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The Princesses of Heart, Seven Maidens whose Hearts are made of Pure Light devoid of Darkness.

The Hearts were created long ago when the x-blade, the ultimate Keyblade that has the power to unlock Kingdom Hearts, was shattered into 13 pieces of Darkness and 7 pieces of Light at the end of the Keyblade War.

The princesses were born with those hearts Made from the seven pieces of light from the shattered x-blade, and have the power when gathered together to summon the Final Keyhole which leads to the door to Kingdom Hearts.

Maleficent and her Villain's Council, coveted to collect the maidens to make it happen.

With them gone the new Villain's Council led by Rothbart, took up where Maleficent left off and began hunting the princesses again.

Princess Aurora was their first victim, now they are hunting for Snow White.

Rothbart secretly was provided a post modem gift from Maleficent , a list containing the names and locations of each Princess.
 Cautiously Rothbart hunts them one at a time to decrease chances of being noticed by the forces that Protect the Princesses such as Organization Keyblade.

Up till now, Organization Keyblade was busy with their war against the Von Draco family, but a notification from Master Yin Sid got them to get their guard up and protect the remaining Princesses.

Organization Keyblade Members Deadpool and Xanatos were sent to watch Snow White.

Snow White was visiting the Seven Dwarfs at their cottage.

Xan and Wade watched from their perch on trees nearby.

"Argh...this is boring...watching some chick visiting some little men with personality complexes. I wanna cut something up, can't I at least go hunting some animals in this forest already?"

"Unless u want a deduction on your pay and face Xixon and Zera's wrath go ahead," said Xan looking into Irken binoculars.

Wade gulps, any of three Xixon's selves are dangerous to him if he gets on their bad side.  Not only Zera herself is also a wrath to be reckoned with but her new demon as well, who's also Xixon's Demon Xinhua's sister.

She's competing with Xixon to be the alpha of the Organization.

Deadpool and Xan faced the wrath of both women and their familiars before  and wouldn't want to piss them off now.

They waited for hours until finally a corridor of darkness opened showing Pitch Black and Loki came out of the portal.  They appeared feet away from the cottage.

"Are you sure this is the right? What a poor choice of a location for a princess to dwell," Said Loki.

"The forest is many a choice of recreation of many female royalty Lord Loki," said Pitch Black.

"It's not the forest that bores me Lord Pitch, it's that hovel.  Really? A shack? A princess like her is too good for a insect infested place like this. I can't comprehend them and their weakness," said Loki.

"What I can't comprehend is why Rothbart sent us to retrieve Snow White.  Lord Maliss has a bone to pick with any maiden from any world that's named Snow White."

"That's precisely the reason why Rothbart didn't entrust him with this mission, he knew that his thirst for vegeance would risk Snow White's life, and that would be problematic if he killed the maiden when we need her alive."

"Yes that's a good point, so what should we do about those mortals that think they are well hidden in the trees behind us?" Asked Pitch in a calm as matter of factly voice.

"Oh what else you do to insects that think they have the upper hand hiding? You crush them within their shelter," said Loki firing a blast of energy from his Asgardian Spear.

"Shit!" Xan and Wade said in unison as they jumped out of the way before the blast.

"Ah I see so they must be members of Organization Keyblade, so they are finally aware of us," said Pitch.

"That's them? They look like insects to wait I recognize one of them...the mutate Mercenary from my world. Really they accepted him in their ranks how sad."

"Don't be a fool if this lot took down Maleficent then they shouldn't be underestimated. You take the spandex man, I'll take the green man there. And for insurance," said Pitch as he snapped his fingers, using his dark powers he gained from controlling Heartless, to create a barrier that surrounded the Dwarf's cottage.

"There now we can't be heard inside, and the Princess is now guaranteed to stay at one spot, we can have as much fun as we please Loki."

"I look forward to it," grinned Loki as he charged at Deadpool.

Deadpool drew his katanas and crossed blades with the rogue Asgardian.

Xanatos drew his blaster pistols and started to run while shooting at Pitch.

Pitch formed shields of Nightmare Sand to deflect them.

Nightmare Sand was originally Dream Sand, the source of his anti-thesis the Guardian Sandman's power.  Dream Sand came from Shooting Stars which influence children's dreams as they sleep.

Sandman being a former captain  of a shooting star, mastered the Dream Sand has his power.

Pitch learned how to use his power to infect the Dream Sand which his touch, turning it into Nightmare Sand, which he normally used to form weapons like Sandman, soon however he  could also create Nightmares, equine creatures created from Nightmare Sand that could turn Children's Dreams into Nightmares, empowering Pitch with their fear.

Recently however, Pitch learned to create all sorts of creatures from Nightmare Sand to do his bidding, and upon being recruited by Maleficent, learned how to merge the spirits of Heartless into his Nightmare Sand minions, enhancing their abilities as Nightmare Heartless.

As he blocked Xan's attacks, Pitch threw bursts of sand at Xanantos, which he evaded by dodge rolling.

As he got back up, he saw Pitch, who traveled in the shadows, now in front of him, wielding a large double bladed scythe of Nightmare Sand.

Xan quickly sheathed his guns and was able to back flip to avoid a slash from Pitch, while he was still in the air, he drew his electro-katanas.

He blocked Pitch's powerful blows with them but found himself slightly overpowered by the weapon and struggled to keep his guard up.

Meanwhile Loki swung both sides of his lance with expert precision as Deadpool blocked with his blades and swung back at him.

The battle seemed even until Deadpool suddenly used his teleportation device to disappear and reappear a few feet away from Loki.

Loki glided in the air to catch up to him and dashed downward to impale him with his spear.

Deadpool warped again, but not before leaving a "present" behind for Loki; some grenades.

When Loki reached the ground, he was blown back by the grenades.  He groaned getting up, as Deadpool made a taunting dance at him.

"Nyahahahaha! You can't get me ram head!"

"You impudent child!" He growled as he began to use his power of illusion to create an army of Lokis to surround him, laughing at him.

Wade, as the Lokis charged at him, drew his gun pistols and spin around as he released his gun cartridges yelling "RATATATATATATATATAT!" The illusions of Loki disappeared while the real Loki stopped at his tracks as the bullets deflected off him
.  "A gun? Really?" Said Loki as he charged at him.

"Oh yah then take this!" Said Deadpool as he jumped back throwing shuriken at him with his insignia at the center.

Loki caught them all between his fingers grinning in superiority.

But as Wade fell to the ground from his jump he uttered the word "boom".

The throwing weapons had a bomb implanted on them which exploded at Loki's face when it's timer was up.

While the explosion didn't kill him due to his Asgardian durability, but it did blew him back.

He fell on his back as Deadpool did a breakdance to celabrate his victory.

"Hahaha! Whoo! Dundundundundundundundun, yo God of Mischief can't touch this!  Haha! I'm Deadpool God Ass Kicker! Whooo! Is that all you got dawg?!"

"Yes..." Said Loki as he suddenly disappeared as an illusion and the real Loki was behind him, stabbing his spear through his back and chest.

He lifted Wade over his head laughing, "MWAHAHAHAHA!!! Like a pig on a stake! You mutate and superhuman mortals are nothing more than fake imitations of true Gods.  Oh that's right you are nearly immortal aren't you? Then killing you would be a challenge. So instead of trying to kill you I'll turn you into a Heartless instead..."

Meanwhile Xanatos lost one of his blades as it was smacked out of his hand by Pitch's scythe strike.  He held his remaining blade to keep blocking.

Suddenly Pitch morphed into the ground becoming a shadow.

A multitude of shadows of Pitch rotate around Xanatos as he gloated. "Xanatos isn't it? Or should I call you Xan? Heheheheh, why so high strung? You usually are laid back but cautious.  Now you seem to be out of it.  Are you afraid? Don't deny it.  I always know a person's fear. Your fear is that you'll repeat the failures of the past.  You pretend to be a bigger fool than you really are, to have people notice you rather as a perverted fool rather than the failure you really are.

"You were once a solder, a proud warrior serving in what you see as a worthy leader.  But she died and you had to abandon your post up rather than have  her legacy obscured by those who killed and replaced her.

"You went without a purpose before joining Organization Keyblade, which gave you a new purpose to help save your world and reform your civilization. All good points but it still couldn't wash away your shame.  No matter what you do you'll always be remembered as a failure."

"You don't talking? Listen up, so what I have doubts and fears. You think  I let them bother me? I keep these fears because not that I'm a coward, it is to motivate me to go further.  Those without fear are machines without hearts.  That was my society and people before Miyuki, cogs of. Machine that had served the technology they created.

"So stop trying to break me down with your fear psychology won't work on me"

"Fine then you prefer the direct approach then?," said Pitch as a lance of nightmare sand pierced through his side, as Pitch morphed out of the shadows from behind. Xan groaned as he collapsed on his knee, clutching his wound.

Pitch got up causing the lance to disappear, as he walked in front of Xanatos forming a curved sword of nightmare sand.

"I actually sympathize with you, I was once a solder myself, until I became what I am now. Now I'm a King, the King of Nightmares. With that said, you have wasted enough of my time. Begone." He said as he was about to strike him down.

Suddenly a blast of demonic energy struck Pitch's chest sending him flying to the ground.

Loki who has just summoned Heartless of Norse, Viking, and Asgardian  appearance, to surround him, as he prepared to lower Wade from his spear so they can steal his Heart and turn him Into a Heartless.

But suddenly the Heartless disappeared and Xixon  in her demon form stood behind Loki with her blades drawn.

Zera was also there in her own demon form.

"Oh no it's the Demon Sisters of the Organization. What are you broads doing here?" Asked Wade still being hung up by Loki's spear.

"Revan sent us to make sure you didn't screw up," said Zera as herself.  "Consider us your backup."

"Why couldn't Revan come himself?"asked Xan, clutching his wound.

"My mate has many things to do as leader of the Organization, he can't always be around to clean your messes boys," giggled Xixon.

"Ha like I need your help, was luring the dude to a false sense of security," said Deadpool as He dropped a grenade he took out of his utility belt earlier when Loki was busy relishing his victory.

The grenade blew Loki to the ground and Wade fell on his feet throwing the spear out of his chest.  Loki lunged to get his spear, Wade did a karate  kick that smacked him into the ground with a karate "Wah tah! Deadpool style!"

Loki tried to get up but Wade pressed his blades at the Asgardian's neck.

"Listen you maybe a god, but you suck like a baby.  Me? I'm a human with awesome skills, bottom line is bub, I win you lose the end."

"Don't kill this worm...yet," said Xixon calmly as she walked near Deadpool. "He has Intel we could use, about his Group, what Revan code named the Villain's Council."

"What?! Is that what our enemies call us?! I won't stand for this! You are all beneath me! I am a God and I will not be insulted like-" he said before Xixon punched Deadpool off, grabbed Loki by the throat and smacked him at the ground punching rapidly him so hard and fast the ground broke under the impacts.

Deadpool gulped as the ground underneath Loki became a hole.

Soon Xixon climbed out of the hole, dusting herself off.  "Well for a god you sure are puny," she said as Loki's whines and whimpers were heard from inside the hole.

She turned to see Xan hurt.  She ordered Wade to retrieve him so she can give him first aid.

Meanwhile Pitch was locked in combat with Zera.

Using her demon powers, Zera flew in the air in her demon bat wings firing blasts of demon energy from her blaster pistols.

Pitch was flying as well propelled in the air  by his nightmare sand, evading most of Zera's blasts, blocking the rest with shields of nightmare sand, and retaliating with firing arrows and lances of nightmare Sand at her.

Pitch glanced to see his partner incapacitated by Xixon.  He decided to change tactics to gain the upper hand. He snapped his fingers summoning  Nightmare Heartless, some took shape of their opponents greatest fears.

Deadpool yelped seeing giant Nightmare Heartless in shape of cows coming towards him.

Xixon huffed unamused by the imitations of fears she got past a long time ago.  All that Pitch succeeded was annoy her.  But it was Pitch's intention to keep them occupied, as he focuses more on dealing with Zera.

He drew his scythe, as Zera used her powers to turn her knife into a Demon Scythe.  Scythe clashed against Scythe as they both tried to overpower the other.

Zera was the stronger.  Pitch's power levels vary depending on how much fear is in an environment.  He could feed on a whole world's worth of fear at once.  But Snow White's world, while it's filled with mystery and magic, isn't full of too many fearful people at least not anymore. The Evil Queen is gone and with her the fear that came with her reign.

Pitch had to rely on his current power level and his skills, which haven't been improving since Xan and the others shown no fear to him. If this keeps up he'll be at a severe disadvantage.

He began to notice that Zera's strikes are destroying his scythe, as nightmare sand begins to come off of each strike.

He foresees defeat, he hasn't count to face girls like Zera and Xixon that possess such raw power. He knew retreat is the best option.

After being knocked into the air by a blow, he began morphing into the ground as shadow, laughing in triumph.  But to his shock, Zera reached into the ground and grabbed Pitch's shadow and with her power pulled him out of the ground and threw him into the air.

She uttered the word, "Pull," as if Pitch's hurling body is a launched skeet for target practice.

She fired her demon blasts from her blaster pistols, it struck him sending him flying to the crash roughly on the ground nearby the hole Loki lay.  

Zera and Xixon smirked as they walked towards their fallen foes, Xixon summoning a blade and Zera kept holding onto her pistols.

Suddenly Loki jumped out of the hole, his Asgardian regenerative healing factor had healed the brutal injuries Xixon did on him.

He yelled as swung his spear and slammed it to the ground, causing a giant flash of light to shine from his spear, blinding the girls.

When the flash went down, Pitch and Loki were gone, they left in the corridors of Darkness, with them gone the barrier they formed disappeared too.

"Aw they turned tail and ran," groaned Deadpool. "I got cheated me out of my bounty!"

"I don't think there's prices on their heads Wade," said Xan.

"Then Revan should offer bounties for each bad guy boss we come across!"

Zera rolls her eyes at Deadpool's antics, then saw Xanatos getting up.  He was patched up and treated by Xixi but he was still hurt.

 "Where you going in your condition dumbass?" Asked Zera.

"I'm going to see if the Princess is safe.  That was our mission and I'm gonna follow it through to the end," said Xan as he walked toward the cottage and looked inside the window and saw Snow White dancing With the dwarves, apparently oblivious by the battle that had happened outside, thanks to Pitch's barrier.

"She seems safe, guess our mission is a success."

"Ooohhh a party," said Xixon pressing her face against the window.  "let's party bruh!"

"Nope we aren't invited besides we have to report back to Revan and tell him how mission went," said Zera pulling Xixon away.  "Awww no fun...then I'll play with my Revan when we get home then," said Xixon as she ran forward and formed a Corridor of Darkess portal back home, and hopped inside.

"Well guess I'll wallow in some chimichangas, and go spy on girls in locker rooms then," said Wade as he started walking to the portal on his own.

"Nope," said Zera, grabbing him by the head and started dragging him into the portal.  "You gonna do more tasks to make up for the shitting up this mission."

"Hey I beat the bad guy Zera I beaten a freaking Norse God, common stop you pulling my head off I need where it is at my shoulders. Ouch! Common!"

Xan admits that Wade did better than he did, but he think Zera was mad at him for sneaking into her room without permission, when she was nude no less.

Xan sighed as he got inside the portal before it closed.

Meanwhile at Maleficent's ruined Castle at the Enchanted Dominion, Loki and Pitch reported their failure to Rothbart, the self proclaimed leader of the new Villain's Council.

"...You mean to tell me, that a hired blade and inhuman ex solder caused you to fail to collect the Princess?"

"Um actually it was going well until those two girls came as reinforcements and-" started Pitch before he was forced to use Nightmare Sand to shield himself from a Blast of Forbidden Arts magic energy, the impact sent him falling in his back to the ground.

"Idiots! Thanks to your incompetence, we lost our chance to claim a Princess of Heart! Now that Organization Keyblade succeeded in protecting her, they'll increase surveillance on her and she'll be harder to catch then ever!"

"In our defense, they had seem to know we might be coming," said Loki.  "They somehow foresaw our coming and prepared accordingly.  We were at a disadvantage.  They might either have someone in the inside feeding them information or they have a seer on their team.  You can't really blame us for losing they had the advantage and they were the people that room down Maleficent."

"Hm...a valid point there. Guess you haven't entirely failed.  I doubt we have a traitor so I believe we someone on their side foreseeing the attacks.  I would believe that would be Master Yin Sid, the Sorcerer Keyblade Master whose retired.

"Maleficent told me about him, how he uses astrology to monitor events in other worlds.  It's from his skills he must have found out about us, and have foresaw the danger to Princess Snow White.  If that's true then it's clear where we strike next. Master Yin Sid himself. You may go, await further orders I'll deal with this myself."

"...Where do you think you are going Pitch?" Asked Loki as Pitch stormed the hallways after leaving Rothbart.

"I'm going to another world to get stronger. We lost this because I was too weak, next time I see any member of that group I'll be the one to overpower them.  I'll visit the world of Maleficent's former subordinate Oogie Boogie.  He too was the Boogeyman.  With him gone I might fulfill his role nicely.  His world actually welcomes fear, it'll be so much fun. And perfect considering our enemies would be too busy looking at the Princesses to notice me in this world."

"Well," said Loki to himself as he watched Pitch leave.  "If you are taking a trip to your own to improve yourself I might do one of my own...time to see if another God can aid me in my cause..." Said Loki as he left to go to the would where Lord Hades reside.

Short: Duel between the Mercenaries and Gods
This is my last week before the job interview on Thursday so trying to enjoy myself and relax while I can.

Made a challenge to finish 2-3 stories before Thursday. This is the second after I made that challenge.

Well enjoy, story is partly inspired that by a friend of mine.

Revan Shadow, Organization Keyblade, Xanatos the Von Draco Family by me
Canon Disney themes and characters owned by Disney
Swan Princess Themes and Characters produced by Nest Family entertainment
Happy Ever After themes and characters owned by New Line Cinema
Marvel Themes and Characters owned by Marvel
Guardians of Children's Dreams themes and characters by William Joyce
Invader Zim Themes and Characters by Jhonen Vasquez 
Xixon, Xinhua, Zera by :iconwingless1raven:
Kingdom Hearts themes and characters owned by Square Enix created by Teysuya Nomura
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes, violence/gore and strong language)
Gin Ichimaru, once Soul Reaper Captain of Squad 3, but became a traitor to the Soul Society when he defected with Sosuke Aizen.

He became his right hand man when Aizen ruled Hueco Mundo.

In reality though he only joined with him since he was a child so that he can gain his trust, learn and understand his strengths and weaknesses, and kill him when he was his most vulnerable.

When Gin was young he befriended Rangiku Matsomoto.  He saw Aizen's minions back then took something from her which seemed to be a component to feed or make the Hyogyoku, a sphere of Aizen's and Kisuske Urahara's creations that could manifest the desires of a person's heart.

Aizen did a number of experiments to complete his Hyogyoku, and apparently Rangiku was a sacrifice to make it happen, even if it was a failure.  The Hyogyoku wasn't completed until Aizen stole Kisuke Urahara's and joined the both as one.

Gin joined Aizen and to kill him from
Within to avenge his friend and take back what was taken from her.

Soon Aizen made a brief alliance with Organization Keyblade led by Keyblade Wielder Revan Shadow to join forces to take down a mutual
Enemy of theirs the Dominion.

Gin saw Revan's power and potiental and hoped he would be one who would help defeat Aizen, so he made a secret alliance with Revan to make it happen.

But at the time of Aizen's plans came to fruition, Revan and Organization Keyblade failed to come to aid Gin, and he took matters in his own hands to attempt to kill Aizen who merged with the Hyogyoku, becoming a god-like being.

Gin would have killed him if he hadn't become nearly immortal by joining with that Hyogyoku, thus Gin Ichimaru was cut down for his treachery by Aizen and he died leaving things to another dark horse he had hope for Ichigo Kurosaki.

But Gin's story doesn't end there.  The Von Draco family revived him and a number of individuals from his and other various world's for the purpose to serve them as minions to fight Organization Keyblade.

Gin like the others came back to life with his powers enhanced but was bound to obey the Von Dracos that revived him.

Gin however played an act to obey them so they wouldn't surpress his will and gain their trust enough to go on the mission he wanted most: to confront Revan Shadow and kill him.

Gin was walking in the corridors of the Von Draco main executive building, preparing to leave for the Doom World where Organization Keyblade made their base.

Suddenly a voice called to him, "Gin, hold on," called Kaname Tosen, Gin's familiar, and Aizen's most devout follower.  He died in the battle of the fake Karakura Town, he Like Gin was revived by the Von Dracos.

Unlike Gin, he willingly served the Von Dracos, believing in their sense of instilling order like his and Aizen's. And they promised to free Aizen from captivity when they have a chance to move their operations to the Soul Society, as they currently have a power base in Karakura Town.

"Gin have they finally accepted your requests?"

"Yes Kamame I'm going to see him now and...have my way with him."

" it necessary? Without even a Klinge escort?  You should focus more on preparing to free Lord Aizen."

"You still got a man crush on him Kaname? Gee and here I thought dying would change your perspective.  Don't worry about me, in either way I'll get what I want..."

Gin later appeared at the top of a random building of the Doom World, summoned by the magic of a Von Draco wizard.  He looked around scanning for Revan's spiritual pressure. Soon he sensed a familiar one that resembles the Revan he remembered but noticed it felt different as well.

He jumped from rooftop to rooftop until he neared Revan's location.

Revan was taking a day off from work  at the Organization Keyblade, he brought gifts from the mall for Easter for his members.  Despite not many of them celabrate human holidays he wanted to Be festive and encourages the celebration of not only human holidays but the holidays the nonhuman members practice.

For Easter he hoped to make it a second Christmas and exchange few sweets and minor gifts.

On his way back from the mall however, Revan encountered a Super Predator.  The Predater or Yautja and Super Predator species exist in the world of Irkens, and have been fighting their blood war as the rest of the galaxy fights against the Old Irken Empire.

Super Predators unlike their smaller Classic Predators hunt to better themselves and for the pleasure of killing weaker species.

During the days of the Old Irken Empire, they hire themselves for the Irkens as elite mercenaries or bounty hunters for the pay of hunting and killing worthy prey and for the Irkens to improve their tech.

Now that the Irken Empire is reformed and the Galaxy at peace under the organization of the UNITY save for crime wars with Irken warlords now crime bosses,  The Super Predators resumed their nomadic hunting lifestyle, but recently began attacking Reformed Irken Empire colony world's and other communities of the UNITY, aside from resuming their blood war with the Classic Predators.

They also have began breeding and taming the Xenomorph species, using them as their minions.

Months ago Organization Keyblade, came across one of their breeding operations, at the city Mall, where Slab Rankle, the overzealous mad mall cop allowed the Super Predators to breed Xenomorphs out of the humans he captured for in his view breaking mall law.  Slab however became manipulated by the psychic mind of the captive Xenomorph Queen and turned on his benefactors, making himself a host to an unborn Praetorian Chestburster to gain Xenomorph physical prowess and took the Super Predator gear for himself.  He also breeded a Berserker Alien from the Super Predator he betrayed.

He began fighting for his "hive" unleashing a plan that killed many Super Predators who oppressed "his kind", and was about to set his sights on Earth until Organization Keyblade stopped him.

Their fight left the mall destroyed, after Slab was turned by the Queen and died before the hive blew up with the mall.

After that debacle, the Super Predators were routed by Classic Predator and UNITY forces alike and went underground, fully resuming their nomadic hunting lifestyle.

The numbers of Super Predators are more reduced than ever now.

It seems to Revan that the one he encountered was one of a hunting party of one of the surviving clans. For Super Predators usually hunt in packs of three.

The other two were actually being encountered by Zanna and Huntress, and Xanatos in other areas and are in fights of their own.

It seems the hunting party is part of one of the few remaining Super Predator clans, trying to rebuild from their recent devastating losses, starting by hunting the weak humans of Earth and rebreeding their controlled Xenomorph minions.

They seemed to recognize Revan and some of his members from the recording from the mask Slab Rankle had, which recorded everything he saw without him knowing, and went to avenge their loss by hunting the members of Organization Keyblade.

But it seemed that the Super Predator trio didn't fully realize the capabilities of Revan and his members, as they attacked them as if they were dealing with normal prey.

Revan sensed the cloaked Super Predator coming, who was leader of the Hunting Party and lured him to an alley where he put down his shopping bags and put the drop on the would be hunter.

Currently in their fight, the Super Predator fired a barrage of Plasma blasts, from his Plasma Caster Minigun. 

Revan ran toward him as his Keyblade swatted all the blasts away like flies. When Revan reached him he slashed at him.

The Super Predator jumped  back to avoid the cut. As he landed at the ground be fired one of his single blade wristblades at Revan as a projectile, Revan caught it of them between his fingers, then as the Super Predator began charging his plasma caster Minigun, Revan threw the blade at high speeds.

The blade collided with the charging plasma shoulder gun and exploded.

The Super Predator collasped on one knee groaning.

Revan dashed toward him at super speed while he's stunned and buried his blade through the Super Predator's chest.  As he did he unleashed ice magic, freezing him in both the outside and inside. 

He took his blade out leaving a hole inside.  He jumped away and fired a fireball at his frozen foe.  When it struck the fireball exploded vaporizing the enemy.

As Revan was about to turn to leave when he barely was able to react to an extending super long blade that threatened to impale him.

He blocked the blade with his Keyblade, but skid slightly against the ground until Revan pushed the blade away from him.  He looked up seeing Gin Ichimaru standing on the rooftop, with his Zanpakuto Shinso drawn, utilizing it's Shikai ability to expand  its length to as far as 100 sword lengths.

"Hello Mr. Shadow it's been a while felt it's been lifetimes."

" that you? Ulquiorra told me you were amongst the resurrected. It's good to see you again, even if you are revived to be a pawn of the Von Dracos."

"Oh? You aren't as surprised as I thought you are. So it was Ulquiorra that blabbed, the reports say he was MIA assumed dead when the Von Dracos could no longer feel him being bound to them.  So it must have mean you who freed him, with your Keyblade prowess I assume?"

"Yah, so what brings you here. "

"Oh besides catching up on lost time I do have a question," said Gin as he jumped off the rooftop and landed at the ground.

Suddenly his snake like grin became like an angry frown, and his he opened his normally nearly closed eyes and revealed his blue eyes in an angry scowl.  "Why weren't you help me when I needed you? Why did you go back on your promise!" He said in a serious voice as his body surged in a purplish aura as he unleashed the strength of his spirit energy.

"I was able to come here, because I was entrusted with the mission to kill you.  But..." He said as his expression relaxed slightly back to his former self.  "I want to first hear from your own mouth why you weren't involved in the Battle of Karakura Town, only sending your resources to survey the battle, and didn't come to assist me to defeat Captain Aizen."

"Ok you deserve to know that much, after all you been through.  When you and I made our alliance I was a different person, a self righteous hero who arrogantly thinks that his power could change things.

"But I became a Master and things changed, soon I became aware of what I was becoming.  I was becoming like Aizen, who took on many powers that wasn't on his own, becoming self centered and manipulative and relied on myself and not my comrades.  And saw myself capable of interfering with everything without consequence.

"I took a change and got rid of those artificial powers that wasn't mine, and gained an even greater power and later another.

"So because of my new viewpoint I saw there was no need for me to interfere with Karakura Town following the rules the Keyblade Wielders abide by. Aizen had no outside help, had he had help from entities like the Dominion then I have the right to help.  But because he had no outside help, I as a Keyblade Wielder had no right to interfere in a world that doesn't need me.

"In truth the 13 Court Guard Squads is sufficient in dealing with the Espada, and Ichigo and you were sufficient in dealing with Aizen. You didn't need me, but I did sent my surveillance in the  form of Unversed, Heartless, Nobodies and spy bots in the my team's control to keep an eye on things for in case of the job was too much to handle and learn anything useful like the Arrancars and Soul Reapers skills they utilized in battle.

"Like I know the secret of your Bankai from watching you fight Ichigo and Aizen.

"When the captains defeated the Espada it confirms my group's help wasn't needed to beat them.  Of course things became one sided when Aizen drew his blade  and took down the captains one by one.

"But then Ichigo arrived and shown that despite him not being a match for him yet he's shown he can keep up with him and had the potential to be even stronger, as it was his despair and doubt that held his true power back, which you and Ichigo's father eventually gave him the push to get past that.

"When you made your move...well remember I didn't see the surveillance until after it happened as I was world's apart dealing with issues of my own.  But when you did I wanted to help...but I saw I wouldn't be able to change anything.  You were stronger than me then and I wouldn't have changed anything if I became involved, as Aizen shown how much stronger he was with the Hyogyoku.

"In the end I saw myself useless to help, though I wanted to save you if I could, but you were dead by the time I found out what happened.
"But I did wronged you  by going back in my promise without meeting with you first and for that I'm sorry.  I can't change the past but I can make it up for my actions now."

"Heh, I was just kidding when I said I have a grievance with you kid.  Geez you don't have to be so dramatic about it.  I just wanted to hear from your own mouth to test how much you changed, and it seems you passed.  You were going on the same road Sosuke was, but now the current you isn't so bad.  Your eyes are like Ichigo's when he merged with his Zanpakuto, full of power but not of arrogance.  You still see yourself as a fallable human being, and that's ok with me.

"But I still have to kill you. See it's not that I wanna kill you.  I hafta kill you, I'm a slave to the Von Dracos now bound to their will.. If I don't act soon they'll play puppet master and will control me to kill you anyway.  Your only choice is to kill me."

"That's bull. Ulquiorra told me what it's like being a revived slave of a Von Draco in his report.  He said that the Von Dracos preferred to have their servants act by their own free well seeing better results in those that have a head in their shoulders rather than a mindless minion.  But should they break the parameters of their orders a Von Draco could discipline them, by causing them pain until they obey.

"In extreme cases, such as the subject is performing acts of treachery, they would try to control their body or if the subject shows to be more of a liability than asset would undo the resurrection spell and kill them off instantly.

"But Ulquiorra came at me knowing I would free him, and I did.  The Von Dracos no longer have the power to discipline, control, or kill him because he's no longer bound to them.  He didn't Provoke their wrath by fighting me seriously until I freed him.

"What's bull though is that you think you deserve death.  For what? Failing to kill Aizen? For your sins against the Soul Society and your former comrades? Tough.  You don't deserve death. You deserve life.  Death is the ultimate release from all suffering and pain.  It is supposed to be for those who lived a full life and nature catches up with them.

"You don't deserve that Peace.  You deserve to live and atone your sins with new deeds.  So here's what's gonna happen: I'm gonna defeat you and free you from the Von Draco's control.  You gonna join Organization Keyblade as you live your life undoing your sins fighting with us.  Then maybe just maybe after many deeds fighting with us you would deserve the release of death in battle."

Gin's blue eyes are opened as he looked at Revan in a puzzled look.

"Gin...there's another thing you should know," continued Revan.  "You haven't failed when you fought Aizen, you actually helped Ichigo win.

"For one thing you prevented him from killing Ichigo's friends, if he had, Ichigo Would have fought him in rage and hate which would have made Aizen took an advantage over him.

"Secondly, you using Kamishini no Yari's special ability on Aizen caused him to evolve into his next form.

"That set the stage for his defeat as Ichigo forced him to evolve further.  Both you and Ichigo together  made Aizen go past his and the Hyogyoku's limits and ultimately caused Aizen to doubt his power and subconsciously desired to lose his power which made it possible  for him to be sealed.

"So you see you haven't failed, you saved your world as much as Ichigo did, so quit with the shy guy act and come to our side already."

Gin gave a slight gasp before looking down in thought, his sliver hair covering his eyes.

"You know what? You really are just plain creepy.  But I'm starting to grow fond of boys like you.  Fine, free me if you can but Im not gonna hold back I am stronger than before you know. Bankai..."  Said Gin as he moved his blade to a stance as his aura charged around him,

"...Kamishini no Yari..." He said as he briefly opened his normally nearly closed blue eyes; he pointed his blade forward and his blade moved at unimaginable speeds as it grew towards him to stab him.

Revan was able to react in time and teleported out of the way, the blade impaling the ground he stood in a moment ago.

He appeared at the roof across from Gin.

"As I said I know the secret of your Bankai, how it expands to as far as 13 kilometers, and can expand and contract at 500 times the speed of sound.  And it's special ability is that while it expands or contracts it turns to dust for an instant.  When you stab people you can leave behind a piece of your blade inside of them.  The blade itself contains a poison that dissolves cells, when activated it could be fatal depending where you stabbed your blade.  Had Aizen haven't been nearly immortal by the Hyogyoku, he would have been dead with a hole where his heart used to be.  I myself was able to evade because I started to teleport the moment you pointed your blade at me."

"Wow really have done your homework you peeping Tom.  Looks like I have no choice but to defeat you old school."

"Hold it Gin, before we continue let me prepare.  In the past I've been prideful to not reveal my forms unless backed to a corner wanting to defeat my enemies in my base form to prove how strong I am.

"But those forms are part of my true power, you showed me the courtesy in revealing your Bankai, your true power.  Let me  repay you that respect by showing you my equivalent to Bankai, the power I gained by giving up my former artificial powers, including here's...Union Mode!" Shouted Revan as white and Black energy surrounded his body. When the energy dissipated it revealed himself in a Black Coat, colored black and white with cross designs.

Union Mode, is the combination of his previous forms, Dark and Light Mode, when his true Dark and Light Powers are augmented.

"Wow, quite a colorful outfit," said Gin.

"Thanks now here we go Gin!" Said Revan as prepared to jump off the off to face him.

Gin, put his blade at a stance on his chest and said, "Kamishini no Yari, Buto." His blade suddenly expanded at fast speeds.  Revan in his current form was able to duck to evade it but his shoulder got grazed.

He looked up to see the blade already contracted back into place, As it was before the attack.

"Kamishini no Yari, Butorenjin." Said Gin, as the blade expanded and contracted so fast it was as if multiple blade grew from the sword heading towards Revan to cut him up at sound breaking speeds.

Revan evaded using his Light Mode ability to teleport in a flash of light and reappeared over Gin's side.

He charged dark and light Energy around his blade, enhancing it, he brought it down to strike Gin.  Gin, whose blade has already contracted again, was able to raise his blade to block the blow. Revan's strike gave a great impact, but Gin blocked it and was able to remaining crossing blades with him. Sparks flew as the two blades moved against eachother.

Gin suddenly jumped back and fell from the roof.

Revan looked down and saw him pointing his blade at him.
Revan by instinct formed a barrier around his face.  It saved his life.

The barrier held as he was thrown off his feet from the impact and fell on the roof.

He realized that despite his current form Gin is still stronger and faster than him and has an advantage, he could still keep up though. 

He stood up seeing Gin stand in the air in front of him.

"You really have gotten better, not bad at all but come on is that all you got?" Said Gin as he dashed toward him.

Revan began backing into the air as Gin delivered a flurry of sword strikes against Revan.

Even in the air off the roof Revan flew and blocked trying to prevent Gin's blade from pointing at him.  Knowing that the moment the blade pointed at him, it would  expand and stab him.

Suddenly Gin stopped attacking and made a Stance as if he would make his blade stab at him.

Revan got on his guard but realized it was a feint as Gin did nothing. "My arent you a jumpy over nothing." Gin joked.

To Gin's surprise Revan chuckled at the retort.  "Yah you are right, I should  relax, and I'll do that by taking it to
The next level.  Here's my other power, my equivalent to an Arrancar Resurrección!" He said as his dark brown eyes turned yellow.

Miles away in another alley across town, Zanna the Predator stood over the corpse of her Super Predator opponent, the Beast Handler of the team, around him were corpses of predator hounds that died before he did.

Assisting her was her "daughter", the genetically enhanced Predalien Huntress.

Zanna being an exiled Predator no longer minded the existence of Predaliens, which usually were seen as an abomination to her kind.

Organization Keyblade had successfully breeded and tamed a race Super Xenomorphs, partly made from Revan's pet Xenomorph Xena's DNA.  Zanna wanting to leave behind a legacy, willingly impreginated herself with a Facehugger, and had her "offspring" surgically removed and received further genetic enhancement.

Zanna successfully was accepted by her offspring, which was an "eternal" Juvenile Queen in Xenomorph caste.

Huntress, like her "distant sister" Xena, was  intelligent and aware of herself.  She like Xena can communicate with others Telepathically.

She possess immense strength and has the ability to shapeshift to an Anthro form, and fire energy blasts and form barriers and form corridors of darkness portals.

She inherited her mother's sense of honor  as a hunter and warrior but also her lust for Revan their mutual clan chief and declared herself Revan's new pet.

"You should have let me kissed him mother," said the mental voice of Huntress referring to the fallen Super Predator, also referring her "kiss" as her facehugging method of reproduction, it's also how she greets Revan though nonlethally and without releasing eggs.

"It would have been interesting to make offspring out of him."

"Daughter don't be arrogant you know what happens to your kind when they come from this clan of bad bloods.  Death is enough for him. Now go clean up their corpses," she said taking out a vial of blue liquid which is used by predators to disintegrate corpses to eliminate evidence when hunting.

"There are usually three of them a party, should we hunt the other two mother?" Asked Huntress.

"My Bio-Mask picked them up a while ago and recently both life signatures were ceased, one of them was near Chief Revan's, so it means that the entire party is wiped out by the, which leaves their scout ship for the taking. My bio-mask picked up the location of their ship and salvage their weapons and equipment for ourselves, And perhaps even get the location of their Clan's Mother Ship."

"Why not take our foe's mask and scan it for Intel with your equipment?"

"Well that is ideal, but the enemy's clan might be watching.  I'll take the mask with us but first we must take care of the ship and ensure that their communications be severed with the loss of their ship."

"Ok then let's-"

A rush of wind from a sonic boom  rushed at their faces.  They looked up at the sky and saw two auras flying high in the sky and clashing agsinst one another.  One was purple, representing Gin, and the other was colored a mixture of blue, white, and black.

The blue represents Revan's Kurokage Wolf Spirit Energy. The White and black his Union Mode power.  

"It's him..." Said Zanna.

"Revan~" purred Huntress as she fingered herself.

Zanna looked at Huntress' apparent lust and blushed under her mask, and found herself wanting to finger herself  as well, feeling herself getting wet under her loincloth.

"Mmm...It's been a while since we had him mother...maybe tonight we should hunt him and have some fun with him.  If you too scared then wouldn't mind having him for myself," Huntress purred her mouth salivating and her tail wagging.

"'s not the time for some slutty thoughts, we have a job do do."

"Heh I'm a multitasker mom I took from you."

Zanna shook her head.  "You aren't worried about him? You can sense who's he up against and how strong his opponent is."

"Yah I can sense the dude all right he's strong, way stronger than Revan In his base form. but Revan as he is now? Well that's another matter this fight will be over shortly."

In the sky Revan was fighting in wolf mode.  He was now a hulking grey werewolf, wielding his Keyblade in one hand, now grown slightly bigger to fit in his larger hand.

His Black Coat is gone in this form, as he's furry nude.  Despite that he's still in Union Mode.  In fact his Wolf Power is now combined with Union Mode's power.  With both forms he's all but now at his true full power.

He's now strong enough to hit Gin's thrusts away from him.

He swatted Gin'd blade so hard, Gin started falling back slightly.  As he performed an areial recovery, he saw Revan was gone

He reappeared slamming him to the roof of a bulging before stabbing his Keyblade at his chest unlocking his heart and freeing him from the spell.

He held the unconscious Gin over his shoulder.  "Sorry if I was rough, but I couldn't underestimate you, you have become stronger,  if I didn't have this form I might have lost, guess I do owe Mira something."  

Later Zanna and Huntress captured the Super Prrdator Scout Ship and with Zanna's custom advanced gear was able to gain Intel from the ship computers including the location of the clan Mother Ship of the Super Predators which was actually hidden in the Solar System's asteroid belt to avoid detection from UNITY or Classic Predator forces.

With Revan's approval, Zanna and Huntress, along with Rena, Larfliana, and other members, as well as a horde of Xena and Huntress' siblings of Organization Keyblade's Xenomorph Hive, attacked the clan vessel, arriving via Portals and Corridors of Darkness and wiped out the Super Predator clan and ultimately destroying the ship.

Afterward, Gin, who recovered from the fight was inaugurated in Organization Keyblade.

He entered the meeting room
Where all were sitting at the table to wait for him.

He gave his trademark grin and said with a wave.  "Yo I'm Gin Ichimaru, pleased to meet ya, I'm looking forward to working with all of ya..."

Meanwhile Kaname Tosen was brought to the Von Draco head of hid homeworld, Ryoko Von Draco.  While the rest of the family had European or German features in their visage, Ryoko seemed to be of Japanese descent, with his scars all around his face and five o'clock shadow, and samurai styled ponytail, he resembled that of a Yakuza boss.

Before him was Kaname Tosen who received word Gin was MIA and assumed dead once they no longer sensed Gin being bound to them.

"We share your loss Kaname," said Ryoko.  "You and he together were valuable assets to the Family, with him gone we must depend on you more than ever."

"I never completely understood him....he was an enigma to me.  But I can't deny his usefulness. with him gone I'll serve you with as much effort as both of us were together."

"That's the spirit Kaname, and for that let me welcome the newest addition to the team," he said as the doors behind Tosen opened to reveal a man entering the room.

The man is Jin Kariya, a Bount.

Bounts are humans born with enhanced souls.  An accident at the Soul Society created Bount Souls and a number of humans were born to be Bounts.

Bounts live forever by devouring the souls of others, which was how they were perceived as vampires to human society.

Bounts also posses a partner, a creature or a living inanimate object called a Doll, which serves as the Bount's partner and fights for them.

The soul Society seeing the danger of Bounts hunted them down to near extinction. Kariya was a survivor of the purge with s grudge against the Soul Society he gathered a group of followers to invade the Soul Society and gained an ancient power to try and destroy the Soul Society with him with it.

Ichigo Kurosaki defeated him.  Now he's back and willing to serve the Von Dracos if they gave him power and help him destroy the Soul Reapers.

They might have lost Gin, but gained a new asset in Kariya.


Short: Return of the Silver Snake
Was trying to finish it for Easter.

Better late than never, well enjoy.

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The Villain's Council, a group of Villains formed by the powerful dark fairy Maleficent.

She longer lived as a resident of the Enchanted Dominion, a medieval world of magic and kingdoms.  Her past is a mystery but she was feared as a powerful and cruel enchantress who uses her spells in petty diversions to amuse herself at the expense of the innocent.

She like the other denizens of her world were unaware that countless alternate worlds that exist beyond hers, until Master Xehanort, looking for pawns in his ultimate goal to unlock the true Kingdom Hearts to balance the world of light and darkness in darkness' favor, came to her.

He told her of other worlds and of Kingdom Hearts, a repository of all the Hearts that had existed, currently exist, and will exist, and said to possess all the power and knowledge of all those hearts. 

His temptations seduced the witch to follow through with his plan, and started to gather the Seven Princesses of Heart, Seven maidens whose hearts of Pure Light, whose combined power would summoned the door to Kingdom Hearts.

But to accomplish that she needed help, especially after Master Xehanort disappeared.

After cheating death, after failing to capture her world's resident Princess of Pure Heart, Princess Aurora; Maleficent went to other worlds recruiting like minded individuals to her cause and granting them power over the Heartless.  That group became the Villian's Council, which were made up of Hades Greek Lord of the Underworld, Urusla the Sea Witch, Oogie Boogie the boogeyman, Captain James Hook the pirate, and Jafar the Royal Vizier of Agrabah.

An unofficial yet first member of the group was Pete, who was banished by Princess Minnie for his mischievous deeds in a magical dimension.  Maleficent freed him, and in gratitude he spent the last decade raising a Heartless Army for Maleficent.

Besides having a rivalry with the Dominion, another group led by Archimedes Val who was also influenced by Xehanort.  The group remained united under their mutual goal to obtain the power to rule their own world, and in time gathered the Princess of Heart.

Now the group has fallen thanks to the efforts of the Keyblade Wielder Sora, his friends and his allies of Organization Keyblade, all but Hook, Hades, and Ursula remained alive, though Ursula was dead but was revived by Hades, and each went their own ways after their defeat.

Maleficent herself has fallen in battle as well, while Pete, currently unaware of her Demise, faithfully continued his duty of creating Heartless.

But Maleficent isn't gone permanently, she cheated death before and can again, with the help of her pet raven Diabolo whose still alive.  But that's a story for the future.

The members of the Villian's Council and Pete weren't Maleficent's only followers, for she met various individuals in the ten years of her building up her group.

While they weren't involved with her main group and plans she gathered them in secret in case anything went wrong with her plans or if her official allies proven ineffective or untrue.

Now after nearly a year after her defeat the members of her second Villian's Council gathered for the first time.

They gathered at The ruins of Maleficent's former castle in the Enchanted Dominion, summoned by a message spell sent by Maleficent herself at the moments before her demise.

The spell was designed to be sent to them approximately 6 months after her demise when her foes guard was down, it took them longer to get to this meaning because part of Maleficent's post modem instructions was to gather some more Heartless first before coming.

The group members that answered the summons  are thus: Rothbart, Lord Maliss, Pitch Black, Morgana, Queen Chrysalis, Mozenrath, and Loki.

Rothbart was an enchanter, who has power over the Forbidden Arts, which gives the user the power to create, change, and destroy.  He like Maleficent had his sights to ruin the lives of a Prince and Princess and died because of it.

Maleficent met him just as he revived his lost power in the past, and used her own power to revive him after his defeat.  She entrusted him to lead the new Villian's Council in her absense as she saw him as her worthy replacement.

 Lord Maliss came from a world not unlike the world the Princess of Heart Snow White came from.  There was a Snow White in his world too, who was responsible for killing his sister, this world's version of the Evil Queen.  He himself was a powerful Sorcerer but was defeated by Snow White and her group of feminine mystical friends.  He was turned into stone until Maleficent revived him, seeing him as Jafar's replacement and her own as he can turn into a dragon like her.

Pitch Black, the Nightmare King, was Kozmotis Pitchiner, a cosmic general and hero who had sealed all the evil of the world until his fear of his lost family allowed that evil to consume him and forever corrupt him to become Pitch Black the Boogeyman.  He was kept in check by the mystical Guardians of Children's Dreams, until recruited by Maleficent to be Oogie Boogie's replacement.  Unlike the others besides world domination Pitch wanted a family again and to be feared yet respected.

Morgana the Sea Witch, was the outcast sister of Urasula, her magic was weaker than hers but her jealous ambition to surpass her burned brightly.  When Maleficent recruited Ursula, she recruited Morgana too, using her magic to strengthen Morgana's and promised her the destiny to surpass her sister.  She joined to be Ursula's replacement.

Queen Chrysalis is the Queen of the Changlings, a race of insect-equine like beings that parasitically feed on positive emotions such as love, and can shapeshift their appearance.  She tried to take advantage of a Royal Wedding to conquer Equestria for her subjects but failed, and was Recruited by Malefjcent to join her group. She herself is unique and isn't designed to replace anyone in the old Villian's Council as there was none like her. 

Mozenrath was a sorcerer from Agrahbah who ruled over the Land of the Black Sands. Where was apprenticed to its former ruler Destane, a dreaded Sorcerer even Jafar feared. When Mozenrath felt his master had nothing else to teach him, he killed him, turned him into one of his undead minions the Mamluks, and took his throne.

Mozenrath's power is at least compatible to that of a Genie, partly because he wields a magic gauntlet that boosts his power in exchange of rotting his forearm to the bone, and was powerless without it.  He had plans to conquer the Seven Deserts before Maleficent recruited him to be the main replacement of Jafar before Lord Maliss joined.

Loki the Asgardian God of Trickery from Deadpool's world was recruited by Malefivent to be the God that replaces Hades.

They converged one by one in Maleficent's throne room via Corridors of Darkness or other firms of magic transportation.

"So we all here?" Asked Rothbart as he scanned the room to view his new companions. They formed a magic platform of energy  which floated in the air as their meeting commenced.

"I take it you all got Maleficent's invitation."

"So that witch is gone eh? Serves the old bat right for allowing kiddies to get the better of her," chuckled Mozenrath.

"I agree with the boy necromancer," said Loki.  "That woman was so sure of herself and yet allowed flies to bite her to death."

"For what I heard," said Pitch Black.  "They weren't hardly flies, they had keys am I right? Chosen ones of the Keyblade, now that's a foe not to be taken lightly."

"Precisely, a child neophyte and a master was amongst her destroyers, and there are more of them, within a group called Organization Keyblade," said Rothbart.  "From what I understand that not all of them are Keyblade wielders but are still a handful of them, and those who aren't Wielder's possess other formidable abilities that aren't to be taken lightly.  Maleficent gathered us here so we won't repeat her mistake of underestimating her foes.   Don't forget each of us were defeated by flies, we should learn from our past mistakes and hers so we won't repeat history," said Rothbart.

"And what do you suggest Rothbart?" Asked Lord Maliss impatiently.

"I see an opportunity here, our main obstacle Organization Keyblade led by Keyblade Master Revan Shadow is divided by infighting and is in conflict with various groups including the  Von Draco sorcerer family and Organization XIII.  We have the element of surprise.  I say we continue to gather strength, and while our foes are distracted start gathering the Princess of Heart, to summon the door to Kingdom Hearts." Said Rothbart as he used his power to create an illusion of the Kingdom Hearts moon.

"Only then all our goals is a reality."

"All I want is the power to Rule the Seven Seas," said Morgana.  "All this ruling all the world's stuff is a little much."

"And I'm content in ruling Asgard," said Loki.  "I've seen mortals like you who think they can have it all, the truth is you can't. Thinking you could would be no less than casting an illusion on yourself."

"All this bores me," said Mozenrath with a yawn.  "I only signed on this club because Maleficent promised me the power to rule the Seven Deserts.  I only attended this get together to confirm if the old bat is truly gone.  Now that she is I think I'm better off going home."

"Enough!" Roared Rothbart his palms bursting with magical energy. "You think you are better off on your own? Go!  But I assure you, even if you succeed creating the kingdoms you desire, you'll be spending your life trying to keep it.  They'll always be do-gooders, and so called heroes to try to overthrow you. And sometimes They succeed too no matter how much power you have.  The only way to win, is to legitimize your rule.  So unless you have a princess or Prince who's willing to marry you then you are out of luck."

Chrysalis scoffs as she herself tried that and nearly succeeded before having her plans foiled by the Mane 6.

"What Maleficent offered us isn't just to rule all the worlds, it's to permanently legitimize our rule.  With Kingdom Hearts we would be true gods, we can rewrite the world's any way we choose, make our enemies our devoted servants or never made them exist at all, make our world any way we desire, do anything we want.

"Don't you all see? Succeed and we won't ever have to worry about any hero to save the day, in our new world we be heroes, the ones that mothers say to their children how we all live happily ever after at night.  Now if you want to go. Go! We can always replace you with someone more ambitious than you, only then you will liable to become one of our slaves in the new world if your foes haven't destroyed you all by then!"

A silence filled the room for a moment before Lord Maliss responded, "I suppose I have nothing to lose in this endeavor therefore until I see no further usefulness in my cooperation I concede.  If it brings me closer to my goals of domination and revenge by a minuscule percent then it's worth it I guess."

"Well I guess I owe Maleficent one by making my magic stronger, so what the heck it's not as if I have plans this weekend," said Morgana.

"Fine I guess it would be amusing to stick around with you losers for a while longer," yawned Mozenrath.

"I'll do whatever it takes to get my revenge on those ponies," growled Queen Chrysalis.  "Im in!"

"Hm I suppose it's logical to stay with you mortals and partake in this alliance.  It might be beneficial after all," said Loki.

"I was in this from the start," said Pitch Black.  "It if nothing else would bring forth fear and chaos to many."

"Excellent," beamed Rothbart.  "Then it's settled, our alliance is complete."

After further discussion, the group left to begin their first assignments.

Lord Maliss was walking in the hallways of the castle preparing to leave once he gets outside.  "Lord Maliss!" Shouted Rothbart behind him.  "A moment more of your time?"

"What is it Rothbart?"

"I have come to you because I think you are a man after my own heart and thus I trust you the most.  I'm naming you my second in command of this alliance, rather have give you the appointment informally away from everyone else that might show jealousy over your appointment."

"And what makes you think you can take Maleficent's place?"

"Because she herself told me in her message and gave me information as a token of good faith of her trust over me. Information that would make our job easier."

"Easier you say?" Asked Maliss raising an eyebrow.

"Yes, you see Maleficent gave me a list, a list of all the Princesses of Heart she captured.  She gave me their names and what world they come from.  She had captured them all before her plans foiled, and entrusted the names to us so we won't have to spent years searching for them as she did."

"Then why not give us the list at the meeting?" Asked Maliss.

"Because for one thing I don't trust all of them yet, secondly they would act eagerly and kidnap the Princesses right away.  Organization Keyblade and other heroes are keeping an eye on them, if many of them are missing at once they would be alerted.  We aren't ready to fight them yet, we had just gotten together.  Instead we go after them one or few at a time when we know their gaze is away from the Princesses once they focus on their other wars.

"For now let them search other worlds, they might find other assets that could be useful to us.  But I do know of one Princess that wouldn't be missed right away. Maleficent's Princess Aurora. She is on this world and isn't being watched by those who would be in our way. Her guardians the fairies currently work with a powerful sorcerer, and isn't around to protect her.  Only a Prince armed with magic weapons and s castle of men stands in our way.  The timing is perfect don't you agree?"

" does," grinned Maliss evilly looking forward to ruin the day of a Princess. 

"Good," said Rothbart as he and Maliss walked out of the ruined castle.  "We'll hold her and keep her a secret to our allies for a considerable time, then reveal her capture as recent as if we found her by luck.  Let the bad boys roll tonight!" 

When they left two shadows formed at the ground and surfaced from it revealing to be Pitch Black, and Loki. Pitch hid in the shadows to ease drop  on Rothbart and Maliss' conversation, and Loki his illusions to hide himself for the same purpose.

"My my don't we have a pair of bad boys here," chuckled Pitch Black.  "Here they talk about loyalty and trust and leaps of faith and yet they hide things from us."

"Indeed," smirked Loki.  "Hm? You seemed to not have been effected by my illusion you seemed to have known I was there."

"Well I know a thing or two about tricks,  and like you I'm not Mortal, at least I haven't been for millennia.  I'm not surprised that you sensed me in the shadows neither, you are a god after all."

"You jest me sir but I acceot your compliment you seem to be the only one I can trust here anyway. So what suggest we do about it?"

"Let the mortal sorcerers who dream to be gods play their games of kingdoms and conquests, it'll be interesting to watch from side lines and watch the chaos they would inflict one another.  Meanwhile let you and I be the true power behind the group, pull the strings from the shadows with them as our marionettes. They have their uses to us, let them go thinking they have been doing this by their own will. And once they step over the line we keep them in check by whispering the others the truth they kept from them and let them fight eachother while you and I take the reins and lead this enterprise the way we want it."

"You read my mind, Pitch Black isn't it?  Come my companion let's ascend to our true place among the gods on the  top, and relish the chaos the mortals bring upon on themselves ." They chuckled as they disappeared back in the shadows.

Rothbart and Maliss started their Attack by summoning groups of Heartless to appear throughout the castle of Aurora and Phillip and Attack their guards, spreading their defenses thin throughout the Castle, leaving Aurora and Phillip defenseless  to be confronted by Maliss and Rothbart themselves.  They were in their room, recently married by a few months after Aurora returned after their world was restored upon Maleficent's defeat.

Phillip upon seeing the intruders picked up the magic sword and shield the Fairies Gave him to fight Maleficent long ago now.  He stood between them and his wife to defend her.

"My my what a boy thinking that weapons impued with magic that doesn't belong to him would harm us," chuckled Maliss.

"If Maleifcent was harmed by them, then her mistake was to fight the Prince directly before disarming the weapons that would harm her," said Rothbart, recalling his fight with Prince Derek before Rothbart died.  Rothbart destroyed his sword and would have killed him, if his ally Brom haven't provide him with an arrow to kill Rothbart.

He admitted now his mistake was that he played with his prey for too long and underestimated their resources and luck, but not this time. He fired a blast of Forbidden Arts magic at Phillip's Sword and Shield, using the Forbidden Art's power to change to change the magic weapons into a harmless powerless stick and a silver platter.

"Haha! I like your style Rothbart!" Cackled Maliss as he fired a blast of magic from his eyes blasting the stick to ash, and heating the metal platter  to burn Phillip's arm causing him to drop the platter.  With his prey unarmed, Maliss fired another blast of magic from his eyes turning Phillip into stone, with him holding a stone version of  sword and shield in a heroic pose 

"Haha! It is a suiting fate for a handsome prince! Now his beauty shall last for posterity."

"Haha! Excellent masterpiece Lord Maliss, now it is time to acquire our princess but remember we need her alive."

"Yes I know that Rothbart," said Maliss as he fired magic bolts from his eyes again.

Suddenly a burst of light emitted around Aurora's body forming a Shield of light energy, her face was not filled with fear or despair but resolve and determination.

The shield of light energy deflected Maliss' blast and unleashed a shockwave of light energy that repelled the sorcerer to the ground.

"What marvelous power, she must have realized her true ability when she banded with her fellow Princesses after being freed from Maleficent.  This could be more challenging than expected," said Rothbart.

"My power can't touch her," said Maliss getting up.  "Her power is too great."

"No, she may have power but she's nothing more than a mewing kitten backed to a corner who's lashing out with her claws.  She hasn't the experience and skill to use it.  Let's coordinate our Attacks then leave the rest to me," said Rothbart as both he and Maliss fired their magic Attacks at Aurora, her light held back the blasts but the duo enchanters held their ground and kept at their coordinated attack.

Soon Aurora started to strain under the pressure and her power started to weaken and wane, proof that Rothbart is right, that Aurora only accessed her power to begin with via instinct, but had no real experience or control over it.

Rothbart realized his plan is working, while he kept at the Attack firing his magic blast in one hand, with the other hand he placed it at the ground and unleashed his Forbidden Art power to change and turned the ground where Aurora stood over into a field of flowers.  The flowers unleashed a sleeping gas that knocked the Princess unconscious.

"Well done Rothbart, looks like our task is complete eh? Hahahaha!" Chuckles Maliss in triumph.

"So what should we do to the residents of the Castle?" Asked Maliss.  "Turn them all into Heartless?"

"No an entire kingdom mysteriously going missing would give us unwanted attention.  Instead I'll cast a curse that would cause all residents to fall asleep, only to be awaken if the Princess returns to the Castle."

"Why cast a limit to
Your own curse?"

"Because Lord Maliss even my power has limits, this is the first time  I attempted such an enchantment at this scale.  If I know I could do that then my problems could have been solved easier a long time ago.  Casting limits on the curse would make it less costly.  For one thing my magic only effected the a Prince boy's weapons of because my Forbidden Arts Magic is not of this world, and the fairies that powered the weapons are far away.

  "For added measure I'll also cast an illusion on the Kingdom to make it appear business is usual in the Kingdom, so suspicion would decrease, at least until someone with the power to see through my illusion comes along.  Nevertheless it'll buy us time. Now..." Said Rothbart as he caused the sleep inducing flowers to disappear and turned to the Sleeping Beauty, asleep once again.  "...1 down, 6 to go..."

At this moment world's away, Melody the Hedgehog woke up screaming.  She panted seeing the child she's taking care of Angela still asleep in her crib.

Tears formed at her eyes as she whimpered, "something's...happened to Aurora...and they're coming for the others!"


Short: the New Villian's Council
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Revan Shadow, Organization Keyblade, The Dominion, Archimedes Val, the Von Draco Family by me
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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes, violence/gore and strong language)
Zera, Irken Albino half sister of Xixon.

She's a mercenary, as well as a researcher on the Scarb species.

She's capable in hand to hand combat and handling various weaponry, and medicine.  She even sometimes tinkers to improve her gear.

Despite not having powers she's strong, and is feared as one of the coldest females around, expect to those who's close to her.

Recently she and Xixon became members of Organization Keyblade when they are fighting the Von Draco family.

She lives with Xixon and Revan, at Revan's Irken made home.

Revan Shadow returned from gathering information on a new world he's been meaning to go to when he saw that Zera was In the training room with Xanatos, whom she gotten close to besides Revan.

He saw Xixon in the base lab where she tinkers from time to time on random experiments.  He snuck behind her and out his hands in front of her eyes saying, "Peek a boo...I see you!"

Xixon giggled and glomped Revan kissing him hard. He leaned into her kiss making out with her moaning.

After a while they separated panting.  "How are you doing hun?" Asked Revan.  "Im great! Thank you, but I have a favor to ask you."

"Of course baby anything."

"I need your help to make Zera stronger."

"Oh? Why is that?"

"Because I want to protect her...she maybe a strong willed woman with a fit body and a skilled and sharp mind, but in the end she's still fragile and weak as a mortal.  With all the Enemies we been making, she's liable to be a target.  I was a target of the Von Dracos, what happens if they decide to target her to get to me? I can't lose her...if I do..."

"Hey no problem, I can unlock her heart using my Keyblade and-"

"Thank you Revan but I wanna do it my way."

"Oh really? What way is that?"

"I want to make her a demon like me."

Revan got a little worried hearing that, he himself once shared a body with a Symbiote and a Hollow when he had given himself extra powers to be stronger, but later gave them up when he realized they weren't him and as result unlocked Union Mode for showing his strength of heart being true to his real self.

However he knew how difficult it was to handle such creatures, and while he knew what Xixon and her demon other are doing, he can't help but feel worried for Zera.

"Are you sure? That's a risky path to take," said Revan in reply.

"Zera and I can from the same father, only I was truly a demon when he bonded my demon to me when I was born.  Zera may not be demon or have a demon, but our father's blood flows in her veins.  She is built to take it. Trust me, binding her with a demon would make her more stronger than by any other means.  She might even become stronger than me.  I know you have a good reason to be worried baby, but please trust me...the both of us," Xixi said referring to her other, the demon inside her.

"Ok...if that's what you want than I support you. What must be done?"

"Thank you baby," she said kissing his cheek.  "First I do this," she said kissing his neck before she bit so hard it drew blood.  The taste of blood brought out her demon, who took over control of the body.  Xixi's eyes became black with yellow silts, horns, purple demon tail, and her fanged teeth even longer and jagged.  Xixi's demon have a taste of flesh and blood, was attracted to Revan's blood especially the blood of she and Xixon's declared Mate, full of spirit and strength.

When she makes love with him, the demon devours large quantities of blood from Revan to feast and draw strength from, which isn't a problem for him, as his Kurokage Wolf Healing Factor heals the blood that's lost, giving her even more to drink, and his wolf drive during mating turns pain into pleasure and even enjoys it.

The demon clasps his hands as she wags her demon tail, happily sucking the blood out of him until she was satisfied.

She got up allowing Revan to heal and herself wipe leftover blood at her mouth.  "Ok," said the darkened voice of the demon using Xixi's mouth.  "To summon the demon to this world, Zera has to summon the souls of the dead who hate and hate all who live."

"So you must teach this to her?"

"Yes.. but we have to hunt for bones and corpses of those who's lives were taken before their time..."

" other words we must summon a soul of a malevolent evil person who was murdered am I right?  We have to do some digging at a graveyard or something?"

"Some yes, but we need to dig up specific bodys who's souls are still attached. I can search for them for you. Come let's find the body, one soul should be sufficient if it's strong enough."

"Lead the way babe."  Revan said as he followed her outside the house.

Demon Xixon drew her black angel like wings and took to the air. Revan flew after her with his own flying power.

They flew until they reached a nearby forest and landed near a broken dead tree.  As she brought her wings back into her, the Demon asked, "Can you dig?"

"I know some Earth magic, so here goes," he said drawing his Keyblade, utilizing Earth magic to cause the earth and dirt at the base of the tree to rise up little by little as if by a telekinetic power.

Soon a hole formed where the earth was, Revan dropped the pile of Earth and looked inside.

He saw buried inside was a corpse but had some flesh attached to it, and senses malevolent dark energy within the bones of the husk.

"Is that the one we are looking for?"

"Yah he'll do perfectly, we don't need any more offerings, bring him to our room, we'll fetch Zera," said the demon as she have Xixi walked into the air over the hole as if there was still ground over it.

"Wait, how are you gonna convince Zera to-" he started saying before Demon Xixon drew her wings and took flight again.

"Sigh great I'm left with the dirty work," he said looking at the corpse.

Ten minutes later he was in his room, with the corpse laid carefully on the floor near his bed.

He was able to levitate it out of he hole with his Keyblade, and carried it as he flew back home.

He saw Xixon came into the room with her demon still in control.  And Zera following afterwards.  She seemed to know what's going on and didn't seemed angry nor scared but calm.  Indeed Zera walked in knowing exactly what Xixion was planning.  She stripped Zera,she  stood before her, a sliver sharpend pipe in hand, she stabs it through her throat, black demons blood poors onto zera, as it dose zera neals down srinking it as it pours into her mouth, the souls formed together creating enough energy to to pull the demons spirt into their realm. The blood stopped, Xixion stepped aside, the demons ash like appendages wrapped around zera and morphed into her, zeras body began transforming.

Revan blushed watching the entire ritual with an arousal and half worried.

He saw Zera grew a dark black tail
And grew horns like Xixon and her eyes became silited blue.

Black and blue energy burned around her asthm ritual completed.

Revan walked to Zera, "Hello? Are U in there welcome to Earth. I'm Revan Shadow it is nice to meet you."  He said offering his hand to her.

Zera looked at her new body clamping her hands, "This is not a human body..."  her feminine demon voice echoing, she spread out two huge bat like wings, she streched and they morphed back into her body. She glomped her own white boobs examining them. She looked over to Xixion. In a split second they were face to face telepathically communicating.  Zera and Xixion turned to him, a evil smile creeping up on there faces.

Revan blinked thinking they are gonna prey on him, but to his surprise  
They instead fell to
The ground making out moaning softly.

It was no surprise to him, seeing the real Zera and Xixon do such kinky stuff before to eachother sometimes with him but he had the feeling the demons knew eachother.

" can you tell me what's going on?"

"This is my sister! My sister! By chance we summoned her!" Said the demon possessing Xixon.  "I thought we lost her when I joined with Xixon long ago."

"You were lost to me Sis," said the demon possessing Zera, licking demon Xixi's neck.  "So you are Revan thank you for taking care of my sister, can see why she likes you so much...mmmm your blood smell so good~" she said lunging at him and pinned him down and buy his neck while pulling his owns down and rubbing her pussy against  his cock.

Demon Xixon rubes her sister's boobs from behind smirking as her sister feasts on her and her host's shared mate's blood.

She grinded Revan until he came 
And both girls licked his cock dry.

"Now sis do it," said Demon Xixon.

"Right!" Said Demon Zera as her eyes and Demon Xixi's eyes glowed activating a spell.

Before even knew it he was standing behind Demon Zera looking down at himself on the ground.

He looked at himself realizing he was in Xixon's body.  The demons used their powers to such Xixon's  body with Revan's.

 The demon within Xixon is still inside Xixon's body.  In fact in his now switched mind, he found himself in a mental world that is Xixi's inner world where she interacts with her other selves, namingly her Demon and her wolf self.

In this world he is still his male self, but Is surrounded by Demon Xixon and Wolf Xixon.

While Demon Xixon is aggressive, literally bloodthirsty, and sex crazy.  Wolf Xixon is playful, kind, affectionate like a puppy, but also sex crazy and hungers for battle like the demon.

She willingly played along with demon Xixon as they pinned the male Revan down and stripped him, 

Demon Xixon made Revan ate her pussy, while wolf Xixon rode his cock.

In the real world, Revan in Xixon's body was sweating and rubbing what's now his own boobs 

Xixi was throwing off Revan's coat examining her new medium build body. "Nice I like this," she smirks before activating Revan's wolf form examining her hulking build.

Xixi can't access his Keyblade because it belongs to Revan's heart, but can access his wolf powers.

She prepared to ram her new wolf cock into what's now Revan's pussy. When suddenly Demon Zera grabbed Xixon from behind and pinned him down.

Revan was too incapacitated by the mind fucking of demon and wolf Xixi to interfere.  

"Another reason why I agree to
Help Sister to switch Bodies with you and Revan is because I don't wanna harm your body, because Sister is in there." She said drawing Zera's blaster pistol brining it close to Xixi's wolf face.

"On the other hand I don't wanna hurt Revan's body neither but mostly I want to get your attention.  All these years I have lost my sister because of you.  I blame you for losing her. just as you took what's precious to me, I make you lose something too, starting with your status as this team's alpha female.  The bitch is dead long live the bitch." She smirked.

"That's what you think
You demonic hussy!" Growled Xixi as she reached for her own body and her eyes glowed.

Before Revan knew it he was back in his own body. And Xixi in hers 

She activated her demon form with her control.  " training room now!" She growled at Demon Zera.
"You are on!"  

As the girls got dressed.  Revan as himself tried to stop them  but Xixon suddenly spilt in two, her wolf self in a body of her own.

Xixon could split her other selves into temporary separate bodies, which they could only exist in close proximity of Xixon, and when separate she can't access their power, meaning she can only use her demon powers 

"What?! She can do that?! Let me go!"

"Nope!" Giggled Wolf Xixi as she sat on his chest. "Let's watch the fun!"
She said as she  got up and lifted Revan over her shoulder and carried him to training room.

At one side, Xixon was holding knives in each hand.  At the other side Demon Zera, wielding the blaster pistol she threatened with before in one hand, and a knife in another hand.

Zera made first move, firing not laser blasts but energy blasts generated from her own power.

Xixon pulled out her wings to fly into the air go avoid the blasts. As she dashed toward Demon Zera.

As she got close she threw one of her knives at demon Zera.

Demon Zera blocked the knife throw with her wing, Xixi enhanced the knife with energy, yet it still couldn't pierce the wing, for Demon Zera hardened the wings with her own power to resist the knife and block it out.

Xixi growled in frustration as she charger energy at her palm and fired at Demon Zera.

Demon Zera blocked the Attack with her wing and deflected it.  But the Attack was also a distraction for Xixi to get near Demon Zera.  When she did she used her demon power to cause a smog of acidic gas to come out of her mouth.

To her surprise Demon Zera was unaffected.  "You think you can harm me with that shit? Haha! Grow up! What you been thinking I've been doing in the netherworld all these years?! I been training and gathering strength, refusing to find a host until I find your whereabouts so I can fight you to get my sister back. Plus I was stronger than my sister to begin with, though I admit she's alot stronger  now with you.  When I found out you were on Earth I was preparing to take a human vessel to track you down.  But this is even better!  Your sister is the perfect vessel for me! Your blood, your father's blood flows in her veins, plus she has a strong will and a strong body, and her heart is strong too!  I can access her heart's power and add it to my own! We perfect for eachother a match made in hell don't you think? Now I can beat the crap out of you with your sister's own body!"

"Grrr don't underestimate me I have more power than you think!  Return Wolf Xixon!" Growled Xixon as she recalled Wolf Xixon  to return to her.  She was at the middle  pinning Reven  down and playfully nibble at his neck.  When she heard the order she nodded with a woof and disappeared and rejoin her body.  With Wolf Xixon back she can access her wolf powers and combine with her demon powers.  Her wolf and demon tails, and her wolf ears and demon horns were all out at once.

She used her combined power to summon her various blades weapons into her hand and threw them At Demon Zera.

Demon Zera, huffed as her bat wings swatted the weapons away like flies.

But it was a trick to get her guard down.

Xixon dashed forward, drawing a Kurokage Spirit Energy blade around her arm.  Normally it is blue, but mixed with demon power it's colored Red.

While Demon Xixon got her guard down. Xixi slashed her blade against Demon Zera's wing, it cut through it and grazed her arm.

Demon Zera hissed in pain and surprise that Xixon could now harm her.  "Oh I see you required another power haven't you?  I did sensed another other inside you besides my sis.  I can sense now our powers are compatible now...but it won't make any difference," she said as her wounds started to heal and her wing regenerate thanks to her demon healing factor.

"I'm gonna kill you and free my sister from your vessel. I might keep this body for a while before returning with my sister to the netherworld though. I like it."

"Well I'm gonna separate you from Zera's body and kill you and summon another demon to replace you." Said Xixon summoning a katana in her hand.

"Heh, nice try half breed!" Retorts Demon Zera as she drew both blaster pistols and fired demon energy blasts from them.

Xixon blocked the barrage With an demon spirit energy barrier.

When Demon Zera saw her barrage foiled, she switched tactics by sheathing her guns, and drawing Zera's knife before transforming it into Demon Scythe.

Xixon channeled her wolf/demon energy into her blade as she dashed toward Demon Zera.  As they clashed their energies unleashed a shockwave that ravaged the training room.

Xanatos after training with Zera passed out in another room from exhaustion, he came to to hear the fighting and entered to training room to see it partly destroyed and with fire all over the place, giving the room a hellish looking environment.

He looked and saw the girls fighting in the air, and saw Zera's new demon form for the first time.  "Aw man...not her too...I can barely survive her when she's just Zera..."

He looked and saw Revan watching the battle calmly im front of him.

"H-hey Revan aren't you gonna stop them?"

"For one thing they'll turn on me if I do, not sure even I can stand a chance against their combined strength.  Secondly, I have a feeling this fight needs to be waged.  Sometimes fights between equal powers create bonds as they learn to understand eachother.  Just watch and see."

At this point, the girls switched to distance fighting.  Demon Zera created energy slashes from swipes of her scythe. Xixi blocked them with her energy enhanced katana blade.

Seeing it didn't work, Demon Zera dismissed her scythe for a moment and drew both of Zera's blaster pistols and fired demon blasts from them.

Xixi summoned blaster pistols of her own and mimicked Demon Zera's technique.

Their blasts collided at eachother exploding at the space between them.

They flew around the room as they kept firing at eachother.

Soon they gave up realizing they'll only keep countering the other's Attack and put away their guns.

"Bitch you copied my technique," groaned Demon Zera.

"Nah I adapted your technique as my own and used it." Winked Xixon smugly.

"Oh really? Well then it seems we are at an impasse.  We aren't going anywhere using powers or weapons, then instead let's fight old school hand to hand."

"Agreed I'll rip you to shred bitch!" Roared Xixon as ran toward Demon Zera fists ready.

"Not if I devour you first!" Roared Demon Zera as she ran toward Xixon, her own fists at the ready, ready to use her host's fighting experience against her.

But before they reached eachother they suddenly froze.

Demon Xixon was suddenly fighting for control, and the real Zera was fighting for control as well.

At one half of Xixon's face the demon was in control, as it was with Zera.

"That's enough," they both said.

"Hey!" Said Demon Zera using her half of Zera's mouth.

"Don't interfere!  This is between me and her!" Said Xixon using her half of her own mouth.

"Now that I have demon powers I can communicate with Xixon's demon in our mental world.  We been talking as we watched you fight and we agree we never wanted it like this," said Zera.

"I did the ritual with full intention to bring my sister back.  But I never wanted my host to come to harm,"'said Demon Xixon.

"And I never agreed to this to fight my sister, at least not like this. I gained this power to protect her for a change."

"Sister please! Im doing this for you!  Once I kill your prison of flesh we can be together again!" Said Demon Zera.

"Sister we are together again.  Don't you see?  I don't wanted go back to the netherworld anyway not while he rules there...besides we have a home here now.  I came to like this new life here and I can see it's starting to grow on you too.  So please sister don't make me fight you, you are hurting me when you hurt her anyway."


"Xixon I want to keep this demon I accepted her for a reason, she's strong, and she loves her sister as much as I love mine.  when we fight together we will fight for both our sisters.  so please..." Said Zera.

"...Don't make me fight my sister." Said Zera and Demon Xixon in unison.

Xixon and Demon Zera's eyes started to tear as they cried and hugged the bodies of their mutual sisters.

"See they are in it together now," said Revan as he walked out of training room toward Xanatos.

"Let's leave them alone, it is a family reunion after all, everything is fine now." smiled Revan as he left the room, now feeling his own family growing bigger and stronger than ever.


Short: Demon Family Reunion
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This story inspired by an rp with my buddy :iconwingless1raven:
Revan Shadow, Xanatos, the Von Dracos, Organization Keyblade by me.
Xixon, Zera, Doctor Doom by :iconwingless1raven:
Invader Zim Themes and Characters by Jhonen Vasquez
Kingdom Hearts themes and characters owned by Square Enix created by Teysuya Nomura

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their position is at curriclation which is slightly out of my element but I'm willing to so whatever it takes to work at a library 

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theres a chance a colleague that works at my local library might get the job and if he died then I can reapply as page there a month early

its a win-win situation 
 my patience might finally has paid off!

interview is next week on Thursday so might have one more week to enjoy the freedom lazy life of unemployment before getting back to growing up and work 


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Cool British Cousin: :iconbrokencreation:
Freedom Fighter Cousin: :iconjohntherebelleader:
Younger Bro: :iconaccarrio:
DA Cuz, Fellow KH Nerd and Sis, best Science Officer and cool artist and best pal: :iconzergarikiaka:
Little Sis and good pal: :iconamukinaku:
My Foreign Sis: :iconspicy-tangerine:
A Good Friend: :iconkoala-sam:
Mentally Unstable Friend: :iconhalfinane-halfmental:
Creepy Neighbor Who Never Returns My Gardening Equipment (and DA bro): :iconcrimsonvulpine:
Brony Sis: :iconcybertronikpony:
MLP Sis and Friend Forever: IconAsk-Jinx-thepony:
Good friend and DA Sis: :iconjinxee:
Evil Twin: :iconmazeomonic:
Weapon Master and Comrade at arms: :icondarkfox98:
Cool wonderful Best friend forever and comrade at arms: :iconthil-galel:
my Sonic pal: :iconraindiederichtw:
my IZ/Avatar Friend: :iconz4f-08:
Pet Pikachu (and cool Poke pal ^^): :iconcilandpfangirl:
Pet Sableye: :iconsniperking12:
Pet Cat (and a good poke pal): :iconpokefreak01:
Pet Zombie Cat: :iconzombiechihuahuas13:
Pet Fox and good pal: :iconrenamonrox:
Pet Umbreon: :iconscarlet-fumes:
The Pet bunny under the table eating a cookie and shouting random dirty comments on everything (and awesome friend ^^): :iconomgir:
My Big Fat Hamster: :iconaudiffred:
Pet Platypus: :iconwallie98:
My beautiful Dragoness Friend :icondarkaalyssa:
my comrade and best wolfdra sister ever: :iconshardianofwhitefire:
My good pal, fav Furry artist, and wolf brother: :iconwsache007:
Very wise and reliable pet Coyote, and BSBFF: :iconthepantybandit:
My Best Furry Friend: :iconmelizasharpclaw:
Pet Cobra and BFF: :iconinvader-star-irken:
A Demonic Comrade: :iconladyrenatear:
A Foxy, beautiful, demonic, awesome BFF now and forever :iconfox-shadow92: :icongreeneyed-fox:
My Nakama, Ni-San, and DA sister and sister I never had and good friend and comrade :icondemonic-stickfigures:

Artists that inispired me and are favs of mine, some who I have the honor of being acquainted too:

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