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I fell today at work

after dropping off packages at a stop a ran back to the truck when I tripped over a bump on the driveway and fell down. I slid against the ground in my belly as if I was a slide being launched against the pavement ground for a few centimeters before stopping.

fortunately I was bundled up in layers to protect me from cold, which acted as shock absorbers protecting me against the pavement, because of that I only received a minor scrape on right knee and minor scratch at my left elbow.  I was able to finish my job for the day.  I'm fine, and look forward to do better tomorrow 
My 3DS suddenly works again, and im called by UPS to pick up my uniform and meet up with driver today at an area near home, wish me luck :)
My 3DS can't connect to Internet, dunno what's wrong, everything else works but access net.  It says there's no internet to acess as If there's nothing there.

it fell from shelf other night but it fell before doubt there's internal damage

in other news tomorrow im calling job to ask when I pick up uniform then when I start working 

hope U all doing good
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Marcy, Serenity, and Okami Uchiha were from three different worlds until Organization Replica abducted them to exploit their abilities as pawns.  But they escaped and were found by Organization Keyblade in Hollow Bastion.

Revan Shadow offered them a home and a place where they can hone their abilities.

Serenity and Marcy heard about the deeds of Organization Keyblade from when they lived in Hollow Bastion for a few days, before meeting Okami and been found by Revan, which gave them reason to give Revan's offer a try. 

Okami was distrustful at first but decided to come with Serenity and Marcy, his new friends, to protect them.

Marcy bonded with Revan and his blood brother Shadow the Heartless, who's existence is similar to hers as he's a Heartless with human reason while she's human with Heartless abilities.

Serenity was shy to Revan at first but welcomed the chance of learning how to use the Keyblade from him, and soon warmed up to him.

Okami was now sparring with Revan in his base's training room.  He had his Mangekyo Sharingan drawn.

Revan was blindfolded to avoid making eye contact so he won't be ensnared by Okami's visual Genjutsu, relying on A sixth sense to "see" and make his way around.

Revan blocked the strikes of Okami's twin katana blades with his Keyblade.

Okami suddenly jumped Back throwing his blades to the ground and drew two handfuls of shruiken.

"Fire Style:  Phoenix Flower Jutsu!" Shouted Okami  as he spewed fire around his Shruiken as he threw them into the air.  Encased in fire they became like fireballs.

The true intention of the attack is to distract the target, leaving them open for a counterattack.

Revan however summoned a gust of wind which blew away the shruiken fireballs and blew against Okami.

As Okami was held back by the gust Revan dashed forward  and slashed at Okami, without his Katanas he would seem unarmed.

But besides having Kunai  and extra Shruiken on him, Okami had another alternate weapon, black chakra rods summoned from the flesh of his body upon summoning his Rinnegan.

The black rod blades are weaponized Chakra Receivers that allows a Rinnegan user to transmit ones chakra into another body.  From this one would make 6 avatars out of dead bodies to create the Six Paths of Pain, Rinnegan Bearing avatars that could each wield one of the Six Paths Rinnegan Abilities.

When stabbed into a living body, the transmitted Chakra can be used to disrupt the victim's Chakra flow and even cause the Rinnegan wielder to control the victim's body a short distance.

The rods can be weaponized into melee weapons as blades.

Madara Uchiha used a variation of the rods to imbue his will into it, then implanted them into his wards, which he can potentially manipulate them with it.

But Okami's rods are from his own will and wouldn't get manipulated by him.

Okami's Chakra Rod blade clashed against Revan's Keyblade. After exvhanging a number of blows, Okami jumped away and said "I'll trap you with this Chibaku Tensei (Planetary Devestation)!"

He already summoned his Rinnegan in order to use his Chakra Rod Blades, now he's using one of the Sage of Six Paths Rinnegan techniques.

One of the Six main powers of the Rinnegan is to manipulate gravity, and with Chibaku Tensei he summoned a black sphere to float into the air. The black sphere possesses a strong center of gravity, which attracts nearby things into it.

Earth and other objects compile around the sphere until it forms a planetoid.  The first known Rinnegan bearer, the Sage of Six Paths used this technique to create the Moon and trap the husk of Ten Tails inside it.

Now Okami plots to trap Revan within the planetoid he'll create.

However just as the sphere started to attract things into it, Revan immediately  pointed his Keyblade at it and fired his signature move Dark Zero from his Keyblade tip.

The black  blast of dark energy, attracted by the sphere's gravitational pull, struck it dead on and exploded.

With the sphere destroyed the technique was undone.

Okami was surprised realizing Revan knew the capacities of the Sharingan and Rinnegan well and countered accordingly to that knowledge.

He decided to get serious in finishing things.  He summoned Susanoo.  Normally Susanoo is summoned via the Mangekyo Sharingan, however the Rinnegan is the progression of the Sharingan and could utilize the ocular techniques of the Sharingan in this form. Thus being able to summon Susanoo using the Mangekyo Sharingan.

He summoned Susanoo in it's armored form.  It wielded two large flaming chakra sword, and wore armor resembling an armored Warrior garbed in canine fur, and wearing a helmet resembling a wolf.

However Okami wasn't done, he fully manifested his Susanoo in its Perfect Form.  It grew a full body with both an upper and lower body.  It towered like a colossus, nearing touching the training room ceiling.  Its now more humanlike in appearance.

It's armor now resembling that of Samurai Warrior, it's feet wore sandals.  It has two back limbs within the armored form which held two sheathed Katanas.

It's helmet resembled that of other Perfect Susanoo forms only it had canine features.

Okami stood in the perfect Susanno within the gem of the helmet. 

The only two other people who achieved Perfect Susanoo was Indra, the founder of the Uchiha bloodline, and Madara Uchiha.

Besides Okami, Kagerosa Uchiha of the Foundation also achieved Perfect Susano and fought Okami until an explosion caused Okami to lose him and his beloved Hana Hyuga.

In power Okami's Perfect Susano was nowhere near Madara's but right now he's the closet person in strength to him.

A Perfect Susano is so strong it's power is compatible to a Tailed Beast,

Okami, was surprised Revan didn't even blink, aside from the fact he's still blindfolded, as he's now like an ant to a behemoth.

Revan summoned his final Form Union Mode, a state which both his previous forms Light and Dark Mode combine as one while enhancing both his Light and Dark Powers to their fullest. His Black Coat became black and white with crosses designed on it, while the gloves, pants, and shows remained Black.  He now discarded his blindfold, he didn't really need it since  Okami used the Rinnegan which usually lacks Genjutsu abilities.

Okami had his Susanoo drew both of its Katanas and swing them both at Revan to Attack.

Revan flew into the air and met both blades headon.  Despite his small size he actually was able to parry both of the massive swords with his Keyblade.  The clash caused a shockwave which shook the whole base.

Revan pushed the blades back, casing Susanoo to stagger slightly and unleash a large energy wave of Dark and Light Energy.  The attack struck Susano at the chest causing it to fall on its back.

Okami tried to get it back up, a large pillar of light energy summoned by Revan surrounded Susanoo and exploded.

The attack shook up Susanoo but it's otherwise unharmed mostly.

What Okami didn't realize was the attack was meant to disorient and distract Okami as Revan teleported himself inside Susanoo behind Okami.

"Lost something?" He asked smirking.

Okami blinked and turned around to see Revan behind him.

He raised his Keyblade Over his head and summoned a flash of light energy.

The flash filled up Susanoo, soon cracks began to form within the spirit guardian's body, letting out rays of light from the cracks.

Suddenly Susanoo burst and shattered and disappeared, forcing Okami to fall to the ground.

He got up seeing Revan in front of him.

"How do you know how to counter the Sharingan and Rinnegan's techniques?"

"Believe it or not I once have both powers.  When I found out about them I just had to have them.  With means I obtained those and a third power.

"I achieved Perfect Susanoo too, and they were quite useful in battles to come.  But I soon realized those powers weren't me, and they were corrupting me, in addition  I became a target from elements like the Akatsuki. So I used the same means that had me obtained them to  give them up, turned out doing so allowed me to unlock Union Mode.

"But having those powers weren't an entire waste, I deciphered and translated the Six Paths Tablet when I had them, and my experience having them allows me what to expect when facing opponents like you that has those powers and counter accordingly."

"So you know the strengths and weaknesses of all the techniques of my ocular prowess?" Asked Okami.

"Yep, like Tendo that gives you the ability to manipulate gravity," started Revan as he launched a Dark Zero energy Wave forcing Okami to use Shinra Tensei, the Rinnegan ability to repel and block the attack.

Just as he used it Revan appeared beside him and slashed at his chest.  "It's weakness," continued Revan. "Is that after using its abilities of attraction or repelling, it takes five seconds before you can use it again, leaving the user vulnerable until then.  Gakido, the ability to absorb chakra and Ninjutsu Attacks, it's weakness while that it requires the user to remain stationary, and leaves them open to physical strikes. Standard Susanoo's weakness when it only has an upper body It leaves the feet of the user exposed to underground Attacks, and also can't keep out opponents or Attacks  that can teleport their way in.  Susanoo also can't also protect the user against gaseous or sonic Attacks. Jigokudo, the ability to summon the King of Hell requires the user to also remain stationary and exposed. Need I go on?"

"No...I see they haven't call you a Master for nothing, I concede," said Okami as he discarded his chakra Rod blade as it sank back into his arm, and his eyes became normal.

"Do you know the weakness of the Six Paths of Pain ability?"

"I never tried it but after seeing another use it I've seen the flaw of it, it splits the Six main abilities of the Rinnegan into each of your 6 Pain avatars, made from corpses with chakra Rod transmitters implanted into their bodies.  The 6 Pains are formidable when they are together but if one separates from the rest of the group then each Pain is vulnerable because they can only use the one ability they inherited from you.  Using the Six Paths of Pain ability weakens the user as they constantly must transfer their chakra to their avatars.  And if a sensory enemy gets ahold of one of your Chakra receivers they could use it to backtrack you

"So that's why to me it's better for a Rinnegan user to fight as oneself, as they can use both all the Rinnegan's abilities and whatever else ability they possess, but that's just me."

"You know more of the Rinnegan then me...perhaps I will stay and learn more from you. From what I heard he Village is doing fine without me and can be better off without me, with heroes like Naruto Uzumaki, Im declared dead to the rest of the world, and frankly I'm too dangerous for my world.

"However I still wish to see if Hana survived the explosion though..."

"Funny you should mention that, after you told me your story I had scouts examine the Foundation ruins where you were abducted.  We discovered while there's no physical remains of your friend Hana's body, the fake Gedo Statue Danzo created to contain the Tail Beasts he plotted to steal, ripped a hole across dimensions when It detonated.  Everything at the epicenter of the explosion was sucked into it while the rest was incinerated.  Neither of that happened to you because you were able to anchor yourself to the ground using Susanoo, and it protected you from the explosion.

"So it might seem not only Hana, but the guy you been fighting Kagerosa Uchiha might still be alive.  Sent to a random World."

"So you are saying if I stay with your group, I'll have access to knowledge, resources, and colleagues that would help me find Hana?"

"Yep," replied Revan with a nod.

"I see....I'll think about it, thank you for seeing me," said Okami as he used Bansho Tenin (Universal Pull) , the Rinnegan ability to pull things to him by gravity to summon his discarded katana blades back to him, and left the training room to head to his new quarters.

Okami, Marcy, and Serenity weren't the only recent recruits.

Another were a group of talking Pokemon from a Mystery Dungeon Pokemon World.

In that world Pokemon were defended by three main groups, the Aura Guardians, Shadow Guardians, and the Pokemon Rescue Teams.

Recently the world went into conflict with a Shadow Lugia, with rogue Pokemon Rescue Team members as his Lieutenents, all sought to conquer the world in darkness.

A recent new Rescue Team was Team Nakama, led by Rio the Lucario, a pokemon with the potiental to be both a Shadow and Aura Guardians, who also mastered a form of Mega Evolution.

His group is made up of various pokemon, he even tamed a female Mewtwo who can Mega Evolve to his side.

His closet members are Queenie the Nidoqueen an old flame which provides the cooking and housecleaning for the team from her experience running a Resteraunt inn in the nearby town.

Sni a female Weavile who's One of Rio's oldest friends, who's also a Shadow Guardian.

Zora a female Zoroark who's a Shadow Guadian Master and Rio's Shadow Guardian mentor who serves as his right hand in the team.

Minato a female Greninja who's also
A Shadow Guardian.

Slima, a female Goodra who was former spa worker.

Usagi a male Lopunny, who was also a spa worker as Slima's colleague.

Lopi a female Lopunny, who was a recent waitress in Queenie's inn.

And Mewtwo before mentioned was also a member of the team.

Besides them a number of other Pokemon are also members of the team.

Revan's team's science officer Zerg encountered Rio's group when she visited their world.  She was interested in the Pokemon species and was intrigued when she discovered a world where pokemon can talk and lived a human like society.

As she met Rio's team an incident happened, Organization XIII  sent  Heartless to the world.

After the demise of the Dominion and Maleficent's Villian's Council, Organization XIII which had been using those groups to have them create Heartless for them, began sending Their own Heartless to other worlds to breed.

When Roxas joined the Organization and Xion was created and joined up, the Organization pit them against Heartless they created so they can harvest their Hearts for Kingdom Hearts.

The Heartless appeared to Team Nakama's Homeworld as Zerg visited, and consumed the Heart of the World, forcing Zerg to evacuate her new friends to her base.  Some other Pokemon were able to miraculously escape and took refuge in Traverse Town, a world that usually exists in the Dreaming Realm, but appears to those who need a home, where they'll remain until their world is revived.

The remnants of their eclipsed world is ruled by Shadow Lugia and his accomplices, who learned how to control Heartless aside from Shadow Pokemon.

So with their world lost Team Nakama decided to Join Organization Keyblade in hopes to combat the Heartless and revive their world.

Meanwhile Revan focused in training his new members.  Marcy was paired with Shadow who taught her how to fully master her Heartless powers, Revan while playing a major part in Serenity's training sent her to Equestria to train with the 6 Mare who each are members and are Keyblade Wielders trained by Revan.

Just when he sent her to them
He received news from Celestia wanting him To see her.

He appeared in her throne room in a Corridor of Darkness Portal.

"Revan," acknowledged one of the ruling Princesses of Equestria with a smile.

"Celestia it's been a while." Replied Revan as he walked to her and hugged her.

The guards were surprised by the human's lack of formality around the princess and she didn't mind at all.

The princess asked her guards to leave.

As soon as they were alone Celestia led Revan to the balcony overlooking the Royal Gardens.

"I see you found yet another chosen one of the Keyblade."

"Yes," replied Revan. "Along with others with gifts, we gonna need all the help we can get."

"Yes," Celestia nodded. "I heard of your impending conflict with Organization XIII and this other group that's sending Replicas to fight you.  But you must understand that I can't spare Twilight and her friends at this moment."

"I know I heard how Twilight became Alicorn and is now a Princess. I also heard about the Elements of Harmony gone, and you need her and her friends more then ever, I understand completely."

"Yet there's something Equestria to do for you which is why you are here," said Celestia.  "You are aware that Alicorn's are a very rare breed of Pony, and only a certain few ponies are worthy of this status.

"You are also aware that most Alicorns that are found, have an affinity to a certain ability that makes them able to rule Equestria as a Princess.

"My power lies with the sun, Luna the moon, Cadance the power of True Love, and Twilight the Magic of Friendship.

"Well we recently have found another Alicorn, her name is Willow.  She seemed to be born Alicorn, and possess a magic so strong it rivals Twilight."

"That's wonderful, so what's the problem?" Asked Revan.

"It's unknown what is her affinity is, despite her mature age she's still has yet to Manifest a Cutie Mark.  That aside she unlike Twilight lacks instruction how to control her power.

"She's a sweet and kind hearted filly, but is shy and anti-social.  And when she loses control or used too much magic...things happen...not just caused by her magic either.  It's one such incident that caused her to be ran out both her hometown and later Ponyville when she tried to settle there.  She's now on her own, alone and unable to fully grasp control of her powers.

"Twilight was lucky, when her abilities manifested everything she needed was provided for, as soon as her powers and strength was realized she was given the best instruction and mentorship.  When she needed friends to fully grasp the meaning realizing her true abilities and self I sent her to Ponyville where she met friends that will last a lifetime.

"Revan what Willow needs isn't instruction, it's friendship and love. While her true ability is still unknown it's evidenced her magic might be linked to passionate emotions like love...and similar emotions  linked to it."

"Surely brining Willow to Twilight and her friends would do that. Those two are alike and could hit it off."

"Willow isn't like Twilight Revan, shes is a lot like you.  Even before you had powers you said you were different being anti-social and had few friends.  When you had powers after losing your family you too were osterized for being different. It was only you meeting others that saved you from that loneliness.

"Well now's your chance to save someone like you, and turn them to a positive force of good."

"I'll try my best..."

 Later Revan appeared  in a flower field elsewhere in Equestria.  He looked around for a while under his hood.  Until he came  across a hill and saw a white Alicorn pony alone laying on the hill looking at the now blue moonlit sky.

She is white in skin color, her mane and tail is black.  She allow her mane on her head to droop down at both sides.  At her right side her mane droops down So long it almost touches the ground.  The front part of her mane is dyed red.  She has blue eyes.  And as Celestia said no Cutie Mark on her flank.

Revan was smitten at the sight of her she was very beautiful to him.  He stared at her for a moment until Willow turned around and looked at him.  She blinked and squealed falling on her back.  She spread out her wings and covered herself shivering in fright.  

"Be calm im not here to hurt you  I come in peace, my name is Revan Shadow, he said taking off his hood.

"R-Revan?" Squeaked Willow in reply.  "I heard of are that human that got stranded in Equestria a while back. And in charge of a group of Guardians that vowed loyalty to the Princess and help protect Equestria."

"Yah a long interesting story about it, I came here to help you."

"Help me? How?" Asked Willow raising an eyebrow.

"I come to give you a chance to have a home what do you say would you like to come with me?"

Willow blinked at the offer and white cheeks became red with blush. "Um
Why you want me to come with you? I don't go with strangers just like that without good reason."

"Well for one thing, I would like to be your friend."

"M-my friend?"

"Yah I actually been where you are and I know where you coming from on what's been happening to
You," replied Revan.

"Y-you do?"

"I know what it's like to be different and to be treated differently because of it," said Revan sitting near her at her side which made her blush slightly more.

"I was once a normal human boy, but even then I was different and made few friends.  Then things changed for worse when my parents were killed and I gained these powers.  My people were under the rule of a power mad Tyrant and he and his minions had powers similar to mine.  Thus they had an aversion to people with abilities like mine.  They used me as a weapon, and treated me in contempt, I wanted to leave that world.

"However I Met others who are different like me.  They saved me from my loneliness, which inspired me to create Organization Keyblade, and use it as a haven for outcasts like me to have a second chance to lead positive lives and be themselves with others like them.  When I was exiled and lost my powers and came to Equetria I met friends here that help me recovered what I have lost and regained my strength and helped me reunite with my group.

"As they helped me, I wish to help you Willow."

She blinked then gave a shy blush before looks down.  "Why...why do you want me on your team. I'm nothing but trouble...I don't even have a Cutie Mark on my flank..."

Revan got up and partly pulled down his pants showing his hips, making Willow blush but gave a slight hungry look at his still covered groin area.

"Take a look at me Willow, I too am a Blank Flank and I'm perfectly happy as I am. I don't need a Cutie Mark to tell me who I am. And neither do you. For all you know your blank flank IS your cutie mark.  It means you have unlimited potiental;  to become anything and capable of anything.    You aren't meant to do just one thing hun. You are meant to do anything you want. All you need is a purpose and a friend to bond with to help
You realize that purpose."

"Maybe...but I'm more trouble then I'm worth and sooner or later I'll miss up and-" she started before Revan suddenly put his finger over her mouth causing her to blush brightly.

"Don't be silly, no matter how many times you mess up, I will never abandon you.  I'm not them, I'm me and I've been where u been, now I'm here to save you.  I'm your friend now after all, means I'm Stuck with you," he said as he hugged her.

She blinked for a few moments before closing her eyes purring With a smile, one of her eyes leaked a tear expressing her happiness that she finally after so long have a friend.

She wrapped her fore hooves around him and hugged him while nuzzling him.  

As she nuzzled she saw Revan's wolf curse mark on his neck.  While still hugging and nuzzling and asked "What's that tattoo on your neck?"

"It's not a tattoo it's a curse mark. A werewolf female bit me and gave me werewolf powers, in doing that she Also marked me as a mate."

"M-mate?" Replied Willow with a blink.  "Yes and no, she only marked me like one marks a territory.   But it's not official, I date some of my female members from time to time mostly to...satisfy my Wolfy lusts...but I'm
With no one offically still looking for Miss Right. Usually I can make it appear or disappear at will, but can get stimulated to appear when I get...excited "

"Ah," nodded Willow as she continued to nuzzle him.

Revan nuzzles back until he wittingly leaned his head against her horn.  As he touched her she gave a gasp and betrayed a moan before biting her lip to surpress it.  

Revan stopped thinking he hurt her.  "Are you ok did I hurt you?"

Willow shook her head with a blush.

"I heard unicorn horns are sensitive.  Doesn't  it hurt you when I did this?" Asked Revan as he poked her horn with his finger.  With that touch Willow gave another moan.

From hearing that moan, Revan realized that Willow's horn had a different sort of sensitivity.  He blushed in embarrassment realizing he was pressing her soft spot.

"Oh I'm sorry I didn't realize...I won't do it again," he said.  "'s ok I kinda like it..." Said Willow with a blush.

"Oh..." He tried to break the ice.  "Wanna play a game?"  She nodded in reply.

"Ok...tag you it!" He yelled tapping her horn to stun her and started to jump into the flowers while she moaned.

As soon as she recovered she looked around in the flowers seeing he's well hidden. 

She whined it'll take ages to find him even if he was a normal human.  Then she decided to use her magic, while she lacks instruction she found herself able to do the most basic spells easily. 

She closed her eyes as she activated Her horn causing blue magic energy to glow from it.  She intended to use her magic to lift up some flowers with telekinesis or make some teleport away to reveal possible places Revan might be hiding.

But as she focused her magic she suddenly felt Revan and know where he's hiding.  She never done this before, perhaps a bond between her and Revan is already made and it's helping to better focus her magic.

Upon realizing where he is, she smirked and came up with a new plan.  She teleported behind him and pinned him down under her with her hooves.

"Tag you it," she smirked, before he finally was able to get his arm loose and tried to grab her but she teleported before he could touch her.  The sounds of her giggles were all around him. 

 Revan as he closed his eyes and sensed Willow at her hiding place then dashed toward her direction.  Just when he reached her she suddenly became magic energy and disappeared and he collided at the tree behind her.

He realized Willow made a clone of magic energy to trick him.  As he got up he sensed multiple Willow's at various places, all feeling the same.

"Oh that's not fair..." Frowned Revan, he blinked when he saw himself surrounded by multiple Willows.  They smirked and giggled before all saying, "you give up?"

He looks around for a moment then lowered his head in submission and nodded.  All the clones disappeared, leaving the real Willow left.  She pounced at him, hugging him and pinned him down to the ground. 
She went to nuzzle him again but she accidently slipped, her head fell on his as their lips touched in an accidental kiss.

Willow blushed as she got off and fell on her back panting.  "Oh...I'm sorry..." She said feeling embarrassed.

"Don't be...I kinda like it..."

Willow blinked then blushed she liked it too. "Really..."

"Yah u must be a good kisser, if this was an accident."

"No...I-im not..."Willow replied but despite that she walked closer to him until she's over him, she leaned forward as if to kiss him again but stopped not sure if he wanted this.

Revsn replied to the gesture by wrapping his arms around her pony body and leaned in to kiss her.  She moaned and leaned back in kiss.  As they kissed she rubbed her pony body against his.  They made out for a while until separating to catch their breath.

"S-see...told u..." Revsn panted.

Willow could only purr in reply licking her lips as she suddenly nudged her horn against him in a whine as if as
 Begging him to rub it.

" like it?...o-ok I'll be gentle..." He said putting his hand on her horn rubbing it gently. She moaned loudly leaning against his touch.  Until her body was leaned against his. As he rubbed he felt her body became hot and sweaty like a girl in heat. She rubbed at his body between her legs as if she had a itch she can't scratch.

She leaned so far it caused him to fall on his back.  He looked up to see Willow over him Purring with a smirk with a lusty look in her eyes.  Her horn glowed in blue magic energy as she cast a spell on herself.  When the magic light cleared Revan saw Willow as a Anthro Alicorn girl with breasts standing over him.

She purred as she sat her nude Anthro body in his lap.  She pressed her white boobs against his chest as she wrapped her arms around him and kissed him.

He moaned in surprise as she slip her tongue into his mouth and tounge kissed him.

Within moments he submitted to her and kissed her back.  

The two embraced eachother moaning, thrashing their bodies against eachother and making love in hot passion.

As they panted and made out Willow began taking off his clothes, Revan feeling hot helped her strip himself  as they kissed. 

A few minutes later, the completely nude Revan was sitting under the tree with Willow on his lap kissing him.  As he kissed he gripped her white breasts rubbing them. She squealed in pleasure in his mouth as he rubs. She whined begging for more as she used her magic to grip Revan's manhood and rub it under her, as she did she rubbed her lap against him purring in tease.

"God..." He gasps falling back, having the time of his life.  Willow purred enjoying both the moment and hearing his moaning.

As she kept at her lap dance, she love bit his neck and sucked at his skin. 

Her sex was wet even before she got on him, and rubbed against his manhood soaking it moist.

Soon both couldn't wait anymore, he went under her and thrusted into her. He grips her breasts and thrusted in her. As he did she moaned riding him

They kept going until they came and rested on eachother.

Revan couldn't believe how good she is, it was more then good it was magical.  He also noticed the more they made love and got close their new bond grew stronger and so did her magic within her.

As they rested nuzzling  Revan suddenly felt his curse mark acting up, he looked past Willow and saw not only it was evening but the full moon, which was blocked by clouds, was revealed as the clouds started to part away.

Even though he was half Kurokage Werewolf upon being cursed he is affected by the full moon as much as a Pureblood Kurokage of natural birth. Whether the moon is Equestrian or Earthling by origin, it's effect on him is the same.

The Curse Mark caused blue spirit energy to surge around his human body turning him into a golden eyed hulking Male Werewolf.

Willow blinked as a now werewolf Revan pinned her down, but her surprise became  sounds of ecstasy as he thrusted into her hard. 

They done it all night as Kurokage full moon mating rituals are known to last as long as the moon was out.  Usually it's done with Wolves because not many beings have the endurance to last all night. But Willow lasted all night without faltering.

"Yes!!! Oh Celestia! yes!" Squealed Willow in pleasure as she rode him for last time before Sunrise.

Revan's large furry  clawed arms grabbed her breasts and rubbed then rapidly as he thrusted in her rapidly.

They moaned panting, going as hard as they can like there's no tommorrow.

She used her magic to rub his werewolf manhood in her.  He manipulated spirit energy into tendrils that wrapped around her body, breasts, and horn and rubbed them pleasurably.

They went harder and faster moaning in passion before they finally reached the end with Revan howling in pleasure and Willow moaning loudly.

They fell back just as the sun went up.

Revan, reverted to normal as a human  feeling exhausted, he panted as she nuzzled him weakly purring.

He also felt Willow's magic back at normal levels, at the peak of their lovemaking before, he felt her magic immensely focused and strong. Now it's back to normal.

He kissed her softly and nuzzled back before falling asleep with her.

Hours later, Revan and Willow arrived at Ponyville rested and cleaned up.

They arrived to see Serenity sparring with Vanitas with the other Mane 6 watching.

Revan came to introduce Willow to some of the team, before officially introducing her to the rest of the team at the base.

Willow was still in her new anthro form, only wearing a Black Coat like Revan, with no shoes on her hoof feet and she wore an emo collar around her neck. Her wings curled up and sheathed inside the cost and her tail sticking out of a hole through the back at the pants and coat.

"Hey guys," said Revan holding the shy Willow's hand, as when the others took notice of them.  "I would like to introduce our newest comrade and my newest partner Willow."

Meanwhile, in the Shinobi World, in the hideout of the Akatsuki, a fight was occurring.

Obito Uchiha, a former Leaf Shinobi the masked man groomed to fulfill Madara Uchiha's will under the guise of "Madara" or Tobi, led what's left of the Akatsuki. He declared war on the Shinobi World in order to revive the Ten Tails Beast and use its power to create a world of dreams where in his point of view true peace is achieved.  

With the lack of manpower he had to join forces with Kabuto Yakushi, who utilized the Edo Tensei (Reanimation) technique to bring back dead ninja as undead immortal pawns, with the original Madara Uchiha  amomgst the reanimated as Kabuto's trump card.

They planned to join forces in the upcoming Fourth Great Ninja War when Organization Replica interfered and create Replicas of powerful ninja, amongst them some of the Akatsuki's now dead (some now Reanimated) members.  Obito wanted them out of the way before he could Begin with the war.  He went as far as joining an alliance with Organization Keyblade to insure it.

Up till now though his allies did most of the fighting...until now.

When Marcy and Serenity were imprisoned by Organization Replica, Marcy redirected an enemy's Attack to destroy a number of Replicas in storage, including w number of Akatsuki Replicas.

A Madara Replica survived the attack and vowed to lead a mission to regain the data needed to recreate the destroyed Akatsuki Replicas, with his creators not knowing he had an agenda of his own.

He went to Obito the man his original knew who possessed the data needed to recreate the fallen Akatsuki Replicas in his memories of them.

So at this moment Obito was panting, unmasked and had lost his right limb.  The Madara Replica stood in front of him arms crossed, his Rinnegan drawn, and  with his Gumbai (Uchiha war fan) sheathed at his back.  Behind the Madara Replica was Kabuto, who laid on the ground unharmed but unconscious.

Apparently the Madara Replica came alone and surprised Kabuto and knocked him unconscious with Genjutsu before engaging Obito.

Losing limbs was no problem for Obito, half his body was rebuilt with Zetsu material, which is comprised of First Hokage Cells.  It not just  enhances his body to near superhuman levels, gives him access to wood style, and allows him to use Nagato's Rinnegan in his left eye, but also it can heal some wounds and can allow him to heal lost limbs by adding more Zetsu body material to the wound.  But until then Obito has use of only one arm.

The Madara Replica stood still waiting for Obito to make the next move.

Obito drew a Kunai at his remaining hand and charged at the Madara Replica yelling.

The Madara Replica smirked and performed a hand sign and upon doing that, black rods came out of Obito's right side which is wotjout an arm, some came out of the stump.

Obito fell to the ground yelling, his remaining arm gripping his armless side, impaled by the black rods from the inside out.

The black rods act as receivers, transmitting the Madara Replica's Chakra into Obito's body making him able to manipulate him as he's doing now.

"That Rinnegan and the body modifications on you were never yours.  They were all his. 

"Originally he sincerely wanted you to be reunited with your loved ones in the Infinite Tsukiyomi, using Nagato as the sacrificial piece necessary to revive him.  But he used you as a backup anyway in case Nagato was a failure, with him dead and as an Edo Tensei under Kabuto's control he's useless. While you implanting his eye which was my original's in your eye, still have a use.  With me as his Replica I could if I want to make you, use the Rinne Rebirth Jutsu to revive him in exchange for your life. 

"Oh I almost forgot you only have one arm," smirked the Replica.  "Oh you poor child, it'll be hard to do Jutsu with one hand.  No matter i could either use the Zetsu material to bring it back or I could have you borrow my arm.  But fortunately for you I don't want to do that. See I don't care if you come out on top or him.  I don't even care of Project Tsuki no me suceeeds or not.  I don't even want the Gedo Statue and the Tailed Beasts stored inside it.

"I am Madara Uchiha's Replica. I'm supposed to be his copy in every way. But there are three differences between me and him, one Im
Born as he was in his prime with the ability to use Wood Style and the Rinnegan, something my original only achieved at the end of his life as an old man and is now restored in his youth as an Edo Tensei.  Two, I'm actually stronger then he was.  My creators intended for me to be weaker because they saw Madara as too dangerous to be replicated at full power let alone modified to be stronger then the original like the other Replicas.  But I've done work on myself and now I too am a modified Replica, meaning if my Edo Tensei original and me fight right now I be the winner.  And three, unlike him I don't care about peace or saving the world as he wants to.

"I care about one thing to battle," smirked the Madara Replica evilly clutching his fist in excitement.

"And to get stronger.  As a Replica I can go anywhere I want with the Corridors of Darkness and I can absorb the life force of others to get stronger faster.

"That's why I need you still alive, so you or he can become the Ten Tails Jinchuriki.  When I return I'll absorb the power you or he will possess and obtain it as my own.  I only work for my creators because they provide me with worthy opponents for my power and its under their orders im here for one thing: your memory of each of the Akatsuki members so I can use the data to recreate Replicas of the Akatsuki members. Now hold still," the Madara Replica said as he placed   His finger on Obito's forehead and obtained the data he needed.

"See I took nothing from you, simply copied and recorded the data within myself, all that needs to be done then is for my creators to use that data to create Replicas. So with that out business is done.  Farewell 'Madara' fill your part well," said the Madara Replica as he got up, formed a Corridor of Darkness portal and went inside, leaving Obito on the ground panting and defeated.

Meanwhile back at Equestria Derpy Hooves was walking out of Ponyville for the purpose of visiting someone. On her back were bags strapped to her as if she's packed up for a trip 

She came to an area of brushy grass. And came to a blue police telephone box.  And opened the door.  Inside was a control room. She trotted near the navigation controls at the center and shouted, "Hey Doctor! I'm here Im all packed up and ready to go!" She said as she drew a Keyblade in her mouth

Out of a room was Doctor Whoves only he's  in an anthro form wearing  a suit and pants, and a bow tie.

But he wasn't just really an inhabitant of Ponyville.  He was really a Time Lord only known as the Doctor, who lived many lives as the same man.  How he came to Ponyville and how he is now a Pony is yet to be a revealed as his true name and identity.

"Well done, Derpy old girl. Let's get started, Geronimo!"

Meanwhile back in the Doom World, Mira Kurokage was returning from a mission and she didn't return alone.  A girl in a hoodie followed her closely behind. Under her hood it showed that she has red and blue eyes, and some streaks of black hair with the front dyed blue.

She looked down shyly as she walked behind Mira.

Mira turned to her and said, "well this is the place, Welcome to Organization Keyblade. You'll be safe here.  Us wolves gotta stick together. I'll notify our leader when he returns to welcome you.  What you said your name was?"

The human wolf girl, suddenly grew grey fur, and clawed furry hands, showing she's a werewolf,  unlike Revan and Mira, her physique didn't change and she was still clothed.

Her sudden transformation seemed to be the result of shyness.  She looked up and Mira and shyly said, "M-my name is Emily..."


Short: Love and Friendship
First post of November. And to introduce new members, the ranks are swelling up.

More to come, enjoy.

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Today I had my first day of work 

by going to an orientation job training 

after today they said they'll call me any day this week for my first job assignment though workers have already been assigned and might delay me getting assigned.

if They don't there said I should call
them by Monday of next week

when I do work I'll be likely be gone in morning and afternoon  so forgive the imactivity then.

well Happy November everyone <3
I fell today at work

after dropping off packages at a stop a ran back to the truck when I tripped over a bump on the driveway and fell down. I slid against the ground in my belly as if I was a slide being launched against the pavement ground for a few centimeters before stopping.

fortunately I was bundled up in layers to protect me from cold, which acted as shock absorbers protecting me against the pavement, because of that I only received a minor scrape on right knee and minor scratch at my left elbow.  I was able to finish my job for the day.  I'm fine, and look forward to do better tomorrow 


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But after being here for a while I feel as if Im getting closer in being a somebody everyday thanks to these people

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