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Sergeant Slab Rankle was mall cop of the former City Central Mall.

He was overzealous with his job and insane.  He takes the laws of the mall as absolute and will incarcerate anyone who commits even minor offenses.

Eventually he turned them into zombies as the ultimate punishment, and turns them into his minions.

But problem was they were mindless and hardly really dangerous.

He eventually died when he attempted to breed Xenomorphs as his new solders.  

Revan and his Organization Keyblade cleaned the infestation he caused but resulted in have to destroying the mall, which was abandoned for the night at the time.  Only Rankle was the real causality there.

But Rankle's legacy of madness doesn't end there.

In reality, Rankle was just one of a secret corps of militaristic mall cops.

They call themselves the U.S. Mall Cop Corps, they believed their service is equivalent to those of that in the Army and take their work seriously just as Rankle was.

When his death reached their ears, they sent a replacement.

The mall was rebuilt under the direction of Professor Membrane who took the chance to implement his ideas in making the mall of tomorrow.

The new mall, the Membrane Memorial Mall, (yes they usually put memorial when someone died but he put it there anyway cause he can ), was a Smart Mall.

Cashiers were automated, robot sentries guard the mall, indoor carts and monorails transport patrons easily to Long distance places In the mall.

Jobs for humans were mostly maintance for the machines, encouraging the hiring of intellectuals or skilled people.

A mall cop would be obsolete, as the robot security guards would be more efficient.  However the Corps pulled strings and somehow convinced Membrane to allow their operative to be hired, to man the mall control room and observe and give orders to the robot workers at mall.

Had Slab was still alive he would have loved the upgrades of the mall.  But that honor now was to his replacement Captain Jar Rorke. With him he brought three subordinates, Private Chet, Corporal Joe, and Lieutenant Skinner, Rorke's right hand man.

Like Rankle, Rorke also ruled his malls with martial law, and punished even minor offenders.

And like Rankle, he turns the offenders into Zombies.  But unlike Rankle, Rorke's Zombies were perfected, superior, and more dangerous.

With Membrane's Mall at his command he also reprogrammed Membrane's robot security guards and gave them military upgrades.

The public didn't notice at first the changes Rorke implement, at first it seemed business as usual.

Xixon and Zera came to the mall one day, they like everyone else loved the changes and upgrades of the mall, having a feel of the alien malls they were used before coming to Earth.

Revan was with them carrying their shopping bags feeling like a pack mule.

Xixon who was walking in front of him giggled.  "Hehe feeling a little burdened baby? Need a little help?"

Zera chucked and said, "he doesn't need help Xixi, he's so big and strong he can handle it himself," she said throwing a compact she just bought and it landed inside a bag he was carrying.

"You know u both are stronger than me right?" Groaned Revan.

"Heh think you are weak Revan? How disappointing haha!"  Teased Zera.  "Don't worry though, we are almost ready to go home."

They were nearing a department store, where Revan was allowed to sit down while the girls head to the bathroom.

Inside it is much like normal bathrooms,

Only the automatic flushing toilets are automated with robotic voices.

When Xixon sat down to pee, she blinked hearing s robot voice saying, "Welcome to the Automated Toi-Toi 4000.  Would your butt cheeks like a massage? Perhaps a short movie for your entertainment pleasure."

"Hehe this is sweet!" Xixon giggled, amused of this machine.  She thought of having one in her bathroom at home adding dirty toys to it.

Zera on the other hand was anything but amused.  "What the hell do you mean you gonna rinse my butt?! No way no hell you fucking robo-pervert!!" Yelled Zera as she punched the door.  She soon realized the door had a screen on it and a giant smiley face appeared as the voice says,  "Couldn't specify request please repeat?"

"Sure I'll spell it in big words nice and clear:  fuck off!" She yelled as she drew her blaster pistol from pants and blasted the screen and door, blasting through the door and the bathroom door at other side.  The blast hit the wall at other side narrowly missing the head of the woman taking a piss at the toilet across from Zera.

The women held still in shock for a moment before running out of the bathroom screaming.

Xixon peeked from her door and clapped her hands laughing seeing what Zera did. "Haha, that was fun! Shoot someone else's stall and let's see--"

Suddenly Zera and Xixon were teleported out of the rooms.

In the mall control room, Private Chet, a skinny orange haired, green eyed man, wearing the same kind of uniform Rankle wore only his size, was looking at the security feed showing the girls being teleported away.

"It's been done sir as you ordered, the offenders have new scent to the brig," he said, as he turned to face his commanding officer, who was as large a build Rankle was, with silver military cut hair and gray eyes.

"Well done Private, the destruction of private property will not be tolerated at the mall.  The first woman seemed to have military training, almost a shame to turn her into a mindless Zombie but rules are rules. And rules are absolute."

"Yes sir," replied Chet. "But why does the second woman had to be incarerated too?"

"They seem to be related, her crime is crime of association with the criminal. That aside, she was encouraging further destructive behavior.  It's offense enough deserving punishment."

"I-If you say so sir...hmm? Someone is coming in...and it's a man sir," said Chet as Revan, who sensed the girls being gone came into the bathroom to find them.

"He must be With the girls we taken, and heard the gunshots and went in to find them.  An admirable quality to not leave comrades behind, but he's still a rule breaker by being a man in the woman's bathroom. Take him too, sent him with the others."

Revan was one moment searching the stalls for the girls, next moment he was in a large empty room they seemed to be s holding area.

He saw Zera and Xixon together with a few random humans that seemed to also be prisoners.

Xixon saw Revan and ran to him almost on all fours and glomped him
To the ground hugging him.

"Aww baby I missed you! I'm so glad you are here!"

He smiled nuzzling her slightly.  "It's ok baby you aren't getting rid of me that easily."

"Nor you me, we are here to stay baby," she said kissing him.

Revan blushed as they began making out with the human captives watching.

Zera stood in front of them persuading them to turn away with a death stare.

While they obeyed as soon as Zera turned to look at them. Some of the more Pervy humans peeked.

They would see Xixon pulling down Revan's pants Pulled up her dress about to put her pussy over his cock.

"B-baby...h-here and now? With others around," said Revan with a blush.

"Let them look, this might be our last chance to do it...I don't care where we do it and who watches as long as I have you!" Said Xixon as she put her pussy on his cock, she put her arms at his legs to support herself, as she lifted her body up and down.  She moaned loudly as she began riding him.

Zera blushed watching, thinking this isn't the time or place for it, but as she watched she can't help but feel aroused from this, her demon inside started to move her body on its own.
Before she knew it she pulled down her pants, and places her pussy at Revan's face sitting across from Xixon 

Xixon smirked happy that Zera is getting the hang of this.

She hugged Zera close and began making out with her.  Zera's White skin became pink with blush.

Their boobs squeezed against eachother as they made out while living their bodies to ride Revan's face and cock. 

Revan by now gave into yet girls, no longer caring that people are watching. He thrusted in Xixon's pussy and pulled at Zera's legs as he sucked her pussy and thrusted his tongue.

"Ahh!" Moaned Zera as she pulled away from her making out with Xixon, squeezing Her tightly. "W-why it feels so good..."

"Because there's nothing like it," smirked Xixon with a wink before pulling Zera back into the making out.

Xixon brought her wormlike tongue inside wrapping it around Zera's similar shaped tongue.  She pulled at the tongue to bring her closer.

The holding area which usually was filled with sounds of crying and torment were now filled with sounds of moaning, passion, and ecstasy.

Ten minutes later the girls screamed in pleasure as they came.  Revan drank Zera's cum and kelt going at Xixon until he came a few minutes later.

After they got cleaned up and snapped out of their wanderlust they got serious and got to shocked humans and asked what's going on.

One of the prisoners was a survivor of Rankle's regime, who ironically got captured by Rorke now.  "You heard of Slab Rankle right? They say he's dead when his zombie factory blew up at his face.  We used to think there was none like him...but we were wrong...he was part of a corps of mall cops the encourage the same insane tyrannical and militaristic ideology, Rankle followed.
"When they heard Rankle died, they apparently sent a Captain Rorke as his Replacement.

"Rorke is just as insane and frantic as Rankle was; only he has a more disciplined and smart head on his shoulders.  He thinks things through. We all are brought here for even the most minor offenses.  Very soon we will be sent to his zombie factory where we would be the newest recruits in his army."

"We encountered Rankle's Zombies before, they aren't much. They are mindless in every sense of the word," said Revan.

"You don't understand," said the guy.  "Rorke was smarter than Rankle, what's more he's of higher rank and has access to more resources. He realized early on, of the Zombies flaws and worked improve them.

"While these new zombies are mindless they are more dangerous.  They act on instinct like beasts, . Killing them is all but impossible, they track prey with enhanced animal
Senses, a bite is enough to turn anyone into one of them into minutes.    We are dead meat, literally.  It won't be long now till we are next."

"Then we'll break out of here," said Revan.

"How? Besides the zombies, Rorke also has Membrane's Robots and security systems at his command."

"Doesn't mean we can't try. Zera please arm them they might be of help to us."

Zera sighed as she didn't want anyone but jet to use her weapons but indeed she seen his logic on using the prisoners as foot solders to eat bullets and lure zombies away from them as they'll search for the big boss. Besides she can summon them all back when it's over, so she won't lose anything.

She used her weapon summoning abilities to summon, pistols, guns, rifles, shotguns, and blades to arm the human prisoners.

She put her hands behind her back as she summons them to make it seem like a magic trick, to fool the humans.

Xixon summon her blades, and Revan his Keyblade, both also making it appear like cheap magic tricks with slight of hand.

Humans in this world are dumb and was easy to be convinced that the weapons came from a magic trick.

Nevertheless the prisoners didn't care where the weapons came from, they at that point would do anything to get back at Rorke and be free.

There are roughly a dozen prisoners, at least one of them had military training, some hunting experience, and some with gaming experience that involves with guns.
However turned out to be at least three other holding areas nearby with just as many other prisoners.

As soon as Revan and co. Blasted their way out of their room and made their way to find and liberate and armed them.

"Sir!" Shouted Private Chet, as he looked at the screen and saw that humans escaping. "The Prisoners are escaping it's a break out!"

"Unleash the zombies, and the security bots, also activate the fire drill to get the civvies out of the mall. This is war!  Corporal Joe, Lieutenant Skinner! Go and lead at the front! Private! Stay here and take point at the command center. Now go! You have you orders! The fate of the mall is at stake!"

The fire drill sent the innocent out of the mall.

Leaving Revan, Xixon, Zera and their liberated prisoners against hordes of zombies that came out of compartments throughout the mall, flanked by humanoid robot guards armed with lethal weapons.  Because the robots aren't of flesh and bone, the zombies ignore them, and target the nearest uninflected living organic flesh: Revan and Xixon and Zera and their small band of helpers.

Xixon got into her demon form and began sliding off the limbs of zombies , and eating them.  Despite being undead, they are still of flesh and bone, rotting and corrupted as it is.

Xixon's demon partner Xinhua feeds on physical and genetic material, preferably blood, but the undead were once people with genetic matetial, suitable for her to feed and strengthen on, without being corrupted since she's a demon.

Zera's demon however prefers pure souls and thus didn't prefer this meal and allows her host to destroy them, with her weapons and powers.

While zombies can't die, they can be incapacitated, when they are at a loss of limbs or if their bodies are destroyed enough.

But these zombies as the prisoner said, are tougher than the average zombie. They are feral animals running swiftly on all fours, attacking with nails, and teeth.

Zera coldly shoots down any human that got bitten.

Revan destroys  Zombies by freezing them with Ice magic, then incinerate them with fire, leaving nothing but vapor left for them to come back from.

But Zera at one point stopped Revan, by deactivating his powers with a demon spell With a flash of her blue eyes.

His Keyblade was still drawn though.

"Hey what you do that for?!" Said Revan as he struggled to avoid zombie lunges and bites and cutting them down with Keyblade.

"You need to practice fighting without your Powers, you need to practice more in your physical skills.  These losers are perfect for you."

"Dude if I get infected, I'm not sure even the Esuna spell would help!"

"Then don't get bitten, now if you excuse me I got zombies to blast."

"Wait Zera go to the control room and reprogram the robots to fight for us and help exterminate the Zombies. Surely you got some Irken tech that could hack them."

"yah...fine I'll go, don't get infected while I'm gone kay?" She waved with a kiss before flying away.

Xixon meanwhile was enjoying her meal, it was a practice for her feral hunting skills as a wolf. As both her wolf and demon powers are now active.

The zombies are nothing more than prey to her, she used the humans to aid attacking the zombies from a distance and thinning out their numbers, and she eats them as the feed on human victims.

She also feed on humans that got infected, finding them even more tastier than the zombies. Made her and her demon tempted to turn on the humans, but she needed them as bait and thin out the zombies numbers, and didn't want to anger Revan in killing innocents...that he would know about.

But soon she got an idea to make things easier, she used her corridor of darkness to summon her scrab Tom, and have her feed on the zombies and infected humans.  Inside her they'll de digested away to nothing, and her exoskeleton armor makes it hard for zombie teeth to pierce her flesh and turn her.  

Xixon squealed clapping her hands as she watched Tom have her fun with the zombies, the bigger problem are the robots, who are well armored and well armed, until
Zera turns them to their side it'll be difficult.

She decided to summon more reinforcements in her new wolf minions.  She didn't use them on the zombies because they could be turned against her or bitten, but against robots they have more of a chance. Their strength and supernatural resilient and self healing bodies would give them a better chance against the robots' weapons .

She wasn't afraid to show her true nature in front of the humans, she knew they all will die as casualties despite Revan's optimism that they will be survivors.

She was perched against a railing on the second floor walkway watching the carnage when suddenly a human came to the walkway, it was Corporal Joe, a brown haired  brown eyed medium build man, armed with a knife.

"You aren't like the other offenders, you are a commander in this rebelling army, the Captain will give me a medal for killing you," he smirked drawing his knife.

"Mmm? U talking to me bruh? Sorry was kinda busy. Ohh that's a cool knife may I keep it?"

"Sure I'll bury it in your flesh to keep!" Yelled Joe as he slashed the knife at her, she backflipped avoiding the blow. She evaded his other slashes making acrobatic like movements.

She ducked a knife stab and wrapped her arm around his hand, then did a palm strike dislocating his arm joint.

Joe yelled in pain and released the knife as Xixon threw him over her shoulder and pinned him under her foot, she picked up the knife with gee demon tail and put it at her hand.

"You know...on second thought why not you keep it on your flesh?" She giggled as she began cutting at him and stabbing him slowly to death, his screams filed the halls of the mall.

When he was dead ,she began opening him up and feasting on his innards, satisfying Xinhua's hunger.

Meanwhile Zera found the control room and went inside. She tore through doors and walls as she flown through them she finally reached the control room which was protected by a laser field, but with a barrier she went through it harmlessly.

She came into room to see Chet at the computer alone, before he could do anything she shot him in the head dead, and began jacking her Irken datapad into the computer to reprogram the security systems to fight for them and turn on the zombies.

"I'm going to miss that egghead," said Rorke's voice behind her, referring to Chet.  "He may lack physical discipline, but his computer skills made him an asset. Welcome to my abode."

Zera turned at him pointing her gun at him. He was unarmed.

"I applaud you for making it this far, but this is over.  You are incredible your gifts are impressive, why not join me? Together we will...RULE THE MALL!!!"

"Um no thanks, I'm fine with the crazy people in my company already."

"Then fight me in a fair fight, it would be anticlimactic to end things like this yes?"

"You got a point, it'll take time for the hacking to be complete I guess I have downtime," smirked Zera as she cracked her knuckles after putting away her gun.  "Let's go..."

Meanwhile Revan was dueling against Skinner, who was armed with a knife and pistol, Revan had to block with Keyblade as he ran closer to him.

Skinner seemed to be using some sort of repellent to be not attracted by the zombies.

Without his powers Revan saw how difficult it is to fight someone with a gun, as they ran into a department store, Revan had an idea,  he threw his Keyblade at skinner, who ducked before mocking him, "ha missed me!"

"Wasn't aiming at you," Revan said pointing to the wall behind him, showing Revan's Keyblade stabbed against the store's fire alarm, it activated fire sprinklers that drenched the room with water.

Revan smelled the zombie repellent with his wolf senses and figured water would wash it off.

It did, and while Skinner was  distracted Revan threw a box containing a toy inside, it hit his head stunning him and he slipped on the water and fell into the ground.

Seeing there was no time to retrieve his Keyblade nor could he summon it until Zera gives him back his powers, Revan ran out of the store, before a herd of zombies attracted by a pure human scent came in and swarmed Skinner.

With a gun nearly out of ammo and a knife, Skinner didn't last long.

It was at that time the mall robots and security systems were successfully hacked and began turning on the remaining zombies.

By now all the humans were dead sadly.

Revan ran up the stairs to the second floor to see Xixon hugging Holding up Skinner's corpse playing with him like a puppet and hugging him,  "aww Joey you are so cute when u are dead!"

She knew his name from his dog tag.

"See you having fun with a new toy baby," said Revan walking near her.  He wasn't too disappointed seeing Skinner dead since he was an enemy.

"Mmhmm, this is the best mall trip ever, can we go again?!"

"Maybe next week baby," he said patting her head.  She hugged him with a cuddle as they watched the robots and wolves, and Tom clean up the remaining zombies, and make their way to the zombie factory below to destroy it.

Meanwhile, Zera was busy in her fist fight with Rorke, she was in her normal form fighting him in a fair fight without powers.  She admits for an insane man he was good and strong.

Fists and legs clashed as their melee continued.

Zera was kicked to the wall, and Rorke attempted to punch her against wall, she ducked and he punched through wall, she gut punched his stomach before kicking him away from her.

He staggered a few feet before charging at her roaring, Zera jumped backward, landing against the wall, putting her hands inside the hole Rorke made to feel wires inside. As Rorke continued his charge, Zera while still gripping the wires jumped over him.  Like a mad bull he hit against the wall.

Zera landed behind him and placed the live wires against his neck electrocuting him.

While he was still being zapped she headbutted him, let go of the wires and pulled him by the collar to slam him against the ground.

With all Her physical might she yelled as she put his neck in a headlock and snapped it.

She got up with bruises but otherwise alright.

She began commanding the robots from her pad to completely raze the zombie factory to the ground, and confirmed from the security systems that no zombie survived.  She allowed Revan's powers to return so he can summon his Keyblade back, and she summoned all the weapons she gave to the humans, now all dead back to her armory at Revan's home, but will be sure to sanitize them later as a precaution.

The authorities weren't notified as fire and burglar alarms were monitored by Rorke and by choice blocked them after he didn't want authorities to interfere.

 With no living human witnesses, it was assumed that when Rorke' zombie factory was uncovered, his creations turned on him and his men and the mall security purged them.

Membrane shocked at what the Mall Corps did behind his back did no further dealings with them. They themselves were under investigation by the government for Rorke's crimes.
 Meanwhile Organization Keyblade got away Scott-free.

Xixon however kept a something from the incident.

She recovered Skinner's body which was infected and turned into a zombie, and kept him to experiment on him to see what she can learn about zombies and how she can use it to her advantage.

And when she's done with him, she'll play with him until she's hungry then feeds on him. 
 But not too soon as she doesn't want to break her toys Anytime soon, undead or not.


Short: Mall Trip of Horror
Happy Memorial Weekend everyone 

Revan Shadow, Organization Keyblade by me
Xixon, Zera, Xinhua, Demon Zera, Tom by :iconwingless1raven:
AVP, Aliens species, themes, and characters owned by 20th century Fox
Invader Zim Themes and characters by Jhonen Vasquez
Kingdom Hearts themes and characters owned by Square Enix created by Teysuya Nomura

The New Villian's Council, a group that recently came together to replace Maleficent's group of villains.

Led by the Forbidden Arts Sorcerer Rothbart, they hunt for the Princesses of Heart like Maleficent and her own group did before.

They had a list of Princesses and where to find them, given by Maleficent in her final moments before her defeat in Hollow Bastion.

They gave captured Princess Aurora but failed to claim Snow White, when Organization Keyblade sent agents to thwart them.

Now they had been found out, Rothbart decided to target Yen Sid, retired Keyblade Master but active sorcerer, whose skills in astrology made him aware of Rothbart's group's existence and knew who were they are targeting.

Rothbart decided to do away with him before his gifts as a seer would reveal more of their plans or even where they are hiding out in the ruins of Maleficent's Castle in the Enchanted Dominion,

Rothbart came to the Tower with his biggest supporter and comrade Lord Maliss. 

"This is where he lives eh? Common Sorcerer Dwelling " commented Maliss as soon as they have left the Corridor of Darkness portal that made them appear at Yen Sid's Tower's steps.

"But what we are dealing with is no mere Sorcerer, he's a former Keyblade Wielder, which means his magic is anything but common. We must be cautious," said Rothbart.

"Perhaps but with the two of us it shouldn't be any problem," said Maliss as he used his magic to open the doors in front of them.

They started walking up the flights of stairs of the Tower.

Each flight of stairs leads to a portal that has a door in front of it, leading to a room that has an exit at the end, which leads to another flight of stairs to another portal door.  

However once they reached a room between flights they saw someone blocking their way.

It was a mouse in a Black Coat, wielding a golden Keyblade.

It was Mickey Mouse, former apprentice of Yen Sid, now an official Keyblade Master and a King of his own world.

But the King in the more than the past year exiled himself from his duties to help save the worlds from the Heartless.

Now he's continuing his exile spying on Organization XIII, and searching for his friend Riku, who ran away from him when Xehanort's Heartless inside him started to act up.

Now he came to answer Yen Sid's call, who has foreseen this attack.

"You will not pass me!" Yelled Mickey declaringly as he drew his Keyblade.

"Well now a little mouse comes to challenge us," chuckled Maliss.

"Don't underestimate him, in my meetings with Maleficent before her demise she told me about that little imp, he's the Sorcerer's Apprentice, and a Keyblade Master as well," said Rothbart.  "Fighting both him and the wizard would be a challenge, so let's even the playing field," said Rothbart as he fired a blast of Forbidden Arts energy to hit a magic broom that was sweeping at a corner of the room.

The forbidden arts has three main abilities, the power to create, to change, and destroy.  Rothbart used the power of change to change the Broom into a minion.

And it wasn't just any minion, it was changed into Riku at least a copy of Riku as he was at the time of The Battle of Hollow Bastion.

The real Riku is a year older now, and a lot more stronger and smarter then he was then.

This copy was himself as he was about a year ago, utilizing the Dark power enhancing form Dark Mode.

The copy had no emotion or thought, simply instinct, a doll for Rothbart's bidding.

Apparently he knew about Maleficent's former protege Riku, and if he made this fake as he was at Holloe Bastion, it might mean that enchanter knew more about Maleficent's Demise more than he's letting on.

"Riku? you're not Riku!" Said Mickey as he braced himself.

"Real or not, it'll do nicely in holding you off," said Rothbart with a chuckle before commanding his doll to attack.  "Destroy him," said Rothbart as his eyes glowed yellow with forbidden arts energy.  The doll's eyes also glowed yellow  before silently acted to obey the order.

The Fake Riku extended its hand forward and fired multiple Dark Fiagara fireballs from its Palm, and hurled them toward Mickey homing at him like missiles.

Mickey jumped and rolled in midair backwards to avoid them as they struck the ground where he stood and exploded,

Mickey landed at the ground to barely dodge out of the way, as the fake Riku  dashed through the smoke, stabbing his blade forward to Impale him.

Despite his small size, Mickey was able to block the blows, but remained in the defensive.

As they crossed blades, Rothbart and Maliss walked past them and casually walked out of the room's exit to the next stairway.

In one room before the final stairway to Yen Sid's chambers, Rothbart and Maliss saw the room was filled With magic Brooms armed with various weapons as if defending their master.

"How amusing kindling come to stand against us, Maliss can you take care of warming things up?"

"With pleasure," he said as he transformed into his dragon form, and burned all the brooms into firewood.

They left and made their way, to the study and saw Yen Sid sitting at his desk.

"So this is the Sorcerer eh? Just as I expected," said Rothbart.

"Welcome to my tower gentlemen, I would offer you a seat, if this was a cordial visit," said Yen Sid.

"Indeed it's not, I'm afraid your gifts as a seer has made you a thorn at our side," said Lord Maliss.

"A seer? You misunderstand. I never have the power to see futures. I merely have the skill to read the stars. They sometimes give me signs on what's going in in the past, present, or future, and I decipher those signs to tell me what threat needs addressing."

"Indeed I know of a few men in my world that claims to have your skill," said Rothbart. "But no matter what You are it's time for you to disappear."

"Don't take me for a mere conjuror of cheap magic tricks," said Yen Sid from his seat in a serious voice.

"You invaded my tower, threaten my student, and threaten my person.  You will find leaving this tower won't be as easy as entering it," he said as he suddenly unleashed his magical power, and before Maliss and Rothbart knew it; they were standing at a cliff overlooking an an ocean of water.

The water crashed against the rocks below, with a comic starry night sky shining above them.

It was unknown whether it was an illusion created by Yen Sid's power or he used his power to transport them to another world or even its a world created by his magical power.

Either way the two dark sorcerers couldn't believe that the old man is capable of this.

They saw Yen Sid standing at another cliff across them.  He gave a rare smile to them, as he's almost always serious and frowning.  "So shall we get started gentlemen, show me your magic..."

Meanwhile back at the room between the stairways, Mickey kept fighting the Riku created by Rothbart's Forbidden Arts magic.

Normally Mickey could easily defeat Riku at the level He was back then, but he was being held back by guilt to fight seriously.

He knew that this Riku is a fake, but the fact that he looked like the younger Riku reminded him how he, in his point of view failed Riku, when he ran away from Mickey after the incident at Castle Oblivion.

Because of that, Mickey remained on the defensive.

The fake Riku began fighting a style not yet seen in the real Riku.  It channeled the blue fire of Dark Fiagara to envelop around its blade, enhancing the strength of the damage of his strikes.

Mickey was strong enough to block the blows despite the enhancement. But still his guilt held him back.

The fake Riku strikes relentlessly at Mickey, then crossed blades with him, then fired a Dark Fiagara fireball at Mickey's chest sending him off his feet and land on his back senseless.

The fake Riku leapt to strike him down, suddenly a telekinetic force repelled the fake Riku away from Mickey.

Mickey looked and saw it was Revan Shadow, standing at the side of the room, just out of a corridor of darkness portal.

"Revan..." Said Mickey after seeing him.

"What's wrong Mickey, such an opponent should be easy for Masters like us and you are my senior."

The fake Riku for up and leapt towards the new opponent, while firing a Dark Fiagara fireball at him.

Revan caught the blue fireball harmlessly in his hand and blocked it.

The fake Riku landed near Revan and began striking him with Dark Fiagra enhanced strikes.

Revan blocked them with his Keyblade with no trouble, unlike Mickey he held nothing back.  He only got into the defensive by standing slightly back like Mickey did to wait for an opening as his opponent gets more aggressive trying to get past his guard.

At one point Revan caught the blue fire enveloped blade with his bare hand.

"That's not bad for an empty shell, should suggest it to the real Riku next time I see him," Revan said before he gave a powerful kick at the fake Riku's chest sending it flying violently against the wall.

Revan then turned to Mickey who was just getting up, before Revan healed his wounds with Curaga.  

"What's wrong Mickey? This should be a cakewalk for you.  Look this isn't Riku, and you aren't helping the real
One or your master by feeling sorry for yourself.  You feel guilty? Do something about it!  Right now Yen Sid needs our help.  He summoned me too, while he wasn't my Keyblade Master like he was yours, he did taught me Magic before the Keyblade choose me and both you and him named me a Master.  And now he's helping us in using his skills to gain Intel on the world's troubles. We both owe him alot. Help him first and Riku later, if you want to find him so bad I'll give you a clue on where to find him later, now you want me to finish this doll for you; whose mocking the real Riku for all that he is now by causing this harm.  Or you got it?"

" this," said Mickey as he turned to the fake Riku with a determined look, his body surging in light energy, he was no longer holding anything back.

The fake Riku fired a barrage of Dark Fiagara's at Mickey, noticing him preparing to attack it first.

This time Mickey jumped in the air utilizing mid-air spin attacks at high speeds. They deflected the Dark Fiagaras like a high speed rotating top or fan would deflect incoming balls.

The fake Riku then attempted unleashing an crescent wave of Dark Fiagara energy, created by a slash of its blade.

Mickey slashed through it and fired a barrage of projectiles of Light Energy at the fake Riku.

The doll jumped out of the way, not knowing it was getting into a trap.

Mickey lured the imposter to an area in the ground which he was using his power to make a pillar of light spear where the fake Riku jumped into.

The pillar of light covered the doll and exploded blowing the fake Riku into the ground.

The fake Riku raised up its smoking body to see Mickey high in the air, about to give a downward slash.

The fake Riku lifted it's blade to defend itself, but Mickey slashed through the fake Soul Eatee blade and severed the right side from the shoulder to hip.

The fake Riku flickered into forbidden arts energy and flickered away, turning back into a broom, but severed in two pieces.

"Nice work Mick, shall we get going and aid Yen Sid?" Asked Revan who was standing against the wall watching.

"Yah, but you really know where Riku is?"

"We'll settle that after Yen Sid is safe, hmm?" He replied before looking at the broken pieces of the broom suddenly standing up and the pieces became full walking brooms, it was the same upstairs too, as the brooms Lord Maliss destroyed have all multiplied into new brooms in greater numbers then before.

"Wow..." Said Revan watching.

"Yah I got a kick out of it too, when I first saw that as an apprentice," chuckled Mickey.  "All right you have a point lets go."

"I'll make a shortcut," said Revan as he opened a Corridor of Darkness portal, as they were a few floors below Yen Sid's study.

"Using darkness to travel is reckless Revan," warned Mickey.

"I'm immune to that weakness a long time ago, as you are now who spent a good amount of time in the Realm of Darkness to find that Keyblade and left unscathed.  Even if we weren't the Black Coats you and I wear protects us.  Now cmon lets go," he said before going inside.

They appeared at the entrance to the study seeing Maliss and Rothbart in front of them on their knees on the ground panting, apparently lost their fight against Yen Sid in that other world.

Yen Sid himself stood in front of his desk unscathed, standing at the same spot where we was before.

Maliss wheezed as he turned to see Revan and Mickey behind them.

"Reinforcements! Begone you interlopers!" He cryes out as he fired a blast of magic from his eyes.

Revan and Mickey combined spells to create a Master level Reflega barrier created from both of their powers, making it more Than twice as strong as each of them would do it alone.

The laser eye blast deflected from the magic barrier and rebounded back to Maliss striking him On the shoulder.  He yelled in pain as he fell onto the ground from the impact.

"Curse you lot!" Shouted Rothbart.  "If one doll isn't enough for you, then how about three with double the power?!" Exclaimed Rothbart as he used the Forbidden Arts Power to create to cause three fake Rikus to jump out of his hand and come flying toward Mickey and Revan.  As he said they were created with twice the power the first doll had.  Unlike the firsts doll which was made from magic broom transformed by Rothbart's power of change, these three new mannequins of flesh and bone were created purely by the Power to Create from nothing, 

But before they reached them, they disappeared in a puff of blue smoke.  Rothbart turned around to see it was Yen Sid's doing.

"This power you posses is indeed a great power," said Yen Sid.

"But it's never yours to wield.  It never was your own power, it was given to you, by the Entity that is the power itself.

"Your magic is actually part of the power of a sentient being that's the Forbidden Arts itself.  It allowed you and a few others in your world to wield it's gift of power for a purpose, as it heard of a legend that a being is meant to be its undoing.

"It choose you and others to act as is agents to destroy the would be source of its demise.  But you are no longer working for that goal.  Your goal no longer aligns with its own as you meddle in the affairs in other worlds.  Sooner or later it will take more than your power, the power you are so proud of."

"Enough! You old fool! You don't know what you are saying! Begone!" Rothbart shouted as he fired powerful red blast of Forbidden Arts magic from both hands.

Unlike the other spells he shown, this was the Forbidden Arts power to destroy. 

Yen Sid conjured a magic mirror to appear in front of him floating.

The mirror can reflect any magic attack that hits it.

And that's what it did as it ricocheted, Rothbart's blast right back toward him and Maliss.

By sheer luck for him though, the attack didn't hit him, his own attack, struck his weakened comrade Maliss.

Maliss screeched in agony as the blast destroyed his body into nothing.

It was unknown had the blast hit Rothbart, the creator of the blast, would it have destroyed him, merely harmed him, or harmlessly repelled him.

Nevertheless it was clear what happens to targets struck by the full power of the Forbidden Arts power to destroy.

"Gosh..." Gasped Mickey seeing what became of Maliss.

"It appears you are alone now," said Yen Sid as Rothbart was now surrounded by his foes alone.

Rothbart looked his surroundings and saw he was trapped.  He suddenly yelled and and slammed a handful of magic energy at the ground, creating a shockwave of energy that covered him.

He was using the power of change to shapeshift himself.  He usually transforms into the Great Animal, a great winged beast.  Transforming that would cause devastating results in an enclosed space like the study, however, when get energy cleared; he was gone.

He actually transformed into a bug, and flew out of the window, making use of his small size to make it seem he disappeared in the shockwave.

Revan however sensed him With his sensory abilities and jumped out of the window after Rothbart, as he became human again free falling from
The tower Commanding Heartless below at the ground to form a Corridor of Darkness portal  for his escape.

He fired a blast at Revan, forcing him to block it with his Keyblade, to hold him back as he fell into the portal and closed it.

Revan landed at the ground below sighing that Rothbart escaped.

Mickey landed near him.  "Nuts he got away."

"Next time then, at least one of them is taken out."

"Yah...still a horrible way to go..."

"Well what's done is done. At least Yen Sid is safe."

" tell me what you know about Riku?"

"I kept track of you and him since Castle Oblivion, when he left you I found him. I helped taught him how to deal with the darkness and 'Ansem' inside him, he helped my group in return as an honorary member.  When DIZ took Naminé and Sora, Riku went with them along with one of my members, Melody, who volunteered to keep an eye on Sora and Riku. That's where he is now.  He made me promise not to tell you where he is.

"As a man of my word I'll keep
That promise...however he said nothing of telling you which world he is in.  He's at Twilight Town, where DIZ has his base."

"Thanks that's swell. So you been working with DIZ? Is he to be trusted?"

"Find out for yourself if you see him.  He besides taking of Sora, is spying on Organization XIII for us.  Up till now we had a truce since the Dominion incident, but with them gone it won't be long till Organization XIII start moving against us.  That's why we were at Castle Oblivion, that's why we are with DIZ, that's why we are working to revive Sora all to prepare for Organization XIII going at war with us.

"But entities like this new Villain's Council and the Von Dracos are distracting us.  We have to have them dealt before Organization XIII makes its move, otherwise we might have taken serious measures the moment we found out Sora's Nobody and Replica were in their possession. Cleaning up at Castle Oblivion from the shadows was the best we can do, as well as keeping an eye on Sora's Nobody and Replica testing them planting seeds of doubt to encourage them to leave the Organization so they could come to us.

"So get going, hope you settle things with Riku soon," he said disappearing in a Corridor of Darkness back home.

Later Rothbart announced the death of Lord Maliss to the other members of the New Villain's Council, leaving out that  died by Rothbart's own rebounded attack by accident, telling them that he died in the magical duel against Yen Sid gallantly.

It was a terrible loss to Rothbart, Maliss was the only member he really trusted.  About everyone else contested his role as leader, or simply doesn't acknowledge him as leader, the recent failures have only increase those feelings.  Maliss' death might a well be adding another nail to his coffin.

"You sanctioned this venture without our consent?!" Said Morgana the Sea Witch, sister of Ursula.

"It was affirmative action," replied Rothbart.  "The man was alerting our enemies of our activities, with you all doing your own duties, Maliss and I, being the only two available with the abilities to take him on. So we took it on ourselves in finishing him."

"And look how well that turned out," chuckled Morzanrath, the sorcerer ruler of the Land of the Black Sand in the world where Agrahbah is. "The old geezer is still alive and one of our own is gone on your watch.  Perhaps you have overestimated your and his abilities."

"Overestimated overestimated!" Parroted Xerxes, Morzanrath's main minion, assistant, spy, and pet flying eel.  He yelped as he barely dodged a Forbidden Arts blast from Rothbart as he yelled, "Shut that urchin up!"

"Our young sorcerer friend is correct," said Pitch Black. "Wasn't it you who informed us that this Yen Sid is a powerful Keyblade Master who trained King Mickey?  That info alone should have made yourself more...oh what's the word...cautious.  You should have at least brought a third with you. Like me," he smirked as he himself as grown a lot stronger since settling in Jack Skellington's Halloween Town, as the new Boogieman, feeding on the fears of the citizens of the world who welcomed the fear he gave.

"I say anyone is better than those two," scoffed Queen Chrysalis with a pout.  "I say new leadership is needed, maybe someone like me," said Morzanwrath crossing his arms. 

"If you wish to challenge my leadership boy come face me," growled Rothbart his palms surging in magical power.

"Heh on second thought why would I replace a loser like you?  Maybe I'll wait for someone else to take your place, then replace them, don't wanna come after a loser like you," replied Morzanrath with a chuckle.

"That's what I thought," said Rothbart calming down.

"Go back to your duties and If any of you find a suitable replacement for our fallen Lord Maliss, recruit them and bring them to our next meeting for approval you are dismissed."

Loki smirked enjoying the chaos building up in the group.  He never was truly for them or against them.  He was mostly interested in the power they offered, while content with his world.  He played both sides on the conflict between the New Villain's Council and Organization Keyblade mostly for entertainment.  Only fellow chaos bringer Pitch Black he has seen as a comrade in this group.

Now they seem to be tearing eachother apart without his meddling.

Still the next part of his plan was to gain Greek God Hades trust by attacking Hercules, and to meet with Revan Shadow to point him at the direction to wear the New Villain's Council has their base, so his group would eliminate Loki's treacherous colleagues for him and he and Pitch would escape Scott free.  For now he'll bide his time and enjoy the show.

After all to gods like him, mortals is only one use for him: entertainment.

Rothbart meanwhile was walking into Maleficent's throne room and sat at her vacant throne, sighing.  Wondering if she had moments like this at the height of her power.

He surged magic forbidden arts energy at his palm and looked at it, thinking what Yen Sid had said that the Forbidden Arts is actually an Entity that gave him it's power for a purpose.
He always had thought that he and his former friend Clavius, discovered the Forbidden Arts together, and he betrayed him to take the power for himself.

But Rothbart lost his power briefly after failing to take Odette's father's kingdom and was exiled.

But with the female Magician Zelda's help he rediscovered the power and reclaimed it for himself before betraying her as well.

Could he have really Lost his power before because the Entity took it from him, when he was more focused on conquering kingdoms then destroying  Odette who was an infant back then, and allowed him to regain it when he showed the motivation and will to do as it wants again?  To do the purpose it gave its wielders to do?

Rothbart realized that the purpose was to destroy Odette the Swan Princess, which attempted in past before his first death.

After being revived by Maleficent, however he tried to move on from her, upon realizing Odette wasn't a Princess of Heart.  He thought he could get his revenge on all his enemies once he uses Kingdom Hearts' power to rewrite all worlds.  Could either rewrite them to have them serve him in his new world order or have it that they never existed.

With that he felt there was no need to go after Odette directly, it would be a waste of time.

But if what Yen Sid say is true and he's mispleasing the Forbidden Arts Entity by going on this path. Then he must return to his world and convince it that his current path is best for both of them. Otherwise he may truly lose his power again. And perhaps he could find his old colleagues and recruit them to his cause to replace Lord Maliss.

He could always use his Forbidden Arts power to create or change to create a new Maliss, but they'll be mindless copies like the fake Riku. In order to revive the real Maliss, he would need to summon the soul of the original and make a new body for him.  Making a new body would be easy enough for him, but he can't summon souls, which makes this method inaccessible at moment.

He must gain supporters on the Villain's Council again before his rivals appoint their own and move to overthrown him as leader.

He did not come back to life to be defeated again, he has a destiny to rule. And he will do it no matter what...
Short: The Sorcerer's Apprentice's Master
To my friends good luck at your exams and graduations, summer is almost here. Hang in there.

Revan Shadow, Organization Keyblade, Von Draco Family by me
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Xion was a member of Organization XIII as its 14th member, but upon getting clues on who she really is she left and was in the run to search for answers.

She met Riku who was the first who planted doubts in her head upon defeating her, and offered her a way out.

Now he suggested for her to meet with Revan Shadow, Keyblade Master and leader and founder of Organization Keyblade, whose group has Intel on what Organization XIII is really planning.

She as to meet him at the table in Naminé's room, in the haunted Mansion in Twilight Town.

He appeared in a surge of darkness, sitting in the chair at the other side of the table Xion is sitting.

"Are you Revan Shadow?" Asked Xion.

"Yah it's good to finally meet you Xion."

"I know my other were with Sora..."

"I was one of his companions and helped taught him how to use the Keyblade."

"If you are a you know why the Keyblade choose me?"

"Yes and I know who you are and what you really are, and why you were made.  But I warn you, the price of that knowledge is hefty, damaging.  It would make you regret ever knowing.  Ignorance is bliss, you would be happier not knowing. But if you rather risk the pain then I'll tell you."

"How do you know all of this?"

"I have spies in your Organization, and in addition we raided Castle Oblivion, we have Vexen's data and research Intel.  From it we know of a project he did that involves you."

"I know that I came from Castle Oblivion...and how I might have been made but if you know something I don't know but please tell me..."

"Very well, I'll start with this.  Whether you know this by now or not, you aren't a Nobody, you Never was.  You are a Replica, which is like an Artificial Nobody made from data.

"There's two ways to make a Replica, either record data while battling a target, or use the data of someone's memories.  And that's what you are a Replica made from Sora's memories.

"When he came to Castle Oblivion his Memories were scrambled by Naminé , being forced by the Organization to do so.  Using the data of those memories, Vexen created you.

"As Sora lost more of his memories you became more complete until you were able to function as your own person.

"Now as for why you were created it's more complex.  You might have been told that you were created to copy Sora or Roxas' powers but that's more complex than that.

"Nobodies don't have hearts, normally it's impossible for them to have Keyblades. Roxas was an exception because his human self was Sora a Keyblade Wielder that restored himself from being a Heartless.

"But a problem is that with Sora and Roxas co-existing they have to share the same power, Roxas might not become a True Keyblade Wielder as a result.

"You were created as backup, in case anything happened to Roxas or to insure that you would succeed where Roxas failed and absorb both of Sora and Roxas' powers to become a true Keyblade Wielder.

"Thus you were paired with Roxas, so you can learn from him and soon replicate his ability to wield  a Keyblade.  The longer you are with him, the stronger you get as you get stronger from both your experience and absorbing power for Roxas.

"There was a chance however that Roxas would be the stronger than you and would inherit your power and be the true Keyblade Wielder for the Organization, partly because he is a real Nobody with a strong will.

"So the Organization had put a contest between the two of you as who will become stronger.  They would then pit you against the other and upon destroying the weaker one, the winner would absorb their power and become a True Keyblade Wielder rather than a copy of one.

"So that's why you are here, to either replace Roxas in the Organization and fulfill your bodily function to become Sora, or give Roxas your power to become stronger. And you are an incomplete Replica of Sora, who looks like a girl because you possess Sora's strongest memories of Kairi, his most important friend.  Though to some others you, being a Replica made from memories of other people would look like someone else to others.  Once you become complete you'll look like Sora.  So...what do you think of that?"

Xion was clutching the sides of her chair breathing heavily.  Some of this she already knew, but the rest was mind blowing to her. She couldn't believe she was meant to do this to Roxas, her friend.  And that she's created to be a living weapon of the Organization.

"W-what must I do?..." She finally said.

"I think you know it already, you must return to Sora. To either let yourself be killed and disappear, as your memories and power would flow back into Sora.  Or you could merge with Sora and retain your individuality within him, only you would no longer operate as a separate entity rather than become a part of Sora.

"But the price of either is steep.  You are a Replica made of memories.  If you lose this body, then everyone that knew you would forget you. As if you have never existed.  Even Axel, Riku, and Roxas would forget you."

"You have a third choice, to return to the Organization and accept your fate and duty that comes with your creation.  With that no one would forget you, and even as their pawn you would still be alive."

"You would allow me to make that choice if I choose it?" Asked Xion, in a breaking voice.

"We don't have the right to force you I'm doing what we want you to do.  You are no longer simply a Replica, a copy of Sora or Roxas, you are a your own Person.  You are Xion.

"Of course we would try and stop you if you go against us, but for now we would allow you to choose.  No matter what you choose you are free to go."

"Why? Why would you allow that for me?"

"Because I see you as a friend, in my book we already are friends.  You have Sora's will, I can see his eyes in you. In honor of Sora and my respect to you as your own person I would have to allow you to make your own decision."

"What if....there's a fourth decision?" Asked Xion.  "What if...I choose to convince Roxas and Axel to come with me? We would run away and live out our own lives together forever?"

"That's actually not a bad idea, it's not entirely a wrong one...however...Xion there's a price to even that too.  For one thing Sora will never wake up, without the powers and memories you and Roxas possess, he'll remain asleep like a doll forever.  What's worse, everyone but those that kept an eye on him had forgotten him, as result of Naminé tinkering with memories.

"As long as you and Roxas remain separate from Sora, then Sora would remain forgotten like he was never born.  What would have been your fate would be his to suffer in your stead."

"Also there's a consequence for you, Roxas, and Axel.  Even if you convince them to come with you, you'll all be fugitives from the Organization.  You'll spent the rest of your lives on the run from them. They'll never stop hunting you.

"You have nothing to fear from us if you choose your fourth option, you would even be welcomed a haven with us and grant you protection.

"But sooner or later even with our help the Organization would get you.  Of course if you defeat them then that's fine, but that's a low chance, espiecally since you and Roxas would remain separate entities with incomplete powers, which would to leave Axel as the only full bodied person to fight."

"Stop it....stop it right say you would approve my decision but you keep suggesting it's better for me to return to Sora...why should I return to Sora?! Why is his existence better than mine or Roxas?!  We didn't ask to be what we are! We didn't mean to cause Sora or anyone else harm! All we want is to be our own people! To live our own lives! You want Sora back so badly?! Then fight me! Fight me and destroy me! It's the only way Sora is coming back to you, if you care about him so much more than us!" She yelled drawing her Keyblade at her left hand.  She leap from her chair, pouncing at Revan,

She landed and sliced the chair but he wasn't there.

He was standing behind her with a smirk.  "You wish to fight then come on!"

Xion turned around and slashed at Revan.  He walked backward to evade the blow. She slashed again, and he jumped toward The room's exit, saying "Over here."

He walked backward out of room dodging and evading Xion's attacks barehanded.

"Those moves, you maybe fighting left handed, but those are Sora's movements.  I seen them before and know how to evade accordingly. You gotta try something different if you are to defeat me."

"Shut up!" Yelled Xion as she moved her Keyblade in a streak of light on an upwards slash,

Revan evaded it but was surprised as he still got a graze at his shoulder.

As blood gushed out of the wound, Revan saw that Xion erected a larger energy blade of light energy around her Keyblade.  He might have evaded the main blade but still got hit by the energy blade.

"Bladecharge..." Uttered Revan to himself, before Xion kicked him, causing him to fall over the railing and ledge of the Haunted House second floor and went crashing at the floor at the lobby.  

Despite his superhuman endurance it still hurt him.

"Ow...",groaned Revan.  "Ok...should have known if she was like Sora then she shouldn't be underestimated..."

He looked up to see Xion standing at the second floor during a barrage of fireballs from her Keyblade.

"Crap..." Cursed Revan as he began rolling at the side to avoid being hit by the fireballs.

Each fireball narrowly missed him exploding at the ground with each hit.

He rolled back up his feet to see Xion jumping from the second floor, her energy enhanced blade raised up ready to strike at him, as she falls on him.

Revan extended his hand forward and made a Corridor of Darkness portal appear in front of him, Xion gasped as she fell into it.

Revan jumped up preparing for a kick, as he mentally opened another portal allowing Xion to fall out into his waiting foot.  He kicked her to the wall near the stairs and landed at the ground with a pose.

He stood up drawing his Keyblade, held it in both hands, and raised it up in a sword salute.

Xion got up groaning, and ran toward Revan swinging her blade, Revan parried her attacks, going on the defensive waiting for an opening.

They locked blades, which Revan suddenly let go one of his hands at the blade and extended his palm before saying, "You need to take a breath of fresh air."   

Using wind Magic a gust of wind came out of his palm and blew Xion away.  She stabbed her blade at the ground go anchor herself in place.

Revan swiped his hand in the air, summoning a bunch of ice needles to  be sent hurting toward her.

Xion was barely able to dodge roll out of the way, and  some grazed at her arm.

Revan fired a Dark Zero blast at her.

She jumped over the blast and fired a barrage of Raganarok blasts at her.

Revan used a Reflega barrier to block the blasts and fired a pulse of Dark Energy at her to strike her in mid-air and repel her away.

She landed on her feet against the wall and propelled herself forward.

Revan caught her By the neck and slammed her under him.

"You may have Sora's powers and skills, as well as your own unique experiences but they are incomplete.  You actually hope to fend off against the other members of the Organization when you go rogue?  You would barely be able to stand a chance against Axel as you are now, much less against Xemmas.  You better rethink your plans."

"Shut up!" She says as she put her hand against the ground and made s Corridor of Darkness portal to form under her, and fall inside it to escape Revan's grip.

"Full of surprises as ever, you are learning." Said Revan as he got up.

A another portal opened and Xion came out running her blade over her head yelling.

Revan channeled power in his own blade and lifted her blade to meet hers, the impact sent Xion off her feet and crashed against the ground on her back.

Her Keyblade was thrown off her hands.

She looked up to see Revan's blade pressed against her neck, and his foot and hand pinning down her hands to prevent her from using the Keyblade if she recalls it back into her hands.

"Listen to me Xion, Xemnas is stronger than you could imagine, he was once a man named Xehanort, a powerful Keyblade Wielder, he lost his blade when he became a Heartless and Nobody, but even in those separate forms he was strong.  He is a challenge even to me unless I use my full power, which I haven't used at you at all. So tell me you actually believe that you and Roxas could win as long as you both are separate entities.  What you actually think of your chances now?"
He let her go and helped her up.

"What you going to do to me now?" Asked Xion indifferently as if she no longer cared.

"What happens is up to you," replied Revan as he used Curaga to heal his and Xion's wounds.  "You asked me to tell you the truth and I did.  I warned you it would be painful.  My task is done."

"I guess you have a point...I did kinda ask for it..."

"And for the record, you and Roxas aren't worth any less than Sora.  You both have hour own lives and had the right to choose.  There's nothing wrong with your desire to remain your own people. There's consequences in either choice you make.  I can't tell you what you must choose nor Xemnas. You have to look in your heart and decide what you should do."

"But...I don't have a Heart, whether I'm a Nobody or an artificial Nobody I don't have I?"

"Of course you do," said Revan, pointing to the floor, where Sora's body is slumbering .  "It's right below  you."

Before Xion could respond, Revan opened a Corridor of Darkness portal and went inside, leaving Xion with her thoughts, and the freedom to decide for herself.


Short: Revan vs Xion
Pure KH Short Story, hope you all enjoy.  Have a good Mother's Day Weekend.

Revan Shadow by me.
Kingdom Hearts themes and characters owned by Square Enix created by Teysuya Nomura

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes, violence/gore and strong language)
Revan Shadow and Zera were training. Ever since Vlad Von Draco's sitdown, they got more serious than ever in getting stronger.

She was in her controlled Demon Form, wielding her Demon Scythe, Revan on his base form wielding his Keyblade.

Zera with her full strength is actually stronger than Revan even in his final form.  But she's purposely suppressing her strength so it'll be compatible to his so they can train in equal footing.

Revan blocked a few scythe blows before  jumping away from Zera.

She requipped her scythe in exchange for her blaster pistols,

She fired at Revan as she took flight into air with her bat demon wings.  Revan blocked the blasts with his blade.

She kept firing until she reached a certain height and began utilizing her version of Revan's signature move he taught her, Dark Zero Machine Gun.

With rapid presses of the triggers both guns fired multiple blasts of powerful Dark Zero energy.

Revan countered it by opening multiple corridors of Darkness, which the blasts went inside the portals.

Revan opened another set of portals and the blasts came out heading towards Zera.  

"Shit!" Said Zera as she used her wings like a shield blocking the blasts.

They caused multiple explosions at contact. When the smoke cleared it showed Zera's wings burned through, but her main body was undamaged. "Fuck..." She winced at the pain, as she morphed her ruined wings back into her body.

"Heh you should learn to fly without wings girl," said Revan as he flew down to the ground behind her.

He raised his blade to strike.

Zera made no move to turn her body around to counter.  Instead she embedded the shaft of her scythe to the ground and lifted herself up.  The scythe was like a pole, and like an expert pole dancer, she spun around until she faced Revan and kicked at him while spinning.

The blow smacked Revan's Keyblade out of his hands.

Before Revan could summon it back into his hands, Zera released her grip on her weapon, leaving it standing on the ground, as she went towards him to fight him hand to hand.

They seemed to fight evenly blow to blow, until Zera elbowed him with a smirk and wrapped her demon tail around his leg and pulled him to fall on his back.

She got on his chest and began punching him smiling coldly.

She gave him a beating until Revan caught a punch  with his hand before punching her back and rolled over so she'll be under.  

He quickly got off her and rolled back up his feet.

As he got up, so did Zera.  "Why you got back up when you had me?" She asked.

"I know better than keep you cornered. It's when you are at your most dangerous."

Zera smirked and chuckled.  "That's a wise decision that's true. But I felt you had another reason."

"Wanna get down with you hand to hand on our feet. So put em up, show me what you got!"

"Then begin," she said with a serious look as she lifted her guard.

Revan attacked first punching at her. She raised her arms to block it.

She kicked and Revan backed away to evade it.

The battle became a battle of fists and legs clashing against eachother.

The Battle seemed even, until Zera grabbed his fist and pinned him under her at the ground.

"Heh you need improvement.  Tou still rely more on your abilities than your skills."

"Well I need more fine tuning that's all."

"Guess it'll be up to me to fine tune you, but next time.  There's something I gotta ask you."


"Would to go on a mission with me? Not one for the Organization but one of my mercenary jobs."

"Don't you usually do on missions with Xan or Wade?"

"Yah...but they are idiots, they are mostly useful as lackeys for the smaller missions, but would like you to come with me on this would you?"

"Sure would be honored to help depending the nature of the mission though."

"Oh I think you might be familiar with it..."

Red and Purple were once Tallests of the Old Irken Empire. They led the military of Irk during the Operation Impending Doom II and the Galactic War against the Resisty.  But they were really pawns of the logic and cold Control Brains who truly ruled the Empire.

Zim and Tak were seduced by the Dominion and were given dark powers, they used that power to overthrow the Tallests and took over the Empire as the new self proclaimed Tallests.

Various Irken Warlords refused to acknowledge former Defectives as the new Tallests and risen up against them.

It was a saving grace to the rest of the Galaxy as the Irken Empire fought itself in various civil wars, weakening Irk in the long run. After Revan and Organization Keyblade freed Tak and Zim from their corruption, they all joined forces with the Resisty and invaded the weakened Irk, and overthrew and destroyed the remaining Control Brains.

Red and Purple were demoted to become Tak and Zim's personal service drones on the Massive.

After Irk was reformed, the former Tallests were sentenced by the new Irken Government, for their war crimes, to remain service drones and were banished to Foodcourtia, in midst of the Great Foodening there.

Today, Red and Purple however have become targets of the Irken Crime bosses that were once Irken Warlords in the Old Irken Empire.

Some wants them dead for their failures, others yet want to abduct them and use them as symbols for irkens that followed the old  militant regime to rally behind.

The Great Foodening on Foodcourtia makes it only possible to enter the planet but impossible for ships to leave. Thus protecting the ex-Tallests from any operations that could have abducted them.

However some Irken Warlords that had dealings with the Von Draco family, especially Irken Crime Lord Dak, who was ordered to hunt Xixon when Revan met her, has possessed experimental technology to create wormhole portals, making it possible for him to sent a team of mercenaries to Foodcourtia and abduct Red and Purple.

The UNITY, the alliance of intergalactic governments, that's equivalent to Earth's United Nations, which included former Resisty governments and the Reformed Irken Empire, had also made a bounty on Red and Purple.  They realized how valuable they would be for militaristic factions in their efforts to rally against the UNITY. They are also useful because as former Tallests they had military secrets that could be exploited by the faction who acquires them first.

The UNITY is willing to pay a hefty bounty on the capture of Red and Purple alive and bring them safely to UNITY custody before they could be used by the Crime Lords.

Zera took the mission, wanting to personally deal with the two that caused her and Xixon so much annoyance in their past, that aside they were worth a lot of munnies.
With her new powers, amongst them to summon Corridors of Darkness, which she learned from Revan, it was possible for her to go and leave the planet as she wishes.

They appeared on a skyscraper rooftop in the endless city of Foodcourtia.

"Ok Revan lets get those fuckers."

"Wait, before we start. I have something for you," he said as he takes out something from his pocket.

It was a Dog Tag. A lot like the the ones solders of Earth wear. With her name engraved on it.

Upon settling on Earth, Zera became fascinated with the human militaries.

She began playing human war video games as entertainment. And began watching war movies and became fascinated on how human solders and their variants operate.

She was touched to see Revan give her this token of friendship.  And she took it putting it around her neck, saying with a flushed look, looking down, "thanks..."

He kissed her forehead before replying, "no problem. It suits you"

"Um...yah," she said with a blush.  "So where should we start? This planet is so big with so many people, I dunno where the trail would start."

"I think I do, Zim was once exiled here to be under the service of Sizz-Lor.  If I believe in irony, I would think that's who Red and Purple work for now.  If nothing else it's a good place to start."

"Ok are get going, do you know the name of the resteraunt?"

"Know it? Long before I met you guys Zim was abducted by Frylord Sizz-Lorr to serve him again.  With him being a member of the group I kept track of him.  I didn't interfere by rescuing him, knowing the idiot would find a way out himself.  If he failed and was stranded because of the start of the Great Foodening, then I was prepared to offer him a way out by my Corridor of Darkness portal.  But he handled himself fine.

"I never remembered the resteraunt's name but I know what it looks like come on!" He said jumping off the roof, landing on top of a passing speeder truck.

"Heh always on the move that idiot," she shook her head before jumping off the roof landing on top of a passing speeder taxi, she drew her blaster gun and demanded the pilot to follow The speeder truck Revan was riding.

While Irkens are largely a militaristic group they have some sort of culture.

Some people could say food is the closest thing to a religion, and Irken run food resteraunts are like temples where they come to "worship" their beloved junk and snack foods.

Which makes Irken Frylords like Sizz-Lor, would be something like the high priests of the temples.

Service Drones are like the serfs or citizen turned Slaves of the Irken Empire.

Some get paid, others are sentenced to that rank for penal labor.

That was Zim's fate after unwittingly destroying Operation Impending Doom, being sentenced to banishment to Foodcourtia and to be assigned under the stewardship of Frylord Sizz-Lorr, who made it his duty to make Zim's life a living hell.

After The reformation of the Irken Empire, the brutal penal/slave service of Service  Drones was abolished, as all Irkens who work under the food establishments would now work under fair conditions and fair pay.

But in Red and Purple's case, being the Tallests of the old regime, responsible for many war crimes, they were an exception of the repealed law, and was treated as Zim was.

They now work for Sizz-Lorr just as Zim was under his resteraunt.

Shoologorgh's Flavor Monster is the name of Sizz-Lorr's establishment, it's now being overworked because of the Great Foodening, an event on Foodcourtia when the people go on a feeding frenzy.

It becomes that so many people on the planet eating and gaining weight, that it increases the planet's gravity, up to a point ships can't escape.

Thus those on the planet will be stranded for 20 years until the Great Foodening is over.

However it's suspected that 20 years on Foodcourtia would be much less on Earth, as their planetary rotations differ.  20 years on Fopdcourtia might be as long as 20 Earth months, nearly 2 years.

Still to the inhabitants like Sizz-Lorr the endless work that comes from the Great Foodening makes it seems just as long, which was why he held a grudge against Zim.  But now he lost him again, he vented on Red and Purple, partly blaming them for failing to properly deal with Zim to begin with; tormenting them as he did Zim. Which was even worse due to the Foodening.

But as Revan and Zera traveled to their destination, a setting of another conflict is taken place.

Xixon was watching Revan and Zera via an Irken spy bot she sent to keep an eye on them. She was interested in how things are turning out there.

At her side was her pet scrab Tom.  Who until recently thought was male. When she got pregnant however, it confirmed her gender, but Xixon kept calling her Tom, whom she loved like her own child.

She pet Tom's head watching Zera and Revan go on their way to their destination when she smelled someone behind her.

Behind her was a red haired, golden eyed female in a Black Coat.

It was Tanya, Revan's childhood friend.

She was found rescued as an orphan in a human trafficking operation, and was adopted by the man who became Revan's first mentor, Brandon.

She was at first a shy girl, bullied by others, despite being trained by her warrior adopted father.

The young Revan despite being weak did what he could to defend her passively until he became a target of the bullying.

Seeing Revan being harmed made Tanya snap, and her shyness went away as she struck back at the bullies with a vengeance due to Brandon's training.

After the incident Tanya changed from a timid girl to a popular tough girl.

Revan pined for her for years, Even after he was taken in by Brandon after his parents' deaths. She instead had various relationships with men she met in her popular life.

She only saw him as an annoying brother she never had. Never was attracted to him. Even after he founded Organization Keyblade.

She remained in her homeworld, but months ago formally joined Revan's group.  She was one of the few members that doesn't live with Revan's base world, preferring to live in Hollow Shadow, Revan and Tanya's homeworld.

She Mostly kept her distance to Revan and the other members, though sometimes performing missions with them.

She is also a  Shadow Warrior, a group of guardians that her adopted father Brandon founded.  A group of dark powered humans in black coats, that uses their powers to protect their Homeworld. Had Revan stayed in Hollow Shadow, rather than leave to find himself and find Organization Keyblade, he too would have been a Shadow Warrior.

After Revan left to find the Organization, Tanya became a Keyblade Wielder as well, bearing the blade Phoenix Flame. Which bears a resemblance to Riku's future Keyblade the Way of Dawn, only colored fiery orange and black and with a Phoenix Keychain on it.

Xixon looked at Tanya giving a pleasant smile.  "Hey you are Tanya right? Nice to meet ya! I'm Xixon!"

"I know who you are bitch...and I have a question for you...what the hell have you done to Revan!"

"Huh? What u talking about?" She looked puzzled swaying her head to one side.

"I know the things you being doing with him and your bitch sister.  I don't care about the fucking things you do together.  It's how you handling him.  You have him wrapped around your finger now.  You manipulating him and I won't stand for it.  I'm asking you nicely to leave. Revan is too blind to see it, so I'll do what he couldn't and get you out of the way.

"Revan is no longer human. So I don't blame him for picking up inhuman habits.  And most of the girls he met I approve of, they have decent hearts.  However in the end they are freaks too, and you are the queen of the freaks."

"Now that's not nice," sId Xixon in calm but mock sad tone, as she stroke Tom.

"I love Revan with all my heart, and want what's best for him.  All you have done of push him away and reject him and now seem to reject all that he is.  That gives you no right to judge him, or Zera or me, uh-uhhh..."

"If you love him, why are you pushing him towards your sister if you want him for yourself?"

"Half sister please, but I love her like one and more.  Anyway it's because it's nature for guys to have wandering eyes, it's actually a reproductive response to breed faster.  Revan has it worse being part wolf.  So it's useless to try and make him avoid it.  Instead it's better to control it, and with Zera I would least know who the other girl is, and trust her enough not to take him away from me entirely.

"Because of that Revan isn't seeing other women in or out the Organization that much anymore to satisfy his hunger.  I, Zera, and our familiars is all that he needs. He's ours.  And it's actually thanks to you.  If you haven't rejected him, he wouldn't go wandering to other worlds to find the woman for him.  You set him on the path to find me. So thank you for brining our family together.~"

"Shut the hell up!" Growls Tanya as she drew her Keyblade and unleashed a burst of fire with a downward slash.

Xixon jumped out of the way, Tom moving back to avoid the fire. Xixon Jumped with acrobatic flips and landed in a kneeling pose.

She got up with a smirk. Gesturing Tom to stay away, this is her prey to claim.

"Oh so you are a Keyblade Wielder too huh? But if I recall you were never a Master like Revan."

"Don't underestimate me! I was one of the first people who taught Revan to fight!" She said.

"Heh well then show me what you got then," she said using her power to summon two knives at her hands.

Tanya yelled and  ran forward to clash blade against blade.

Xixon backed away as she blocked Tanya's flurry is fire enhanced sword strikes.

She backed to a wall, seemingly with a look of helplessness.

Tanya roared triumphantly as she stabbed her blade forward to impale her and singed her in fire.

But she stabbed against the wall and Xixon was standing on top of the blade like an acrobat on balancing on a tightrope.

Xixom smirked she only pretended to be overpowered and helpless.  "You are no Revan, you aren't even close to him in his normal form.  He must have allowed you to beat him to gain your favor or show respect to you."

Tanya gasped as Xixon kneed her at the face and punched her to the ground. She sat on her giggling as she stabbed her blades multiple times on her arms and shoulders.

Tanya roared in pain and repelled Xixon off with a Reflect Barrier.

Xixon got up shaking her head as she saw Tanya using Keyblade Healing spells to heal most of her wounds.

She looked at Tanya's blood on the knives and licked them. " are good in taste at least.  So you know other magic besides fire, makes sense since Keyblade Wielders can learn multiple forms of magic. That won't help you.  In the end you'll be begging for me."

"Like hell I will!" Tanya yelled running forward to cut her down.  Xixon sidestepped the blow and kicked the Keyblade off of her hands.  Before she can summon it back to her hands, she had to block and evade Xixon's kicks and blade slashed. She got some cuts on her arms.

She winced in pain and was finally able to summon her blade back into her hands and attempted to cut Xixon down with an upward slash.

But Xixon was no longer there, she was behind Tanya grabbing both her wrists from behind squeezing her wrists so hard they hurt and bones started to crack.

"I'm gonna break you bitch, mmhmm. And I'll make Revan watch as I do that, he would only be turned on and watch and let me do as I want as long as I won't kill you. He is mine now and forever, and you..." She said while licking her neck from behind before whispering in her ear.  "Are gonna be mine too."  

Tanya bites her lip blushing before Roaring in disgust and headbutt Xixon's face to break free.

Xixon was stunned by the headbutt and covered her face with a whimper.

Tanya teleported behind her to try and impale her from behind.

But Xixon smelled her coming via her antennas and did leaping somersault to avoid the blow and landed feet behind Tanya, and did more leaps to gain distance from  Tanya.

Tanya teleported near Xixon and slashed at her. Xixon stopped the blade with her bare foot, before pressing the blade down at the ground, and then cut Tanya's cheek with her knife before kicking her away.

"Ok..." Said Tanya getting up and  turning around to face Xixon.  "You aren't someone to underestimate. While a horny idiot, Revan has always been careful picking the strongest companions. Even if they are mostly female.

"So I'm not gonna underestimate you anymore.  I'll burn you away with my strongest move.  It's time for the Phoenix to rise," she said raising her blade over her head.

Flame surged around her body until it formed a giant construct of a Phoenix  with wings.  Her eyes were surging in fire energy.  This state is called Phoenix Mode 

She started to float up, her construct's wings flapping.

"I'll be burn you until there's nothing left!" Said Tanya as she flew forward Toward Xixon.

Up to now Xixon was in her normal form, but now got into her wolf Demon Form, sporting giant Raven like wings, giving her an appearance of a fallen angel.

She took flight avoiding Tanya's tackle.

"You are not getting away!" Said Tanya as she condensed the flaming energy of the construct, until only the flaming wings remained.  Her Keyblade Had fire around it like an angelic flaming sword.  In this form the power she had earlier was more focused.  This was Phoenix Mode Stage two.

She flew after Xixon, chasing her like a bird with prey, around the room.

But the huntress was the hunted, as Xixon was only toying her by pretending to be chased.

She stopped and actually started to fly towards her Using the momentum to knee her face, causing her to start falling towards the ground senseless.

But she got back to her senses and flew back towards Xixon.  She pointed her blade forward forming w sphere of fire energy, before releasing it into a firestorm, bursting from the Keyblads and heading towards Xixon.

"Phoenix Inferno!" Yelled  Tanya  as she unleashed her attack.

But Xixon opened her mouth and sucked all the fire, like she was sucking air.  It all went inside her harmlessly.  She coughed out a ring of smoke, before saying "excuse me".

"That actually had an ashy taste to it, but it was warm and comforting.  Thanks for the snack."

"Stop playing with me!" Yelled Tanya as she pointed her Keyblade and used Dark Zero, forming a black sphere of dark energy, before unleashing it as a powerful energy blast.

Xixon smirked and extended her arm forward, catching the black blast and sucked it into her mouth like she did the fire. She then opened her mouth again and an even stronger Dark Zero blast came out of her mouth at fast speeds.  Tanya could only use her flaming wings like shield to protect her.

Thr blast exploded, and Tanya was blown to the ground, with her Black Coat in burning tatters, and her body burned and broken.  Her Keyblade disappeared as she was unconscious.

Xixon landed at the ground in front of her and smirked,  "So Revan taught you that move too didn't he? Well he taught me and Zera it too.  It was so simple for me to absorb it and combine it with my own Dark Zero attack and sent it back to you.

"Thank you for the entertainment, you were fun.  I needed to do something while I waited for Zera and Revan to do something interesting.  But now it's over, it's time to start your education. For it seems that the Phoenix has fallen to the feathers of the raven."

She snapped her fingers and werewolves of different breeds, mostly female came in.

They are recent recruits of the Organization, they were slave solders of the Von Dracos until liberated by Xixon herself and took them in to make a wolf clan of her own to suit her new wolf self.  She "educated" each of them to serve her as their alpha.

She fights, hunts, and spars with them to hone in her new wolf instincts.  They are now her servants to do her bidding.

At Xixon's command they picked Tanya up by the arms and dragged her away to a holding cell where Xixon will begin

She was glad the fighting didn't hurt Tom, who hanged from a distant corner of the room near ceiling, nor seriously damaged her computer, though her chair was burned.  She had her wolf minions give her a new one, as she reverted to normal, and sat down while petting Tom as she watched Revan and Zera just as they arrived at Sizz-Lorr's restaurant.

"Ugh you gotta be kidding me..." Groaned Zera seeing the entrance.  "It looks ridiculous, makes me wanna burn it all down."

"Now now Zera we have a job to do, we can't let things like that distract us,"

She looked at Revan with a serious look taking out her gun, pointing it at the Flavor Monster's head.  "Let me at least blow that greasy idiot's head off."

"Look Zera when we get home we could recreate this environment in hologram and you can destroy it all you want. See all those people literally overflowing at the entrance? They are like devout followers of a cult now.  Living to serve the food that satisfies them.

"That thing might as well be an idol, destroy it and we would have a mob of angry aliens on us."

"Fine..." Groaned Zera as she sheathed her blaster.  "But if I see that fucker's face one more time I'll grow it a new one."

"Oh boy..." Said Revan as he went inside.

But it wasn't long after they went inside to the overcrowded lines to see a guy in a suit looking like Shoologorgh's Flavor Monster outside dancing and singing, with hot grease coming out of its mouth.

"No...just no...that dude just can't deserve to live..." She said putting her hand over her face, drawing her blaster and fired before Revan could stop her.

Fortunately the blast only blown off the mascot head while the occupant only had some minor burns, but inside was Purple.

"H-hey! Try standing inside this suit for hours with hot grease constantly burning you and see how you like...oh no it's him!"  Said Purple recognizing Revan, for Revan met with them when they were still Tallests, who warned them the series of events that would cause them to lose power unless they change their ways. 

Purple yelled running out back, with grease flying out of his suit while he kept running. The hot grease almost made him hobble as he run.

Sizz-Lorr came out from out back, saying "What the Irk is going on!? Did I hear blaster fire?...hey I know you..,"

When Zim was recaptured by Sizz-Lorr, Revan visited Shoologorgh's Flavor Monster as a customer incognito a few times.

While he didn't interfere to free Zim, after losing Zim, Sizz-Lorr put two and two together and thought Revan was responsible for helping Zim go free.

"You! You took away my worker slave!" He said as he summoned his armor and giant spatula.  He lunged at Revan about to hit him with his spatula.

Zera summoned her Demon Scythe and stood between Revan and Sizz-Lorr and blocked his attack.  "Finally some real challenge on this fucking greasy fatty rock!"

"Stopza!" Yelled Revan as he raised his summoned Keyblade over head and used Time Magic to cause everyone but himself, Zera, Sizz-Lorr Purple, and Red wherever he is in time so bystanders wouldn't interfere.

Xixon sent her power across space to the spy bot and used her power to create a barrier to protect it from being frozen in time so she could still watch.

"What the..." Uttered Sizz-Lorr looking around.

His and Zera's weapons are still locked on eachother.

Zera smirked and took the chance to knee him in the groin then punched him to the ground before pressing her foot on his neck before drawing her blaster pistol, pointing it under his chin.  "Feeling lucky fatso?" She said with a smirk.

"That's enough Zera we have a mission to do, he's still a citizen of Irk and offing him would make bounties out of us, let him go, we can talk this out peacefully."

"Sigh just when it was getting fun..." She said as she pulled the gun away and kicked Sizz-Lorr's weapon out of his hand.  Before she walked away she punched him again.

"Ok ok that's enough!" Groaned Sizz-Lorr.  "What do you want? Steal another one of my workers?!"

"Actually yes, your current Service Drones Red and Purple are wanted by the UNITY. Subversive organizations want to capture them and use them as a symbol of insurrection against the UNITY and the Empire.  We have a warrant approving for our brining them in for their safety and the public's.  You will be compensated for their loss financially by our clients.  And if u like we could arrange having suitable replacements for them."

"You mean more help? Said Sizz-Lorr as he stood up, and looking at the warrant on a datapad, Zera showed approving her as a mercenary to do this act.

"Yah besides hiring new workers, you would also be provided with service droids which would be more efficient then normal workers."

"Hmm, fine take them, as long as I get decent help here," said Sizz-Lorr as he deactivated the security protocols that up till now contained Red and Purple in the building.

Zera and Reven went out back and saw Red and Purple cowering at a wall.

They looked shrunk in their current Service Drone bodies, but their heads remained the same size.  Zera held back the urge to laugh at them.

"Oh how the almighty Tallests has fallen. These bodies suit you nicely, not as gilded as your Tallest bodies," smirked Revan.

"No thanks to you! You took away everything from us!" Screeched Red before he and his companion hugged eachother sobbing.

"Oh this is pathetic, can we bring them in dead?" Said Zera drawing her gun.  "These bastards don't have the balls to live."

"They are worth more alive Zera, our clients need them for their Intel, besides keeping them out of reach from the competition," said Revan, as he walked forward and brutally pulled them up by their antennas causing them to wiggle and screech in pain.

"Listen up guys I haven't taken anything from you.  I gave you a warning back then to change your ways and not listen to the control brains but instead you walked right into your fate.  You both got what you deserved, and the founders of the UNITY wanted to execute you.

"I had to plea with them to show mercy as it Wouldn't have made a good precedent to the start of their jobs.

"now listen up, besides us, mercenaries hired by former Irken warlords are also looking for you.  They want to use you guys as symbols to resurrect Militant Irk.  While that would be preferable to you guys, think about it.  You think they'll share power with you guys? No they want to use you as poster boys, espiecally after seeing how short you guys have become you'll be treated worse than service drones.  Once they are done with you they'll kill you, perhaps blaming the UNITY for your demise.

"Here's your other option, come with us quietly where you'll be taken to Conventia, the current headquarters world of the UNITY.  You'll be treated comfortably and in protective custody as long as you cooperate with them.  Those are your options now what would it be?" Said Revan in a dark calm voice.

Xixon purred happy, to see this side of Revan, while she loved his kind and almost childlike personality she also loved it when he was dark. 

Red and Purple squealed and blubbered the words, "YES YES WE'll come with you let us go!"

Revan gently put them down and turned to Zera.  "Mission complete let's head home."

Suddenly a canister rolled into the room and unleaded pulses of energy.

Zera and Revan felt their strength left them, and suddenly feel like normal people again.

They looked to see Irkens came into the room.  Like Zera they have human like bodies.

Without her powers Zera drew her blaster pistols and grabbed Rrvan by the collar and went behind a serving table as blaster fire entered the room.

"You really are hopeless you know that?" Said Zera as he pushed down the serving cart using it as a shield From blaster fire, and  drew her knife from her boot and gave it to Revan.

"I'll give you covering fire, but I want it back."

"Fair enough," nodded Revan as Zera got up shooting back at the assliants.

Revan jumped from his cover and threw the knife at the forehead of one of mercenaries. As he fell, his companions began shooting at Revan.  

Revan ran to a corner behind a refrigerator for cover.  He still has his physical superhuman conditioned strength, making him able to push the refrigerator using it as a giant shield.

Zera was annoyed that he used her knife so soon, but what he did gave her an idea.

She stood up the serving Cart and rolled it behind Revan and the refrigerator.

She took all her grenades and minor explosives from her utility belt.and placed them on the serving cart

She pushed it and then kicked it towards the assailants who was using the entrance to the back room as cover and to pin Revan and Zera down.

 When the cart got near them, she aimed her blaster at one of the grenades and fired at it. The cart detonated like a booby trap, destroying the doorway and wall around it, and took out the assailants.

The resteraunt was clear.

Zera walked to burned up corpse of the one Revan killed with the knife and picked it up.

"Sigh you are helpless you know that? You really need to build up your fighting skills all you are good at without your powers is fighting close range," she said picking up the cylinder that was nullifying their powers and crushed it in her grip, doing so revived their powers.

Sizz-Lorr came into the ruined room, seeing it became the aftermath of a battlefield.  He sighed and said, "Who's gonna pay for this?"

Red and Purple were handed over by Zera to the UNITY authorities, and was paid in full for the reward.

She was now a self-made woman, but it Wouldn't change her lifestyle one bit.  She would store most of the money in her financial account and use a portion of the winnings to buy more weapons and supplies.

This high paid mission was more of an accomplishment for her than a reward for cash.  She would still do missions as usual, when given the chance.

After Zera returned home with Revan, her demon partner was summoned by Xixon, and she left her host's body to see what Xixon want.

She met her at the entrance of Revan's home's holding cells, seeing Xixon's new wolf minions made Demon Zera think that she should start "recruiting" minions too.

"Hey there so glad for you to come," said Xixon as she suddenly pulled her into a kiss.

The demon in a look alike body of Zera in her demon form blushed and leaned in slightly in kiss.

When they separated, Demon Zera asked, "W-what do you want?"

"I have a gift for you.  I know we had our differences in the past, but we agree over our mutual desire for our leader, and what's best for him.  So to honor that I have a toy for you, you can help me break her in," said Xixon as she deactivated the forcefield at a cell revealing to be Tanya still beaten up and tattered and held up in bounds.

"Who is she?" Asked Demon Zera.  "She's human."

"She's a childhood friend of Revan. And his first crush.  A minor Member of the Organization that lives mostly in her home world which is why we hardly see her.  What's the problem was she doesn't want him but doesn't approve of us being with him.   Well what we must do is break the truth into her that we are the best for him. So shall we get started?"

"Mmmm...yes..." Said Demon Zera licking her lips.  She would do quite nicely...I've been meaning to see what a human woman is like...hey wait you branded her?"

"Yah, with a similar curse mark I gave the traitor bitch Mira. She thought it was for merely for torture, and that being worlds away from me keeps her safe.  Poor thing, she doesn't know my curse marks are more than that, they also allows me to bend the victim to my will even if it's slightly, and I see what they see, know that they know, make them do what I want to.

"Mira doesn't know she's now my spy in Shadow's Organization, and when the time comes she'll backstab him as she backstabbed our Revan.

"In this case, Tanya would also be bound to my will and suggestion, making it easier to break her," she said lifting a piece of ripped off clothe of Tanya's black coat, revealing between her shoulders she has a black tattoo, in shape of a wolf pawprint with demon raven black wings spread out at the side, a copy of Xixon's own curse Mark when using both her wolf and demon powers.

"Let's make this quick, we'll return her to her home world before she's missed, my Curse Mark will prevent her from doing anything against us, and she'll at her own will, will return to us for more," said Xixon as she licked the tear stained cheek of Tanya.

"I told will be mine, as Revan is and always be...your time with him is over, it's our turn now..."


Short: Mission to Foodcourtia
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Hope u all enjoy 

Revan Shadow, Tanya, Brandon, Xanatos, Dak, Mira Kurokage, Shadow the Heartless, the Dominion, Von Draco family, the UNITY by me
Xixon, Zera, Xinhua, Demon Zera, Tom by :iconwingless1raven:
Invader Zim themes and characters by Jhonen Vasquez
Kingdom Hearts themes and characters owned by Square Enix created by Teysuya Nomura
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and strong language)
The Von Draco family, a family of dark sorcerers that run business like dominions on various worlds.

Serving under them are an army of human PMC mercenaries, various paranormal creature minions, resurrected powerful warriors, and an elite group of magically enhanced Knights called Klinge, and their elite the Klingemeisters.

As their family grow so does the number of worlds they occupy.

Evidence shown that they had existed to as long as before the Keyblade War.

But an encounter with Organization Keyblade caused the Von Dracos to be challenged.

After months of fighting between them, the Von Dracos found themselves with half their family dead, from Organization Keyblade fights and ops, and from revolts and assassinations from their own supernatural and human workers that were inspired by the Organization defying them.

Vlad Von Draco, the patriarch of the Family, had decided for a change in approach to the problem.

Revan Shadow was walking with his current mate Xixon. She had him take Zera, herself, and some members of the Organization to the mall.  She and Zera were walking with him, having him carry their shopping bags when suddenly a limo Parked at the sidewalk near them.

Out came a woman in shades and in an feminine executive business attire, all in red.  Her appearance made her seem like a secretary or aide to a CEO of a buisness.

"Mr. Shadow? My master Lord Vlad Von Draco seeks an audience with you.  He has a proposition for  you.  He wishes if you come alone."

"Ha! Tell that pompous bastard he can kiss our-" started Zera before Revan put his hand in front of her to signal her to quiet down.

"To what nature is your master's proposition? And what happens if I refuse it?"

"What you would gain is unknown to me.  The master will tell you himself should u accept.  As for refusing you are perfectly free to walk away with no consequences.  But if you come you would to gain something vital, at the very least knowledge.  Walking away from such an opportunity would be unwise.  It's up to you."

"In that case I'll listen to what he has to say.  But on one condition they come with me.  It's that or I'm not going."

"Very well, come into the limo please."

"Revan wait! You seriously wanna do this?! Going into an enemy's turf with no back up?! That's insane!" Said Zera.
Xixon simply ran to the limo squealing "Yayyyyy limooooo!!!"

"Why you think I ask you girls to come with me? You are my back up.  Trust me it'll be fine."

"I hope you fight Revan.  But if you get us killed I'll kill you."

They went into the limo door but to their surprise once they entered it it was as If they were suddenly in the lobby of a top floor of a building.  The limo door is a magic doorway to Vlad Von Draco's office building in an unknown distant world.

"Please wait here, I'll notify the master you are here," said the Secretary as she went ahead into the double doors.

They looked around and saw this place was pretty high class, it was hard to believe that the owner was head of a crime family of wizards.

Soon the secretary returned to see Xixon playing with pens while waiting and asked Revan and the others to come in.

They came inside a penthouse office, with a large glass window overlooking a massive city outside.

Vlad Von Draco was at the window with his back turned in them admiring the view.

He has brushy Raven black hair, a goatee, some scars at his face, and crimson red eyes.  In age he looked like he was in his middle years.

He turned around to face them and gave a pleasant smirk.  "Mr. Shadow, and guests.  Please sit down." He said gesturing to the chairs in front of his desk.

"I'll stand thanks," said Zera coldly, crossing her arms.

Revan accepted the gesture and sat down.  Xixon did the same holding his hand, her face smiling yet her eyes showed caution. Her smiles are often a deception to trick her foes while she analyze and plot against them.  Only to her loved ones like Revan and Zera are her smiles genuine.

"I thank you for accepting my invitation Mr. Shadow. My, you are younger than I expected.  It's true your body is apparently made immortal in age by a ritual but your eyes are still young, meaning you only been given that gift recently.

"I can tell because I have that gift too."

"Yah I know that, I'm aware your family can live through centuries like their Klinge servants," said Revan.
"Ah but I'm far older than that." Chuckles Vlad.

"Get on with it! Why you want us here you bastard!" Growled Zera in frustration.

"Hm right to the point eh? Very well I'll tell you.  Let me ask you something.  Do you know how we Von Dracos possess the level of magic we have. To keep ourselves from aging, limited time travel, able to revive the dead body and soul, whether they were human, Nobody, Spiritual beings such as Shinigami and Arrancars, and create human weapons such as Klinge and Klingemeisters that possess powers compatible and beyond that of a Keyblade Master, and other feats not capable to an average Sorcerer?  It's this," said Vlad as he pressed a button under his desk, beyond him at a wall a compartment  opened  showing a large red floating crystal behind him.

"It's called the Dragon Heart.  Inside it contains the Heart of the Very first Von Draco.  My father Morzan Von Draco.

"He was a sorcerer before the Keyblade chosen him.  And he was a veteran of a conflict you are familiar with:  The Keyblade War.  He fought for the armies of Darkness to possess the x-blade and Kingdom Hearts.

"He survived but sustained an injury that causes him to slowly lose his massive power.  To save himself and preserve his legacy he used what's left of his power to create this crystal and transfer his Heart into it.

"He left it to me, his son to prepare for his revival.  I while haven't inherit my father's ability to wield a Keyblade, I have learned all I can of Sorcery from him.

"When my father sealed himself, I took a piece of his Dragon Heart and put it into me.  It gave me a portion of the power he had, increasing my capabilities. As I grew in power, so did the Dragon Heart fragment in me. I then started gathering a cloven of sorcerers from various worlds to join me being became the first members of my family.

"Now only I am a true Von Draco, the rest of my Family are either descendants by birth or  relatives from marriage.

"I can however make others a Von Draco in a magic ritual.  Like when I met my wife Regina, who was originally a daughter of a sorcerer from another world.  When we got together I gave her a piece of the Dragon Heart, making her a true Von Draco like me.

"When children are born of our family they too are given the Dragon Heart.  Same as our creations like the resurrected warriors, and the Klinge, they too have fragments of the Dragon Heart.  That's why they burn away when they die, as anything from the Dragon Heart.

"You understand what the Dragon Heart is to us? It's our Kingdom Hearts.  It's where we all come from, and where we return when we die.

"I made this family for the purpose to Cultivate the Dragon Heart's power. As each bearer of the Dragon Heart grows in power and experience the fragment gets stronger too, and when the person died the fragment returns to the Dragon Heart along with the power it had.

"That's why we made Klinge, travel through time to make sure more of our kind come to be, and resurrect beings of great strength, so that they can give the power they had to the Dragon Heart and make it stronger when they die.

"You understand now? I never wanted to conquer worlds or rewrite reality or even own anything.  It was all to give my father's power to others and have them cultivate it, make it stronger and return it to it, to him.  Everyone else were tools to make it possible."

"You have been a good help Revan, you challenged my family and encouraged them to fight and gather strength.  You killed them and have them return their power to the Dragon Heart.  Each Klinge, Family member Resurrected Warrior you killed, are really giving my father the strength to return in his former glory."

"So that Klingemeisters we killed the other day, they are in the Dragon Heart?" Asked Revan looking at the crystal.

" seems that each person slain directly by the Keyblade, has the fragment destroyed. It's the true reason why you have been "liberating" some individuals we resurrected for the purpose to serve us. The Keyblade seems to Be the Dragon Heart's weakness.  But it's no matter your other members are killing enough of my family just fine as well as the rebelling rabble you inspired.  Sooner or later the Dragon Heart will have enough power to revive my father in his former glory, reborn in an age where the Keyblade is rare.  He will take dominance as he usher a new Age for the worlds with me and my remaining family at his side.

"Oh I could take all the fragments at once and kill them all if I want to, but that'll for one thing be a gamble.  If I take all the fragments now and kill all but me off, and it's still not enough, then I'll be out of luck and have to take years to start over again.  Taking it slow and steady might be better.  The war between our factions and all speeding things up."

"So what it had to do with us you quibbling bastard?" Growled Zera.  "What's to stop us for blowing that hunk of rock to hell?"  Asked Zera as she drew her gun pointing at it.

"For one thing it already has a barrier around it.  Even if you go through it by then I'll summon all my remaining 9 Klingemeisters to deal with you.  You barely can deal with three separately, can you even with your new power handle all of them at once, especially if they pool their powers like you did?"

"So why you brought us here?" Asked Revan calmly 

"To show you lot you have no choice but to cooperate with me.  And it's simply to keep fighting.  Refuse and eventually my family will strike back at you, cooperate and you'll be closer to rid an enemy.  Either way you have no choice but to keep fighting.  Refuse all and I could just take all the Dragon Heart fragments to right now and take my chances.  Think about it, I'll let you enjoy some peace for now, and  tell the Family you agree for an armistice.  I'll even not dirty your hands and let the Family be first to break the truce when I'm ready for the war to continue.  Now go Lee Mei will show you out."

"I have one last question for you," said Revan calmly.  "Actually two, first thing is I read from a text that during the time when my homeworld was a learning and sharing hub for Keyblade wielders, a group of sorcerers turned the people against the Keyblade Wielders in envy.  Amongst them was a group of them, that called themselves the Von Dracos.  Was that you with them?"

"Oh so you found the Vault to the Remains of the Keyblade Library, I'm impressed!" Said Vlad approvingly.  "Yes I was there and arranged the little squabble that sent the Keyblade Wielders off your world.  Your world offering a haven to the Keyblade Wielders were helping them recover  from the Keyblade War, and if I haven't done anything they could have revived to their former glory.

"So iIdid what was necessary to keep them scattered across worlds.  I had to insure there's little to no competition to my father's return.  It was a shame seeing the Great Keyblade Library burn though...such a what's your second question?

"The Klinge's armor I can't help but think they were based on Keyblade Armor, that Keyblade Wielders of old used to wear."

"Ah you noticed yes, while Klinge armor are different from Keyblade Armor in function and ability, they do bear resemblance in appearance.  I lived before the Keyblade War and seen many Keyblade Armor.  I created the Klinge to rival the Keyblade Wielders, and gave them fitting armor to fill the role.  Is that all?"

"Yes thank you for your time have a good day, your presentation was...informative," said Revan as he turned to leave gesturing the others to follow.

They went out the door back to the sidewalk back in their world watching the limo drive away.

As soon as it was gone, Zera grabbed his neck and pinned him to the wall.  "What the hell was that?' Why you didn't do anything?!  You let that bastard walk all over us!"

Xixon covered her mouth concerned but watched.

"Sometimes the best resistance is passive resistance," gasped Revan.  "The true reason why I accepted this meeting was do gather Intel....and now I learned their greatest we can kill them
All at destroying that crystal heart..."

Zera coldly squeezed tighter before replying, "I gathered that too so why haven't we attacked when we had the best chance?"

"He wouldn't draw his best hand and greatest weakness...without having it protected...if we attacked too soon he would have summoned those red armored Knights and killed us...we played along and we can plan what to do next..." 

Zera still had a cold look at her face but put him down, however before put him in an headlock under her armpit.

"Xixon go home," she said to Xixon indifferently.  "B-but Zera I want to-"

"I said go home, Revan and I have some discussing to do, and he has a lot of convincing to do. Now get the fuck home! Prepare dinner or something! Be back soon," She said using her new powers to open a Corridor of Darkness portal.

"P-please don't hurt him..."

"I won't...much..." She said as she went inside with Revan and closed the portal.

Revan soon found himself what seemed to be a space station complex in orbit of a distant planet that has meteorite rings.

He found himself inside a bedroom near a comfy and large looking bed.

"This is one of my safe houses," said Zera.  "We are light years from Earth...we should be alone for a while..."

To Revan's surprise, she pinned him to thr bed and sat on his lap, her boobs and ass grew bigger than normal.

He suddenly felt her body became hot and sweaty like there was a fire inside her. She began panting with her tongue sticking out.

Revan understood it was one of Zera's heated urges.  When he met her she was timid over sex and was cold to other males like him and Xan. But after Xixon drugged her and trapped her with Revan to loosen up, Zera became as horny as her slutty sister but kept her restraint at times.

Zera sometimes go with Xanatos but she finds herself pulled to Revan and Xixon from time and again. 

Her hunger became even worse when she bonded with her demon, who wants Revan for herself but gets broken by Xixon to share.

Now it seems Zera and her Demon abducted him so they can have him for themselves for once. But Zera for now kept her demon suppressed wanting no intruders in this for now.

"I...need this...I need you...without Xixon or anyone in the way...ahhh...God..." She moaned as her blouse started to tear from the expansion of  her enlarged breasts, and her spandex jumpsuit pants with stripe like openings at the thigh leggings are also tearing from
 Her ass expansion.  A tear formed between her legs showing she has no panties on, and her pussy swelled and exposed and wet.

She panted huskingly as she wrapped her arms around Revan's neck and pulled him into a desperate passionate kiss.  She brought her tongue in licking his.

After a while, she separated from Revan panting, saliva trail between mouths she grabbed Revan's hands and guided them
To her swollen breasts.  She looked at him her tearing eyes, ruining her eye makeup.  She wiped her eyes clean and looked down at him whimpering begging him to do as she wants. 

He himself was panting after the kiss, he couldn't resist but lean back to her lips.  As he kissed her softly, then he grabbed her enlarged breasts tearing off the torn blouse, and began rubbing the bare breasts.

Zera moaned grabbing each hand guiding them to rub her larger boobs. "Ah...fuuucckkk...that's it...m-more...I-it's not enough...g-give it to me dammit!" She groaned as she switched positions to sit on his face, feeding him her pussy.

She humped his face roughly making him suck it.  As he did, she continued to guide his hands to rubbing her breasts.

She squeezed her ass and hips as as she rapidly kept humping Revan's face.  She bit her lip moaning as If she finally has an itch she couldn't touch being scratched.

"Mmm...ngh...yes that's it...keep going yah keep going," she moaned as she felt Revan's tongue thrusted inside her pussy as he sucked.

She humped faster and kept going until minutes later she came.  Revan drinks up her cum.  Zera panted slightly feeling a little better but still wanted more.

She turned around began tearing Revan's pants and black underwear open, and threw it them off.  She put her enlarged breasts around his cock, rubbing the cock between them.  As she boob fucked him she put her mouth on the cock, wrapping her wormlike tongue around cock.

She drooled hungrily at it before she began sucking as she rubbed her enlarged ass and pussy back near Revan's face.

This time he slid his fingers into her pussy and gfngered her while she boob fuck and gave him a blowjob.

 His fingering made Zera moan slightly but more excited and fueled her to suck rougher and bobble her head in and out faster.

She moved her hips, humping her pussy into the fingers as they went deeper in her.

She sucks hungering for his cum going rougher as Revan slow down slightly finding it hard to keep up.

The fingering was brining a relief to her like she had an itch only he can scratch. She closed her eyes enjoying it all, waiting for the cum to finally start digging out.

Minutes later Revan surrendered the cum as it came gushing out into her mouth.  She almost purred drinking it all.

When she was done she released his cock from her mouth.

She got up licking her lips.  "Mmm that was what the doctor ordered. Now let's get to the fun of it." She smirked as she put her leaking pussy over his cock, and slid it in into her.

She gasped as his cock went inside her, she began riding him slowly, squeezing her hips and butt around the cock.

She began riding him
Slowly at first before Revan sat up, wrapped his arms around her, and kissed her neck while fucking her while sitting up.

"Ahh...ahhh...y-yes...right there Revan! Fuck me! Mmm!!!" She moaned  wrapping her arms around him, squeezing him tightly and pulling him closer.

Her white cheeks blushed and her eyes tearing in pleasure, as she fucked with him, her enlarged breasts were squeezed against his chest.

He pulled her into a kiss, they kissed roughly and passionately as they kept  fucking while sitting up.

Their moans of passion and desire echoed throughout the space station base.

They kissed dirtingly until Zera pulled away moaning, hugging him tightly as they went faster at eachother.

"Ahhh...ahh...ahh...ahh...Revan...yah...t-that's it..I...I'm almost there...p-please don't stop....almost....ahhhhh!!!"  Moans  Zera as she finally climaxed at the same time Revan came.  His cock filling up her womb.

Despite it, once wasn't enough, it was what she needed, but she still wanted more.  

She thenwent at him reverse cowgirl style while he rubbed her boobs from behind. They closed their eyes moaning as they fucked till they came ten minutes later.

Still hungry, Zera went at him missionary style, with herself laid on the bed, while her legs were around Revan's neck as he laid on her fucking.

After that cumming, he collapsed on her tired.  She only smirked as she while she was tired herself wasn't done with him yet.

She brought out her demon form, brining out her horns, tail, and silted blue eyes, but kept herself from summoning her bat wings.  

With her form, came out a reserve of energy and power rejuvenating her.

Her Demon wanted a turn, but Zera kept her suppressed with herself in control, not finished with him, and not willing to share until she's satisfied.

She slapped his neck, summoning his Wolf Curse Mark, and channeled her power into it, making him activate his full hulking Werewolf Form.

In this form, his fatigue was also gone and he was fresh for more.

She got onto all fours on the bed and used her demon tail to playfully tap his wolf cock, inviting him to fuck her from behind Doggie style.

He smirked and eagerly accepted her invitation.

"Yeeeahhh..." She  moaned smiling with her tongue out as the fun started.

As they moaned as they fucked, light years on Earth Xixon was watching them from a live feed of a camera she planted at Zera's secret base.

She was fingering herself as she watched. Also having a tray of freshly used sex toys nearby

Despite herself claiming Revan as her mate, Xixon didn't mind at all sharing him with Zera.

But she didn't expect her newfound hunger for him would drag out like that this far.

Nevertheless she knew what Zera wanted from the get go, as she could smell her sexual pheromones raging throughout Von Draco's meeting and only pretended to be concerned.

Using her new wolf powers, Xixon can sense the bond she made with Revan, and knew wherever he was.

Zera never showed Xixon her secret bases, as before they met Revan, she mostly left Xixon stranded on her lair world where she wouldn't harm anyone or no one her.  But Xixon, hacked into Zera's spy bots and base cameras and use them to keep track of her half sister and knew the location of every secret hideout Zera has.

That combined knowing where Revan was with her bond, it was a small matter to know where they are.

She wasn't offended that they were naughty behind her back, in fact she watched the show with dirty enjoyment while pleasuring herself via fingering and toys.

She secretly record videos of almost every sexual outing, she, Zera, and Revan did together or separately, and would watch them again like she's watching a favorite smutty echhi anime.

She also watched them to analyze  and learn from them on how she could do better next time.

She only was slightly offended that Zera's demon was partly behind this, strengthening her host's desire and hunger and act upon them to try and win Revan over to herself.  She would have to punish that demon next time to teach her that no sex would be done without her permission, the Organization's true Alpha Female.

But she smiled cruelly as the demon was already being punished, as Zera is keeping her away from Revan, having him for herself.

She was glad Revan and Zera were getting closer together.  When they met, Zera didn't trust him and nearly tried to tear his head off in her own defense and Xixon's.  It was good to see how Revan changed her, into being more loose and trusting.

She rather have her sharing with him, then be with Xanatos, whose an idiot who would drive her away from Xixon's family.  

She would Occasionally drag Xan into their sex games, as the fourth in their threesome.  But sees Revan as a more worthy choice in loosening her up and making her stronger.

Still both boys are necessary in helping mold Zera into the better person Xixon envisioned.

Because of Revan, Zera now fully mastered her demon, able to be the dominant being in their body and power.  

She's also has been training with him, learning his techniques and methods of fighting.

The three of them together would maintain their reign as the strongest in the Organization, and foes like the Von Dracos will be no match for them.

Then they'll be safe and strong, as the family Xixon always wanted.

She smiled to herself lying back on her chair. Feeling content and complete ,a feeling that grew stronger ever since she met Revan.

Meanwhile, Revan and Zera came the third time while still in doggies style position. They went nonstop since they got into their powered up forms.

Zera would keep going but decided it was time for a break.  She allowed Revan and herself to revert to their normal forms.

They laid at  eachother's side in the blankets and covers tucked over them.

Zera hugged Revan laying against his chest, cuddling slightly.  "Mmm...I needed that thanks Revan," she said kissing his chest.

"It's no problem Zera, I guess I needed that too.  Man you really are getting good you know that?"

Zera blushed before replying, "well...n-never thought I had it in me...always avoided that kind of thing before you know? Always thought this shit was weakness..."

"That depends on the person not the sex.  If they themselves are weak then it as a result would be the same.  But you and Xixon, Xinhua, and...your demon are anything but that. Say what is your demon's name anyway?"

"Heh never asked. But will beat it out of her sometime, I feel like I'm getting stronger every day, thanks to you and Xixon."

"You yourself are strong Zera, you always had been.  I seen that when I met you. Guess that was why I wanted you first before meeting Xixon."

"Well I didn't know you then, thought you were a reckless horny creep that only goes after girls for sex and wouldn't care anything less...but turns out while you crave sex like Xixon you really care for who you are really care and are strong...found myself wanting to trust you in taking care of us, and wanted to be strong like you.  That was reason why I took the demon you know to be strong like you and Xixon."

"I found you like a girl after my own heart really like Xixon.  While you are cold at the outside, you really as pure and white as your skin," he said stroking her shoulder.  "And you like me wanted to be strong to protect the ones you love.  It really inspires me and reaffirms my own feelings to get strength for that purpose.  You really are an Un Belle Renard."

"What's that mean?"

"It's French for beautiful Fox."

"W-would you like me to be a furry White anthro Fox? I can do that you know with my new demon shapeshifting powers..."

"It's ok maybe next time for now. Want you to be you," he said as he kissed her cheek.

"Thanks...really wish me and Xixon had you in our lives sooner...hey sure we can get through this, you know in dealing with those bastards. Feel like they got us In The palm of their hand..."

"Truth is they do, but guess what that's where they are most vulnerable.  Now we are on their hand we can bite it off before they crush us.  Von Draco made a mistake showing us his weakness.  He can talk tough and threaten us all he wants, but now we have a target, all we have to do is strike when he least suspect it.  Then the Von Dracos and their creations will die and we will finally win this war. Trust me, I know what I'm doing. And even if I'm wrong and I really mess up, I know I have you and Xixon to help me get back on my feet.  We are family now after all.  It's what we do."

"You know I used to not trust talk like that...but I now choose to believe it and you with all my heart. You made a believer out of me..." She said resting her head on his chest.

"You know what, you both continue to make one out of me too. I love you both."

"We do too.." Sighed Zera as she fell asleep feeling safe in Revan's arms. A feeling she hasn't really felt in so long.

Xixon wiped tears in her eyes smiling, happy that the ice within Zera's heart soul has finally truly warmed up. She whispered to herself, "Yes we do to me love..."  She wanted to come join them and snuggle up with them.

But she decided not to, wanting Zera to think her "secret" is secure. She'll wait until they return, which she'll serve dinner, which has sex drugs inside them.

All three of them would go crazy and the three of them would have fun all night.

So Xixon would be patient for now.  Her family isn't going anywhere...

Short: One Big Naughty Family
partly a request made from my biggest supporter and partner.

Hope you all enjoy.  Last post of April.

Revan Shadow, Xanatos, Von Draco Family,  Kurokage Wolf Speices by me.
Bleach Themes and Characters by Tite Kubo 
Invader Zim Themes and Characters by Jhonen Vasquez
Kingdom Hearts themes and characters owned by Square Enix created by Teysuya Nomura
Xixon, Zera, Xinhua, Demon Zera by :iconwingless1raven:

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their position is at curriclation which is slightly out of my element but I'm willing to so whatever it takes to work at a library 

even if I don't get it 

theres a chance a colleague that works at my local library might get the job and if he died then I can reapply as page there a month early

its a win-win situation 
 my patience might finally has paid off!

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But after being here for a while I feel as if Im getting closer in being a somebody everyday thanks to these people

DA Nakama:
My eldest and one of the coolest Bro and pal: :iconspartantom118:
Sister and good friend named Mainda: :iconmainda:
Sister and intellectual friend: :iconnitorisass:
Sister and a great pal: :iconblazester: :iconthelostemogirl:
Crazy Sister: :icondoomedsavy:
Good Foreign Exchange Sis: :iconemilytf:
Older Sis: :iconrainbow-acey:
Sis and good friend: :iconallstar12:
Sister and a fun pal to know: :iconninjaanimehero:
DA Sis: :iconkristinthehuman:
KH and Poke Sis: :iconk3ri1:
IZ and DA Sis: :iconzadrfreak912:
Wolf-Sister: :iconblueraini:
Crazy Werewolf Sister: :iconrayramador:
Annoying Little Brother: :iconyyyy356:
a Pretty good Big Brother: :iconec-darkmatter:
Bro: :iconthevulkanator1337:
Cousin: :icondinowolf0049056:
Cousin and bro :iconsomeoneelsek2:
Cool British Cousin: :iconbrokencreation:
Freedom Fighter Cousin: :iconjohntherebelleader:
Younger Bro: :iconaccarrio:
DA Cuz, Fellow KH Nerd and Sis, best Science Officer and cool artist and best pal: :iconzergarikiaka:
Little Sis and good pal: :iconamukinaku:
My Foreign Sis: :iconspicy-tangerine:
A Good Friend: :iconkoala-sam:
Mentally Unstable Friend: :iconhalfinane-halfmental:
Creepy Neighbor Who Never Returns My Gardening Equipment (and DA bro): :iconcrimsonvulpine:
Brony Sis: :iconcybertronikpony:
MLP Sis and Friend Forever: IconAsk-Jinx-thepony:
Good friend and DA Sis: :iconjinxee:
Evil Twin: :iconmazeomonic:
Weapon Master and Comrade at arms: :icondarkfox98:
Cool wonderful Best friend forever and comrade at arms: :iconthil-galel:
my Sonic pal: :iconraindiederichtw:
my IZ/Avatar Friend: :iconz4f-08:
Pet Pikachu (and cool Poke pal ^^): :iconcilandpfangirl:
Pet Sableye: :iconsniperking12:
Pet Cat (and a good poke pal): :iconpokefreak01:
Pet Zombie Cat: :iconzombiechihuahuas13:
Pet Fox and good pal: :iconrenamonrox:
Pet Umbreon: :iconscarlet-fumes:
The Pet bunny under the table eating a cookie and shouting random dirty comments on everything (and awesome friend ^^): :iconomgir:
My Big Fat Hamster: :iconaudiffred:
Pet Platypus: :iconwallie98:
My beautiful Dragoness Friend :icondarkaalyssa:
my comrade and best wolfdra sister ever: :iconshardianofwhitefire:
My good pal, fav Furry artist, and wolf brother: :iconwsache007:
Very wise and reliable pet Coyote, and BSBFF: :iconthepantybandit:
My Best Furry Friend: :iconmelizasharpclaw:
Pet Cobra and BFF: :iconinvader-star-irken:
A Demonic Comrade: :iconladyrenatear:
A Foxy, beautiful, demonic, awesome BFF now and forever :iconfox-shadow92: :icongreeneyed-fox:
My Nakama, Ni-San, and DA sister and sister I never had and good friend and comrade :icondemonic-stickfigures:

Artists that inispired me and are favs of mine, some who I have the honor of being acquainted too:

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