to feeding than fighting, which explains Erwa's almost psychotic ecstatic behavior when shown when she's about to feed in devouring or sex.

This loser was not worthy in having Xinhua's  or her own power, Zinhua thought to herself.   Zinhua is now resolved in first draining Xinhua and Xixon's stolen power and store it inside her, then she'll devour everything that's Erwa's demon spirit leaving the human alive, deciding to have herself and Xinhua play with the girl as they please later before sharing devouring the human's body and spirit together.

Like a cowardy parasite, Erwa's demon spirit clinged to her host before she was finally sucked up and devoured by Zinhua, while the demon lacked proper control of power she did have a lot of stored energy inside her, greatly increasing Zinhua's stamina and strength, and left her hunger satisfied. She was still willing to give back the power that was taken from Xinhua and Xixon back to them.

When Zimhua was done she put thr human, who looked the same to Erwa only without the demon features to sleep and made her own temporary body malleable and liquid like and brought the human inside her body and stored her.  She then dismissed her demon scythe and went to find Xinhua.

At that moment Xinhua was wielding a demon sword and is fighting Pyrina.  

Unlike Erwa, Pyrina know how to properly control her power and apply it to battle. She was fairly strong before stealing some of Xixon/Xinhua's power when she helped Erwa sexually torture her.  Despite getting the less of their power as she spend the least time feeding on them, Pyrina's power grew somewhat significantly.

As her flaming body suggests her speciality is demonic fire. At this moment she's unleashing blasts of fire from her hands, while flying in the air, at Xinhua.

Xinhua nude like Xixon, was blocking the blasts with her demon blade and attempted countering by unleashing shockwaves of energy from her blade.

Despite regaining her strength upon undoing the curse seal, borrowing strength from Revan, and merging strength with Wolf Xixon, Xinhua isn't 100%. Pyrina and Erwa feeding on her left her somewhat weak even now.  Pyrina's blasts are starting to knock Her back, and if this keeps up she'll literally get burned.

Her options is either to feed or get back her stolen strength, but with Pyrina fighting her relentlessly she can't get away from her to pursue either of those options.

But suddenly Zinhua came bursting through a wall flying with her bat demon wings, utilizing Zera's blaster pistols and channeled demon energy through them firing as blue blasts of energy.  It caused Pyrina to stop firing at Xinhua and block Zinhua's attack with a shield of fire energy.

It gave Zinhua a chance to throw smoke grenades to blind Pyrina's field of vision and fly towards Xinhua and kissed her sister at the lips, the action allowed her to return the power Erwa stolen from her.

It restored Xinhua's strength significantly, but in order to regain full power she must feed on what Pyrina took from her.

"Thanks Zin," said Xinhua patting her head affectionally which made Zinhua blush and beam with wonder that her beloved gave her a compliment, which made her feel appreciated.  "Now stand aside you know when or if I need back up, but now I need to take back what's mine on my own."

She then drew her raven black fallen angel wings and took to the air.

Pyrina by now cleared the smoke that was obscuring her vision, when she saw Xinhua flying dangerously close to her blade stabbed fowsrd to impale her.

Shr grunted as she desperately unleashed a burst of fire to act as a shield to hold her back.  The action stopped her but that impact of her stab sent Pyrina falling back in the air and almost slammed against that wall.

She realized that Xinhua has nearly regained her true strength and realized she might have met her match, even with the stolen strength.

But she was confident that the stolen strength still made her superior to Xinhua and dashed forward with whirlwinds of fire surging around her arms as she dashed towards Xinhua to fight her close range.

She moved her hands forward to slam against Xinhua unleashing another burst of fire.

But this time Xinhua's blade was charged with the combination of her and Wolf Xixon's energies, the blade went through the fire and she slashed through Pyrina's body. 

The cut formed black fire and  started to cover and burn Pyrina.  Despite her mastery of fire she can't defend herself from fire made from someone stronger than her.  But the fire didn't kill her, Xinhua wanted her to weaken so she can feed on her and get back her stolen power with interest.

Pyrina fell to the ground screaming as the black fire burned her but to her surprised relief it soon went out, but she look up to see Xinhua and Zinhua over her.  Apparently Zinhua and Xinhua will share the meal, while Xinhua feeds on Pyrina's demon flesh, Zinhua will feed on her spirit, a symbiotic relationship over the meal.

Pyrina's screams filled the room as the feeding began, more primal and far less pleasant than the one Xixon was subjected to a little while ago.

Meanwhile Vena was fighting the last of the enemy demon sisters, Kira the leader. She sensed her sisters demises and recoiled at the thought she's now all alone.  She's the strongest of all of them even when they took Xinhua's strength, but knew she was no match for Xinhua, Zinhua, and Vena alone.   

She attempted to escape using a demonic portal to the netherworld but Vena fired a beam from her Keyblade and used it to seal the portal.  "Sorry red but you threatened my partner and I can't let you get away but since you didn't try to kill him I'll go easy on you."

"Shut up!" Shouted Kira firing a crimson blast from her hands.  
Vena smirked being stronger than even Revan she effortlessly blocked the blast with Keyblade and disappeared in a blur of speed and reappeared pinning Kira to ground.

"Aww red don't be scared I'm a lover not a fighter, just relax I'm not gonna kill you, I'm just gonna do
What you and your friends did to my friends after all it is karma~," she giggled with a wink as her lower body became a pile of black liquid, her substance ensnared most of Kira's body.
Her liquid went inside her pussy and ass making her pleasure centers explode with feeling, as Vena's upper body went closer to lick her Kira's mood change dramatically.  "G-get off me...don't go in there...w-what you do-riinnnnaaaaahhhhhh!!!!~"

A half hour later Xinhua and Zinhua were finished with their meal, after finishing feasting on Pyrina, Zinhua let out Erwa's host who turned out to have been a witch who summoned Erwa in a ritual and willingly have herself up as Erwa's vessel to be stronger.  Zinhua and Xinhua had fun torturing and sexually playing with the witch before devouring her too body And spirit, with that done they came to Check on Vena and the last of the intruders Kira.

They saw Vena playing with Kira who overcame with sexual pleasure gave into her captor.  Vena feared they would devour her new toy but to even their surprise they were full.

Usually Zinhua and Xinhua needed to feasts on multiple victims to be satisfied, however their victims weren't normal, they possessed abnormal amounts of each of their preferred nutrition and even Xinhua who preferred physical mass found Erwa's host and Pyrina's bodies filling.

Because of that they agreed to let Vena keep Kira Alive for now but have her use her Keyblade to seal Kira's powers just in case.

That aside Xinhua decided to use Kira as a messenger to go back to the netherworld to warn other demons that might have their sites on her and her family not to mess with her  and her family.

With that done the battle was over, they left Vena to have fun with her new prisoner and playmate and check on Revan and Xixon.

 They opened the door to see Revan and Xixon mating, With Revan standing up over the bed and Xixon in reverse cow girl position with her legs flexibly wrapped around his arms from behind and her arms around his neck, with her body arched backwards.  Her arm around him pulled his face to suck her boobs as they mate. Xixon was squealing with pleasure enjoying and talking dirty to Revan.

When Xinhua and Zinhua came in room Xixon smirked and kept going like nothing happened despite Revan's blush of embarrassment that they had an audience.  

"Heh I guess it is nice having you back Revan, if nothing else you are satisfying to have around," chuckled Xinhua.  "I thank you for keeping Xixon company and that you held out against those bitches not many humans can resist the charms of a demon equipped to ensnare them with mating.  As a reward I'm gonna give something back to you that you've lost tinkered and improved by yours truly."

Shr was referring to his wolf powers, which made Revan possess abnormal amounts of spirit energy and durable and resilient to damage with his wolf healing factor.  Since their months of separation Revan had his wolf curse purged because it had some disadvantages that weakened him such as being bound to his ex mate Mira Kurokage.

Since Revan came back to Xixon's life Xinhua missed how she and her sister can keep feeding on him without killing him.

But during the brief time he was Xixon's mate, she stolen some of Mira's power to curse herself to become wolf too but without the disadvantages of Mira's clan, thus creating her third personality Wolf Xixon, also known as Winhua unofficially Zinhua's and Xinhua's adopted second sister.

She still has that power expressed in a wolf curse Mark pawprint on her lower backside over her ass.  Though when Xinhua's powers were active the tattoo would have Raven wings on each side of the pawprint added to the design.  Xinhua used that power in her fight with the demon sisters just now.  

So now she had Winhua separated from her, like Xixon this wolf self of her is playful and mischevious only more feral, she yipped happily as she put her mouth on Revan's own wolf tattoo which remained even after losing his wolf powers, and bit it.

Thus Winhua cursed him like Mira did in the past, but Winhua was altered being from Xixon and Xinhua's body.  Thus the curse was different.

This time Revan no longer had the weakness of being forced to mate under the full moon which made him a danger to raping in three past, and he no longer has the Kurokage weakness of losing healing ability under full moon though he can no longer access his wolf forms true power by full moon though he can use Keyblade to briefly unlock it.

Also he isn't forcibly bound to Xixon like he used to be to Mira, while Xixon can have some influence over their bond if they ever chose to truly fully mate again, he will have more of a choice on who he'll be with.

Revan's eyes glowed yellow showing his wolf powers are back.

Thus Xinhua wasted no time in biting his neck and sucking his blood with Xixon kept mating with him.  Xinhua purred and nearly moaned at the taste of the blood she missed knowing that his restored healing factor would prevent him from dying.

She lied when she told Vena and was full, from the moment Revan appeared in Xixon's bedroom she plotted to curse him to restore his wolf powers, she saved some of her appiete to feed on him now.

While Zinhua was just about really full she couldn't resist the chance to feed with her sister and bit Revan's other side of neck and began sucking his abnormal amounts of spirit energy.

Revan blushed feeling their bites as love bites and combined with Xixon relentless mating him at his front and Winhua clawing and nibbling his chest at his chest Revan could only hold still moaning, while feeling overwhelmed he  felt truly at home and loved for the first time since  reuniting with them.


Short: A Sick Visit
Happy Holidays to you all <3
Revan Shadow, Mira Kurokage, Vena, Kira, Erwa, Pyrina, Organization Keyblade, Von Draco Family by me.Xixon, Zera, Xinhua, Zinhua, Winhua (Wolf Xixon), Tom by :iconwingless1raven:Invader Zim themes and characters by Jhonen VasquezMarvel themes and characters owned by Marvel and Disney
Kingdom Hearts themes and characters owned by Square Enix created by Teysuya Nomura

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All summer Revan felt something missing in his life.

He was close to the Irken Demon Xixon and her half sister Zera who recently also got bonded with the demon sister of Xixon's demon persona Xinhua.

They all had a Reputation as the Demon Sisters as a team and were the de facto Alpha Females of the Organization.  

But for months they were separated and only now Revan had the courage to face his former friends and mates again.

Revan himself had changed, stronger and fully human purged from his werewolf curse to fully free himself of his former mate Mira Kurokage.

He appeared out of a dark portal in the canyon region of the wasteland planet Xixon called home.

He knew her lair inside and out, and knew the secret entrances into it.

He used an old access code to get inside.

Not as soon as he got inside the Irken made base, Xixon's pet giant alien scrap Tom and her numerous offspring senses him and came running to him and went on him in an alien dogpile.

Revan used to feed them and cared for them as much as Xixon did like they were his family as well.

Normally they would eat apart humanoids like him, but they imprinted him as family like Xixon.

Revan chuckled feeling the alien Pets rubbing, nuzzling, and licking him all over.

Revan chuckled hugging and nuzzling them before their mother Tom put her massive body on him, wrapping her crustacean legs around him to press him aasinst her body in a tight hug.  Revan grunted under her weight but smiled hugging around her serpentine neck. 

She purred wrapping her neck around his then moved her crab claw like mouth near his fave and licked him all over.

Revan blushed touched by the affectionate motherly love Tom is expressing.

He pet her head and smiled, "guess I'm finally home," he smiled and ferally licks under her chin back as an affectionate thank you.

Suddenly Zera came into the room guns at hand.

"What the fuck is happening here!" She said alerted, apparently sensing an intruder from her new demon powers.

Tom whimpered holding onto Revan in defense.

Revan grunted constricted in Tom's grip blushing slightly looking at Zera giving a shy wave.

"Hey Zera..."

"Revan?! Omfg! It's you!" She ran to him pulling him off of Tom's grip and hugs him close.

Revan was still attracted to her but after all they been through before he didn't know if acting romantic right away is the right thing. The least he can do is nuzzle her happily hoping its welcomed.

It was as Zera smiled hugging him tighter leaning her cheek against his.

Revan smiled hugging her back.  Suddenly her body morphed into two as Xinhua's sister only known for now as Demon Zera came out of her host and hugged Revan from behind.

She smirks and licked Revan's cheek saying "Hey there wolf man going my way," she smirked rubbing her boobs against his back.

She looked like Zera only with blue silted eyes, horns instead of antennas, and a demon tail.  She also has demon wings but haven't summon them now.

"H-hey you demon bitch cool it!" Said Zera.
"Make me we may share a body but you are not the boss of me," she flicks her tongue flicking at her host in defiance.

Before Zera could respond, Xixon came into the room eating a piece of cake.

She stared at her former lover and froze in her tracks.

"R-Revan? Is that you?"

Revan waved at her shyly between Zera and her demon self. "Hey babe..."

Xixon dropped her cake and ran to Revan glomping him to the ground.

She nuzzled him roughly and squeezed him tightly.
Revan grunted at her hug and smiles rubbing her Back and nuzzles her neck.

"You came back..." Said Xixon closing her eyes.

"I can't stand being away From you guys for long you are my family. I love you all always..."

"You are always welcome here..." Said Xixom nuzzling him.

"You are welcome back home too I kept all your stuff as I was...listen babe for what happened before I'm so sorry...I never wanted to make you feel hurt...all of you..."

"We...I'm sorry too...I missed you badly...I'm just glad you are back...So how you been doing," said Xixon.

"Not much has changed since you left I been recruiting some new members.  You guys were the strongest members in the Organization besides me, when you left it left loss of muscle and after a while I found some new members that have strength like yours."

"Oh you been seeing others?"

" and there I been around but no one permanent yet." Blushed Revan.  "In the end there was no one that can truly replace you."

"Oh that's good," purrs Demon Zera rubbing her boobs against his back.

Suddenly Xixon's body morphed in two as well her own demon self Xinhua came out.

She looked like Xixon but with the same demon features as her demon sister and has yellow silted eyes.

She hungered for Revan' blood and quickly love bite his neck so hard it drew blood.

The demon purred as she sucked his blood, but suddenly stopped noticing a change of taste in his blood.

She licked her lips and pulled away saying "your blood it's no longer part wolf it's entirely human.l

"Well that curse on me Was set by Mira I would always be bound to her as long as that wolf was inside me so I had Taspgare use his power to purge me of my cursed wolf blood."

"We gotta get you back then, Wolf Xixon is still a part of us and she can curse you, and you be bound to us," said Xinhua apparently missing the taste of his blood and how he was so resilient from their rough feeding and lovemaking.

"Heh not yet, it's too soon, let's start over and see how it goes ok?"

"Fine..." Sighed Xinhua.

"So who are some of the new members who replaced us? Did anyone tried to take our place as Alpha?"


Suddenly a Corridor of Darkness portal opened and revealed what looked like a Renamon Digimon with female boobs and pussy, but was colored completely  black.  Her eyes were symbiote white and mouth feral with fangs.  She looked like the fusion of the Symbiote Venom and Renamon.

In fact she was, she's Vena a Symbiote Digimon hybrid.

Not long after Xixon and Zera left the Organization, Revan's former partner an alternate Venom Symbiote bonded with Revan's member the Keyblade Master Rena the Renamon.

They had a love affair and somehow their bond caused some of Rena's Digimon data and Venom's Symbiote substance create an offspring and that's Vena.

Normally Symbiotes can only birth once a generation and they are supposed to be asexual.

But Vena was a freak occurrence and is not only female in gender but has her own body and doesn't need a host to survive. And can get stronger from her own experience.

But she can choose to bond to a partner to get stronger, and she chosen Revan as her partner.

Being born with her "father's" and mothers abilities, she has the abilities of a Symbiote, Spider-Man, Venom, Revan, and Rena and is stronger than they are put together.  She even developed her own Keyblade after bonding with Revan.

But it doesn't end there she has a "sister".  Before  her birth, Venom spawned asexually and formed the Carnage Symbiote.

Deadpool who's still a member of the Organization intended to become this version of the Carnage Symbiote's first host.  But it escaped from his captivity and used the powers it inherited from Revan to escape to another world.

It bonded with a gamer nerd girl named Wendy Slade, who lives in a world not unlike ours and is aware of stuff from Marvel already and knew what was bonded to her.

She used her new powers to kill her ex and leave her world to join Revan's group.

While asexual the Carnage Symbiote has the personality of a teenage daughter, striving for Independence but at same time is obsessive to her "family".

Carnage imprinted Revan as her "daddy" more than Venom and mixed with Wendy's kinky personality she wants him in more ways than one.

Vena is the stronger of the two Symbiote siblings and they earned the tag team nickname the Monster Sisters at least till now replacing the Xixon/Zera Demon Sister team.

Vena at first had a passionate relationship with Revan but she turned out to be a pansexual with her shapeshifting body and they decreased into having a informal open relationship.

As soon as Xixon seen Vena and later Carnage come out of the portal she snarled already not liking them.

"What are you two doing  here?" Asked Revan still hugging Xixon.  "I ordered that I come alone."

"Awww don't be like that boss," smirked Vena.  "We just wanna back you up in case your exs tried to kill you."

"They wouldn't and haven't as you can see now please return home."

"Not yet boss if you recruited those bitches again we would like to check out our reinstated members," said Vena with a confidant smirk as she walked to Xixon and pushed Revan away from both of them.

She stood near Xixon and moved her face close to hers and starred at her.

"So you're Xixon I must say you got a pretty face. Can see why you turned my boss's head like you did. Well your loss is my gain right? I looked at you as an inspiration, you gave me the idea to follow in your footsteps and be the Organization's new Alpha."

Xixon gave a soft growl clenching her fists not only seeing her as competition for her former position but also jealous that she had all but replaced her in Revan's life.

She wasn't mad at him she knew Revan was simply trying to move on but she was mad at Vena for taking advantage of his loss to have her take Xixon's place.

Xixon realized she's been gone too long and its time for her to come back and lay down the law.

"You will know your place.  From
What I understand  you are a rookie, a recent recruit.  Don't get ahead of yourself because you are strong and can turn Boys on."

"Try Boys AND girls I'm pansexual," vena smirked and licked her lips with her serpentine tongue.  "Tell me what have you got to show for your time with Revan? I got this baby," she said drawing her Keyblade Venomous Heart.  Like Revan's it's a double bladed sword only it's colored completely black. And it's keychain has s black heart with the Venom Spider Symbol.

"My bond with Revan created this blade, so tell me after you left him what you got to show for it?"

"I got this!" Said Xixin turning around lifting her butt and lifted her dress showing her wolf curse mark tattoo at her backside over her butt. 

Revan still have his as that last remains of his wolf power. Like Revan's hers with a wolf pawprint tattoo, but with an addition.  Mixed with her demon power the tattoo has Raven wings at each side of the wolf tattoo.

Xixon cursed herself to try to bind herself more to Revan.  That created a new persona inside her, and that's Wolf Xixon.  With her wolf and demon powers together she's more stronger than Revan. 

"Tch that's nothing," chuckled Vena. 

"Oh yah wanna make something out of it?! I challenge you and your other to a fight.  Winner proves they are worthy in being Revan's partner and as alpha of the Organization!"

"You got a deal bitch!"
"Hey wait! I'm against this!" Started Revan before Xixon's eyes glowed and she repelled him  with a flock of her wrist, sending him flying into Tom who pressed her weight on him
And wrapped her legs around him to bound him.

Xixon then have Xinhua return to her body, and Zera did the same for her demon.

Carnage who was in her human form covered herself fully in her red Symbiote substance and was in her female Symbiote form.  She snarled forming long claws at her hands and choose her target Zera and began slashing at her.

Zera drew her guns and jumped back dodging that slash and fired her blaster guns at Carnage.

Symbiotes can block bullets but these were super heated energy  projectiles, and they can still hurt her, while her Symbiote gives her a healing factor.

She whimpered at her pain and snarled extending her clawed fingers into sharpened tendrils.

Zera jumped over the tendrils that threatened to impale her, which stabbed at the wall behind her.

Her feet landed on the tendrils like she was on a tightrope.

She then used her ability to reequip weapons to teleport her guns away and summoned her sniper rifle.

Zera was glad that Revan kept her armory of weapons at his base and kept them in fine condition knowing how much her guns mean to her.

With her sniper rifle she fired a sharpened high powered laser blast.  It shot through Carnage's head.

The creature fell down limb apparently dead.

It would have killed most creatures even those that bonded to a Symbiote.  But carnage has a deeper bond with her host than normal.  She didn't just bond with Wendy's skin but also her blood and other cells as well, with that the Symbiote began healing the head shot wound and Wendy was revived.

Zera's eyes widened as red tendrils wrapped around her and pinned her down.

Carnage chuckled, "It'll take more than that to beat me bitch. So you a demon huh? Must mean u can heal too. Guess that means we can have some fun. In the end You are not worthy to be with Daddy and I shall prove that he better off with us."
Zera blushed darkly feeling tendrils go into her clothes. She bit her teeth grunting refusing to give in.  She then allowed her demon power to come out now looking like Demon Zera with demon wings and horns and tail and blue slited eyes. The growth of her wings broke through some of the tendril bounds off her, she used her sharpened demon tail to sever more bounds.  She then grabbed the remaining tendrils and with her demon strength and pulled Carnage towards her.

She bit her neck and started to feed on both Symbiote and host's spirit.

Carnage whimpered and started stabbing a scythe arm into Zera.  But the feeding started to Heal her, and as more of Carnage's spirit was devoured the weaker she got. 

Soon her Symbiote costume disintegrated showing only human body.  The green eyed freckled short red haired young woman fell to the ground unconscious.

"Guess they weren't worthy after all," chuckled the demon inside Zera's mind.  "They were nothing but children with power. Revan deserves better than them."

"You right," said Zera.  "Guess it's we are back now to set things right."

Meanwhile Xixon was in her wolf-demon form using Raven black fallen angel wings, having both Horns and wolf ears, both wolf and demon tails, and yellow silted eyes.

She was wielding twin knives but was panting and bruised as her body was against a crater at the wall after Vena sent her flying against it.

Vena chuckled triumphantly "Is that all you got?  I am not only stronger than Revan I have his and my dad's former hosts experience.  I admit you are stronger and skilled than I thought but it ain't enough bitch.  Face it the bitch is dead, long live the bitch! Haha!"

"If you beat me get me already," growled Xixon.

"Tck hurry to lose brave I give you that. Come face yah doom like a champ!" Shouted Vena as her body surged in dark energy she raised her blade to strike Xixon down.

At the last moment Xixon  moved her body gracefully like a dancer and dodged the blow. Showing she had more stamina than she appeared to have a moment ago.

She put herself on Vena's back, her legs around her neck.  Before Vena could retaliate Xixon bite into Vena's neck.

While Demon Zera feeds on spirits and inorganic material, Xinhua feeds on organic material such as blood.  Vena whose body is entirely an organic organism was sucked up inside Xixon like pudding.

Xixon chuckled rubbing her belly satisfied with her meal, her beaten up body was already being healed from the fighting as result of her Being fed.

She felt herself becoming stronger as Vena's energy began to mix with hers.

Inside Vena was being digested and if she stays too long she'll become entirely a part of Xixon, and her power will become Xixon's.

She felt Vena struggling inside and said, "let me out! Let me out you crazy bitch! Get me out you are killing me!"

"Oh I dunno you taste so delicious," chuckled Xixon. "And I can benefit more to Revan with your power...but I suppose he would be mad if I kill you want to make a deal?"

"Yes you submit to me and accept me as your alpha.  You will only see Revan as a partner on missions with my permission and for insurance you will accept to be branded by me. And maybe I would like to wear you sometime and see what our combined strength can do. Also your sister will be branded too.  You sisters will belong to me.  So do you agree with those terms? Do we have a deal?"

"Y-Yes! Please let me out!"

"Good and let it be a lesson Fox that the alpha isn't just the strongest but the most clever. I backed to the corner on purpose knowing in strength you had the advantage. When I realized your body was entirely made of organic matter, I waited for you to leave yourself open so I can eat you.  I admit you are strong but you lack life experience.  All your knowledge is inherited not earned.  You are still young and haven't been through what Me and my sister have.  I went to hell And back and became part of it.

"All you know Revan Shadow is from genetic memory you haven't experienced anything meaningful with him. You haven't been through the good times and bad with him like We did. You don't earn the right to be alpha because you are a rookie in life experience. You are still a kid. You gotta pay your dues to be part of this family.

"So you gonna start at the bottom as my bitch. You will do as I say when I say it and if you fall out of line...well you seen I have other uses for you like filling my belly~" she purred patting her belly.

"Ok....I'm yours please let me go....mistress Xixon..."

"I like your begging...I would ask you to beg more but I guess you  are running out of time so I'll cut you some slack. Welcome to my family," she said before she threw Vena up, who came out of her as black goo.

Vena constantly had to regenerate to stay alive in Xixon's belly, if she stayed longer she would have been consumed faster than she could regenerate and have been completely destroyed.

The puddle of black that was Vena slowly reformed into her Symbiote Renamon solid body.

She groaned weakly still recovering.

Before she could stand, Xixon placed her hand on Vena's backside the same spot Xixon has her own curse mark tattoo.  Vena yelled as she felt herself become branded.

Vena can heal from burns but this was a demonic curse,making what is being burned into her malleable flesh a part of her.

Because of her black body the curse Mark was colored white. It was in shape of a X, for Xixon's name, and at each side of the X were the same Raven wings that were on Xixon's own mark.

"There that wasn't so bad wasn't? Don't worry when your service isn't required the mark goes away like its never there. Now what to do with you?"

Suddenly Carnage apparently recovered from Zera siphoning her life force, but in truth the Symbiote sacrificed most of her host's life force in order to have some juice left to recover.  The Symbiote is in full control of Wendy's body who's still out cold.

"Leave...sister alone...leave Daddy alone...Daddy mine!" The Symbiote snarled as she fired needle shaped  projectiles made from Carnage's substance.
Xixon blocked the projectiles With her Raven wings and side stepped out of the way gracefully as Carnage attempted to slash her with scythe hands.

While Xixon was weaker than Vena and had to use trickery and her demon abilities to defeat her, she is stronger than Carnage.  She evaded each blow gracefully before smacking her away with a flick of her fist.  The blow was so strong it send Carnage flying off her feet and land on her back.

" know Vena I do have a use for you after all.  If you want your sibling to live discipline her," smirked Xixon as she tested the curse brand on Vena.

Xixon's eyes glowed as she gave the command.  Vena's own eyes began glowing yellow, the same as Xixon as she received the orders.  Her will is still her own but now she has the compulsion to obey.

"Y-yes...mistress Xixon..." Grunted Vena as she walked towards Carnage.

Ironically Vena has disciplined her sister before to keep her in line due to Carnage's unstable personality.

Carnage whimpered seeing her sister walking towards her crackling her fists.  But then she growled standing her ground and fired an energy blast from her hands.

Vena blocked the blast with her bare hand before disappearing in a blur and reappearing smashing Carnage into the ground with her fists.

Vena used fire magic to encase her fists in fire.  Symbiotes are weak to sonics and fire.

Vena is an exception can only be hurt by conventional ways.  But Carnage being a natural born Symbiote inherited the weakness of her species. The fire fists Vena used hurt Carnage, causing parts of Symbiote to uncover the still unconscious host body.

Xixon saw it and Wendy inside and realized what kind of creature a Symbiote is, how they bond to humanoid hosts to become stronger.

She reaIized that's what Vena Does with Revan.  Now curious she decided to give it a try.

As Xixon reverted to her normal form she said, "Vena hold on, come and attach yourself to me, I wanna see how this thing u do works."

Vena let go of Carnage and her body became black fluid again.  She slithered towards Xixon and crawled up her body covering her.  Xixon shivered at the cool feeling she felt as Vena bonded with her.

All Symbiotes usually cause a cool feeling when then attach but Vena usually tease Revan by stimulating sexual pleasure when she bonds with him. 

Reading Xixon's surface thoughts Vena knew what appearance Xixon would prefer as a costume.

Leaving Xixon's head uncovered, Vena covered all of Xixon's body looking like a black tight latex bodysuit, making her look like a spy or secret agent.

Xixon looked at her new outfit liking it  how it looks and feels on her. 

Not only their strength are combined bonded together but Xixon's own strength has been augmented by Vena's Symbiote ability to
Upgrade the powers of hosts.  She is Stronger then she would have if she digested her.

Symbiotes can control the bodies of hosts if they want to, but Xixon's curse Mark insured that Xixon was in dominant control of their body.

"Mmmm hmmm~ I feel great. Great as being high I bet.  I knew there was a reason why I kept you alive," smiled Xixon as she stretched her arms and felt the organic substance that is in the form of latex attached to her skin.

Carnage whimpered sensing the combined strength of Xixon and Vena, but she stood her ground.  She used her host's memory to shapeshift into something familiar.

Wendy lived in a world not unlike ours and as a game and comic book nerd have 4th wall information of various genre that exists in other worlds.

She transformed into Lady Deadpool only with red hair and a fanged Symbiote mouth. The katanas she wield are made from her Symbiote substance shapeshifted to appear as katanas.

While Xixon is yet to be a Keyblade Wielder, her heart is strong and is capable of holding a Keyblade.  She held Revan's Keyblade once and Revan foresee and might someday manifest her own blade. 

Because  of that Xixon was able to have Vena summon her Keyblade and held it as if it's her own.

When Vena bonded with Revan, he was able to wield both his and her keyblades and wield them dual wield style.

Xixon looked at the black Keyblade and liked the power within the blade.

She was admiring it when Carnage attacked swinging both Symbiote katana blades at her.

Xixon smirked blocking each blow gracefully.

Soon the melee became more like a graceful sword dance than a fight, as both females acrobatically moved their legs and spun around while clashing their blades against eachother.

Both girls moved gracefully clashing blades at eachother.  Xixon enjoyed that fight but soon grew bored and wanted to get to the fun things.

She used Vena's Keyblade to cut  through one of Carnage's  katanas,  Xixon grabbed the other one with her bare hand and shattered it.

She kicked Carnage to the ground then she went on her.  No longer in the form of Lady Deadpool, Carnage was back to normal.

She  recalled Vena's Keyblade and then used Vena's Symbiote substance to create black Symbiote made daggers.

While Xixon like Zera can use her demon powers to summon her weapons, namely her swords and daggers, this method conserves energy.  That aside she's still experimenting Vena's capabilities bonded with her.

Xixon chuckled as she began stabbing her blades at Carnage's back.

The room became filled with Carnage's yelps and screams.

An half hour later, Carnage was on her belly panting weakly, her back was porcupined with black
Symbiote knives, some were lodged inside Carnage's human body's pressure points.  Even with her Symbiote healing factor she can't move and can feel everything that Xixon did for her.

Now that Carnage was incapacitated Xixon moved to brand her at the same spot and manner she did Vena. The curse Mark tattoo was the same as Vena's only it was colored black.

Satisfied she commanded Vena to unbond from her, the black bodysuit became liquid and slithered off her and reformed into Vena.

"That was addicting can see why your kind is so favored.  But I prefer to fight with my own strength, but this power could be useful in an emergency, so thanks now take Your sister home and continue discipling her until her host is awake then discipline them both until you are sure the Curse is in full effect."

"Yes...mistress..." Grunted Vena as she lifted Carnage and opened a portal and went inside.

After that Xixon was back to her cheerful self and ran to Revan still in Tom's grip and out her arms around him hugging him cheerfully.

Revan sighed and accepted not only the hug but what happened here.

Tom came off him to allow Zera to go on his back and hug him.

Zera and Xixon's others all separated from their hosts and joined in the group hug nuzzling and hugging Revan welcoming him back to their family.


Chain of Hearts Book 7 Ch. 10 Family Reunited
To one of my bestest friends  ever :iconwingless1raven: You Xixon and Zera are always part of my family and welcome back to mine ^^ I hope you enjoyed it, hope our friendship will last for many more years to come ^^
More to come soon gonna head into the KH II storyline which Xixon and Zera will play big parts in it
Revan Shadow, Mira Kurokage, Rena, Vena, Wendy Slade, Organization Keyblade by me

Xixon, Zera, Xinhua, Demon Zera, Tom by :iconwingless1raven:Invader Zim Themes and characters by Jhonen Vasquez

Marvel themes and characters owned by Marvel and Disney

Kingdom Hearts themes and characters owned by Square Enix created by Teysuya Nomura
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Brought movies to watch at night for my PS3 to see 

The rooms we had were great  

Besides eating we had a day on the beach without swimming and played games with siblings.  

When we came home today we had a hilarious incident at dinner at s sea food resteraunt. Which made a good grand finale for vacation 

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Hope u all doing ok and cya soon 
First I want to thank everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday I had a wonderful time 

secondly I wish to find people who might have Disney Infinity 3.0 for PS3 

I'm Revan_Shadow03 there if anyone wanna co-op in Twilight of Republic or The Trilogy story modes or do Arcade sent me a note 


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Very wise and reliable pet Coyote, and BSBFF: :iconpixelsnaxs:
My Best Furry Friend: :iconmelizasharpclaw:
Pet Cobra and BFF: :iconinvader-star-irken:
A Demonic Comrade: :iconladyrenatear:
A Foxy, beautiful, demonic, awesome BFF now and forever :iconfox-shadow92: :icongreeneyed-fox:
My Nakama, Ni-San, and DA sister and sister I never had and good friend and comrade :icondemonic-stickfigures:

Artists that inispired me and are favs of mine, some who I have the honor of being acquainted too:

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