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I'm home

To summarize the weekend vacation to New Jersey Resort was better then I thought 

We never went swimming and Internet didn't work on my PS3, but it did for our handheld devices.

My mouth which was  still recovering from surgery felt better then I did in weeks and enjoyed the food I ate there 

Sis has a condition that gave her migraines but because of a carb free diet she was will enough for whole vacation 

Brought movies to watch at night for my PS3 to see 

The rooms we had were great  

Besides eating we had a day on the beach without swimming and played games with siblings.  

When we came home today we had a hilarious incident at dinner at s sea food resteraunt. Which made a good grand finale for vacation 

Now it's one my bro will be returning to Boston tomorrow and life will be normal again 

Sighs will miss bro 

But it's good to be back

Turns out I was glad to go  
Hey guys I'm sorry for being inactive

It's both because of laziness and because of bad memories and incidents 

My Chain of Hearts story has had s snag but in making effort in giving it a positive change to end Book 7 and begin book 8

An incident caused by my own mistakes  had delayed my progress
But recently I regained my motivation to continue

Anyway this journal is also to tell on current events 

I had surgery last week to remove my last wisdom tooth  
My mouth is still healing and eating still sucks

Tomorrow I'm going on a two day trip to a New Jersey a beach resort with family 

If it has net I'll keep in touch 

If any of u guys wanna get close to me I have Skype and FB bore me and I'll consider sharing my info I can't make promises as I'm a cautious 
Person when meeting new people 

Hope u all doing ok and cya soon 

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Tasogare Shadow was now Emperor of the reformed Sith Empire and has dominated a post-Clone War Galaxy.

The Jedi still exist, the survivors Of Order 66 were sent to an enclave on Typhon, where they'll live in a reservation environment allowed to teach their ways to future generations and can help civilians throughout the Galaxy like before as long as they don't do subversive acts and their actions are monitored by Imperial Survillance.

The True Sith Order is the main order of the Empire, whose Ideology is mixed with Jedi, Sith, and Revanite philosophy.  The Warriors of the True Sith Order are both super solders of the military and guardians of the Imperial citizens like the Jedi Knights were.  They are powered by both sides of the Force giving them a unique strength.

A new organization was created as additional protection to the Emperor and civilians to make use of Jedi that want to remain Jedi but were willing to serve the Empire or at least the former citizens of the Old Republic the Imperial Knights.

Not all Jedi consented to the regime change.  A number of Jedi Generals that weren't affected by Order 66 commanded the remaining Republic made Fett clones and Republic officers that had followed Palpatine's ideology.

While the True Sith weren't evil like their predecessors, the rebelling Jedi Generals refused to accept their sovereignty, and seek the return of the Old Republic despite that it was already dead before the clone wars began.

Within the first few weeks after Sith Imperial Occupation, a group of Jedi Generals got together and formed an armada.

The armada appeared at Coruscant, which is declared the second capital of the Empire besides the reclaimed world of Dromund Kaas Tasogare's home planet.

What would have began as a major invasion like the Sith Empire did previously after Order 66, ended as a brief skirmish.

A reason why the Sith Empire succeeded in capturing Coruscant besides the fact it's forces were spread thin throughout Galaxy from the Clone Wars was because of surviving superweapons that Tasogare's Star Foundry created before it was destroyed in the Vong War.

At least two Harrower dreadnoughts that helped occupied Corscaunt were equipped with cloaking devices and one Harrower was equipped with a Particle Ion Cannon based on the CIS superweapon the Maleviolence, and the other was equipped with a Megalaser, a superweapon that fires a laser powerful enough to
Destroy an entire fleet of ships in one blast.

When the Jedi Armada arrived, the Harrower Ion Cannon disabled the ships, and the Megalaser finished them all off in one blast.

That victory showed the power of the Empire to Jedi and Old Republic Rebels.

Following the attack the remaining Old Republic forces went into hiding.

That was until a few years later.

Time between worlds in the multiverse varies, each world has their own time zone.  One world would be at ancient times and another world would be set at a furtrustic time.  Despite that time between most worlds flow in sync.

Revan Shadow lives in the modern era Doom World, away from his relative Tasogare who lives in the Star Wars Universe.

Time between both worlds are more or less in sync making it possible for Revan and Taso to visit from golf to

However after Taso last seen his relative Revan Shadow after he helped overthrow Vitiate, some unknown force manipulated the time flow in Taso's world.

To Revan at this pointhe hasn't seen Taso in a few months, but Taso the next time he'll visit Revan would seem that he haven't seen Revan in about 20 Years.

But let's go back to the current story and go forward to a few years, when Galen Marek had been born and is about a toddler.  His mother died defending Wookies in a Trandosian raid, leaving his father Jedi Knight Kento Marek to raise him himself.

They lived on Kashyyyk peacefully until it's peace was invaded.

Some worlds like Kashyyyk doesn't have an Imperial garrison protecting it.  Tasogare respected the wishes of Old Republic worlds that don't wish to have Imperial military presence.

In those issues he compromised by setting up military outposts nearby, while the planet is protected by their local milita.

But the Jedi Generals leading the attack knew hyperspace routed passed the Imperial Garrison at a nearby planet, to head to Kahyyyk without being detected until it's too late.

The invading fleet was made up of three Venator Star Destroyers and two Acclaimer Assault Ships, fully stocked with surviving clone solders from the Clone Wars.

They began landing forces and to that dismay of the Wookie populace their forces were open firing on them.

They bore the same weapons and vechiles as they did in the Clone Wars but with one slight difference, they bore a new symbol.  The same symbol the Galactic Empire would have bared had Palpatine succeeded in taking power.  In this timeline though, this was a symbol the Clones, Human military officers, and Jedi Generals bare as a symbol of rebellion against Tasogare's Sith Empire and to restore the government of the Old Republic.

Kento Marek was surprised as the Wookies that his former brethren were attacking  the long time allies of the Jedi Order, he was standing in front of his hut watching the Jedi General forces landing and attacking Wookiee settlements nearby when a LAAT gunship was landing in front of his settlement, out came a group of Jedi Knights, amongst them white haired Jedi Master who seemed at his young middle age years.

His name is Zayne Shaldon, a Jedi Master who was secretly a humancentralist, a group of humans who believe that non-human races are racially inferior to humans.  In the Clone Wars he punished alien civilians of Separatist occupied worlds and at one point ordered his troops to execute an entire city of alien civilians claiming it was in self defense.

He lost his place on the Jedi Council when his war crimes came to light but spend remainder or war under the support of humancentralist Senators and military officers, and prior to Order 66 discovered who Palpatine really was and supported his idea of a humancentralist dominated New Order.

When the Republic fell he took advantage of his desperate Jedi colleagues and took them under his wing, corrupting them under his humancentralistic New Order Ideology

"Master Zayne What is the meaning of this? This isn't the Jedi way," protested Kento.

"Ah so you were hiding here after all Kento.  The Wookies have betrayed the Old Republic by accepting the Sith's sovereignty.  This is retribution. But we aren't we for just that we are here for you.  The slavers that killed your wife informed us you were here. Your heresy of marrying a fellow Jedi Knight can be overlooked If you join the cause of restoring the True Republic."

Kento remembered when Tasogare came and asked him if his son can join the True Sith and warned him that Jedi Generals might seek him or his son out, how their desperation and their refusal to accept change driven them mad, espiecally after people like Zayne started manipulating them.  He realized now that what Taso warned was true,

"The true Republic? It's truly dead if we are attacking the people that once made up the Republic without cause.  I mourn the loss of the Republic too but I left the Order because it rejected my choice to love someone dear to me.  This isn't about the Sith, this is about how the war changed us. we all committed heresy against the Code the moment we followed the Republic blindly into war, instead of mediating toward diplomacy when we had the chance.

"So no I won't follow you the Republic is dead and it isn't the Sith that killed it its ourselves."

"Then in the name of the true Republic we charge you with treason and the punishment death, take him!" Stated Zayne as he drew his green Lightsaber and ordered the four Jedi Knights standing with him to attack Kento.

Meanwhile Tasogare received word that Kashyyyk was attacked and that Imperial reinforcements are under way.  He foreseen Galen Marek would attract trouble and if he had the true Sith keep their word to leave Marek alone then it's the corrupted Jedi Generals that might be using this invasion to force Galen and/or his father to serve their cause.

He left Dromund Kaas using a Force portal created by his transportation technique and arrived first in the engineering deck of a Venator Star Destroyer that's bombarding the planet surface and unleashing landing parties to punish Kashyyyk.

Taso thought he should first personally alleviate the Wookies plight by dealing with at least one of the warships himself before Imperial reinforcements Arrive to take care of the rest.

Before the clone guards could see him, Taso formed a blade of lightning to form around his arm, he then expanded the blade's length greatly.  The blade became so long it penetrated the ship's hull into space then kept going for about a mile.

With a slashing motion of his arm, Tasogare severed the Republic Crushier into two.  Taso was then blown out into space from the breach he created from the cut.

Taso was protected in space, his golden mask he wore underneath his hood was not only battle-grade tough but it provides limited protection from the vacuum of space, in addition to the utilization of Force Techniques to sustain him, Taso can survive in the vacuum of space for a little while.  He looked into the burning trees at the planet from below fueled from the fighting.

He looked behind him as Imperial Star Destroyers belonging to the Sith Empire arrived.

When Tasogare took power he assimilated everything that was the Old Republic's including weapons and ship manufacturers.

Weapons that would have been the Galactic Empire's  in another universe such as AT-ATs, TIE Fighters, Imperial Star Destroryers are now the Sith Empire's.

Even a portion of Sith Imperial military are beginning to wear Stormtrooper armor, though Imperial solders have a choice to wear between that and the traditional black and red Sith Imperial armor.

Stormtrooper armor of the Sith Enpire was made to be more durable than it would have been, offering more protection against blaster bolts.

Tasogare spared no expense of giving  his military the best of everything.  For Instance TIEs, originally intended to be cheap and expendable; at least a portion of them were equipped with weak to moderate shields.

Sith Stormtroopers and Imperial Solders alike are trained at the finest military academies some overseen by Mandalorain trainers, some of which belonged to Tasogare's employ, the Mandorlian warrior clan Kurokage who served Tasogare since the Galactic War.

Seeing that reinforcements are arriving Taso disappeared in a whirl of Force energy transporting himself to the planet.

At that moment Kento, who had defeated Zayne's Jedi allies was gifting him inside his family hut.  

As they locked sabers, Zayne said, "I sense someone far more powerful nearby, is your master here? Where is he?"

"The Dark Side has truly clouded your mind Zayne, my Master died at the Temple years ago, killed by the Clones you are commanding now."

Zayne then kicked him to the nearby wooden wall before replying.  "Then share his fate and contemplate as your failures as Jedi." Zayne said about to charge at him when suddenly his green lightsaber was thrown out of his hand and went into the arms of a boy, Kento's son, Galen Marek.

"A son?"

"Run!" Yelled Kento as he got up charging at Zayne swinging his blade.   Unarmed Zayne had to flip backward to evade the blade slash that narrowly missed his face. He then Force pulled his saber out the boy's hands back into his, allowing him to cross blades with Kento again.

As they locked sabers, Zayne saw a saber nearby belonging to one of his allies slain by Kento.  While holding back Kento's saber with one hand he Force pulled the fallen saber into his free hand and activated it stabbing Kento at the chest.  He kicked Kento's dead body into the hut, before setting it on fire with his sabers.

He grabbed the boy and pulled him out of the hut as his family home burned around him.

"Perhaps relations between Jedi isn't a bad idea.  If this child's strength is the result of a union between male and female Jedi then perhaps it's time for the Jedi to breed an army of powerful next generation Jedi Knights, yes boy your future is with us-" Zayne's thoughts for the future was cut short as a lightning blade stabbed through his chest from behind.

Taso appeared behind him decloaking from Force Stealth a technique he mastered in his days as a Sith Assassin. 

As Zayne fell to the ground dead, Taso turned to the burning hut with no doubt Kento's body consumed by the flames by now.  Without the body Taso couldn't revive him using Dark Transfer.

He felt a kindred spirit with Kento reminding him of himself when he started a family.

It was unfortunate that he's dead.

He turned to the boy and looked at him, putting his hand on his shoulder, "Come with me, more will be there soon."

Kashyyyk ended as an Imperial victory.

Zayne Shaldon was a major leader of the Jedi General uprising with him gone the remaining Jedi Rebels are leaderless and with their numbers depleted even more than before.

After Kashyyyk, the remaining rebels went into hiding some even put their clones in status as they age twice as fast as humans.

Also after the attack, Wookiee relations with the Sith Empire improved, while the Jedi Generals were depicted as violent terrorists that'll do whatever it takes for victory.

One of the Generals was Rahm Kota, who used his own  militia instead of Clones in Clone Wars. 

He rebelled against Sith Empire sovereignty but after Kashyyyk broke relations with his other Jedi General colleagues seeing how depraved from the Jedi Way they had become.

The next leader of the Uprising wouldn't be a Jedi but a clone solder named X1, one of two clones of Rahm Kota's apprentice Falon Grey.

In Clone Wars, X1 and X2 served faithfully as a team, but after Order 66 X2 saw the evil of the Republic military and defected before Sith Imperial forces arrived at Cato Nemioda.

X1 remained loyal to the Old Republic and joined the uprising.

At this point he became aware of the Force Sensitivity he inherited from Falon Grey.  After Kashyyyk Sith Spirits began to visit him.

They saw Tasogare and his True Sith Order as a blasphemy for following the Light Side as well dark
And for sparing the Jedi Order.

In X1 they saw a weapon they needed to create a Dark Side ruled Sith Empire, they began teaching X1 the ways of the Dark Side.

X2 meanwhile went to Dantioone where he came across a settlement where Falon Grey resided.  He refused to join the Uprising and accepted Tasogare's degree to live as an Force Sensitive Imperial Civilian.  Upon realizing X2 was his clone he began training him the ways of the Jedi.

On Dromund Kaas something far darker is happening. An old acquaintance from Tasogare's past has been resurrected.

When Tasogare was a mere Darth during the Cold War between Old Republic and Vitiate's Sith Empire, he did favors for various members of the Dark Council.  He soon befriended Darth Thanaton a powerful Sith Sorcerer and member of the Dark Council who is a stickler for tradition.

Having come from similar backgrounds as slaves and both started careers as Sith Assassins then became powerful Sith Sorcerers, Thanaton and Tasogare became good friends, sharing eachother Dark Side knowledge and help eachother out.  

Tasogare did a number of missions in favor of Thanaton.

But their relationship ended when Thanaton challenged the man that'll later become known as Darth Nox to a Kaggath.  When Thanaton ordered Tasogare to violate the Kaggath by killing Nox for him Taskgare refused.  Thanaton in return turned on him forcing Tasogare to flee and report to the Dark Council on him.

Thanaton later died in a Kaggath duel against Nox.  Tasogare honored his former friend by having him buried with honors in a tomb dedicated for him.

But before dying Thanaton used a Dark Side ritual on himself.   The ritual gathers the Dark Side energy of the planet he was buried and over the course of thousands of years his body slowly healed.  Now finally he's fully revived.

Upon awakening Dark side spirits informed him what became of Galaxy and his former friend Tasogare.

While he was impressed how things changed for his old friend he was disappointed that Tasogare would turn to Jedi teachings as a foundation of his Order and Empire and seen it as blasphemy.

He decides to head to New Kaas City and smuggle himself off planet to find a worthy disciple to use to overthrow Tasogare and his Empire of Hersey.

Meanwhile Galen Marek spent over his entire childhood and adult life being trained at the first Super Star Destroyer under construction the Executor what would have been Darth Vader's flagship If he was alive.

He was trained as Tasogare's apprentice but was also trained by Dooku, Vosa, Grevious, and Hologram training droid Proxy in lightsaber and Force combat.

Galen was taught from an early age of his former life and how his parents died, and how Tasogare rescued him to be his apprentice.

When his training is compete he is promised the Executor as his flagship and will take the position of Wrath, the head of the Emperor's Hands, Tasogare's top enforcer, as Darth Starkiller.

For now Starkiller is his Sith name as a Sith Apprentice, and is one of Tasogare's Hands, his personal assassin.

In the Sith ranks of the True Sith Sith are mostly branched out between a Sith Warrior or a Sith Inquisitor. 

A Warrior is like the foot solder of the Sith Order, who mostly foceses in physical prowess.

Sith Inquisitor are like the scholars of the Sith, a number of them can be educated stealthy assassins or be mage Sith Sorcerers.

In this time a number of Inquisitors are trained to hunt rogue Jedi and hostile Dark Jedi, namely the ones that still defy the Empire.

Above them are the Hands elite assassins of the Emperor.

Komari Vosa was the first of Taso's Hands when coming into power.

In the last decade more came into the ranks.

Darth Kai, Sith Warrior who served Tasogare since he was a Darth, made immortal by Taso's ritual and became  the second of his Hands.

The third Hand was A'Sharad Hett, a former Jedi Knight raised by Tuskan Raiders was a survivor of Order 66.  After killing the clones that betrayed him he returned to his homeworld of Tatooine and became a Warlord of his people.

He began attacking the human and alien settlers of the planet to make Tatooine only for Tuskan Raiders.

When the matter came to Tasogare's attention he sent Komari Vosa who uses the same saber style Jar'Kai, dual saber combat, to track him down and challenge him to a duel, with conditions sent from her master.

If he wins then the Empire would deport its citizens from Tatooine, if she wins then Hett would submit and forfit his title of warlord and come with her to be True Sith.

Hett accepted the conditions and they dueled.  The battle was close but Vosa won the battle, who by more grew more powerful from Tasogare's training.

She also maimed him by severing his arm and took off his Tuskan mask, both acts shamed Hett in front of his people and was banished from his people forever.

Hett asked for death until Vosa notified her master of her victory and Tasogare appeared offering him the path of True Sith, he demonstrated his power by healing his severed arm and reattached it to his body.

Impressed and bound by the codified of the duel, and as well as having his faith in the Jedi way shaken since Order 66, he accepted.

At the end of his training he became Tasogare's devoted second Hand, like Vosa made immortal and took that title Darth Kryat, wielding a red Sith Saber and his former green Jedi saber.

Starkiller makes the third Hand currently, with training of both Sith Warrior and Inquisitor.  And of all of Taso's hands is the one of with the most potential. 

Starkiller was given brutal training but kind encouragement from his master, as Tasogare is a tough but fair Master.  

Starkiller came to see Taso as a father figure as well as his Master.

Now at this point in time Taso was finishing a sparring match with Starkiller and asked him to kneel.

Starkiller was half expecting death as Taso drew his blade which was out of character of him, but loyally prepared to die if it was his Master's wish.  But instead he knighted him, saying, "When I found you, you shown great promise.  Your potential is unlimited, a lot like The Jedi Hero Revan in the days of the Old Republic.  Your will has become your strength.  At last the Force, Light and Dark is your ally, rise my Apprentice."

Starkiller rose taken pride that he is recognized as Tasogare's true Apprentice and said, "What is your will my Master?"

"Your training is nearly complete, it's time for your first true test."

"Your spies have located a Jedi? Like the ones that killed my father?"

"Not all Jedi are evil Starkiller. Same as not all Sith are evil neither.  Mainly the Jedi are good and once were guardians and worthy rivals of our Order.  Today the mainstream of their order are acquaintances of ours left alone to live out their dogma based lives.  Only some of them defected from their Order and raise arms against us with the leftover of Palpatine's Clone Army.

"Today most of those Clones have died out from accelerated aging or kept at status hidden.  The remaining Rebel Jedi are no longer Jedi but driven mad by the Dark Side becoming Dark Jedi.

"But today you won't be hunting those clones nor their maddened commanders.  You'll be hunting one of the last of the decent Jedi Generals, whose only misguided by patriotism to the Old Republic.  Master Rahm Kota.  He's attacking a critical Imperial shipyard.  Capture him if you can so I can try to negotiate with him on the location of his former colleagues, but if he doesn't listen to reason, and if you have no other choice, kill him and bring me his blade.  Imperial Forces will aid you in dealing with his solders but your main objective is the Jedi."

"As you wish my Master."

When he left Vosa came out of the shadows.

When he revived her and made her immortal a bond formed between the two, sometimes they even meet as lovers.

Vosa was not only infatuated with him but jealous of the other Hands especially Starkiller, thinking Taso only needs her, and that he wanted a boy to become her superior as the Wraith when his training is complete.

"Why have you sent the boy to do a woman's work? I can deal with Kota for you without fail," she asked putting her arms around him from behind.

"Vosa my beloved your bloodlust and passion for battle makes Kota more likely to be dead. I need him alive if possible to find the location of the remaining Jedi Generals espiecally the ones that became Dark Jedi.

"That aside, in another life the boy's destiny is linked to Kota's, that hasn't changed now it's their destiny to meet.

"But worry not Vosa I have another task for you.  Are you aware of the Inquisitor Jerec?"

"Yes Master he's a former Jedi Knight that became one of us after Order 66, followed his Master's Jocasta Nu's Footsteps in becoming a Jedi Acrecholgist. He's now a passionate member of the Imperial Reclamation Service leading Arechological digs uncovering Jedi and Sith artifacts for our order, holding the title of Lord."

"He is also a snake like your former Master before I bend him to my will.  He's searching  for a secret that is the reason why I'm so strong.  I want you to take Imperial Knight Kyle Katarn with you, his father was killed by Jerec.  Together you both will track him down and kill him and his apprentices. That is my will.  Succeed and you will be awarded the secret power that Jerec covets for yourself.

"What is it Master?"

"Do you know of the Battle of Ruusan?"

"Yes Master I known it from my days as a Jedi Padawan.  It's when the Sith that tried to replace our Empire destroyed themselves and the Jedi fighting them in a suicide attack.  It was then that the Jedi thought the Sith was gone for good before the Clone Wars."

"Yes they killed eachother with a  Thought Bomb which seethed their souls and contained them and their Jedi Victims in the cavern walls where the final battle was fought.  Their collective power made the Valley where their souls are trapped the strongest Force Nexus in the Galaxy.

"Those that connect to the power of the Valley will be reborn in the Force, with their strength supercharged to great levels.

"I found the Valley after defeating Vitiate, I was already strong from my thousands of years of experience and from becoming stronger after defeating Vitiate, but I used the Valley's power to make me stronger because I want to be stronger and to insure my worthiness to be Emperor when I took power.  I waited to give you my most loyal and beloved servant this power after your training is complete and when it seemed you reached the physical limit of your power.  After being reborn by the Valley your potential to reach even greater levels of power will be renewed."

"I...thank you my Master forgive me for doubting you...but why must I take the boy Katarn?"

"Katarn joined the Stormtrooper Corps  after the death of his mother.  After a short career as a Stormtrooper he received word that his father died in a raid.  In truth Jerec  with his men and Dark Jedi apprentices killed Morgan Katarn who also discovered the secret of the Valley when her refused to tell Jerec his location.

"Katarn discovered the truth after joining the Imperial Knights.  Jerec acted on his own his actions doesn't reflect that of the Empire, so Katarn didn't blame the Empire for his father's death only Jerec and since then he became devoted in tracking him down working with an Imperial Intelligence Agent named Jan Orrs.

"He has as much stake in this so I'm pairing you with him so you can work together in stopping Jerec. There's also a prophecy that a Jedi would free the souls of Ruusan, allow Katarn to do that and take the Power that remains in the Valley for yourself when he leaves.  Understand?"

"Yes Master, so you fear that if Jerec takes the power of the Valley he could surpass you?"

"It's a possibility but he's already far inferior than I was when I took the Valley's power for myself.  He barely could be a challenge to me when I was a mortal Darth in the Days of the Old Republic.  It's doubtful he'll surpass me even if he succeeds, nevertheless it would make him a dangerous enemy if he does succeeds which is why I'm tasking you In stopping him."

"I won't fail you my Master," she bowed before lifting his mask and kissed him before walking away.

Hours later Starkiller returned with Kota's Saber.  

"Master forgive me," he bowed.  "The TIE shipyard Is lost, a lot of Imperial lives were lost, and Kota didn't listen to reason, as the attack seemed to be intended to draw you out and was lost when he fell into Nar Shadda's atmosphere as the Shipyard fell down. I was able to take his saber as ordered and blinded him, but I sense he's still alive.  I have failed you."

"I read the reports, some Imperial lives were saved at your arrival, and you decimated Kota's militia in the fighting.  You maimed him and humbled him, and formed a bond with him.  It's success enough for me.  You done well my apprentice.  They'll be other shipyards, you succeeded in stopping an entire army and put a Jedi General out of commission.  You pleased me enough.

"There's still room for improvement though.  Which you could prove yourself in this next mission. There's another Rogue Jedi for you to take down for me.

"Kazdan Paratus was a Jedi Knight survivor of Order 66.  He escaped and took refuge on Raxus Prime.  His guilt of running away as his fellow Jedi were dying drove him mad.  He's a gifted tinkerer and talented with droids.  He used his power to take control of Droids creating a Droid Army of his own, put together by the Force.

"He's a military threat as our forces had been trying to create a Star Destroyer Shipyard at Raxus Prime making use of the excess metal of the junk planet as raw material. But Kazdan's ability to control droid parts has turned the Battle Droids of the Imperial garrisons against our troops.

"If left unchecked Kazdan Parratus might take on his forces in war. He is not like Kota he is beyond help.  You must kill the mad Jedi before he could become an evil bigger threat than he is now."

"I will not fail you again Master, I shall destroy the threat to our Empire."

"Be warned he is more powerful than you.  You need that full power of the Force to destroy him.  If you succeed you are step closer of proving yourself worthy receiving the Title of Darth and being my Wrath."

"It shall be done Master," Starkiller bowed before leaving.

Starkiller had an adventure on Raxus Prime fighting both Droid Solders of various shapes and sizes put together by the Force and Scrap and Rodian Scavanger Gangs.

He encountered Kazdan Paratus At a junk copy of the Jedi Temple.  He defeated the mad Jedi.  On his ship the Rogue Shadow, he transmitted through his droid Proxy, who can take form of people who's holocommincating with Starkiller, of his success to his master.

Tasogare gave him another task.

On Felucia, Jedi Master Shaak Ti, a survivor of Order 66 who accepted Tasogare's offer to live as a recluse on the planet, she taught the Force Sensitive Felucians  the ways of the Jedi and how to defend themselves and had a Padawan, Zabrak Maris Brood accompanying her.

The planet was strong in the Force but also in the Dark Side. Shaak Ti is the beacon of Light that keeps the planet in balance.

However she mysteriously was killed, and now the planet has gone completely to the Dark Side.  Maris Brood took over and led the dark corrupted Felucians, attacking Imperials non-military and military alike.

Starkiller's mission is to uncover the truth behind Shaak Ti's death and stop Maris Brood.

Meanwhile Thanaton, guided by Dark Side Spirits, founded X1, clone of Jedi Knight Falon Grey, now a Dark Jedi adept, who lead the remaining Jedi Generals in rebellion against the True Sith Empire, now whom most became Dark Jedi too.

X1 spent the last decades in hiding building his army.  After Zayne's defeat on Kashyyyk, X1 put his clones in stasis and been building up a new clone army.

Some solders were mercenary recruits, others were humancentralist supporters that believed in Palpatine's New Order, others were clones that X1 made provided by Kaminoian cloners that supported Palpatine before his death.

Additional funding was provided by some former Separatist businessmen that felt betrayed by Dooku when he ordered the CIS to assimilate with the Sith Empire or they were dissatisfied with having the True Sith interfere in their business to prevent corruption.

Weapons and ships were provided be an unlikely source.  At least 5 Darth ranked human Sith Lords, and two Grand Moffs of the True Sith Empire sided with X1 in secret.  The renegade Sith belonged to families that secretly defied Tasogare's Jedi/Sith ideology for centuries being descendents of Sith loyal to Vitaite's original regime prior and during the Galactic Wars.

Like Thanaton, they believed that the True Sith ideology is blasphemy and supported the humancentralist New Order, giving X1 ships weapons and some of their loyal men and rogue Sith apprentices.

X1's army was given a new uniform through the rogue Sith.  They would bear the traditional black and red of the Imperial Solders that a portion of Tasogare's Army still bear, only X1's Imperial solder uniform would be colored on reverse red and black and would bear the symbol of the New Order.

At this point X1's faction no longer call themselves random Jedi Generals that rebels Tasogare's Sith Empire, they now call themselves the New Order Empire with X1 as their Emperor.

It was X1 that killed Shaak Ti, though not in a fair fight.  Being self taught his power as a Dark Side Adept is equivalent to that of a Clone War era Jedi Knight, no match against a former member of the Jedi Council.

But he brought his Dark Jedi Force Senstive Shadow Guards which swarmed her, until a sniper was able to blast her saber out of her hand and wound her with a blast at chest, and X1 and his Guards combined their power to sent Shaak Ti falling into the Ancient Abyss via Force Push.

He killed Shaak Ti to bring the planet fully to the Dark Side, and have the Felusians and Maria Brood do what they did to distract Tasogare's Empire while his final preparations for his plan is complete.

It was at that point Thanaton found X1 and joined him as his Sith Master and adviser.
With Thanaton at his side X1 became more powerful.

Soon he tracked down his "father" and brother Falon Grey and X2 to Dantioone.  His going there is personal buisness to do away with his brother whom he felt vegetated him when he ran away at the Clone Wars end and to kill Grey to fully cut ties with his past.

He used a regiment of his newly reorganized army to invade Felon Grey's settlement.

X2 trained by Grey was now a Jedi Knight, and fought against the New Order Troopers and Dark Jedi defending the settlers.

But the tide change when X1's shuttle landed and he came out with his new master and his Royal Guards.

"Hello brother it's been a while," said X1 looking at X2's Jedi knight outfit.

"X1 is that you?" Asked X2 looking at his shaved tattoo head and his black armored outfit.  "What have you done to yourself."

"Enough banter Apprentice we must leave before our enemies catches wind of what we did here finish them now."

"As you wish Lord Thanaton," said X1 as he drew his saber and fired Force Lighting at them.

Both Jedi blocked with their light sabers.

Grey leaped to cross blades with X1, X2 began fighting the non-force sensitive Royal Guards wielding Force Pikes.

Thanaton watched the skirmish at first but when he saw armed Dantioonie settlers coming to defend their Jedi protectors he began striking them down with storms of lightning.

X1 has become more powerful since his fight with Shaak Ti after being under Thanaton's tutelage. But while Falon Grey is weaker than Shaak Ti, he's still more skilled and experienced than the dark clone.

X1 was able to put a fight but was outmatched.

X2 meanwhile finished defeating the Royal Guards and began running towards Thanaton to stop him from killing settlers. 

Thanaton fired a blast of powerful Lightning from one hand at X2.

X2 jumped over the blast blade at ready to strike Thanaton as he lands at him.

Thanaton erected a Static Barrier, a forcefield of Force Lightning energy, it not only repelled X2 when he collided into it but shocked him.  He fell on his back at the ground senseless.

Thanaton then lifted him up with the Force and fired a powerful jolt of lightning into him, burning his flesh as well as shocking him.

At that moment, Falon Grey bested X2 at swordplay, slashing his armored chest wounding him, and took his saber at his other hand.  He crossed the blades near his neck, making it like a scissor motion, having him at his mercy.

"You should realize you destroy your enemies when you make peace with them," said Falon Grey as he intended to show mercy to his other "son".  By releasing the blades around his neck and dropping his saber at his feet.

"You should realize you you only make peace when you destroy your enemies completely!" Roared X1 as he brushed off his "father's" naive act of mercy by firing Force Lightning from both hands fueled by his anger. 

Falon Grey was able to block attack with his saber, but he looked behind him to see Thanaton killing X2.

While still holding back X1's lightning, Grey jumped out of the way of X1's attack, leap towards Thanaton and X2, and landed between Thanaton and X2, who was writhing at the ground his burned body smoking.

As he landed he blocked Thanaton's burst of lightning with his Saber.

"Impressive Jedi you are skilled enough to block the Dark Side attack of a true Sith Master.  But I'll show you its for naught," said Thanaton as he unleashed his full strength.  His Lightning became so powerful that is burst through Grey's defenses as his saber exploded in his hands. Defenseless, Grey was engulfed in Lightning, suffering worse damage than X2.

When Thanaton was done, Grey was a smoldering limp body near X2, his hair gone and skin burned in third degree burns.  It was as if Grey was caught in an explosion instead of Lightning.

"Let's go they aren't long of this world apprentice, there's nothing more for us here" said Thanaton as he turned back toward the shuttle.

X1 picked up his saber as he followed Thanaton.  "You should have spared his saber it would have made a nice trophy."

"To be Sith isn't to covet trinkets apprentice its to covet victory above all else.  You shouldn't expose yourself to corrupting Jedi tools anyway.  Let's not waste any time I sense Tasogare's forces arriving already engaging our expendable forces we left in orbit. We done what you wanted now it's time to focus on other things. Time for the next step in our plan."

They boarded the shuttle and left before Tasogare appeared in a portal to see the death around him.  He saw the corpses of the settlers and the killed New Order troopers and noticed their armor how it's the same as the traditional Sith Imperial armor only in reverse color scheme.

He then saw the bodies of X2 and Falon Grey.  He saw X2 was alive, as Grey used the last of his strength to heal X2 to save him from dying before he himself expired.

Tasogare then used Dark Transfer to finish healing X2 and attempted to revive Grey.  But he passed on peacefully into the Force and his spirit can't be called back.

So X2 was the only survivor of the incident.

Little did Tasogare know that the attack served to get himself away.
Back at the Executor, Starkiller returned to report that he succeeded in defeating Maris Brood and uncovered the truth of Ti's death.

He saw that his master wasn't at the bridge waiting for him but Vosa who returned from her own mission successful.

"Lady Vosa? Where is the Master?"

"He has more important things to do than worry about you boy," she replied walking towards him.

"I dont have time for this if he isn't here I'll wait for him in my quarters until he summons me," said Starkiller turning to leave.

Vosa jumped between him and the door, drawing her hilts of her sabers without drawing the blades yet.

"He isn't going to summon you anymore, he doesn't need you anymore.  I'm all that he needs now," she said drawing her sabers while releasing her power.

"You are stronger than before..." Noted Starkiller as he drew his own saber.

"It is because of the Master's gift to me.  I tracked down the traitor Lord Jerec, after hunting down his minions and killed them.  With Imperial Knight Katarn's and Imperial Agent Ors Help we destroyed his power bases and tracked him to Russan.  Katarn defeated him and freed the souls of the Valley of the Jedi as the Master ordered.  And as my reward I took the  power of the Valley for myself.  I'm reborn whelp.  More powerful than you can imagine.  Only I'm worthy in being the Master's Wrath, and I'll prove it by destroying you," she laughed then snarled as she swung her blades channeling Force energy into them.

Starkiller blocked her blades but was pushed back by the burst of Force Energy she released.
He was almost thrown off his feet, he had to stab his blade against the ground to anchor himself.

"I don't care how strong you are Vosa.  I will keep serving the Master. You will not interfere," he jumped toward her and they began clashing blades.

Vosa swung both blades agressively to get through his defenses, but was forced to move her face back to barely evade a counter slash from Starkiller. 

She did a couple of back flips before jumping forward over Starkiller. When she landed at the ground she fired a powerful Force Push from behind Starkiller sending him
Flying against the wall violently.

She dashed forward to impale him against wall, but when she stabbed at him she was only stabbing the wall.

Starkiller evaded with Force enhanced speed and swung his blade while Vosa's back was exposed.

She barely had time to take her Sabers out of the wall and turn around to parry the attack.  As the fight goes on Vosa realized that Starkiller wasn't just keeping up with her he was getting stronger. Each strike, each evasion, each parry( his strength, speed, reflexes and agility becomes greater.

She was supposed to be one of the most powerful Sith in the galaxy now that she had the Valley's Power, and yet this young man who hasn't been reborn by the Valley yet is keeping up with her.  No is starting to overpower her.

Her Master once said that this boy has the potiental to rival the Skywalker's and surpass Sidious, can this be true?

She jumped in the air to avoid a blast of lightning, to see Starkiller already in the air over her, he Force Pulled her into his grip then shocked her with Lightbing before repelling her with Force Push sending her flying to slam against the bridge window causing it to crack.

Her sabers fell off her hands from yet impact and she fell on her back.

She looked up senselessly as Starkiller walked toward her.

Suddenly a voice was heard behind him.  "That of enough Starkiller.  It's not longer necessary."

Starkiller looked behind him to see Count Dooku.  He was one of his teachers in saber combat.

Starkiller kneeled before the Dark Lord and said, "Lord Tyranus what are you doing here? Where's the Master?"

"The Master has other duties attend to, I'll be taking over things here."

"What is your bidding?" Asked Starkiller before  he looked out the window to see warships coming out of  Hyperspace. 

They were three Star Destroyers, but that bore the red Crest of the New Order.

"Wha-" started Starkiller before my was stabbed through the abdomen by Dooku's saber, and was stabbed again by a syringe he was carrying on his other hand, sucking up blood.

Starkiller fell on the ground wounded before Dooku lifted him up sending him crashing into the walls and was sent flying through the bridge window into the vacuum of space.

Vosa got up with sabers on her hands shocked, she may have wanted to put Starkiller in her place but was still shocked that her former master did the deed.

Before she could react Dooku Force pushed her into space as well, through another window.

Dooku then turned to take out a holocommincator, and the images of Thanaton and X1 appeared.

"It's done Lord Thanaton, I killed the boy after taking a sample of his DNA. X1's secret cloning Facilities will make use of it and clone us the ultimate Apprentice unspoiled by Tasogare's corruption."

"Well done Lord Tyranus," replied Thanaton, now take my ships and head to the next part of the plan."

"And this Star Destroyer in construction?"

"Leave it we can't have Tasogare know what happened here.  Destroying or commandeering this incomplete Super Star Destroyer would alert him.  Let him simply think the boy is missing, and that you are still on his side."

"As you wish Lord Thanaton, it's the least I can do.  You saved me from his spell, with my mind clear we can finally achieve the design of my late former Master, and create an Empire of men, ruled by Sith unspoiled from Jedi dogma."

"Yes the time of the one true dark Sith Empire ruled by the Old Ways is coming."

Starkiller and Vosa's bodies were floating in space until two Imperial Probe Droids retrieved them taking their bodies to an undisclosed location.

To Starkiller all was black, except faint dream images. Soon he heard the voice of a droid, "Lord Shadow, he's gaining consciousness."

"Good work keep him restrained."

"Yes sir."

Soon Starkiller's eyes opened wide as he screamed to life.  "AAARRRGHHHHH!!!!"

He was dressed in a medical specimen's garb, and his limbs were restrained to the table.

He turned to see Tasogare standing Over him.


"No I was tricked. Dantoonie was attacked by Dark Jedi brandishing a new sigil.  The attack was both personal and was designed to keep me away from you when you returned.  Lord Tyranus has betrayed us.  He sided with the insurgents in secret.  It appears be broke my spell that made him....complacent,  he had sided with them partly because he wants revenge for be controlling his mind all these years and also because he as one of the architects of the  New Order Ideology and wanted an Empire of Men.

"He turned on you because of your potential, and because of your loyalty to me.  He knew because he couldn't turn you he did this to you.  But fortunately PROXY was cloaked using his hologram shape shifting capabilities and witnessed Dooku's treachery.  He send probe droids to fish you and Vosa whom he betrayed as well from space, informed me, and brought you to the Imperial Science vessel Empirical to be rebuilt.  With a mix of the advanced technology of this ship and my healing powers, you are revived.  I also had the scars you received from your training removed."


"Dooku must think you are dead.  I have no real evidence of his treachery to use against him in the Dark Council, and in some ways it's better for him to think he's unseen.

"You will use this to your advantage to go into hiding and track down Rohm Kota he may never have been with the New Order, but he was close to some of the former Jedi that are now Dark Jedi affiliated with the New Order.  He might now locations of hidden bases he had used when he was with them.

"So for now you must cut ties to your past, I gave your lightsaber a blue crystal and in your ship there's  a new Jedi outfit so you will appear to The General as a Jedi to gain his trust.

"There's nothing more for me to teach you, to realize your true potential you must learn from a Real Jedi. Only then will you obtain complete mastery of the Force and realize the Force in its purest form."

"Will I still be a Sith?"

"You'll be more than Sith, and more than Jedi.  But it's up to you really who you prefer to call yourself.  The hero Revan was both Sith and Jedi and called himself a Jedi afterward.  If you wish to remain Sith after this mission, then you are welcome to return as my Wrath. Now go and remember the Force is with you always," said Taso as his image disappeared revealing he was communicating through PROXY all along and wasn't in the vessel. 

He left  Starkiller to begin a journey that would change his life, and change the fate of the Galaxy.


Short: Tasogare's Imperial Troubles
Happy Summer everyone enjoy it while u all can lol

Revan Shadow, Tasogare Shadow, Darth Kai, by me
Star Wars Canon Themes, characters by Lucasarts
Kingdom Hearts themes and characters owned by Square Enix created by Teysuya Nomura

Revan Shadow Keyblade Master and founder of Organization Keyblade has only one living blood relative his ancestor Tasogare Shadow.

Tasogare and Revan came from the same family but were born in two different worlds.

The Shadow family originally came from Hollow Shadow Revan's home world, However a mutual
Ancestor  of theirs was a scientist who discovered a way to cross over to other worlds.

For a family trip and to test his discovery, the scientist sent his family on a trip to another world.

The world they came to was the Star Wars Universe in the Age of the Great Hyperspace War when the Ancient Sith Empire met its demise.

The fleeing Sith forces captured the Shadow family and made them
Slaves to settle on Dromund Kaas, capital of the resurgent Sith Empire under the rule of Lord Vitiate the immortal and powerful Sith Emperor.

Tasogare Shadow was born a slave in the age before the resurgent Sith Empire revealed itself in the first Galactic War.  He was born with the gift of the Force and became a Sith and fought in the Galactic War and the Cold War following it.

Tasogare gained the title Darth Shadow and befriended the Sith Warrior Darth Malgus and fought with him in the Sacking of Coruscaunt.

Tasogare from a young age extended his youth in life prolonging Sith Rituals, and became a pretty powerful Sith Lord with a modest reputation. 

Despite being Sith, Tasogare was compassionate and logical in thinking, and learned to embrace both Dark and Light Side which gave him a power hardly any other Sith has.

Tasogare saw the frailty of the current Sith Empire and how it's savage cruelty, corruption in the inside, and disunity would be his people's undoing.  He believed in order to save it he must rebuild from
The ashes of defeat like the Sith Emperor before him did.

He used Rakata Technology to produce a fleet of Worker droids that uses force energy as a building material, to create a superstructure that has the capabilities of previous Rakata facilities that was used by the Sith  before but was destroyed.

His creation is called the Star Foundry, a giant space station orbiting a star at an unknown star system Tasogare discovered which he planned to use as his new capital of his new Sith Empire, using both Force and solar energy it is capable of building unlimited ships, weapons, droids, and other things.

Using that unlimited resource Taso hoped to rebuild the Empire should it fall to the Old Republic.

He would then used Jedi/Revanite/New Empire reforms as the foundation of his Empire, as well as teaching new generations of Sith both dark and light side and have them take the role as guardians of the citizens of the Empire as much as force wielding elite super solders and civilians.

He would hope his reformed Sith Empire would be more appealing to the freedom seeking common man, reducing chances of rebellion and infighting in the future.  He had other plans in place to insure that his idea would work.

He hoped Malgus would provide the military support they need to make it work,

But soon as the Sith was losing to the Republic and the Sith Emperor lost after fighting the Hero of Typhon, it became clear Tasogare needed a cornerstone that would be the foundation which the Empire would be built, and he felt it was the Sith Emperor himself.

He tracked him down and offered him his idea to save the Empire.  He didn't realize that the Emperor was stopped by the Hero of Typhon was because he was mad.

The price of immortality in his ritual, was pain and it eventually numbed his soul and driven him mad with paranoia in fear of death and believed repeating his immortality ritual and purge and absorb all life in Galaxy he would be safe and like a god in an eternally peaceful lifeless universe.

He agreed to Tasogare's plan, made him immortal, his apprentice, and vizier in the new Empire they would built only because he wanted to bide hid time, wait for the right chance to resume his true ambition to destroy all life.

He also allowed Taso to save Malgus from death and make him immortal to dominate his will and make him his new enforcer as his Wrath.

The Emperor, Taso, and Malgus went into hiding, believing to be dead by thy rest of the Galaxy.

But without Taso realizing, the Emperor spilt his soul
Into two and created a doppelgänger of himself to return to
Galaxy in a final attempt to fulfill his true plans turning on both Empire and Republic alike.

When the double was defeated and he eventually recovered his missing half and return it to himself.

When the Empire eventually lost To the Republic, Tasogare revealed himself and ordered to the remaining Sith forces to make exodus to his haven he prepared.

The Sith that didn't make the exodus and remained in the known Galaxy eventually evolved into the modern Sith Order, Darth Bane's Rule of Two.

Tasogare and the True Sith Order he created recongized Bane's Sith as a rogue faction that followed obsolete teachings.  The True Sith became as numerous as the Jedi and connected to both sides of the force, and took the roles as guardians of imperial citizens as much as military super solders.
The millennia that followed the exodus Tasogare grew stronger and wiser with experience of his immortal life and under the Sith Emperor's tutelage and eventually developed a force technique that allowed him to cross over to the land of his ancestors Hollow Shadow.  He sired a new generation of the Shadow family, which Revan Shadow was eventually born from that family line.

Revan eventually met his ancestor when he became a powerful Keyblade Master as head of his own group.

By then Tasogare realized the Emperor's madness and seeked Revan and his team's help to help overthrow him in a Kaggath challenge.

Tasogare and Revan did defeat the Emperor And sent his immortal soul to death, but Tasogare died in the fight.

However Tasogare embraced death to test out the ability Dark Transfer to revive himself from death. And in embracing death his power multiplied, giving him the strength to help Revan to defeat the Emperor. 

With the Emperor's defeat Tasogare was supposed to inherit his title as per rules of the Kaggath, but Tasogare feared of being  corrupted by the absolute power of the throne and never really wanted to rule, content in being the power behind the throne; allowed Malgus who became free of the Emperor's control was given the title Emperor.

But Tasogare later regretted the decision, realizing that Malgus unlike him wasn't spared from the same madness the former Sith Emperor had, in addition retained his Sith Warrior savagery he had when he was mortal, making him a liability to Tasogare's vision to bring peace to the Galaxy and make the reformed Sith Empire triumphant as the dominating power of the Galaxy.

At this point in time the Old Republic  was reaching the climax of its Clone Wars, a conflict created by Bane's Rule of Two Sith to weaken the Jedi's power and numbers while increasing the power of the Dark Side and giving Palpatine/Darth Sidious the Dark Lord of the Order, who infiltrated the government and became the Supreme Chancellor, the power to become Emperor legally.

But the Bane Sith Order was known to the True Sith since its inception. When Vitiate was Alive he sent agents to infiltrate the Republic, Jedi, and even Palpatine's inner circle, to make use of Sidious' Grand Plan to make the war he needed.

When the Sith Emperor was Alive he planned to take advantage of the Clone Wars to fuel his ritual to purge the Galaxy of all life.  But the arrival of invading force absent aliens from another Galaxy the Yuuzhan Vong diverted his attention.

The war With the Vong weakened both the Empire and Emperor, which gave Tasogare the chance to overthrow him with aid of his relative and Organization Keyblade.

Now the Clone Wars reached its end, and the reformed Sith Empire was in need of new resources and territory, as the Vong destroyed a number of worlds and all but destroyed the Star Foundry, their main caregiver of weapons and resources.

Tasogare already had plans to built a second Star Foundry but it'll take decades for it to be finished.

The military of the Sith Empire was still strong and numerous being made up of a mix of civilian recruits of numerous species, clone solders  made up from multiple templates a technology adapted from Imperial Spies at Kamino, and Droid Solders some adapted from Separatist Designs provided by spies in the Confederacy of Independent Systems.  

Imperial military technology is a mix of anicient upgraded Sith Imperial Tech, adapted Old Republic and Confederate tech provided by Imperial Spies.  Before the first Star Foundry was out of commission, it mass produced legions of Sith/Republic and confederate inspired warships, weapons, droids, and vehicles; as well as some super weapons.

After the Vong War a significant portion of the vast military the Sith Emperor prepared to escalate the Clone Wars, remained, capable of taking on the weakened forces of the CIS and the Republic.

But with the Emperor out of the way, Tasogare had plans of his own to end the Clone Wars in his favor.

Thus we open to the Battle of Coruscaunt, which Confederate Forces besiged the Republic capital with their droid armadas, and kidnapped Chancellor Palpatine for the Jedi to rescue.

Republic Heroes Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi went to rescue Palpatine and faced off the Confederate Leader the Dark Lord Count Dooku.

The duel was really a test by Sidious to prove Anakin can be turned to the Dark Side and surpass his current apprentice Dooku.

Dooku merely thought the duel was to test Skywalker and either make him a dark side minion or Dooku would give himself up and "defect" to the Republic side to end the war in the Republic's favor.

But he failed to realize that Sidious planned to replace Dooku with Anakin, as he has the potential to surpass even Tasogare as the strongest Force User in existence.

In Bane's Rule of Two there can only be two Sith Lords at a time, they can train numerous Force Users as Dark Jedi and Dark Side minions but not as formal Sith.

Sidious planned to have Skywalker as his heir and to do that Dooku who had been a placeholder all this time was to be cast aside.

And he was when Skywalker severed his hands and head.

In Sidious's design, Darth Tyranus had outlived his usefulness, but not Tasogare's.

As soon as Palpatine, Skywalker, and Kenobi were gone, Tasogare appeared out of a wormhole portal of Force Energy created by Tasogare's transportation technique, he telekinietically lifted Dooku's headless body, his severed head and limbs, and his saber and took them back inside his portal going to another destination.

And that was Serenno, Dooku's homeworld, which he holds the title of count over.  He has a stronghold there which severed as his main power base during the war.  Now it's left vacant as Dooku sent everything with him to the front lines.

Tasogare decided to revive Dooku there to have him awaken in a familiar environment away from the interference of the war.

Tasogare planned to revive him using Dark Transfer, a very rare Force Healing ability which utilizes Dark Side Healing, Shatterpoint, and Force Lightning to heal a person from virtually any sound and aliment, and can revive the recently dead.

Tasogare used the technique on himself when he allowed the Sith Emperor to strike himself down to die and test the ability out and revive himself from death stronger than before.

Now he hopes to use the technique to revive Dooku.

He first lifted his lifeless body into the air and stood up upright, then he put his severed head and limbs at their former spots at the arms and neck, like putting a severed limbs of a doll back together.

He then fired Force Lightning as Dark Transfer into the body and it began healing as severed arms and head began to reattach upon healing.  Tasogare then kept using Dark Transfer in effort to heal and revive Dooku's body.

After a few minutes of attempting, Dooku's eyes opened once more as he gave out a gasp of fresh air.

With that Tasogare released Dooku and have him fall on his knees gasping for air.

He looked at his arms in disbelief and said, "What Sorcery is this? Am I not dead?"

"You are alive Lord Tyranus and it's by my hand," said Tasogare.

Dooku looked at him and his surroundings realizing he's on his home world.

"Who are you? What happened? And why you brought me here?"

"I am Tasogare Shadow, my title is Darth Shadow Dark Lord of the Sith. I represent the True Sith Empire."

"That civilization and order is no more, there are only two Sith now."

"The Old Republic and Jedi Order thought your order was gone too and yet here you are, the same happened to my civilization.  I can assure you we are still here and are planning to retake our rightful place in the Galaxy.  And for that I need your aid."

"To betray the Dark Lord is folly...what Hope can you have against him...what hope I have against him on my own?"

"We have our own army, which have obtained powers from both armies you created for this Clone Wars.  With the armies of the Republic weakened and your influence over the Droid Armies we can overthrow and assimilate the Republic as our own and overthrow Sidious as his order is a rival to ours.

"As for how I can stand against him is simple, it's because I am immortal. I fought in the Galactic Wars millennia ago and became as strong as any member of the Dark Council before the Empire's decline.  I learned from the Sith Emperor's feet who made me his second in gratitude in coming up with a plan to salvage the Empire from Republic.  In addition I followed the ways of the Jedi Hero Revan, and mastered both sides of the force which gave me power like no other.  In addition of the Emperor's training I had thousands of years of experience.  I have conquered death as I demonstrated on you, and the Emperor.  And found a way to reborn myself in the Force to expand my already great power.  To conclude the Clone Wars made us stronger as it did you and Sidious.

"What you should have been asking was not what hope I have against Sidious, it's what hope Sidious has against me!" Said Taso as he released a portion of his power.  The entire room became filled with dark violet energy.  Taso's eyes glowed the same color.

Dooku not only felt an ocean of immense power over him but felt pressure so great it was as if he was at the bottom of the sea that was Taso's power. He collapsed at the ground from the pressure gasping for air.  Just as he felt as if he was going to get smothered by the power, Taso stopped and the air was normal again.

"And that was only a portion of my strength as I have to keep rest surpressed to prevent others like the Jedi or Sidious from finding me.  The strength I possess could be yours too, it's the Force's true power when Dark and Light are conquered and united as one. That's the strength my order, the True Sith possess, which are as numerous as the Jedi are.

"The way of the old ways of the Sith has failed, the way of the Jedi has failed, it's time for the era of the True Sith to begin.  The question is do you like to be part of it Dooku?" He asked as he placed Dooku's saber near him.

Dooku was still on his knees panting recovering from feeling Tasogare's pressure, as he looked at the his curved Saber at his feet. He took the saber and  held it as he kneeled and said "What is thy bidding my master?"

Tasogare smiled under his mask and said, "I felt a kindred spirit in you Dooku, everything you did you did was in your point of view for the best of the Galaxy.  You tried to adapt the ways of the Jedi and Sith in the New Order you envisioned.  Now it's time to realize your dream at my side.  Henceforth I shall give you the title Darth Tyrannus, Dark Lord of the Sith in my order.  There is a vacancy at my Dark Council, you shall fill it as head of the Sphere of Ancient Knowledge. You shall safeguard the knowledge of our order, which you shall be tasked in giving the knowledge that your former order and the Jedi possess and make it our own. Now I have one final gift for you as a reward for your loyalty," he said as he placed his hand on Dooku's head, and used his power to unlock the latent Force Power within Dooku making him stronger.

Dooku looked at his hands and grinned feeling as if he can take on the entire Jedi Council now.

What Dooku didn't realize though was that Taso implanted an insurance for Dooku's loyalty as well. Another thing he learned from the late Sith Emperor was how to dominate others to his will.  While he felt genuine loyalty from within Dooku, he also knew that he's still a treacherous snake who betrayed the Jedi and had plans to betray Sidious had he had a chance.  He couldn't risk betrayal in the future thus he influenced Dooku's will and eliminated any seeds of doubt from Tasogare's mind by dominating him into his will.  Dooku wouldn't even realize it as his will wasn't changed much other than genuine loyalty to his new master.

"Thank you my Lord. What happens next?" Asked Dooku as he stood up.

Taso put his arm around his new apprentice and replied.  "We are going to change the Galaxy." 

They walked together as Taso formed another portal and they left.

What Taso did next was revive Dooku's former Jedi Apprentice Komari Vosa.  After being captured and tortured by the crime syndicate the Bando Gora, Vosa became mad in the dark side and was ruining the plans for Sidious and Dooku.

Dooku had her eliminated and found a worthy template for Clone Army at same time by hiring Jango Fett to hunt her down.  Dooku delivered the finishing blow and gave Vosa's lightsabers to his future now currently failed apprentice Asaji Ventress.

Dooku had Vosa's body preserved and buried in a catacomb within his estate.  As he saw her as a failure, he did had an attachment to her as he did to all of his apprentices.

Vosa has been dead for ten plus years and while her body is preserved, it might still be not possible for even Tasogare to revive her, as Dark Transfer only succeeded to reviving the recently dead.

But Taso decided to experiment with a Sith Sorcery art by using Dooku's blood in a Sith Sorcery ritual to use the former bond between Dooku and Vosa to call her spirit from Chaos and transfer it inside her corpse which Taso then attempted to revive via Dark Transfer.

It worked, Vosa was resurrected.  Taso didn't need to manipulate Vosa's will as she instantly became infatuated to her strong and mighty savior who saved her from death and made her stronger.  She possessed her undying loyalty to Taso right away.

Taso took her as his new Sith Apprentice and bodyguard, and at the completion of her training he shall give her the title Darth Vosa.  But until then that title shall be put on hold. He used his Sith Sorcery to create replicas of her former lightsabers, created from Force Energy.

He then presented his new disciples to Emperor Malgus who approved in using them in his plan to reclaim the Galaxy.

Now they waited until it was time for Order 66.  Until then Tasogare trained his new apprentices in his unique ways of the Force, as Dooku had to remain dead to the known Galaxy until the time is right. 

We forward a few days to the minutes after General Grievous died at the hands of Obi-Wan Kenobi on Utapau.

As soon as the Jedi Master left, Taso appeared in a Force portal and collected the next pawn in his plan.

As the Cyborg was recently dead, and didn't have much of a body to begin with, it was a small matter to revive the Droid General using Dark Transfer.  He dominated the Kalesh's will to insure his loyalty.

We then forward a few hours to after Mace Windu and the Jedi Council on Courescant failed to arrest Palpatine after Anakin discovered his was a Sith Lord.  Anakin in the end betrayed Windu to save the man he felt who would save his wife from certain death.

The fallen Jedi Knight was then made a Dark Lord of the Sith of Bane's Order, under the title Darth Vader.

Vader's first task was to lead the clone legion he led as a Jedi, the 501st, the Republic's finest to invade the Jedi Temple and purge of all Jedi, while Palpatine issues Order 66, activating a program within the Clone Troopers minds to recognize their Jedi Generals as traitors to the Republic and wipe them out.

It was at that moment Tasogare reveals his true plan, Sith Imperial ships will appear throughout the Galaxy saving Jedi from their Clone Troopers while wiping out Republic ships.

Dooku would reveal himself with Grevious to the Confedracy alive and well, and will meet the Separatist council on Mustafar, which he, Vosa and Grevious would wipe the corrupt Separatist leaders out and will blame the treachery on Sidious, and will turn  virtually all remaining Droid Forces to side with the Sith Forces in wiping out the Republic clone forces.

On Coruscant, Malgus will lead an armada of Sith warships, which will be a mix of modernized Harrower Dreadnaughts, Sith Venator and Imperator Class Star Destroyers donned in black and red Sith colors, and numerous confederate warships also donned in Sith colors.

With Republic forces spread thin, it's capital is exposed.

Malgus will personally lead forces to take the Jedi Temple, while Tasogare ordered Sith and Imperial troops to save Jedi throughout the Galaxy, Malgus has the intent to kill clones and Jedi alike, with plans to finish what he started at the sacking of Coruscant millennia ago and bombard the planet to slag once he's done sacking the Temple and Senate.

Malgus' incentive ruins Tasogare's plans but he had a contingency in place to make things his way, by counting on Malgus to eventually face off Vader and hope that they'll kill one another or eachother.

Despite Malgus being his oldest friend, Tasogare saw that making him Emperor in his place was a foolish decision as Malgus followed the old Sith ways of savagery when he was mortal.  Now freed from the Sith Emperor's control he reverted in his old ways and prepared to lead the Empire in a bloody long war.

Tasogare planned to make the conflict as short as possible as the Empire is still weakened from Vong War, and he had plans for both Jedi and Sith in his own New Order, which is why he ordered his troops to save them from their turncoated Clone Troopers. 

It took millennia for him to create a stable Sith Order whose members have the ferocity and desire for strength as Sith and the will and discipline as Jedi.  Malgus is like a relic of the ancient past brought out of time, he truly doesn't belong in this era.

Tasogare witnessed the frailty of the old ways before and how it nearly destroyed the Sith, he wouldn't allow it to happen again.

To see his vision realized he's prepared to sacrifice Malgus in fighting Vader, having him die in battle and have himself ascend as Emperor as Malgus named him his only heir.

Meanwhile as Malgus began the attack on the Jedi Temple, Tasogare appeared at Palpatine's Chancellor just as he finished sent Order 66 to be transmitted throughout Clone Army, and was sitting at his executive chair at his desk just receiving Word that Malgus and Taso's forces 

His Red Guards turned to face the lone intruder, Taso drew his saberstaff and activated the twin black with red outline blades and struck down the guards effortlessly.

"And who is this?" Asked Sidious.  "Are you behind the forces attacking my planet? Are you an apprentice of Tyranus seeking revenge with your own army masquerading as the long gone forces of the resurgent Sith Empire?"

"This isn't a masquerade. These are the forces of the true Sith Empire, and the blade you cast aside is actually my new apprentice.  My name is Tasogare Shadow, my title is Darth Shadow Dark Lord of the Sith, and I represent the one true Sith Empire.  Your time is finished Sidious."

Sidious gave a cackling laugh.  "That civilization and name you mentioned only exists in history books now.  The time of that Sith Order is finished.  There is only one order, one vision that shall decide decide the fate of the universe.  Mine.  I am the Sith Emperor's heir and I shall create an Empire for the Sith that shall last tens of thousands of years and beyond. This is my era now, stop this amusing farce."

Tasogare shakes his head as he replied, "it's you who needs to wake up Lord Sidious, and allow me to give you a dose of reality.  I challenge you to a Kaggath, your title and resources against Mine.  Whoever wins proves themselves as worthy in being Dark Lord and takes everything that the loser has."

A reason why Sidious isn't taking Tasogare seriously is because Tadogare has suppressed his power to a point his power seems equivalent to an average Jedi Knight.  He purposely wants Sidious to underestimate him until the very end.

"Hm for a Sith Pretender you are bold and well learned in Ancient Sith traditions.  Very well I accept your challenge to show you what folly it is to stand against me," said Palpatine as he rose from his chair and raised his hands forward.  "Behold and experience the full power of the Dark Side."

He fired a blast of Sith Lightning at Taso to be surprised he deflected the blast with the flick of his wrist and redirected it to hit the ceiling away from him. Taso crossed his arms as the blast exploded nearby.

"Impressive you are more skilled than you appear. Let's see how long you last," said Sidious as he fired another blast of lightning more powerful then before.

This time Taso caught it with a single hand holding the blast back.

Sidious grunted as he mustered more power into his attack, trying to overpower Taso's defenses, but there was no change.

Soon Tasogare pushed the energy he blocked back at Palpatine, zapping him with his own energy as he was thrown against office window violently making it crack.

Palpatine stood up with his body smoking, he gave a primal hiss of hate as he drew his Sith lightsaber and lunged with a primal roar completely serious now.

Tasogare drew a single blade of his Saberstaff and crossed blades with Sidious.

They moved so fast their bodies moved in blurs and their blades moved in multiple streaks of light making it appear that multiple blades were striking against eachother.

The high speed duel went on for at least half a minute, until Taso was able to kick the blade out of his hands.

Palpatine was about to blast out lightning in retaliation before Taso telekinetically repelled him into his seat, causing it to fall backward.

Palpatine got up and fired lightning with all his power and might, still being held back by Taso's single hand.

"My turn," said Taso as he begun absorbing the lightning and channeled the absorbed power into his other hand while combining it with his own power, causing that hand to charge with tremendous lightning energy.

When Taso released the lightning to strike Palpatine it was so strong an explosion of lightning Burst out the windows outside, when the dust cleared or showed Palpatine still alive but Barely, his aide and Vice-Chancellor Mas Amedda, who was spectating his master's battle was laid nearby him as a pile of ashes.

Palpatine began to use Dark Side healing to sustain him, and give him the strength to start to get up, until Taso stabbed him at the chest with a long blade of lightning energy, formed from his hand.

Palpatine collapsed mortally wounded.

"Don't despair Lord Sidious even if you had defeated me the battle could have ended the same, look here you have doomed yourself by simply fighting me," he pointed to reveal a camera droid with a rare cloaking device decloaking near them.  That droid has feed to the Republic holo-net which had gone viral.

All republic citizens had witnessed their chancellor was really a Force User, even if they do not know what a Sith Lord is and what he really done , the people have seen the man who was supposedly helpless against a Jedi Assassination and a Separatist Kidnapping, muster so much power as force user.

Palpatine realize that he indeed has doomed himself in fighting Tasogare seriously, which was why Taso dragged out the fight.

"It is over for you, now everyone will know how you deceived them.  Following that the rest of your lies will unravel.  There is only darkness for you and death to your legacy and order.  What happened today is just beginning. Finally the Sith will claim their rightful place in the Galaxy, but it won't be your vision that shall unite the Galaxy.  It shall be mine. Ah good you haven't learned Essence Transfer yet it makes it easier for me.  And now Dark Lord, with your defeat the Kaggath is complete, your title, your empire, your resources are now mine, and you shall receive the eternal shame you deserve as your reward for the Kaggath."

"It can't be! I live as energy I am eternal I am the Dark Side!"

"And that's why you lose.  You fail to realize you are still a man that and you only mastered one half of the force.  Now pay for your lack of vision..." Said Taso as he force pulled the wounded Palpatine into his blade.

As Palpatine died his body exploded in a rush of dark side energy, tearing apart his Chancellor executive apartments.

But Taso stood in midst of it all unfazed.  He turned to see a group of Sith Warriors entering the room.

One of them is Taso's oldest servant Darth Kai.  Who served with him when he was mortal.  When he perfected his own immortality ritual he immortalized Kai as one of his first test subjects to prove the validity of his ritual.

Still he hardly if ever saw the man behind the hood and mask.

Kai kneeled before Tasogare she said, "Dark Lord congratulations on completing the Kaggath, you have affirmed your worthiness.  My Lord we have claimed the Senate Building as per your orders we holding all senators prisoner."

"Good and what of the Jedi Temple?"

"The fighting is still going my lord but fortunately Emperor Malgus began fighting Vader not long after arriving.  He was too busy to overule your orders to spare the Jedi."

"Good prepare the holonet to make a broadcast to both our and Old Republic territories, I wish to make a broadcast when I return."

"As you wish my Lord return from where?"

"The Temple."

Tasogare soon appeared at the top spire of the Temple where the Jedi Council meets.

He saw yoinglings hiding at the corner of the room behind the chairs of the Council members.

"Are you with the bad clone solders?" Asked the youngling.

"No I'm here to rescue you from them where is Master Skywalker?"

"He has gone mad, he was about to strike us down when this big bald man crashed through the window and challenged him to a battle, they fought and fell into the courtyard below."

"Stay right here young ones you have nothing to fear, I'm calling solders clad in black and red to save you, they'll take you to safety."

"Are you a Sith?" Asked a girl youngling.

"Yes and no, I am a Sith but not like the bad ones that only follow the Dark Side and use their power to make others suffer.  I'm a True Sith we follow both sides of the Force.  Following the Light prevent us from going insane while we gain strength from the dark as well.  We use our power to help others like you Jedi do."

"I don't understand."

"You will in time, for now understand that we are helping the Jedi saving them from the evil Sith and their minions.  My name is Tasogare."


"Nice to meet you its been a while since I met a Jedi stay put young one help will be coming soon."

Taso left in wisp of force energy and reappeared in the Temple Courtyard to see Malgus and the fallen Anakin Skywalker running eachother through With eachother's sabers.

Malgus uttered the word, "Eelena..." And Vader, "Padmé..." Before they collapsed upon eachother dead.

Taso saw the courtyard in ruins but not from the clone attack but from the intensity of Malgus and Vader's duel. Showing they had a long and epic fight before it ended with them killing eachother.

The battle ended better then Tasogare hoped.  He thought Vader having unlimited Force Potential would kill Malgus and Taso would have to finish him while he was weak from the fight.

With Malgus killed by Vader's hand, and Taso defeating Sidious of the rival Sith Order in the Kaggath, Tasogare has proven worthy in being Malgus' heir, as many felt he should have accepted the throne when he saved them from the Sith Emperor to begin with.

Taso kneeled to his old friend's side and said, "I'm sorry Veradun..but you are a man out of Time who refused to adapt with the times.  You couldn't listen to reason so this had to happen for good of the Empire.  I will not have another mad Sith Emperor on my head.  It's my fault really I should never had given you the throne.  I should have taken responsibility for our people.  I will correct that now.  Please forgive me old friend, rest and be with your beloved..."

Taso returned to the Senate building where he made a speech to the Galaxy.

He assured the people of Coruscant that and other Republic territories that they won't be harmed, they'll be recongized as full imperial citizens as long as they don't resist.

He identified the Sith Empire's reason for invasion is because they were ravaged by the Vong War and needed new resources and territory.  Another reason was take down a "rogue" Sith faction that didn't recognize their sovereignty and tried to make an Empire of their own from the Republic.

Dooku was portrayed as a victim, a man fooled by Sidious to create the CIS, a pawn manipulated as much as the Confederate and Republic factons.

Dooku gave a broadcast of his own on Mustafar after finishing his own mission, he "revealed" the truth of Sidious' treachery to the CIS supporters.

He was to be killed but was saved by the True Sith Empire who offers a quick end to the war and revenge on Sidious.  He called all CIS forces to join forces with the Sith Empire and aid them in engaging Sidious' remaining Clone Forces.

Both broadcasts concluded with the same result, Coruscant is occupied and the Old Republic is all but finished.

The Jedi seeing they both owed the Sith Empire for their salvation and their capital planet at their  mercy, most of them cooperated in giving themselves to Sith Imperial forces.

Many Jedi were wiped out by Order 66, but a good number of them survived because of the Sith Empire's intervention.

Tasogare gave the Jedi four choices in his new order, first to either give up their ways completely and live as normal citizens.  Second to convert in being True Sith.  Three remain Jedi but be part of a new organization Tasogare created inspired by force visions of possible futures and traveling to parallel worlds, the Imperial Knights, Jedi Knights trained to serve the Empire and Emperor much like the Sith Empire's own Royal Guards. and Palpatine's former Red Guard.  And four remain Jedi and live at a Jedi Enclave Reservation that the Empire would make on Typhon, which they can train new generations of Jedi and can even sent Knights throughout the Galaxy to help others like before but under Imperial supervision.

A number of Jedi were grateful in being rescued and some converted in being True Sith, some others accepted Taso's offer to preserve their Jedi ways and become Imperial Knights, some being genuinely loyal to Taso for saving them from Order 66.

Imperial Citizens that are Force Sensitive now have a choice to be either True Sith, Imperial Knight, Jedi, or normal citizen as it isn't mandatory for them to pick the other choices.

Kamino for the most part consented in recognizing the Sith Empire as new clients and called most of their Clone solders to return home and begun wearing the armor of a Sith Imperial Solder.

However, most clones were programmed to be loyal to the Old Republic, very few of them obeyed the order, the rest continued fighting in resistance against the Sith Empire.

Same as not all Jedi cooperated with Taso's offer, as some of their clone solders didn't receive Order 66 at all, some others actually resisted their programming and remained Loyal to the Jedi Generals.

Those Jedi that either retained control of their Clone Solders or refuse to recognize Sith Imperial sovereignty, rebelled against them in open arms.  But they were few in number compared to the Sith Imperial solders, Sith, and Battle Droids and would have to lead a guriella war.

A majority of the remaining Jedi Order complied with Taso's offer making the number of Jedi that rebelled a minority.

Some Republic  military officers influenced by Palpatine's ideals also resisted and joined forces with the resisting Clones and Jedi Generals.

Most of the CIS accepted Dooku's will to disband and join the Sith Empire.  Very few refused and either led insurrections of their own or joined forces with the rebelling Jedi Generals.

With Malgus' death Taso ascended in becoming the next Emperor, under that name Emperor Tasogare Shadow, Dark Lord of the Sith, and was coronated on Korriban.

Dooku was accepted in the Dark Council.  And Vosa became Taso's first Hand, his personal assassin.

Most of Palpatine's  supporters were rounded up and executed.

Yoda was hiding with the Wookies on Their homeworld after surviving Order 66, he accepted Tasogare's offer in making a Enclave on Typhon, where he would preserve his Order and the survivors who chosen to remain pure Jedi.

As Emperor, besides issuing the edicts that decided the Fate of the Jedi and created the Imperial Knights, Tasogare also made some other changes.

Dromund Kaas, the world where Taso was born millennia ago, was claimed by jungle, and was under the occupation of a Dark Side cult called the Prophets of the Dark Side.

Taso personally took them
Down and reclaimed the planet as one of two capitals for his Empire.

With the Galaxy as big as it was, he thought it was wise to divide the Galaxy in two, one half would be known as Kaas Space and the other half the Coruscanti Space.

Each half would have their own Imperial Senate which mostly has power over state affairs, giving Imperial Citizens some representation. Though a member of the Dark Council will preside and overlook the Senate as Praetor.

Federal affairs of the entire Empire will be handled by the Dark Council already hand picked by Taso when he was head of the Council, an authority he retained as Emperor, as he had final say over all affairs and has power to override them.  

Military governors or Grand Moffs will overlook the protection, and military affairs of planetary systems while reporting to the Dark Council and Emperor.

Tasogare being a private man  who really doesn't want to be involved in politics unless necessary, would  leave day to day affairs to Dark Council, Senates, and Grand Moffs.

Tasogare also created new centers of learning for future generations of True Sith.

Upon reclaiming Korriban, he recreated the Korriban Sith Academy there.

He also established two more Sith Academies on Yavin 4, Dromund Kaas, and created a Sith Temple upon a renovated and rebuilt Jedi Temple on Coruscant.

Besides the Jedi General Insurgency and Republic Clone and CIS resistance the Clone Wars ended with less bloodshed as it would have been. The Sith Empire successfully dominated the Galaxy, with revenge over the Old Republic.

Taso's vision of a unified and peaceful Galaxy has had a good start.

Meanwhile Taso was now watching the construction of a new battle station.

Until the second Star Foundry is complete, he would have to rely on conventional means to finish it.

It was the Death Star.

It was originally created by CIS Genosians, as a secret weapon in the Clone Wars. Now that Genosis is a member of the Sith Empire, the project was now under their control.

At his side stood Vosa, Dooku, and Grevious.

Taso decided to added some modifications to the battle station with the capacity to blow up planets, such as a Cloaking Device that could cover the whole station, and clearing up would be design flaws as Taso seen how fatal they would be upon traveling to parallel realities.

Taso doesn't plan to use the Battle Station as a symbol of fear when completed, he'll use it as a secret weapon to be used against the Empire's enemies, and a base for legions of Solders, Sith, and Imperial Knights.

When he was done overseeing, he left with Vosa.  He opened two separate portals, one for each of them to go through the portal leading to different places.

For Taso it led to Naboo.  Padmé Amidala-Skywalker, survived the ending of the war and gave birth to her twins Luke and Leia at her Naboo retreat after resigning as Senator.

Taso appeared at patio of her estate, as she was rocking the cradles of her near borne outside.  She saw him Walking up to her. 

"So the newly crowned Emperor has come to pay me a visit. I assume you know about my children somehow and who their father was?"

"Yes," he replied calmly.

"I know about your edicts and I refuse for them to become Sith or your Imperial Knight pawns.  They'll grow up to be Jedi like their father was."

"I respect your decision but that's not why I'm here."

"Why you here then?"

"I'm here to reunite you with an old friend," he stepped aside d
To show Obi-Wan Kenoi  behind him.

After surviving Order 66 in Utapau she retrieved by Imperial forces, Obi-Wan at first agreed to be a master at the new Jedi Enclave on Typhon, until Tasogare came to him to give him another choice to be the guardian of Skywalker's children and if the children wished train them become Jedi like their father was.

Padmè thought Obi-Wan died at the Purge. She was overjoyed to see him Alive.  She ran to hug him.

"I'm sorry for Skywalker's death, I may not have ended him but I do share in the responsibility for it.  Let the children grow up and decide for themselves whether they wish to be Jedi, Sith, politicians or something else.  It's their destiny let them grow up with the freedom to follow their passions.  Farewell." He turned to leave before Obi-Wan stopped him asking.  "Wait, if you know who the father is why risk having his children grow up to be Jedi, they may grow up to be your undoing, in fact why spare the Jedi at all?"

"I lived for a very long time Obi-Wan and if you have lived as long as I have you'll realize nothing truly ends. The Sith will never end and neither will the Jedi as long as the Force exists so will both of us.  Even if every single Jedi was destroyed their legacy will inspire a new generation to follow their footsteps in the future. I'm tired of the senseless fighting between light and dark.  While I can never end the fighting completely I could at least lessen it by doing what I did in effort to make Jedi and Sith co-exist.  It's not a perfect system but it'll at least buy some time for peace. I seen other futures and they would have been far more bloodier if I haven't intervened.  For now enjoy the future you have and farewell."

Later Taso returned to his space station now orbiting Dromund Kaas at his throne room, to give both Dooku and Vosa another gift, the gift of Immortality.

Upon reviving Vosa, a bond developed between them, which was another reason of her obedience and attraction to him.  The bond was strengthened once he completed his version of the immortality ritual on her.

She sat on her knees at his side like a loyal primal pet content on being on her master's side.

Before then was Dooku who returned from observing the Death Star Project. 

"Have you called for me master?"

"Yes Lord Tyranus, it's time for you to complete your first task.  Before I killed Sidious I touched his head and extracted his knowledge.  He had a lot of hidden secrets, hidden power bases,  weapons, stockpiles of knowledge, secret allies within our realm.  I have complied a data disk with the copy of the information.  You will use it to fulfill your mission: use your new position in the Dark Council to acquire the knowledge Sidious hid, sent assassins to hunt down and capture or kill his secret assets, and acquire his secret weapons of the Empire.  It's by my right as victor of the Kaggath that all that was Sidious' is mine now.  I'm leaving it to you my friend."

"It shall be done my Lord," bowed Tyranus before retrieving the disk from Taso and leaving.

Taso was glad he did dominated Dooku's will.  He was secretly a humancentrialist, a follower of a prejudiced philosophy that humans are superior to aliens.

It was no coincidence that the major leaders of the Separatist Alliance were mostly aliens. The Clone Wars was to demonize the alien races as enemies of the Republic, had Palpatine took power, the Empire would have been an Empire for men, aliens would have been second class citizens or Slaves to the Empire, aside from Force Users of any species that'll would have serve as Dark Side Adepts that'll serve as inquisitors and assassins for the Sith Lords.

The reformed Sith Empire is an a
empire for all sentient races, with a equality and no prejudices.

Dooku would have disrupted that unity if he was fully himself.

"Master," said Vosa as soon as Dooku left, "one thing concerns me.  The Skywalker children what if they'll grow up to be your undoing."

"The Force always produces a sport as time goes on.  The Skywalkers were actually not a natural evolutionary result, but result of an experiment from Sidious' Master in his attempt to manipulate Midi-Chlorians. I myself am more of nurture than nature.

"However I recently discovered that the will of the Force had produced a sport With power that would rival the Skywalkers, and if I acquire that child to my side even if the Jedi and Skywalkers become our enemies I'll have a him to safeguard against them."

"What's the child's name?" Asked Vosa leaning over the edge of the throne draping her body against him.

Taso accepted it and put his arm around her before repling, "his name is Galen Marek, but he'll later become known as Starkiller. And I know where to find him."

With the Clone Wars End Kashyyyk that homeworld of the Wookies was occupied by Republic Clone Forces following Order 66.  The Wookies began to resist against the occupation partly because they were old friends to the Jedi and the Clones were punishing them for harboring those that escaped execution including Yoda.

By the time the Sith Imperials arrived the Clones were fighting remaining CIS forces that turned to the Sith Empire's side and the Wookies.  They were driven out in no time with the Sith Empire's arrival.

A survivor of Order 66 that chosen to live the life of a normal civilian was Kento Marek who fell in love with Jedi Knight named Mallie.  They renounced the Order to be together which saved their lives following Order 66.  With the fighting died down the couple embraced Taso's declaration giving Jedi a choice to live as normal citizens, they settled on Kashyyyk to be a family.

Kento was heading to w marketplace to buy supplies for his new home when a voice was heard behind him, a voice he recently heard at holonet coverage of Emperor Tasogare's coronation on Korriban.

"Kento Marek? May I have a moment of your time?" 

Kento saw the newly crowned Emperor behind him.

He quickly bowed in respect.  "Your majesty I didn't know you were visiting Kashyyyk, must I say me and my wife are grateful for what you did saving and sparing the Jedi, and making our relationship legal.  May the Force be with you for your mercy and wisdom."

"Your kind words move me but please call me Tasogare, I actually been in your shoes once when I sired a family of my own.   I'm here hoping we could become friends and to discuss the future of your family."


"I have foreseen that you and your wife will produce a child, a child so powerful in the Force he would rival Sidious at a young age.  I came to you to ask if you consider having the child become a Sith."

"Tasogare I'm grateful that you have the courtesy to share with me what you know and that you have the courtesy to ask me.  But truth is I can't make the decision myself.  I can see your Sith isn't evil like the Sith I was raised to hate, but truth is the child isn't even born yet.  I would rather have the child grow up and live a full normal life then when he's ready decide what his path should be.  If he chooses to follow you then fine.  If he chooses a different path then respect it, do you understand?"

"Clearly and I figured you would answer that way.  I'm sorry if I seemed forceful."

"Not at all I'm grateful you came to me asking for my approval rather than force me. It confirms me feelings that this change that has been happening is the will of the Force."

"Speaking of which I must warn you.  Another reason why I came here to ask your permission over the child of that the the child will attract danger.  Whether he chooses to be Jedi, Sith, or neither his power will attract trouble for you and those around him.  Again this isn't a threat it's a warning that not all who would come to see you would be as accomdating as me and my order."

"Then what? Surely the Jedi won't force me to give up my child."

"Not the Jedi, namely the Jedi Generals that doesn't accept the change.  They not standing against me because my rule is evil, it's because simply I'm a Sith and that their Republic is no more.

"They refuse to believe that their Republic was dead since the Clone Wars began, what followed was detail.  In their position they'll become desperate and would abandon their principles to achieve victory especially since some of their military officers are those that followed Palpatine. Some may even turn to the Dark Side and without the discipline that my Order teaches they'll likely become mad.

"Sooner or later those Jedi Generals might come to Kashyyyk and would either seek your child out or even seek you or your wife out to join their cause and would turn to violence if you don't comply.  While I haven't foreseen that possibility in the Force yet but I see it as a probable possibility."

"I see thank you for the warning but we will take care of our child ourselves. Whether it's against a group of mad Jedi or an army of Clones we will protect our family."

"I admire your resolve Kento.  But please keep in touch with me in case anything happens," he said handing him a holo-communicator.  "As I said I have a family of my own and like you I'll do whatever it takes to protect them."

"Thank you Tasogare I'll talk with my wife and we'll meditate what you have said may the Force be with you."

"And you, Kento," smiled Taso under his mask as he turned to leave. Before he left Kashyyyk he smirked confident that all shall be as he had foreseen.  The Dark Times that would have been caused by the Galactic Empire had been avoided let the age of Tasogare Shadow begin.


Short: The Dark Times Revised
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Revan Shadow, Tasogare Shadow, Darth Kai by me.
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Revan Shadow was walking in the forest.
 It's been nearly a month since he had broken up in his most recent committed relationship.

He had started to feel better when he saw other people in informal relationships like his new partner Vena, the Digimon-Symbiote.

What they have isn't serious it was and still is purely physical.  Vena is pansexual and when isn't with Revan sees the female members of the Organization or travel to other worlds to see random people.

Besides seeing  Vena and a few other kinky females, Revan was officially single again.

Despite his new friends and companions, a part of Revan still felt depressed which was strengthened when an old friend of his broke off their relationship.

He recently returned from a mission recruiting new members.

He had been trying to vent out the stress by either fighting or loving but it doesn't fill the hole in his heart.

He was walking alone when suddenly Zim came running out of bushes in his disguise yelling "Save me! save me! You save Zim!" Whimpered Zim as he hugged his leg.    

Zim was a loose member of Revan's team Organization Keyblade, since Dib Membrane disappeared Zim had been secluded at his base with Skoodge. It was the first time Revan seen Zim in a while.

"what's up?"

"You got to save Zim! Insane Irken Girl wants to destroy Zim!"

"Tak is still out to get u? Gee even after being an Invader she still can't let things go."

"Nooo another crazy girl you must save Zim!"

At that moment out of that trees leapt out a humanoid female Irken.  She has blue sapphire eyes, with a two scars  running across her right eye. She has antennae which rooted into three strands of antennae.  She wore a suit of black, purple, and pink color, with a collar that has purple spikes sticking out as a show of intimidation.

She's a lean and fit Irken showing she's very strong.

She looked at Zim With a primal
Growl. Then looked up and saw Revan before speaking in a rough Tom boyish voice, "Great a human saw me in my true form. Way to go Rin getting out of your disguise to toy with your prey.  Now you have to silence him too. Shame he doesn't look bad for a human."

"Excuse me miss," said Revan politely.  "What has this little guy done to you to make you want to kill Zim?"

"To me? Nothin' I'm on a mission to kill the Irken Defective Zim by the order of the Almighty Tallests."

"Tallests Red and Purple?  Excuse you but you seemed to be behind on current events, Red and Purple and the Control Brains are overthrown.  It's a regime change. There's a New Tallest, Irken is reformed and it's part of an intergalactic alliance with the former Resisty."


"Hold it, let's make a deal.  If you are a warrior of honor then I challenge you to a battle of honor.  You and me, if I win you swear on your word of honor to leave Zim alone.  If you win then you can have me and Zim
And do what you will."

Rin raised an eyebrow with interest.  "Well first time I met a human who has the balls to challenge someone like me.  Guess I give you credit for that.  Ok human but no weapons and gagets, just our physical strength and fists and claw.  If you cheat then the contest is null and void got it?"

"Got it," said Revan summoning his Keyblade and embedding it at the ground as a gesture he won't use it.  

Rin didn't expect the blade was summoned by magic ah thought it was summoned by a teleporter or something but understood the gesture and drew her double blade sword with spikes on the back  from her PAK and embed her blade on the ground to return the gesture.

With the conditions of the challenge met, the fight began.

Revan charged towards Rin before leaping at her fists ready to punch her.

Rin caught Revan in mid-air and threw him away from her into the ground.

He landed in a heap upside down looking at Rin with a smug look on her face.

"Ok...that wasn't a good start," he groaned rolling back on his feet and standing upright.

He ran at Rin again but before he reached her he started running at an angle before running back at her and pouncing at her again.

Rin almost gave a scoff as she caught him in the air again and threw him away.

But this time he was being thrown towards a light post.  Revan grabbed onto it and spun around acrobatically a few times before releasing his grip as he flew back towards Rin feet outstretched as he collide into her just as she turned around to face him.

The collision sent Rin off her feet and falling on her back, as Revan landed on the ground.

She got up growling, realizing that Revan planned this.

He changed direction before leaping knowing the direction Rin would throw him after catching him.  Arranged for Rin to throw him towards the light post, where he would hold onto it and sent himself back flying at Rin like he did now.

Either this man was very smart or very stupid and lucky as she might have crushed him rather than throw him again when she did.

She growled as she charged at Revan and threw a punch of superp strength at him.

Revan raised his arms and caught the blow, before countering with a kick that she blocked with her arm.

As they blocked and parried eachother's blows Rin noticed that this human is actually keeping up with her attacks and not only that despite being average build he is taking her blows without being hurt.

She start to wonder whether he IS human.  But she won't let that intimidate her, she will crush him and take her prey.  (Though Zim ran away home since the battle started XD)

She jumped over a kick, propelling herself high in the air, as she jumped down she roared about to
Smash her fist into Revan, going down upon him like a Boulder.

Revan yelped as he was barely able to back away and fall on his back as Rin smashed her fist on the ground where Revan was standing moments ago, leaving a hole in the ground so deep it reached her elbow when she knelt down.

Rin smirked as she got up seeing her opponent surprised at her strength.

She jumped forward to smash him with her foot. Revan back flipped to Avoid it as she smashed at the ground.  Soon it became repetitive as  Rin get jump smashing with her foot and Revan kept jumping backward to avoid the smashing blows.

At one point Revan ended it by crossing his arms and catching her leg before it can smash down on him.
She gets off him and backs away for a moment before charging at  eachother  delivering a number of punches at eachother.

The melee seemed even until  Rin caught Revan's arm and pulled him into a bonecrushing hug

She purred feeling and hearing his bones starting to creak in the strain. She almost enjoyed this in more ways than one.  Revan squirmed in her grip, gripping her shoulders to get free.

Soon he put his feet on her knees  and combined with him pulling on her shoulders he was able to squeeze out of her grip and jumped off her and landed on the ground.

"Heh not bad hardly anyone escaped my grip. I give you credit for lasting this long what's your name?"

"I am Revan Shadow of Hollow Shadow."

"I am Rin take comfort that you will die by my hand but I feel a kindred spirit in you so I'll make it as painless as possible."

"Not that I'll make it easy for you."

"Aw how cute. Let's go human give me a good time..."

They both yelled roaring as they charger at eachother when suddenly something struck Revan from the side that slammed him into a nearby Boulder.

Not only that it looked like whatever struck him cut up his body all over.

Rin looked and saw another man dressed in the same coat as Revan wielding a double bladed scythe floating in the air with gusts of wind around him.

He was brown haired and blue eyed and a man apparently middle aged older than Revan.

"I've waited for the moment when your guard was down and you were weakened Master Revan and now I took it."

"Who the hell are you?! And why you interfered! This is between him and me!" Growled Rin.

"I am Caliban of-"

"Never heard of you..." Groaned a blooded Revan as he got up.

"You weren't supposed to Master Shadow. I am of the Dominion or was until you destroyed them..."

The Dominion was a group of dark powered humans originally from Revan's Homeworld, they each have the same coats he does and have similar dark powers as he does.  Only difference to them he has power of light and darkness, and he's a Keyblade Wielder.  They aren't Keyblade Wielders. They each possess a different weapon they could summon like a Keyblade though.

The Dominion was the very reason why Revan formed Organization Keyblade, to form a team powerful enough to help him defeat them as they seeked the dominion over the entire multiverse.

And they were  destroyedas a group over a year ago but Caliban was apparently a survivor.

"I was an operative assigned to our Homeworld's Shadow Guardians to infiltrate them and gather Intel.  But when the Dominion was destroyed I was forced to stay in my cover to survive.  I waited as I grew stronger from training with my 'fellow" Shadow Guardians until I was ready to track you down and face you when you were weak and now I can finally avenge the Dominion!"

The Shadow Guardians was a group inspired by Revan who was the first known human in that world who resisted the corruption of Darkness. They were like a parody of the Dominion being black coated humans working dark powers and different weapons only they use their abilities for good.  Have Revan not found Organization Keyblade he would have been one of them.  They were lead by Revan's  mentor Brandon and his adopted Daughter Tayna

After the Great War which Revan was a veteran to, the Shadow Guardians became peacekeepers and founded an academy to teach future generations to use darkness in a positive way as solders of the state.

Caliban yelled as he dashed in the air towards Revan who began using healing spells to heal his wounds, still weakened to move.

Before he reached him, Rin's hands grabbed the hilt of the scythe and moved her body around like a discus thrower, spinning Caliban around until she let him go flying into a nearby bench shattering through it and crashing into a  nearby mountain face.

She was still holding onto his scythe, as she threw it at him to slice him with his own weapon. It spun around like a disk going towards him to lacerate him.

But by the time it neared him, Caliban recovered and summoned his weapon which was inches away from cutting his body in half, to teleport back to his hand.

He jumped off the crater where he laid on the mountain edge and floated down to the ground looking at  Rin.

"Who's interfering? I thought you want this man dead. I'm doing us both a favor killing him," said Caliban.

She rolls eyes, "you ass I don't wanna kill him because I hate him. He's not bad looking for a human, and he's actually quite honorable and fun to fight. I'm only wanted to kill him because he was in the way. But now I will not stand having him killed this way.  He's my prey only I get to kill him.  you want him you get through me."

"You are not worth my time insect you are beneath me, begone!" Said Caliban as he released a gust of shredding wind from his palm.

Rin jumped over it and dashed forwards Caliban throwing a punch at him.

Caliban formed a barrier of shredding wind energy to stop her.  The barrier did stop her hand but not the force of her punch.

Caliban flew across the air like a rocket, with his shield of wind shattered.  Though Rin had some serious cuts from the wind barrier which cut at the glove and sleeve at her suit, which provided some protection, her cursed blood healed the wounds in moments.

With physical strength alone, Rin overcame the shield  of Magic wind energy and pushed Caliban back.

He made an areal recovery as Rin flew towards him with her PAK wings.

"No! I will not be defeated by an inferior being like you! There's no power greater than the Power of Darkness!"

"Ha! Who's inferior?! You little man who hide behind little spells! You have no real strength or skills! What you call strength is an illusion! I'll give you a refresher course on what real strength is before I eat your heart after pulling it from Your ass!" Growled Rin, as her sword was still at the ground below, she drew her PAK legs to impale him, but Caliban summoned another wind barrier this time around Rin, and blocking her attempted attacks inside.

He brought the wind barrier closer to her making it smaller, threatening to shred her with the wind barrier,

Her suits provide some protection and her cursed blood would heal  in moments but if the wind cage gets too small it might kill her before she could heal.

Rin desperately struggled at the wind cage only to keep getting cut in the attempts as the cage got smaller.

But Caliban wasn't relying on that to kill her, he really used the cage to incapacitate her long enough for him to dash forward and sever her body in two with his scythe, before she could muster the strength to free herself from the cage.

At last moment Revan appeared in between Caliban and Rin and blocked his blow with his blade in one hand with his other hand he fired an energy projectile at Rin's wind cage and dispersed the wind away from her freeing her.

"Sorry but I won't have anyone die because of me, besides she's hot and I learned to like her in our fight. This is between u and me. You want Keyblade Master Revan Shadow? You got him."

Rin blushed at Revan's declaration flattered that a male was attracted to her and truthfully found him fetching too but was annoyed that he stepped in to save her.  She was about to smack Revan out of the way to finish Caliban herself when both Revan and Caliban disappeared and she grabbed at air.

Revan and Caliban moved at super speed appearing like twin blurs going from one place to another making it appear they were teleporting from one place to another clashing blades.

The high speed combat happened for about half a minute until Revan kicked Caliban out of the sky and he was falling towards the ground.

As Revan flew after him Caliban slashed at the air summoning a giant crescent slash of wind energy to fire at Revan.

Revan countered it with his signature move Dark Zero.

black energy formed as a sphere at his palm and Revan released the energy as a powerful black energy blast.

The blast collided with the wind slash and went through it going towards Caliban.
 Caliban yelped as he barely evaded out of the way as the blast went past him, exploding at the ground below.

Revan teleported behind him striking his sword from behind. Caliban barely reacted to block blow but was thrown to the ground by the impact of the attack.

"I guess I should be foolish to go at you without going serious at you.  In that case here's my full power!"
Shouted Caliban as he started to glow In light blue aura. Energy surged around him.

"You feel it?! This is my true power I recently gained it when I met with someone who encouraged me to go out of hiding to find you after unlocking my latent power! It's Lord Archimedes the Man U allegedly killed! The founder of the Dominion is reborn stronger than ever at a journey to find a lost land of Keyblade Wielders! You heard me you failed!!! The Dominion shall return!"

The sound of the name of the murderer of his family brought Revan to a frenzy he held nothing back as he released Union Mode yelling frantically. His coat now white and black with cross designs, sir fining In a mix of white and black energy.

He was about to charge at Caliban madly when Rin came flying out of nowhere carrying her sword, she clashed her blade against his hilt snarling.

"I have just enough of your mouth bastard! Just shut up and die!"
Despite his power up Caliban couldn't prepare himself for Rin's PAK legs to come out and all stabbed him while she held his scythe back with Her sword.

To her surprise he began fading away.

As all we are bound to the power of darkness die their bodies fade into darkness as they Become part of darkness itself.  There will be no heaven or hell for them, as they lose everything they were and become part of darkness itself.

In Revan's case he's half light and dark and is a Keyblade wielder.

When keyblade Wielders die whether they use light or dark, their bodies fade into light while Their heart and soul passes on. 

Rin scoffed disappointed she can't eat his body.

Revan now calm reverted to normal, landing near her.

"Thanks...for you know the help," said Revan.

She rolled her eyes.  "Your welcome I guess. I didn't ask you save me...but thanks for the gesture....not many people done it for me are a strange human."

"I guess u think I'm a freak who relies on power and magic to be strong like Caliban."

"Nah not exactly, that dipshit had no real skills or honor.  He just relies on spells to fight for him. You fought me with respect and on equal terms, and those spells you have are useful
In dealing with bastards like him.  You are strong and are worthy of being called a warrior because of that I call our duel a draw.  I won't pursue Zim anymore and we both live."

"So...does that mean we can be friends?"

"Friends? With u? Why you want to be friends with me? I'm a monster who hunts and murders for food.  Why would anyone want s friend like me?"

"I don't see a monster here, the only monster here is dead already. I see a beautiful sexy woman who I'm
Glad to meet and feel is gonna change my life," he walked towards her and kissed her lips before pulling away to walk away.

Rin blushed darkly and before she knew it she ran to catch up with him
Saying, "fine you win you wanna go to my dwelling or yours to talk about this....friendship?"

Chain of Hearts Book 7 Ch. 9 A Cursed Encounter
Making a change of pace.

Feeling better than I have for weeks.

Revan Shadow, Vena, Caliban, Organization Keyblade, the Dominion, Shadow Guardians by me
Invader Zim, Species, themes, and characters by Jhonen Vasquez
Kingdom Hearts themes and characters owned by Square Enix created by Teysuya Nomura
Digimon themes and characters owned Bandai, created by Akiyoshi Hongo
Marvel themes and characters owned by Marvel
Rin by :iconbuteonineowl:

I'm home

To summarize the weekend vacation to New Jersey Resort was better then I thought 

We never went swimming and Internet didn't work on my PS3, but it did for our handheld devices.

My mouth which was  still recovering from surgery felt better then I did in weeks and enjoyed the food I ate there 

Sis has a condition that gave her migraines but because of a carb free diet she was will enough for whole vacation 

Brought movies to watch at night for my PS3 to see 

The rooms we had were great  

Besides eating we had a day on the beach without swimming and played games with siblings.  

When we came home today we had a hilarious incident at dinner at s sea food resteraunt. Which made a good grand finale for vacation 

Now it's one my bro will be returning to Boston tomorrow and life will be normal again 

Sighs will miss bro 

But it's good to be back

Turns out I was glad to go  


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